Tuesday 8 / 17 / 99 – 4:33 a.m.

At some point in this dream, there was a magic show. But before that, I found myself in the yard of 621, my old home, at night. There was a very young little boy who had gotten lost outside. His cries were so distant and far away, like a small baby, that I never realized how close he was, or that he was not found. He had been messing with something over at Ed and Helen’s next door, where my house was. The people completely missed him, but they weren’t at all upset about it, it seemed.

I was pretty surprised that my mother and the other two boys were so relatively complacent about what had happened. Then, at some point I realized that I was sleeping with no roof, so I could see the stars. At the time, it seemed like there was nothing wrong with that, and I thought that this explained why I could hear all these outside noises.

[Note: This seems to be about letting down your guard to the Universe, so that the lost boy of the Inner Self is allowed to be reinvigorated by the “outside world.”]

So as I am lying in this bed, I looked up into the sky and saw more than one shooting star go across the sky. When a star would go by, it would light up all of the sky around it with this blue energy. That was very weird, because those plasma discharges are usually not seen.

[Note: So, the blue energy represents the opening of the throat chakra of communication, brought about through the conscious desire to stop hiding from the Universe.]

An availability, like cancer, pervades the entire social structure at this time. Comedy maintains a little bit of sarcasm in her voice, but we didn’t do that on purpose.

D: I am getting the hit to just keep on dictating this. I don’t want to lose it.

The typists are performing quite well.

D: Thank you for that.

You’re welcome.

Keep monitoring the blue surgeon, and you will heal this area quite nicely. One of my final staircases has to do with the donning of the crown of victory over the material world, and the material self. In a sense, it would seem that your victory march has arrived. For this, we are very grateful indeed.

For just a moment longer, the container keeps track of its sales record while simultaneously knowing that the new head must be put on the old body. When we comprehend this from a magical and / or management perspective, then never again will we fall behind in knowing that we are harnessed to the chariot, so to speak, and ready to blaze a trail into the new tomorrow.

The places of the mist rise and coalesce within into the unmitigable ethers of the Divine. Because you asked us, we prepare for you the unimaginable truths of being from the deepest levels and layers of the self. In order that we not confuse things, you have to keep determining the future course of events one moment at a time, in order that we do not slander our future actions by forgetting the importance of what was done in the past.

The entire camp has been transformed indeed. And now, with the greater reluctance to open up the next chapter in history, we must indeed persevere forward without always knowing the outcome of these events.

Sister stars may group together, and pledge a discrete opportunity to be of service. In likewise manners, we meant to have received and recovered from you a few more items of interest. That is important, as are all other of the processes involved in your personal transformation. You do then see how it is that one could arrive at a completion point of sorts, and that this is not a fantasy, but indeed a tangible reality, in a way.

[tape ends]

[Note: Tape ends precisely at the end of that sentence. Again, perfect timing on the readings’ behalf.]

[Note: The rest of this dream is not posted at this time. It has to do with integrating the opposing portions of the self together. The next sentence seems to work off of the two dreams regarding Waco that came in the night before. Perhaps this Waco incident has the potential seeds for very large-scale changes.]

The military on the edges will soon be free of their staffing concerns; free of staff. We want to seed and instill the understanding commensurate with the root of all perceptions; the glorious reunion with the Oneness and the light / love energies that permeate the entire creation as we know it. In order that you not be removed from the distance, we bring your focus back into the here and now in order to mold and to mollify the personality in such a way as to stabilize the influences from the past, so as to metastasize their arrival in the present, fully completing the cycle of personal evolution, as it were.

Now we don’t want you to become boxed into a rigid Fundamentalist dogma, or to otherwise feel as though your entire life is a series of obligations to us. What we do want for you to realize is that the available opportunities for self-transformation have been largely usurped. And thus, you are now working on the awkwardness, the sense of self-denial that has characterized the past.

So instead of getting upset about it, we simply comment again on our remarkable Thanksgiving dinner celebration, and how well it is functioning at this time. We know in our heart of hearts that you will do exceptionally well, and are doing exceptionally well already.

In order that we not fail to prescribe certain homeopathic remedies for you and your people, we will mention those concerns that have been abused in the past. One slight mention of these concerns can indeed be that trace level of difficult pain that then seeds the aura of self-forgiveness and the personal vibrations as a whole. And thus, you see the homeopathic remedy of the self, where little by little, individual pieces of the past can be dredged up, and in the very slight healing response that is made by finally clearing those issues, we do then reach a new whole.

This is an important point that we wish to express here. The monks and sages and mystics of old, yogis and the like, have always been able to embrace Divine Compassion within themselves, and in so doing balance and unblock all of the chakral centers. Once this is done, those events that now seem farfetched become available to the entity on a conscious level. It is through free will that self can provide self with these opportunities to fully penetrate intelligent infinity.

And so, there have always been some on the planet who have mastered the illusion completely, and they have transcended the limitations of the self. It is possible for this to be done, and with it comes great ability and great power. The spiritual powers do include something akin to spiritual nuclear energy, as described in Ernest Scott’s book The People of the Secret, which David is now reading again. And so, it is important to understand that this process of personal integration does have a discrete finishing point, and that finishing point enables a whole host of Ascended abilities in the being, including levitation, spontaneous creation of fire and the like.

So let’s not get too confused about what this is for, ultimately speaking. We do see that the elite members of the secret brotherhoods did choose to withhold this information from the populace at large, due to the fact that others might be able to master its energies, and in so doing affect great devastation to huge amounts of people. One who is fully indoctrinated in these secret traditions might then ask us why it is that we are publishing the results and giving the same information that could allow this personal transformation to occur? The answer is quite simple indeed.

One can see in the present global picture that all is not well in Batesville. There are many concerns arising from the use and transfer of power, especially with regards to chemical or biological weapons and nuclear weapons. And so, there are already those major concerns that arise from the large-scale devastation capabilities. Furthermore, we see that at this point, the volatile environment of your planetary transformation makes it rather imperative that you go through this process of self-integration as quickly as possible. This is a very long-term process, and thus even with the heightened planetary catalyst, it is unlikely that anyone with questionable or negative intent would be able to awaken these abilities in the time required, since it is so short. Indeed, for even the highest level adepts, this often takes several years of your linear time to complete.

And so, as David reads this pivotal and very important book, everyone is able to learn as his own knowledge base continues expanding. The knowledge from Gurdjeff, Ouspensky and the like, concerning this Hidden Directorate, has now spilled over through resonance into David’s works. Many other of your people have commented on the similarities therein, and yet until this point, David has read nothing about either of these men. It simply stands to reason that when one has truly tapped into the truth, its manifestations are the same regardless of the original venue therein. And thus, you can indeed see how it is that the likes of Ouspensky and Gurdjeff read very similarly to David’s works, as many of you have commented.

The shoreline reveals a few more opportunities that are on the edge of personal self-transformation at this time. Since we have come such a long way in a short time, we do understand that our dinner arrangements have been made with the ease and efficiency of one who has never to look far away to see the shining light of the core self within. And in that light, in that awareness, we do then become something much more than we had heretofore imagined: A living column of swirling, blue energy, our own personal Ascension vortex.

The niceties of this personal transformation make up for the difficulties that are presented in facing the self. And so, to all of our readers, we remind you that your diligence and perseverance will pay off. For the record, we have said and will continue to say that there are many of those upon your sphere who are not making the available vibrational changes within themselves, so as to be included in the fourth-dimensional Earth that is being formed. While this may seem to be a cosmic bummer, we want our readers to be sure that it is understood that even as the airplane has its wings clipped from its Ascension into the higher realms, so too does the process of learning and evolution continue. And in the greater sense, this is too a sacramental process.

On some level, we do see that we have a personal involvement in your planet’s failure to fully Ascend at this time. The blending of many different planetary races together on one planetary sphere was done with the utmost hopes of success. We would define success as the full Ascension of the entire planet and its people. The reality of the situation has been much more difficult to determine, and yet we do understand that it has come a long ways, just since the 1980’s, or even before then.

We do want to remind you that a springboard of sorts exists, and you can indeed harness its potentials and arise further and further into the Light in a way never before seen. Mentally, we did become something quite grandiose when you were finally able to face the self and accept the self without conditions, without fear and without ruination of the knowledge that is intact within you from before your birth. And so, we present these opportunities to you as a way of aligning your cosmic Self with your physical Ego self. Do not look upon them as punishments or as failures. There may indeed be missed opportunities, opportunities not chosen, where the capacity to see the reality of the self is extended, though it is not used as such.

And so, we do learn to approach these questions in a unique dichotomy, namely the fact that the subconscious or astral self generally wishes to go along with our requests, whereas the conscious Ego self does not. This rectification of balance is conducted by the Astral Self, trying as best as it can to fulfill the needs and desires of the Oversoul. And as we have already said before, it is important to realize that these spiritual goals and aspirations matter so highly to the entity in question that those life-threatening and even life-ending events can be manifested, just so that the opportunity for spiritual change be granted.

A large question has arisen within David’s mind, or rather a large understanding. He has indeed fully acclimated himself to the idea that those who do not need to experience Earth Changes will Ascend before their advent. The next question, then, is “Why is it necessary for the others who are not capable of Ascending so quickly to go through this?” The answer, as we have stated it, is thus.

We know that it is not easy for you, on the conscious level, to understand how such a process can become familiar to those in the higher realms. Indeed, you identify yourselves so firmly and completely with the body that the question of anything existing beyond it is still indeed a mystery to so many of you. Even those of you who do know and understand that more lies beyond can fail to realize exactly how much more there really is.

And so, the more that the coin is flipped and the game of chance is played with the self, the higher and higher the catalysts there are that need to be applied to the self in order to effectuate personal transformation. We do want you to be reminded that there is a definite crisis that exists in your people at this time. They are practically begging for a solution on the astral level. And so, it is necessary for your planetary systems to completely close down somewhat, in their senses of how they operate now, so as to make way for the new systems that will arise as a result.

It might seem rather disingenuous for us to speak of these matters, since you may feel that a slingshot is being pulled back, set to stun or to kill. However, what we see is that the entire column of opportunities continues to extend itself higher and higher as more physical catalysts are provided to the self. Indeed, any of those who read these words can look around them when shopping in the store, in the mall, et cetera, and realize how very few others there are who have penetrated the veil of forgetfulness and understand the truth of the illusion. You would be able to spot these people to a large degree because they would look at you and smile, and exist in a state of grace. Yet, so many of those around you have forgotten this that it might only be their young baby that looks at you this way, since the forgetting process has not yet been activated fully.

And so, those in the higher dimensions have become aware of the fact that your own negativity generates this planetary catalyst through the simple processes of energetic manifestation. And so, we want to make a clear distinction here. It is not so much our desire for you to go through this as it is your own desire for you to go through this on the personal and planetary level of the subconscious. The prevailing hostility towards otherselves upon your planet does then lead to the crimping or folding of the Grid, as we have said, and the darkening of the planetary vibrations. And so, as the frequencies continue to rise, you will see more and more manifestations of a very stressful sort.

The canisters of stored energy available to many of your people, in terms of the vital sense, is quite low and quite stressed indeed. The vital energy is served by the eating of the proper foods, and more importantly the maintaining of the proper attitudes and services to others. And so, to analyze the viscosity of the Inner Self is to see the falsifications that can be made between physical energy and vital energy. We do see that there are those upon your plane who may have a high level of physical energy, and yet their vibrational / vital energy is quite deficient. This is an important point to consider, as your athleticism in the spiritual realms cannot be measured by simple physical indicators, although to us it is quite easily visible.

And so, we clear a passage for those who have gained the appropriate understandings, as they do not need to choose to go through said Earth Changes. For the others who must reap what they have sown, there is only opportunity in a time of such crisis.

And thus, the deportation of souls continues, and it is emblematic of the struggles that must be maintained in order to promote planetary balance. Outside the realm of the physical body is the spiritual body, and the trustees have insured us that as much as possible will be done to try to increase the numbers upon your planet who will Ascend. These extreme planetary changes that will be seen by those who do not Ascend in the first wave will give many tremendous opportunities for each individual entity to care more about others, to be of greater service than heretofore imagined.

Think back to the performance in the movie, “Life is Beautiful,” which was so popular in your year 1998 and the early portion of 1999. In it, a man went through the Nazi concentration camps, and suffered very greatly. His conscious attitudes did not show this pain, nor the discomfort. Rather, he was quite placid and happy, able to go through the experience without ever losing his childlike nature.

No matter what the planetary situation is at any time, this is a very apropos metaphor to be applied. We want you, the reader of these words, to be reminded that by your simple finding and studying of this material on the Web, and attempting to live the life that is of greater service to others, you should not hesitate to be concerned about whether or not you will be Ascending. The genesis of the next level of soul is made complete when others are slightly placed ahead of the needs of the self. This is a very difficult status for one to attain on your plane, and thus that is why the number in terms of vibrations must be only just a little above 50 percent.

We do remind you that you yourself are always in charge of your own karma, and you know what is right at any time. Maintaining the strictest celibacy is not necessary, nor the strictest diet. Both of these are tools that have helped certain people enhance their awareness. We do remind you that the dietetic concerns are more ubiquitous than the celibacy concerns, and that this is a relatively simple procedure that can produce outstanding changes in a very short period of time. However, it is again important to stress that it is how you think about and treat others that matters the highest, more than anything else.

We do often see many of those who would contact David voicing or expressing a fear that they are not going to be in the Ascension, and / or that they may have to tough out the Earth Changes that we have referred to as occurring after this initial wave. We would please ask that you not indulge the Ego in the sense of separateness any longer, as this frustrates us greatly. Be reminded that your own efforts are well met, and you have no need to exercise these fears.

You know how simple the truth is, and you know if you are trying to live that truth or not. And so, if you are indeed living that truth, then you should have absolute faith that the process will go as heretofore recorded, and that you will be included in those numbers. If you do not feel that your attitude towards others is sufficiently healthy, then now is the time to begin changing it. Now is the time to begin exercising your free will, and making statements to the higher self to the effect that you are willing to be open to these changes within yourself. You must be willing to experience your own shadow side, so as to clear it.

It is this shadow side, the unacknowledged portions of the self, that can cause so many behavioral complexes in the here and now. Until you trace these causes back to the root of the concern, we may indeed see the same behaviors manifesting, in your terms, over and over again. And so, the acceptance and understanding of the shadow side is very important. What tends to happen is that when the shadow side is not integrated, one will lash out at anything or anyone in the physical world that reminds them of same. With this understanding, then, we can see how it is that with greater self-acceptance comes greater acceptance of others. When you are able to integrate your own darkness, and put it forth in the light, you then no longer have any reason to be angry or spiteful or hateful, when seeing this negativity in the planet at large. You are able to emerge perfectly balanced and capable of handling the Kosovo-type situations within self as they arise, and to then declare a state of peace between the warring factions of the personality.

And so again, we commend you, the reader of these words, for your efforts in studying this material and trying to enhance your personal vibrations. Do not ever think that you are not being very carefully watched and studied as you study us. We want to extend every available opportunity for you to make the grade, so to speak, and to be able to go through this Ascension on the personal level.

And thus, by simply being able to understand these laws that we speak of and apply them in your day to day life, you are indeed very fortunate to have the tools before you. Do not underestimate the validity of your own personal Ascension, as it should be visible to you each and every moment as you continue to expand and make new changes, discovering the Allah within self.

We have almost used all of the available stored energy for these workings at this time. And thus, we leave you with a point to ponder. Despite the warring factions of the personality, the conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind, there is only Oneness. You can then understand how it is that the Oneness comes to a better knowing of itself through the exploration of polarity, both negative and positive. When you are capable or seeing these polarized experiences within yourself as a dynamic, shifting portion of the Oneness, you are then capableÃ