Prophetic Dream of Japanese Nuclear Disaster


D: I just remembered that Sabrina might be by here today right after 10:00, so I have got to get up.

[Note: This first section does not appear directly relevant, but it is included for context.]

In this dream, there was a lot of stuff that we were trying to do. We were in 621, and my father’s record stack was there. I was trying to play a drumset that was there with some other young guys who wanted to play music like Paul, my brother’s old bass player. I think that Andy R was there, the amazing jazz keyboard player who I had worked with. The music was definitely jazzy, and there was no ride cymbal, so I felt very limited. There were problems with the drumsticks as well. I was just trying to find a good pair, and they were all taped up and everything else.

[9/28: Again, the musical metaphor having to do with my work – feeling limitations and problems by being too focused on sexuality. Actually today, as I now write this at 6:35 p.m., I have just set up my drumset in the room that was once Apostol’s as a way of claiming my own space. So, the coordinates are again very good.]

So, R H was in the dream from the church. There was a lot of running.

In the early, early section, there was some kind of a building project going on. There was stuff floating on the water, like houses floating on the water. There was a bicycle that these kids had, that was fully self-enclosed. You could ride around in it underwater and breathe. It had a little capsule that you could go inside of. These kids were trying to put sleeping bags down inside this house, but since it was on these pontoons on the water, it would kind of sway. They said that they liked that.

[Note: It is in this above section of the dream where we get the possible idea of an island chain like Japan, where people are trying to live on a small area, in small houses surrounded by water. The bicycle is another classic dream metaphor for Ascension, and it represents an extension of the human body in the spiritual sense. The self-enclosed aspect might be telling us that even though an accident like this might cause loss of life, the spiritual portion of each of us lives on.]

Anyway, the real big thing that I am remembering now, in between the water and the music, was this. There was a guy who was a real big hero, because he had gotten rid of some kind of disease. There was a huge problem with this disease, and it seemed like it transferred itself to a human being. When this happened, this sudden light would hit the person, and their face would get quite demonic looking and expand hugely, like a balloon. It had something to do with the oceans as well.

I was just basically trying to not allow this to happen. It was very much similar to a nuclear thing. I just saw this guy’s face getting hit by a flash of light, like they were inside a shelter. His face got really big, and I knew that he was going to turn into some kind of nightmare creature as a result of that.

I even think Clinton showed up in this dream somewhere. I am not exactly sure what he was doing, but he did show up somewhere in this dream. I am not even sure exactly how I stopped this incredible pestilence from occurring, but I was able to do it. There were two scenarios that were similar, and in both of them you had this human being who had gotten distorted into the grossest contortions.

[10/1: I feel that it is clear that Clinton was the hero. This makes sense, as he has offered that the United States will perform any service necessary to avert this crisis.

It is also synchronistic on a personal level for me to remember that the very night before this accident happened, I had a very long conversation with Sabrina about Japan, where I went into the history of the Meiji Restoration of 1869, how they went from a medieval society to a modern one in such an incredibly short time. They outlawed infant mortality in order to boost population for industrial expansion. I concluded the discussion by clearly explaining the Asian stock market collapse of 1998, and how weak Japan really was. They are not willing to adopt the ultimate cut-throat realities of capitalism, in terms of firing unproductive workers and closing less profitable companies. The Prime Minister actually cried on TV about this, and Japanese men never cry, especially those in positions of power. All of this discussion was triggered by one sentence that she said about how their economy was stronger than ours. I was debating that point.]

After this happened, there were these black guys who owned a fish store. There was a friend of mine as well, and they almost seemed to be more talking to him than me. As gratitude for what I or we had done, they gave us this incredible, incredible amount of fish. They dumped a huge, three foot tall and three foot wide pile of it into the backyard of 621. It was a giant mound of shrimp and fish and lobsters. I was thinking to myself, “How in the world are we going to eat all of this fast enough for it not to go bad?”

[9/28: This reminds me of the Bible quote regarding becoming a “fisher of men.” It also seems to be related to the story of the loaves and fishes being multiplied by Jesus.]

[10/1: Actually, in context it seems to be a possible reference to the economic aid that will be showered onto Japan – more than they can actually use. It also has obvious connotations to the spiritual benefits.]

I then also realized that there was a cat and two kittens stuck in there as well, and that the kittens were almost dead. So the cat was able to save the kittens out of that pile. That was also like a stressful, tense type of scene.

D: The wind is really whipping outside. The outside edge of that hurricane is right on us. The nice thing to know is that the weather modification technology is being used, so that hopefully none of this is going to really hit us. I can’t afford to sustain major damages here. I just saw the pine tree moving more than it should, and that was weird.