Saturday 9 / 11 / 99 – 11:11 a.m

D: 11:11 a.m., interestingly enough. I have already been to the bathroom and drank water. I couldn’t have planned that one!

Just five minutes ago, I was waking up and was seeing words on a page, just so clearly written. I am going to try to do that again.

The dream was about my mother, at least in some parts. I will say that.

Analyze the long distance runners of the Spirit world, and you will find that they indeed have urban areas at their disposal, ready to become obsolete with just some moment of linear time away in the future. They do not increase their sightings somewhat, they increase them quite considerably. They roast them on a skewer, much as would the intelligent elite discoverers of this knowledge attempt to transpose it into these things which they might then use to produce creation in otherselves, through control.

[10/4: This certainly is a grim reminder of the fact that in the event of an urban collapse, the only remaining food might well be roasted pigeons and the like, as they have already alluded to in these readings before.]

According to present-day Presbyterians and the like, changes are occurring, but the speed is indeed somewhat slow. We do not want you to become complacent with the changes that are now occurring, and / or to somehow feel that you have much more time than you had heretofore imagined.

[10/3: Oof! That hits home, as it directly counteracts the ideas that I was starting to pick up from Sabrina. Those ideas namely include the concept that everything is going to stay largely the same, and the Ascension is a slow, gradual process that will just grow up around us, instead of a sudden event that will happen in our very near future as these readings have said. I can tell that they wanted to set me straight on that with their first available opportunity. Okay, guys, I’ve got it!]

All we have ever known is to become two days ago what we have become in the here and now, and have still to become later on. There is a very good reason for why there is such a deadline and / or countdown in place. If you may excuse the pun, you must again realize the silly truth that:

All things are One,

and soon they will be done,

as they stand here and now,

so let us show you how.

When we begin learning what the next step of this process is, we can then no longer see the complexity of the situations at present, but only the Christianity of them. And by Christianity, we are referring not to the distorted form of it as it now stands, but to the true, unfiltered access to the Inner Christ Within, and the relatively straightforward guidance that will be received as a result of same.

George welcomes us to the next level, and he wants you to know that you are also being occupied with lessons that will produce the same result in yourself.

[Note: I can only figure that they are referring to St. George here.]

In order that we not become confused, we must relate to you the story about how it is that the personal transformation completes itself. It seems that many of your years ago, one such individual did this entire process to its completion. That man or entity was Jesus the Christ.

You can then see how it is a proven fact that once you have become part of this royal line and / or cover-up through your own intense personal effort and sacrifice, you will also become the living inheritor of the Messianic legacy. And indeed, there are many, many of your people who are prepared to do just such a thing. So do not think about this as being something that creates difficulty for you, or otherwise leads to misshapen illusions regarding the true, essential nature of this Creation. Instead, what we find is that with each and every moment, the circus does indeed draw somewhat closer – and if we took a dip in the pool at these moments, we may indeed miss the parade.

So don’t neglect to keep yourself abreast of these situations as they develop, for these mothers are going to redefine the whole scope of Christianity as it now stands. Recognize the Duke and Duchess of York have some degree of say in this, and in the recognition of the public with regards to the bloodline and so forth.

[10/4: The “bloodline” is the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went on to have a family. The Islamic faith has always said that this were so, and a huge amount of new information is coming to light that helps to confirm it. Lawrence Gardiner seems to have become the new spokesperson for those who have inherited this Royal Blood.]

Nor are there indeed many secrets that will remain silent from the people for very long. I see many elements moving, and they scatter towards this point of concrescence where all is becoming known. In order that we not fail to address the next four simple squares in the sidewalk of the future, we continue to give messages about the pregnancy that is within you – your own innate capacity to give birth to a new identity within yourself.

We do not want you to become entombed in the present moment, in the self that has characterized the string beans of the past, but rather that self that is forming which has at its disposal a cornucopia of thoughts, beliefs and awareness never heretofore seen. And that is good – that is part of the plan, that is okay.

We want to give you a chance to fix your bicycle, so that it may indeed be suitable for passage into the higher realms. You don’t need to think about how to do this, but rather become aware of the contentment that you desire with each and every passing moment that the computer is free of glitches, and you can coast more and more smoothly into the new year as a result.

[10/3: Interestingly enough, right as I was typing that sentence I was thinking to myself how fast and smooth my typing was going, and how fortunate I was that my computer hadn’t crashed yet. It has become an ever-more persistent problem with Word 97 as my typing speed continues to increase. I have finally learned to use the keyboard Save command constantly, so that I have no chance of losing my progress as I go along. Obviously, the actual passage itself was about the y2k bug.]

In order that we not become complacent, the apparently frightening deadlines have been in place to make us really think. An honest assessment of the y2k problem does indeed show us that the effects will not be immediate, rather cumulative, building up over time as economies collapse and systems go boom in the night. We don’t want you to be afraid of this transition, [David,] as we know that your beliefs were so strong in the prospect of Ascension and so forth that you had never thought your way into this circumstance.

Once again, yours is an affluent country, and we see that this will indeed produce many exciting social changes as all the people struggle to readapt.

[Note: For just the next sentence, voice starts breaking upÃ