Sunday 9 / 23 / 99 – 11:30 a.m. 

D: It is now later in the same morning. The sun is brighter. The phone just rang here. I had another whole cycle, and the biggest word would be “Gamesmanship.”

There were all these politics, all this cross-intertwining stuff going on. There was plotting, cloak and dagger, just a lot of weird stuff.


I have heard it said at the women’s convention that there is a small window of opportunity for those who would discuss these matters consistently and clearly. When we begin looking at them, we no longer can take the attitude that there is anything wrong with what we are doing.

Can we make a few still, small adjustments to the overall hologram of the entity in question without disrupting the natural flow of business and commerce with the higher realms? That is indeed the question.

When we have answers to ask, we have knowledge of solutions that bespeaks of a fundamental faith in this higher guiding principle that we so often speak of.

So, when the reconditioners get around to replacing this aspect of existence, we then no longer need to worry about how the transformation will take place, for it will happen of its own accord.

[10/23: I feel that the “reconditioners” refer to those extraterrestrial and Ascended human forces who will rebuild the Earth after the time of third-density has passed.]


Six fires are burning in the city now, and you are putting them out one by one — so that is important.

[10/23: This obviously is a direct reference to my own metaphor of stress and psychological difficulty. If you have six different fires burning in a city and only one fire truck, you must make sure that you put each fire out one at a time to its completion before you go to the next one.

If you only put out each fire part of the way, it will come roaring back. Many people try to solve many problems in their lives at once without ever completely working through any one of them — and the analogy is the same.]


Never fail to understand how this process can occur, for in the final analysis, service is what we are offering, and service will be rendered to the best of our abilities.

We don’t want you to think that there is ever going to be a reason to shun or to deny these circumstances which we refer to as opportunities. Instead, see the glorious dance of life, and how it shifts and moves through the different aspects of existence to arrive at a newer whole at some as-yet-to-be determined future point.

When you can do this, the chocolate bar no longer holds sway over you, and the magic show within the self can go through yet another performance. In order to dream the impossible dream, you must start by throwing confetti at the proper time, and recognizing the celebration in the here and now of all that has been attained.

David has some words to speak at this point.


D: Yes, I do. I am just remembering now that part of what this dream involved was this guy. There was a lot of plotting of people against people. There was one guy who took out another guy by setting it up so that he got hit with toxic waste.


Your mind and body and spirit all revolve around the concept of Oneness. So when you never fail to get the discrete nature of Oneness as to become a part of yourself, then no longer will you need to be relieved of your duties as a fully functioning member of the One. We don’t want to appear to be facetious, but you’d better start doing this – you, the reader of these words. The time is growing increasingly short, and it is very necessary that you do this.

The war has produced many graves; the war of the material self against the divine self. The purpose at this point is to insure that the tidal waves of the higher realms do not sweep over your continents. Nor do you need to be purged by fire.

[tape ends]

No longer do you need to feel an infidel in your own land. Rather, you can rise up and accept the consequences of what you have created. Those consequences should be positive, if you have had your focus on Love and Light. Never forget how much you are loved and cared for. Indeed, we look for every opportunity to remind you of these things. We now take our leave of you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Friday 9 / 24 / 99 – 7:30 a.m.

D: The whole point of this dream was a big hassle. I kept working with this one guy who was very resistant. I kept trying to chase him around and get him to see some very basic truths about himself. It was taking a long time. This dream was very elaborate and complex, but I am not remembering much of it now.

What we will want you to do is to fervently desire to back up those goods of the Spirit world with their physical counterparts in the here and now. You can take this series of lessons as being indicative of how much progress you can still make while knowing all the while that the entertainment tent must indeed rise, in order that the circus be underway therein.

What we are parading forth is not animals in the traditional sense of the word, but rather those last remaining vestiges of the personality that have not yet fully acclimated to the higher energies.

Inseparable friends never need to become invited to a party for each other; they already know where and when the party will be, and how they are going to get there. And so, instead of being so concerned about the exact date of Earth Changes and / or Ascension, simply put your best foot forward and continue to live as though it were occurring in the here and now. You are already seeing how much incredible potential there is for these things to occur, so do not forget that.

A hard line is drawn when you continue replacing the batteries of the self with their less than mystical counterparts; namely, the emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, distrust, et cetera. Strive for a new meaning by allowing your thoughts to encompass these areas, as well as many others.

The only finalized integration process that needs to take place is your own. When you see those events occurring in the physical world that are of the warlike nature and so forth, do not pine away and wish that they could become enlightened that much faster.

Simply recognize the sacramental nature of all things, and focus on what you yourself can do to change it. That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Saturday 9 / 25 / 99 – 7:16 a.m.

D: This was just an incredible night. At the end just now, there was a place where the skin on my hand was folding up and cracking in two different places, like it did on Angelica’s foot, but worse, like it was peeling up. I was trying to push it back down so that it would heal.

There was a lot of stuff about going from one place to another. I just cued on the words “35th street” and “Aboriginal Enzymes.”


The Australian shade tree that we spoke of will give you a temporary respite from those experiences derived from your Aboriginal enzymes.

[10/23: Not sure what they are referring to here, but it seems to be about how I was taking a vacation or a respite from my psychic work, which is that part of me that is very much like an Aboriginal shaman. Since Aborigines are in Australia, perhaps this refers to how they will take time off from their work and hang out under a tree.

I know that the fragmentary quote about “35th Street” is probably a reference to the Heritage Store here in Virginia Beach, where I buy all my raw foods. That would explain why they describe my work as being from ‘Aboriginal enzymes,’ as enzymes are used to digest food, and that can refer to how I process or digest the information from the higher realms.]


Two by two, the new initiates board the ark in order to multiply and survive the imminent conflicts upon your plane. We want to remind you that the entire caseload that we are working with has some never-before seen footage that should interest you very greatly. Turn this around and you will find that the message retains a discrete nature of Oneness while still imparting the necessary wisdom for change.


D: I need to do the bathroom thing.


Keep yourself focused on what really matters — on the goal or destination point that is ahead, and all else will be allowed to fall by the wayside. Don’t get too engaged in the mundane holdings of other people when you can see so clearly where you are coming from on your own turf.

The hybrid lines of McGregor and others like him will help to extrapolate the basic meaning from a few unknown lines of text that are becoming the story of your life.

[10/23: No idea as to who McGregor is supposed to be.]


D: All right, I’m going to the bathroom.