By David Wilcock 



Wednesday 9 / 29 / 99 – morning

D: Yesterday’s dreams were unrecorded. I have got a whole series of messages coming in here. The first is the title of this reading.


The Diverted Bell


[10/24: In the reading from the next day, we learn that this title is at least partially a metaphor for the idea of a “diving bell,” which would be used to allow someone to penetrate deep into the sea.

Since the sea represents the collective consciousness, this title is a play on words to illustrate how the topic in question will be about how humanity is being diverted from its path of full enlightenment. Interestingly enough, the title could also refer to Art Bell being diverted by those guests who choose to focus on the negative.]


Just when things seem to get a little shaky, one of our partners begins to notice that the projections of music from the collective consciousness of the Divine, whilst incarnate in humanity, have indeed taken on some very shocking realizations.

Dark as they may seem, they possess those elements of interest that need to be noted and paid attention to.

[10/24: Again, they equate “music” with any work that is being done to make the truth of the One more widely known, such as these readings.]


And so, to put it in layman’s terms, the gadget of deception is a batch of pure lies.

The more that these absolute firms took the hurricanes and weather modifications within the self and externalized them, the less they were capable of getting better, or of fighting their way back to the Light.

[10/24: The ‘absolute firms’ they are referring to obviously are the secret elements of our world governments, who many believe are now capable of modifying the weather.]


Taking the New World Order as an example, we do then see that it stresses one to hit the Panic button, but chaos and disorder is the rule of the roost when trying to instill control and domination.

[10/24: This seems to be saying that the “powers that be” are concerned about the possible outcomes of creating a chaotic social situation, but feel that it is necessary in order to ‘instill control and domination.’]


And alas, to whom do we thank this energy? For those who do much more than simply forgive, we must say this. The wolf cries out in the dark of night, and lifetime after lifetime it seems that the mere shell of a human being is being inhabited by a soul that seems so foreign and so lost.

The cosmic I AM presence does indeed require a bit of lubrication and clearing and cleansing, and this may take a quite variable amount of spacetime, and yet it is one of the functioning paths as then seen.

[10/24: Those in the secret governments are not capable of “forgiving and forgetting” their issues with otherselves, and thus their souls “seem so foreign and so lost.” It will take a long time for these dark forces to fully heal themselves.]


If one were to put on a karate demonstration, one would need to feed livestock and cattle, and then exemplify how the barriers are unobstructed when self is capable of reeling in the herd, so to speak.

[10/24: The “karate demonstration” could be the way in which the “powers that be” will demonstrate their violent abilities to others in the world, such as the Kosovo conflict. Since they can pull the strings as far as food is concerned, they do believe that they can control humanity, who many in these groups insist must be treated like a herd of animals.]


[tape flips]

This herd mentality towards humanity exemplifies the fact that the cycle in place does not need to be ascertained or questioned from a lofty metaphysical standpoint.

You can indeed then also see how your graduation process is riddled with the crabs that have been created by that part of the Self that still clings to the negative vibrations.

And thus, see the international industrial and financial pawnbrokers as agents of same.

The indicators of their collapse are all around you now, as this economic and financial stress is still occurring.

[10/24: It is important here to notice that the forces are saying that WE created a space for these forces to develop on our planet. They would have never been allowed to flourish if we didn’t invite their presence through our own self-serving actions.

Therefore, we all have a responsibility to look deep within ourselves at those parts that might make us behave in similarly self-serving ways in our own lives. The “crabs” they refer to are obviously symbolic of creepy energetic “lower astrals.”]


Because you are the ones who pay taxes, you indirectly support this system, and we do support the idea of giving to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and so forth.

Your uncle reads these news items with more than a little bit of interest. It seems that the treasure map of endless destinations has indeed come full circle, and entered into a recovery phase.

Those beings calling you from the airships are ready to take you up at a moment’s notice, but beforehand you are in need of working through the conflicts within the Self, and within the greater social picture at large.

Realizing the intense nature of these conflicts will help you in stripping them of their illusions and getting down to the sensitive core of the vegetative material that they are constructed from.

We institute this policy because there are many levers and switches that can be pulled and toggled and adjusted within that human being called Jesus.

We do stress the words “Human Being,” since you all are capable of inheriting this legacy yourselves, and indeed it is incumbent upon you to do so.

[10/24: First, the ‘vegetative material’ seems to indicate that ultimately all of the conflicts that we face in ourselves have grown from within us, and are therefore natural.

I believe that the second half of this passage is discussing how many different sects and denominations have contorted the teachings of Jesus to their own needs and desires.]


Stress leads the way for many of you at this time, and since the telephone is continuing to ring, you must ask yourselves if the call is being completed, and the message then understood.

[10/24: “Answering the telephone” would mean paying attention to the voices of those in the higher realms, speaking through hunches, synchronicity, intuition and dreams. Stress can certainly retard this connection.]


A wise guy by the name of Patterson said that, “They always get me in the middle of the night. That’s when and where they strike — when you are vulnerable and you least expect it.”

[10/24: I’m really not sure who this Patterson is that they are referring to — possibly a political or military figure in our history. This is obviously about how when you are no longer “useful” to the powers that be, you simply disappear.]


So, before humanity falsely accuses its aggressors of having given them an invasive dental examination, we must realize that the source of these contortions emanates from within the body of humanity itself.

These shaky foundations continue for a while before their collapse.

This will require as much strength as you can muster to get through it. We are not going to lie to you about that.

There will be impacted those portions of the self that reside within the negative personality traits. But those who exemplify service to others will find it quite easy to work with other people, to insure that needs are still being met.

[10/24: This paragraph again tells us that cooperation and love are the most important personality traits that we should stress in ourselves as we head into this adjustment phase.]


The music of the spheres causes you to dance and sing, and it is a new tune not heretofore seen.

This amazing statement of beings from the sky is sponsored by the dime-a-minute difference that comes when any one of you are capable of opening your minds and hearts to such a connection, while getting yourself out of the way in the process.

However rigidly this contracts us, we will still try to get messages through these dedicated channels, regardless of how many contortions are placed upon the material itself.

The point, therefore, is to refrain from physical access to the records, to the extent of distortion on behalf of the entity to whom the reading is being given [through.]

The more we open up these records, the more that all the laboratory tricks that are famous in the psychic literature can then be seen.

And thus, to some dedicated channels who do not understand how to remove the conscious mind from the process, their readings will never really contain very much factual information that can be verified, or of the collapsing bank intent now present upon your physical sphere.

[10/24: The above two paragraphs are obviously about those people who try to channel higher forces but never completely get their conscious minds out of the picture.

Furthermore, it is interesting that the forces say that they are apt to withhold information about the imminent bank and social collapses in society from these channels, since their conscious minds are so capable of hearing and distorting this information as it comes in.]


We do assuage our guilt in these matters by retelling the story that was foretold long ago, in the times of Atlantis.

In those times before, there were ones who were responsible for the development of aquatic and land-based sea creatures that were a form of living machines, so to speak.

The blending of human material within same could be construed as one example.

Hence, the collective memory of the mermaids and the like.

Now that we have carried our legacy full circle, we do have a means of confirming the script that we are reading off of, and thereby defeat the body lawsuit that has characterized humanity at the present time, and up until the present time.

[10/24: The first paragraph above here seems to be in reference to the material in the Cayce readings regarding the ‘things’ in Atlantis. The forces say that they are ‘assuaging their guilt’ by telling us this.

Their statement makes more sense in the last sentence, when they say that they can defeat the ‘body lawsuit’ that was imposed. We were the ones who created these half-human, half-animal monstrosities through our own abilities to manipulate matter with the mind.

It was the efforts of Ra-Ta and others that brought these animals back into humanness, but this also lowered the vibrations of the human race and caused us to lose our abilities.

Now, the forces can return to us and give us the messages and guidance that will once again return us to these more pristine states of consciousness.]


Losing this hang-up involves coordinating the many different centers within the physical body, and arriving at the means by which their balance might be attained.

Since we have to demonstrate this for you, we have sent various emissaries down, such as Jesus, to clear the way and to make plain what it is that you must do to realign yourself with the Law of One.

The Aquarian Age will be fetched with some difficulty, and this requires us to bring home the bacon by giving you the most direct experiences possible to help further aid and catalyze your learning process.

[10/24: We all need to work on balancing each negative in ourselves with the positive, and by finding all the hidden corners of our collective psyches, such as the elements in our governments, we can work on collectively airing ourselves out. This will allow us to be able to activate the abilities and potentials that teachers like Jesus demonstrated so directly to us.]


The French market system will indeed survive intact, as will many others. We are not talking about making photocopies of the argument that we would use, and handing them out so as to cause great public alarm, hysteria and fear. That is not the point here. The point is for you to be aware that these events will bring about a complete collapse of the total control over the human mind and psyche that is now attempting to be instilled upon your plane through television, media and other devices.

[10/24: Many people never really think for themselves. They are so busy with working all day, dealing with family issues when they get home and then having their minds and opinions manipulated by the media that they never have the time to do the really “deep work” that is necessary for personal initiation into the mysteries of the Oneness.]


Like hoarding a supply of pig food and never feeding it to the pigs, much less humanity, there are those who have skimmed off the top so consistently that the concept of profits never even factors in anymore. This annoying little inconsistency will appease the fallen spirits of the Divine while causing consternation to those of us who work on the outside, attempting to relieve the pressure that is caused by those groups who are alienating humanity.

[10/24: Again this paragraph illustrates how these elites, or “fallen spirits of the Divine,” may well think of humanity as akin to an animal herd. These forces are appeased and delighted by their own success in “skimming off the top,” while the positive spiritual forces must work all the harder to shut them down.]


The migraine headaches suffered by many of your people do indeed serve a purpose, and that purpose is to begin believing in the process of transformation of the self. The migraine is a coupling link to your own higher centers, and is a manifestation of the difficulty in opening up into same. As the energy continues to increase, you can make a point of being clear and having ample financial resources in the physical and spiritual realms. The interpenetrability of those two metaphors does indeed work quite well, and you should be able to see it given the context of these readings.

[10/24: Any pain in the body can correspond to a metaphorical statement about a spiritual issue. And thus, a headache is indicative of a person who is not allowing the higher energies enough of a space in their own minds. When we work diligently on our spiritual growth through facing up to and acknowledging our shadow sides, this is indeed a form of “money” that we can store in our soul, to be used by our Astral Self to bring more and more happiness and joy and advancement into our lives.]


The most that our mission is for is to shore up the shaky foundations that many of your people have stood upon. These edifices of faith have been putting the cart before the horse, so to speak, and simply expecting that others will outnumber the issues that they have created by their simple obedience to a pre-defined set of rules and precepts.

[10/24: Although the above paragraph is a bit confusing, it seems to be telling us about organized religions and how they seek to strengthen their own interpretations of universal truth by the sheer number of devotees that they can attract to themselves.]


Now we are coming in to take charge of the situation, to intervene wherever appropriate, and to essentially steer humanity back on course. Many of you choose not to bother with this energy and shunt it aside, to deny its long-standing and far-reaching implications. And yet, to us the whole matter is indeed quite sterile, as your environment is having a great deal of medical procedures being conducted within it at present.

[10/24: The medical procedures they are referring to seem to be about a form of surgery. They are prepared to remove those aspects of our societies that are holding us back — namely, our outworn industrialist paradigms. We must remember the awesome degree of power that they have at their disposal on every level to enact such changes. It is almost impossible to fathom how much they are capable of doing without an extensive study of the degree of influence that they can have over one simple person, in terms of the thoughts, events and actions that they go through each day.]


We want to insure that the industrial paradigm is lost, and that a more humanitarian cosmos assembles itself in its wake. All told, there are already those who are paving the way for the meticulous care and networking that will become the fourth and fifth dimension upon your planet. One of the supposed murderers is yourself, and it should be gratifying to you to become aware of what you yourself have done to hinder this process of planetary and personal Ascension.

[10/24: We do all need to come up face-to-face with our own shadow sides, those aspects of ourselves that cling to outmoded habit patterns and self-destructive beliefs.]


Just as the theaters begin to close and the lights go dim, you can indeed still run into them at the last minute, with your ticket firmly clasped in hand, and make progress that might have otherwise seemed insignificant to some others.

[10/24: The theater or arena is another common metaphor in their array of symbols. It is talking about the massive spiritual event that is being ‘staged’ on the Earth at this time.]


I have heard it said that in Glasgow, Switzerland, (*phone rings*) there are many small prizes being conducted.

[10/24: I am not sure what this part means yet, or if there even is a Glasgow in Switzerland. Perhaps this is about Swiss bank accounts, with regards to the elite that are being discussed in this reading. As soon as the thread picks back up again below, that is immediately what they start talking about.]


D: The telephone is ringing and I am not sure who would call me before 10:00. It is probably a telemarketer. Or, it could be L C, as she has called me at this time before, or possibly Sabrina. I just want to get that out there so that it doesn’t stick in my mind.


You will resonate like a buoy floating on water, the closer that you can get to dictating this spectacular show uninhibited. And with that, let’s continue.

[10/24: Again we have the usage of the water metaphor, meaning the collective consciousness, and the idea of a theater where a “spectacular show” is being staged.]


The slaves of the New World Order might indeed arise within themselves to concoct a variety of family experiments, where they are willing to push the buttons involving same in order to effectuate personal and planetary subjugation. Now when the theater closes upon this spectacle, we do then find that multiple witnesses have confirmed exactly who and what this problem was, and that is important.

[10/24: The above paragraph is clear, but you have to read it closely. The “slaves of the New World Order” are actually the ones who are working to bring it about. The “family experiments” are actually referring to how these negative forces have tried to alter people’s behavior to be fearful, violent, materialistic, self-indulgent and sex-crazed, and thus eventually destabilizing society through such outbursts as the Columbine high school shootings, and the more obvious decay of the family unit.]


The need for truth supercedes the risk surrounding the exposition of same. And thus, those families such as the Rothschilds, Mellons and the like, must be exposed for who and what they really are at this time.

Obviously, we have every reason to believe that the Federal Reserve is an arm of the United States Government. However, more and more of your people are becoming aware that it is indeed a private corporation, run by financial bankers who have no national ties to any particular nation-state, but rather exist as international entities, loaning money and receiving its benefits.


The system must indeed collapse. We are not talking to you about something that could happen at any moment, but rather a gradual process, where first the axle gives out, then the other tire, then the steering mechanism, then the electrical system, and so forth.

Over the next few years, a shower of available opportunities is emanating within and without humanity, with the creative potential to transform many different circumstances.

For those who would be at the eye of the hurricane, so to speak, they can recognize that a plateau can be reached wherein the empty promises of the international banking community can be superceded by returning to the natural wealth which is Mother Earth and the land that surrounds each entity.

[10/24: Here, they are obviously telling us not to fear the collapse of these existing systems that are completely overrun with the influence of the elite. The abundant resources of our planet will still be there for us when the money system collapses. And, they are indeed telling us that this is not going to occur all at once, but rather over time.]


Now is the time for calling the bluff, and putting your own cards upon the table. Now is the time for removing copper from your agenda, in order that you might meet the mark.

We do suggest turning your liquid assets into food, as this will be deemed appropriate when the availability starts decreasing.

[10/24: The “copper” that they suggest “removing from your agenda” is actually a reference to money. Therefore, we must not be fixated on holding on to our money, but rather invest it in practical things and foodstuffs that we will need as the changes continue to accelerate throughout our future months and years.]

[3/17/09: I have since clearly seen that these types of statements — the idea of mass starvation — were times where my conscious mind got too close to the data stream and influenced what was being said with messages of doom. The system will hold together despite the prognostications of the “Internet Chicken Little” crowd.] 


September was one of those months where the intensifying problems were being seen all across the board. The Aug. 11 vibrational gateway has indeed quickened the processes of planetary transformation, and you should be aware of this.

[3/17/09: In retrospect, these two sentences embed yet another 9/11 prophecy. The first sentence mentions “September” and the second sentence mentions the 11th of the month!] 

In Beijing, China, the plans are still being made to subjugate world order through the Taiwan conflict. In the preliminary analysis, the science of warfare is fighting – but in reality, the primary focus of warfare is control. This control extends far beyond simply controlling the group with whom you are warring. It has much more to do with controlling the minds and bodies of the populace at large.

[10/24: And here they are telling us that this systematic psychological attack on our society through the media, referred to earlier in this reading, is indeed another form of warfare. However, I want everyone to be clear that neither I nor the readings are suggesting that you buy a gun or try to “fight” this force. Simply strive for your own spiritual understanding and grounding, and do not let yourself be affected by the cleansing events as they unfold in the physical.]


There are a number of colossal contenders stepping up to the plate at present, all seeking to check in their bags and be given an opportunity or a chance to play the Divine role among humankind. Among those others who stumble about in the dark, we can only say that their accusations of success can wear heavily upon the feet of those who carry many burdens. And so, the whole issue or affair really is coming into greater focus now, and to a large degree this is a function of the planetary Ascension.

[10/24: The ‘colossal contenders’ are indeed those who are constantly striving for physical power on the Earth, and they are indicated here as “stumbling about in the dark” with regards to universal Light and Truth.]


You must all become aware of the collective negativity and darkness that you yourselves have perpetuated through free will. There are those geniuses in the military who would seek to take every available travel expense to go around the world and fight remote wars happening between people of different sorts. The catastrophic failure of the Kosovo situation shows you how wars do not solve problems. Mediation, remediation, argument, apology, rectification, diplomacy: these are the methods by which the future will be won.

[Note: At this point the reading suddenly shifts from the “We” to the “I” perspective — and we realize later on that it is Archangel Michael who is speaking. Michael was a frequent and often quite feared guest in the Cayce readings. It was said that when he came in, the voice was quite booming and psychokinetic events would occur in the room, such as the windows slamming and so forth. Michael is said to carry the Sword of Truth, which can cut through all illusions with nothing but the pure Light of the One.]


The usage of force against force will never work, and that is a simple and very profound statement that can be made. Your people are in the process of realizing this now, and I myself have had some degree of care in molding and manipulating this circumstance through the careful application of consciousness / energy to these various circumstances. To me, this seems foreign as well, for in my own native vibrations it would be as though watching a bunch of kindergarten students suddenly taking to each other very violently and beating each other up.

Boy, when it was shaky, I thought you would surely die! There were those times in the past where dire prophecies were made, as the Earth Changes seemed to be the only way out. In order to counterbalance that fear, we have to instill the trust necessary to get you through the next step. The clown wig of the Divine must be donned upon each of your heads, so that you can navigate these circumstances with good humor, and without fear of loss or trepidation.

[10/24: Here they are referring to an amazing synchronicity that will be posted on this website soon enough. I had a dream featuring a woman wearing a clown wig, and at the exact second that I was about to dictate this part of the dream in my room, my real clown wig spontaneously jumped out of the closet. This metaphor is about having a good sense of humor and not letting these dire predictions spoil your positive mood. Again they remind us that the mega-Earth Change prophecies no longer need to transpire in our current reality.]


Instead, we want you to recognize that when you rub the bottle, the genie will come out, and your three wishes can take the form of desiring to assist humankind through this transition in whatever way possible. You may be called to serve on a moment’s notice, and have no idea what this service would be before said time. And thus, the aptly worded phrase,

“Here I am, oh Father-Mother God, take me and use me for Thy Will, at Thy Discretion.”

When these concepts are made clear, the fundamental edifice upon which much of humankind has been built will be seen to change. There is a discrete boundary shift wherein the quanta that make up human consciousness and physical matter will be seen to leap the gap in vibrational potential and accelerate themselves into the fourth-density vibrations.

You do not need to worry about this, or question its influences. Many will be called, and few will be chosen, as the choice is within themselves. Even as this shift happens, there will be those who doubt the process, and cannot seem to believe it, as they were simply never prepared enough to accept its reality, its existence.

Along the same tack, we tell you that there is an infinite sea of probabilities at present, and yet we do seem fairly clear about when the shift will land itself. In order that we do not confuse you, we do want you to remain clear about the fact that we do consider this shift to be occurring in the imminent future. That is important.

[10/24: Indeed, the minute that we think that the forces are becoming wishy-washy with regards to the timing of this event, we must remember that they are continually redirecting us to the “immediate future” as the time when we will see these events unfolding.]


D: The time is now 9:31. I have had about a 35-minute break.

Pardon the misnomer, but some of these family stories begin to take on a much more appreciative role when considered as approaching the truth in a variety of different ways.

[10/24: As soon as I came back in, though, they are telling us that the truths being presented may be more metaphorical than literal — so we do still have to consider this guidance as occurring on many different levels at once. They also are talking about “family stories,” or those messages that we receive from the forces that are as our own family in the cosmic sense.]


We want you to turn your credit card of debts into new opportunities, and we are again speaking metaphorically here, of course. To turn up the gas in the midst of crisis is to expect more of the self than heretofore deemed possible, and still maintain the balance necessary to make the leap into the positive at the appropriate time. And so, we want to foster and instill a sense of goodwill, love and respect among all fellow beings, and continue to provide the proper environment of learning necessary for you to duplicate the higher-level spheres within your own.

[10/24: I feel that “turning up the gas in the midst of crisis” is about giving yourself larger and larger spiritual challenges, and facing up to your dark side even though it causes a great deal of resistance within you.

One of my favorite sayings about true spiritual growth is that it will force you to face up to and eliminate those very things in yourself that you have the most resistance over changing. Diet and addictions of any sort are the most perfect examples of this. They refer to these things as your “credit card of debts” with your own Higher Self that must be paid back.]


Problematic economic and social events notwithstanding, we do see that your future is very bright. Keep that thought focused in the forefront of your consciousness, and you will not be led astray. Good graces to you all as we begin to undergo the final transformation process. Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.