Archangel Michael Series, Part Two



Thursday 9 / 30 / 99 – 7:26 a.m.

D: I have already been to the bathroom.

This dream had a lot of stuff going on, but when I woke up the physical body was in big trouble, very, very dehydrated. My throat was totally dried out. The window had been left open about an inch, the door was left open and I only had a small sheet over me. My breathing still feels a little bit funny, but it is coming back quickly.


He was number nine in the wedding. That will make him become more comfortable over time.

[10/26: The only thing that I can really think of regarding this passage is the idea of the Council of Nine, and the fact that I am able to speak for them in this “wedding” of flesh and spirit. This also implies that my channeling ability will improve over time.]


One more week of this, and we will then have a spontaneous change indeed.

[10/26: I will have to look one week ahead in my transcripts and see what came about. However I don’t think that is what they are talking about — it seems that this sentence really refers to how quickly the moment of transformation is arriving.]


We who work in the upper levels are very happy to see that you have steered the ship back on course, into a whole new direction.

Understand that under no circumstances should you ever take an African circumstance and jeopardize it with the feelings of jeopardy as such.

We wanted to give you a reading for those who have still dined on the tennis shoes of life.

[10/26: This awkwardly-worded section seems to be saying that we must not be afraid of the social changes that have been prophesied in the past — we have “steered the ship back on course, into a whole new direction.” 

We may automatically feel that these upcoming changes will produce mass starvation, but we are told that we should not feel jeopardized that we will enter into an ‘African circumstance’ where we might be so hungry as to try to eat something like the rubber from a tennis shoe.

Instead, we need to trust that we will be okay. The forces keep reminding us of this over and over again.]


Better become the doctor with all your tools in order to help them heal.

[10/26: Again, I think this is a message for every person who is capable of being clear and sober in the midst of the projected future chaos.]


The eight Muslims were a composite, and that was by way of the standard teachings as heretofore given.

[10/26: This sentence is pretty far-out indeed. All I can figure is that it is talking about my recent stint with my Muslim housemate. I feel that the learning that I went through from his presence occurred on all levels of my being, symbolized here by the number eight for the octave or totality of beingness.]


The light now shines down upon you with great fervor, and we already know how best to make you aware of that.

The toilet is indeed cleansed of sorts — you are moving through a lot of stuff here.

The attempt to marshal your forces together is being largely successful at this time. This does then give us the Mindspring to search forward with our Earthlink, which would be you in this case.

[10/26: Lots of interesting metaphors here about personal and collective healing. The toilet often shows up in dreams as a message about getting rid of the emotional toxicity within yourself, in whatever fashion.

The last sentence discusses two Internet companies that recently merged. They obviously use this metaphor to show how my own consciousness is merging into greater and greater depths with theirs.]


The deep truth of the matter is that when assault starts to figure in, the figures seem to be punchable and believable.

At the same time, modern times never before had an administrator who realizes anti-gravity wells and electrostatic, levitating machines.

So as well, these things really need to get out into society as a whole.

They will solve the Earth’s mountain of difficulties, and take stress off of the heads of the University of Chicago and other institutions by drastically increasing the level of technology with which we are working.

[10/26: Interestingly, this above paragraph seems to foretell my more recent decisions to again rework Convergence to make it even more grounded in science and understandable than it already was. There is a nice prophecy here about the potential for a real disclosure actually happening — and suggests I will have a role in that happening.

I believe that the first sentence about assault is telling us that people in our civilization are starting to become more sensitive to glamorized violence, and begin empathizing with the victims.

This obviously has a lot to do with the Columbine shootings, and how we are all starting to realize that violence is not entertainment. The reading implies that these realizations within our society will occur hand-in-hand with the unfurling of new technologies.]


Indeed, if the spaceship veers off course, we can use the forces such as those in your own moon or in Phobos and Deimos of Mars in order to restructure the planet somewhat, lending a more dynamic shape to the way that things work.

As you are aware, we did design your moon, very long ago in the past. And in a strictly academic fashion, this enables us to ensure the dynamic motion of your tides and seasons so as to effectuate the greatest possible positive change.

[10/26: This is a very interesting paragraph. I have heard from more than one source, including those in the UFO cover-up who came forward, that the Moon was artificially fashioned — but these readings never mentioned it until now, in this tremendously deep trance state.

The Martian moons have also been hypothesized as being artificial, due to the fact that their orbits are very fast and unusual and they appear to be hollow, based on the calculations.]

[3/17/09: Here the readings may be suggesting that the orbits of moons on Mars could actually affect the Earth directly. However, it is very likely that this whole passage is metaphorical.

Mars is the planet of war. By the higher forces allowing the negative elite to succeed in some of their war plans, as has obviously happened, it can help “restructure the planet” so we don’t “veer of course,” “so as to effectuate the greatest possible positive change.” We have now seen this happen with the incredible mass awakening that has occurred in the aftermath of 9/11 and the Iraq war.]


Did you know that by learning more than one character a minute, the entire calculation, bold as it may seem, is really nothing more than the product of rogue music — after it has become changed to brain weather that is blowing over from stormy to simply overcast, and from overcast to delightfully lit up?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the frequency is defunct in its current light point. The available energies continue to batter the third dimension while rising everyone into the fourth… whether you like it or not!

[10/26: I think the first sentence is talking about what will happen to us when we accelerate our process of learning and personal evolution.

The “music” of our thoughts might have started out as rogue or rough, essentially disconnected from the Source, but this “brain weather” is indeed capable of clearing into Light and Truth the more that we work with ourselves.

The “current light point” of humanity’s collective consciousness has still not cleared up as they are telling us here, and thus the Earth Changes continue. The earthquakes are more intense than ever, and indeed this trend has been in place shortly after the Aug. 11, 1999 eclipse/ conjunction, starting with the Turkey earthquake on the 17th of August.]


It is true that afterward, once you have Ascended, this glacial understanding did originate in me — so that makes me clear about how the lineage is traced.

I never wanted to go into this with you before, because of the potential for scorn or disdain, but now I come to you with the reasons firmly planted in my head, and my desire to speak the truth.

The diving bell of mystery, which you are now entering into, will take you into those realms of electroshock therapy of the Spirit never heretofore seen.

[10/26: The “glacial understanding” seems to be about previous Earth Changes that we have gone through, and that therefore these higher guiding forces have had their hand in this “lineage” of Earth’s geological history for a long time.

As we dive deeper and deeper into the realms of Spirit, heading into the fourth-dimensional vibrations, we are indeed going to see more and more “electroshock therapy” on the Earth in the form of Earth Changes. Apparently Michael, (the name of the force speaking,) did not have a deep enough connection with me to get these messages out undistorted in the past.]


When we waste time at least nine times a day, sitting in front of the television, watching people fight or make love and the like, we are failing to see even the most basic spiritual principles.

As for talking to the windows and the trees, there are those who have become scattered from their own inability to acclimate to the instreaming energies.

By this process they are championed long enough to chew the mushroom and have a psychedelic experience, shall we say, but not long enough to actually be able to use their dreams and visions.

[10/26: Here they are obviously talking about various levels of schizophrenia. Those who cannot handle the facing of their own shadow sides can be dramatically destabilized by the usage of psychedelic drugs, and end up “talking to the windows and the trees.”

While their experiences may be legitimate multi-dimensional contacts, they can’t actually use them for their own growth because they are too mentally scattered. Their lack of grounding may invite in a whole host of negative influences as well. I think it is humorous that they used the word “championed” when discussing eating mushrooms, as the French word for “mushroom” is “Champignon.”]


Concordant with these desires, the multileveled platform reveals that a plan is indeed in place. The key to the higher realms is your own participation.

Potato chips, pizza and submarine sandwiches will not get you there. But also, when you look at the “Me” in this universe that you think you know, you can then become expanded in recognizing the vibrational potentials of what you do know.

[10/26: This obviously urges us to recognize the cosmic I AM presence within each of us, and renounce poor dietetic choices. Now is the time to really make changes, as what we do now matters more than any other time in this or any other of our lives.]


A long, largely disturbed road traces a path through all of these issues for you. Your dreams of old are now becoming realities. We don’t need to remind you about what the negative forces are going to do next. A multinational nervous system center spans the globe, with many other sources describing what they believe as the key of the central nervous system of the giant.

[10/26: Here they are talking about how it is the Internet that is making more and more of the public aware of the hidden forces behind our current geopolitical order. They have been telling us lately that we can expect these negative forces to do some very dramatic things to inspire fear and social disruption.

A recent article by Dr. Steven Greer suggests that this might even include a spin-controlled release of information to the public that depicts extraterrestrials as negative, or even a manmade, mock “alien” invasion, staged on a global scale, in an attempt to secure absolute power.]


[tape ends]

D: We are now continuing a very interesting reading from the last tape. Everything that is coming through is very easy to do. I am just reading it right out of a page or a book, and I am not even trying to think or analyze or study any of it. I am just letting it flow without any preconceptions.

The lovers as two become one. In that awareness, we do then see how the energies involved will crush the impact of feelings of separateness and bring them down into the grounded realities of unity.

[10/26: I think that the point of this line is that the male and female aspects of ourselves, as “lovers,” will be wedded into Union – hence the term “the wedding of flesh with Spirit.”]


When the harvest comes due, it relies on a few special individuals to help bring it about and assist in its passing.

As you know from the Ra Material, these include the Wanderers on the inside as well as the visitors on the outside, and most importantly the Guardians who reside from beyond the Octave and are here to watch, to guide and to pray for you as you go through this.

[10/26: For all of those Wanderers out there, and many of you are starting to know who you are, this is a direct message to you, indicating that you will have many new responsibilities to perform once this event actually occurs.

So don’t sit around wondering and fretting about what you are supposed to do to “help out” now. The time is coming soon enough when you will know exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

The last sentence about the Guardians echoes the material in the Ra books, which discusses the fact that the harvest is ultimately controlled by forces that are so powerful that they are actually outside of our own octave of dimensions!]


Just as the marriage ring between various portions of the self must be worn, and the contracts declared, we can then also declare that in a state of national emergency, you do then have a planetary crisis that allows the concept of national crisis to be subverted by the needs of the greater whole outside of the nation itself.

We do suggest that nationalism is a thing of the past, one of those forces that we would like to see withdraw in its level of influence.

You are all citizens of one planet, with one unitary planetary consciousness, and that is important.

[10/26: I think that the point here is that when we stop thinking of ourselves as one nation and start thinking as one world, we will be more vigilant about insuring that food and supplies get to the starving and dying.

The accelerations of planetary changes will certainly necessitate such a redistribution on the international scale. This will indeed help to “marry” the differing aspects of our society together and help to foster greater peace.]


The Manchurian Candidates within the self can be overtaken by the strong desires of the conscious mind, and even subconscious in certain cases, and allow itself to extend those abuses outwards so that they impact others.

[10/26: This paragraph above, and the series that follows it, addresses something that the readings have never before covered. The lore of the “Manchurian Candidate” is the idea that mind-control techniques are capable of creating a person who can be “activated” at a certain time to perform a task that was assigned in a hypnotic state.

This is often cited by conspiracy theorists as the reason behind cases of “lone gunmen” who single-handedly attempt to kill one or a number of people and then kill themselves. I have never fully believed in all of this, as I refuse to entertain the notion that anyone could be so totally controlled and manipulated by outside forces.

What this above paragraph seems to be really saying is that these manipulated behavioral tendencies are predominantly coming from conscious programming, less so from the subconscious, and are a result of the barrage of violent images that we receive from the media.

The rest of the sentences below seem to be telling us how the early stages of such a possible “mind control” system could originally occur, and therefore how to avoid it. They refer to this system as a “uniform” that one might wear, and this is obviously a metaphor of the changes in behavior, attitude and personality that can be created.

This “uniform” is suggested as coming from the secret societies and their political organizations now in power. I am actually quite surprised that my readings discussed this at all, since it is such a controversial topic.]


What we want for you to realize is that this system of checks and balances only gets ugly when you fail to see the uniform in the first three stages of its presentation:

1. During the first year, the uniform is quite clean and neat, well starched and eminently capable of jotting down your spine and making its emanations clearly known.

2. Part two would be the established lineage of the monastic order of secret societies, and how these students of darkness and of Light have developed themselves correctly for their goals, which were to gain positions of power.

3. Thirdly, I will tell you that by moving back into the panel where the lights are then seen, someone does then justify how it is so easy for you to be educated yourself, and to not allow a handful of rogue individuals who are chemically oriented in their perspective (to) ruin your outlook.

[10/26: These three stages they refer to seem to be as follows:

1. In stage number one, the material from the media enters into your consciousness, appearing “well starched, clean and neat.” In other words, all of the negatively-oriented teachings are presented in a very spin-controlled manner to make them appear socially acceptable.

2. Stage number two discusses how the main goal of the secret societies has been power, and that they have now attained it in the worldly sense. Therefore, they are also trying to attain power over the minds of the people through these systems. So, in stage two you are beginning to understand what is going on, but you may not really believe it yet.

3. Then, when you get to what they call stage three, you become aware of what is really going on — you get the backstage view of the “panel where the lights are then seen.” The grand design of these secret societies becomes visible to you for the first time.

At this point, Stage Three tells you to educate yourself and not let this “handful of rogue individuals… ruin your outlook.”  I think that the reason why they called them “chemically-oriented” is that their behaviors are very similar in many ways to those of sociopathic, abusive alcoholics or drug addicts.]


Our battle is what would be termed as a spiritual one, and the light bulb in your people’s minds has turned out. Messages of doom predominate, [and] we know that we must come in and set the record straight.

We thank and appreciate you, the reader, for being here with us, either to accept or not to accept the dynamic, shifting motion of the website as it is now seen and of these readings.

[10/26: The above paragraph is one of the only ones that doesn’t need to be explained!

I think that the recent announcements given to Richard Hoagland about a possible global holocaust on Nov. 7, 1999 from an asteroid collision, from “sources” in the military intelligence, is just another attempt to discredit him and create fear in those who hear the broadcasts or read the messages.]


The romantic interest from self, to the self, can be easily corrupted in the case of the welfare system.

The government’s attractiveness, which will allow you to talk to an angel if you so desire, could be expressed with the following quote:

“And grandpa, if you refuse to have your hands looked at by a professional, you may barely be able to change a penitentiary into a promotion.

I love you, Dad, but all is lost if you don’t make changes very rapidly.”

[1:11 on trans., 10/24/99.]

[10/26: I really like these paragraphs, as they show how totally far-out in trance I was to get something this strange.

The basic message seems to be that something like the welfare system, where you don’t have to work to live, can lead to severe personal unbalancing that can hinder spiritual growth.

I think that the reference to “talking to an angel” through “the government’s attractiveness” is actually talking about how when you overcome the seductive influences of society and media, you can get more in touch with your own Inner Christ.

The quote is also very interesting. The hands are what we use to work and to create, in the most physical sense of the word. The penitentiary would be the prison of materialism that we are now stuck within, and the ‘promotion’ that they speak of would be that process of overcoming these influences and their effects upon yourself.

It is very important that each person realize how crucial it is that they make greater efforts to be of service to others, if they are not already doing so now. The time is indeed very short.]


The notion of there having been eye surgery is an appropriate one as well.

When we flash back to what the controls are telling us, we then realize that the eyes are the deepest spiritual indicators of the soul and its purpose while still incarnate on Earth.

So, do not ever be unclear as to the truth of your mission, and the spectrum of light that beckons you forward.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[10/26: Now at this point, even though I was not following the content whatsoever, I probably tried consciously to end the reading, due to the fatigue I was feeling.

It is very difficult to do a reading that is this deep, and it is indeed tiring. But the forces had other plans — and it was after I completely turned over the microphone to them like this that some even more interesting data started to come through. Check it out.]


I have a lot more to tell you, and that excites me greatly.

David has become a much more clear channel or conduit for the universal forces as of late.

I am finding that I have the room to proceed with the timewave, so to speak, and upgrade the level of material then coming through.

A legal advisory would be that a house divided cannot stand, but a house united makes the military insignificant, and prevents against social collapse through collaboration.

Have the businesses await the appropriate length of time, but then when the moment hits itself, try not to panic.

If you did ship this in and get your free catalog, you will then wish the Creator make itself known in a tangible and directly creative fashion.

To go out with a shout and a bang is not the point here.

[10/26: Based on the established metaphorical language of these readings, the above paragraphs aren’t that difficult to understand. I think that the sentences about the “businesses awaiting the appropriate length of time” is about the economic collapses that they are predicting will occur.

They are telling us “not to panic when the moment hits itself.” The “free catalog” that they say that you will receive is obviously representative of the options that are available when this spiritual consciousness is invited to become a part of you through free will.

The Ascension is far from “going out with a shout and a bang” — it is much more a function of “the Creator making itself known in a tangible and directly creative fashion.”]


We want you to open the music box and gingerly place your own sacred jewelry inside.

Those blue thugs who must continue to travel their “direct trips” through the cranium and nasal passages may tend to reinvent the instant, established Hindu theme of so many misgivings: he who fascinated and who wants servant and (to) go away with the milkmaid to a plan that he had called “Heaven.”

[10/26: Yet again we get the musical metaphor for spirituality in the first sentence above. As for the “blue thugs,” I can only speculate that they are referring to the fifth-density negative ETs and their coordinated attempts with our planet’s elite to subvert the minds and hearts of the populace.

No one can know for sure what they mean about “direct trips” through the cranium and nasal passages, but one possible idea is that this is about drug use, such as cocaine.

It very well could be a reference to the ancient Egyptian practice, in mummification, of removing the brain, within the cranium, by pulling it out through the nasal passages. Certainly the negative elite are fascinated with all forms of Egyptian mystical practices.

Another idea is that it has to do with EM frequencies such as those in the cellular phone, which is now concretely and notoriously connected with brain tumors due to the fact that it resonates at the same harmonic frequency as the inside of the skull. Accidental? Who knows for sure?

Then, the second half of this sentence seems to say that these negative forces are trying to “reinvent the… established… theme of [those who indulge in] so many misgivings.”

Some of these misgivings are referred to as taking servants and cheating on their spouses with prostitutes (“milkmaids”) to their own materialistic “plan that [they have] called Heaven.”

I am not really sure why they called this an Hindu theme, except that perhaps they are referring to the caste system, which was a grossly distorted form of the original Vedic scriptural ideas where people would naturally separate into these distinctions through free will, not be bound to them as “outcastes” from birth.]


In the moments when the aperture is wide open like this, we must take time to reflect on how interesting of a reading this will be for us.

Right now, we dream of concepts of polarity and popularity then dividing into Oneness and Unity.

[Note: I was actually so far out at this point that I said “Uneness and Onenity” and had to correct the structure of those two words. My voice was slurring from how deep in trance I was.]


When we have plundered the hollow mountains of the self and looked as far as we can go for those elements that will produce change, we then are left with nothing of a more absolute nature than to recognize that in the background, towering indefinitely, is the likes of Jesus Christ.

[He is] preparing to play the world’s smallest violin over your sorrows, since you yourself have created them.

He does have a compassionate response as do we, and thus we are being facetious here — but you do see the point.

[10/27: The first sentence seems loosely related to the Nostradamus quatrain regarding the “city of hollow mountains”, which everyone now thinks is a reference to skyscrapers in New York City.

So, this sentence appears to say that when we have gone as far as we can go in the physical sense to produce positive social changes, it falls back on the spiritual forces to help us out.

These are problems that we ourselves have created, and therefore they use humor here to remind us that we are not “victims,” but rather seeing the end product of what we have created for ourselves.]

[3/17/09: With lines like “towering indefinitely” and “hollow mountains” we could be seeing another encoded prophecy of 9/11 here… particularly with the idea that the ‘hollow mountains’ were ‘plundered.’] 


If Cedric does want to buy a bag of gold, then we can be sure that the airborne knight and operator will become dirty in an instant.

An availability will come to your house that is commensurate with those distortions of perspective that realize the true alignment within humankind’s exploration of space.

So, when we get fired from the physical plane for whatever reason, you can rest assured that in the next major phase of our workings, we will no longer have a need for such things as money.

[10/27: The above section is quite a paradox — but I am going to give it my best shot.

I think that the name Cedric is connected to a king, some form of royalty — so we can assume that this is another code-word for the political elite. The readings might have done this in order to insure that they could get it past my conscious mind intact.

The idea of buying a bag of gold might actually be a prophecy about the current boom going on in the gold market. So perhaps this is a time-encoded prophecy, urging us to look to when the elites begin pouring their money into gold as the time for the rest of the paragraph to come into effect.

If I am right about this being a carefully worded future prophecy, it just might be echoing the concerns recently posted by Dr. Steven Greer all across the Internet regarding a possible future “mock” alien invasion, staged by our own elite with their reverse-engineered technologies.

If that is what they are referring to here, the paragraph does then make sense. The “airborne knight and operator”, perhaps a reference to the UFO entities themselves, “would become dirty in an instant” if something like this were to happen.

Even though this event will be negative, the next sentence hints that this “distorted perspective” will give humanity the knowledge of the true technological potential that we now possess for the exploration of space.

Then, the last sentence is the one that suggests the most strongly that they may indeed be talking about the Dr. Greer scenario. They say that they may be “fired from the physical plane for whatever reason.”

In such a staged event, the public may suddenly be told and believe that it is entirely a negative phenomenon. When they say that they will not need money when they return, I think they mean that by the time they help us out, the financial systems will have largely folded up already.]


Oh, that can be the button on the multi-line telephone that you can turn to in an attempt to put perceived and full life-giving substances into the body quickly.

And fortunately, this is a red spark on the red meat organism that was first sacrificed.

But as a Hawaiian castle man once stated, “Where there is a rat, there is droppings, and health complications regarding same.”

[10/27: No, folks, this reading doesn’t get any simpler as it goes along. This paragraph seems to suggest that in certain cases, red meat is useful to “put perceived and full life-giving substances into the body quickly.”

The multi-line telephone seems to be another metaphor for the many different ways that Spirit can contact us; the strengthening of the body with animal proteins being one method.

But then, they come right back in the next sentence, making not-so-subtle allusions to the enormous problems that anyone faces when eating most red meat due to the horrible things that go into mainstream cattle feed, including sawdust and animal droppings.

England recently conducted an expose of these practices in France, specifically as part of an economic war over the publicity of Mad Cow disease. The entire liquid runoff from the slaughterhouses was being put into the feed — and this included the human waste from the bathrooms and all of the blood.

So, if you must eat red meat instead of fish as a strengthening effort, do try to get high-quality organic beef, or even more preferably buffalo meat. The same standards apply for chicken, which the forces have told me again and again not to eat.]

[3/17/09: It is interesting that I had to be this deep under in trance in order to get a message that says it CAN be okay to eat meat, providing it comes from a clean, organic source.

I was very, very against the idea at this time in my life — based on things I had read — and thus any message to the contrary would have to come through under the deepest of trance states, like this. In the Law of One series it says to take animal protein “to the extent necessary for the physical body.”

If you can’t get ‘clean’ meat, like at a restaurant, then fish is your safest bet.]


A disclaimer note of future importance is that we have believed before that we were somehow special or different.

Keep in mind that each of you have the choice moment by moment as to whether you would do that.

[3/17/09: The readings have often emphasized the importance of humility — the understanding that “I am above no one and below no one.”] 


Sleeping in hand in hand, and being wide awake with a word to the wise does indeed increase the available energy for this contact.

A real good friend named (name of local Virginia Beach deep-trance psychic) might be of assistance to you now, David, so check that out.

[10/27: In this passage, I feel that the “sleeping” sentence came out somewhat distorted. It is more understandable if you cut a little so it read, “Sleeping, hand in hand with being wide awake, does indeed increase the available energy for this contact.”

They are clearly suggesting that I can move ever closer towards becoming a totally non-conscious channel. This well-known local person may be able to have some guidance as to how I can further develop this aspect, since this is what that person already is doing at present.]

[3/17/09: I never did end up meeting this person… just got too caught up in the day-to-day routine. I also was deterred by the high cost of his readings, as I could not have afforded it at the time. It is ironic that I literally have not looked at this reading since I first posted it online a decade ago!] 


Despite the warnings in place, many people will still fail to see the fruits of the spirit, or of how they could be utilized for personal transformation.

Birds can be seen to be taken out of their cages and moved through a whole new universal plan that directs any sorrow and/or misery to an eminently much less dogma than what was heretofore seen.

The opening theme music does reveal that in the dark, a lot has happened — and the officer tries to get really mad when someone passes the perceived boundary.

[10/27: This section is slightly easier to decode. Even with all of the prophecies telling us to become more conscious, many people are still “failing to see the fruits of the spirit.”

The metaphor of “birds being taken out of their cages” in the next sentence is obviously about the minds and hearts of humanity. Once freed from the cage of their own conceptions and limiting beliefs, they will indeed discover that they can fly.

And as the reading says, this new spiritual awareness is much less dogmatic than what many of the people on Earth now believe. Free will, and the acceptance of many different paths to the One, will be paramount in this new awareness.

The last sentence tells us that as we hear the “opening theme music” that prepares us for our transition into the fourth density, we realize just how much has gone on “in the dark” here on Earth. This is obviously another statement about the effects of the dark elite now in power.

When they say that “the officer tries to get really mad when someone passes the perceived boundary,” that is obviously a statement about how many whistle-blowers and investigative reporters end up either dead, financially ruined, wrongly imprisoned or intensely threatened and frightened for tangling with these forces.

As these readings revealed earlier, the JFK Jr. assassination was another such recent example.]


Our department store has a quick checkout.

So, if you are able to trifle with one through seven, the planetary influence will allow you to get the details of your return to the One, as such, before you would ever do so — ostensibly speaking.

[10/27: Here they tell us that if we are capable of mastering the lessons for each chakra and / or dimensional frequency — one through seven — we can become completely Ascended while still here in the physical. That is exciting indeed.

The capstone of this learning curve for the seventh-density is to see all things in the Creation as perfectly sacred, no matter what they are.]


Calling all those who call: The yearnings that you are aware of are all animals.

The lamp, in one single gaze, and [the] book seems to be the mystical instrument by which this Divine department is all being told.

This is the giant video tracking the weather disturbances from place to place, pattern to pattern.

This is the determined environment that produces change through no focus of its own, but simply through Light, Love and Joy.

[10/28: I think that the first sentence of this paragraph is telling us that when we are aware of our spiritual “calling,” we learn to recognize our animalistic yearnings.

The “lamp” that the readings refer to is the Light of the One, once we have perceived it. The book, meaning readings such as this, “seems to be the mystical instrument by which this Divine department is all being told.”

They then say that the “book” of these readings is a source that can explain the many mysterious things occurring in society at this time — including weather disturbances.]


Let each go from the printed world of the canvases we had heretofore spoken of — for those who would go door to door.

Instead, move out of these circumstances with the knowledge and forethought that once all is said and done, if anyone wants to get inside your house, they can certainly make an attempt.

[10/28: Now they seem to be talking about some of the major religious faiths whose “book” as referred to in the previous paragraph would be the Bible and various interpretations of it.

They have an interesting play on the word “canvas,” using it to refer to the “book” as a painted picture but also the process of “canvassing,” or going door to door to look for converts, as in the case of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The reading encourages people who would feel such an urgency as to do canvassing to simply relax, as there will be a time when people will very much want to cooperate and let each other into their houses. The next paragraph below explains this even better.]


But will you crumble when those entities around you try to crash your boundaries?

Or will you rather open your air, with Jeannie and Rosie and others along those lines, so that you can have an unbroken and unfiltered line of contact with the higher source?

[10/28: It is possible that the “Rosie” they are referring to is Rosie O’ Donnell, who has a talk show on television.

This part obviously tells us that the more we cooperate with our neighbors who may be in need in the coming months, the more we will enjoy an “unbroken and unfiltered line of contact with the higher source.”]


[Long pause]

I was leaving the stage for a while, and I knew that I would need to get right back on there.

The entire country, and indeed the world, is on the brink of a major social and financial adjustment — and this adjustment incorporates much more than the physical body.

It incorporates the re-prioritization of certain matters, put within the voltage potentials of the human soul so as to hopefully affect transformation.

[10/28: This above paragraph actually makes good sense. I think that the first sentence about “leaving the stage” could be interpreted several different ways — one of them being that I did have quite a long pause where I could have ended the reading if I chose to.

The “certain matters” that they indicate as being “re-prioritized” are obviously centrally related to the concept of service to others.]

[3/17/09: It is very interesting to read this prophetic passage, considering I literally have not read any of these words in a decade — unlike the words from the very earliest phases of the contact, which by comparison I have studied in great depth.

The first sentence about “leaving the stage for a while… (but) I would need to get right back on there” may well be describing how I stopped doing readings, almost entirely, in 2006, ’07 and ’08 — and during that entire time, the “readings transcripts” part of the site was just about unreadable.

The second sentence about a “major social and financial adjustment” is much more current now than it was when this all came through ten years ago.]


Through our most recent channelings, we have revealed that the lease of Mother Earth is coming up.

We started ordering all kinds of aged and accurate information in the wake of this.

Masonic circles have always had order and disorder, chaos and unification, trust and mistrust.

The concept [becomes] extraordinarily overt, and even obsolete, when seen how it is that the umpire or catcher at the goal must remain in position indefinitely, to check the balls as they come in.

While he was never actually hit, they have then served a cosmetic purpose.

[10/28: Again we have a strange paragraph. I believe that the “aged and accurate information” that they are now giving us has to do with the concept of the Masonic circles having both positive and negative elements within them.

I believe that the “umpire” represents the higher forces and their ability to keep everything in balance regardless of what happens here on Earth.

And thus, “the concept” of there being a negative influence from the Masonic circles “becomes obsolete” when we realize that the “umpire at the goal” must “check the balls as they come in,” or prevent there from being any major damage here on Earth.

Yet, this umpire never actually gets hit by any of the balls. The seeming distresses on the earth are only ‘cosmetic’ to the soul, which is beyond matter — but they have a great effect of inspiring us to change and go beyond our current limitations.]


At the top of the list are those whose sun reaches out to thought, and whose minds align with those in Egypt, the great city — but with the technology in place and without all the toys and engineering mishaps that brought this to be.

We could comment more about this Thanksgiving holiday of the self, but for now we leave you with this taste of it.

[10/28: Now this line appears to be an even greater message to those in the Masonic circles who are working for the positive side.

They would be at “the top of the list” for aligning with the beliefs of Egypt / Atlantis that are positive, without getting caught up with the negative side of the Atlantean picture where the “toys and engineering mishaps… brought this [Atlantean cataclysm] to be.

The metaphor of Thanksgiving is again the concept of harvest into the fourth-dimensional vibrations.]

[3/17/09: This is what I thought at the time — but it could just as easily be talking about everyone who identifies with the positive aspects of ancient mystery-school teachings.] 


Anything whom you are — any person, place or thing — is indeed part of the One.

Each pair tries to replay its initial journey of separation, but it is hard to know exactly.

Until those in your plane become aware of the healing to the self that is possible, they can only use the rays to accelerate those portions of the personality that are coming along at present.

[10/28: This is fairly straightforward. The “pair” refers, I believe, to the masculine and feminine side of each person.

They tell us that we must first learn of exactly how much we can heal and expand our abilities, or else the “rays” of the higher-vibrational colors such as green, blue, indigo and violet can only heal the parts of our being that we are consciously aware of.]


Please, please, please realize that he himself was sanitized.

[We will] have many more conversations with whether he will be able to introduce into ways now that his resources are being pooled.


D: All capital letters [on that word.]

[10/28: This is one of the most exciting and enigmatic passages in the whole reading. I believe that what it is telling us is that “they” are considering an actual manifestation of Jesus in some form, as a means of bringing us to the point of Ascension.

However, because the true teachings of Jesus were severely “sanitized,” there are great questions as to whether such an arrival would actually be effective for us at this time or would only make it worse. It is probably a question that no human being can answer right now.]

[3/17/09: I’m not sure why I went to the Jesus interpretation here. It seems to make more sense that this is talking about me, now that I’m seeing it’s been a decade since I read this and I had left the reading transcripts completely dead on this site for over three years.

The line about being ‘sanitized’ could well refer to all the purifying initiations I’ve had to go through to be more capable of handling a public role. At this time, in 1999, I was so sensitive I had very few boundaries, and others could manipulate me easily and extremely. 

Other readings clearly said there would not be a manifestation of a “Second Coming” because of all the distortions it would create.] 


The cosmic secrets are yours to explore, were you to simply begin searching for them. The husband and midwife do then have a wonderful, energetic opportunity on their hands to be of service.

Some woman who I know will have a lot more to say on this as time progresses.

The signal is breaking up at present, but this has been an excellent opportunity to get you some information. For that we thank you, David, and may the God and Goddess, unified in the One, be with you.

[10/28: I believe that the “midwife” is also the “woman who I know [who] will have a lot more to say on this.” This apparently is in reference to a female entity that might come through in these readings at some future point.]


These titanic motivations within the self do indeed come to a head when the full realization is met. As the fellow who was suffering with symbiotic Satan misgivings, we can then therefore remain completely unmixed in our perspective.

This would imply that the various suckers that we construct out of a headlong march into the Divine will indeed override the lawyers, even as they are the suckers themselves.

[10/29: This is perhaps the most difficult paragraph to understand out of this entire reading. It talks of “titanic motivations within self,” meaning those struggles that mean the most to us as we go through life — the struggle, either conscious or subconscious, to return to the One.

We all must meet the “realization” that the part of ourselves that indulge in the animal or negative side, that part with “Satan misgivings,” can indeed be brought into “symbiosis” with our higher will, such that we can indeed “remain completely unmixed in our perspective.”

Our capacity to become unmixed will then eventually override the forces within that would judge ourselves (“lawyers”,) even though some of these paths might not be in our highest interest, thus making us appear to be a “sucker” for not getting any clearer about our path.

Therefore, even if we can’t overcome totally our ignorance, we can certainly rise above the circumstances that most people suffer with by our commitment to our own personal growth process with the Divine.]


It doesn’t take one a whole lot of wisdom or understanding to gather that nitroglycerine creates explosions and the like.

There are those who are doing the legwork. According to Dr. Bey, the 407 percent of your people who are ready now have to wait and work while in seclusion, knowing that the time will come — and the advancing curriculum will be as the washing pad, healing all duties eventually.

[10/29: I believe that the first sentence about nitroglycerine refers to the explosive nature of the planetary energies at this time, blasting through all layers of negativity that we are still trying to cling to within ourselves and society at large.

There are indeed a very large number of people, symbolically expressed as “407 percent,” who are being held at “Bey” while “doing the legwork” as they wait for Ascension.

The reading further tells us that the Ascension will indeed wash us clean of our old karmic “duties” eventually, and we will indeed enter into a phase of development that was alluded to in the paragraph before this one, where the “lawyers” within ourselves are overthrown and we no longer stand in judgment of our previous actions.]


In the real celebrated evening before Ascension, we do then see how your own Matrix at the core or bottom of your hypnotic self is already hypnotized and unable to get away from the always-electronica music that you have studied and longed for over the years.

[10/29: This paragraph once again draws off of the metaphor of music as an indication of the spiritual teachings and understandings that arise naturally within each person. The “Matrix” is obviously the idea that our physical reality is nothing but a collective illusion that we are all upholding.

So, this paragraph assures us that there is already a part of ourselves that is perfectly connected to the “music of the spheres” that we “have studied and longed for over the years.” We need not look any further, as the totality of completion of this process already exists within us.]


And so, since the whole music scene could be fraught with misgivings, we could never really become anything more than the fruit of the vine itself — the Spirit made manifest in the physical form.

And so, when investigating the questions of 1999, you must ask whether that is temporal or non-temporal.

That is the hardcore or otherwise channeled message that is coming through so many at this time.

Simply remain focused on where the energy stays and what it does, and you will not need to feel so separated any more.

[10/29: The first sentence here is telling us that it is through our own misgivings that we learn to become Spirit in physical form.

The ultimate question of 1999, namely the wide variety of prophecies regarding this date both surrounding Earth Changes and Ascension, has more to do with an overall event in our future than any one specific point of time that can be pinpointed down to a year, month or even day.

When we pay attention to “where the energy stays and what it does,” we will indeed see how everything keeps getting better and better, and we no longer need the more severe Earth Changes, as these readings have said.]


D: Changes position.

Step recording, the likes of which have never heretofore been seen, will make this graduation process a much more comfortable transition.

[10/29: This is a rather enigmatic sentence. Since the music they are discussing is Spirit itself, the idea of “step recording the likes of which have never heretofore been seen” seems to imply that there may be several steps along the path of Ascension instead of everything simply happening all in one moment.

Perhaps acclimating to these changes step by step will indeed make it a more comfortable transition. This could also refer to the actual process of the breakdown and building up of society occurring more gradually, which would make it easier for us to adjust than the old-fashioned disaster prophecies such as those of Nostradamus would have it.]

[3/17/09: Again, there is a clear prophetic statement here of the lead-up to 2012 being much less severe than most of the scholars debating this subject currently believe.] 


The sandcastles of the past are being metamorphosized as they are washed away and re-dissolved into the ocean of the One.

If it were not for those who talked of these junctures, then many of the footprints that have been left behind in your history would be lost as well.

The drum, for all its power, occupies the role of teaching you how to remain with no injuries from electronics, but rather connected to the pulsations of Mother Earth Herself.

[10/29: This paragraph is talking again about how the structures that we have built up will be washed away.

However, by remaining focused on the natural wealth and abundance of Mother Earth Herself, we will “remain with no injuries from electronics,” meaning that ultimately the y2k bug and other such concerns will not destroy our lives, just create many changes in society.]


We may collect a small number of raindrops as rainwater, and analyze the toxicity therein. The same process could be done by studying the vibrations of your people at this time.

(11:11 a.m., 10/24/99.)

[10/29: This is interesting, as it implies that they can see the collective vibrations of humanity as a whole just from taking a small sample. This is similar to the idea of the hologram, wherein the whole is contained within the many parts.]

[3/17/09: Interestingly, as I’ve been editing this text at Larry Seyer’s recording studio in Austin, Texas, I’ve been simultaneously watching a documentary on Filipino inventor Daniel Dingel, who has come up with a means by which a car can run on nothing but ordinary tap water. Another very interesting synchronicity!] 


I have long since considered the energy to be remarkably strong in an altered or semi-altered state, where none other than Jesus himself did then see me and work through me in this fashion.

[10/29: This clearly implies that the trance state that I had attained at this point was sufficiently deep enough that the words of “Jesus himself” could come through, using Archangel Michael as a proxy — as we discover in the very next paragraph.]


Yes, I am Archangel Michael, dear friend, coming through this day to speak to those good Samaritans who would try to be doing the right thing whenever possible.

Each time that my appearance fits in with your existing plans, there is an exam of great length in the subconscious or timespace realms.

You all have your missions to perform. It is my job to see that they flow quite adequately well, and that you are aware of what you are doing.

[10/29: Here, Michael is apparently describing his classical role with humanity — giving us “exams” in the subconscious realms to insure that we are “doing the right thing whenever possible.” In the next paragraph we learn that a more urgent mission is now coming to the fore.]


Well, that was before and this is now.

The more immediate struggle is to provide as many opportunities as possible to lead you into your personal gateway of transformation while there is still time — before the moment of quantum awakening when the resonant frequency of the quanta themselves must be seen to rise over the critical threshold point in their evolution.

[10/29: In other words, Michael is telling us that now that we are so close to the moment of Ascension itself, his mission has changed.

The goal now appears to be to give us as many growing experiences as possible in a very short time, in order to try to get us to strive for the highest possible level within ourselves.]


We remind you to believe that the Board of Directors would not have constructed such a cycle or a circumstance unless it were incumbent upon them to do so.

The stagnation that would occur, were these cycles not to move you through the curriculum, would be vast,  immense and unnecessary.

And so, we really do have your best interests in mind in the middle of all this.

You simply now find yourselves in a position where the cycle’s time has come up, and you must begin making very serious decisions about who you are and what you are doing here.

[10/29: So, if we ever feel uncomfortable about all that the process of Ascension is making us go through, it is important to remember that the Universe designed it to be this way, in order that we not stagnate.]


File your proposal to the Law of One by simply choosing to adopt the simplest conventions, and you will be okay.

Drag and drop your own issues into a new configuration, so that you may look at them one more time and re-analyze the direct impact of these secret discoveries of the Spirit.

Each day that you do this, you increase the opportunity for positive spiritual change in a very short time. And that excites me greatly.

[10/29: This paragraph reminds us to keep our spiritual quests within the self as simple as possible, not allowing ourselves to get unnecessarily confused.

We can indeed keep reviewing our simplest beliefs and expectations and see if they continue to align with our own highest concepts of Truth.]


The spaghetti on the broken plate is indeed yours to use.

You can kick out all those who have messed up the job and get back to unifying and building whole creations from scratch.

I will be waiting for you as you do these things, so keep that in mind.

[10/29: This is obviously about the cleansing of our governmental systems from the corrupt elements now present within them.

The metaphor of the broken plate of spaghetti was used in a previous dream reading, and it seems to refer to those who have tried to make life difficult for us. Even if “they” break the plate that our food of the Spirit is served upon, we can still partake of it.

In the fourth-density vibrations we will indeed be able to “build whole creations from scratch” by nothing more than the focused effort of consciousness.]


Now I must depart this instrument, for there is great difficulty in that area which you would term as the stomach.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. I now end this reading. Adonai.