By David Wilcock 


Friday 10 / 1 / 99 – 8:08 a.m.

I get free food lying around in the darndest of places.

Applying the law of magic squares to the overall effect of the square of twelve, we do then see how the entire communication system breakdown is very soon in coming, based on the logarithmic spiral that is created.

Many millions of people have anticipated such an event in their own way, and it bears down in the overall success and / or failure of these enterprises.

[11/2: The terminology about the square of twelve and logarithmic spirals will be very familiar to students of the Bradley Cowan work. Although I myself have not studied these materials, I believe that the key point they are expressing is one that is echoed in the Cowan materials.

Time is now seen as a cyclical, recurring, geometric phenomenon, which corresponds to the same Platonic solids and their ratios that I referred to in Convergence.

The square of twelve is indeed 144, and that number was covered quite extensively in the book. The key point here is that future events unfold in terms of cycles, and here they are apparently giving us some valuable clues as to why these events will unfold in our immediate future.

I am really starting to get a fair appreciation for just how far the material in Convergence can be stretched as a result of my latest research.]


We are surprised that still so many of your people choose to run away from the inevitable truth of the convergence of events now taking place upon your planetary sphere.

Continents rupture, oceans ripple, but all the while, the flame within must be kept burning brightly.

You should not allow yourself to become paranoid or otherwise indulge in the fallen emotions.

I take out my sword and blaze forward, looking at the situation with an uncompromising eye and being more and more simply impressed by the truths as they are then seen.

I walk through the halls of responsibility with the shadow or the specter of obligation at my back, and the knowledge of Union at my front.

Never to become a widow, the old hag of conformity herself still tries to use her broken teeth to clutch to memories and flags of the past and present.

But the future is changing, and this will indeed involve a more appropriate concept of Oneness, of which you should all become aware.

The Palestinian and Arab conflict is settling out somewhat, at a metered rate. But as this continues to occur, please remain vigilant about praying for them, as this is another severe flashpoint for your planetary influence at this time.

The Jupiter-Saturn frequencies are continuing to rise, and as they come closer and closer together, you are seeing the resulting effects. We don’t want to champion this [conjunction on May 28 of 2000] as being the be all and end all, but do understand that some exclusive breakthroughs are on the way very soon.

[11/2: No, they aren’t any more specific than this. However, the reading from a few more days in the future discusses an economic collapse. I do think that what they are saying goes well beyond that point, though.]


The mathematical adjustments that we must make as to the where, when and why of your future probability vortices are indeed constantly changing.

However, this does not alter the fact that underneath all of it, we have an abiding interest in simply providing the greatest levels of service possible in the widest variety of ways.

When all is said and done, the cotton garments that you wear will be freshly woven, and you will indeed take to the stars with a sudden new realization about the nature of self and the universe. We eagerly look forward to this for you.

In those more intimate portions of the Creation, there are areas where all of these topics are known to be true.

Your evolution occurs in discrete spurts, or units and intervals of time, and it is important that you become aware that the next step now rises into place.

The holographic nature of the matrix in your world is creating greater and greater weather disturbances. As we have said so often, this is directly related to the intensifying energetic procedures bringing about this shift, juxtaposed against the relative inadequacy of your people’s acclimation to this energy.

The powers of corruption need a whole new perspective, and they will be getting it as time progresses.

When the swine must go back to their own pen, and sit and contemplate upon what they have done in the fields, they will be most upset.

Our biggest interest at this point is to insure that no harm comes to our participants, which in this case would be you. So keep that thought firmly entrenched in your mind, and you will not be led astray.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all going to be major players in this transformation, which is obviously of the deepest and most spiritual sort. They will lend their energies to you as if to make girlfriends out of a potentially dangerous situation.

They want to strengthen your feminine energy, and to bond with you in ways you had never heretofore imagined. So do not fear them, but simply come to accept the system changes as positive.

It is a boldly positive moment on your planet, a moment that will dissolve preconceptions and alter existing judgements through stamina in a matter of minutes.

We cannot be more clear about telling you that everything is coming to a head. You need to be aware of this on the most fundamental level possible.

We have often bent space and time in order to get you accurate prophecy windows of the future. The question you must then ask yourself is this:

When the future prophetic vortices look so good, how could we be wrong about something this big?

And then, you have to ask yourself how it is that upon the iron-strong edifice of all this data, we could be mistaken?

No, quite to the contrary, this circumstance assembles itself together in a way as to defy description — in a way that is exemplary of the glorious reunion with the One that awaits you all.

[tape flips]

So just keep your faith intact, and keep focused on what you know is going to occur as the problems are intensifying.

It is very, very important that you not allow yourself to degrade into moments of raw, outspoken panic and sheer terror at the collapsing of the old ways.

You will be seeing more and more of this, and part of it is contingent upon your geographical area, so be aware of that.

Those of you who continue to fear the effects of epic mega-earthquakes and Earth Changes, please be notified yet again. We have stated many times before, and will continue to do so, that the effect which spearheads this transformation will only occur after the transformation itself.

And thus, do be advised that the idea of making some panicked grasp at moving to a different location, et cetera et cetera, is largely futile.

We do understand your feelings of concern over your safety. However, at this point the bride is being introduced to the bridegroom for the first time. The marriage between portions of the self is nearly complete, or should be in the process of being completed at the very least.

We don’t want you to stray from the marvelous truth of what is occurring all around you. In order to keep you on track, it is necessary for you to become most singularly focused upon this area.

So as you walk through each day, keep the absolute faith that you are a Divine child of God, that the Law of One is indeed real, and that everything around you is another projection of yourself.

All the others around you are projections of yourself, and thus they deserve all the love you can possibly give them. The creation resonates in true harmony with the universe, as it is the universe and all others.

We do not want to say something that is foreign to your understanding, something that catapults you into realms never heretofore seen or anticipated, but you must understand that even though the content of these readings tends to be quite grandiose and difficult to believe, it is nevertheless the truth.

Combine a number of these different aspects of reality together, and you will indeed see how the tiles slap into place, and the mosaic assembles itself quite nicely.

We appreciate the opportunity to be able to prepare the cornfield for harvest in such a matter.

When you become all ears, you will be ready to hear the approach of the threshing machine as well, knowing all the while that you are about to be transformed, so that you may make the bread of the divine and be seen to again rise into a new state of being completely.

What follows will be the most intense periods you have ever seen. Do not fear them. Remain clearly focused and active in your life, especially in the sense of using these opportunities to face the self and become more and more grounded and clear as to what your issues are, and what steps you may take to resolve them.

What we don’t want for you is to allow this energetic fragmentation to continue. Simply stay focused, clear and conscious, and you will not be led astray.

What we have here is not a bunch of children playing with matches, but a bunch of budding God-Selves starting to realize their own abilities and powers.

We don’t know whether those on your planet will become more aware of this frequency change or not. But you yourself, having studied this material, can indeed rest easy, with confidence, that even as everyone around you is freaking out in a panic, you yourself already know that everything is perfectly on schedule. And with that realization comes the intimate knowledge of your own protection and safety.

We do remind you again that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Thank you and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


1:11 a.m. same day

Our wheat stores / supplies are rapidly becoming insolvent to today’s issues, concerns and crises.

When we have to take back this knowledge, we can then no longer know what the difference is between the morning sunrise and the evening sunset, and how the two fit together into a larger whole.

Were it about to become something different, then it would have already become something unknowable.

See the changes that are occurring, then, as being the process exemplary of how you yourselves can then move through this energetic shift to arrive at a greater whole — a greater complexity.

Our own report of the dollars and cents involved in this trajectory show that it is not so much how you do it as it is when you do it. And when you do decide to do it, your decisions must be made consciously and effectively, in a clear matter or fashion, and without casting aside the capacity to retain judgment and fair analytical process.

[11/2: And therefore, the time to do it is going to be NOW!]


What we don’t want to see is you failing to address those basic concerns that are always within the confines of the moment.

You must always keep your focus positive and clear, without ever relying on the fallback nature of the One to pull you out of difficult or adverse circumstances.

See the creations necessary to survive you through the thought loop of your own conceptions. Become more and more aware of how these different intersecting forces collide, so as to create the matrix of your own thought and soul structure.

Think about “it” when you are looking at the sky, talking to a friend, reading a book or surfing the Internet or otherwise.

Think about what is coming, and how it is all arranging itself in the present moment.

Look back a few days to the pages of the past, and see how with each turn, we have arrived closer and closer at the point of destination.

Know then that the string of pearls is yours to wear around the neck, and it does represent the celebration of the victory of the Ego self over the material world. You will indeed be seen to rise, to move into a higher frequency of vibration, and to arrive at a fullness and a vigor never before deemed possible.



In order to fully complement your higher nature, you must maintain the physical nature as well. Do these exercises before you go to bed: take the following few items as tokens of our gratitude.

Leg, ankle and knee stretches should begin this process.

Then, move onward and upward to the abdominal area, being sure to stretch far backwards and far forwards at the same time.

Pay special attention to the flexibility of the back.

Remember that inversion boards can make the chiropractic field obsolete.

Spend a good amount of time working with your shoulders and swinging your arms back and forth. Massage the muscles that are sore with your fingertips, as this will help to break up adhesions in the tissues.

And lastly, do a series of neck circles, first counterclockwise and then clockwise, as relaxed as possible — as this will also help to loosen up the conditions present therein.

With these simple, basic steps, you can then prepare the body for sleep, and this will then allow you to have deeper and more meaningful experiences thereafter.

What we want for you is to become a being of Light in your thoughts and conceptions. We want you to move past any feelings of separation or limitation, and realize how the screws are already in place: now you just have to tighten them down.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to educate you with these words, as we have continued doing in the past, present and future.

We do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, so please do keep that in mind.

We remember; how much longer will it take for you to remember?

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading.

David loves you too.

[11/2: That last sentence was dictated by the forces — but it is true. I thank you for studying and digesting this most interesting set of materials — my own service to you.]