Monday 10 / 04 / 99 — 8:04 a.m

D: Right off the bat, there is something that I have got to say. The stock market in this dream suffered an eleven thousand point drop — the Dow Jones Industrials.

It was now at 2883.30, and it had been up to somewhere above 10,000 before that point.

(Note: That only adds up to eight or nine thousand points. I think that maybe the emphasis on “eleven thousand” was the idea that it was a quite complete crash.)

[3/17/09: In retrospect this seemed to be about the NASDAQ in the immediate term… and it did bottom out quite a bit. Holographically it also relates to what we’re seeing now, though it may not ever have to get that low.]


My father was definitely freaking out about this, and I was just trying to explain to him that it wasn’t really anything for him to be concerned about. It was all right.

New York in general seemed to be overrun with some sort of sickness or flu, so much so that they were saying that all the garbage cans were getting filled with people’s Kleenex tissues and so forth. They couldn’t haul them away fast enough.

Somehow, for whatever reason, there were bathrooms on two floors.

D: I just got the quote,

Don’t take such stupid questions seriously.

[11/3: This quote was obviously inserted to remind us that the dream is not making a literal statement about a massive sickness in New York. I feel that it is merely picking up on the thought vibrations of those who have feared such an event.

It is also a metaphor for what will sweep through the financial sector when this happens — a metaphorical illness in the city where all of our main trading is being done.]

[UPDATE: As the market is now tanking in mid-April 2000, there is indeed a great panic in New York at present over the West Nile Virus, and massive sprayings are soon to be conducted.]


There were bathrooms on two floors, and elevators were associated with this. I wanted to use the bathroom. It seemed like we might have actually had an elevator in the bathroom, but then when we came out, all these women were in there, and there were two other guys besides myself.

They got really, really angry and belligerent and started yelling at us, telling us to get the hell out of there.

I had changed my clothes and then looked in the mirror and realized that I had the same black rock and roll T-shirt that I used to wear when I was in high school. I noticed that there was this feeling of rebellion and power that I had when I was looking at myself in the mirror while wearing it.

[11/3: This seems to be bringing back my old feelings of being left out and working on adolescent issues. The dark forces do not want me to see what they are cooking up in the “bathroom” right now.]


There was definitely an epidemic in New York. I know that they recently had an encephalitis incident or something like that. In this case, the whole entire city was sick.

I remember that when my father broke me the news about the stock market crash, I kept remarking about how this had to be the worst crash that anyone had ever seen. He agreed with me. A lot of stocks had just become valueless.

D: As I was thinking about my father, and whether this dream was reflecting reality or not, I tried to drink a glass of water and I choked on it. So I think that it is telling me that I shouldn’t talk about this, because it might just make him even more fearful than he already is.

D: I just got the quote,

I am losing ground. Try sleeping again.

D: That is what I am going to try to do right now.


You don’t want to be a wannabe in the higher realms. It has to be all or nothing, so let’s proceed forward. Continue with the format as defined.

[D: (Agrees)]


The Ascension will not be grandiose news to those whose behaviors and attitudes are of the pro-militaristic camp.

Their decisions from the sidelines have everything to do with the forward effect of their actions, and very little to do with the continuing sales decline that marks their beliefs.


D: I am just now remembering that a great deal of this took place in the streets of my hometown of Scotia, involving a guy with no teeth who lived near J and the farm.

And cops — I kept running into cops. They seemed to be investigating more than one different thing that had gone wrong, and I somehow seemed to keep getting indirectly involved.


The way that these military men think is not going to do anyone much good in the future, I am afraid.

So, when you have the time to see how the design unfolds, you don’t then need to rely so completely on the erratic disclosures of the government gone awry.

Instead, you can recognize that the people have taken the power back into their own hands on this issue, and that a more expanded view will be forthcoming in the very near future.

The policeman’s villa are all engaging in speculative investments at this time, investing in the idea that the populace will be satiated by the intermediate opportunities portrayed by this y2k scenario.

What they don’t foresee is that like the tiger, there are going to be those aspects of it with very sharp teeth that no one wants to tangle with.

[3/17/09: Of course, the dot-com collapse was mere months after the turn of the Millennium. No one in the mainstream media ever attributed it to possible computer failures, and few, if any, attributed it to the astronomical cost for many companies in bringing their old computers up into compliance, and / or replacing them.] 


Fossilizing the present moment of time as a path of existence is one way to look at this.

You will indeed be able to look back at the past, some with awe and disbelief and others with reverence, as the time before the major changes had started to occur.

If memory lapses serve us correctly, then we know that our continued function is not to serve as a suitcase nuke that slips in and portends disaster through its sudden, devastating effects, but rather as the violin song that reminds you of the positive in the midst of social collapse, chaos and despair.

[11/3: It seems that they are using a well-known metaphor from the movie “Titanic” here.]

[3/17/09: Again, this seems tuned to the present — we can look back at the past as the time before the major changes had started to occur. This now includes 9/11, the Iraq war and the economic collapse.]


All that we have ever wanted is for you to become more knowledgeable about the activation of your Light bodies, so that you are indeed capable of rejuvenating same through the disciplined and focused effort of consciousness.

Clearing a way for this to come through is a major focus of how and why we are working with your people at this time.

And thus, do not slip or slide when discussing how these things work together. Remain clearly focused on the goal, and you will not be led astray.


Little souvenirs attract those people who go to the museum and want to be reminded of same.

Unless you begin actively promoting the work in Convergence, David, you will find that it is only a footnote.

And thus, we do ask that you use your copies of the Spectrum newspaper now, and send them to the appropriate authorities.

You will know what to do when the time is right, so do not fear this process. A definite timetable of sorts is in order, and we want to make very sure that you are aware of that.

[11/3: This prophecy did sort of bum me out — but I am going to take their suggestions and mail out copies of the Spectrum to Jeff Rense, Art Bell and the like.]

[4/16/00: Within two more days of this writing, we will officially announce the publication of a TOTALLY overhauled version of Convergence II, now titled The Shift Of The Ages. In addition we will be announcing an upcoming slot on The Laura Lee Show as soon as we get the exact date.]


[D: Changes body position]

We are meant to teach enlightenment to the Western mind, and the scope of these workings should never be underestimated.

Therefore, when you have the opportunity to do grandiose things like this, you should take them seriously.

All we have ever seen to be true is coming up at any moment in your present linear time.

And thus, take the opportunities as those presented in this dream to be present and clear in the midst of social calamities and chaos.

That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Get some more sleep David, and thank you.


9:32 a.m. same morning

Karmic Connections – Edgar Cayce and the Crash of 29,

David Wilcock and the Crash of 99

[4/16/00 – Although I gave the dream this title, it was from my conscious mind after transcription. I felt that such a crash had to be related to y2k and I was wrong. This does not change the actual data in the dream itself.]

I was with my father in this building in NYC. At one point he left me in the lobby, and he wanted me to clean it. There was so much dust on the mirror — it looked so bad.

There was a clear connection between myself and Edgar Cayce. I might have even seen him there, and was just commenting to him on how this might have been a nice hotel for him, but the Victorian hotel that I had worked at in New York blew that out of the water. Edgar looked the same as he did when he was my age.

D: In very big letters in my mind, I just saw the word:



D: The thought just occurred to me that what this dream is about is the karmic connection between the huge economic collapse that they were basically just prophesying this morning and how that affected me in my past life when something of a similar caliber happened, namely the Great Depression.

Indeed, everything about this motel that we were in had the ambiance of the 1920’s. There were these two guys in suits, and they were ostensibly there to see my father for a business trip.

My brother came in and sat down next to them, at first on the left-hand side. They asked him about mortgages or something, and he tried to act like he knew what he was talking about.

I myself came out with something like, “Now is the best time to buy a house. You can just snap them up, because it is a buyer’s market right now.” They nodded their heads and agreed with me on that one.

The men did have very clear and distinct faces, though I am not sure if I have seen them this time around or not.

One of the two guys, when he saw my mother and realized who she was, she really acted like she was very happy to see him.

The thing that was so weird about it was that he threw his arms around her and backed her twenty feet back into a corner and was hugging her there. This had enormous sexual connotations.

I looked at his partner, and the partner was just frustrated because this was apparently happening all the time and he was sick of seeing this guy do the same thing to every different female client.

He said that this was a natural precursor to trying to make the person comfortable to make investments. His whole objective at the beginning was to get them talking about anything else besides investments, so that they would be comfortable.

[11/3: I assume that this has something to do with the people that Cayce had associated with when he was doing many business readings for investors while trying to work up to the creation of the Cayce Hospital.]


My father had all this stuff on computer disks, and he was getting ready to get this out of his office or something. It was all of these 3 1/2- inch disks.

My father’s wife was there, and he was talking to her about how I had predicted this huge economic collapse. His wife was obviously very worried, saying that anything on that kind of a level would just be devastating.

So as I sat there with her, I was trying to explain to her how this economic event was going to directly lead to Ascension, which she could think of as the second coming of Christ.

[4/16/00: A very interesting idea indeed…]


I knew that it was hard to explain, but I was trying.

I had this notebook, and inside the notebook was stuff that I had written down about this, hopefully. But then as I started to try to leaf through the notebook, there were all these explicit sexual drawings that I made inside, and I was very embarrassed about myself.

She just sort of laughed it off. My father’s mother-in-law made an appearance in the dream as well at some point.

[11/3: The explicit sexual content seems to be about my final processing of old adolescent issues, much as we saw me showing up to the bathroom in rebellious clothing in the first dream, only to find that it was filled with people who were partying.]


D: There was definitely this go-go girl who reminded me of the 1920’s who showed up. She was very enthusiastic about having sex with these investors. She was essentially saying that the only thing he ever liked to talk about was “investments and her big tits.” So that was interesting.


The forest still beckons a few valiant opportunities to come shaking down from the tree. And the most important statement to be made is:

“Putting a golf course in that spot doesn’t necessarily make it right for it to be there.”

And why do we ask these questions? Simply this. Why do you ask a security guard what he makes in an hour, instead of simply allowing him to do his job?

Why do you take the security pants away from those officers at the time when they need them the most?

If you have already seeded the race again, and are ready to accept the longingness and desire that this will produce in its participants, why then should you have another excuse to break it down later on?

[11/3: These paragraphs above seem to be about the extreme loss of security that is being created by the negative governmental forces on the Earth at this time.

They have “already seeded the race” in terms of how the current world order is being run, but now they have an “excuse to break it down,” namely to achieve even greater control. The latest article by Dr. Steven Greer addresses this as well, and we will link to it on this website.]


Come on now. It’s almost important enough to me that I am willing to give you these Scallion-style prophecies.

I mean, think about it. What we are looking at here is a stifling of the individual human mind in an attempt to create great fear.

We do not want these to appear to be isolated situations that cause extreme panic, but rather more as the lay of the land — as the symptoms of the overall malady that has struck the Earth at this time.

The Big Brother scenario is indeed real, and Big Brother is counting on us to not expose these truths as they have already been done.

The subjugation of the populace warrants their ignorance, and if they are to become smarter about what is happening to them, they might actually begin doing something about it.

Indeed, as we have already said, it is precisely the focus of experience that these individuals are now going through that will give them so much more to lose when the final steps into the basement are then made, and a new agreement is reached in terms of international finance.

[3/17/09: Wow. It is amazing that this came through a decade ago, considering that I’ve been getting exactly the same message again as of the second half of 2008. The idea is that there will be a new agreement reached with international finance, and it will prove to be very bad for the Illuminati / NWO types compared to what they’ve been doing up until then. This has not yet happened.]


So, if you can think in terms deeper than those portrayed in the media, you will see that there are indeed some serious thugs on the loose here.

When we speak of their plans of world domination, we are speaking of something that they do believe can and will be accomplished.

We are here to tell you that just the opposite is going to happen.

In their strive and quest for power, they will lose all that they had already gained, and gain nothing new.

However, in the midst of all these calamities, the brokers and stockpersons will begin to see a new form of commerce taking hold. They will not need to make money any more, as the credit is up.


The point is that when you begin storing your “money” in order to become more Ascension compatible, you are indeed preparing yourself for the ultimate ride of your life. And there is nothing more important than that.


The Orion entities continue to struggle a bit longer with their plans of world domination, and you shouldn’t fear this.

If you have stocks, now would be a good time to sell. That is our expert advice at this point. Sell them. Get rid of them now before this happens.

We are not talking about something that is far away, either.

Please think about this, and know that if you have certain decisions that you can make, that you are still in control.

The stocks will be devalued so much as to appear to be utter nonsense. You have my word on that one.

We are sorry to admit such a grandiose conspiracy to you in these readings, but the facts are facts, and we need to talk about them.

[3/17/09: This came true with the dot-com collapse in 2000: “We are not talking about something that is far away” — and on a much stronger level in the present, which is where all these 1999-era readings seem to have been targeting, in retrospect.] 

We watch the curvatures of the spacetime fabric of your future, and try to determine where the gravity wells are, and how you will fall into them.

[4/16/00: From this we can see that the crash is geometric — and thus it is not a question of if but of when.]

[3/17/09: Stock market geometry is something I wrote about in the Convergence book series.] 

Again, it is our expert advice that a very substantial market correction is looming in the very near future of your linear time.

And so, we impress these readings through David as a means of shaving off the excess hair that you may still have on your face in order to have you fully washed up and prepared for Ascension.

We are sorry that this explicit content brings messages of fear or concern, but it is our greatest desire for you to navigate through all of these changes in their multilayered forms without any sense of panic.

Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.