Tuesday 10 / 05 / 99 – 8:41 a.m.

D: If I had to characterize this dream with a title, the title would be “Alcoholism and Politics.” It seemed like it just went on and on for a long time.

Earlier on I was exploring a lot of issues around being at Don T’s house and going through cycles of my own former addiction with him, during my late teenage years. Later, it actually turned into a huge, huge discussion of politics. There was something involving throwing up, though, and it involved Don directly.

There was this dinner party going on at his house. Most of the people I knew, and some I didn’t. They were not being responsible with their drinking.

This guy who I know, I forget who he was, got really sick from eating this cereal that was primarily made out of yeast. It was supposed to be a y2k preparation food. As soon as he ate this sweet thing, he went and threw up. So that was pretty sobering.

D: I am getting something on Joe Firmage here.

Joe Firmage does have his buddies in high places as well. And this means that once you start binding the loose bits and pieces together, you can see how all this is leading towards something like a coup over the military industrial complex and its stranglehold over this story regarding UFOs and the like.

Many think that the path to certainty on these matters is just about as creative as it gets. When you discover an identical piece of information from within, it becomes easier than to see it on the without.

Sabrina, as many others, has found a way to bridge this gap and bring these truths through to the conscious mind.

[11/5: My friend Sabrina has quite the psychic ability, and has been told by my readings that she could attain similar or greater trance reading quality levels than I now attain myself.

I think the real point of this passage is to say that nothing beats the surprise and wonderment of getting your own psychic “hits.” You can read my readings until you are blue in the face, but until you start getting your own confirmations from dreams and the like, you cannot really know how incredible it feels to be right on the front line of an active psychic connection.]


Classism, racism, genderism issues all have their roots in a feeling of separateness from God, and failing to honor the Law of One and see how we are all united.

However, the core of this planet’s population along with more than a few others are understanding the bottom line, which is this.

If you take just five minutes to think about what your own motivations are, you can ask yourself whether your primary focus is of service to others or service to self.

If you don’t have a dramatic answer to the question you ask yourself, then you need to think about that, and anchor it in on a very deep level of being.

It seems that there are those who would prefer the darkness over the light, and it is not our purpose to try to subvert their opinions with our own idealized form of Christianity.

Rather, all that we ask for is a few simple moments to look around and go within, to then see how the truck makes its next destination point in the near future to drop off its carload of human souls into the fourth dimension after having been transported as such.

The strange feeling that you get, which accompanies this transformation, is the idea of “Too Good To Be True,” or “Things like this never happen to me.”

Here is where the laboratory books are being covered from view of most people at present. However, it does not change one iota what it is that you must do, or how it is that you will get there.

When the insulating cap is placed over the shadowy decline of morality in America and elsewhere, then the truth never rises to the surface. You cannot organize people together for a common aim if they are too busy feeling that there is nothing much more that can be done.

[11/5: This is obviously telling us that we cannot simply insulate ourselves from the truth of the decline of morality in society today. We must realize the effect that each of us can have by talking with our peers about the changes that need to happen in society, and the destructive impact of the mainstream media’s sex, violence and marketing.]


[tape flips]

And so, these meetings of the spirit often involve the conscious ability to deprive the self of much that is occurring within its greater matrix structure.

The equivalent number of persons who say “I know” must learn to say “I believe,” and have it mean as much to them as would the other statement.

The letter that we have to open for you is from the higher realms, and it says the following:

“You have the basket now. You are the ones who must go through the vineyard and carefully select those aspects of society that you will choose to recreate after the harvest, and those that you will leave behind.”

And so, since the present milieu occupies itself quite dramatically with politics, we suggest that you think about these systems as well — both in terms of dollars and cents as well as the authority to rule.

We do see that in a harmonious, utopian community such as will be Earth in the fourth dimension, those who would preside over matters of government would be obviously of the more spiritual variety. And yet, to even suggest the word “Spiritual” is to misplace truth, in the sense that there are no more illusions surrounding reality in the fourth dimension.

There is no need for religion, as the truth of the Law of One emanates from all sides, producing a new whole.


Suppose it really had been Mother. Suppose for a moment that your vital energies were thusly dedicated to someone else who didn’t understand you and didn’t support you.

Suppose that you had allowed this situation to grow so completely out of control that it was almost impossible to repair.

The question then, is, “What would you do if the Saint Bernard comes to you with the whiskey under his neck in your final moments, giving you another chance?”

How would you approach these systems when this same phenomenon is going to be happening to them?

It is the choice of those who will populate this new Earth as to whether they will take the steps that have already been plotted out in the third, or adopt a whole new approach.

And so, although the systems are interchangeable in one sense, in another sense they lack the continuity necessary to bring about the deepest level of structure and change.


These primitive tools of your self-awakening need not measure up to much in the grand scheme of things.

Truly, it is all emanating from within, and this does not need anything but a willingness and a dedication to rid the individual body and the collective body of disease; to slow down the passage of linear time long enough to examine all particular moments through the lens of the present, with a careful eye for how the supposed guardians of your society have been doing their jobs.

We are not about to issue a blanket condemnation of government as a whole. However, what we do see is that government is in for a massive cleaning. There are some whose strength will benefit from this, but at first it will be interpreted as chaos and disorder.

[3/17/09: This is precisely the stage we are at right now. People interpret the “massive cleaning” of government that is now going on, under Obama, as “chaos and disorder.” I must admit I am very impressed to see this prophecy come in a decade before it came true — and to rediscover it at the precise moment where it matters most!

[D: Changes position]

You yourself, the reader of these words, do have the opportunity to choose not to behave in such a manner at the time that this guidance is given.

We are not talking about fascist Nazi concentration camps that will be created and the like. No, rather what we are discussing is the systematic breakdown of existing orders in order to make way for changes that will result.

[3/17/09: This is another thing my readings have consistently stressed. There will NEVER be people herded off to “FEMA Camps,” or any such thing. The Nazi atrocities are so well-known that no one would support such a thing happening again — the Powers That Be may very well plan such things, and certainly have — but there would be no one to hold the guns. They do not have the public will to enforce such ideas, and that is a necessity.

The “systematic breakdown of existing orders… to make way for changes that will result” is precisely what’s happening now, at the time I write this note.]

We remind you that we have already engaged in a healing response to many of these crises already.

And thus, we can find that the truth already exists as soon as it becomes real enough for us to go looking for it.

And in between those two points, the pollution that strikes the farms is great enough that to find truly organic produce is almost impossible these days.

[11/5: This is a very sobering statement indeed, for those of us who try to buy organic.]

[3/17/09: The line about “the truth already exists as soon as it becomes real enough for us to go looking for it” seems to be talking about probability vortices. 

By this point, the forces were well aware that the Republicans would steal the 2000 election, as said in other readings, and install Bush as president over Gore. They also likely could see that he would steal the 2004 election as well, through similar means.

It was also likely that the revolutionary sentiment caused by this length of time would be so high that a genuine change in government would happen thereafter. Though multiple members of Obama’s cabinet are part of the ‘old guard,’ I have gotten a very consistent message that he is NOT a ‘puppet’ and that very substantial changes are underway.

It is impressive to see all this predicted a decade beforehand.]


When you have hooked up the cables and the wires to the ivory tower, and continued to watch what it is that is being pandered to you through the media and so forth, you are going down an empty road.

Like the gigantic rainforests, the aspects of society that represent the positive and the spiritual motivations seem to continue to be mowed down by the public opinion as it is contorted to be believed through the media.

We are tired of the house of delegates as well. That is the reason for the explicit political content of this dream, which actually annoyed David somewhat because of how in-depth it went.

There was a portion of this dream where he was surveying a number of candidates on a computer screen, and a write-up was given for each one. And then, it was as if the article was in the Spectrum, and he was watching new paragraphs manifest at the end of the article that were asking about the spiritual motivations of the politician.

[11/5: In other words, this dream is prophetic of the changes that will come in terms of what qualities we wish to look for in our elected leaders after the transition into fourth-density on Earth is complete.]


The idea of this transformation of your society is indeed all-encompassing.

We are not talking about making one simple geographic realignment, or one simple raise in vibration in your people in the way that people are thinking.

Rather, we have been guided through this formula every step of the way in these readings and elsewhere. We now know what to expect and how we will get there.

David has embraced these mission parameters just as you must embrace yours.

[3/17/09: VERY interesting indeed. The line saying “we now know what to expect and how we will get there” further supports the earlier statement… two terms of Bush followed by an economic collapse and a major, revolutionary cleansing of the negative elite in the aftermath.]


[D: Changes position back to original location, closer to microphone.]


And so, for the thinking person, the question becomes this. What do I do when I want to eventually resculpt society to the way that it should be?

We advocate that you take some serious time in contemplation of these matters, and of course Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.