Sunday 10 / 10 / 99 – morning

D: Okay. A lot of stuff here, and a lot of it involved working with children in some fashion, especially at the end. (11:11 on trans.) There was this toaster, and everybody had to be frozen by the toaster. It cut their head off, and it made them look like little pastries or something.

The dynamic interchange continues to slow down quite a bit once you allow the little tricksters and managers of same to not only fill out their applications for mere truth, but to present the other half of life in a way that opens up the doorway to profound mystical experience.

At an age wherein many may be near death, people have insisted upon receiving certain topics that are of great interest to them: namely the sugar that continues to do damage to the body, even as the higher energies are being preserved, and the wanderlust desires quelled.

Within the Mayan Calendar, there is a provision for this change of seasons.

When looking out at the Potomac River, one does then see how this recent rude conversation applies itself to all levels of beingness.

Without ever changing the milieu, we begin to experience time more and more rapidly as a result.

So therefore, what we do not want to do is to fall prey to a host of illusions such as those found in various books which would believe the obvious: namely that the musician’s credo of free will can be embraced to a degree that such self-damaging corrections are then being made on an ongoing basis.

And with the conceptions that may arise, we know that the accurate listener does indeed take a few extra moments to slow down the clock and take the business that is at hand into a whole new context without revealing the identities and natures of those involved along the way.

The holodeck maintains its presence a little while longer, and this of course involves utilizing the components available to stress the pathways of higher light, love and learning in the most direct fashion that is available.

Not as bad as one might seem to think it is, it nevertheless maintains an active service through an active format that has essentially closed the door on a thousand years of prophecy.

D: Stretches, yawns.


Mount Pinatubo gets ready to burst again.

Those who would perform an act of service in this regard can simply seek to give over their prayers so as to help facilitate the frequency increase in a way that does not prolong the suffering of the herd, but rather singles out the weakest ones and selectively kills them — metaphorically, of course.

The brunt of these philosophical discussions is absorbed by those who many, many times over have allowed themselves to stray away from nature’s bounty, and instead reside squarely within the FDA’s so-called chemical nutrients that are believed by some to have healing and restorative powers.

The reality of same is that the entire situation revolves around an issue of trust.

Do you continue to allow the truth to become the truth, the reality to become reality, and the necessities to become necessities?

Are you aware that all of those who work in the higher realms consider your dietetic habits as a population to be one of the single most fundamental ways in which you have been enslaved by the negative forces within yourselves —

— Which also have their externalized projections in those entities who choose to be of service to self  in their active format of service?

Indeed, you have become something totally different when the Christ within is stifled by your own conscious freewill decision-making process.

And so, all we can do is to light a candle on your behalf, and hope that there will be a day wherein we can say farewell to any dietetic inconsistencies that are still being carefully made, all the while knowing that the dietetic spectrum exists and needs be maintained.

All foods must be stored in the very near future, for this allows the processing of wastes from within the body, as well as from the mind at large.

And when you begin to receive messages of guidance from above, do not counterattack them with your own innate sleepiness and desire to stagnate in matters of change that have to do with adjusting your personal habits.

[tape flips]


We at Barnes and Noble Booksellers have many volumes of knowledge that can be issued to you. And though heraldry must indeed again arise, it is the juxtapositioning of these two factors that we have in mind that produces the greatest detail in these cases.

When we take a few string beans and open them up to our greater digestive system as a whole, we are allowing a powerful nutritive force to enter into us that has the capacity for producing great change in time that is otherwise fraught with jeopardy.

And so, to make clear the difference between the here and the there, the before and the after, is to reside squarely within the pools of the everlasting Light / Love, and not to ever question the design behind why certain things must be accomplished in certain ways.

The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada continues to evade somewhat the properties of celestial mechanics and / or healing. And when a fresh machine is inserted into the works, we do indeed want for there to be a greater and greater propensity for service developing from out of the mists of the collapsed cities which will result.

No, it seems that even with our best interests in mind for you, we must continue to wrestle with the brainwashed reactions of a large-scale population that is almost completely overwhelmed by marketing strategies and behavioral predispositions to continually falter with one’s inconsistencies with regards to diet.

Since you do not realize that this is a product of negative influence, you do not see how vital it is and necessary it is for you to change.

If you have never truly eaten this way, then you are not capable of understanding how much truly different and better you will feel in mind, body and spirit.

Now when we have a few directives to give you, we want to illustrate exactly how it is that you can take these opportunities for change and rework them into a structure which you have never heretofore seen.

So when the spit hits the fan, metaphorically and literally speaking, of course, you want to have some friends ready to provide you with everything that you need in these cases. You may not have all that you desire, but what will remain will be the more simple things.

The farms will continue to produce their organic vegetables. You will still have grains and beans available, however many of the corporations that would produce those canned vegetables and other processed disasters that you hold dear will not be able to function.

The question then becomes this. Are you ready to try to take it? Are you ready to try to take advantage of those foods which are never forced down your throat, but rather continue to exist: indicating originality as well as their existential functions as direct representatives of that primordial soup that gave rise to you in the first place?

In order to sterilize somewhat the boundaries of your material existence, we continue to provide those messages from above that will hopefully steer you back on course with regards to the choices that you make every day as a free-willed individual.

We do remind you that it is ever possible for you to take advantage of all the foods that are available, and to utilize them in a way that affects change within you on the highest level.

Dates and figs may be used in their dried format if you are having difficulty weaning yourself off of sugar. Avocados, olives and nut butters all have the function of providing you with the necessary fats if you are on a diet that is very high in raw foods.

Cholesterol is something that you will have to adjust to being without, as it does take some time. White flour is also quite an addiction, and needs diligence and persistence before the results and their effects will pay off.

Refined sugar is a killer like no other, and you do not need to go very far to uncover the medical research surrounding this. It is precisely the heightened level of sweetness that illustrates why it is unnatural, and yet your taste buds realign themselves to expect stimuli much greater than almost any natural foods on earth, save for the dried fruit varieties we have spoken of.

And even then, certain kinds of desserts in your physical world far exceed the levels of sweetness of even the sweetest fruits, and this is a misnomer.

[11/5: Although the reading didn’t get into it, sugar creates very destructive clogs in the small and large intestine as well as the arteries and other organs.

Furthermore, eating any refined sugar causes the body’s immune system to completely shut down for five hours. So, if you eat some form of refined sugar with every meal, you will indeed have a very hard time fighting off sickness and diseases such as cancer.]


When you begin seeing the hidden design behind all of this, and the ultimately destructive powers of sugar, you will be so amazed at what continues to be dished out under the name “Food” that you will see indeed how extreme the design is of what has been made, and how quickly it must change.

Were we to plant a tree in your garden and expect and hope that it would bloom, we would need to take many of our chances that we now have to do this — and instead of running away from them, lift them up higher and higher so that we have a whole new context upon which we can work

[This is] a context that embraces wisdom from a perspective wherein we are charged not only with life and its vitality, but with truth and its innate knowingness.

And so, whether to live out of fear or out of trust is one of those questions that needs not be published in a diabolical, defamatory or alarming manner.

You do not need to go around and viciously attack those who cling to the social circles that condone these actions.

Beware of the process of judgement, for even as we give you this stern message, we do not want to imply that by following these dietetic guidelines that you are somehow better than the otherselves around you as a result.

Rather, it would be more prudent for you to simply accept that what is coming to mind is a whole new system of opportunities — a new system that will allow you, if taken and studied continuously and carefully, to have a life that you never before could have imagined.

Tightening up your diet is one of the absolutely quickest ways to insure that you will be compatible with the continuing vibrational increase.

And thus, we want you to remain very solid in your perceptions and in your wisdom of same regarding all events in your life as opportunities.

A short supply of weapons on behalf of the American military from its exercises will help to stifle the warlike reflex of its greater arm, the United Nations. We do continue to think that world peace must be attained, and as you are seeing in Kosovo at the time of this working, the gunboat diplomacy has not provided its results to any satisfactory degree.

Nor do we think that in the coming months and years, there will be any benefit to continuing to create armed catastrophes as potentiators of social change.

We want to make sure that you understand what our opinion is on this subject. We come to you, fully clad in the armor and beingness of Light / Love that is the Oneness in its infinite totality. We never want to appear blasÃ