Prepare Yourself with Joy:

The Changes are Getting Closer Every Moment

By David Wilcock 




Saturday 7 / 31 / 99 – 6:09 a.m.

[Note: Voice is very, very slow and distant. I did not know what I was saying at all.]

It will be much easier for secret government supplies to take place when caterpillars are removed from the equation. Because we still very much want you to pupate and unfold your butterfly wings, we see the longhairs are sure to confer about this problem sooner or later. The upcoming eclipse will make it abundantly clear that the entire context of physical matter which best resides in a physical dimension is no longer as viable as it was once thought to be.

[Note: The sentence about the “longhairs” appears to be telling us that today’s youth will eventually start working together to solve our shared problems.]

The scattering effects of this conjunction will be visible for quite some of your time, as you would call it. That is important. Harnessed to a chariot that promotes foci of opportunities that would steer and pull forward the boat, so to speak, and once we exit the clean-up man, we no longer need to be so concerned about our misdeeds in the bakery. We do very much want the bread of life to arise within, and this is one of the most important services that we can provide to you.

The shadow government persists for a little longer. We again stress that the immobility of one’s concerns and practices will make their power largely useless. By this immobility, we refer to the solar and lunar cycles making it increasingly clear that the machines and toys that you now have will no longer continue to be functional in their own right. The road ahead is quite bumpy, but we do see that you will have a tangled skein of opportunities to use this knowledge and forethought.

[Note: In this reading I was so far out that I had little or no idea of what was being said, and it is important to remember that. It is for this reason that the sentences have such an odd quality. Here they are again referring to the point that once the energy frequencies change sufficiently, our electronic devices will no longer work. This will effectively shut down the current mode of society’s operations, and thereby also strip the elite of their power and wealth. It also means no more computers! L ]

Archive in the older, deeper sections, and we will indeed see the different orientation of what we had originally started out with. Ra says that it is sensible, if not practical, to assume that the governing body of the celestial forces will directly intervene in the event of any large-scale crisis. You need only reveal the full extent of the hardship that you now face and make an earnest request for assistance. It is through free will that such intervention is then realized.

Gee whiz, it sure sounds good enough to me!

[Note: It is amazing, as the channel, to transcribe these tapes and have absolutely no idea what you are going to find. There are great similarities to the idea of buried treasure. It is also funny to see them having a sense of humor like this. I believe that the “older, deeper sections” refer to the knowledge of Atlantis and the importance of Ra’s original contacts therein. They then make a parallel between the “large-scale crisis” of the Atlantean deluge and the possibility of something like that happening now by saying that they will intervene. That is good news.]

We almost had enough of your attention to prescribe certain homeopathic remedies that would get you through the end stages of the hatred itself. So, before we are to become engulfed in the Red Cross, and will need to teach others how to read again, we right the wrongs by standing hard and fast in the middle of the Creation, knowing all the while that our bank accounts now reflect the entire surety of the Creation that all is well.

The search that we conducted on Friday reveals to us that the entire system of rocket engine opportunities will be blasting off shortly.

[Note: We need to take the above two paragraphs very seriously. In their own way they are again telling us to prepare ourselves with stored food and water for y2k-related problems, which they describe as being “engulfed in the Red Cross.” I obviously don’t know what “search they conducted on Friday,” the day before this reading, but I gather that it was some sort of assessment of future probabilities based on where we are right now. The “rocket-engine opportunities” appear to suggest the idea that some very big changes are going to be happening very soon – time for blast-off! We will see if they are right soon enough.]

You, [David,] of all people, need to have two thumbs up rating of approval from us, so that you can see how greatly your work is appreciated. We are not trying to butter you up here, merely to enunciate the facts as we see them. Patience takes practice, however. You will soon find that the unusable portions of the self remain quietly disassociated from the viewpoint of another questioner who has deeper opportunities for learning than you might have already seen.

[Note: I think that they are telling me here to keep my mind completely out of the process and not try to ask any questions, just let it flow.]

Probably the biggest belief that continues to persist is that the single entire great cycle that you are now at the close of is somehow missing an opportunity to grow and expand. [Many might believe that] there is some sort of retardation in the cycle, whereby a ricochet effect will make the entire scud missile fired from the lower self able to penetrate through to its target. We do see that this will effectively be countermined. The higher forces will be able to assist a great number of those upon your planet now.

[Note: Not knowing what is on these tapes until I transcribe them, the words of Ra are very reassuring. We can trust that everything is on schedule and working according to the greater plan.]

And so, come here and recognize that within all parts of the Creation, there are many opportunities to exist alone and unfettered by the concerns of the material world. You have already seen that this is almost unrecognizable to someone who has not seen the battered depths of the Creation. So, let this central epithet be stated as such:

Those who have followed and allowed, through free will, the light and love of the One Infinite Creator into their lives, will be rewarded in due course.

[Note: I had to look up the word “epithet,” and it does fit here. It can mean “caption” or “designation.” And thus, it appears that they wanted to give a very central and very simple sentence at this point, a “rule of thumb” for Ascension.]

That is very important, for as we go forward through the next few months, you will have a climate of opportunities that include an entire salad bowl full of nourishment for those who would but partake of it. The leafy greens of the fourth-dimensional center of love that will be unfolding in each of you is certainly a delightful cacophony of noise to be monitoring at this time. And when the pecan trees have finished bearing their fruit, it will then be time for the harvest, to then blend them together so as to make a pecan pie.

There is a certain cracking of the shell required in order to release the nut meats that are stored so gingerly inside. Cracking the shell takes great patience and persistence. Each one of you must have this process to go through on your own personal terms and level, so that the creative output of the whole is ultimately a very good one. Now when we think to practice these techniques on ourselves, we then no longer need to digress from the entire state of being absolutely stress-free. We recover from the immediate opportunities for change when we have no longer needed to undermine them within ourselves.

D: Yesterday when I went to the Kmart, so many people just were not getting it. They all looked very tired and very burned out, and it really did make me wonder about how ready we are as a planet for this. There are so many people who will just think of Aug. 11 as just another day.

Planetary-wide collision.

D: You are right, this is a collision of forces. I am just wondering if we could talk a little bit more about these people who are so blinded, and how we can help them.

The minister reads the story of the Creation to his flock. An abominable group of traitors to the One Infinite Creator they may be in one sense, they also have ruined the discoveries of a new tomorrow by railroading themselves into a communist mentality that pervades the entire social structure at this time.

[Note: My conscious mind got involved here. I heard words like “abominable,” “ruined” and “communist” coming through, and feared that somehow the negative entities had gotten involved. So, not wanting any data to be corrupt, I challenged the readings. What is revealed is twofold. First, the sentence is worded with intensity, but it is definitely a penetrating point. Secondly, I shouldn’t try to assume that I need to interrupt the flow in this manner later on. All I need to do is keep my emotions focused on Light, Love and Joy while I am doing the reading, and an “impenetrable wall” of protection is formed.]

D: I ask that the force behind this reading state itself to be coming in the name of the Christ at this time.

I am Ra. I earnestly appreciate the opportunity to speak to you of the fact that we do indeed come in the light and the love of the One Infinite Creator, or the Christ Consciousness as you would term it. We have a desire to communicate and to serve. You are correct in ascertaining that the entire order of events in your planetary system of government require more modifications to bring about the appropriate balance. And thus, you can see our concerns indeed from the physical standpoint of your own level of development and intuitive awareness, coupled with the knowledge of what is to come.

Your species, planetary-wide, is essentially woefully unprepared for the reality of the phone call that is now ringing very loudly in the room with them. Rather than be concerned with who or what will do the answering, we remain vigilant about the stocks and bonds market that opens a path for the UFOs to be made visible.

[Note: This appears to be telling us that the effects of a pending stock market crash may lead to changes in society that will allow us to regain full contact with the visitors. We all know that things are not going to stay as they are now forever. The only thing constant is change.]

As you are aware, many of these contacts might seek to terrorize, and like the Third Reich and so on, there are those plans of effective development that would seek to stage a mock alien invasion of the earth. We do stress the entire word “alien.” So before we descend into such mysterious folly, we have already depended upon the source of infinite light and infinite love to such a high degree that the entire creation resonates with the new beauty of the arrival. Remember that the energy change for you will also be an energy change for us, so we are equally excited about it in our own way of excitement.

We have a horde of spectators who must watch and be careful with how and what you do each day. Those of us who have watched you know your pain. We are able to understand and assimilate your growth experiences, so as to modulate, mold and modify a plan of growth that will be most suitable for you at this present moment. So, your certificates of study will be awarded at the appropriate time when you have graduated from this curriculum of assistance.

D: I just took about a 12-minute break. I had a glass of orange juice and sat at the kitchen table.

And so, every time this system of guidance becomes available, we profit a little bit more from the inherent availability of opportunities that it extends to us. [David,] we do report that the extreme inconsistencies with regards to diet are on the way out. And thus, you saw in the dream at the end how the mouse was burned by you and your mother, and crumbled into ashes.

No, I didn’t do that. Be careful, David. Stay on track.

[Note: This was not a dream that I dictated on tape. It featured my mother and myself torching a mouse with fire, and acting like nothing wrong was going on. I believe that the point of this sudden interjection by the forces was that my conscious mind had grabbed onto the statement about “extreme inconsistencies” in my diet. Then, I consciously and incorrectly worked in the dream metaphor into the discussion. As a result, I corrupted the data. I believe that the real purpose of the dream was to encourage me to completely tighten up my diet out of the compassion for the suffering of animals. The metaphor that the last distorted sentence portrayed above was indeed quite different than what the dream was trying to tell me. It certainly was not telling me that my dietary inconsistencies were “crumbling away.”]

The collar that we lend to you is indeed one that will restrain at times if you stray too far from the original source destination. So keep that in mind when we need to rein you in. You must maintain the purity and the joy of this contact within yourself through the emotional feeling tone of blissful contentment, and this in and of itself will practically insure that no others can penetrate the line, or the signal as the case may be.

[Note: I have really taken this guidance to heart and find that I can indeed maintain an emotional state while doing these readings. Normally I am emotionless in this process – not good or bad, just “out there.” In fact, this idea of being joyful is spilling over into my everyday activities as well, and I find myself smiling more, being more available to others. This stops the lower parts of the personality from holding any sway.]

Now more than ever, everything about who and what you are is becoming able to be decoded. The big race continues to be run, and we know that in the finish line, there will be many opportunities for service that go far beyond what you are now capable of doing. And so, until we get to that point, don’t feel so afraid of making yourself new each and every moment. The available opportunities are quite stunning.

We have seen how you can and do use them, and have used them in the past. Therefore, we commend you on this noble service, and again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. It has been and continues to be our pleasure to serve you, David.

D: Thank you very much. Peace be with you as well.