Upcoming Earth Changes?

2 / 23 / 99


[3/14/09: This was one of the very first posts I ever made to my ascension2000.com website after establishing it in February 1999, including content I had already written starting in 1998. It is included here for historical purposes.

At the time I was listening to a lot of Art Bell, and got caught up in the fervor of the idea that either a pole shift or the y2k computer collapse was imminent.

People on these types of shows believed this idea so strongly that it had quite an effect on my own thoughts, causing me to interpret my data selectively so as to support the concept.

This is partly included as a warning to everyone about what can happen when you get too caught up in the ‘fear and doom’ climate on the Internet, which will always tell you that disaster is right around the corner. Thankfully I grew out of this ‘phase’ fairly quickly!]


Hello. I have finally decided to write this article after more than an entire month of dreams, affirmations, visions and “readings” regarding an upcoming and serious earth movement.

It is my understanding, based on the research that I have been doing with Higher Intelligence, that the Earth needs to make an approximately 20-degree adjustment in its orbital rotation position.

This adjustment comes about through the Great Solar Cycle, and our own passage into the fourth-density or fourth-dimensional vibrations. This is not intended to happen all at once, but rather in certain increments.

[Please note that I have written an entire scientific book on this cycle, entitled “Convergence,” freely published on my site.] 

This article is written to discuss the prophecies that I have been receiving regarding the fact that I now believe we are very, very close to the first “increment.” This initial movement might only be a few degrees out of the 20 that have been indicated by several different sources.

I want you to understand that this is a difficult article for me to write. It has not been my policy to discuss these possible changes, as I feel that there are many who would be metaphysical leaders who get bogged down in trying to predict disasters.

My own readings strongly warned against my doing this in the following passage, from reading 38-6 in May 1998. I asked this question after I had burned a pot of rice on the stove, causing the whole house to smoke out.

The burning happened while I was reading the transcript of a well-known disaster prophet on the Art Bell show. I knew that there was an obvious subconscious message in there for me, and so I asked what it was:

“D: What is the deepest meaning I can learn from the event yesterday, with the rice pot burning? Obviously that was supposed to be an important one, and I want to make sure that I fully understand it. “

“We apologize for the overtly embarrassing nature of some of these transactions. But understand that even more importantly, we know that the entire process of self-realization only takes place when the conditions necessary for the upliftment of otherselves be realized.

During the process of your Internet search, you were again seeking information which might then activate your victim consciousness, and which to a certain degree stems from a fascination of anticipating and collecting the data on the various Earth Change events that have been predicted.

Again, let me rephrase that. The continuing need for the satisfaction of anticipating the various disasters which befall your planet is a form of spectatoring, wherein there is a disaster game being played, and the price is the lives of those people affected.

We want you to be fully aware that said predictions are not a hobby, and are not to be understood as strictly given to inspire fear and devotion.

Sensible warnings may be introduced that might help those otherselves who would then read or hear these transmissions, but in the meantime we find that the deliberate seeking of information geared towards Earth Change scenarios is further embracing the cocreative process by which said changes would then take place.

We want you to focus on your safety rather than on the lack thereof. We want you to focus on your inherent Oneness rather than your apparent illusory separation.

There has never been a time like now, where there are so many reasons to be uplifted, so many reasons to embrace the truth, so many reasons to live in these pockets of the mind that contain within themselves such glory, such peace, and the beautiful bounty of the harvest.

It is with these understandings that we go forward, and then seem to make such beautiful progress in such short periods of time.”


And so, a reading like this obviously doesn’t make you want to search for information regarding upcoming Earth Changes. The focus, as they have said, is on the Harvest, the Ascension, or the passage of the Earth and its inhabitants into the fourth dimension. (Again, please read my book “Convergence” regarding the science behind this dimensional shift.)

1998, the big year of change indicated in the Edgar Cayce Readings, came and went with many alarming signs of change, but nothing as severe as what was indicated in the prophecies.

And now that I am a living inheritor of the Cayce legacy, according to my own deep-trance readings, I have to continue the work that was started in this regard. Obviously, one of my functions is to try to warn those who might still live in these areas.

After 1998 came and went, I think that many of us in the Internet community had been overloaded with prophecies regarding these changes. After all, “nothing” had happened.

Even more interesting to me was that throughout this whole time, I continued to get warning messages regarding California.

When we got through the year 1998, I figured that these prophecies no longer meant anything. Apparently, that was an error that I will now attempt to correct. Sooner or later, this land shift must occur; we just control how fast it happens by our collective focus on either goodness and purity or selfishness.

In November of 1998, I received a prophecy that was stored on audiotape. Because of how far behind I was in transcribing this monstrous stack of tapes, (there are about 14 here in front of me right now, all 90 min. each,) I didn’t end up transcribing it until January of 1999.

The actual day that I transcribed the tape was Martin Luther King Day.

As we shall see, there seemed to be a time-encoded aspect to the dream prophecy itself, as though the forces somehow knew, or arranged, for me to transcribe it on this date.

What is most important here is the information that it gives for us now, here in the present moment. In order for this to “flow,” I am going to leave the readings as the straight text, and my own comments, written the day that I transcribed it, in brackets. The parts regarding the dream will also be placed in brackets.

Before we read this, I would like to issue the following caveat.

I have striven as much as possible to separate the conscious mind from the work that I do, and the messages that come through me. I have refined this over seven years of daily dream journalizing, and now two and a half years of “readings.”

Therefore, the words that I say in the following paragraph came through without my conscious awareness. That fact alone suggests to me that they need to be taken seriously, especially in light of the amazing synchronicities surrounding the day that I finally I transcribed it.


Tuesday 11 / 10 / 98 — 7:23 a.m.

[Dream: The latest aspect of this dream featured a cast of characters who were entering and staying in a hotel. It looked more like the White House, and definitely had that older feel.

I remember checking in Jesse Jackson, and then to my horror, I had not written down what room number I assigned him. That was just bad news. There was definitely some sort of political stuff going on, and I was aware on some level that Jesse was the one hosting it.]

[Note: If I remember correctly here, this dream ends up with some incredibly serious Earth Changes, and the hotel collapsing. It is very interesting to note that I literally just finished reading a letter from Dee in Academy Newsletter #237 that she has had definitive visions that the Big One might finally be coming to California, her home.

It is interesting for me to immediately go into transcribing this reading after hearing that. I really have no idea what is waiting on these tapes here in the following paragraphs.]


A malevolent, brief problem. The only downside is that we can use this material to predict those occasions where the entire system is breaking down, while simultaneously illustrating why it is that the press releases will be speaking up for a moment.

[DW: Well, right off the bat we can see that there is definitely a connection to some sort of “malevolent problem.” It says, “We can use this material to predict those occasions where the entire system is breaking down… [as well as] why it is that the press releases will be speaking up…”]


The last time anybody slid backwards and fell over a car like this, there were still many reasons to accept defeatism and take it as such.

But we never know the outcome until we start looking for it. 

And thus, we ask you to keep your chin up, and remember that the intimate shoes available to you will indeed allow you to trod the universe with unfettered tread.

[DW: The car is used in “dream lingo” to indicate a vehicle for Ascension. And thus, as we move towards this fantastic moment, the “car” itself can cause damage as it approaches. The analogy of sliding backwards and falling over the car could definitely have something to do with tectonic motion of the plates as well.

Remember that they are trying to “hide” this prophecy from my conscious mind through careful metaphor. “But we never know the outcome until we start looking for it.”

Now I have had more readings as of 1/29/99 that suggest strongly that this will indeed be coming to pass, unfortunately. The shoes analogy has been used many times and seems to refer to my ability to “walk in the higher realms” with their assistance.]


Every time we ask for you to take a moment on these matters, we imply that there are certain considerations that have been met. This naturally eludes those who feel that their vibration level is not that of water, but rather of hard steel or stone.

So don’t fret and fume about it. The ringleader applauds his chorus, and the next stage snaps firmly into place. Simply begin adjusting the flow or matrix of information to accommodate those higher sea levels more appropriate to the situations now occurring before you.

[DW: Now the metaphor becomes even more persuasive; the concept of higher sea levels and the next stage “snapping firmly into place.” It is starting to look more and more doubtful that this is anything other than what I believe it to be.

Whether or not the prophecy itself comes to pass, I don’t know. The most recent reading on 1/29 said that we control how fast the Earth moves through our own focus of consciousness. Now get a load of the next sentence here.]


The land has always been higher than the sea, and though this might change, there will still be every opportunity to express Divine Purpose and Divine Will upon your sphere.

[DW: Now all of this is still obviously too far out for my conscious mind to have picked up on what I was getting. The very dreamlike and fragmented language, coupled with how slow it is being spoken on the tape, convinces me on the personal level that this information had nothing whatsoever to do with my conscious mind.

The obvious statement that is being made is that there may come a time where the sea is higher than the land in the California area and others. The next sentence seems to anticipate that I would decode the message given above here.]


If it hadn’t happened, then we wouldn’t be allowed to love you as much as we do, by giving you this system of checks and balances for yourselves.

Understand that there are no opportunities available to fit the pattern more closely. We are breaking the steps involved in order to get through to the main issue that the circumstances are stemming off of.

[DW: So, they say “if it hadn’t happened,” meaning the land shift, then we wouldn’t be able to balance out the collective karma that we have created on this planet. As they say, “there are no opportunities available to fit the pattern more closely.”

By “breaking the steps involved,” or perhaps breaking up the landmass, they are “getting through to the main issue” of our collective karma instead of addressing the “circumstances (that) are stemming off” from it.

This means that instead of addressing small issues that are more local to one area of human endeavor, they are giving us something that will dramatically affect the consciousness of the entire planet itself, all at once. The only reason why something like this is necessary is that we are extremely close to the time of Ascension.]


Please don’t worry about SETI and Seth Shostak. That was one example of an ongoing system of predictions that we will be able to give you.

You can certainly log it as such, but in the ultimate scheme of things, it is only one of many, as you are aware. What we cannot do is urge the violence to continue.

And therefore, the people or entities upon your plane will have every available opportunity to follow their directions, and take the appropriate steps after the guidance has been given.

[DW: I did indeed receive a reading that extraordinarily predicted the exasperating SETI hoax that occurred on the Internet in late 1998. So, they are again flagging the fact that a prophecy is being generated in these writings.

They say that they have to make something like this happen because of the ongoing violence that we create on this planet.

Then with the implications surrounding California, they go on to say that it is with these prophecies that people living there can “take the appropriate steps after the guidance has been given.” The obvious advice to a Californian would be to move to a much safer area.]


Were we to go outside the routine and break it, there are indeed those concerns stemming from the direct use of force therein, and the cataclysmic nature of how it functions.

[DW: Here they say that they are breaking the routines and entrenched patterns now present on Earth through “the direct use of force therein, and the cataclysmic nature of how it functions.”

They are speaking of using cataclysms to force us to make changes on Earth. Unfortunately, we appear to have left ourselves no other options at this point.]


Instead of simply letting go of one’s position and one’s power, there are those situations where power is being sought after rather continuously. When we bring down the house, it is designed to enable the awakening process to continue.

[DW: Now we can see that the “use of force” is targeted at those who refuse to let go of their “position and power, (in) those situations where power is being sought after rather continuously.”

This could certainly have to do with the corrupt elements of world government as they now stand. Then, they speak of “bringing down the house,” another veiled metaphor for the possible inundation of California.

“It is designed to enable the awakening process to continue,” they say.]


Great strides are made by those people who never have to become anything different, but simply accept who and what they are now. Those loving souls that have followed the Christ pattern to a tee will be available now to illustrate for others what it is that must needs transpire in the present moment.

[DW: Obviously here the message is that once this happens, the people who have “followed the Christ pattern to a tee” will be able to help others who are shocked by the gravity of an event like this.]


[Dream: Anyway, I hadn’t written down the number for Jesse Jackson’s room. So, I had to go find him, and I was running all around this building. When I did find him, he looked very overweight.

Sooner or later, some guy took me outside. It was a very beautiful and gorgeous building, and had the rounded off look of government.

He showed me this huge crack that was right in the center of the building, and explained that when the foundation was cracked like that, it had very serious repercussions. There was another crack in the other building that he showed me, the same as with the underneath.]

[Note: Now it is all starting to fit together. This is indeed truly amazing, because today is Martin Luther King Day, and here in the dream we have a reference to Jesse Jackson.

After reading Dee’s prophecy today in an email from H. Lynn Hermann’s Academy newsletter, further along in the article there was a reference made to a prophecy regarding California sinking.

The prophecy had stated that you would see cracks appear in the City Hall buildings of San Francisco and Los Angeles, as a pre-cursor effect from another earthquake prior to the Big One.

Lynn had written that these cracks did indeed appear, and there was an effort made to try to determine when in fact this big quake would happen. The synchronicity of me transcribing all this today is unbelievable, as there is indeed no way that I could have known that all of this would happen.]


[Dream: So, after a while, the word got through this hotel that there was going to be a big earthquake, and how much danger they were in.

People were really starting to bug out, and a mass evacuation was being conducted from the building. That was the end of the dream.]


Okay, this is David writing here again. And now we return to our article. This was the last sentence of the transmissions for that particular day.

What is interesting to me is that no further mention is made of this prophecy afterwards in the following weeks. The readings simply went back to addressing the issues in my life that were more present. This one excerpt certainly packed a wallop compared to the others.

You might think that my first inclination was to whip this synchronicity up into a big article and send it out right away. However, I am aware that as soon as you make a disaster prophecy, there will be those who accuse you of misleading and deceiving the public.

This becomes even more true if the prophecy does not come true, and yet this is often why prophecies are made in the first place.

The point is this: I was not going to take any action on this information until I started to receive repetitive, ongoing confirmations that it was true. I have now received those confirmations, and thus I feel that it is time to get the word out.

The next reading came in the midst of some very intensive work that I was doing to try to finish up Convergence, my freely published Internet book.

During the time that this reading came through, I was deeply embroiled in rewriting the last few chapters, which had very technical information regarding the Global Grid of magnetic / hyperdimensional energy that rings the Earth.

Much of the reading that I received that day is more appropriately placed in the book itself, but there is a passage from it that bears repeating here. I will also reprint the dream that I had for context.


Friday 1 / 29 / 99 — 3:20 a.m.

[Dream: At the end of this dream, there was a canary type of metaphor, and it was associated directly with the number 1080, which is the number for the Moon in sacred science.

This number showed up as the canary died. There was an explosion, something that happened to make the bird blow up. It was taking place in an attic, and my brother was in there playing music with his friends.

According to what my brother told me, the bird died when they had tested dynamite or something that was reasonably close. I guess the shock wave came through the air and disrupted the concrete next to the radiator where the bird was, and the jolt killed the bird almost instantly.]

[David’s Note: I am getting the metaphor here that this is something having to do with the lunar number 1080, the climate canary dying, indicating upcoming danger, caused by something at a distance that ruptured the ground right in front of the canary.

It sounds like a formula, again, telling me of an earthquake, and with the number 1080, telling me that it has something to do with when the moon is going to be full, possibly giving us a time. I don’t know. All this dictation must have started around 3:28 a.m.]


True to form, the spherical mass of gravity will become more regularized as a constant in the approaching months and years. In order to do this, it has to renew and revivify the connection to the instreaming fourth density positive solar energy.

This comes about indirectly through the polarity of the inhabitants, and more directly through the inevitable realignment of the global grid itself.

This aspect of change is not necessarily malleable, although with the harmony of the inhabitants, it can be met at a much slower speed, hence much less disastrous.

[DW: Note that they said “months and years.” To me, this means that there is an indication that even though we might not get a big “pole shift” anytime soon, it is important to realize that the Earth is going to start having to realign its axis of rotation to the new solar energy.

This motion will obviously cause disasters. But, “with the harmony of the inhabitants, it can be met at a much slower speed, hence much less disastrous.”]


The connection we have is to the Source Self of All Beingness; we are that Light as well. Know then that this contact will continue to occur as the greater effort is then made to seeking the Christ Light within you.

All you need to do is begin imagining the unutterable name of the One, and you will then be on your way to arriving home.

Know right now that it’s different. You, [David,] are able to walk and talk a deliberate continuum of events that includes the discrete past as well as the discrete future.

The hoarders of this information have not given it to you in the way in which you would like. Rather, they continue groping blindly forward, lacking direction and substance in their meanderings.

Let’s focus more on the addendum to the author’s preface, and see the transformation that must occur now waiting in the wings.

[Note: I think that the “hoarders” they are referring to are people who claim to be receiving “psychic messages” that sound very conscious. I had very recently read one of these essays that candy-coated Earth Changes and said that everything was going to be fine; that it was “cancelled” because we wouldn’t be able to grow and develop if any disasters occurred.

In my mind, these efforts decrease people’s readiness for Ascension rather than increase it. We need to have a complete map of what to expect in these cases, so we can be of better service to others once it begins.]


To know these blessings is a great gift, and we achieve it second by second as you feel this sense of belongingness. Do not worry about how all of this will happen, or about why you feel that it is necessary to run and hide with regard to Earth Change prophecies.

Instead, see the whole issue as a volleyball game with Spirit. Both sides of the net are trying to keep the ball up into the air, but it is Spirit that has created both sides, as well as the net, the ground that surrounds it, and the air that the players breathe.

The forces in the earth are like the two sides of a volleyball team, pushing and pulling, giving you a summary of different stresses. The discarnate forms of the enlightened could be construed as part of this game, with conscious humanity on the other side.

Know then that in our heart of hearts, we only want the best for you. We only want what is right. We are also aware that the 75,000 years of your [third-dimensional] karma is ending, and a gateway more massive and spectacular than anything you could have ever imagined is now extraordinarily soon to open.

[DW: Whew! Now that’s a relief. Remember “Contact”? “I am OK to go!”]


The seeds become simpler, then, when you understand how to sow them.

In order to create the necessary learning experiences to positively polarize the entities upon your plane in a short time, we have been mandated by the flow of energy from within each of you to continue to guide your planetary sphere in this direction.

So we have a cavity of sorts developing. A cavity that needs to be filled, a blemish on the tooth that must needs be drilled out and filled in with porcelain.

In order to keep you are aware of revolution, both human revolution and the revolution of the music of the spheres, it is necessary to begin asking some very simple questions: Who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going.

The information superhighway is up and running, and we are but one example of how it is that a planet of information resounds around you in this Creation. As we prepare to venture deeper forward into higher realms, we also know and understand that the most anyone can do is to aspire to God.

So, we have a unique balancing beam act that we must portray — we delicately point out the ways in which your own equilibrium and balance as a planet is kept with such great care and determination.


Okay — David here again. That was the end of the portion of the reading dealing with this disaster. The final capstone that made me get out of bed and write this occurred just one and a half hours ago in my own time, at 2:00 a.m. on 2/23/99.

I had gone to bed feeling overwhelmed by all the material that I am trying to prepare for my website in great haste. Before going to bed, I had said out loud, “I guess the best motivation for me to get this work done would be knowing that it helps other people. If I do it for them, instead of for myself, maybe I will work quicker.” I definitely seemed to get my answer.

In my most recent dream, I went into an urban area, similar to Los Angeles or New York. I met a client of mine who lives in New York City at one point in this dream, and that seemed to triangulate it to New York, added to the California indications I had received from the previous prophecies.

Everyone I ran into seemed to be disharmonious. I saw bums, many criminals, a pimp and his hookers as well as a host of people intoxicated on drugs and alcohol.

I was then traveling with two women police officers, and was amazed to see that literally everyone on the streets at that late hour seemed to be stumbling drunk. They didn’t even try to arrest anyone, merely stopping the worst crimes from occurring along the way. [The police officers may represent angelic forces.]

Then, I came upon a whole crowd of people that were falling-down drunk and literally saturated with hard liquor or beer. As I passed, almost as if on cue, they started to throw up, and it seemed to be a “domino effect” where it spread from person to person.

I then saw Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a couple, walking past this scene. Cruise had a drying vomit stain above his left eyebrow and on his cheek. He had a white shirt on that was also soaking wet. As they continued walking, Nicole asked him to please not throw up like everyone else had. He promised her that he wouldn’t.

And then, the nausea overtook him, and he started to vomit. I saw this action occurring in very real, grotesque slow motion. As this happened, music was playing that was actually quite upbeat. A popular female artist sang a new, unique song that went, “Look into my eyes and you’ll see.” (Note: This seems to be a reference to “seeking the face of the Christ” in order to see the truth.)

He simply turned his head to the side, continuing to walk as it came out of him. Nicole wasn’t aware of it. Then, they seemed to merge into one being, and she herself was vomiting as they continued walking as One.

She was actually talking to him, now merged into herself, in between spurts, and was not apparently aware of what was happening. None of the vomit seemed to be landing on them as they walked as One.

As I lay in bed and dictated this dream, I tried to make sense out of it. There obviously was an analogy to Mother Earth “vomiting,” possibly indicating volcanic / tectonic activity, and the fact that even though it would happen, it was still okay.

At one point on the tape, I said, “I think this has something to do with an imminent disaster, possibly occurring in New York.” No sooner did I say this but what a huge, deafening sound pressure came into my ears. For years, this has happened to me, often around other people who hear nothing.

From further research and readings, I now know that this pressure is used as an “affirmation” to underline and amplify whatever the thought was that I was just having. So, in this case, it was alerting me to the correctness of this prophecy.

Since the dream from 1 / 29 had to do with the Moon, I feel that the times to be on the biggest alert will be any of the Full Moons within the next three to five months.

My brother also had a dream about tidal waves recently, while he slept for a night in New York City. In this dream, huge waves were coming in, and people were saying, “Well, I guess this is the end of the world.” He was trying to go around and comfort people, telling them of the positive nature of this transformation of the planet.

Indeed, we all need to stay focused on that part of the picture. These disasters might be very intimidating and disheartening when they happen. Many people might feel hopeless enough to contemplate suicide or other drastic measures. The point here is not to panic.

You, the reader of this article, are getting advance notice about what is going to happen, as well as the positive outcome of it.

You will be needed in your community to keep people calm when these things start to happen. If you need more convincing of the positivity of what is about to happen to us, please read the book that I have written, and the readings that have come through me.

I don’t know whether this will be “THE BIG ONE” or just a major quake. What I do know is that what we are heading into is truly beyond description.

Our bodies will be transformed into Light, and as I explain in the book, there is a full scientific explanation for how, when and why this will happen. Nothing like this material I have written has ever been available in any printed form before, so I urge you to check it out.

Last but not least, I wanted to reprint a Christian-oriented message that I just found in the Cayce Readings about someone who wanted to know if they were in a safe land for this Ascension / dimensional shift.

“When it becomes necessary for change, for the seeking, it will be given thee. Has it not been said, “Seeking His face, know ye not that He shall give His angels charge concerning thee, that shall bear thee up?” Believest thou? or art thou just wondering?” (282-5)


This line is well-connected to the Ascension passage directly after Rev. 11:11, which can be paraphrased as: “God appeared on a cloud and said, “Come up here,” and they were borne into the heavens. And in that same hour, earthquakes shook the earth.”

The connection of 11:11 is the moment that the Aug. 11, 1999 solar eclipse goes corona – at exactly 11:11 a.m. GMT. This might be the first “wave” of Ascension. Many people are reporting seeing these numbers in very synchronistic ways.

I am very, very excited about the reality of consciously going through this imminent dimensional shift. I really hope that we can get through these things with a positive attitude, as the more we can stay calm and focused, the less severe the changes will be. Thank you for reading this message. I love you with all my heart.