ET Government Considering “Major or Epic Land Shift” in Order to Counterbalance the NATO War in Kosovo



[Headlines and comments added 4/11/09]


What you are about to read is the product of a process for accessing the deepest levels of Mind that I have sought to perfect since November of 1996. The story of my life, and of opening to this contact, is printed in a book-styled form at my website, [Now]

Before you dismiss that something like this could be valid, please take the time to study the materials and see the volume of prophetic “hits” this source has already scored in the past.

What we will find in this material is an official statement from the extraterrestrial government, which has the honor/duty of serving and guiding the Earth, behind the scenes, to decide how and what needs to be done in order to lead us through a pre-described curriculum.

This curriculum has, as its main objective, the facilitation of a massive transformation or evolution in the spiritual consciousness of humanity.

What we will be told in the passages below is that this current war might force this Celestial Government to produce greater Earth Changes to counterbalance the negativity that is now being created on the planet with the present war in Kosovo. Hopefully this will not need to happen.

We will see the direct metaphorical connection that can be drawn between the events in Kosovo and the Columbine school shootings, including the message that we were supposed to have gotten from the direct, synchronistic correspondence of these two events.



We will also learn that the best thing we can do to stop this land shift from happening is to meditate for world peace, and to try to remain as positive and loving within ourselves as possible.

I do not wish to be “proven right” by predicting disasters, as there are many other prophecies that I have gotten which are more positive.

Most recently, this includes a comprehensive, undeniable predictive dream about the Columbine high school shootings that came through on the late Saturday night before the event itself the following Tuesday.

I say that this is a positive prophecy because it ultimately shows that these boys would never have committed the crimes if they were given more love. 



My style of trance work involves doing my “readings” directly after, or in the middle of, dictating whatever dream I just awakened from.

I always start a new section by giving the day of the week, date and time. For our purposes here, the dream sections are italicized and indented to differentiate them from the readings.

My own conscious-mind comments as the process went along are indicated by the first letter of my name and a colon, or “D:”.

Any comments I wanted to add during transcription are included in brackets, with the word “Note:” before them. Comments written any day after the initial transcription date are also featured in brackets, this time with the date of the comment followed by a colon.

So, as you read the statements below, keep in mind that the dreams will make metaphorical statements that later show up in the readings themselves, possibly in a totally different way.

With the seriousness of the message that is conveyed in these readings, we all need to listen. I have already received another stern warning of a land shift this year, written up in our previous entry. 



Lastly, there is again a repeated reference to the upcoming Ascension event here on the planet. It is helpful to realize that this is not speculation, but fact.

The Ascension concept is the one nugget of knowledge that effortlessly ties together the vast and often contradictory field of UFOlogy and metaphysics that we have all been studying with perseverance.

I have written a comprehensive book called “Convergence”, from a largely scientific standpoint, that gives definitive proof that this Ascension event is really going to happen. This book is currently published free of charge at my website.

I have already been receiving stacks of email from people who are totally amazed by this book and consider it to be a major research breakthrough.

My readings speak from the perspective of seeing this upcoming event as fact, and of the singularly vital efforts they are making to prepare us for this incredible transformation.


Wednesday 4 / 21 / 99 – 2:15 a.m.

D: This dream had a powerful message about getting people to cooperate with each other.

There was a repetitive scenario that had developed where there was something on TV about violence, and then all of a sudden someone would burst out of a closet in the room we were watching the TV in.

It happened twice the same way, where someone would jump out and try to scare the hell out of us, dressed as a stereotypical monster of some sort.

So, when it happened again, it was like, “Oh man, here we go.” Each time they did it, I was amazed, because these characters had already been played in other positions in the dream.

It was like a role reversal. One of us would suddenly turn into a werewolf, and then the other would freak out, somebody else would turn into a vampire and everybody else would freak out, etc. etc.

There was a woman at the end who was acting like a vampire. She was handing out green-colored flyers, and trying to see what the people’s reactions to her were.

It was pretty funny, because one of the fangs fell out of her mouth while she spoke. It was all obviously a big fake.

[Note: What follows next is the beginning of the reading itself. This reading is a little bit rough getting off the ground, but it gains momentum and understandability as it goes.

These early sentences demonstrate an aspect of psychic work that parallels Nostradamus, where the products of a very deep trance can provide clues and puzzles to solve in a cryptic, metaphorical form of language.

Since this is a conscious trance process, existing at a level that is perched between waking and dreaming, I am moderately aware of the fact that I am saying words, even if I do not understand exactly what it is that I am saying.

If I do start to understand the content, then the reading can become distorted by the conscious mind. That is one reason why the speech is often very slow.]


After the article in certain Libby, he came behind me, and he said that there were still many pages left unturned.

[Note: I feel strongly that the “Libby” reference is about “Liberty,” hence the United States. The “he’s” might actually need to be capitalized if they refer to the Christ force.

This passage will make more sense once we see the sentences below and their analyses. We will see that the “(magazine) article of Liberty with pages left unturned” has to do with the spin control of the US Government / NATO / NWO.]


The most that I offer has yet to be revealed, so don’t stop looking in all the right places for it. The left and right angle that you follow — we use them for levelheaded “flooze” magazine authors.

[Note: The first sentence mentioned an “article” about liberty, and now we hear about magazine authors. Many pages of this magazine are still left unturned — events have not yet transpired. A “floozie” is usually considered to be a rather unintelligent, sexually active and flighty female.

The implications here are that this statement is a reference to Clinton and spin control, and how the authors of this “magazine article” are indeed being rather ridiculous in their planning — living up to the now-infamous “Wag the Dog” scenario.

The reference to the left and right angle is obviously about the two main political factions in our country, namely the right-wing Republican Conservatives and left-wing Democrat Liberals. The reading implies that they are both fake, designed for the “levelheaded flooze magazines.”]


Move again, and the whole situation changes. Move up on the Interstate, and you experience the joys of separation.

Don’t think about it from a perspective of folded linens in a closet, but rather as that of the mausoleum from which you are being awakened.

[Note: Again, this is speculation, but the Interstate reference could be about someone moving up on the stock market. Any reference to “the joys of separation” has to do with a form of blissfully ignorant materialism in some form.

Here, we can see that the separation they are referring to occurs when people’s greed is activated in the insatiable drive to amass more wealth.

The last sentence seems to be a reference to the birth of the Christ in each of us. Rather than this being like the Shroud of Turin, a “folded linen” that we could store in a closet of the mind and not pay attention to, it is the directly personal experience of our own awakening from the slumber of death, in a sense.

We are often dead to the knowledge of the truth of Being in the universe, and here they use the metaphor of the Resurrection to illustrate that.]


The leather walls of the college will rend and give way to the new ideal fostered by a deeper trust in the apparent liberty of the people whom you are surrounded with.

[Note: This sentence seems to directly tie in with later statements made in this first reading and then the one from the next night as well. The “college” is our own positive learning curriculum.

The implication here is that the “walls” of our positive, personal learning environment are not very thick and are made of natural, simple materials. In other words, our own innate spirituality and goodness is still fragile, and can easily be countermanded by the spin control of the media.

Thus, we now see a direct reference to the word “liberty,” again in reference to the current situation in government.

What we can see from all this, mirrored later in the reading, is that if we actually believe that this war is a good thing, we are indeed complicating our personal vibrations, making us significantly less Ascension-compatible. That is a very important point to remember, and this is probably why they “snuck it through” in code like this.]


In order for prisoners to be treated like prisoners, they must first be denigrated. That was the point of this dream.

D: And by the way, it was a pretty awesome and incredible dream.

[Note: So here, they are saying that the American government seeks to denigrate those in Kosovo by scaring them — shown in the dream through the whimsical emergence of the different stereotyped monsters from the closet.

The passing out of flyers at the end could be a reference to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia with threatening leaflets written in their own language which essentially told the soldiers to leave the army or die.

Also, you could interpret this sentence as saying that the US / NATO alliance has denigrated the status of Yugoslavia to the American people, so that we “don’t mind” if they are treated like prisoners by us, which they certainly are — being herded into refugee camps.]

[4/11/09: The part I didn’t see at the time is that WE are the ones they are denigrating and treating like prisoners — though that wouldn’t be so clear until after 9/11.] 

D: An earlier section of this dream involved someone going into the water of the ocean. We were watching this as a movie, and there was a highly strange, even epic feeling associated with it.

We have painted the middle of the runway, and we expect that the little shots from the photographers will better express what we are practicing here.

All that we wish for you to have is a renewed understanding of your purpose, and that in so doing, we have achieved the fundamental distinction of past, present and future.

[Note: One part of the above statement is clear. The “runway” they refer to is a metaphor that draws off of the frequent dream symbol of the airplane to indicate Ascension.

(An airplane is a vehicle that allows you to travel into the heavens. Any form of vehicle in a dream can often be used as a metaphorical statement of our physical body, including cars, bicycles, trains and planes.

If something bad happens to your car in a dream, it may very well refer to a physical ailment or life problem of some kind. The most common “Ascension vehicles” in dreams are planes and trains, and the readings have confirmed this.)

The dream fragment that we gave just before this sentence also corroborates this concept of Ascension, with the metaphor of humanity entering into a pool of water — a new environment.

We are all getting ready to “take off” in this multidimensional event, and the news media will certainly be fascinated with this event — hence the statement of the “little shots from the photographers,” since there will really be nothing to photograph!]


[Think about] things such as the Roswell crash, and their resultant effects on your civilization.

The truest handheld radio gun comes from the power that is produced within self at the time of the physical transformation. It is then therefore possible to levitate objects and to produce a stunning display in other formats as well.

[Note: This obviously came as a response to an Email I read, labeled “Top Secret” and featuring an interview with a supposed “government informant.” (The disinformation was so blatantly obvious that I could only laugh at it.)

One of the things the article discussed was a small handheld weapon like a phaser from Star Trek that was reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial technology.

They said that it had different settings, including “stun,” “kill” and “levitate objects.” Here, the readings used this metaphor to make their own theme, which is of the abilities that each person will possess after Ascension.]


Although the discoveries will seem quite stunning, it is a simple case of the questions never being asked properly in the past.

This is not harassment, as it produces no distractions to others, and it annoys no one.

Rather, it is enlightenment, which comes at times through panic, and through the often horribly empty feelings that are brought to the surface when one is incapable of deducing the proper results therein.

Adjust the microphone settings, and we will be with you in a moment.

[Note: We were actually very close to the end of Side A of the tape, and I did not consciously realize that. I ended up getting cut off soon afterwards – at the end of the following paragraph. Also, my concentration was slipping, as we can see that the last paragraph was starting to get cryptic again. So, I needed to “adjust the microphone” that they were speaking through.]


So think about the case that you have led, in comparison with cases that others have led.

The case captain has been locked up in a wrestling match with your lower selves long enough.

It is time for the gladiators to step out of the cage.

It is time for the nuclear traitors to suit up into their fourth-dimensional bodies and leave behind the world that they have been so vehemently stomping upon in the present moment.

[Note: This could mean that the warmakers are going into fourth-density negative. The Ra Material, one of a small number of sources of “channeled” psychic information that I consider to be very highly reliable, says that a “negative Ascension” can happen if a person is above 95 percent polarized towards service to self, with hardly any care for others whatsoever.

This comes about by essentially becoming a killer of thousands upon thousands of people and tirelessly working for selfish, greedy and manipulative ends of the most extreme possible sort. According to Ra, the fourth and fifth dimensions can indeed have negative entities, but once you arrive at the sixth it is impossible not to become positively polarized.

You fully reunite with the One at the end of the seventh density, passing into the Octave, or the Oneness of the All. More on the Ra Material, including excerpts, can be found at

As a further note, pay attention to the reference to the gladiators leaving their cages. This is an obviously direct parallel between the United States and Rome. This point was elaborated upon greatly in the following reading after this one, which occurred the next night.

The readings seem to be saying that the United States must fall in a similar matter as Rome once did.]


For it is said that with these changes come the advent of peace.

What we don’t want is a repeat of the Northridge earthquake, and / or the Three Mile Island scenario.

Phrased in common terms, it could be thought of as a travesty, as a traffic ticket left unpaid for, an account with the Divine that needs to be brought to zero balance.

Nations against nations will not deflect the truth of each one of you as a being. Rather, see this as an opportunity to express your own creaturehood on a massive scale.

[Note: In the early part of the above passage, what they are saying is that another event like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or the Northridge quake could occur again, for the specific purpose of balancing out what we are creating here on the planet. Three Mile Island poignantly showed us why we don’t want to mess around with nukes.

This is obviously some very serious stuff for them to be saying, as it will involve major or epic-sized Earth Changes. The further implications are that both the events they listed were created by Higher Intelligence in order to balance our planetary karma, created by the negative actions of our governments.

The point was made even clearer in the reading given on the night after this one.]


Your governments are simply fulfilling the promises made by each of you.

Step beyond hearsay, and into a fully direct visual manifestation of what it is that hides within you in the lurking dark recesses of the mind that have not been acknowledged by most of you.

It is largely psychological warfare in many of these cases, as such foreign policy arrangements do not presuppose the necessity of peace to arrive first instead of last.

And yet now in Central Europe, conditions are taking action that will inevitably lead to further conditions of taking action.

We do see that there is a renewed possibility for the more unfortunate probability vortices to be made manifest in the present circumstances.

However, understand that this is only indicative of the advancing speed and frequency of the planetary vibrations. It should not be viewed as an object of immense fear.

When we delve into the broken areas in the tissues of the collective human organism, we must first diagnose the problem before we can operate on a level of finding a solution.



As tonight’s dream so aptly illustrated, it is necessary for each of us to stop playing our respective roles — in this case the vampire, the werewolf, et cetera — and instead embrace each other in the common bond of Mutually Assured Trust.

Trust will build far more bridges and rebuild communities than destruction ever could.

In short, what you are seeing in the Kosovo conflict is not a humanitarian mission. We had to wait until David had sufficiently studied the various research materials available on the Internet before he himself would have allowed us to say these words.

As most of you are aware, the conscious mind does monitor this process somewhat. David has not desired to make very many statements, or to allow us to make very many statements about this issue.

There is little time left for us to make these statements, as in the most severe probability vortices, the aftershock of these rapidly expanding events will be seen quite sooner than one had imagined.

What do we mean by that? Simply this. The infrastructure cannot hold up when the pigeons start being fed to the people. You cannot have six of one and half a dozen of the other, and then have both measurements end up being obsolete when you are providing a tray for your enemies as well.

[Note: Here they appear to be using the metaphor of Psalms 23:5, which says, “Thou preparest a table before mine enemies,” indicating peace. I believe that the point of this very cryptic paragraph is to suggest that this war could produce a very sudden economic collapse that could severely deplete the food supply.

Although this might not be the strongest possibility for our future, they are indeed telling us that the probability exists. Currently the US also sends food abroad in vast numbers, and this could only make the problem even worse — the question of either starving their own people or starving everyone else. Stock up, folks!]


Behind the outdoor garden fence, there lies a vista of awareness that is being shattered in the present moment by those who would seek to dampen its waters.

Although there are many of you on this planet who are indeed aware of the expanding consciousness that is now occurring, these events of warfare do help to show you that there is another aspect to the story as well.

[Note: Remember that the garden is another frequent metaphor for Harvest or Ascension, often used in the Bible. This entirely new realm that we will be traveling into very shortly is the “vista of awareness” that they are speaking of.]


The current globalist agenda is likened in many ways to fascism.

Although it is necessary for you to eventually have global government, we will say that it is indeed the power structure as it now stands that wishes for this to occur.

And without the cooperation of all countries involved, there are indeed going to be the rising aggressions of this sort.

To a certain degree, David has feared for his life to say the following statements, and yet they are the truth, so we must proceed here.



Through his own extensive research in a college sociology class, he learned of the circumstances surrounding the rise and fall of Hitler in Nazi Germany.

The truth of the matter is that this came about largely financed by the global bankers, those who control the main positions of power and seek to reign with autonomy throughout the world.

Hitler’s plan was seen as a means by which their globalist agenda could be achieved. And thus, it was chosen to support him in many ways.

This included the utilization of American corporations, such as Ford, who built the tanks for Hitler, and Boeing, who built the aircraft for Hitler [wherein they were shipped to several locations as passenger aircraft, and were then retooled in Africa as bombers before arriving at their destination.]

It is important to keep in mind that Hitler had corporate sponsorship in support of these elements of society in the beginning. [Later on, with his genocidal death camps and power-crazed dictatorial attitude, they realized that they would have to drop him, and ended up turning against him.]

That one crucial detail of the story [namely Hitler’s sponsorship from American / multinational corporations] is frequently missing in the accounts that David has been reading on the Internet, and thus we feel that we should make this comment.

We are aware that this will involve utilizing many other pieces of data that are already available.

We do not feel that David’s life is in danger, as there is indeed widespread opposition to what is going on. This will only be another voice of such opposition.

What we do ask for you is to recognize the difference between the spin control that is playing itself out in the media and the reality of the situation.



A compassionate response in third-density should always come about through diplomatic means at first.

If diplomacy was really being sought, and an end to humanitarian suffering was truly the goal, then the war should have stopped; it should have never begun in the first place.

When you begin to understand Universal Law, or the Christ Principle or the Law of One, et cetera, you must also understand its application. Fundamental to this law is service to others, and the caveat of never harming anyone else.

And thus, when you are trying to stop others from being harmed, it is indeed very difficult not to have this happen when you are indeed working on service to self instead of service to others. We have already spoken of service to self as being the negative polarity, and you should take notice of this.

Just as one may not trust these mediumistic trances, and accuse us of simply creating a story out of thin air, so too must one see past the flimsy walls of alibis that are being constructed behind what is really occurring herein.



There is a necessary situation being created that will invite the counterbalancing of these energies. It is through the process of the present war machine that this would be accomplished.

Noam Chomsky wrote an article that particularly encourages us, and it is located at In this article, it is made quite clear that the war machine as it now stands was not solely constructed as a means of alleviating a humanitarian catastrophe.

Within this article, several other very valid examples of humanitarian catastrophes occurring around the world were also given.

Although it might seem suspicious to some, the truth of the matter is that there are a number of reasons for why this piece of real estate [in Croatia] is so sought after. By transforming this area into a NATO protectorate, there is indeed an even further rebalancing of power, as the faltering Russia is indeed being closed in upon and the like.

The most obvious sources that we would draw off of are those of the cosmic forces who vehemently oppose an arms race and other such forms of struggle.

It is for this reason that David saw an image [in a recent dream] of a swastika whose tips were sharp instead of rectangular, and whose image was rendered through the colors of the American flag showing up [inside of it,] through its geometries.

It is interesting and very depressing for us to see that the plan and the prophecies are indeed playing themselves out in such a literal fashion. We make these prophecies so that hopefully they will not come to pass, and yet this dreaded visitation of the specter of world war is again one that we must contend with.

Understand that there are a few scarce opportunities that we have for intervention in your global conflicts, and these come about in the most extreme cases.

It is our purpose at this time to insure that as many of you as possible have a comfortable atmosphere, or as comfortable as can possibly be given, for the Ascension event itself.

In order to insure this comfort, we must try not to have your lives peppered by foul actions. This includes our initiatives of depopulating the nuclear arsenal, both through cooperation with your governments as well as the ability to disable them using a variety of procedures that we have devised.

And so, we will indeed do everything in our power to insure that widespread nuclear usage in such a format never comes to pass.

It is no longer fruitful or abundant for your people to think in terms of war. This will not stimulate the economy. Indeed, it will only increase the pressures and tensions surrounding harvest.

Contrapositively, it will give more appropriate vision to the conditions occurring within the mass consciousness, reflected in each individual gestalt, or entity. From that perspective, you can see that when we are crashing pirates together, we wish for them to make arrangements for cooperation thereafter.

[Note: The statement of “crashing pirates together” may be yet another reference to carefully-planned Earth Changes that they might use in order to counterbalance the warlike actions now occurring in the world.]


Relax, and know that most of you will not be affected by this conflict directly. To those who are, we remind you that the vortex is indeed opening soon. Keep that in mind as the future arms race continues.

It is no longer necessary to hide from truly expressing what is kept within you, but rather to live it.

Embrace your own potential, and be aware that it is stemming from the deepest layers of your own being.

Be aware that even as the flimsy structures of the government topple and collapse, the firm foundation of the everlasting rock of the soul is indeed gaining a new life within you now.

Seek to let this divine Oneness within you have autonomy, and to conquer the parts of yourself that still exist in the fallen mode of separation and of tears.

Again, we remind you: War, in any of its fundamental forms, is a fundamental denial of the Law of One, which stresses service to others. You cannot serve others by simultaneously killing them and creating a catastrophe.

And therefore, understand that you should not support this war, because of the fact that the war itself is the problem, not the situation that the war was being fought for — the situation being presented by the media, that is.

[Note: Please don’t think that the readings are saying that they support genocide. Do understand that this situation has been going on for eight years, and there are several other countries with similar problems.

The war itself was a forced issue that had everything to do with power, and nothing to do with the humanitarian causes that the public has been duped into believing.

The fact that the reasons for the war “look good on paper” is part of the awesome deceptiveness of it. The media’s attention was again diverted from presidential scandals involving not only Monica Lewinsky, but the sale and/or theft of weapons technology to China.]


Unlike Hitler, it is not necessary for the NATO alliance to invade other countries afterwards. Many of the countries already have puppet regimes and are largely under the economic slavery to the Machine as it now stands in the present moment.

Yugoslavia is a very valuable piece of real estate, and this does certainly affect the fringe elements that seek to amass even more wealth.

Understand that the raw underpinnings of your society were always designed with profit as the highest goal. And thus, in a sense they are only following the script that was set before them.

Accidental splashdown [of nuclear bombs] in a foreign country is not part of the plan. Deliberate and intentional sacrifice of innocents was.

When they speak of casualties that must come through in order to achieve one’s goals, this is a fundamental fallacy of the worst nature.

Each human life is important, as each human life sprouts forth the seeds of remembrance of the One, so that you all might again reconnect with your home. There is no One less important than another, and to prioritize and validate the slaughter of any One is fundamentally a fallacy.

In the case where this is already being done, we feel that the most appropriate responses are to seek to arrive at diplomatic solutions in any possible way at first. And with the tools that you have available, this should be accomplished in short order.

[Note: Indeed! While Yugoslavia desperately tries to broker a peace deal, the US / NATO alliance activates 33,000 more troops and sends in the Apaches. What is going on here?]


Indeed, part of what you are seeing here is the fact that many of these military devices will cease to function properly after the Millennium Bug, as you have called it. And therefore, it is necessary for all players to position themselves before that event actually takes place.

[4/11/09: I have never claimed perfect accuracy with these readings, nor has my own guidance. In this case I so strongly believed that the Millennium Bug would have a major effect on society that my conscious mind influenced the words.]  


Electronic media will never give you an accurate retelling of this story, as the truth of the matter is that all the atrocities committed on both sides have the same purpose, which is to clearly demonstrate the fallen aspect of the human spirit, and why it must be cleansed.

It is a good thing for you to become tired and weary of violence. Perhaps if this violence is occurring on a global level, you will stop seeking glamorized violence from the media, and begin to recognize what a sticky and awful situation it really is.

No one should feel good about what is happening, or support this effort as their own personal saber-rattler. David used to call this the concept of “Too Much Revenge” when he was younger, and that is indeed accurate and valid statement to be made.

We must ultimately all disarm ourselves from those barricades of negativity that we have walled around the core central self that is the One Creator.

We must all be willing to open our hearts and allow the Light to shine forth unto others.

From that point, we are then made more pure, more whole, and the passage into the fourth density is easily made.

As these various scripts play themselves out, do not be affected by their outcomes, and recognize that this is all part of the game, part of the script that was already agreed to through the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Virgin Mary [of Fatima prophecy] and the like.

Do not fail to recognize the importance of the times that you are in, or of the imminence of this Ascension vortex that we have spoken of. That is all that we want for you now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: And now, we move into the next dream / reading which is the perfect follow-up to what we have just read in the above. The forces sought an even deeper trance than in the previous reading to better express what other “counterbalancing” measures they have available to them.

The implications of this group of readings are extraordinarily profound. Regardless of whether anyone takes this seriously or not, these readings represent an official statement from the Higher Intelligence governing our planet of what measures will be taken if we accelerate the chaos on this planet.

Therefore, let us all focus on remaining peaceful, serene and unafraid within ourselves, as this is the best that we can hope for in these times.]


Thursday 4 / 22 / 99 – 4:13 a.m.

[Note: VERY, very slow dictation. I was totally “out there.”]

D: This was very, very unusual, and the content seemed to be related to extraterrestrials. There were all these whales being held inside this colossal building — each whale stood in its own holding container, like a little aquarium. They were concerned about nuclear war.

This was just a totally, incredibly epic experience. The whales themselves were not really whales at all — they were utterly planetary in size.

Supposedly they contained huge numbers of a surviving human population that had somehow been compressed or placed inside of them.

They had sent out an initial whale expedition into the ocean to try to find more people. Suddenly, there was this tidal wave out in the water that was basically on a 90-degree angle to the ocean itself! It was totally gigantic, easily as high as a skyscraper!

There were boats filled with people that all got swept up under the wave. It was a horrible disaster. I think that there was some other predatory disaster, something involving green-skinned people.

[Note: It was almost like science fiction in that regard. I am not sure where the green-skinned people came from or how they figured in. What I did see in the ocean was totally incredible.

I figured that this storage effort was actually going well, population-wise. I didn’t realize that this tidal wave actually wiped out the first rung of new people who they wanted to encapsulate within the bodies of the “whales.”

The whales were basically just trying to keep everybody held long enough to protect them and move them somewhere else that was new. I was somehow aware that each whale was large enough in size to hold thousands of people comfortably.]


D: [Slow.] I just thought again about how so many different sources, including my own, allude to the fact that the extraterrestrials have compartmentalized our genetic materials with the contact / abductions. Creating a diverse storage of the human seed for future use is apparently the purpose of this entire process.

We need to be able to return to the planet with our own bodies even if we destroy ourselves first, and they will make sure of this for us. I wonder if it is possible that this dream is saying that we could end up having major disasters, and how they would still repopulate the planet with human beings afterwards anyway.

[Note: And now, the reading begins.]



Ever wonder about the banking crisis? The top three most valuable computer gurus in the world still don’t realize how exactly they will be affected by this. Most would seem to be wanting a quick and easy solution, when the entire matter is actually flown away from, and not professionally dealt with.

We have sought to undermine the bush troops, and their influence on the global / political picture. This has failed us.

Unfortunately, the prophecies such as the Virgin Mary of Guadeloupe are again in place.

[Note: Perhaps ‘bush’ should be capitalized, referring to ex-President Bush, who did indeed have a very high level of involvement in the Secret Government. Now “Bush the Younger” is apparently going to run for President as well.

The Fatima / Virgin Mary prophecies do speak of severe and distressing wars and Earth Changes at the turn of the Millennium.]

[4/11/09: Of course, the ‘fix’ was in place for George W. Bush to steal the Presidency in 2000. At this point the higher forces directly stated that there was nothing they could do to stop it.] 

The other night, I had a dream about you, and it said that the strictest Christians have become the most diehard opponents to Christianity in its Fundamentalist forms — instead embracing the true reality of the Oneness of the universe, in the sanctimonious nature of the One Creator.

[Note: This was obviously a more personal message that came in the wake of a confrontation that I had with a friend who had studied metaphysics and then reverted back to an extremely Fundamentalist form of Christianity.

She was trying to attack the work that I do in every way, especially by splitting the universe into “positive” and “negative,” failing to see the Oneness.]

[4/11/09: I think my conscious mind chose the wrong word on ‘sanctimonious,’ as it actually is a negative word, not associated with ‘sacred,’ as seems to have been implied here.]


D: In the dream there was a wrestling match. It involved a girl Chris, who I knew from college, and she was fighting for every single one of us, really.

There were these Mexican-looking guys who had green skin, and they had pulled into the driveway. Both parties seemed to have some very petty concerns. The green-skinned guys were worried that someone was going to steal from them, and everyone else was worried that they were already trying to steal from us!

It turned into a match of war, and Chris was fighting it with a hoe and things like that. I was also fighting. There was one point where I thought I had the enemy, and then realized it was Chris. I didn’t want to drive the hoe up into her neck and kill her. This dream was wild.

Place a few dozen more roses on the graves of those who have gone beyond.

For you see that all is One, and this senseless killing and violence must not go on.

It needs to be established that there is a solid fact behind why there will never be a one-world hegemony of these financial powers, and that is because their essential nature is that of Orion, or of the negative entities who have sought to enslave the planet as such.

[Note: The Ra Material covers the concepts of the Orion entities with great extensiveness.]


And thus, this deeper message concerning the issue stems back to the realization of the fundamental lack in the Adriatic Sea of the necessary warships, (maybe half,) of the United States of America and the other parties involved to actually complete the conflict and the conflagration, in the sense that others would have it.

So don’t nickel-and-dime me to death with statistics about the bleeding heart, and how many people have been saved by this action. The prognostications for the number of refugees were known before the campaign was ever started. And thus, this inevitable consequence was indeed part of the plan.

Think on these things, and recognize that a much larger agenda of globalism is playing itself out.

However, you should also understand this: We do feel confident that with the appropriate training and forethought, you and your people could certainly attempt to create and to conform to a one-world government. Indeed, it is vitally important for your survival as a human species to do so.

It is unfortunate for us to see that instead of a universal declaration of peace, this [one-world government] is coming about strictly through the erratic means of warfare and of unseen alliances of superpowers in neighboring countries.

“Persia invades Macedonia” does take on a whole new meaning, (does it not?), as do many of the other Nostradamus quatrains of the period. But look back again to the bulls-eye or the target, and wonder wherein the target functions.

The Great Bear wishes to rekindle itself, and the majority of Americans do not see this, nor do they care. The [Russian] alliance with China is still a fragile one, but it does still exist, and at a time where China’s own reputation in the United States is particularly impoverished.

Understand that as you sit in stupor and continue to buy, buy, buy in the stock market, so too do we see the inevitable consequences of descending chaos in the world order and market schemata.

A wise fool once said, “To bring about everyone’s demise is to bring about world peace, because no one will be able to do anything to stop it from happening.”

Well, if what was happening was nothing, that would be one thing. Instead, what is happening is that the embryonic sac of the new millennium is being ruptured by these bellicose actions, and threatened to explode into a much larger scale in the very near future.

We might have a land contraction for you of major or epic proportions in order to better illustrate the point. 

Understand the resources that are available. The actions that are now occurring are in stark contrast to those laws of universal peace and meditations of light that exist in the higher realms.

We want to commend all of your people who continue to meditate for world peace and attempt to construct positive changes in any way possible.

[Note: The land shift may indicate California or New York, as has been said over and over again. Please consider this seriously and do your part by remaining positive and meditating for peace. Just because “Cayce was wrong” and “it” did not happen in 1998, that does NOT mean that the prophecy was “canceled.”

It may or may happen in our future, but the warnings continue to increase. We have a collective choice to make to turn away from ignorance and fear and to then stop Earth Changes from happening.]


There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is still going to be an Ascension. It is our purpose to try to insure that those who react violently to the increasing energies do not bring upon this violence to the others. And yet, a whole maelstrom of possibilities erupts before you in the present.

Ground troops, increased fighting, etc. etc. will not lead to world peace. It will lead to massive bloodshed that you are only just beginning to grasp.

It is through such mass violence and acts of brutality that those in the United States are able to feel that they have somehow supported this war machine in any way.

And thus, you see the actions of the young men at Columbine High School in Colorado, who did indeed very directly act out what was going on in the planetary scale.

In a sense, this tragic and horrible event was karmically very well-timed, as there should be a very direct and obvious connection that could be made in the minds of the public between these senseless, Nazi-based killers who were not very old in their years and who entered a school to do their biddings, and those in the Kosovo situation.

It is indeed miraculous to us that there is not more compassion for the destruction of the Serbs instead of the simple belief that the only ones who matter are the parties that were chosen by this government to be aided.

Let’s take a good look into the future now, and recognize that the entire question of Ascension remains to be answered in large part to the degree of readiness of the planetary vibrations.

We have always stated this, but we will do so again: If the guns have orchestrated a planned sacrifice [of the planet,] then this involves and necessitates taking out the source of the guns, as there are greater and greater necessities for balance being created every moment.

Land shifts, and ultimately positive Earth Changes, will help you to see this message.

And thus you see in David’s dream the presence of the whales, symbolically representing humanity encapsulated and ready to proceed through the matrix, and away from the holocaust that could potentially occur on your planet.

You also see the fundamental complications occurring within the greater oceanic body, as the very large waves play themselves out.

[Deeper voice:] So understand that even as we say these things, what is most important is for each one of you to remain peaceful and still, as this peace and stillness within you will allow greater light to radiate into the core of the planet, and then into the greater body of humanity at large.

Do your part by becoming your own prophet, and seeking to predict your own future, which is that of the glorious Ascension.

You will indeed arise into the heavens, and this is not conjecture or speculation but rather a question of history, as to us it is already a possibility that could be seen in a past, present and future sense.

So instead of running from the shadows, shine the light on them, and recognize how quickly they will be dissipated as a result.


D: My concentration is breaking up here. I am thinking about getting a drink of water and shutting off the fan in the window. Just got the phrase “You may do so.”

D: Bathroom, water and proper body positioning. We will be reassuming the trance state here momentarily.

Continue to assume that time is your best ally. Recognize when you have not fully accepted the nonlinear nature of it therein.

The time is now for you to utilize these external lessons for your own internal growth.

As the mystery of war saddens and distresses you, regardless of which side you may be saddened by, understand in the deeper sense all of these are merely players, enacting the dramas within Self.



And thus, in the deeper sense the miserable folly of those young men in Columbine High School was timed, in their own subconscious sense, to correlate in such a way as to bring a point to the American people.

The point namely is this: To have compassion for those who are being killed, children in schools being shattered by senseless acts of violence and bombing.

Again: on a deeper, sub-conscious  level, these twisted and distorted young men recognized that through their choice to do this, which was inherently a violent and very unfortunate choice, there was a potential to make an analogy.

Understand that this analogy could be seen in a similar light to that of what the Heaven’s Gate cult was trying to do with their utilization of the Nike sneakers, and their overall contempt for the corporate world, expressed in many different ways.

So too did these boys operate off of the caveat that “If the government can do it, then we can do it too.” That is a fundamental aspect of this situation that is as yet not seen in the collective mind of the public. [They declared a war of their own, in other words.]



Another issue on the table is the sudden and spontaneous discovery of perfectly preserved Roman galleons, buried beneath the sands of the ocean of time and now brought back into the public awareness as though not a day had passed since they first sank.

We want you to understand the profound symbology of this.

As David has been studying the field of cyclology, he can see that many correlations have already been made between that of the Roman history and the American history. Events occurring upon similar timetables play themselves out in such a fashion, as described in those works.

[Note: Cyclology works off of a harmonic system for predicting future events based on the past. You simply take a certain harmonic number such as 720 and then count off the years going forward after an event.

The work that has been done in this field is absolutely fantastic in showing how the predictions can be made, and apparently Nostradamus had studied this and used it for his own work.

The French author Francois Masson completed a book in 1980 that combined cyclology with Nostradamus’ prophecies to accurately predict the fall of the Soviet empire in 1990/91 based on the cyclogical connection to the French Revolution of 1789.

For some strange reason, the future events take seven times longer to unfold than their previous counterparts — so the formula here is 1789+200 years, with a seven-fold increase in the amount of time it takes for the actual events to unfold. This is briefly referenced in the Conclusion of “Convergence”, and we will have more on it there very shortly.

Both the Kennedy and Lincoln shootings occurred after they were re-elected, in the cyclical years of Jupiter-Saturn planetary conjunctions. Perhaps there is a cyclogical connection here as well.

That sheds a very personal light on this amazing propensity for history to repeat itself in such stunning ways. Most people know well the fantastic, almost incredibly unbelievable synchronicities between the events surrounding both presidents’ deaths. Cyclology actually allows us to prognosticate when these events themselves will actually take place.]


And so, it is a fundamental fact that a connection has been established between the Roman regime and the United States regime. So too is there a fact that the United States regime must collapse and fold, as did Rome, once thought to be the greatest superpower of the world.

When the Roman civilization did collapse, it was cause for great alarm. Similarly, the greed and desire for limitless profits is also now fueling the stock market’s increases.

As this is seen to fall away, there will be many of those who have placed great faith in the stock market who will suddenly have all of their earnings vaporized and be left with stock that is completely devalued.

D: I just heard some very strange and very loud creaks in the house. It was probably from wind outside, but they were right next to my doorway here. [I was very freaked out by this!]

An entity has joined us in order to help further clarify the points that we wish to make. Let us deepen your trance state now.

[Reading ends]



Right after dictating this last sentence, I fell back asleep. The arrival of this ‘entity’ was actually the end of the reading. I might have been getting too close to the surface with the conscious mind, and therefore they had to either increase the depth my trance or “pull me out,” so to speak.

Perhaps my own personal interest in cyclology is what knocked me out of the depth that I had secured earlier. This is the end of the “readings” portion of this article.

So, let’s discuss what we have just seen in these readings. What can we make out of a message like this?

A further clue was shed in a dream that I just had on the morning of April 28, 1999. In this dream, a friend informed me that the United States had just devalued the dollar. The relative value of the dollar had gone down to what we now consider to be 92 cents.

This would obviously increase the cost of everything, leading to a dramatic inflation. It is hard to tell if this will actually be an exact prophetic figure or not, but at the same time he was telling me all of this, there was a radio on in the background. The lyrics of the song on the radio were saying, “You’d better believe it.”

One might not trust the data that would come through in dreams or psychic readings; however, my own case history shows that we certainly can look at this information as being valid.

For example, I had detailed prophetic dreams and readings regarding the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide before it ever happened. This included specific references in the readings to the Hale-Bopp companion object, as well as a very close prophecy of the actual name of the group, which came through as “Marvin Gate.”

Another important set of information came through for a period of approximately three weeks before the death of Princess Di. Over the course of about fifteen different dreams, I was given a detailed analysis of the who, what, when and why of her deliberate murder.

The facts are undeniable, and I have all my dreams and readings documented day-by-day on audiocassette to prove that I did not fabricate these results.

So, to summarize the point, we all have access to Higher Intelligence each night, whether we choose to honor it or not. The more that it is paid attention to, honed and focused, the better it will work.

What we can see from the above reading is that the best thing we can do as a collective human organism is to realize the value of each human soul and to not support this massive destruction that is occurring.

If we can all increase our compassion and desire to be of service to others, then the upcoming dimensional shift will be much smoother, and many more of us will be able to participate. If we continue to exist in fear, doubt and mistrust of others, letting ourselves be swayed by negative emotions, then we can expect that the Earth Changes will indeed reach a climactic point of severity probably before the end of this year.

[4/11/09: Thankfully, public opinion did sway from this collective embrace of mass murder, and the major Earth Changes did not need to happen.]  


The planetary conjunction and total Solar Eclipse scheduled for Aug. 11, 1999 could certainly be a major spark to these changes if we have not properly attuned ourselves before then.

This eclipse was indeed referenced by Nostradamus in several places, including a letter that he wrote that referred to “the darkest eclipse since the Crucifixion of Christ.”

If we have attuned ourselves, this eclipse could be the first opportunity for some of us to Ascend. All of this material is well covered in my book Convergence.



You might wonder why such a powerful and influential group, namely our own Extraterrestrial / Celestial Government, would choose ordinary people like me to give voice to such serious policy statements for all of us here on Earth.

All I can say in response is that these forces have already contacted all of the major governments of the world, and none of them are willing to step forward and tell us what needs to be done.

So, the common members of our own public are forced to demonstrate reliable, consistent and accurate sources of prophecy to give us these vital messages, and there are many of us now doing this.

I hope that the voice of these readings helps to add to the massive “team effort” that we are all taking part in to bring about the dawning of the spontaneous evolution of humanity in the months and years ahead.

Each one of us can personally participate in stopping these changes from happening by simply enjoying life and staying positive.

At the beginning of this war, I was severely chastised by these same forces for allowing the mass consciousness to make me impatient, fearful, irritable and anxious.

Remember that I am in contact with these forces literally every day, and everything that I do is carefully monitored — as it is with the rest of us.

I simply have the direct access to the source of this supervision, and I can tell you that they were very unhappy that I had let my positivity slide.

They explained to me that even one person who stays cheerful, upbeat and loving can act as a beacon of light to the planet, shining in on the darkest pockets of negativity to bring them out into the open.

Let us all do our part to fulfill this promise and ease the birth pains of Mother Earth.

Thank you for reading this message, and Peace be with you.