Hopefully very soon, our latest radio show will be released for you to listen to and enjoy! It’s a great day as I finally finished and submitted the 2012 Enigma manuscript after all this time!


We had some serious technical problems on this show — the first ten minutes, where Filippo went through a personal story, were abrputly cut off. I ended up re-introducing the show myself because they could not get him back on the air for a long time.

Nonetheless, it all worked out very well — and hopefully the MP3 will be released very soon! Here’s where it will be once it appears — now be nice to them about it, please:




I feel amazingly blessed. After undoubtedly the most incredibly vast, complex, amazing and all-inclusive research effort I’ve ever committed to writing, dwarfing any of my previous efforts by a very substantial degree, I submitted my FINISHED MANUSCRIPT this morning!

Granted, I did two all-nighters in a row to work out the last bits — and I took SAM-e and 5-HTP together as of 8AM to power through some sleep. These are natural remedies and can be used in a jam to maximize how much you get out of a few hours sleep, and I got four and a half hours.

It is utterly incredible to have finished. Sometimes the “metaphysical opposition” seemed so incredible that I had no idea if I ever actually would get it done, but now I’ve achieved the seemingly impossible.

So many breakthroughs happened that I did not expect — and in the radio show I describe some of them. Since it’s all fresh in my mind, this weekend’s Convergence in Los Angeles should be very interesting as well.

Thanks so much to each of you who have financially supported me through this in whatever way you can! At times it’s a little scary, but I did make it… and what an effect this will have!

When I re-read the last two chapters and saw how I ended it, I was in tears. It really works on a variety of levels. It’s going to be strange not having this massive, all-consuming deadline hanging over my head, I must say. I can’t feel it having lifted yet thanks to my stress recovery, but I will.

Everything — and I mean everything in my life was seriously curtailed, if not shut down completely, thanks to this deadline being there. It has been very intense. The idea of actually having freedom, and not having to scramble like mad to finish this deadline that seems almost impossible to achieve, is going to be quite stunning!

I do feel that once this information is released, it can and will have a very profound effect on things. Folks on Earth may have one Disclosure in mind, but this goes way, way beyond that.

We may do some rewrite passes, but I think the folks at Dutton Books are going to be very happy with how little editing needs to be done. There may be parts of it that we release online to get the page count down and increase interest in the book — we’ll see what happens!

This book is a machine — like a spectacularly precise Swiss watch. And it’s DONE.

Anyway, in a very real sense today is my birthday, and will now always be one of the great anniversary dates in my life! I DID IT!!!