The oil spill has ended. Over a week before the cap was placed, I found out the problem would be stopped — and am very glad my insider sources were correct! Here’s the story you’re not going to read about in the news…


In order to explain to you how this story came about, some background is necessary.

I finished the first draft of my book 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age three weeks ago now — which was an amazing process! This is undoubtedly the most significant, far-reaching and awesome work I have ever created, and I will do my very best to make sure we can publish it by October as planned.

I now have a new round of rewrites to contend with — mostly reducing the page count to a more manageable size from the current load of 662 manuscript pages!

I will probably take the parts that do not make it into the book and publish them freely on this website — so stay tuned for that in coming weeks and months.

After I finished the first draft, I then had to spend one week decompressing from the massive exertion I went through to get there. I had managed to keep this website updated almost weekly for six months despite the stress I was going through, but once the book was finished I needed a true psychic and mental vacation.

Then after one week of down-time, it was back to work — this time coordinating our final third round of investor financing for my film CONVERGENCE, as I announced earlier. This also kept me so busy I didn’t have time to write.

I again was in the midst of a very complex schedule, speaking with potential investors by phone, coordinating all the paperwork, et cetera — but am happy to say that you again rose to the challenge and have helped insure this film gets made — since I do feel it is a very essential teaching for humanity at this time.


I was sitting on some important data and waiting for the right time to publish it. The first data point was located nearly a month ago now. 

My colleague Richard C. Hoagland was one of the most prominent media figures discussing the possibility that the ocean’s floor could explode from the pressure of this oil gusher. This could potentially unleash a tsunami of massive proportions and create an almost instant extinction level event (ELE) on earth.

While I was finishing my book, I ‘stumbled’ over information that clearly proved this would not happen — and probably could not hapen. It came from a website of geologists — professional scientists — who are promoting models not yet accepted by the mainstream.

Their journal is called New Concepts in Global Tectonics, and I originally found them while looking for links on the Earth Expansion Theory — the concept that if you take away all the oceans of the world, the continents all fit perfectly together.

This was the key article I found… check it out! (Emphasis added):

New Concepts in Global Tectonics Newsletter, no. 45, December, 2007. URL:
Oceanic crust is continental; great, timely news for the oil industry!
One of the greatest achievements of the NCGT group in the last 11 years is the establishment of a strong case for the ubiquitous presence of ancient, continental rocks under the present-day oceanic areas and its implications for the real composition of the so-called oceanic crust and for global tectonics.
Many articles in past issues of the NCGT Newsletter have documented indisputable hard evidence against the oversimplified plate tectonic model of the oceanic crust (which is said to be basaltic and gabbroic, to have formed at the mid-oceanic ridges and to have moved to its present position through seafloor spreading), and have argued for the presence of continental rocks in the deep oceans, the most outstanding paper being by Vasiliev and Yano (no. 43, 2007).
They showed an impressive crustal section of the Mid-Pacific Ridge at the junction of the Heezen Fracture Zone, and the widespread presence of ancient, continental rocks in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
In addition, we have repeatedly shown that Proterozoic structures on continents continue into the ocean floor (South America and Pacific/Atlantic Oceans; around Australian continent; NW Pacific; Indian Ocean), and we have presented seismic data indicating that the oceanic crust consists of folded and block-faulted basin-filling sedimentary rocks at its top section (some of them possibly Proterozoic to Lower Paleozoic in age – offshore Sumatra, NW Pacific, etc.).
Furthermore, the global shear strain pattern discussed by De Kalb (no. 44, 2007) indicates that a uniform crust must have covered the Earth’s surface in Precambrian time.
We can now say that the so-called oceanic crust is primarily continental crust which has been locally altered or metamorphosed in interaction with the upper mantle.
Another important fact brought forward by our contributors is that the present deep oceans were formed in Jurassic to Paleogene time – before that, most of the present oceans had been subaerially exposed and formed paleolands. Mesozoic-Cenozoic basins of great economic interest are well developed in some areas of the deep oceans, mainly near the present continental margins.
The new picture – that continental “oceanic” crust (or sunken continents) underlies the Mesozoic-Cenozoic basins and basalts – is a great gift for the oil industry. They now have positive scientific grounds for exploring deep-sea sedimentary basins.
Currently, hydrocarbons are produced in 1,800 m of water off Brazil and exploration is progressing in much deeper waters worldwide (John and MacFarlan, Offshore, October, 2007, for example).
In the coming 10 to 15 years, basins with 3,000 to 4,000 m of water will become the most active area for exploration and exploitation (personal communications with many oil company staff at the AAPG European Conference, November 2007). We are very proud of what our members have achieved.



I must admit that I was shocked when I found this. I do wonder if the insiders and oil companies were already aware of this and just didn’t tell anyone.

The sub-oceanic crust is not soft and weak as mainstream geologists tell us. There’s more than enough rock there to insure that these worst-case scenarios cannot happen.

The same forces that created the continents are now creating the undersea crust — only with the force of oceans now pushing down on top of it.

Clearly if you’re going to be drilling through the ocean floor, it should be fairly obvious whether you are cutting through solid rock or not — and this also explains why the relief wells required three months to drill.

I encourage you to link others to this article if you see additional misconceptions being made about the possibility of such a massive catastrophe looming on the horizon.


Over and over again, events happen that are threatening or potentially threatening in nature — and a chorus of voices on the Internet and mainstream media predict mass, worldwide catastrophe and doom.

Consistently I have said these events will not happen because we are under Management. This means there are ETs out there who insure the planet never tips farther into chaos and destruction than what is allowed to happen for our own ultimate growth.

It seems impossible to the un-initiated mind that any “good guys” out there would have allowed this oil gusher to occur — but as I published earlier, a dream spelled it all out for me.

This event was again allowed to occur for the purpose of crashing through our denial that everything is OK on earth just the way it is. We have used this same oil-burning technology for a century with hardly any care for how massively destructive it is to the earth.

This alone was more than enough of a reason for the spill to be allowed. The damage we do to the planet every year, as a whole, by burning oil is arguably worse than the oil spill itself — and yet nothing seems to have stopped our ‘addiction.’



I very much wanted to know the insider perspective on the oil spill, and last week after I had finally freed up some time, I contacted various insiders I know and gathered information.

No one source had all the pieces of the puzzle, and some seemed to be way off, but a coherent picture emerged from everything I gathered.

First of all, I found out that as many as 10 percent of the world’s submarines had gathered in the area immediately surrounding the oil spill.

Though it was not stated as such, this military showdown seemed to be clear evidence that the world is watching the New World Order and intended to make absolutely sure that no sabotage or nefarious events took place.

One of the only visible signs of this massive standoff was a quiet announcement of the deployment of 7000 US Marines and 46 warships to Costa Rica:

46 Warships and 7000 Marines On the Way to Costa Rica
Again — the reason why this is so important is it shows that the rest of the world is not just sitting back and weakly accepting everything that happens.
The stakes are now very high and the resistance against the New World Order is consolidating and growing more and more powerful by the day.
None of my insiders had absolute proof that this was deliberately sabotaged, but they all suspected it. That did not surprise me in the least.
The most sickening thing I learned is that the New World Order forces originally were planning on allowing this gusher to continue without interruption.
This way they could continue pursuing their goals of reducing the population of the planet. Furthermore, the crises could lead to massive migrations and even martial law to manage the chaos.
Furthermore, every insider revealed that these power groups were licking their lips with delight at the idea that this crisis would force Obama out of office.
There were at least three different camps competing for how they would use the resulting chaos to seize power of the United States.
This has also been reflected in the latest disclosures from Benjamin Fulford, who is definitely talking to sources that have real insider information — regardless of whether it all turns out to be true or not.
Granted, we are still expecting some very significant economic changes this year — and now they’re hoping this will be their next big chance to get the results they are seeking.

As it turns out, the insiders realized that this event was far too catastrophic and cataclysmic for the Earth if they did not stop it.
Most of this information has already appeared in the mainstream to some degree or another — but the scope of the problem was extremely serious. I do not want to go into specifics as it might compromise the integrity of some of my sources.
Suffice it to say that the things I heard about what would happen if they did not stop this were even worse than what most of the paranoid conspiracy sites were talking about.
They no longer had a handy-dandy tool to pursue their sickening goals of population reduction. Instead, they had a situation that would destroy life on Earth for everyone if it was not stopped — including their own friends, allies, wives and children.
The decision was therefore made that any and all technologies available had to be implemented to stop the oil gusher. Some of the techniques now being used to insure it does not go any further, or get any worse, will never see the light of day.
This includes, from what I am told, drilling technology that goes much, much faster than anything disclosed in the open world.
Once relief wells access the area below where the ruptures are, the massive pressure of the oceans will push down all the cracks that have now formed in the rock and seal them back up. This will also collapse the ‘dome’ of rock that has formed around the area from the pressure as well — but not fast enough to cause a tsunami, though we may get some decent waves.
Suffice it to say that there are drilling technologies that can do in one day what BP says would take months to perform.
If you think such a technology could build an underground bullet-train system across continents, and create new routes in very reasonable amounts of time, then you definitely are on the right track.

Despite all I know and all I do for the planet, I have a personal life as well — and I finally decided to take that vacation I’ve been hoping for and headed to Kauai.
I got caught up in the routine of getting ready to go, and in my down-time I was relaxing with my guitars and practicing, since I had completely stopped working on it while I was finishing the book.
Thus, I was strumming away and having fun when I could have written all the above information for a post last weekend. I wasn’t sure if the insiders were right and the spill would be stopped as quickly as they said it would, but I certainly had hope.
Then I had a dream where I was driving my old car and had parked it in a parking lot, only to come out later and find that it had been blowing around freely and in the process had run over my guitar and smashed it to bits.
I knew enough to realize this was a warning — I really did need to get this information out there as fast as I could, and put my own personal concerns, like learning this new instrument, behind the greater work.
Even so, I got caught up in other forms of planetary service here at David Wolfe’s “Noniland”, where I am now staying, and thus I didn’t have a chance to write this until after it was initially capped.
It has been great to have a vacation and see some new sights, I must say!

I was also hugely relieved once I found out the oil spill had been successfully capped, as it proved my insiders were right.
I cannot ever know for certain if the data I get is true — and of course, if you post something that turns out to be incorrect, a chorus of naysayers immediately try to pin your entire credibility on what this one insider said to you. It’s a mess.
Sharing information with you does involve making it available to everyone — including those who, for whatever reason, try to find negative things to criticize and complain about, even when receiving good news in the face of planetary annihilation like this.
It is always useful to remember that some of these voices are not real people, but are paid agents of disinformation whose job is to appear to be neutral, ordinary folks who oppose whatever truth is being offered.
In this case, when I heard the behind-the-scenes story of how bad this thing really was, I became extremely confident that they would, in fact, stop it quickly. And that fit with many different dreams and prophecies I’d had for some time, and have shared here.
I told all my closest associates, including some of our moderators, what I had heard well before the cap went on. I also watched a series of articles suddenly emerge that predicted imminent success. So the only problem was then making the time to write about it.
Remember — the real war going on is a frequency war.
The main target in this war is your state of mind.
All this fear-oriented propaganda is intended to keep you from feeling joyful, happy, positive and confident in the future. Thus, every single event that comes along will be ‘spun’ to the most negative possible outcome.
I do regret that I did not update the website with what I found out before the spill actually was capped — but this information nonetheless helps us to know that Management is hard at work, and for now will continue to mitigate these planetary disasters behind the scenes, without making a bold and frontal appearance until it is truly the right time.
We may not have much longer to wait, based on the ancient prophecies I am about to reveal when the book is published!
Thanks for your ongoing support of this work!
We have a Chicago conference coming up in August as well as a major new event announced where I will team up with the legendary William Henry in November — at the lovely Embassy Suites Hotel in Tempe, Arizona, where Chet Snow’s Secrets conference was formerly held every year on this same weekend.
Last-minute slots are also still available for our crop circle tour in England. I have two days of down-time when I get back from Kauai before I’m off to enjoy those eight days of magic — truly an exciting time!