We are filming last-minute clips for our imminently-releasing new film 2012 Event Horizon in Joshua Tree — including footage with physics pioneer Nassim Haramein!


By David Wilcock


This is a brief update from the Nassim Haramein conference in Joshua Tree, where I’m doing important business on-location for the upcoming 2012 Event Horizon — which we hope to release at roughly the same time as the Sci Fi documentary 2012: Startling New Secrets comes out on November 8, 2009 at 9PM EST.

The stakes around Obama’s planned disclosure are very high, and there are powerful forces who will do whatever they can to create distractions intense enough to throw off the whole event.

Disclosure is definitely happening. Our documentary, broadcast on national television, will be the hardest-hitting science behind the 2012 prophecies ever to appear in mainstream media.

I would love it if Obama can accomplish the disclosure he has planned before the end of the year — and our announcement has created incredible buzz in the UFO community — but we’re definitely not slowing down for even a minute in our own efforts to get the truth out either way.

Other insiders have confided in me that the stakes are very high, and there are powerful forces who will do whatever they can to create distractions intense enough to throw off the whole event.

Speculations about exact dates are flying like confetti across the Internet, and I have never revealed the actual date for several reasons — including the fact that the administration itself may have put out a phony date, deliberately, in order to throw off the opposition and / or see what they will try to do to stop it.

I hope the opposition does not succeed… I really do… but that’s the subject of our next article. In the meantime, we have plenty of projects of our own in development.



The content of our own imminently-releasing 2012 Event Horizon will be similar to our “Awake and Aware” presentation at the recent Project Camelot conference, which everyone is talking about — but was shot with much higher-quality cameras. Some of this footage was seen in Jay Frankenberger’s recent indie promo video for our upcoming book 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age:



Unfortunately, regarding the Sci Fi documentary, we were asked to speak fairly late in the production schedule and were not taken to any field locations. In order to earn the title of ‘investigator’ you have to have been filmed at a field location, and their website only now lists ‘investigators’, not the full cast of people interviewed.

So at this point, Sci Fi’s website only lists Richard Hoagland, Robert Schoch and John Major Jenkins, although the documentary does contain many others as well, including George Noory and myself. Nonetheless, here’s the link… and the producers have assured us we will be very happy with the coverage of our material:



Last weekend was our London Convergence, and it was a huge success. The feedback we’re getting from the participants indicates that it was an extraordinary event for them — one of the peak moments of their lives. Sixteen hours of lecture material is still only an overview, but it rocks everyone’s world nonetheless. Having live music to perform as well really gives these events a dynamic flow unlike anything else out there!

The group meditations were really incredible — and since I am so familiar with very deep trance states, I am able to bring people to a place where direct contact with their Higher Self actually happens in real time. Some have never had this happen before, others only from using various drugs, but the effects were profound for everyone who was there!

The meditations bring you to a place where direct contact with your Higher Self actually happens in real time!

In previous conferences my voice has ended up getting worn out from all the speaking, and it affected how many songs I could perform from Wanderer Awakening, particularly in our Saturday night slot. By moving the performance to mid-afternoon on Saturday, I completely preserved my ability to deliver the goods.

When Sunday came around, I had enough strength left over to spontaneously perform a series of additional songs off the album that were not on the program schedule. Since I had already given significantly more time than was allotted in the schedule, both Friday and Saturday nights, the extra material did not impinge upon the number of hours promised for lecture content.

The band had not rehearsed these songs with me, and therefore could not “just get up and play.” I was the only one on stage and sang over tracks Larry had on his Iphone, which had all the instruments in them except the vocals. They were clearly impressed by how well I sounded — but Larry was not so ready to jump up and play air-guitar to support me in the parts where the solos kick in!

I must say I was very pleased with how this turned out, and the audience roared and cheered with appreciation after every song. My pitch hadn’t always been 100-percent in previous shows, particularly during our maiden voyage in New York, which most people wouldn’t notice one way or the other — but in this case I was at least running 95 percent in almost all the songs.

To sound, live, almost as good as the hard-earned original versions in the studio was a wonderful experience. It proved that I can pull off a full concert in the future, which is a skill set you must possess if you want to be a working lead singer.


That being said, I apparently have some work to do in terms of not taking negative letters about my music personally. It’s quite routine to get hate mail about everything else I do over the years, but being assaulted over music I spent a full year of my life putting together with Larry Seyer — a Grammy-winning producer / engineer — is a new experience that I still have to adjust to. So I thank those of you who have done this for helping me further my own evolutionary process!

Wanderer Awakening vastly exceeded my wildest expectations, along with almost everyone who experiences the full two-and-a-half-hour epic metaphysical journey for themselves.

The universe couldn’t possibly have sent me a better person to collaborate with, and the results vastly exceeded my wildest expectations, along with almost everyone who buys the Wanderer Awakening project and experiences the full two-and-a-half-hour epic metaphysical journey for themselves — but a small minority of people simply do not like the music, and choose to be very aggressive about their opinions.

Two different letters found their way back to me about the Wanderer Awakening songs we performed, and I was shocked by the intensity of hate in them — enough so that my ability to do anything else was ruined for an entire day this week.

All I could do was process the shock of how someone could have gone to that conference and come out with such a vicious opinion, interpreting everything about the entire event through a very skewed lens, and in turn savagely express their feelings to others under the guise of seeking to be consoled in their grief over the apparent ‘fall’ of their hero. 

There are some who do not like high-pitched male vocals as a general rule, and therefore can be unimpressed by even highly well-realized tunes in this style. Not everyone likes Phil Collins, Michael Mc Donald, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Prince or Michael Jackson.

One of the things that was revealed is that apparently a small number of people left the room during the last day’s musical performances, and / or stayed in the room but did not share the vast majority’s positive reactions. As the ‘outsiders,’ they then bond with each other and generalize their personal experiences as if it were a reflection of what everyone else was feeling!

Thus, even in the presence of a roaring, cheering crowd, who were clearly loving the show, (I would not have gone on if they had not been appreciating it and encouraging me to continue), some said it was a ‘fact’ that the performance was a ‘disaster’, and that everyone else was ‘barely tolerating’ what I was doing as I went off in a “cloud of narcissism and ego.”

Ego. Yes. Where have we heard that before?


By simple definition, to accuse someone of ‘ego’ is, in fact, egotistical.

We have such a quasi-suicidal, doom-and-gloom, self-hating culture that as soon as you have a positive attitude, healthy self-concept, creative talent and/or a basic love and respect for yourself as well as for others, you become a hated villain in the eyes of those who are still mired in ‘the illusion.’

It never ceases to amaze me how readily people shoot the attack-word ‘ego’ at others, when by simple definition, to accuse someone of ‘ego’ is, in fact, egotistical.

Throwing the word ‘ego’ at another human being is an act of projection. It means you are attacking yourself. Something in that person has irked you strongly enough that you confront the shadow issues you have not faced in your own psyche by going after them.

As soon as you have a  basic love and respect for yourself as well as for others, you become a hated villain in the eyes of those who are still mired in ‘the illusion.’

Remember… if something in someone else upsets you, then it’s your issue. If you don’t have a hang-up or an unresolved problem about something, then you won’t be affected when you see that trait or behavior in someone else.

Therefore, if someone tries to put me on a pedestal, I will be the first to knock it down. I deliberately have not attempted to create a false ‘public persona’ where I avoid saying or doing the things that upset various minorities of my audience, because it’s a part of who I am.

I let you see the real me, warts and all, and you can do with it what you want… including avoiding this website and my material if it does not appeal to you!

If you are a scholar of my material and happen not to like our musical style, you are more than welcome to step outside the room during the performances at a conference. You can also be grateful for the fact that so many others in the audience do appreciate that music and are happy to hear it performed live.

There is no need to ‘attack’. Ever. I cannot stress this enough, and so many of our readers still don’t get it — regardless of whatever or whomever they attack.

If you find yourself ‘attacking’, then you’ve missed the point of what you’re here for… to love and support others, so they in turn will love and support you.

You can have healthy boundaries, define your limits and peacefully say No without attacking, demeaning or critcizing the person involved, or those who support him or her.


I believe the creativity of others is sacred ground, and should never be insulted. Even if I don’t like someone’s work, if they ask me about it, I always try to find something positive to say. Nothing hurts as deep as insulting another’s creativity… and it is wise to meditate on the potential karma such an action can create — including the betrayal and loss of the friendship — before making a decision to really go there.

The creativity of others is sacred ground, and should never be insulted.

Art is a question of personal taste, so even though I can listen to most modern pop music and hardly find anything to appreciate about it, I can also respect that many others are inspired by it, and that’s why it’s selling records.

Being creative is of pivotal importance in ‘becoming the Creator’ — and creativity should always be nurtured, as it is one of the key ingredients that helps us feel a connection with our Higher Self. 

Far too many of us have held back our creative impulses and ignored or avoided opportunities to grow and expand in what we can do for others. We live in a culture that seems to relish in attacking and demeaning others’ creativity, whether paparazzi going after actors and musicians, television shows like American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, et cetera.

If you go on YouTube and watch someone’s video, the comments section underneath is almost always a veritable feeding frenzy of savagely negative criticism, no matter how good it is. These artists have real feelings, and unfortunately there are so many cases where people can’t take the severity of the disrespect and are discouraged from continuing with their passion.

These songs are very intense and cut right to the heart of where we hurt the most, so we can identify it and heal it.

So, although neither of these folks confronted me personally with their opinions, I thank you for helping toughen me up. At the end of the day I know I have created an amazing, epic metaphysical musical, unlike anything that’s ever been done before, and which the sarcastic atheist ranks of music-industry executives would never have financed.

It’s really about the story more than the music — and I used the music to lead you through a journey of love, loss, triumph, disaster, joy and betrayal that can create a profound healing experience. In some cases it is clear that the negative letters are a reflection of the person’s buttons being strongly pushed, as these songs are very intense and cut right to the heart of where we hurt the most, so we can identify it and heal it.

I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of writing music that would do any less. It’s all part of a grand, coordinated effort to reach you in as many different ways as possible, so you can heal the emotional trauma and reconnect with your own true identity.


All that being said, I was only down for one day from the shocking letters — and even the writers of the letters admitted they still had a phenomenal experience at the conference. Everyone got what they needed, including an opportunity to reflect on their own judgment of others in some cases.

All this synchronicity came together around Nassim Haramein this week. The same day I was so bitterly attacked, I went to the Apple Store for some ‘retail therapy’. Specifically, I bought AppleTV, and my stated goal in doing so was to watch the Nassim Haramein videos and find out how his work compares with my own, since he is the most commonly-cited scholar I hear about in the emails you send me.

I was spotted by two different employees at the Apple Store who knew who I was already, and within the first five sentences of the first guy coming up to talk to me, he said, “Have you ever checked out Nassim Haramein?” I started laughing: “In fact, I came here to buy AppleTV so I could watch videos of Nassim Haramein… on something bigger than my own laptop!”

That same day, my creative / visual FX director Jay Frankenberger called me up and said, “Have you ever heard of Nassim Haramein?”

“Yes…” I replied, laughing.

“He’s got a conference this weekend in Joshua Tree!”

The creative synergy of physics and metaphysics models created slack-jawed amazement for the others who watched Nassim Haramein and I going at it in our first conversation.

“As in getting in the car within less than 48 hours to go do this thing?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Wow. OK. I think we’re going. You’re not gonna believe this synchronicity…”

And now here I am. In record time we were able to rent a lovely house just 2 miles from the venue for 500 bucks for the weekend, not cheap but a really good deal for the size and the fact that the whole crew is covered — and we also were able to borrow a 30,000-dollar Sony “Red Camera” to film at the event!

Nassim and I have already had two major conversations, and the creative synergy of physics and metaphysics models was something that created slack-jawed amazement for the others who watched us going at it. I’ve made a valuable ally and true friend, and undoubtedly there will be much more to come out of this partnership.

Like many pioneers in this field, he lost funding for a time but everything is now coming back into full mastery. Nassim’s new physics is yet another pioneering innovation that could help free the world from its dependence on fossil fuels, if fully realized into a technological application!

We will be filming a full-on, Ph.D.-level discussion between Nassim and me about physics, where we speak on equal par with each other without stopping to explain terms along the way.

We will be filming a full-on, Ph.D.-level discussion between Nassim and me about physics, where we speak on equal par with each other without stopping to explain terms along the way. We will also do other content that is simpler and easier to understand. I must say I am impressed by the quality and depth of knowledge possessed by Nassim’s conference participants… it is a very dynamic group.

The tickets were 375 — a full 80 dollars more than my own weekend events — but I was more than happy to pay the fee and have the opportunity to be part of the group.

I am being recognized constantly, which is a bit unnerving because you never quite know what someone is going to hit you with, but so far it has all been very respectful, so I’m going to be a lot more relaxed and present with it when I head back over there later today.

I wanted you to know what’s going on, as this is an intensive work period and there will be some wonderful new fruit emerging from it soon enough. The decision to fast-track 2012 Event Horizon into production was rather spontaneous, but I feel really good about having something to show all the people who are about to find us from the Sci Fi documentary.

Enjoy the week and we’ll see you soon!