Saturday 7 / 4 / 09

Internationally-renowned author Don Miguel Ruiz teams up with David for this unique Southern California experience!


The times we are living in are truly extraordinary — and there is a convergence of ancient wisdom and modern science now occurring to clear the runway.

Don Miguel Ruiz has inspired millions with his profound yet succinct spiritual teachings from the ancient Toltec tradition — as seen in his best-selling book, The Four Agreements:



Spiritual principles can be deceptively simple, thus causing us to overlook the enormity of the impact that they will have on our lives if properly applied. And when you read the Four Agreements, your first impulse may well be to shrug your shoulders and say, “Got it, got it, got it, got it…”

Again, though, mastering these principles is a life’s work, never truly complete — more of a continuing process of refinement:




The Mayan / Native American tradition has also given us a date signifying the coming of a Golden Age — tantamount to a completely new way of living and being. The material we’ve put together here at Divine Cosmos on the meaning, impact and scientific validation of the 2012 prophecies can be found nowhere else — and we still have a great deal more to share in conferences than we have released on this website.



Much of this ‘hidden’ material will be unveiled with the publication of The 2012 Enigma, a book which we are in the final negotiation stages with at this time. If all goes as planned, it will be widely distributed in a variety of languages, and may well be the most important and significant written work we have ever produced.

Nonetheless, if you would like to experience some of the most fascinating information we have to offer in a fast-paced, fact-filled presentation with hundreds of slides, attending a conference like this is the way to go. Our satisfaction rate has been extremely high at every event — people are truly having life-changing experiences.

And yet, never before have we teamed up with such a powerful spiritual teacher as don Miguel Ruiz. This has the potential to take the already-existing intensity that we create on our own and ratchet it up to a wonderful new level! I am thrilled to have the opportunity and will come well-prepared with all our latest and greatest new goodies!


We are honored and delighted to share the stage with don Miguel Ruiz for this groundbreaking day-long event in Pala, California, located north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles. We deliberately picked a venue that was easy to get to from either city, and was also large enough to handle the demand that may well be generated, so no one will have to be turned away.

You can reserve your tickets now by clicking on the following link, and completing the instructions you will find there. We hope to see you at this marvelous melding of the minds!







One of our readers sent in a scathing critique about my frequent inability to meet the deadlines I originally announce for article publications on this site. I admit it — he’s absolutely right. The first Agreement is “Be Impeccable With Your Word,” and sometimes I blow it.

I do apologize for that fact, as I can no longer time out my life based on the rhythms that worked fairly well even six months ago.

Believe me, this is NOT the result of being lazy. This is the result of having so many opportunities to be of service while only having one physical body to pursue them with. Teamwork is essential, and ever-growing, but much of what has to be done requires my personal attention.

Privately I often get asked how I manage my stress load. I do the best I can, but often it feels as if I am taking on far more than I am capable of. It is quite an interesting and at times frustrating life, but the successful manifestations that are appearing make it all worth it.

If you use the RSS feed, you will be notified whenever we do make an update. I also update Myspace and Facebook with new articles as needed, but I’m rapidly moving towards the 5000-friend ceiling on Facebook as it is, so there’s no guarantee how much longer that will be available unless they change their system.

My mother has been in town this week for a vacation visit, but we have so many balls in the air right now that it has been difficult to create any down-time. As a result, I made a personal decision to spend more time with her and delay the publication of our next update.



I leave for Switzerland as of the 7th, the same day my mother heads back. There are still seats available at the upcoming Ground Crew conference, which also promises to be quite extraordinary! Dan Burisch and I are really going to drill into the 2012 case and he will be revealing new information never before shared with the public.




I am also very much looking forward to meeting and speaking with NASA astronaut and whistleblower Dr. Brian O’Leary!

I am definitely going to be taking some time off to enjoy the Swiss Alps and the wonderful hotel we’re going to be staying in. Hope to see you there!




Hopefully I will have Internet access over there. When I get the chance I will update the rest of the previous article, which is already most of the way finished.

Is that vague enough? Good!



I was originally not going to announce this one because I’m only onstage for 40 minutes, but as a favor to my co-composer Larry Seyer, I’m going to perform several songs from Wanderer Awakening for the annual Course in Miracles conference entitled Be the Love:




The event takes place in New Windsor, Maryland, at the New Windsor Conference Center. This is an unpaid gig for me but I support the Course and everyone who studies it, so I’m happy to do it.




Our previous performance of songs from Wanderer Awakening in New York went extremely well. Here’s a nice action shot of me in the middle of a particularly intense moment:




There are so many wonderful songs on the album that it’s hard to categorize it by genre… we have hard rock, blues, Rush and Black Sabbath-style metal, jazz fusion, ambient, you name it. Only a handful of the songs have been made into videos so far, so the album still cannot be judged or understood by simply taking in the freebies that are now available.

In one song I get all breathy and romantic, and some have compared this one to Michael Jackson… and I’m sure all our adolescent critics are going to LOVE slagging me off for this one. Nonetheless, girls love this kind of stuff, so rest yourselves, dear friends:



This song, “Listen to You”, celebrates the reunion with Spirit that happens once we’ve been through all the trials and tribulations of the human experience. And yes, those drums you hear were performed live on a keyboard by yours truly, using Larry Seyer’s excellent drum libraries on Gigastudio:



The interludes are songs in their own right… and here’s a fine example, where the hero is still in his ET/angelic state and has decided to dive into the Earth and take on human incarnation… giving up everything he has and subjecting himself to the whims of karma and pain — leading to all the highs and lows the previous songs describe:



I continue to really enjoy listening to it in the car, which is amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to continue enjoying listening to music I’ve created once I finished writing it!




Despite the wide diversity of songs, which hit off just about everyone’s favorite sounds at one point or another, it all flows very nicely as a grand journey of the soul. As more and more people listen to it I seem to be feeling their energies having merged with the sounds, and it keeps sounding better and better to me, having more and more impact.

Some people boil it down to a playlist of the songs they like the most, and that’s perfectly fine with us. As a tool for personal awakening, and mastering the very agreements don Miguel teaches, it is quite powerful medicine!



Yet another incredible opportunity has come on the horizon very recently, and this one could also involve a great deal of my time if it succeeds, but it would be well worth it.

This is in addition to all the other things that are already in play, some of which I have not yet announced. I must say that I am very pleased by all of this — and at the same time I struggle for footing.

One of the compromises I have had to make is to answer significantly fewer emails than I used to. In fact, some days I can’t answer a single one of them. Time has to be created from somewhere, and this is the only avenue left that can free it up for me. Ultimately I have to work for the greater good, so this is where the cuts must be made.

Conferences are rapidly becoming the best way to have a more personal experience with me than you get reading an article, as there’s just no time for the one-on-one world of email anymore. Nonetheless, if you do not choose to attend a conference you can also participate in our discussion forum, here on the site, and meet interesting like-minded people.

Romances, friendships and business partnerships often form from my events because they are such marvelous gatherings. I must say that on a personal level I have gotten over my hang-ups about public appearances and have really enjoyed the job lately.

With that said, I must return to my semi-vacation… and don Miguel and I hope to see you in SoCal next month!