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What does it mean when the “It Girl” of the 70s, whose feathered, bouffant hairdo defined an entire decade, died after a long and publicized battle with cancer — only to have a major 70s child star and the biggest star of the 80s, the “King of Pop,” pass mere hours later — in a completely unexpected event that shocked the world?



Is this merely a product of ‘random’ timing between the two deaths? Mere hours apart? 

Most people are open-minded, but still would say they are ‘skeptical’ when something like this happens. There cannot be any greater meaning when the biggest female 70s icon and the biggest male 80s icon die in Los Angeles within hours of each other.

It’s just “Happenstance”. Within a few more news cycles, all will be forgotten.

Does it matter that the young, innocent lead singer of the Jackson 5 helped make mainstream America much more comfortable with people of color in the 1970s?




Is it relevant that his stratospheric success with “Thriller” broke the veritable ‘glass ceiling’ on MTV surrounding black musicians, who up until then were getting very little, if any, airplay at all?

At this time, MTV (or Music Television) rarely played black artists on their daily rotation. Michael Jackson was one of the first to get played on the station and the first to get played in “heavy rotation” (i.e. several times a day) with the video for ‘Billie Jean”.

MTV started “heavy rotation” for the “Billie Jean” music video in March 1983. The video for ‘Beat It” would follow this trend. Many in the music industry have commented that it was Michael’s breakthrough with the channel that started other black artists’ music videos being played on MTV, and also bolstered the station’s popularity.

Central to Michael Jackson’s success with music videos was new channel MTV, which put his videos in heavy rotation throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Before then, Jackson struggled to get MTV to air his videos because he was black.

To change this, CBS Records President Walter Yetnikoff denounced MTV, warning, “I’m pulling everything we have off the air, all our product. I’m not going to give you any more videos. And I’m going to go public and fucking tell them about the fact you don’t want to play music by a black guy”. This harsh, rhetoric stance worked; MTV started showing “Billie Jean”, forming a partnership with Jackson to last decades, helping future black artists.



Is there significance in the fact that a pin-up photograph of Farrah Fawcett from 1976 was the highest dollar-earning portrait of a woman in known history, making her — for a time — the darling of the media elite?  

In 1976, Fawcett was the pinup girl who launched a million fantasies. The iconic poster with her dazzling smile, cascading golden hair and bombshell body sold an unprecedented 12 million copies, catapulting Fawcett into a sex symbol, idolized by both men and women.




As the decade’s “It Girl,” her hair, which became known as the “Farrah Do,” was emulated by millions around the world.

“That signature hair will definitely be remembered forever and ever and ever … It was an easy carefree haircut, windblown, but also very sexy and very feminine. Everybody wanted it,” legendary hairstylist Jose Eber, who has known and worked with the actress for over 30 years, told Walters.



Should we look at the fact that Michael was a very talented man who also became arguably the greatest money-maker for the media elites of all time — the best-selling album of all time being only a small part of the incredible profit stream he created?



As a result of the surge in sales of the album Thriller, millions also purchased albums by other artists. Cashbox Magazine dubbed Michael Jackson ‘the saviour of the record business,” and Michael was credited for increasing interest in music, particularly black music.

Revenues for record sales were at their highest since 1978 and Michael was also mentioned for increasing CBS record sales profits by a whopping 101% in 1983 alone…

In May 1984, Michael was asked to donate the song “Beat It” for anti drink driving advertisements. For donating the song and for his many achievements in recoding and charity, Michael was given a special award at a presentation at the White House by President Ronald Reagan…




Today, Thriller is by far the biggest selling album of all time. It was re-certified in 2007 as having sold in excess of 104 million albums. It is estimated that Thriller sells approx 60,000 copies a year worldwide! Album sales aside, it still remains one of the most important and greatest albums of all time. It set many industry standards in recording and for the visual presentation of music. 


This next quote establishes that Michael’s success earned the music industry well over 4.1 billion dollars, single-handedly, in one year alone… and that barely begins to cover the profits gained by all the other businesses that dramatically benefited from his success:

At 25, The New York Times called Jackson a “musical phenomenon”, commenting that “in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else.”

Time Magazine explained that “the fallout from Thriller has given the music business its best years since the heady days of 1978, when it had an estimated total domestic revenue of $4.1 billion.”

Thriller also helped bring African-American music back into mainstream radio for the first time since the mid-1970s.



Not only was Michael the “Saviour of the Record Business,” he arguably transformed MTV from an interesting network to a massive corporate entity that quickly came to dominate the music business completely… ultimately cursing it to oblivion, as we shall see:

Everyone remembers Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket covered with zippers and the sexy style of Madonna. MTV, or music television, nationally publicizes these images and entertainers, and others like them…

While some view the station as illustrated radio or an entertainment network for viewers’ pleasure, others more accurately assess it as an advertising enterprise that endorses products and promotes attitudes.

The advertisements — both hidden in videos and placed in regular slots — influence viewers. Whether or not MTV critics agree with the messages the network sends out, it has become a huge franchise, generating large profits and great popularity.

During the 1980’s, MTV grew from being strictly a music video station to an original, three-station network that became the choice of several generations of viewers and the advertisers who court them…

Once the advertisement industry noticed the MTV network’s popularity, it became a very desirable sales medium. Advertising agent Kevin Burns explains that if you’re a national advertiser and you buy teens, you’re going to buy MTV (Viacom 11)…

Videos increase an entertainer’s popularity, thus promoting his/her record, producer, type of music, style of dance, and physical image. This popularity increases profit for many industries. The artist’s record sales boom, benefiting the record company, the record stores, and any other person involved in the process of production.

MTV was dealing with the [record] labels, not the artists, states R. Serge Denisoff (154). In addition, clothing companies benefit when the singer wears their brand. Creative director Judy McGrath feels that MTV videos are almost a subliminal fashion show, meaning that clothing brands and styles are introduced and publicized through music videos (Denisoff 258).

Lastly, fine arts companies, specifically dance and music, increase in popularity as people wish to imitate the musicians.




A perfect example of this advertising scenario is Michael Jackson’s Beat It video. In the early 1980’s the already popular pop singer came onto the screen wearing a red leather jacket and a sparkling glove. He introduced an ankle-flicking dance style that moved to the beat of his pop-style music.

Soon children across America were wearing replicas of the clothes and moon-walking down the schools’ hallways. In this scenario, Michael Jackson, pop music, red leather jackets, dancing, and Motown Records all became popular.

With so many brands and agencies wanting to place their ads on MTV, the network itself needed to advertise its own information and existence in some way to increase its own profit. The network began to air animated segments after commercial breaks that endorsed the MTV logo…



Michael’s incredible success utterly transformed MTV from a curious new network into a key part of the Viacom media megalopoly — one of the five corporations that, up until recently, literally defined and created what “They Say” on a majority of television shows, websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs.

Again, though: is there a greater symbolic meaning to be gleaned from his sudden, untimely death — particularly in light of its astonishingly close proximity to Farrah Fawcett’s death?

Is there significance in the fact that Michael’s life had increasingly spiraled into difficulty, with accusations of child molestation and his own deep inner wounds causing him to pull more and more into himself?

By the time he self-financed his third major music video, ‘Thriller’, at the personal cost of one million dollars, was he well aware — perhaps on more than just a subconscious level — that his unparalleled fame was turning him into a monster — becoming more of a corporate product than a man? 




Is “Thriller” — now uniformly seen as the number-one music video of all time — a very clear message from his subconscious mind? Namely, is he trying to court his Higher Self, his muse, his musical inspiration and talent (the female in the video) only to be surrounded by monstrosities, and ultimately turn into one of them himself from the over-exposure? 



Did Michael embrace this ‘monstrosity’ he became to such an extreme that he could never be satisfied with the ‘product,’ thus leading to him arguably contracting a greater number of cosmetic surgery procedures than anyone else in history?

This obsession — clearly rooted in a deep wounding and self-loathing — ultimately caused his face to literally disintegrate. Most of the remaining tissue of his nose appeared to be shaped by flesh-colored putty on a thin septal ridge installed by his surgeon as a support strut, thus causing it to look different almost every time he was photographed:





Should we consider the fact that Michael had grown so accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that he was consistently spending 20-30 million more dollars a year than he could afford, thus having created a monumental 400 million-dollar debt?

Is there a parallel between the ‘story arc’ of Michael’s life and that of the people, personalities and industries that benefited from him? Could we say that in some undeniable symbolic fashion they became direct mirrors of each other? 




Is Michael the only  character in this mirror-image projection game who has become a monster in the eyes of the public? If not, then what might his sudden death represent?





If you believe that events can happen on Earth that are orchestrated by some form of Higher Intelligence, then this bizarre ‘coincidence’ between the timing of Farrah and Michael’s deaths — what I would call a synchronicity — certainly seems to carry significant spiritual meaning.

The symbolism may not be immediately apparent, but such events can reveal much greater truths once properly understood.

A key part of analyzing and understanding such symbolism is to consider all  major aspects of the story, including those that might be unpleasant or difficult to look at — and follow those leads wherever they may take you.  

We will follow those leads, and put the big picture together, as we head into Part Two of this article series. I should be able to get that out by this coming Friday or Saturday. In the meantime, here are a series of excerpts from previous entries of David’s Blog that shed light on various aspects of this complex story.




My research has definitely revealed that ALL human beings, even the most avowed atheists, have an instinctive “God Reflex” that they have to project SOMEWHERE.

It is this reflex that keeps us from feeling alone, which is the deepest terror in the mind of any being in the entire Universe, and the core motivating factor of all spiritual quests, works of art, and social accomplishments.

When we feel the God Reflex, we feel safety, comfort, warmth and love.

Yes – I’m saying that any time you feel safety, comfort, warmth and love, subconsciously your biological mechanism is tying it in with the notions of a Higher Power, a Force, a Supreme Being… God.

You can deny it consciously if you want to, but an impartial study of human beings reveals its truth again and again, and some people are already using this fact to do highly unscrupulous things.

You can become a very successful womanizer if you understand these principles, and how heavily they are rooted in the animal consciousness, (and many have, not knowing the extreme karmic penalties involved,) but I’m talking about something that has now permeated through our entire society — not just on a person-to-person level. 

All of us start out by projecting our God Reflex onto our parents — Family. Then once we have to start going to school, the God Reflex projects onto the System as well. The System is Father, Mother, Provider, Protector, God. The system is not LIKE family, the system IS Family.

We also worship Food  from a very early age — as a baby we adore the banana goo and revile the Green Pea goo — so we clamor like crazy to get the things we get the biggest God-rush from. ‘God’ brings safety, comfort, warmth and love — remember that.

We wave our arms, widen our eyes and get excited for the banana goo, and pinch our faces, clamp our mouths, turn away and cry in disgust when presented with the Green Pea goo. 

Toys also become our introduction to a fascination with Stuff… Things, Gadgets, Goods, Products.

Bright colors, fun shapes, rattly sounds… it all begins before we can ever articulate speech. The more Stuff we have, the more God — in this case through the projection of Family — loves us.

When we are punished, God takes our Stuff  away, and now we feel alone. Desperately alone. Terrifyingly alone. No colors, no shapes, no sounds — just the four walls of the crib, which becomes like a prison cell.




[Hence we are terrified of the idea of an economic upheaval or nasty Earth Change. We do not want to lose our toys… any of them. If we lose the oil, lose the economy, we lose the toys: therefore, we must go blow up the guys who have  the oil if they won’t give it to us.] 

Then when we start having hormones, our God Reflex gets projected into the desire to breed — the next stage of the grand circle of God that is Family.

Food  betrays Family, because if your body looks fat, you cannot select the best mates for breeding. So a logical step of evolution in the creature consciousness is to turn your back on the God of Food  in favor of the God of Family. Exercise and diet might be painful, but it is all part of working to earn God’s love.

For most guys, naked supermodels become the ultimate projection of God, in the circle of Family, and their quest is to find one of their own that matches the image of God as closely as possible. The best-looking ones become Celebrities, and this is the Family we adore most, chasing them around on any number of mainstream and alternative media outlets.

They also become the largest targets of our hatred — as seen through certain websites like and Perez, and the unbelievable public comments that appear after each post. 

We follow the most ridiculous details of the lives of our Family, because we so desperately want God to love us, too. Britney shaves her head and EVERYONE knows about it — she has removed the image of God from herself by her own free will, an act of self-murder — killing God.

Everyone worries about her, calls for Mother to rescue her before she kills herself. Lopping off the hair is practically suicide already — she has defiled the image of God, because she was tired of being that person and having everyone want to touch her robes. 




Then, when we realize that God is no longer in Britney, Perez writes “CRAZY” under her bald pic, starts comparing her to Bat-Boy and pasting her head on Alien Baby in a Jar.

If we thought you were God and then you turn out not to be, you are the Impostor, the Betrayer… and the penalties for having fooled us are huge… including symbolic death, which used to be literal not long ago.

It is the archetype of the Sacral King — we see the King as God, but when the country goes down the tube, we sacrifice the King, kill the Impostor, and restore God’s graces to our land.  

At least temporarily. 

In our private lives we seek God in a partner. God is a supermodel. Each person wants to find God and create Family… though for more and more guys, children are seen as a nuisance and they would like to keep Family constrained to the man-woman relationship. The underlying biological drives, and the archetype of Family as God, remain constant. 

Aloneness is terrifying — to the animal mind it means there is no God. The fear of rejection is a fear that God will reject us. Yet the fear of Aloneness is even worse than the fear of rejection.

We make another stride in our evolution when we face the fear of rejection, allowing the greater fear of aloneness to win out instead.



Most people hold the image of a Supreme Being, a Higher Power, a Lord that may or may not care that much about you, but even if He/She/It does, you still rank much lower than this Power in the grand scheme of things… and you may never be able to make up the difference.

As we were saying yesterday, it can be quite an eye-opener to discover how many of our thoughts, actions and beliefs are actually holdovers from the animal kingdom.

For most people stuck in this level of sub-consciousness, God is that which brings safety, comfort, warmth and love. Ultimately, that’s about as far as it goes for many, and it all traces back to issues that begin in infancy.

What terrifies us most is the feeling of being alone and abandoned – and although most people do believe in some form of Supreme Being, and are awed and inspired by such thoughts from time to time, their God Reflex does not sit by and idly wait for those moments to arrive.

We are constantly looking for God, and this subconscious search for safety, comfort, warmth and love is the root of all compulsive and maladaptive behaviors.

Yesterday we described how average people project this God Reflex into Food, Stuff and Family, which is all ultimately related to worshipping the body, and the comforts of the body, as if it were God.

Other people end up worshipping the mind, and use it to foster a feeling of superiority – a feeling of higher rank – over others.

This form of worship comes in the time and money that is invested to building knowledge, building up the mind’s resources, often at the expense of the body thanks to the long hours, lack of exercise and proper nutrition that results – leading to the stereotypical hair loss in men due to lack of proper circulation in the scalp.

People who worship the mind also tend to have a constant need to show it off to others. The Internet, with its open and public forums now being commonplace, has created a great opportunity for mind-worshippers to brag, argue with others, and attempt to catch them in contradictions, logical missteps and surges of emotion.



Nowhere is this more common than in the paranormal, which mind-worshippers tend to dismiss whole-cloth as nonsense.

These “highly intelligent skeptics” are unwittingly venturing into what we call the negative path – the path of service to self.

In this path, you consider yourself superior to others, separate from others, smarter or better than others – and you’ve actually strayed off course from the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution. No one’s going to step in and tell you that, though – you get the free will to do whatever you want here, within reason and the laws that society has established.

Certainly not everyone who gets a graduate degree has these issues, but there can be no doubt that when you put “Dr.” at the beginning of your name and / or “Ph.D.” at the end, it is a statement of rank… much in the same way that if you were Knighted, your proper name now begins with Sir.

Those who worship the body can definitely be confused about their spiritual orientation as well. We seek safety, comfort, warmth and love, subconsciously associating these needs with the God Reflex – and we often become resentful if others seem to have more of these qualities than we do.




This explains much of the “celebrity hatred syndrome” that is now so prevalent in the media. Money is obviously one of the biggest keys to the worship of the body – you can certainly increase your safety and comfort level with money, and warmth and love appears to follow because more people will want to get close to you for what you can provide them – so the theory goes.

The average person has the belief that celebrities are super-wealthy people, and therefore experience far more of God – far more safety, comfort, warmth and love – than the rest of us do.

I met many of the top rock stars of the 80s thanks to my father’s work as a music journalist, and at first I was quite surprised at how few of them were financially stable in the long term.

In many music-industry contracts you have to put out three records before you see ANY money from what you’ve done. Up until then you’re paying the company back for all they’re giving you – the publicity, the opportunity to run around on stage, ride in the tour bus, meet the fans and “live the dream”.

Your ‘personality self’ is quite satisfied for a time, but a dark gnawing inside you tells you that you’re really not making any money.

Most bands never stay popular enough to get up to a fourth record that sells – that’s why the contracts are written the way they are. On tour, they get a daily stipend of money called a per-diem, but that only covers enough to eat out at restaurants.

Many of them eat poorly because they are using most of their per-diems to buy drugs, and they end up quite debilitated by the end of a tour because of it.



Life in LA is a constant blend of the good, the bad and the ugly – although in this case, “the ugly” can often appear quite attractive on the surface.

You see BMWs and Mercedes here with the same – or greater – frequency that SUVs loom throughout the rest of the nation. And more often than not, the folks who exhibit the most hazardous driving patterns turn out to be nestled in these types of cars – costly two-ton missiles of glass and metal hurtling along at 90 miles per hour or more – perhaps because they can afford to be pulled over.

Yet for the creative artists themselves – particularly the musicians – those glory days are over, unless they want to write “ringtones,” the highest-grossing new area of music. So, my friends and comrades, welcome to the LA Soup Kitchen!…




Most people move out here because they have a dream of success, a dream of publicity and media attention – whereas in my case I didn’t move here until we already had our initial funding for this film locked in place.

So in that sense I am an oddity – I came here because I needed to, not because I wanted to, and I can pursue these goals without any significant distortions of ego and pride. (I already know that I’m amazing, so why get a big head about it? …But enough about me, let’s talk about you… what do YOU think about me?)…

The over-arching “conventional wisdom” on being a public figure in Hollywood can be phrased in one single, all-important sentence: “Never let people see you as you truly are!”

I came in far too late to be brainwashed by that advice, as this website – not to mention the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? book – is positively loaded to the bursting-point with personal, private material that most people might only share in the context of smooth nighttime pillow-talk in a sexual relationship with someone they trust.

Yet, in my case I seem to have thrown off the covers and invited an orgy of minds and hearts for whomever seeks refuge in my trials, trivialities and triumphs throughout the spectrum of my relatively short life. Considering that my “bed” is the Internet, I seem to be quite well-rested these days.

You could say that I’m quite “naked” in sharing all this stuff about myself, but out here I’ve learned that even posing nude for pictures isn’t that much these days, and can still involve a certain real distance from the viewer.

For many, “going the Full Monty” simply means showing off a carefully honed, toned and shaved image you have diligently bought and paid for.

Your payment for “Birthday Suit 2.0” comes from a variety of forms: two to six hours a day in the gym; careful tanning and / or protection from sunlight; crazy “healthy dieting” which is often little more than glorified starvation; orthodontic teeth-straightening, capping, bridging and porcelain veneers, and all manner of surgical cosmetic “enhancements.”

You can alter the contours of your face, arms, legs, breasts, belly and buttocks; move your own growing hair from place to place a few follicles at a time or burn it out entirely, depending on the location; laser blemishes, wrinkles, spots and pigments away; carve fat, cartilage and excess skin out and put silicon, saline and face-paralyzing BOtulism TOXins back in.




If you want to be in “the business” here in LA, getting these things done are on par with dressing up for a job interview in the rest of the country.  <*cocks eyebrow ironically*> Laughing

Then your own naked body becomes another extension of your expensive wardrobe, expensive car and expensive real estate – all part of the game. The final look you achieve is not necessarily “you” as much as the product of your fastidious attempts to manipulate the physical body into a semblance of what you are “supposed” to look like.

All the while, the deepest inner workings of your being – the stuff of true intimacy – can still remain locked behind a porcelain-white smile that stretches more and more tightly as you age.

Unfortunately this trend of “style before substance” seems to have all but devastated the face of modern music as well…

It seems in general that TV and film has become the predominant entertainment medium that still makes any money these days. The “MTV formula” has certainly increased the physical attractiveness of the people who succeed in the industry – lusty half-naked female supermodels and dance-choreographed male-model “boy bands” – but the quality has plummeted considerably.

If you look at the list of [the] top-selling albums, particularly as you get up into the highest number of units sold, the bulk of what you see is from pre-MTV days. I have a friend who is a digital artist in Venice and is just over 18 years old, and he grew up in a world in which “(new) Music Sucks” and the only answer is to go backwards in time.

Many others are the same way – the Craft of songwriting has increasingly suffered in the face of get-rich-quick formula bands. Now you have the astoundingly popular American Idol capitalizing on a more human side of music – “reality TV” meets pop – but more often than not, I am told, the repertoire they are performing is from this same ‘Classic’ pre-MTV phase.




Greed and corruption destroyed the music industry once MTV got the corporations more interested in how a singer looked than their level of talent. It became more about celebrity and less about soul.

This was never clearer than with the Milli Vanilli fiasco, where two perfectly buffed-out guys, with feminine faces and long hair, couldn’t even sing their own music. I remember those guys on MTV and how popular they were with their hit, “Girl You Know It’s True,” before the scandal broke. 




The failed economy has led an entire generation to feel like they don’t have to pay for their music. This is actually bad karma, and unfortunately when you do this you are forcing your Higher Self to balance you out by having losses in some other area.

I understand why it’s being done, but you are ultimately only answerable to yourself in the higher sense — no one else.

The music industry certainly is not without blame, as formulae took the place of inspiration. If a particular band has a song that’s a hit, you want all their other songs to sound the same so you have a better chance of getting it to work again.

Furthermore, the profits work better if you create a lot of “one-hit wonders” who never make any money because they sign deals for three records before they see any real return. Just keep giving the public something “new” and collecting all the money as you maneuver each glittery new star hugely into the limelight.

Still not satisfied with your investment? You can eventually cash in on the Greek-tragedy boom-and-bust stories of your proteges with VH1 “Behind the Music” documentaries and reunion tours where they play all their old songs again.  




Remember — by meeting these artists in person with my father, I got a stronger view of this system than most people ever do, and the human tolls behind the scenes.

Life on the road is very, very hard, very disorienting, and the next thing you know you’re a has-been.



In this next article from April 13, 2007, I gave examples of how the practice of ‘schadenfreude’ — taking pleasure in the misfortune of others — is falling apart in our society. The examples I gave in this article included Fox pulling all copies of a book written by OJ Simpson, entitled “If I Did It”:



The FOX corporation will unquestionably go down in history as the most shameless propaganda arm of the New World Order in these times — as this latest art from David Dees of lampoons.

There are only five major media corporations running most of the show in America, and through a great deal of the rest of the world, as we’ve just seen… but FOX sank to despicable new lows when they planned a major profit-seeking campaign around the O.J. Simpson murders. 

Early in the process of writing our book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, my co-author very much wanted to catch the attention of Judith Regan and get her to follow the story.

It was well known that her ReganBooks imprint, a division of the publishing mega-giant HarperCollins, which in turn is a division of Rupert Murdoch’s Orwellian-titled “News Corporation”, which most people just call FOX, was the biggest game in town.

Having been acquitted of these crimes in the first trial but then found guilty in the second, OJ seemed to have a guilty conscience and was ready to tearfully confess… so he proceeded to spell out exactly what happened in diabolical detail.

FOX was ready to profit handsomely from every step of this process. Hundreds of thousands of books were printed, a major television broadcast was ready to roll, and undoubtedly FOX expected that movies and other big-media deals would follow.

Yet, in a miraculous turn of events, the public outcry against this most odious form of schadenfreude — the complete commercialization of a sadistic murder by a major media figure — was so overwhelming that FOX was forced to recall and destroy every copy of every book they published, cancel the television special and fire the formerly-invincible Judith Regan.

Furthermore, it was revealed that OJ was paid a very large sum of money for his confession (not surprisingly,) and was ultimately forced to return all this money to the family of the victim.


This next excerpt from the same piece shows how this same social trend affected shock-jock radio personality Don Imus:

My freshman-year college exposure to hip-hop music was an experience I could draw on years later to understand how a euphemism like “nappy-headed ho” could become quite commonplace in the young African-American community… to the point that Don Imus, who apparently was working with African-American kids regularly, heard it often enough that he thought he could get away with saying it on the air.



In a matter of days, Imus was fired from his job at MSNBC and from his radio show on CBS. This is equally as substantial a media and cultural event as the unprecedented blocking of OJ’s tell-all confessional book from ever being released, after hundreds of thousands of units had been printed, followed by the highly surprising firing of Judith Regan from her once-invincible corporate position.



The above passages reveal that Michael’s death may well signal the end of an entire era. The stratospheric corporate success he created has come full circle, and his death is merely the exclamation point of what we already knew. 

There will not be a comeback tour. The fortunes cannot be replaced in any sudden, last-minute amazing stunt. The profit-taking heyday of the 70s and 80s — along with the relative blindness of our society — has forever ended. The public is evolving into something new and different, and the old guard does not know how to handle it.

In truth, we are finally learning not to project our God Reflex onto others, but to turn it back to ourselves and promote our own growth and development. In so doing, the corporations, governments and militaries that once blossomed around our ‘Gods’ of the past are crumbling to ruin.

Indeed, as the Thriller video illustrates, when we project our God Reflex onto others — such as the planetary elite who were once the darlings of government, commerce and military — we appear as monsters to them, demanding more and more of their vital energy. What was the first line Michael says in the Thriller video? “Honestly, we’re out of gas.”

These intense demands, in turn, cause the majority of them to transform into the very monstrosities we projected — and they invariably crumble from the loss of connection with the soul, the Muse, the female in the Thriller video. This effect is now happening all around us with the negative elite, whom we are finally seeing as the monsters our projections had turned them into.

Once we do the healing within ourselves, and can find the beauty, love and majesty that lies within, we will no longer seek God in a government, nation, film actor, musician, celebrity or partner. That is precisely the message we deliver in Wanderer Awakening — identifying the problem and also showing you precisely how to deal with it.

Here’s one of the pivotal turning-point songs dealing with this Egoic death we must endure and evolve from:





The last time such a combination of highly public figures died in close proximity to each other was in 1997, when Mother Theresa’s heart gave out on September 5th — six days after Princess Di’s tragic death. 

That was twelve years ago — and of course in the Chinese Zodiac, these cycles are believed to have significant impact, with the same events repeating themselves as the ‘wheel of karma’ turns in each successive cycle. 

The same paparazzi overload that may have led to the death of Princess Di is also cited as the key factor that led to Michael Jackson’s increasing mental breakdown and withdrawal into himself. Yet the deeper problem lies within humanity itself.

As long as we continue to put people on pedestals, only to turn on them when they do not behave as we like and create such a high demand for seeing them humiliated and defamed, we will perpetuate the problem.

If there’s such huge money to be made in chasing people around, right up to and including their death, then there will always be those who eagerly will take it. 



We’ve barely begun to explore how symbolic and interconnected these two high-profile deaths are with many, many other changes occurring in our society at this time. Of course, the events in Iran are of strong interest. 



I also had a stunning dream about Michael’s death two weeks before it happened. I can’t change the fact that I didn’t publicize it in advance, but there were other very important points the dream made that have NOT yet come true, but very likely will. 

Many of the clues have been laid out already… and things will get a lot more interesting in Part Two. So stay tuned!

By the way… if you have a talent making videos and would like to do versions of songs like “You Fly” or “All Alone” from your legally-obtained copy of Wanderer Awakening, now is your chance.

We are looking for content incorporating, as appropriate, footage of Iran’s revolution, the martyrdom of Neda (not including the blood-rising videos at those moments), similar uprisings against — and failures of — America’s Fox / Neocon negative elite, and the parallels between Diana, Michael, Farrah and Perez getting punched in the face also of potential interest.




Of course, we have great videos already made, such as those we’ve linked to, and if those authors wish to do re-edited versions of their videos to incorporate these elements, we will lift the six-video limit for Wanderer Awakening owners for this purpose.

What I like is that our society is increasingly healing the wounds that have caused us to demonize entire races with our projections. We are increasingly seeing them as people, not as monsters or demons. We do the healing in ourselves and we no longer need external adversaries to teach us to subvert the egoic mind:




In the meantime, I appeared on two radio shows this past week… Myth or Logic Radio on Wednesday, in a two-hour, commercial-free show, and Whistleblower Radio with Project Camelot on Thursday, which was frequented with commercial interruptions but nonetheless featured exceptional content we managed to squeeze in between the cracks.

Both are highly recommended! Transcripts will follow. Both shows touch on elements that I’ve alluded to here as well as many other topics… including the evolving story of 2012 and its significance.

If you like these shows, we invite you to check out the products available on this website. This is still our main means of support and we’ve taken a hard hit this month in sales, likely due to how little time I had to devote to writing new articles. 

I wrote about the early development stages of Wanderer Awakening in “Servings from the LA Soup Kitchen,” one of the first major blog articles I wrote since arriving here. I got to read all of this again while putting the research for this piece together.




It is a wonderful feeling of relief to know that we have now completed this epic musical, of incredible quality, and that you can hear it within minutes from now with a few simple clicks!

Once we have a finished script — and ultimately a finished film — of CONVERGENCE, I will then know that perhaps my two most important gifts to humanity will have been accomplished.



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