Saturday 7 / 18 / 09 [Updated Monday!]

Announcing our 9/11-13 Toronto conference, a major overview of what we’ve been doing these last several weeks (with pics), and another classic radio show with David covering politics, 2012, the Pyramid Timeline, crop circles and much, much more!


The people I’ve spoken with in the last several weeks are some of the most influential ‘insiders’ ever to emerge from the UFO cover-up.  I’ve been on the front lines, making things happen, getting people talking, and going out into the public doing conferences to get the word out.

Since many of you have asked, I’m going to give you all the details right here. Then we’ll launch into a transcript of a recent radio appearance I had with Project Camelot, the day before we met one of the most important whistleblowers we’ve ever encountered.

I apologize in advance as this article has become huge in size. Nonetheless, stick with me, as there is some very, very fascinating new information in here — and it really does need to be presented as a single unit for you to get the full scope of it.

Never in my life have I been this productive before. Lots of new content is being generated. Television deals, movie deals and book deals are all in the works, and this is not a fantasy — it takes a great deal of time to work on these things, and my presence here has suffered for it.

Hundreds of emails have come in asking what’s going on, what I’m up to, et cetera, so I’ll share a bit with you now.

Here’s the most humorous example of the kind of feedback we’ve been getting. The all-caps / shouting subject line WHERE ARE YOU jumped out, as a confrontational but humorous accusation, from the stack of incoming emails:




I have been doing more traveling, and more public appearances, than ever before in my life — and it’s been a wonderful ride. I thank all of you for your continuing interest and support in making all this possible — as if you didn’t show up, then I couldn’t be there in the first place.

The events now in play, some of which I cannot yet talk about, will all have the result of allowing this message to reach much larger numbers of people.

Our deal for “The 2012 Enigma” book is just about ready to be signed, with a January 2010 release date in hardcover — and I am very grateful for that. I will be starting full-scale production on this manuscript very shortly, in whatever time I can create in my schedule. The other projects are progressing equally well.



As you know, I recently did a full-weekend conference in New York that went very well — including sixteen hours of lecture time and at least twelve different songs from Wanderer Awakening that I sung in front of a live audience.



This was the first time I’d ever performed my own vocal music in front of an audience. The vibe was slightly tense for me, because I also was lecturing all day long — and typically you want to rest your voice all day for a vocal performance. I was admittedly asking quite a bit of myself.

The danger, of course, is that if you push yourself too far, you lose your voice — and at that point you really can’t sing. Eventually you may lose the ability to speak clearly as well.

This happened to me one year at the Conscious Life Expo when I was manning my own booth selling CDs of “What is My Purpose”, before we turned it into an MP3 download. Everyone was trying to talk to me and I had to talk over the noise in the room… and that quickly destroyed my ability to speak. It took 2-3 days to get my voice back and in the meantime I sounded quite literally like death.

Furthermore, the sore throat that is created by vocal irritation, at least in my body, seems to be the ideal vector for sickness to enter — particularly when you’re also taking an inevitably germy airplane flight to get to and from the venue. In many, many cases, these trips would leave me sick for two weeks afterwards, unable to function — and this is the main reason why I’ve been so risk-averse about conferences in the past.

I honestly didn’t know if I would hold together for those songs in New York or whether my voice would crack, break or lose pitch — but I was delighted that my performance came across quite well, with only a very few number of fleeting mistakes, which most non-musicians wouldn’t even have noticed.

Knowing how intensely exacting Larry is about being on pitch — almost to super-human levels — and how many times we worked through certain parts of our songs in the studio, I was delighted that my ‘maiden voyage’ as a lead singer went over so well — I sounded almost as good as our studio versions!

The audience exploded into applause after every song, hooting and cheering with intensity. It was great to have Larry at my left and my mother, an experienced keyboard player and vocalist, at my right — performing music that I directly helped to compose. What a weekend!

The trick seems to be having the down-time in the two-hour breaks between sections where I go back to my room and don’t end up talking to anyone. The voice recovers very quickly if you just stop using it for periods of time.



I’m happy to report that in addition to other upcoming events, we’re doing the big weekend extravaganza all over again in Toronto on Friday, September 11th through Sunday the 13th. We have already posted the ticket-ordering area on the site, and a few people have pre-emptively signed up without any information — but I am only just now getting around to announcing it. That’s how busy I’ve been!




We have incredible demand in Canada, and this is the first event of its kind we’ve ever done there. Plus, I still have 120 dollars in Canadian cash someone sent me in the mail as a donation, so I can splurge a bit once I’m there.

However, I’ve so enjoyed having it in my wallet and showing it to people — as I now also have 200 Euros and 80 Swiss Francs hanging out in there — that maybe I won’t spend it after all. It’s a good reminder that money is nothing more than colorful-looking paper that we collectively decide is valuable!

Although no two events are ever alike, for now I am sticking with the same basic outline and schedule that worked so well in New York. So here we go:



Friday, 7-10 PM: Introduction:

Meet David Wilcock, Larry Seyer, David’s mother (15 mins. ea.)

David’s personal story — Edgar Cayce connection, dreams and synchronicities, psychic readings, current breakthroughs, background on Wanderers (1 hr.)

First set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live — David entertains you as a lead singer!

(You will hear the music as well as behind-the-scenes production notes from David and Larry regarding the story behind each song, and how it fits into the overall archetypal story of the Wanderer, or ET / Angelic soul.)



Saturday, 10A-12 PM: Atlantean Science Revisited:

Edgar Cayce Readings on Atlantis / Ra-Ta

Law of One Series on Ra’s involvement with Egypt and Atlantis

Worldwide evidence of ancient civilizations — pyramids, ruins, artifacts, written legends

The Global Grid — how all these ancient sites are interconnected in a living energy grid that shapes the Earth, and has multi-dimensional properties

Carl Munck’s Code — worldwide ancient structures are built to mathematically encode their latitude and longitude positions with extreme precision, providing you put the Prime Meridian in Egypt — proving they were part of a coordinated, ancient worldwide building effort

Pyramid technology — including breakthrough modern Russian discoveries — healing, consciousness enhancement, weather modification, stabilizing against Earth Changes

Secret societies’ ancient Atlantean knowledge — Illuminati, Freemasons, Founding Fathers of the United States, Great Seal on the dollar bill, et cetera

Stargate technology, Time travel, Looking Glass devices — and their connection to 2012!

Great Pyramid Timeline — what does the future hold?


Saturday, 2-5 PM: The “Source Field”:

Exploration of the “time field” — time as a three-dimensional domain

Proof for the existence of a fluid-like ‘aether’ flowing into our reality through the time field

Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ — sacred geometry in the time field, how it applies to quantum mechanics

What’s the Matter — Comprehensive new investigation of properties of physical matter, how transmutation is possible

Consciousness science — laboratory evidence that our thoughts are united in the Source Field

DNA as a Wave — examination of biology as an emergent Source Field phenomenon

DNA Reshuffling — how DNA from one species can be re-arranged to build another


Saturday, 7-10 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part I … and the 2nd Wanderer Awakening performance:

Interplanetary Climate Change — how our entire Solar System is energetically transforming

A New View of Earth Changes — studies of Earth Changes unrelated to fossil fuel emissions

Cycles of Spontaneous Evolution in the fossil record — how it works and why it is happening again

Galactic Energy Fields — why we’re moving into a new zone of energy in the galaxy and what it will do

Connection between galactic energy fields, DNA and spontaneous evolution

Indigo children phenomenon as sign of change

Proof of human evolution already undergoing rapid changes at this time

Solid scientific link between our position in the galaxy and concomitant effects upon our consciousness

Second set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live on-stage!


Sunday, 10-12 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part II / Group Meditation & Visionary Experience:

Ancient religious and spiritual prophecies regarding a Shift of the Ages

Roswell and the Dawn of the Modern UFO Phenomenon

1950s Contactee Testimonies and Prophecies of 2012 and Interplanetary Climate Change

A new look at Biblical prophecies supporting the Spontaneous Event Hypothesis

Comprehensive analysis of Law of One prophecies regarding 2012 — what is expected to happen?

Dreams and visions of a world beyond 2012 — using dreams for spiritual guidance, activating your personal connection with your Higher Self

Group meditation / reading, shared visionary experience, ecstatic ‘toning’

Sunday, 2-5 PM: Audience Q&A, Final Wanderer Awakening Performance:

Questions and answers from audience members (1 hr.)

Final Wanderer Awakening performance / discussion (1 hr.)

Audience interaction and networking, Meet the Speakers (1 hr.)


Don’t get lost in the details. The point is that all of these elements are put together in a dazzling synopsis that is so far-reaching and cosmic it is a life-changing event for everyone. No one is disappointed at these events, and for good reason — it is a completely new way of looking at the world, at yourself, and at your own imminent future!



This event will be at the Days Hotel and Conference Center — Toronto Airport East. Mention that you are with the Divine Cosmos group for a special per-night discount rate of 99 dollars for single OR double occupancy (plus taxes).

Our rate is a discounted, pay-one-price, all-included fee. There are no hidden charges for ‘workshops’ that inflate your base rate once you arrive. With our rate at 295 US dollars per person and the room at 99 dollars Canadian a night, you can hit off the whole thing for 500 bucks if you drive in. And if you have a friend in Toronto, fuhgeddaboutit.

If you are flying in, some people have gotten excellent deals by bundling their airline tickets together with the hotel stay through services such as Orbitz, so you may want to try that.

All guests receive complimentary airport shuttle service (and the airport is right nearby) and / or free vehicle parking on site… plus access to a sunlit indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, fitness room and garden courtyard. And they’ll even come clean up after your mess every morning in the room!

There is a restaurant in the hotel that seats 80 people for dinner, but we are also right next to a mall that has restaurants — and there are other restaurants within walking distance as well.

Parking for non-registered guests is $4.50 Canadian per car per day. You can call to book your reservation at 416-249-8171.

If you stay in the hotel both nights, you can check out Sunday morning before the 10AM lecture starts, store your luggage and head out any time after 4PM when the last Wanderer Awakening performance ends. After that, we have our informal audience-interaction meet-and-greet social hour before the event concludes.



Tickets will be sold on this website on a first-come, first-served basis, and the room cannot hold that many, so if you are interested, it would be very wise to jump in now rather than waiting until the last minute.

Any problems with ordering via our online system can be addressed by emailing the webmaster, as instructed on the order page.

Your ticket and nametag will have your own private access number and your full name on it. Print and cut out your nametag before leaving, and we will provide you with the plastic holder for it when you arrive.

[Please note… if you wish to bring your spouse, partner or friend along with you, it is important that you log in again and create a unique account for each person. After you book your own ticket, log out of the system and then create a new username and password for your friend. Otherwise, you will have duplicate tickets, and thus appear to not have paid more than once. If you have any problems, contact the webmaster.]

If you are serious about signing up and have any questions about the event that are unrelated to the technical issues of filling out your order online, you can contact our organizer Marta at [email protected] This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
or leave a voicemail at 561-543-3792.

We do not provide travel agent services for booking air or ground transportation to and from the event. Reasonable refund requests will be honored should you have problems arise, but please don’t wait until the last minute.






I had prepared my film partner Billy for the worst after the New York Convergence event. I had barely gotten finished with what appeared to have been the swine flu before I left — arguably the most brutal illness I’ve had in my entire life — and had no idea if my health would be OK.

After all, earlier this year I did two conferences in two weeks while I was ill, and I ultimately got so sick in the aftermath of the International UFO Congress that I felt like I was going to die. My left tonsil swelled up so much that it almost choked off my breathing.

As I journaled here in David’s Blog, the spiritual lesson was obviously related to forgiving people who I felt had hurt me, and learning to be OK with going out in public and doing events. If I could do events that sick, and get through them without much trouble and still give an excellent performance, then I should be a lot happier than I usually was when I did events in a healthy state.

Apparently I still was too negative, stressed-out, lacking in forgiveness and introverted as a person after the first sickness, so right after I filmed a major network television spot that will hopefully be coming out in November, barring any interference, I got the swine flu.

I was absolutely, deathly ill for over a week. I had just pulled out of it when I headed off to the New York Convergence, and was still dealing with incredible back pain when I arrived.



Our writer was going to be in town beginning the day after I got home from New York, but in the aftermath of my devastating flu virus, I told Billy I would probably be in no shape for a meeting that day.

I could very well have found myself sick again as a result of the typical after-conference effect, when you combined the fatigue, the potential loss of my voice, the airplane germs, et cetera — and the possibility was much higher since I was just pulling out of such a horrific sickness already. So Billy knew I was off-limits for that Monday.

Although I was tired that Monday, I felt pretty good. A trusted female friend of mine came over and we caught some rays in the backyard together — I knew that sunlight is an excellent tool for rebuilding your vital energies.

Sure enough, as the day went on I felt really good. My friend offhandedly mentioned going to the Seventh Ray at one point, but I had been primarily thinking I was just going to stay home. As we kept talking, she brought up a particular German wine she had at the Ray, and how she had initially been distrustful of its quality but it turned out to be quite good.

I, of course, have been completely sober for 17 years, and when I was active I never was into drinking — so I really don’t have a frame of reference for wine other than brief tastings of it here and there. My tolerance is very, very low, so I avoid trying more than the smallest amounts. Nonetheless, I can appreciate how people could get into it, and we talked it over in some depth.



At a completely natural and spontaneous time, I decided that we would make our way down to the Seventh Ray after all. Since I didn’t feel like doing any more work, I let her drive my car, and as a result we drove slower than usual on the winding mountain roads.

Then, when we got to the restaurant, for some reason she parked way over in the lot on the far side. This caused us to have a longer walk than usual to get in. No big deal.

As I walked by the primo parking spots we had passed up, right in front of the entrance, a car pulled up that looked exactly like my film partner Billy’s vehicle. I looked away quickly, as it obviously could not have been him, and I did not want to stare. The vehicle pulled up right in front of where I was standing.

To my amazement, the window rolled down and it was Billy, poking his head out and waving in disbelief! And in the spot just one car over from his own to the left, out popped our new writer! He looked almost exactly as I had ‘remote viewed’ him to look in my meditations, which was rather surprising. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew who he was, and greeted him by name.

Billy was stunned by the synchronicity. The timing of when he pulled up and when I walked past that spot was literally down to the second. I had no idea they were going to have a meeting without me, nor did I know where the meeting would be.

That conversation we had over dinner was wonderful. It turned out that our writer had already picked out the wine he wanted from the list online, and it was exactly the same German wine that my friend had given me a whole lecture about earlier that same day!

We then found out that Billy’s partner Peggy had worked with our writer’s own writing partner, back before she’d ever even met Billy. The synchronicity just went round and round like this — and in this marvelous and sacred environment, the initial ideas for CONVERGENCE took shape.

The writer really hadn’t spoken very much with me before, and in this conversation I laid out the whole vision of what we wanted to put into the film. He was very impressed. The scope of the film, and what we were going to do with it, substantially increased that day.

This was the only film we would be able to release before the end of 2012, given production schedules we had to work with. Therefore, we had to do it right… the first time. Our writer’s other films have had quite an effect on the entire genre — you’ll know what I mean soon enough — so the potential of what we could accomplish here was certainly amazing to consider.



At our next meeting, here at Duke’s beach-side restaurant in Malibu, I handed him and his partner copies of the book I co-authored with Wynn Free entitled “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”. I don’t sell them off the website or at conferences anymore, but I still had a few sitting in a box in my closet, so I brought them along to the meeting.

Part Three of that book is a distilled proto-version of what will be in The 2012 Enigma next year — a great collection of scientific facts I put together that help make the case for human evolution occurring in sudden spurts, triggered by energetic forces that are again activating our DNA, with a likely focal-point on or around the year 2012.

Just two days later, we had another meeting at Fromin’s restaurant in Santa Monica. I was shocked to see our writer come in with the book in his hand, veritably bursting with hot-pink Post-It Notes. I had never seen anyone else put that much work into the book in such a short time… and it was a very good sign.

“David, you son of a bitch,” he said, laughingly. “I had originally thought I would only have to put about a week of my own time into writing this script. [By writing with partners he can do rewrites on their scripts, and save himself a lot of time.] But what you’ve put together here has so blown me away that you’ve now got a true life commitment from me.”

He went on to describe several different scripts and ideas he had worked on over the years but had not sold. My scientific data hit off all the points he had wanted to make in those scripts, as well as others he hadn’t even thought of. It was like the Rosetta Stone of metaphysics!

He was stunned — and it was clear that I was now on a much higher level of respect with the man than I had been before.

He also praised us for doing exactly what we said we would do. I had assured him that our community could raise the money he needed within the timeframe he needed it, and in fact that was true!

Thanks to all of you, within four days we had all the investment pledges come in that ultimately, once mailed in, allowed us to meet our commitment on time. I was suffering from the flu as these pledges came in, and that was quite an experience.

Even while I lay in a terrible state, wonderful things were happening all around me — I was just too ill to see them. It was an excellent metaphor of where so many people are stuck right now in the ‘disease of fear.’

Our writer was disappointed that he had missed the New York Convergence, as he really wanted to see me do a lecture. That was when I had a great idea… why not finance he and his partner to come out to the Canadian Rockies trip?

Sure enough, we were able to work out all the details and make it happen!



It seemed only days later that I was off to Canada for our eight-day Canadian Rockies tour. (In fact, it was about a week.) We sure did have fun together at this event… once again, I truly felt it was an exceptional experience.

I had an initiation right from the beginning, as I lost my cell phone on the shuttle bus before getting dropped off at my airport terminal. I had no way to call anyone, and when I got to the Chateau Isabella there was no ability to use my laptop wireless internet card that runs off of a cell-phone connection.

All they had at the Chateau (at the time) was a dismally-slow dial-up internet connection — far too slow and unreliable to send or receive documents of any significance — so effectively I went into a complete “blackout” from the world I knew.

Rather than seeing this ‘stripping away’ as a problem or an annoyance, I saw it as an opportunity. Now I was totally and completely ‘off the grid,’ and no one could complain about it. I had an excuse… and therefore I was completely unreachable and could fully enter into the present moment. No email, no phone calls — just the group, the woods and me. How simple… and how perfect!

I was so grateful not to be sick anymore that I could hardly wait for each new day. My body was bursting with health, and I loved being around my conference participants. The initiations I’d been through had resulted in a complete and total attitude adjustment.

There was no animosity, no feeling of a need to protect myself, nothing of the sort. I had finished everything I needed to do by the time we got to our final destination, and I could truly be present with them on this vacation journey.

We saw many beautiful places — and this shot was taken on the first full day, when we visited Lake Moraine in Banff. I jumped right up on the rocks and enjoyed the warmth of the sun with some of the other participants!




I also took time to be alone and commune with nature, of course. In this next shot I was one of the only souls brave enough to stand into the headwinds on the dock of Lake Moraine as it kept see-sawing up and down, up and down. A little bend of the knees was all it took!




A couple days later, the Blackfoot Indian Elders gave us the rare privilege of a face-painting ceremony — something rarely ever offered to Westerners. In practical terms, you come out looking like you’ve dipped your face in paint — or had a most terrible sunburn:




We also got to wear the traditional headdresses and pose for the inevitable souvenir pictures after the ceremony as well…




Among other goodies, our participants were surprised by the appearance of our new screenwriter that Wednesday. I tied in some of his films to my talk, and gave him a chance to say a few things. It definitely added ‘sizzle’ to the whole trip, and we had a marvelous group experience together. He was very, very glad he went.

In my most recent conversation with him yesterday, I discovered that the characters, personalities and events of this trip will very likely be directly realized into the CONVERGENCE script… so this conference had many different levels of meaning and significance!

You just never know what might happen when you go to one of my events. Neither do I!


I got home and had to immediately replace my missing phone once it was clear that the shuttle-bus company had not found it. The Iphone 3GS was released that same Saturday, and I went and stood in a half-hour line at the Apple Store in Woodland Hills to buy my own that following Monday.

I had completely stayed out of the Iphone game up until this point, but I was very happy with the product. Everything looks and works great, and it truly does feel like an evolution of the personal computer experience.

Admittedly, I went through hell switching over my email from a POP system to an IMAP system, where I can still work locally on my computer but everything is uploaded to the Iphone as well. Just the fact that you can even do this at all is amazing to me, as I always saw email as a major weakness since I prefer to have it all saved on my own computer.

I was soon able to reconcile Myspace and Facebook into their respective apps on the Iphone and get them working. I also sat down and banged out my complete list of contacts on the little touch-screen keyboard, which you could thankfully turn sideways and make larger. Within about three days of hell, I had everything transferred over.

For the first time I had much greater mobility. I already had the laptop and a wireless card, and that in and of itself helped a lot, but this now dramatically expanded what I could do on the spur of the moment in a given location.

Since I always carry my phone, I can always check the Net, my email, et cetera… and that makes it much easier for me to travel and not feel as if I’ve been cut off in any way.



After those eight days of good times, coming home again in great health, and having a much more robust system for leaving home while staying in touch, I definitely had the ‘itch’ to do more travel.

In the aftermath of such a wonderful shared group experience, in which a new romantic couple formed within the group amongst other blessings, (no, not one that I was involved in,) coming home to a totally empty house was quite a shock. All the work it took to get the Iphone up and running had also drained me.

So, when Kerry Cassidy let me know that a very high-ranking new witness surfaced, I immediately volunteered to finance the trip so we could go meet him. “Kerry, when guys like this show up we’ve got to take immediate action. A week from now his people might get to him and tell him to call off the whole thing. Now is the time.”

She agreed, and with my assistance we were able to pull it off. This is another example of how I consistently return the profits we generate back to you, the community, as I knew we would get some exceptional new material out of this trip.

The next thing I know, Bill Ryan also decided to fly out from Switzerland on his own dime, despite his Zurich conference coming up less than a week later.

So, this suddenly became the first full-scale Project Camelot reunion since the Ecuador conference with former NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, which I had not attended due to being overwhelmingly busy at the time — not to mention avoidant of conferences in general.

The day before we flew out to do this trip, we had a radio show together — and that’s the transcript you’re about to read below. I did not want to telegraph our moves, so we said nothing about what we were about to do on the air. Nonetheless, by this point the tickets had already been bought, the plans had already been made, they had already left some blatant clues on their website, and we were good to go.

Our contact person Doc Barham, a lifestyle coach and holistic health expert, also came along — so we ended up with a four-person crew by the time we got there. Bill’s flight landed at the same stop-over point as ours did, and we all took the final flight together.



This witness, Dr. Pete Peterson, has worked in very high-level projects in the black-ops community, and describes himself primarily as an ‘instrument maker.’ He regaled us with tales of technology far in advance of what is known in the conventional world, and had a compellingly vast knowledge of science to support his claims.

The trip was infused with magic the first morning we went to meet our witness. I was stunned to see the largest, most beautiful moth I’d ever seen in the wild right in front of me, perched on the side of the country log-cabin hotel we were staying at:




This baby had a whopping four-inch wide wingspan — maybe even five — and with a little gentle goading, we were able to get it to spread its wings and take a clean photograph with my brand-new Iphone:




This was a very good sign, as the Carlos Castenada books said the moth is a very powerful Native American symbol, representing the spirit world entering into manifestation. In all my life I’d never seen anything like this before. We left it alone, of course, but not before snapping a bunch of photographs!



I must say that in many ways, the scientific conversations I’ve had with Dr. Peterson are some of the most engaging, stunning and informative I’ve ever had. We got into such arcane subjects as trinary rather than binary computer logic systems, hexagonal Penrose tiling as the geometric basis of the hyperdimensional universe, the hidden scalar potentials in the Maxwell equations, the “information field,” and much, much more.

Based on his testimony and the massive scope of what he has done for the insiders, I feel it is safe to say that he may well be the number-one technology guru in the black-ops community. The computers we have now are a joke compared to what he had built for them years ago. You’d need about ten thousand regular computers to equal one of his… but I digress… just wait for the Camelot video to get a taste.




As he admitted on camera, his company was called Cyberdyne Systems and he worked as a ‘consultant’ for the first Terminator movie. That’s one of the most outrageous on-the-record ‘teasers’ he drops in the video. Oh, you have no idea… no idea…

Dr. Peterson was equally impressed with me. He said there was only three other people he’s ever been able to have that level of a conversation with, where they consistently offered him new things to think about that he did not already know. Two of them were in black-ops and are both now dead, and the third one — a very popular metaphysical author from the 1970s — has now fallen out of contact.



We captured video from this unique event, including an interview with him by yours truly — and this footage should be released very shortly. Among many astonishing things he shared with us, thanks to one of his inside contacts, we learned that the Obama administration has an active plan to disclose the reality of the extraterrestrial presence before the end of this year.

Television time has already been booked — and we are told that several different ET groups will be revealed, all human in appearance, with the understanding that our government has secretly been in contact with them for over 100 years now.

He was concerned that this might not happen, as all the inside power-players he used to work for would like to block it. They are NOT pleased with Obama… AT ALL. Peterson felt Obama was very lucky he had made it this far already, given how much these elements would like to see him ‘removed.’ This, to me, strongly suggests there is spiritual protection in place.

Peterson himself wasn’t particularly fond of the new administration, but his testimony was arrestingly powerful support for what I’ve been saying all along — this administration is NOT the same-old-same-old, and at least some of them are very actively working to make our world a better place.

Of course, the new administration is a mixture of positive and negative, from all different parts of the political and insider specturm. It couldn’t be any other way at this point in our history, given where we are now. That’s why it’s so easy to point out what is NOT working, and all the failures.

There is a very healthy counter-intelligence program to flood the conspiracy media on the Net with disinformation, but if the administration can pull off a Disclosure, I think much will be forgiven.

The really cool part is that if it happens as we were told, it will coincide very closely with the time that my debut network television appearance will occur. I really don’t want to say much about it in case it gets thwarted, but it increasingly looks like it’s going to happen without a hitch.

We are providing the network with CG visuals to enhance my testimony, and are currently on a crashing deadline to supply them with rough ‘animatics’ by a week from now in order to insure those sequences make it into the cut. Now is the time to sprint like hell for the finish line!



On and off the record, Pete told us that the reason he was coming forward was that he felt he had “mud on his wheel of karma”, and that some of the government jobs he did made him feel “so covered in excrement that I had to take six showers a day to try to feel clean.”

I spent two full days in the company of Dr. Peterson and did not feel he was negative, service-to-self or ‘evil’ in any way. He had performed work on national defense projects that extend our capabilities beyond that which is known to the public, but underlying all of this was a strong sense of duty to protect the people of this planet.

Admittedly, he was in a nest of vipers, and to use his words, he had to “get a degree in bastard school” in order to be able to protect himself in a very negative environment. Nonetheless, I never got the sense he was a negative person — merely that he had learned how to safeguard himself in a highly competitive, in-fighting and distrustful community.

Dr. Peterson has been told that some ET groups are negative, and actively work to subvert humanity. Although he has retired, he still provides services to the “government” community (as he calls it) because he feels we would be jeopardized without his help.

We shot at least three hours of video, and there are some extended conversations I have with him during this process regarding the ‘information field.’ You will not want to miss this one — trust me!

We left for this trip on June 26th and returned on Tuesday, June 30th. That same day, we did another radio show from the airport, which has not yet been transcribed. The environment was very disruptive — we had Hare Krishnas chanting and banging drums in the background and the phones kept cutting out.



Until Disclosure actually happens, hardly anyone will believe it was possible. Nonetheless, we have a real infrastructure in place to make it a reality. I have been invited to all the Exopolitics conferences going on and thus far have not had the time to accept — but these events are becoming increasingly noticed in the media.

Dr. Steven Greer is one of the players who has consistently been pushing for Disclosure — and we’re also seeing increasingly publicized moves from other groups as well, including those headed by the “UFO Lawyer,” Steve Bassett.

Not long ago I pointed out that even the major networks — including FOX — seem to be preparing us for a major announcement.

This may not seem like much to the conventional world now, but in the aftermath of a disclosure, historians will be much to look back to — and those people who were the front-runners will be seen as quite prophetic. Everyone else will have to admit that they “sort of believed it was true” in order to save face and not appear to have been so ignorant of what should have been obvious.

Somehow, I highly doubt it will happen this year — call it my own internal skeptic — but then again, sudden and amazing things DO happen in this world. And it would be a real shame for us NOT to have disclosure prior to 2012, given how much of a consciousness shift it would create for everyone.

The case for Disclosure will certainly be helped along by an event where Dr. Greer and I will both be keynote speakers for the very first time together — Dr. Chet Snow’s 2009 ‘Secrets’ conference in Phoenix, Arizona!




If I get the opportunity I will definitely bring up the Peterson story with Dr. Greer in this forum, as well as the Henry Deacon testimony. It should be quite the experience — especially the “off-the-record” discussions that will be happening when we are NOT on stage!



I got back home from the Midwest the evening before I went to pick up my mother at the airport for her annual birthday visit, as she was born on July 5th, the day after Independence Day.

I was now in the swing of a much more active, dynamic lifestyle, and having Mom stop by for a while made the whole experience a lot smoother and easier to integrate.

However, it is also true that her presence was relaxing enough that I was less prone to write anything here on the website — but I really needed a breather. The same morning she left was the morning I headed out for Switzerland, so there was literally no time in my schedule where I was home alone.



Later in the week, Mom and I had dinner with Jay, my visual-effects director, and Raphael, a representative from the Gnomon visual effects school here in Los Angeles.

There is a possibility that we will get direct assistance from Gnomon on our next free Internet video, the sequel to 2012 Enigma, as they are starting their own production house and can use the work and the publicity. It was a very heady and exciting conversation.

While we had dinner at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, outdoors on a fairly brisk night, a lone, cold honeybee zoomed in for a landing on our tablecloth, and made his presence very obviously known.




Since we’re always on the lookout for symbolism, Jay asked me what the honeybee represented. I reminded him that the honeybee is an ancient symbol of death — the afterlife. Specifically it refers to ghosts and other such manifestations from the world beyond into our own reality.

Jay equated this with the Illuminati, and I said this could very well be true — we had just been discussing them when the bee first landed. I pointed out the fact that it was now alone and not doing well, clearly freezing, and effectively on its last legs. It could not reach the hive to return home and was in trouble.

Yes… very apropos indeed! In light of the impending disclosure we heard about from Dr. Peterson, and so many other signs I keep writing about and observing in the world, I saw this little honeybee as an excellent symbol of the increasingly-isolated and fearful New World Order.

As Jay chewed on this concept, the honeybee crawled towards him on the tablecloth. It then turned its back on him as it reached the edge and deposited a big poop on the white tablecloth!

I started laughing and laughing, and pointed out how symbolic this was — it’s about all they can do now in light of all the transformation that is occuring. A final act of defiance on their way out the door. We all laughed!

As soon as everyone was laughing, the honeybee spontaneously took off in flight. In his search for light, heat and safety — for a way Home — he vectored in directly on the tea-light candle that was in the center of the table. He flew inside the narrow-mouthed glass that held it — narrow at the top and wider as it went down. Almost like a Pyramid missing a capstone.

Once inside the glass, he flew one complete circle around the perimeter, and was unable to fly up and out of there since the mouth of the glass tapered inward. The laughs tapered off as we watched this unfolding in front of us.

Defiantly, the bee rammed himself against the ‘glass ceiling’ in an attempt to escape. No luck!

His body shot directly into the hot wax inside the tea light.

He was killed instantly.

We all had stopped talking and watched this whole thing happen, in a matter of seconds, right after I pointed out the humorous symbolism of the bee pooping on the tablecloth.

The suddenness of his death shocked us, as there was no twitching, no convulsions — he plunged directly into the scalding-hot wax, and was instantly seared to death.

So many things have happened since then that I had forgotten about this — but thankfully Jay reminded me of it last night. I was truly amazed at how well all these symbols fit together.



My flight departed from LAX on July 7th, and it began with a five-and-a-half-hour jump over to JFK. There I met up with Dan Burisch, another whistleblower who allegedly worked with MJ-12 and had personal interaction with a captive ET as part of his work, along with his partner Marcia McDowell. We were all slated to sit next to each other on the final leg of the journey.

Burisch is certainly a controversial figure, but I do feel he is presenting the truth as he experienced it and as it was told to him. He had recently reconciled with his birth family, and as a result had gotten new proof that he had indeed graduated from the universities he said he had — and this was important, as his detractors have often tried to assert that many of his claims were false, including his education.

Indeed, his records were ‘scrubbed’ from the official academic reports, but he had audiotaped proof of him receiving his graduate diploma, as well as his graduation tassel and other such forms of evidence. He also shared a terrible secret with me — one that I never thought would become public.

He was in tears as he spelled out the terrible price he had paid in order to fully leave Majestic — the group he had worked for. I was in shock. I never expected anyone else would hear of this.

Our emotional exchange took place at the gate as we waited for boarding. The flight was delayed, as they so often are, but we eventually took flight after a painful three-hour wait on the tarmac.

From that point, we had an eight and a half hour flight across the Atlantic to Zurich. I did not know whether I could handle such a long flight, so on one level this trip was a provisional experiment in determining whether or not international travel was truly feasible. I made the best of my time on the plane, and since I brought work with me it really didn’t seem so bad.

I cashed in a 100-dollar Euro note for Swiss Francs, as well as 120 dollars in American cash. Dan and Marci got some Swiss cash as well, and we were good to go.

Bill was waiting for us in the airport and we were chauffered directly to our destination, which wasn’t that far of a drive. It was the first time I’d ever seen Europe, and although it was different, it was not unfamiliar.



I slept quite well when I finally got to our hotel — the Gruelich — in downtown Zurich. The room was very strange — the bathroom was partitioned off by a pane of frosted glass that did not go all the way up to the ceiling, and the fixtures inside were unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

The faucets on the sink, bathtub and shower were all chrome, with little metallic pegs coming out from a circular area. You had to pull up on the pegs to get the water flowing. Other pegs in the shower allowed you to take a wand that the water came out of, and clamp it into position. I was not conscious enough to figure this out the first time, and thus had to take a handheld shower before I crashed.

I awoke feeling somewhat refreshed a few hours later, and it was still daylight — barely. I stumbled into my first dinner at the restaurant in the Gruelich, and I admittedly wasn’t crazy about paying 54 Swiss francs — basically 54 dollars — for a halibut entree as one part of my 84-franc dinner, once you included the tip. It was the biggest little meal I’d ever had.

It was even weirder eating alone in a restaurant where everyone was dressed better than I was, and speaking in a language I could not understand. I did get a few odd looks, which further made me realize I’m not in Kansas anymore.

I then headed out with Bill, Dr. Brian O’Leary and his wife and had another dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. There, I could knock out two entrees for about 32 francs — and I needed it, as the Gruelich’s food was ultra-highbrow gourmet, so of course you get anorexic-sized portions of everything. By the time I polished off my third entree I was satisfied after all those hours of flying and airplane food.

And the next morning, we headed out for our first and only chance to see the Swiss Alps — at a marvelous historic preservation park known as Ballenberg.



As you can see from the pictures, Ballenberg was a pretty amazing place. The Swiss government wanted to preserve buildings from all different times and places in their history — and in many cases they were painstakingly moved from their original location to this park.

The first building you see is also the oldest — and here’s a view of it from the side as you’re first coming in:




As these next three images can attest, the pristine, natural setting was the ultimate place to experience the beauty of nature:








I was particularly enamored with the fact that you could go right inside the buildings, touch the tools, handle the clothes and do whatever you wanted. There were no ropes blocking anything off and no staff to hang out under the assumption that you might try to steal something.




It was very refreshing to be in a country where the minimum wage was 3000 Swiss francs per month — no one made less than that — and therefore they did not have to worry about theft. It certainly meant that things were not cheap, but all was forgiven in the beauty of Ballenberg.

Throughout the park, natural artesian wells were converted into drinking fountains. And believe me — the water that came out of these fountains was the sweetest, purest, most amazingly energized water I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. What a treat!





No one knew this, but thanks to the financial support of a friend, Camelot’s three-years-running insider witness Henry Deacon was able to fly over to Zurich to join me as my roommate.

In case you are new to this, Henry Deacon may, as I have said, be the most important whistleblower ever to come forward. At the level he worked at, there is no compartmentalization — you are more or less entrusted to know everything that is going on.

It is a wild story that stretches credulity almost to the breaking point, but after two years of extensive interaction with him, I can validate that he is an extremely trustworthy and reliable indvidual.

I have tried repeatedly to ask the same questions and get different answers, but he has remained very consistent. He also was extremely reluctant to come forward, was living on disability, and had no profit or fame motives that I could discern. His evasiveness on certain subjects was often frustrating, even exasperating, but this is typical for someone who is trained in security procedures.

In his various assignments for the covert world, he became aware of ‘ancient’ stargate systems like you see in Contact, Stargate and 2001, as well as ‘modern’ systems that instantaneously transport you from point A to point B. Bill Ryan had dubbed this a ‘jumproom’, but we now have clarified that it was simply referred to as “The Corridor.”

‘Henry’ alleges that he used this ‘Corridor’ to travel to a base on Mars, which has a total of 270,000 ‘personnel.’ Of these personnel, only 10,000 are people born on Earth. He would often have meetings in which human beings born on other planets were part of a conference about various work that was being developed.

He has no idea how many species he saw or interacted with, as there was little conversation amongst them — but he estimates there to have been more than 45 different types. Every one of them looked more or less like we do, with the only differences being in height (1.5 to 15 feet) and skin color (almost every color represented, largely in pastel hues.)

He only saw these other species in meetings where they gathered just long enough to receive a briefing from a team leader, and interact with him. The other ‘people’ were almost always telepathic in their conversation.



This commonality of the human form is consistent with what my scientific research has uncovered regarding DNA — namely that it is not a random accident on this planet, but a highly advanced structure that is written into the background ‘energy’ of the galaxy itself.

Russian scientists such as Dr. Peter Gariaev have absolutely confirmed that DNA is an end-product of a wave that exists in the structure of energy itself. The energy exerts a gentle pressure that will spiral molecules in a given area into lifeforms, quite naturally. We live in a biological universe — what some have called the “Goldilocks Principle” is no accident.

Evolution is a programmed, intelligently-determined process that is managed by the galaxy, which is referred to as the ‘Logos’ in the Law of One series. This is the only intuitively-derived source I’ve ever found that corroborates all the most accurate witness testimonies.

What is of greatest interest to us now is that at certain pivotal moments, a given planet of humans experiences a sudden, massive evolutionary ‘quantum leap’.

This is an energetically-triggered process and we are already experiencing the initial effects of it now, and have been since 1936, according to the Law of One series. This is where “Thoughts become things,” and it accounts for the decisive rise in cancer and negativity on the planet since that time. Cancer, of course, is a physical-body manifestation caused, in part, by thoughts of anger and stress.

On the positive side, many more people are having ‘awakening’ experiences. As I’ve said, I get hundreds of emails a week with people describing outrageous stories similar to what was happening to me in the 1990s, when all of this really kicked into high gear.

The events unfolding on the Earth now are meant to be scary, to help shock us into an awareness of our need for greater love and support of each other, but it is not at all taking us in a ‘doom and gloom’ direction. There is an urgent need for the positive to be voiced, but unfortunately the scholarship needed to articulate this point is much, much harder to come by than the plethora of apocalyptic personalities in the metaphysical field.



Bill wasn’t sure Henry’s arrival was a good idea, and had initially resisted it. A bit of an insider scuffle took place in which both Kerry and I agreed it was better to have him come along, and trust that it would all work out. I didn’t mind having him as a roommate, and it was also the first time we’d be able to meet in person.

Bill initially described it as a ‘fait accompli’ and wasn’t happy about it. He was concerned about the potential repercussions of bringing in ‘Henry’ to this situation. Too many variables — too unpredictable. Nonetheless, Henry wanted to do it and so did I. The matter was settled.

Little did I know how valuable this would turn out to be. Ultimately Bill came up to me, with tears in his eyes, and thanked me for trusting my gut on this one, as I was totally right to have made that call. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.



Dan Burisch, Marcia McDowell, Bill and I taped a three-hour video for right after we got back from Ballenberg and picked up Henry Deacon. Henry had no interest in coming forward and was not in the room during the taping.

Admittedly, the entire video that night became a Dan Burisch video. I shared some of my own testimony and viewpoint very succintly at the beginning, in no more than 2-3 minutes, but then became an initially passive participant within a very detailed and intricate discussion that Dan was the center of.

After about an hour I decided I should jump in and become more active as a participant by asking Dan questions. Ultimately I was able to get Dan to say things on film, and explain himself and some of the core aspects of his work, in greater and more understandable detail than has ever been captured before.

We covered his involvement with interdimensional beings of light that seem very much like a manifestation of Ra — including the fact that the only word the first being said to him was “ADONAI.”

We also went into the methods through which the insiders detect vortex points on the Earth’s surface. I found it a fascinating discussion, as it also involved Dan’s work in generating life from non-living rocks he procured from Frenchman Mountain. I have compiled a variety of evidence that supports the same concept.

The video evolved into a detailed, intense and technical discussion between Dan and me. I know as much of his testimony as anyone, and was able to get real ‘juice’ out of him at this point. Nonetheless, by the time we hit our stride, it was already nearly midnight. Bill was falling asleep, the camera crew was tired, and it wasn’t the right time to go on.

On Bill’s insistence, we suddenly finished up — and I was concerned about how things were going to go the next day. Dan is a real person, not an entertainer or a stage personality… and his method of offering testimony comes in fast and furious, with lots of careful hedging, technical jargon, and words that say things without really saying them.

As I said during the video, he never gives you an introductory overview — you have to already be a Dan Burisch expert in order to understand any Dan Burisch testimony. There is no book, no synopsis, no one place you can go to get the whole thing.

The closest you can get to it at this point is his original interview with Camelot, where Kerry’s aggressive manner was able to keep him switching through topics and keeping the testimony fairly succinct.

I knew there was going to be big trouble with the audience the next day — particularly because his testimony was all going to be translated from English into German. Most of what he said on the video was very technical, and the most interesting material (in my opinion) did not appear until after the first two hours.



With all the jet lag I was going through, sleep needed to happen whenever and however possible. I was disappointed to have strolled in late — that Friday at the Volkshaus, after Bill’s talk had already started — but it was also really cool to have “Henry Deacon” right next to me. Since he had never come forward, no one knew who he was. We had given him an alias as my “Uncle Mark,” and everyone bought it. No one suspected a thing.

In fact, one sweet little old lady gave him quite an interrogation about “how David was as a boy,” and he awkwardly tried to avoid lying to her by saying as little as possible to maintain the cover-story.

It was a brilliant misdirection — a covert ‘op’ — and it was hilarious to have Bill referring to Henry Deacon’s testimony on stage and be sitting next to him at the same time, while Bill occasionally made eye contact with him while speaking his name.

When Bill mentioned me and pointed me out in the audience, I stood up and waved. The entire crowd swiveled to the back, the lights came up, and everyone erupted into applause and a standing ovation, more or less. Wow!

It was really clear, right then, that they were all very eager to hear me speak. I knew I was the big draw for this event, and the incredible reaction from the crowd proved it very effectively.

Bill’s talk was really quite good — I was very impressed with how he had evolved as a public speaker. He summarized a variety of different pieces of testimony.

What stood out to me was a statement he made regarding one insider, who said that the deepest reason for the UFO cover-up of all is that the ships merely act as amplifiers for the abilities we already have as people. Therefore, implicit in a disclosure is the knowledge, to humanity, that we have the potential ability to time travel, warp in and out of space, et cetera with our consciousness alone.

Lots of people wanted to talk with me when Bill’s talk ended, but I never felt pushed or overwhelmed. Nonetheless, we made our way out fairly quickly. I still needed sleep, and food, and doing both of those things was not feasible within the given conference schedule.

I also knew trouble was brewing, based on how Dan had come across the night before on video. At various times, he would be angry, saddened, defensive, evasive and highly technical. ‘Henry’ said Dan’s mannerisms totally reminded him of a military briefing — largely humorless and very serious.



By the time I went in there that Friday night — catching about the last 45 minutes — the crowd was in a dramatic state of rebellion in the non-verbal sense of the term. Everyone was shifting in their seats, stirring, making movements, chattering to each other, yawning, groaning, fidgeting, you name it. The room was hot and revolution was brewing.

These are all the behaviors that you learn to watch out for as an experienced speaker. I’ve done well over a hundred different lectures and know that this is a very, very bad sign. In fact, I’d never seen it this edgy before in my entire career. MAJOR, major warning sirens were going off all around me.

Sure enough, from where I was in the back, I had two different angry people tell me they were considering not coming back at all because of how much they were unhappy with Dan’s talk. One of them stormed out and the other one was convinced to stay when I told him that my lecture would be totally mind-blowing.

Not long after this, one of the most attractive women in the audience came up to me and aggressively asked me, “Are you going to say anything new? Anything that isn’t already on your website? ARE YOU?”

“Don’t you worry,” I replied. “I do what I do, and this is what I do best. There is a great deal of material that I put together in my lectures that you simply cannot and will not find on the website.” She seemed satisfied — and either way it was nice to have an animated, challenging conversation with an attractive woman.

“This is not looking good,” I said to dear old Uncle Mark. “I’m going to have to come in and save the day tomorrow.” I did end up giving a highly well-received talk, with over 200 slides, and the audience was very pleased. I conclusively demonstrated, with scientific evidence, that we are going through a mass consciousness shift that is promoting our collective evolution in unprecedented new ways.

That being said, I had no idea what we were getting into that night…



Before we get to what happened that night, I’ll tell you a litlte more about the morning. I had said I did not want to speak earlier than 10AM, but the schedule had me down at 9:30. I was still trying to deal with urgent issues for CONVERGENCE as a producer, along with other tasks involving the pending 2012 Enigma book deal. Plus I had ‘Uncle Mark’ keeping me involved in conversation — so sleep was not so easy to come by.

Nonetheless, I pried myself out of bed that morning, got showered and dressed, and the staff was right on time to pick me up for my talk.

The audience was more than ready to be blown away, and I delivered the goods. Being translated, one or two painful sentences at a time, forced me to be laser-precise in my lecture technique, using the absolute smallest number of words possible to make my point.

It also made me change subjects even more rapidly than I usually would, and that also makes for a very interesting and dynamic talk. Having an interpreter there forced me to go much slower than I normally would talk, and that gave everyone more time to digest and assimilate my information.




In truth, it was probably one of the better lectures I’ve given, despite using a reduced set of information that I was ready to have released into an online video. I knew there was a lot more I could tell people, but the pieces I chose to use in this talk did give a fairly good overview of the 2012 case.

I burned through three different interpreters in the course of my two major slots of time. The verbiage was technical but they stayed with me. I also kept things funny, at one point impersonating ridiculous drunkenness on stage, leaning on my interpreter, to uproarious applause. I really had a lot of fun with it.

The audience was thrilled, and I had an explosive standing ovation at the end. Then it was off to dinner break. The next event was supposed to be a panel discussion… but I guess ‘discussion’ wasn’t really what happened.



Dan and Marci had not been there for any of my talk, probably sleeping off the jet lag and enjoying Zurich on what amounted to their honeymoon as newlyweds. As a result, they had no context for what the audience had just been presented with when the panel started.

Bill had asked the audience to submit questions in writing, and the “David” stack was an inch thick. There were much smaller piles as well, including one that Bill earmarked as questions the whole panel could address. Those were the only papers he ever pulled from — and I understood he was trying to make it more equal, so everyone could speak.

There was some conflict between Dan and me on stage, even though we are friends. The first part of it came after I whipped out one of my own truisms, “Defending yourself proves there is something in need of defense,” which came to me after years of fruitless arguments in my discussion forum.

Dan, however, took umbrage with this quote and hammered on it several times in his own statements, prefacing statements with heavily-inflected phrases like “For those of us who DO have something to defend,” et cetera. I could see the audience was not pleased by this in the least — but he didn’t really pick up on how much he was tweaking them.


Things went fairly well, and I made a few really good points on the old canards of Planet X, chemtrails and such, until we got a question dealing with Israel apparently moving to institute mandatory vaccinations for their people. The questioner said that if you don’t take the vaccine you will become exempt from any and all financial aid from the government.

Bill asked me what I thought of this, and I took the plunge. “This is a very controversial subject and I don’t like speaking about it,” I began, “but this is something you really need to watch out for.”

I went on to say that the simple, ugly truth was that more and more researchers have concluded that negative elements introduced HIV to Africa through a World Health Organization smallpox vaccine in 1976.

My original insider witness from college, Antonio, told me in the mid-1990s that you should never, ever say anything about AIDS possibly being synthetic, as you could be “killed very quickly” for doing so. Now, here I was on stage doing just that. I wasn’t comfortable with it, but the issue has indeed become mainstream now, and far too big for anyone to stop from being discussed.

I also mentioned that my mother had a swine-flu shot in the 1970s that caused her to get so sick that she almost died. To me, when you put those two together it was a powerful argument for not allowing any vaccines to enter your body, because you just can’t trust who is administering it at this point.



Once I had sufficiently made my case, Dan came in for a full-scale attack in favor of vaccines. He confronted me, starting with the question “How do you feel?”

I asked him if he was digging for something about the swine flu I just went through, as I didn’t get it at first. It turned out that his point was that as a microbiologist, he felt the case was very sound that vaccines do indeed confer immunity.

I don’t fundamentally disagree with this, nor did most of the audience. The problem was that this was a Project Camelot audience, and no one is going to trust our institutions to administer safe vaccines at this point given what they know. In fact, the most recent Camelot witness “Waterman” had again asserted how dangerous this was, and that it might be used as population control.

Within a short time, Dan triggered a full-scale public uprising from the audience. It was absolutely shocking to be on stage and experiencing the full brunt of this as it happened.

20, 30 or more people at a time were yelling at him in short bursts, several of them standing and jabbing their fingers at him, while many others talked amongst themselves animatedly. Some of the loudest yelling was in German, most in English.

A few loud voices came to be the main challengers, often standing for the fight and shouting him down with invectives like “ILLUMINATI SCUM!!! HE IS INSULTING US!!!”

Dan was obviously challenged by this audience and did not back down. He challenged the ‘cowards’ to “come out of the cover of darkness and into the light”, where they would then “sign this piece of paper with something, anything, any form of evidence to prove” what they were saying about vaccines.



As the video will show, when no one came up to sign the paper, Dan further provoked the audience — both verbally with sarcastic jabs, and nonverbally by repeatedly pointing his index finger the paper while giving a knowing grin and an imploring, cocked eyebrow: “I don’t see anything here yet! Not one of you are brave enough to face me!”

This ultimately led to an even deeper level of the revolt, where people did come into the light, start writing things on the paper, and confront him right at the foot of the stage.

As all this was going on I tried to offer a balancing perspective when called for. Several people pointed out to me how polarized we were — Dan on the far left, yours truly on the far right, and Bill in the middle trying to moderate.

Even better, behind us on the screen was an exclamation point inside a triangle, with the words “No Signal” next to it in German. Where was the voice of peace and higher consciousness I had represented just hours earlier? The audience had become the most incredible spectacle of aggression I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a shot of us on stage from the audience, once it had already started getting pretty bad. The whole scene kind of reminds me of the Last Supper, if you can imagine Jesus in a red T-shirt with a leather cowboy hat, getting pissed off at the audience and telling them to simmer down, having no interest in being crucified by them:




Again, I have no desire to argue with Dan, on stage or here in writing. All I’m doing is documenting what I saw and experienced, and has been captured on video.

I must say it is terrifying to be on stage in front of an audience that is so agitated that you are right on the brink of a riot. Nothing actually violent happened in a physical sense, but it was ever-so close to that point for a good bit of time.

It was even more terrifying that neither Bill nor his co-organizer Ruth knew how to intervene or moderate the situation. There was no security, no time-out, no negotiation with the audience. Dan was running the show — even to the point of offering the boldest hecklers their own microphones!

Ultimately Dan stepped right off the stage into the middle of the crowd. This was unbelievably brave on his part — I certainly would not have done such a thing if all those people had been yelling at me. In an emotional moment he said, “If you can’t trust me, then how can I help you?” He honestly did not believe that anyone would use vaccines as a weapon, and his training suggested that the good outweighs the bad when it comes to the gift of immunity that they can provide.

Dan was quite emotional by this point — going right up to his hecklers in the audience and seeking detente with them — and when he came back on stage from this journey into the Abyss, the mood was very powerful. You really had to be there to see it, and I have no idea if the video will do it any justice.



Dan did actually side with the hecklers at one point after returning to the stage, but they were so addicted to yelling and screaming at him that they didn’t even realize he was now agreeing with them.

Again, I intervened, and shouted back at the hecklers, saying “He is AGREEING with you! You’re yelling at him for no reason!” Others stood in the audience and yelled the same thing, and again we were at a near-meltdown point. It was totally wild. I was literally praying that we were not going to have physical violence erupt.

People honestly thought Dan was still an insider, there to mess with them and try to lure them into taking what they obviously considered to be deadly, lethal vaccines. It was clear that no one would take them, and Dan said that if anything they provided him with turned out to be viable, he would use it.

I do believe that is true, and he has now issued a statement on Project Camelot to the effect that he is launching a full investigation of the issue, and will report whatever he finds.

With Dan getting beaten up this much, even though he had already attacked me fairly strongly earlier along, I felt it was important that people get a sense of what I knew about him. I knew that he had paid a terrible price to get out of Majestic — he had just told me something in confidence at the airport.

I spoke up in his defense, saying to the audience that if they had any idea what he had to sacrifice to leave Majestic, it would break their hearts. He was in tears when he told me, but I could not tell them what it was.



“Go ahead,” Dan said from the far left-hand side of our table. “Go ahead and tell them.”

I was shocked, given the gravity of the issue as he had explained it to me. “Are you REALLY sure you want to go there?”

“Just do it,” he said. “It’s too late now. They need to hear this. Do it.”

Now I was tasked with sharing something that was very emotional and very real.



As part of the backstory, Dan had informed me that there was a treaty in place with the J-Rods, a group of beings from Orion who claim to be “future-human lineage” ETs.

In simpler terms, these are allegedly our own ‘ancestors’ who visit us from three time periods: 24,000 years in the future (P24s), 45,000 years in the future (P45s), and 52,000 years in the future (P52s.)

They are also called J-RODS, apparently because of a symbol they use to represent themselves that looks like the letter J with a bar or dash — a “Rod” — after it. The P24s are the ones who crashed in Roswell, and they look more like us than the P45s and P52s, who are more akin to “Greys.”

Particularly as you get to the P52s, they experience a disease called “degenerative neuropathy” that quite literally is making their bodies fall apart, including their skin scaling off. This is what Dan feels is responsible for the ‘reptilian’ observations some have made.

The classic Burisch story goes that the J-Rods feel we had a cataclysm in 2012, caused by a “surge of micro-wormholes” from the galaxy, and that only a small number of them survived in the aftermath.

This drastically-reduced gene pool led to their stock dying out. And thus, they are now traveling back in time and abducting people in the hopes of gaining new genetic material to freshen up their stock.

As I mention in my first video, The 2012 Enigma, this same exact theme is precisely given in “The Last Mimzy,” a film from the producers of Close Encounters that uses a children’s theme to express concepts that are very, very similar to Burisch’s testimony. That means that either the producers are major Burisch fans, or just possibly he is telling the truth — and they felt strongly enough about it to work it into a movie.



What has always shocked me about this story is how similar it is to what the Law of One series reports. They explain that the service-to-self faction of ETs originates from Orion, just as the J-RODS do in Burisch’s testimony. Henry Deacon also validated Burisch’s testimony as factual, based on what he was told.

The Law of One series also explains that over time, the service-to-self entities begin to ‘dissolve’ if they do not go positive, and there is nothing else that can be done. Either they go positive or they will die, and their soul energy will ultimately be divided up and recycled into new souls.

This ‘dissolving’ is precisely what we see with the degenerative neuropathy. Their DNA is the conduit between the soul and the body, and it is literally falling apart, causing the body to fail. No measure of interventions can help. There are no time-travelers from anything past 52,000 years in the future. Their line must die out soon after that watermark.

In Burisch’s testimony, the Orions have the treaties with the negative aspects of our government — the Neocons and so forth. They see 2012 as a cataclysm, and they survived from within the underground bases that the elite apparently go to when this happens.

[As I keep repeating so many times, the Law of One testimony suggests that in the event there IS some sort of a mega-Earth Change in 2012, it only appears as a catastrophe for those on the negative path. Everyone else — both the positives and the in-between fence sitters — experiences a shift where they are in a safe, happy and unbroken continuity.

I use various Bible quotes as well as other prophetic sources, far more recent, to make the case in my talks — including material from the 1950s and many quotes from the Law of One series. The simple fact is that for the vast majority of us, this is a highly positive shift — a massive spiritual renaissance that is unlike anything we have ever imagined.

The negatives thus believe everyone has died because they can’t see them anymore. They are now on a completely different plane in which they have now created a reality of death and destruction that they must endure. See “Law of One and 2012: The Facts!” for an in-depth analysis of this key subject.

The Pyramid Timeline deftly exposes this “Three-Way Split” referred to in the Law of One series, and in the transcript you’re about to see from this radio show I did with Project Camelot, you’ll encounter some of it — including new data that reconciles everything important in the Pyramid to the pivotal year of 2012.]


Everything in Burisch and Deacon’s testimony about the “future-human lineage ETs” lines up with the statements about the 4D-negative ‘graduation’ referred to in the Law of One series.

It is rather poetic and ironic that the people who are betraying and tormenting our New World Order / Illuminati people on this planet may very well be their own great-great-great-great grandchildren. How fitting!



Anyway, in the airport Dan told me that in order to work for Majestic, he had to sign a treaty with the J-Rods — and he never saw all the terms of the contract. Apparently his children are classified as “heirlooms” in this treaty. If he leaves the group then he automatically creates an inter-species exchange of ‘heirlooms.’ His children go to the J-Rods, and J-Rod children come to Majestic.

The only way Dan could truly leave Majestic and protect his children was to strip them of their status as ‘heirlooms.’ This meant that he had to completely give up all custody and all contact with them. Otherwise, the story goes, they would be abducted and probably never returned.

I know this sounds like far-fetched science fiction, but Dan was very serious when he told me this in the airport and he completely broke down. When I brought it up on stage, I only said a very short amount to make the point, and then I broke down. I said to Dan, “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry” as the tears flowed.

Dan really lost it at this point. I then went on to say that I considered him a hero for leaving Majestic and sharing his testimony with the world. The audience, stunned by the display of emotion and the sacrifice Dan made to come forward, rose to their feet in a standing ovation.

Some have criticized all of this and suggested that it was all a ploy — that either Dan set this up or that I am somehow an ‘insider’ who planned all this out with him. Nothing could be further from the truth. I desperately wanted to de-escalate the situation for my own safety and the safety of everyone else.

I had information that no one else did… information that made the case much stronger to me. Dan’s presentation of this information was not in the least bit insincere. And to me it was perfectly in keeping with what a Law of One scholar would expect of the Orions.


The next morning there were workshops, and I elected not to have any of my own in advance because I am trying to buck this trend in favor of the all-in-one rate, so the audience is not divided and not charged more. I also do not want to create talks intended to tempt people into spending more to see another talk later on.

Anyway, everyone returned for ex-NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary’s lecture on free energy. After that, Bill had scheduled another section that was his final address, all by himself. I didn’t think it was wise not to have me on again given how strongly the audience wanted to see me, but I wasn’t in charge!

Halfway through Brian’s lecture, I found out that ‘Henry’ was ready to come forward. We had talked about it over the weekend, here and there, but I didn’t think he’d ever do it. We’d been talking about it for three years — two of which I was directly a part of — and nothing had ever happened. I had already given up.

Now, all of a sudden, I had to suit up, get my microphone on, get an interpreter, and join ‘Henry’ on stage. He had bonded strongly with Brian on our nights at the Chinese restaurant, and he felt he had valuable information to share regarding free energy.

In the course of Dr. O’Leary’s talk, ‘Henry’ realized that he had been brainwashed on the inside into thinking that free energy would be the death of humanity — not the salvation that it was now being presented as. Somehow, this emotional hook was sufficient to get him to take the stage.

The audience was dazzled as they realized who my ‘Uncle Mark’ really was — it was the ultimate “third-act reveal” in Hollywood lingo — the “Big Twist” at the end of a great movie that no one saw coming. I must say it was quite a surprise.

I was able to dialogue with ‘Henry’ on stage. He did give his full, real name, and obviously was filmed and photographed. At this time he is still piecing himself back together and has asked not to have his name or images come out just yet — he wants a little time to breathe.

Nonetheless, he did it, and his brave testimony is now on video and will be available in the near future. The whole thing was incredible, and I took a key role in shaping the discussion with ‘Henry’ while also keeping it squarely in Dr. O’Leary’s court, since it was technically still his event.



I asked Dr. O’Leary to show us the pictures and stories of the scientists he wanted to talk about, and their working technology. Up came Dr. Eugene Mallove, and I had to say something. Again, I became very emotional.

Dr. Mallove was going to visit Washington, DC with Richard Hoagland the week after all three of us went on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory. He was going to bring a table-top free energy device that would move just by you staring at it — truly an astonishing little unit. This would be shown to senators and congressmen in order to formally open Congressional hearings on bringing out free energy to the public.

We were set to go on the air on a Saturday. Dr. Mallove was not on the schedule — we had planned to have him energe as a secret, surprise guest. The only person he’d ever spoken to about this was Richard, on the phone.

The day before he was going to go on the air, he was bludgeoned to death in his backyard by someone who had rented the property from him. The man who did it collapsed into a fetal position and cried like a child when the police came and questioned him, in classic Manchurian Candidate style.

It is very likely that this was not an ordinary tenant, but a hypnotically-controlled ‘plant’ who was ready to be used, if needed — and this was the event that caused him to be activated.

I did admittedly ‘lose it’ on stage, saying “The killing has got to stop.” I do not want to see anyone like “Uncle Mark” harmed for coming forward. If anything does happen to him, he will be proven correct, and we have additional testimony we will release at that time.

I asked ‘Henry’ about what it was like to connect with positive human ETs in person, and he gave a simple but profound explanation of how happy and uplifting it is to be around them. Privately, he said that being around the Ground Crew was almost at that same level, and everyone was very pleased.



That was it for Switzerland. We made our way back to the airport, and I naively said to Dan and Marci, “At least we shouldn’t have to wait three hours to take off this time around.”

“Don’t assume anything,” Dan said. And he was right!

First of all, they ended up delaying our 10AM take-off time and having us sit around at the gate. This eventually manifested into a free voucher for 10 francs’ worth of credit towards a sandwich (only) at one of the restaurants in the airport. The line for these free vouchers was colossal.

I took a walk and realized there was only one sandwich shop in our entire area. The line there was already out of hand — some 35 people — but it would get much, much worse once everyone lined up for their freebie.

Right then and there, I decided that ‘real money’ was much better than the voucher. I scored food for Dan, Marci and myself, and they were very surprised and grateful when I presented them with it — a sandwich and muffin for each of them.

About an hour later, we finally boarded the plane.

Everything was cool, right? Wrong.



Eventually the captain informed us that “there is a light on in the dashboard, probably just an instrument malfunction or something,” and they couldn’t figure out how to get it to turn off.

Dan later revealed that when he was first checking in that day, the staff had strongly tried to influence him to take another flight. At the time it didn’t seem to make much sense. Why take another flight, and delay yourself, when you could take the one you already had?

This suggested that they knew all along this problem was going on, and that the entire flight might have to be bumped. If they could get people to take other flights right from the beginning, then they wouldn’t accrue the potentially massive costs of re-positioning them.

We sat in the plane for at least two hours, and then in an astonishing and grotesque twist, we were ordered to disembark. They still could not solve the problem.

We were informed that we would all be given a free night’s stay at a hotel, three free meal vouchers, and transportation to and from the hotel by bus. Upper-class passengers got a more upper-class hotel that was right there at the airport, and the rest of us got the other one and needed to bus over.

This was admittedly an astonishing malfunction with the airplane. We found out the next day that it was very serious, and a major repair was necessary. Had they taken off and ignored that pesky warning light, we would have gone down. The problem required a full 24 hours to repair.

Coincidence? Who knows. The point is that we were safe.



Dan, Marci and I ended up with a free night’s stay at the Novotel in Zurich, three free meal vouchers and a 200-dollar credit towards another Delta flight, which we did not find out about until the next day.

Once we disembarked from the busted airplane, they tried to keep everyone at the gate to await further instructions. We knew that eventually they were going to make us all stand in a line somewhere else — an “information desk” — but we hadn’t been given the signal yet.

“We’d better move to out-flank this crowd,” I said to Dan and Marci. “Let’s get over on the other side of it, so once we know where we’re going we can beat the rush. The whole trick in stuff like this is to NOT do what everyone else is doing… just like with the sandwich.”

We went and positioned ourselves on the far side of the crowd and soon realized that there was already a huge line of people in front of the information desk who had gotten the same idea that we had. We went and stood there, perhaps 65th in line, and then within another 15 minutes the great mass was behind us.

For whatever reason the line did not even move an inch for the first hour we stood there. And when it did start moving, it was atrociously slow. 2/3rds of the plane was behind us, making it even worse for them. Anyone could have done what we did, trying to beat the lines, but it really didn’t matter much in the end.



I left the Greulich Hotel at 8AM to get to the airport, and checked my watch when our bus finally pulled up to the Novotel. It was now 2:45 pm. We had just spent almost seven hours standing in lines and waiting, only to have to do it all over again the next day.

The hotel was nice. Really nice. I went to my room, dropped off bags, and heard some ominous banging noises that seemed very close by. I couldn’t be concerned about that right now… I went straight for the lunch buffet.

The quality of the food was very good and they had excellent salad, whole-grain bread, you name it. I was ready to pass out when I went up to my room and thus began the next saga.

It “just so happened” that I was positioned directly next door to a room where workmen were literally smashing out the old porcelain tub in the bathroom… with what sounded like a sledgehammer. It was echoing all down the hallway but my room happened to be right next to the action.

It was about two bangs per second. The room literally shook from the impact. And any form of rational thought or concentration was impossible. It was Torture.

I tried to plug in the cable for the free in-room Internet service to make a quick email check before I headed all the way back down to the front desk.

Did it work? Of course not. That would be far too… pedestrian.



Despite how exhausted I was, I finally dragged myself down to the front desk to complain. They did know about the smashing — saying it was renovations — but somehow never thought that it might not be a good idea to put me in a room that was right next to it. They assured me it would stop immediately.

I asked about the LAN-cable-based Internet and found out that the entire building was down. Someone had cut the cable or something, in the course of other work being done — undoubtedly related to this smashing that was going on — and now they were trying to fix it. He said that “hopefully within a couple hours” it would be fixed.

I went back up to my room and within a relatively short time the smashing seemed to stop. I took a hot bath and relaxed. Thankfully now I could enjoy myself!

However, I soon realized the guy was still in there. He waited about 15 minutes in secret, while I was in the bathtub, and then just started doing it more infrequently and somewhat more quietly than before. Every time he did it I could hear big chunks of porcelain smashing and clattering across the floor. Delightful!

I did not have the energy to pack all my stuff, bring everything down to the front desk and get a room reassignment. I didn’t even have enough energy to walk down there and complain again. I was so tired I just crammed earplugs into my ears, said “F- it,” and made myself sleep.

Shortly after I surrendered, he moved on to another bathroom to do the same thing, which was far enough away that with the earplugs it was nothing.

My knee hurt so bad from standing in lines that long that it even hurt when I was asleep, and made its way into my dreams. It still hurt when I woke up — as if I had just slammed it against a hard wooden surface. Unbelievable!


Dinner wasn’t as good as lunch… the hotel was totally overwhelmed by our group and had “run out of everything.” I got in there late, after a long nap, and ate from the bitter end of what little was left.

Everything was burnt dry and there wasn’t much to choose from. I was really glad that I had gone hog-wild on the lunch buffet and gone down there immediately after I arrived.

I also had to stay in the lobby to get free wireless internet, because of the damage to the hard-wired Internet line that was supposed to be free in all the rooms. The only other option for in-room wireless Internet was an absurdly high fee — 39.99 for 24 hours.

They had assured me they were trying to fix the Internet problem as soon as possible, but of course it was still broken the next morning.

I stayed up very late on the Net in the lobby, dodging clouds of cigarette smoke since people can still do that inside public spaces in Switzerland. I kept my computer open and running when I went back up to my room — just in case this idea of the free wireless only working in the lobby was a ruse.

Sure enough, the wireless still worked, so I kept on going. This was when I found out that the deal for the 2012 book was very likely going through — and I called my agent right then on the spot, since it was still mid-day in the US. That burst of good news made everything else seem to pale into insignificance! It was really going to happen!



Since I had been up late, the next morning I pushed it right to the limit… showing up right at 9PM when the bus was supposed to leave. I dashed through the sparse buffet long enough to grab some bread, and then got in line for the bus. It turned out that ours was the second bus that had left — and this was a bad idea.

I got in the front seat and had my luggage right at the front of the compartment. I knew there could be trouble. I dashed out of the bus at the airport and was the first person inside. The line going to Delta was already enormous. Utterly enormous.

Dan and Marci were in line almost at the end, and I came and stood with them. All the people from my bus made it much longer. It literally stretched for about a quarter-mile — more than halfway across the entire terminal area — because everyone had their suitcases on luggage carts.

Somehow, after all the hell we’d been through the first day, this proved to be just as bad. We eventually found out why: the main office at Delta told the computers in Zurich that our flight was leaving at 4PM, when in fact it was leaving at 1PM.

This created a terrible problem in which every person had to give their full name, address and phone number at the baggage-check area… before the huge security line.



Even more tragic was that they had very little staff to handle this nightmare, and there was a Business Elite staff person who stood there the entire time doing nothing, waiting for the ‘elites’ to get a fast pass through. I don’t think any of them even realized they could do it, as I saw maybe three people use it during the hour or so I stood there.

Their computers would not pop up the reservations automatically when the check-in was that early — it had to be done manually — for every single one of the hundreds of passengers on that plane. They did not have computerized kiosks where you check in all by yourself, like the ones we have in the States.

This delay naturally created a colossal line that moved so slowly it was mind-numbing. My right knee was totally blown out from all the standing, and I sat on my suitcase as much as possible to take the pressure off. By this point we all knew each other well, since we’d all been through this unbearable ordeal together.

It WAS nice to get the 200-dollar voucher towards another flight once you finally passed through this Supreme Ordeal. I don’t know if we would have gotten it had we not been further delayed in that enormous line after we’d already gotten the free hotel, free meals and free transportation.

However, when we finally got to the gate, even more upsets were in store. We found out that the flight attendants had also been told they didn’t have to show up until 4PM.

As a result, they were going to be an hour late, and our flight would be delayed by an hour, at least. They didn’t even know where the flight crew was at the moment, but were trying to find them.

Good Lord!

This meant that many of us would lose our connections. And that meant even more delays and rescheduled flights once we arrived at our destination in Atlanta.



Once again, a near-riot condition broke out. People started whistling, shouting and screaming, shaking their fists in the air. One kid yelled “ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” and I just was in awe of the fact that all this conflict was happening once again.

I felt like the shadow of conflict around Dan and me from that conference was projecting into our environment. I knew this was my initiation. And I must say that the entire time all of this was going on, I never got angry or stressed — I just stayed very patiently in the Now, and dealt with each challenge as it came up, one at a time.

When the crowds freaked out and went into riot, I just observed them… calmly. Good things were also happening in my life at the same time — very good things — and that was what I chose to focus on.

I did wonder if this was symbolic of life in general at this time — lots of challenges that come up, seemingly beyond your threshold to tolerate, but the key is to just stay centered, focused and positive, try to stay ahead of the slow-moving masses when possible, and eventually it all works out.

The delay was all blamed on a corporate bureaucratic problem — computer failure in the main office. I don’t know exactly what it was, but never in my life have I had so much trouble trying to get onto a plane.

It really did make me wonder if an effort had been made to sabotage our flight, since whomever would have done it could have taken out Dan, Marci and me all in one shot.

I don’t really think that’s what it was, but considering all the surrounding evidence it was interesting to speculate. Nonetheless, it makes me grateful for every day I have to be alive, and all the more motivated to document all of this in my own words here on the website.

Dan noticed these strange Masonic lights in the floor at the Zurich airport, and we both photographed them before the final leg of our ordeal was over:





Wow… this has become an enormous article. I’ve been working on it literally all day long. No shower, no water, no food… just pedal to the metal. I have to finish it today because there are so many other things going on that I have to attend to. It would be easier not to do this, but I want you to stay in the loop!

Unfortunately, the guy down the hill from me has been running his stereo loudly all day long, and as I finally finish this whole piece, at 1:35 am, he’s still playing music. There is obviously a huge group of people down there and I’m quite tired of the endless thrum of psychedelic ‘trance techno’ music.

You finally think it’s over — five or ten minutes goes by — and then it comes back on again. Your heart sinks. Augh!

So, the whole experience of writing this piece has been like Chinese water torture, in one sense. A great deal of resistance. I could throw up from all the incessant noise I’ve had to listen to all day as I write this. I’m doing my best to keep the quality up, but it’s been quite an ordeal.

If he ever pulls this again I’m definitely calling it in as a noise-ordinance violation, but I let them enjoy themselves, and hopefully this is a one-time deal. Aha — they all just cheered as I wrote that. I’ll take that as a synchronicity.

[Update Monday: They did stop from then on… it did not continue on Sunday nor today… but it ran until at least 3:45 am that night, for a total of over 16 hours of intrusive noise. I am definitely going to speak with him about this and let him know that this was his one and only freebie.]

Anyway… all these things that have been coming my way are not an accident. They are all symbols of the changing times we’re in — the battle between the old and the new, between sleepers and those who are awake. I will continue to do my very best to present the information that can help you remember who you truly are!


Other than the upcoming Toronto Convergence, you also have a chance to see me in California on Sunday, August 16th, from 9AM to 5PM — not too far away from now!

For the first time ever, I’m doing an event with Don Miguel Ruiz, one of the real heavy-hitters in the spiritual community. It is an honor and a privilege to share the stage with him, and something I will not soon forget.

This groundbreaking day-long event is in Pala, California, located north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles. We deliberately picked a venue that was easy to get to from either city, and was also large enough to handle the demand that may well be generated, so no one will have to be turned away.

You can reserve your tickets now by clicking on the following link, and completing the instructions you will find there. We hope to see you at this marvelous melding of the minds! I highly doubt there will be any screaming or rioting from the audience, so you can feel confident about showing up and having a good time!







The weekend after the Toronto Convergence, September 19-20, I have a two-hour lecture slot at Project Camelot’s “Awake and Aware” event in Burbank, right near Los Angeles.

This will allegedly include Dr. Pete Peterson, Dan Burisch, Marcia McDowell, Bob Dean, Rich Dolan, George Green, Miriam Delicado, Kerry and Bill, Duncan O’Finioan and Marcia Shafer … and we may even get good ol’ Uncle Mark if we’re lucky.

Kerry has admittedly put together quite an impressive speaker list, and this should be quite an incredible event. I won’t hide out in my room that much, I promise — but as is so often the case, everyone asks me for “five minutes alone” and no one gets that, due to the sheer crush of demand everyone has for my time.

Even better, in this case, I don’t have to fly to get there — so there won’t be any ‘malfunctions’ of the plane!





I told ‘Henry’ that he should take a hint from Dr. Steven Greer — namely that “publicity is protection,” and now that he’s come forward he should get out there in a big way. He has completely listened to this advice and now signed up for a conference in Amsterdam, on August 1st.

I will not be there, but he will — and therefore this is a rare opportunity:




The momentum is really building. Going to conferences is a powerful way of ‘voting’ for disclosure and for the truth. It shows the insiders that we know what’s going on and are not going to stand for the lies any longer.

The truth is admittedly far outside the ‘comfort zone’ of the average person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t educate ourselves in a safe and harmonious environment. Sure, the audience may launch into a near-riot state, but hey — it’s all part of the game!




As you can now see, there is a great deal of new audio and video material that awaits editing by Project Camelot and / or transcribing by our team. This has been a very, very productive time!

In the meantime, here’s the transcript from the show I did with Bill and Kerry just before we went to meet with Dr. Peterson for the first time. Lots of goodies in here about the Pyramid Timeline, complete with illustrations! I hope you enjoy it!


Project Camelot Radio with David Wilcock 06/25/2009

Show Intro:

[theme music fade out]

Kerry Cassidy (KC): Hello. This is Kerry Cassidy.

Bill Ryan (BR): This is Bill Ryan.

KC: We’re from Project Camelot, and welcome to Whistleblower Radio.

BR: And tonight we’ve got David Wilcock, who’s somebody who is very close to our hearts. He’s a dear friend, he’s a great intellect, he’s a spiritual warrior, he’s a wonderful speaker, and we’re going to be looking for… [laughs] I didn’t rehearse that, you know, and he didn’t pay me anything to say that either. We’re looking forward for him to call in to talk to us after about 25 or 30 minutes of the show.

[skip to interview]

Start of Interview: (00:30:40:00)

BR: Okay. This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Whistleblower Radio and we’re just about to welcome David Wilcock, and we want to ask David if he’s there. We haven’t spoken to him yet.

David Wilcock (DW): Yes, I’m here!

BR: Hey David! Nice to hear from you.

DW: Yeah! It’s good to be here. How are you doing?

BR: We’re doing just fine. We’re kind of stumbling around as people who’ve never done internet radio before, but I guess that’s kind of obvious, and that’s one of the reasons why the audience likes to listen to us because they don’t know quite what we’re going to do next.


DW: It’s all part of the game.

KC: It’s great to have you on, David. We want to talk about all the stuff you’re involved with; I know you just did a conference up in Canada. And we want to talk about your new record album that you’ve got out there.

DW: Well, thank you. I’d be happy to talk about both of those things. They were both wonderful in their own way.

KC: Okay. Also, we’d like to get into some of the new research that you’ve been involved in, and you can talk about that a little bit too.

DW: Now, do we have commercial breaks at certain intervals, or how does it work?

KC: Oh, yeah, we definitely have those, and we’ll try to warn you. But at this moment, you’re okay for a while.

DW: Okay.

BR: You’re okay for 15 minutes, in fact.

DW: Very good.

BR: Kerry’s not good with numbers…

DW: Well, as far as conferences go, I had two conferences recently. The first one was in New York, right near the airport, and it was the first conference that I did by myself, and I know you guys are venturing into this business too. It was a great success.

We had a wonderful turnout. I guess almost 200 people showed up. It was just me, so I did content the whole weekend. I basically planned out a PowerPoint sequence that essentially filled up the whole 16 hours of time that I had.

It was a phenomenal experience. I left enough time in between sections so people could meet each other and network, and I kept informing people:

“Look, you know, the reason why you go to a conference is not just hoping that you’re going to hear some great information and shake my hand. It’s to meet all these other people that are also like-minded, and to recognize and honor the fact that everyone who shows up is there for their own synchronistic reason.”

Synchronicity can have marvelous ways of working when you get a group of people together who are all thinking along the same lines.

Regardless of how you look at this question of the prophecies around the times that we’re in and where it’s going; whether you believe that 2012 is a dimensional shift – as some prophecies seem to suggest and as I’ve given information that supports that idea – there is also the possibility that it represents sort of a watermark or a benchmark between what would be construed as an older way of doing things and a newer way of doing things.

The newer way, according to all these ancient prophecies, is of course much more harmonious and much better for humanity.

So, the New York conference was great. And the Canadian Rockies conference was an eight-day event. I brought in the writer we’ve now hired as a result of a grassroots organization of talent, of people out there who wanted to invest.

By SEC regulation, we can have up to 35 unaccredited investors for any film project. We haven’t exceeded that, but by going near to that level we’ve been able to raise money on a grassroots level sufficient to get this screenwriter signed.

I’m still reticent at this point to say who he is, but I can say that if I told you the films he’s worked on, it could easily be argued that he’s at least one of the top metaphysical screenwriters in Hollywood, if not THE top metaphysical screenwriter. And that’s very exciting.

Kerry, I don’t if you can say anything about it or not, but I know you have some really interesting irons in the fire, too.

KC: Oh, well thank you, David. Yes, I do. We’re investigating getting the Dan Burisch story made into a movie and we have some very high-level interest in that story…

DW: The word “very” could be weighted relatively strongly. What do you mean by “very”?

KC: Um…

DW: I know, you can’t tell me. [laughter] See, I’m cheating because I know what the word means, but…

KC: [laughs] You’ve been living in… David’s been living in Hollywood too long. He’s starting to sound like the people that I know from “business”. No. It’s all good.

David does have a fabulous screenwriter, I have to say. And I know who he is and what he’s worked on. So kudos to you, David, on snagging that person, because…

DW: Well thank you!

KC: …that’s going to be very exciting for you.

DW: And I do think that, between the very impressive contacts that you have and the very impressive contacts that I have, all this stuff is going to get done.

We’re going to get these films made; they’re going to get out to the public. And they’re going to get out to the public before the prophesied end of this 2012. We can have an instrumental role in helping to shape how events play out on the planet here.

Now, I want to point out something that’s important. This writer who we’ve hired is basically in the camp where he’s not convinced that 2012 is going to amount to anything. That was significant for me because I obviously don’t want to scare him off, [Kerry laughs] and I don’t want to come across as a paranoid conspiracy theorist or something like that.

So I had to rework my talk around the fact that my audience was not sold on this one way or the other. And these reworkings are going to be very significant in terms of every talk that I give from now on, including the one that we’ve got coming up in Switzerland in another week, and the one that we’ve got coming up in Los Angeles.

Now, could you guys give those dates? Because I don’t remember the exact dates of either one.

KC: September 19th and 20th (David will have a two-hour speaking slot at the “Awake and Aware” Project Camelot conference in Los Angeles).

Yes, David Wilcock will be speaking, and we’re really thrilled to have him. He’s going to have two full hours and maybe some extra. We’re going to have to see where we can fit, maybe, sort of a small workshop in on the second day.

BR: That’s in Los Angeles. It’s a space-time thing; there are four coordinates we’ve got to give here.

KC: Oh, right.


BR: In a couple of weeks, on… almost all day, the 11th of July – in the conference that’s taking place between the 10th and the 12th of July – David will be in Zürich, Switzerland. And David, I only realized a couple of weeks ago in an email from you that this is your first trip to Europe. Is that correct?

DW: That is correct. I have a huge demand for people who want to see me in Europe. In fact, a lot of English IP addresses are all resolved to London, and London is our number one city on Google Analytics in terms of who visits us. So we clearly have a great deal of people out there who want to see me in London.

I was weighing out the possibility of trying to tag off another event while I was out there, but I’ve been strongly guided not to. There’s home fires burning that need to be tended constantly, and I can’t really get away for very long.

So, this is it. I don’t know when I’ll be in Europe again, so if you don’t want to fly over to the U.S., then get yourself to Zürich because I can’t guarantee any other trips until maybe next year. Definitely not until next year, in fact. There’s no way I’ll be getting out there again until 2010.

BR: Okay. As a way of bridging over into the material which you have been presenting and want to present, can you tell people what you will be talking about in Zurich? Now, we don’t have time for a 16-hour PowerPoint but you’ve got a lot to say, clearly.

If you wanted to condense that down to a smaller number of hours, what is on the agenda that you feel the people need to be taking onboard as a priority? Because what we’ve all got around us is information overload, and you’re filtering that out and trying to condense it for people, aren’t you?

DW: Yeah. I would say that there is a lot going on and, unfortunately, when you get into alternative media there is a great propensity for everyone to get drawn into Illuminati politics as their main focal point. And simply, the reason why is that there are many, many more people that are into that and are writing articles about it and researching it, than there are in many other areas.

I mean, let’s consider this, guys. Right? Does Project Camelot really have any competition on the internet right now?

BR: Um…

KC: Well, Consciousness Network, and there’s another interview network out there that is posting interviews with a lot of the similar people that we interview, so I have to say…

DW: Video interviews, or just audio?

KC: Well no. They’re actually audio. So, not video, not in terms of video, but there’s also… it’s kind of a different approach. It’s like, I think they stand back a lot further from the whole process…

DW: Right.

KC: …whereas we’re kind of in the front line, putting ourselves on the line and saying, you know, “This is happening.” They try to be a lot more, sort of, in the standard of “objective” television reporter types.

DW: Okay. Well I think that you guys, and myself included, are “objective” as well. It’s just that once you know enough, you can be objective on a much deeper level. [laughs]

BR: [laughs] Yeah, sure.

KC: Well, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, it’s an investment because it’s kind of like the red pill-blue pill thing. Once you take the red pill, you’ve taken it. You’re down the rabbit hole, and we freely admit that we’re down the rabbit hole.

I think that you cannot actually… Objectivity is really subjectivity, in essence, anyway. It’s just a concept that they like to use in traditional journalism to…

DW: Oh, you’re absolutely right.

KC: …to mean that, on the surface, “We’re not taking sides.”

DW: It’s extremely subjective, because it’s rooted in cognitive dissonance. When people are presented with information that doesn’t “feel right to them” – which may just be that they’re not educated – they actually get a high by vetoing that information, and acting like it has no relevance to them.

There was a study that was done not too long ago about people who were involved in politics. They were given articles to read. If they said they were Republican they were given articles from a Democratic perspective, and so forth.

Even if the articles had written about things that were documented facts that could not be disputed, the same facts, whether they were written using the Republican or the Democratic semantics – it could be exactly the same article, basically, except for how it’s worded — when the Republicans see the Democratic article, they actually will veto the article; they will click away from it.

But the same group of people, if they read it from the Republican perspective, will actually read the whole thing.

And what the researchers also found was that when they clicked away from it, their brain gave them a little opiate rush. So it actually is a drug addiction. You get a drug-like high from being a skeptic and blowing people off, in the sense of how you feel superior to them, and you feel that you know more than they do.

KC: Yes, scientists are really guilty of this all the time, in my opinion. I worked at JPL for a short while, in media, and I interacted with scientists in conferences, you know, like around a conference table?

DW: Yeah.

KC: And it was striking how, interestingly, they loved to contradict each other. It’s almost as if they just LIVE to do that.

DW: Yeah. I think that the conventional game of science is very much about trusting the egoic mind above all else, in it’s reasoning and analytical ability. And where science has failed us is that it does not incorporate, in any structured or formalized way, the fact that there is an information field that’s much greater than what we have within our own intellect.

If you look at all the greatest scientists and inventors, they each came out with their own way of tapping into that information field — and that’s where many of their greatest breakthroughs came from.

Look no farther than the father of the American light bulb, and much of the electrical technology that we now have, Thomas Alva Edison. He would lie back in his recliner with a series of ball bearings in his hand – clutched in his hand over a little cup – and he would start falling asleep.

Right as he lost consciousness completely, his hand would go limp, the ball bearings would fall into the cup. The sound would wake him up, and he trained himself to be able to remember whatever he was just thinking about right before then.

The same thing goes with the guy who discovered the benzene molecule; he saw it in a dream. The same thing goes with Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule; he saw the DNA molecule in a dream. And of course, Tesla, right? Tesla had innumerable amounts of intuitive data coming in.

KC: Yeah. I want to say that Thomas Edison, I don’t believe, was the only person…

DW: All of the foundation of hyper-dimensional physics, the whole Super-String theory, is all based on this guy, Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician who freely admitted that all his equations came to him from dreams where he was speaking with this Hindu goddess called Namakkal.

Kerry, I think you were saying something. I…

KC: Sorry. I just wanted to say that I don’t think Thomas Edison was the only person who discovered the light bulb. I think that’s an American convention. But I think there were other people obviously tapping into the idea simultaneously around the globe.

DW: Well, that gets into another aspect of the information field: the so-called “Hundredth Monkey” effect, in which you have parallel processing. When ideas start to form in the group mind, they form simultaneously.

That’s why, if I ever think of something that is like a really good idea for a business, I will immediately register the IP address and the dot-com address, because somebody else is going to grab it as soon as I think of it.

KC: Right.

DW: It happens! [laughs]

KC: That’s a good point. Okay, we are going to go to break here, David, but that’s a great place to end on.

DW: Alright.

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BR: Hi there. This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, and it’s Whistleblower Radio. You’re listening to David Wilcock tonight. And David, you’ve got eight minutes.

You know, we’re not used to being timed by the clock here to the conversations that we have with people. We’re used to letting it hang out, and so it’s a little tricky for us with this music breaking in on us and we apologize for that. But you’re a professional. You’re used to it. Is that right? [laughs]

David, speak to us. Oh my goodness, he’s not there!

KC: Okay. Maybe we lost him…

BR: David? We’ve lost him.

KC: …or maybe he’s making… I know we were having some sound difficulties…

DW: Can you hear me?

KC: There you are! Okay, David!

BR: David! David, (unclear) 00:50:10:60

KC: Yeah. You’re just coming in.

DW: Okay.

BR: I was just making reference to you being a consummate professional, but it’s quite like a… (unclear) 00:50:16:74 [laughs]

DW: Yeah, and what I said was that you have to get used to thinking in terms of little boxes.

BR: Oh, my God. Yeah.

DW: You have to be able to compartmentalize your thoughts into things that can be done quickly. I would say it’s actually helped me, because when I do lectures and conferences I will actually structure that content around lots of tiny packets of information. And they all build into a big symbiosis that shows you where this is all going.

KC: Well in that case, David, we would like you to talk a little bit about your overview of what you will be telling people at the Zürich conference. Can you put that into a little box?



DW: Absolutely. One of the things that I’m going to be debuting is brand new information about the timeline in the Great Pyramid.

Now, a lot of people don’t realize this, but you can look inside the Great Pyramid and see all these passageways. There’s a Subterranean Chamber, a Queen’s Chamber, a King’s Chamber. There’s an Ascending Passage, a Descending Passage.

There’s a passage going into the Queen’s Chamber, and then prior to the King’s Chamber is a giant cathedral-like passage called the Grand Gallery.




Now, the thing that people don’t often realize is that these passages actually represent a very complex and intricate encoded timeline that actually gives prophecies of the future.



We know from testimony such as Dan Burisch, and others, about the use of a device called Looking Glass, which is allegedly available to people on the inside, allowing them to look through time and see things that are outside of our current timeframe.

It also has been alleged, by multiple witnesses, that this technology was available back in the time of whatever pre-flood, or antediluvian as it’s called, civilization that allegedly built the Great Pyramid some eleven-twelve thousand years ago.

If that is all true, if they had Looking Glass technology available, then it is completely conceivable that they would have viewed the future, seen certain events, when they were going to happen, and then devised an elaborate mathematical code to give that prophecy in stone.

This code was built into the actual passages of the Pyramid, in terms of their size, their composition, their exact measurements. All of these specific things are revealed in a variety of books that have been written on the Great Pyramid Timeline.



Now the thing that’s got me so excited is that I had found something in the late ’90s about the Pyramid Timeline involving the dating, and a possibility that the dating that is conventionally accepted is incorrect.

I lost track of this because at the time it didn’t matter very much. It was around 1998 or 1999 when I found it, and the year 2012 was still 13 years away. At that time I wasn’t following the 2012 story as much, so it just was another date that showed up — and I said, “Well, that’s interesting.” But I kind of forgot about it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was at the Conscious Life Expo. I know both you guys were in the audience. You remember that I was on a panel with Sean David Morton, and Sean was talking about the Pyramid Timeline.

He mentioned the guy who wrote the book “Great Pyramid Decoded”, whose name is Peter Lemesurier — and he was mentioning Lemesurier’s dates. Even then, in that talk, Sean was still quoting the typical Peter Lemesurier dates (indicating a major spiritual event coming in 2039).

Now, just so that you guys understand: The way that this timeline was fixed was with a rare astronomical alignment which only happens once in the entire cycle of Precession of 26,000 years – the Earth’s basic wobbling that it makes as it goes through the galaxy.

This alignment involves the Pleiades being directly overhead at high-noon, and then the Pole Star (of that era), Alpha Draconis, shining directly down the descending passage all the way into the chamber. There’s only one time when that happens, and it’s 2141 BC.




There’s two sets of lines in the passages when you first go into the Pyramid called “the scored lines” and that basically fixes the beginning point. That fixes the time when you start counting.




Now you use this basic symbolism of numbers equaling messages that’s written into, by the way, the Egyptian Pyramid Texts. So we actually have a deciphering mechanism. We have a Rosetta Stone that allows us to decipher what these Pyramid messages mean – written by the Egyptians.

If we simply apply that code, in the rather simple logic that it uses, we get a timeline represented in Egyptian inches, which is just about the same as a regular English inch.

Those Egyptian inches count years, so you count one inch equals one year. This is what works all the way up through the Pyramid, and it captures a whole lot of amazing stuff.

One of the things the Pyramid Timeline does is very clearly highlight the time that Jesus showed up on Earth. It flags the massive spiritual impact this event had.

Whether we dislike Judeo-Christian beliefs or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the event had a pivotal effect on global thought, and the whole nature of religion and spirituality. It’s at that point that this Grand Gallery begins, in which the ceiling height goes much higher and you enter into more of an enlightened age.




Another one of the weird things the Pyramid says is that with the coming of technology comes what they refer to as “the age of hell on Earth.” There’s this weird symbiosis between the difficulties that we’re all going through now and the actual acquisition of technology.

With the freedom that technology gives us from the agrarian lifestyle also comes all sorts of miseries that we never had to face when we were working just to stay alive every day by farming and doing basic commerce.

Another thing it says is that we’re in the Age of Universal Reincarnation. That means that every person who has ever walked the face of the Earth at any point in history is all going to be alive now, either here now or in a reincarnation, so that they can be a part of this great thing that the Pyramid tells us is going to be happening in the future.

KC: Okay. Thank you, David. We’re coming… [laughs]

DW: If that’s our break music, then after the break I will tell you what that event is going to be, according to the Pyramid.

KC: Very good, David. Okay, we are going to break.

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KC: Okay, this is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan and we’re Whistleblower Radio, Project Camelot, and we’re on with David Wilcock. Okay, David. You want to go ahead with what you had started right before the break?

DW: Yeah. While we were on break I ran upstairs and got the book, so I can now actually read to you some of the actual things the Pyramid says. It’s very interesting because… Well, let me just read you some of this:

“Between AD 1440 and 1521, events will occur which produce a period of uniformly unenlightened physical reincarnations for those who have taken a downward path, a path through time which leads directly to the age of hell on Earth.

“Yet even at this lowly level, the spiritual presence still makes itself felt, for this age is part of the Divine plan.

“Between AD 1767 and 1848, these souls in question will undergo a period of turbulence during which imperfect man endeavors again to regain some of his perfection by physical means, resulting in death.

“The onward path will then be resumed until in the summer of 1914. All of those human souls who have not yet perfected themselves begin reincarnating in massive numbers, to tumble into an age of physical ordeal, which will bring with it man’s chance of breaking out of the cycles of time and space.




“During this age, those who fail to turn it around in time will have to pass through a river of fire which will sweep through into a deathly bottomless pit. This will be the inevitable reward for the unenlightened, yet man’s reaction to this very experience may lead him back toward enlightenment through perfecting and purifying himself. It also will produce a messianic presence.”

So, again, this guy kind of… You can see by the way I’m reading this that there’s sort of a Christian slant on this stuff. That’s because, obviously, the bias…

[everyone talks at once]

DW: Go ahead?

KC: Who’s the author?

DW: Oh, this is Peter Lemesurier.

KC: Okay. So what he’s doing is, he’s reading the writing on the walls of the Pyramid and he’s translating it into his, sort of, interpretation.

DW: No, it’s not writing. It’s a symbolic code based on mathematics. It’s based on the width of the passages, the turns that they make, whether they go up or down, whether it’s limestone or granite, the diameters of things, the symbolism of how things look.

It’s a very elaborate mathematical code that really does take the whole book to explain. But there’s a lot of very compelling dates in it that point out things that really did happen. I’ll just read you some of the most basic ones.

It begins on 2141 BC, then it says: “In 1453 BC is an inception of a new upward path.” He correlates this with the Jewish exodus from Egypt, the formulation of Jewish law on Mount Horeb, the era of composition of the Hindu Vedas.

Then he says, just jumping forward, the birth of a central messianic figure is in September of the year 2 BC. September 27th is how the Pyramid timeline fixes that. That’s what he’s calling the birth of Jesus.

There’s a lot of insight into the immediate time around Jesus’ time. 33 AD is “The achievement of whole enlightenment by the messianic figure and inception of the path of the enlightened” – that’s the Crucifixion.

Then missionary journeys of the lesser messianic figures from 46 to 58 AD. Physical death and deconstruction, 58 to 82 – there’s a lot of wars during that time. Central event of the period is 70 AD – that was the sacking of Jerusalem by Titus.




In 152 AD there’s a separation in which people who are more enlightened don’t have to reincarnate for a period of time – one of the things the Pyramid says.

There’s a coming of age that the Pyramid says starts to happen around 1223-28 AD, returning to the basis of the messianic teachings.

1440 to 1521 is crucial events leading directly to the age of hell on Earth. 1767 to 1848 is a time of great idealism and physical turbulence, and he lists the American War of Independence, French Revolution, Napoleon’s wars, revolutions in France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy; Marxism founded.

1845 is the initial steps in the foundation of a final age…

KC: Okay, we’re going to break here, David. You can continue on the other side. It’d be better if we kind of escalated to what’s going on from here on out, I think.

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BR: This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Whistleblower Radio. We’re talking to David Wilcock. David is telling us about Peter Lemesurier’s work on the relationship between the symbolism of the inner structure of the Pyramid to the roll-out of potential timelines as viewed from the perspective of the Pyramid builders, whoever and whenever they were… if I’ve got that right! I’d like to have some feedback on that summary.

DW: Right.

BR: And you can… What I’m looking forward to hearing and what probably the listeners are looking forward to hearing is: How does this inform peoples’ lives here and now, in the 21st Century? Where are we at with this? And, playing devil’s advocate, why should we care about this symbolism?

DW: Well, we should care because Peter Lemesurier makes a mistake in his book where he changes the timeline at a certain point, around the timing of World War One, and starts to make it so that time goes much faster than the Pyramid really intended. This is what most people now believe the timeline is telling us.

But there is a part of Lemesurier’s book where he says: “Well, if you don’t accept this correction that I’m saying we should make, then these are the dates that we get.” This then means that the single most important date that the entire Pyramid timeline works up to is AD 2012.




Now, bear in mind – although it’s very difficult to do a very good job of explaining this to you in five minute intervals – this is something that has been studied by the Masons at the highest level for hundreds of years, with EXTREME levels of interest, and it is not to be taken lightly. There’s an enormous amount of scholarship that’s gone into researching this, and it can be very complex to read it.

But the point is, what does it actually SAY about 2012? It says that it represents “The formation of a separate and unique form of society based totally on allegiance to the spiritual.”

And it literally portends some sort of change in our society so significant that it really does represent a major shift.

This was actually one of the things that I now feel needs to be brought out more. We need to get into the timeline. We need to tell people what’s going on with 2012.



Another thing I’m going to be talking about in Zürich is crop circles. I’m going to explain that it goes all the way back to 815 AD. We have documented proof of crop circles going all the way back there.

I’m going to show pictures of diagrams of crop circles from two different sources that were drawn in the 1600s that are very obviously not just regular circles, either. These are complex formations that were documented and printed.

So, when we look at the history of crop circles and we see how long they’ve been showing up, [we have a very compelling case.]

Then this past year we had one that very clearly gave us the alignments of the planets at the end of the year 2012, December 21st. All this definitely suggests that the intelligence behind the crop circles is sending us a message.

Now, I have been able to decipher a lot of these messages. I will be showing diagrams that suggest that the galaxy itself is pumping out waves of DNA that are transforming our DNA to a higher form of life.

You actually can see the galaxy. You can see the DNA waves. It’s very unambiguous what they’re telling us, once you put all the pieces together.

The relevance for our time is that we are already in this shift now.

A lot of people have a lot of things they’re worried about, fearful about. What’s really happening is all of the negativity and the shadow material is being expunged. We are all part of the front line of that battle to bring the truth out, and stop humanity from eons of repression where we have been hidden from so many things that are known.

KC: Yes.

DW: According to certain whistleblowers, like Henry Deacon, it’s not just one or two groups. There’s multiple groups that have had very advanced technology for thousands of years. There’s factions that know this stuff and have hidden it, and have not revealed it to the public.

We have to ask ourselves what would be the equivalent of disclosure? If we do get disclosure, if these technologies get out into the open, that could be the de facto equivalent of fulfilling the 2012 prophecy. So, there is an interesting caveat.

Even members of my own family call me up and say: “Well, David, what happens if 2012 comes and goes and there isn’t a big dimensional shift? Are you still going to have a career?”

I said “Absolutely,” because we don’t really know what this thing is. We can speculate about it, but we can’t prove anything. We can even dabble in science that would suggest that certain outcomes could happen, but we don’t know those outcomes will happen.

But one thing we do know is that there is an EXTREMELY high amount of information that has been kept from us. When that information becomes public, it would be the de facto equivalent of the fulfillment of that prophecy.

These technologies do have the potential to basically create a Golden Age on Earth, where we can transcend the financial system, transcend the scarcity economy around fossil fuel and energy, and really be able to enter into a much more enlightened view of ourselves and the cosmos.

Religion, effectively, becomes a personal choice, but everyone can agree on certain basic principles that do establish that there is a spiritual presence in the Universe, and that we’re all a part of it.

That’s what my movie really focuses on. In the last tour we just did in the Rockies, the screenwriter, his partner and I were all able to agree on what this film is going to be.

One of the most unique tactics he has in writing this film is he said: “I want this film to begin on the day after 2012.” This film actually takes place in January 2013.

So that’s how we’re looking at it. That’s how we’re going to be writing it, which I think is a fascinating concept.

So, there’s a lot of stuff to be grateful for right now. There’s a lot of positive things.

Even though there’s a lot of violence going on in Iran, I think that whole circle over there is really establishing the falling of the patriarchy that has been ruled by religious fundamentalism for so long.

It’s no accident that they’re called “mullahs” – “moolah” being like money. Nor is there an accident that the woman who was shot was named Neda Soltan – so, “Need a Soul.”

These groups that have been dominated by religious fundamentalism need to get their soul back. Her martyrdom has actually created a massive awakening in the planet, of people pulling together and realizing that we’re all citizens of the Earth — and we all need to be unified in a common vision.

So, there’s a lot of really positive things to look at, and it’s just a shame that there are so many people whose exposure to alternative media is predominantly fear-based in nature.

I think healthy fear is important. I think it’s good to be aware of what’s going on around yourself and take appropriate precautions.

Anybody on the Earth at this time could, potentially, find themselves in an Earth-change. You could find yourself without power, you could find yourself in a flood, you could find yourself in an earthquake.

So it’s always good to have your stored food, your bottled water, your non-cash-based currency like precious metals – all that kind of stuff. I certainly recommend everybody have some supplies in those areas. But once you’ve done that…

KC: Well, David.

DW: Yeah.

KC: Excuse me, David. Yes. And we agree with everything you’ve said there… or at least I do. But I would like to say that it’s all about awakening on this planet…

DW: Oh, yeah.

KC: …and awakening is not necessarily a smooth process. That’s something that people have to realize.

DW: It can come through initiation, which can be very intense and traumatic. Absolutely.

KC: Exactly. So there is a destruction going on at the same time as there is an awakening and a movement to a higher level of being on the planet, where consciousness is becoming more aware of itself.

That means you become aware of the good and the bad, the negative and the positive. So the more awake you are, pain becomes, actually, something you have to deal with. It’s something you have to transcend eventually.

It’s not something that you can dull down or take drugs to get rid of. It’s all about awakening and becoming more sensitive rather than less so, and that can be a painful process. But in the process it’s actually a very positive trail to follow, so I think it is important to sort of highlight where people are going to be going and where consciousness is going.

And, yes, if we bring free energy to the planet, obviously, as there are so many free energy inventors out there who have been silenced up to now – and our interview Brian O’Leary details some of that, as well as some other interviews on our site – and, you know, this is an aspect that’s actually very fascinating.

By the way, we are going to take calls. The call-in number on the last half hour of the show is 512-879-3805.

So, David, there are people… I actually sat in a meeting with, believe it or not, with Gordon Novel and a couple other people – one of whom was definitely a member of the Illuminati – and his point of view was that free energy could not be let loose on this planet because the sort of negative side, from their point of view, alright?

The people that they don’t want to have power would use it to destroy, you know, rather than create. And there is an aspect of that which… We need consciousness to move at the same pace with technology, or actually even faster, if you will.



DW: Yeah, and I would say that what’s happening in Iran is really where one of the biggest remaining trouble spots in the world is starting to have a massive healing. Once people get a taste of freedom from fundamentalism, they don’t ever go back.

You see how Europe is much ahead of the U.S. even in the terms of the total rejection of the strictures of organized religion, where it doesn’t have anywhere near the hold that it does in this country.

Here, it still prevails over the Republican party, in which people can be so easily manipulated just by saying you’re against being gay, and abortions, and these kind of things.

KC: Well, I think it’s important to say that fundamentalism can be U.S.-based, in terms of Catholic fanatical, you know, Catholic religions; all religions can be, and all kinds of thought structures can be “fundamentalist” at their roots…

DW: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

KC: …so we’re not just talking about Islam here. We’re talking about extremists, in terms of being fanatical…

DW: That’s what I meant.

KC: …in their religion. Yeah.

DW: It’s extremism in many, many different ways. And every religion has it. There is extremism in Hinduism. There’s extremism in Buddhism. I mean, you look anywhere and you’ll find it.



KC: Right. So, to move on from there, David, I did want to get your take on this recent article – I don’t know if you’re aware of it – talking about bombing the Moon. And I did get feedback from Richard Hoagland about that, which I think I can talk about. But I’d like to get your take, first of all, in what you think that’s really about.

DW: Well, there’s different ways to look at it, and I talked about this on the show I did yesterday on Myth or Logic Radio. I’m inclined to think that this is part of the space race in which the Chinese are getting to the Moon and there’s things that they might find that we don’t want them to find? So it’s kind of like, “Cover your tracks and blow up the evidence while you still have a chance.”

Then there’s the more mundane explanation, which is that explosive charges are used to rattle the ground and then get seismic readings – which could suggest that there is some archaeological effort being made. If they believe that they’ve found energy tracings or readings or something suggesting something under the surface of the Moon…

And we have evidence. In fact, one of Henry Deacon’s testimonies is that the Moon is an artificial satellite. So there may be some other motive.

And it could be as simple as whatever the main story is. We can’t necessarily assume any conspiracy. It could be as simple as what we’re being told, although it often is not. But I’m interested to hear what Richard had to say because he and I haven’t spoken about this yet.

KC: Okay. I’m actually finding his email here.

DW: Oh.

KC: He says that the story is wrong, that NASA is not planning to bomb the Moon. He says that the upper center stage of the Atlas V launch vehicle that launched NASA’s latest unmanned mission to the Moon last week, will impact the Moon in October, just like the countless comets, asteroids and meteors that have done for eons.

He’s saying that, in essence, the impact will be smaller, and that there’s a comparison with some earlier Apollo impact events, and that they basically are going to be studying it as an experiment to see what happens.

[laughs] I’m sorry. I don’t believe this whatsoever. I think he’s actually going in the wrong direction. So if he’s listening, I’m sure he’ll probably have a great retort. We would love to have him on, by the way.

DW: Well, don’t forget…

KC: But I do think… I did talk to a secret witness recently about this – another secret witness – and he talked about the fact that, actually as I was thinking, they’re planning to actually bomb an underground base on the Moon.

It may be an old base they don’t want people to find or for China and the probes to see. Or it actually could be a current base of a certain ET race that we’re at war with – which is what the secret whistleblower I was talking to was alluding to.

DW: Well, isn’t it interesting? A few years back, in the media NASA openly acknowledged that there is a spy satellite named Clementine orbiting the Moon. A SPY satellite!

KC: [laughs] Exactly. What are they spying on?

DW: What the hell do you need a spy satellite for if there’s nothing out there?

KC: And we’ve been kept away from the Moon, at least in the major media and according to the party line that we’re told, theoretically.

DW: Right. I mean, if we spent hundreds of billions of dollars on these Apollo missions getting out there, what the hell did we spend it for if, once we get there we’re like “Oh, okay. Been there, done that. Next.” You know. I mean, what was the point?

It’s really silly because when you start looking at it from a deeper perspective it’s very obvious that there are technologies vastly in advance of what we now know or understand.



One of the things you’re going to hear about when you go to my lectures – the one that’s coming up in Switzerland, the one in L.A. or any of the others – is look, we have solid proof.

I mean, I can go through chapter and verse on 30, 40, 50 different pieces of data proving that DNA is not something that arrives by Darwinian random mutations. This is an energetic wave that exists throughout the entire Universe, and that wave is going to try to create life anywhere and everywhere that it can. In this particular galaxy it’s all intelligently guided and directed — and it intends, and it does create human life.

One of the people I would like to speak with on camera, if we can ever get that to happen, is Sergeant Clifford Stone, because of his testimony saying that there’s 57 different varieties of ET he was briefed on in his work with crash retrievals.

He said that all of them are, effectively, human in appearance. He said this is a scientific paradox that we’re going to have to solve.

Well, we now have the answer. The answer is: DNA didn’t come here by accident. DNA is a wave that gathers molecules into its form.

Once you understand that, and you understand that life and intelligence and evolution is all being directed, it goes way beyond this ridiculous concept of “intelligent design” that everybody is equating with Creationism, and into a much more robust theory in which, yes, there is an over-guiding intelligence in the galaxy.

But it can’t be contorted into any religious or scriptural interpretation at all. It transcends all those strictures and it comes down to the fact, scientifically speaking, that we are here in a grand illusion. This is all a big stage play that is designed for our consciousness to evolve.

And, as you were saying before, Kerry – and very eloquently, I might add – it does come through initiation. The Universe is not all about warm-fuzzies, good feelings and beads and sandals. The Universe will kick you right in the crotch if you’re not on track, and people are realizing this more and more.

If you go along with the higher consciousness and you try to be compassionate, you try to honor people’s free will, things can go very well for you.

KC: Oh, wow. We’re getting an interference with David right now. I don’t know if other people are hearing that he’s gone off. David, are you still there?

DW: Yeah, I’m still here. Can you hear me?

KC: Okay. We seem to be losing him.

BR: Actually, he’s clear here, Kerry. I think that the interference is just at your end. We’ve got about 60 seconds, David, if you can just wrap up before we go to the break and start taking calls.

DW: I would just like to say that this is a time in which everyone can transcend the fear and get back into the trust that what we’re dealing with is a perfect plan that’s all heading us in a positive direction.

BR: Okay. Wonderful, David. Thank you so much.

[break for sponsor messages 01:26:59:41 to 01:30:34:40]

BR: Okay. This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Whistleblower Radio. We’re on with David Wilcock, and we’ve got a bunch of callers here who are probably inspired by the opportunity to talk to David and ask him questions about some of the very interesting material that he’s just been talking about.

[This includes] the role of the cosmic view of the function of DNA in structuring life, not only on this planet but on every other planet as well. And as Clifford Stone said, every life form out there is basically humanoid, and of course we’ve heard this as well from numerous sources.

Let’s take a call. We’ve got somebody waiting, and it’s area code 208. Area code two-oh-eight, you’re on Whistleblower Radio. This is Bill Ryan here. How’re you doing?

Caller 1: I’m doing good, Bill, and I’m calling from up in George Green’s neck of the woods. Two-oh-eight is Idaho.

BR: It is, indeed.

Caller 1/Kerry: And for those of you who read the Project Avalon, I am Kerry1979 and it’s truly good to talk to you guys in person, and… David, I had contacted you on your MySpace. I’m Life-is-a-Gift-Kerry, and…

DW: Well thank you for calling in.

Caller 1/Kerry: I just want to tell you guys that I meditate and I get things intuitively. “Life is a Gift” was given to me 18 years ago when I was really disturbed. I lost several close family members, just BAM, BAM, BAM, and I started really questioning what in the world is the purpose of even being here?

And it’s a gift our soul was given to be here. And I believe that we are in a dimension of Time. And I certainly have been raised with the knowledge that there is a major cover-up with the UFO community. And any of those of you who care to read on the bloggings that I’ve done in the past, you can look up under the membership, Kerry1979…

KC: Okay, can you tell us what your question might be for David, then?

Caller 1/Kerry: I actually just want to reiterate that we all have to change our thinking. When we hear some of these fear terminologies that people are saying, that “Oh they got to get the war going;” or “The dollar’s gonna crash;” or “Oh, they’re gonna release viruses and germs;” if each individual person consciously changes their thinking and says “No. No.” and denies that possibility, we can turn this thing around.

BR: We fully agree with you there. I think all three of us would totally agree.

KC: Actually, David, would you like to reply to that? And I can hang up the call so that David can…



DW: Yeah, we can sort of work that into a question — insofar as when people say the dollar’s gonna crash, what is a sensible response to that for people who are actually very well briefed on economics and what could happen?

The answer goes back to Chaos Theory. I’ve talked to you guys about this before, but it’s worth reiterating.

There have been simulations done on sand piles in which they can calculate where every grain of sand is in the pile, and where it potentially can go. As the pile gets ready to have an avalanche, it goes into something called “Self-organizing Criticality,” which means that at that point the sand particles begin acting as a conglomerate whole.

You can no longer predict the location or the vector, which is the direction of travel, of any given particle.

Then what happens is, the avalanche actually reorganizes the pile into a higher level of complexity – it’s actually a better structure. And a single grain of sand can be the entire catalyst upon which that reorganization takes place.

As this applies to economics, what it means is that the idea of a global economic collapse is effectively a fantasy. Because of Chaos Theory, we know that when you have a complex system in which individual agents have free will to behave within the system, they will self-organize, and they will keep rearranging into a higher level of order.

So it is similar to the old Illuminati philosophy of “Order out of Chaos.” The difference is that you can’t stage-manage it, you can’t predict where it’s gonna go, and it will only do the right thing to keep moving in a more healthy and efficient direction for everyone.

So I do agree with our whistleblowers that there is going to be a major restructuring of the international financial system… but I also see that as a positive, not a negative.

BR: It also sounds, David, like the kind of system that’s susceptible to the influence of consciousness.

DW: Absolutely. I think we’re moving into a system, without too much more delay here, in which we really won’t need money and currency in the way that we do now, especially if we have free energy.

Capital and the whole economic system is based on scarcity, and supply-and-demand. But once you have free energy, there is no reason for there to be a lack of demand, nor is there a reason for there to be a lack of supply. Therefore, the whole catalyst of economics as it now functions would essentially come apart.

Then the question is: Does the majority decide that it’s better to have everyone living like a billionaire rather than only have that power in the hands of the few? And I think the majority will rule that that’s what we want.

KC: I think you can also say that the negative can actually be the catalyst for the positive to happen, so there’s a role that the negative plays. I think you have to bring that into the equation as well.

DW: That’s exactly what my dream was this morning.

KC: You can’t negate the negative, because it’s actually more than that.



DW: That’s exactly what my dream was this morning. The whistleblower Daniel, my Montauk witness, was in my dream this morning and he had gone to the negative side.

I was being told now that we have to gather our strength – and it was being shown to me in the form of Super Green Powder, which is something I’ve been told I have to drink.

We have to gather our strength, because now the negative has fulfilled its purpose. It needs to be either worked into the new way of doing things or it has to be jettisoned. And either way, it requires us to pull together and marshal our efforts.

The UFO field has been so fractionalized with people who are all pursuing their own agenda. They can’t agree on anything, and they have their own little plot of land with their own little piece of information that they think is the most important thing.

What people like you and I are doing is we’re out there as data-aggregators. We’re putting all the pieces together. We’re assembling the massive puzzle and we’re saying: “Okay, what the heck have we got here?” No matter how you look at it, I would say, as in the title of the conference: “A new world, if you can take it.” And that’s what we’re trying to do here.

KC: Yeah. I think that’s true… Colonel Corso’s saying. Okay, let’s take another caller here. I’m looking at area code 603. Let’s see, you’re on the air. Area code six-oh-three, you’re on the air with Project Camelot and David Wilcock.

Caller 2: Hi. Can you hear me?

KC: Yes, we can hear you great.

Caller 2: All right. Um… I’d just like to thank you guys for taking the time to put an interview up on YouTube for, you know, hours upon hours uninterrupted. I mean, I don’t like to use this radio show, you know, with commercial interruptions, but I’ll take what I can get, you know. [laughter]

But it would be great if you guys could do an interview with your previous guest, you know. I’d like to spend, you know, two hours listening to him, and also I would really appreciate a visit with David Wilcock again.

I mean, just his information is so important that to get another two hours or three hours, it just would be a wonderful thing. I mean, I know like it has to do with conferences, and that’s great, and I like the point that, you know, the conferences are for like-minded people to get together, not just, you know, see David Wilcock and his new information which is great.

But I would like to ask you guys about Alex Collier, I think? You used to have…

DW: Collier. Right.

Caller 2: What do you… have you… Have you guys watched his interview? Because I know he had a long two-hour interview or three-hour interview with somebody else.

KC: Well, I will address that myself. This is Kerry Cassidy, and we had Alex Collier as a prospective speaker at our conference. We initially were going to do it in June. We’ve now moved it to September 19th and 20th.

However, he had to back out at the last minute due to what he said were personal attacks. My understanding is that he was being attacked. He felt his family was in danger. I believe it was actually from negative ETs, although he didn’t say that. He did have to back out.

Caller 2: That’s too bad.

KC: His information is fabulous. I think it’s well worth hearing. We’d love to get an interview with him and we will not stop trying, I have to say that.

Caller 2: That’s great.

KC: So we’re gonna go to the next caller, and thanks a lot for your input there. Bill, you want to take the next call?

BR: I’m having to take the next call and the next call is area code 254. Two-five-four, you’re on the air with Whistleblower Radio. How’re you doing?

Caller 3: I’m good. How are y’all doing?

DW: Very well.

BR: We’re great. And who are you and do you have a question for David?

Caller 3/Brandon: Yeah. I’m Brandon from Texas, and David, my first question is… in your latest blog on Divine Cosmos you stated that it is increasingly obvious that Obama is actively working to take down and dismantle the New World Order.

DW: Yeah. I could tell from the tone of your voice this is where we were going. Go ahead.

Caller 3/Brandon: [laughs] But if he’s expanding the power of the Fed to be what some have called a “super regulator,” how can actions such as this take down and dismantle the Federal Reserve when it seems to be strengthening it?

I’ve also got two other questions if you want to hear them, but you can answer that if you want.

DW: Well, that’s not an easy question to answer and it’s like an hourglass where time is slipping very fast, so what are your other questions? [This was answered in detail on the previous day’s show on Myth or Logic Radio, and we will post that transcript here shortly.]

Caller 3/Brandon: Okay. So Hoagland believes that the UFO sightings and ET contacts are basically of terrestrial origin, be it a secret space program run by the Nazis and the secret group running it.

DW: I completely disagree with him on that, and I’ve voiced that publicly.

Caller 3/Brandon: Okay.

KC: Actually Hoagland believes that we have ancestors on the Moon and Mars and that they are the Annunaki. He’s very aware of the ET presence. He just doesn’t like to talk about it.



Caller 3/Brandon: Okay. And my last question is, where do you guys think the situations with Iran and North Korea are gonna go? And how do you think we can best solve this that can benefit humanity in the best possible way?

DW: Well, I made the point before in my last blog, the same one that you read, that Obama’s address to the Middle East, to the Muslim world, 1.5 billion people, [was very influential.]

Whether you think that he’s absolutely diabolically evil or whether you think that he’s working for the right side of things, it really is irrelevant [in terms of what this event created for humanity, energetically speaking].

Never before has an American administration shown that degree of respectful treatment towards Muslims, in which he’s quoting from the Qur’an and actually using a form of ecumenism where he’s basically fusing religions together and showing that they have a common purpose.

In so doing, what he’s done is been able to bring together people in the Muslim world, and raise their frequency.

Now the important point here is that we have evidence that shows, with the so-called “Maharishi Effect,” that when people meditate and join their consciousness together, it has a profound effect. Even 7,000 people meditating creates a 72 percent reduction in worldwide terrorist activity.

And you will recall that in that same blog, I said “The effect of this is huge. It’s the Muslim equivalent of Woodstock, and it’s going to have massive repercussions. The first wave of those repercussions will be visible within about two weeks.”

And it was exactly two weeks after this speech that this event happened with Neda being assassinated, which is has now completely catalyzed the world in favor of, as we were saying in the beginning of the show, decentralizing the power structure away from these fundamentalist extremist regimes.

So the overall direction that things are going is positive. It’s really irrelevant who’s president in any given country, because what’s more important is the fact that the consciousness field itself is changing. Those frequencies affect the human mind, and make it impossible for deception to continue.

The minute that anybody tries to pull any shenanigans, they’re gonna get blown out into the open — and there’s really nowhere left to hide at this point.

KC: Okay, we’re gonna go to break in just a minute or two, but I’m gonna take another caller here. Thank you, caller, for calling in there. So we’ve got area code 704. Let’s see if we can do this quickly. Seven-oh-four, you’re on the air with Project Camelot.



Caller 4: Hey there. Appreciate Camelot and Avalon. Quick question for David.

DW: All right.

Caller 4: Could he comment on the upcoming July 4th through 11th period and its connection to 2012, July 21st – correction – December 21st, 2012?

DW: Well, insofar as we are in a continuing cycle of change, I would say that you can flag any particular time in the future, and basically point and click on it and you can say that there will be Earth changes and you’ll be correct.

You can say that there will be social changes and you’ll be correct. You can say that there will be very negative events and you’ll be correct, and you can say there are very positive events and you can be correct.

I don’t know if you’re referring to a specific prophecy or a specific astronomical alignment. One thing that I have seen recently is that we are going through a whole succession of solar eclipses that are coming during that time. Those solar eclipses are typically associated with the “Fall of Kings,” in terms of astrological lore.

For that reason I would say those eclipses are very spring-loaded in terms of helping this thing with Iran get resolved quickly. I also think North Korea, being one of the most extreme regimes, getting back to the previous caller’s question – Brandon’s…

KC: Okay, we’re going to break. Thank you very much. We’ll be back in just a few minutes.

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BR: Hi, this is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy and you’re listening to Whistleblower Radio, Project Camelot, with David Wilcock. We’re into the final eight minutes now. We’ve got one or two callers. We’re going to go straight to area code 708. Seven-zero-eight, can you hear us?

Caller 5: Oh… hello?

BR: Well, hi there. Welcome.

Caller 5: Hi. This is Cynthia. I’m calling from the Midwest.

BR: Cynthia, hi. Do you have a question for David?

Caller 5/Cynthia: I’m sorry?

BR: Do you have a question for David, Cynthia?

Caller 5/Cynthia: The question… It really isn’t a question so much as some gratitude, because there’s so much to think about and so much to take in. Whenever I hear David, he always brings me back to that essence of “Work on yourself. Do your own meditation. Try to live with compassion, and in that way you can hope to affect the positive changes.” So I’m really grateful for that.

DW: Well thank you, Cynthia. I appreciate that. It’s really important that people don’t put any of us on pedestals because we’re all “Bozos on the Bus.” We’re all stumbling around trying to make sense out of this universe.

What I have found is that the principles I tell everyone about are principles that I have proven on the ground are working for me. I started out working at $5.77 an hour. When the readings first came in, I made about $200 a week after taxes. I was in a very impoverished lifestyle.

It is directly through the result of turning within and listening to this guidance that I’ve been through every stage of the process to reach where I am now, where I have a lot of admiration — and a lot of really wonderful things have manifested.

This now includes my “Wanderer Awakening” album with a Grammy-winning musician, signing one of the best writers in Hollywood on this CONVERGENCE film, a major television thing that’s gonna be happening which I can’t really talk about yet, a major book deal that has just come through, et cetera.

So all of these things are stuff that I’ve worked up to over twelve years of being online and making a presence. It just proves that if you follow this guidance, it will work for you, and you can keep on progressing in a forward direction.

I feel that my life is living proof of how well this really does work if you follow this advice.



KC: Okay. That’s great. We’re going to go to the next caller. It’s area code 512, it looks like. Go ahead, five-one-two. You’re on the air with Camelot and David Wilcock.

Caller 6: Hi.

KC: Hi.

Caller 6: I have a question I’ve been dying to ask. David, on your website, and indeed on the “Wanderer Awakening”, I presume the cover is a graphic of an image, of a face image, that’s really detailed and brilliant and beautiful.

I downloaded this image and put it on my desktop. And because I work late, I come home late at night, have a little glass of wine, and I have started, you know, looking at this image after several nights.

The image started to talk to me and I was having this conversation. It was saying really wonderful things, but I felt like I was being like drawn into it. It was like pulling me in.

I really was thinking… well, I wasn’t very confident in my judgment to allow that to happen. I was thinking, well, “Is this the forces of good here?” I’ve been concerned.

And a couple days later, whatever, I ended up taking it off of my desktop because it was talking to me even when I was in the other room. [laughs] And so I’m just wondering, what the heck is this thing?

DW: Well, in Jungian terms, the picture has become what they would call “a projection of your Transcendent Aspect.”

What that means is that we all have guides that we meet up with in the afterlife when we’ve left the physical incarnation. These are spiritual entities who are working on the outside and actively trying to guide us through our lives.

Now, Kerry spoke about initiation before, and the idea that we go through traumatic experiences to help us awaken. That’s one aspect of initiation. Another very important aspect of initiation is mystery. You can’t just get the truth right away. It has to come to you in dribs and drabs, through mysterious means.

I had years in which my higher self was trying to get into contact with me, where I wasn’t quite clear as to what was happening.

One of the most common ones for me was that if I was by any kind of running water, the running water would start to sound like it was a voice talking. You can hear the voice amongst all the little nuances of the sound of the water. That was one of the ways it started to happen for me.

But this is really just your higher self starting to make contact with you. So I would encourage you to recognize that – as long as you’re your own best skeptic, and you question and rationally work out all the information you’re getting – you can listen to it and see if it gives you stuff that’s useful.

Caller 6: Okay.

KC: Well I have to interject here because, you know, it could be your higher self, and that’s all good. But it could also be technology that the Mi-Lab Black Ops people are using to manipulate people that are becoming awakened.

It could also be a mind control device. And it could also be negative ETs coming through and trying to manipulate you into thinking it’s your higher mind, when in reality they might be not so positive. So I just want to, you know, sort of affirm that yes, it could be your higher mind and David’s absolutely right there. But it could also be other aspects of things.

DW: Absolutely. That was implicit in my answer.

KC: And the message, I guess you would say that the message is what you have to discern, and discernment is a very big part of understanding channeled information.

DW: Yeah, implicit in my answer is the fact that you always want to be your own best skeptic. You always want to question the data that you get and see if it resonates with you.

If you find it useful, then use it, and if it doesn’t seem useful, then you can discard it and not look back. That’s the wonder of intuitive information — you should never see it as iron-clad and solid.

You should always involve your free will, because any positive source will let you do that. It’s never gonna make a proclamation and tell you: “This is the way it is.” It will always just make suggestions.

BR: David, we’re into our final two minutes here, or possibly even less. Do you want to give a final message to the people who are listening? We apologize to those calls we haven’t been able to take.

If you’re in Europe – one of the callers here is from Switzerland, I can see – make sure that you come to the Zurich conference. You can hear David in person. David, you’ve got 60 seconds of air time here to say absolutely anything you like. Have at it.

DW: Well, I think the most inspiring thing I can say… I’ll say it three times: Send cash! Send cash! Send cash! [laughs]

KC: Oh no! [laughs]

DW: No, I’m just kidding. [Bill laughs]

We’re all living in a society in which we’re going to get past this money system. We’re going to get past all this negativity, and we’re going to be able to really live in harmony and peace with each other.

We’re not going to have to worry about many things. Prophecies say that the new world will be one hundred times more harmonious than it is now.

So I encourage everyone to continue listening, continue coming to the websites, and most importantly listen within. Turn within, meditate, and find that still small voice that will always be willing to step in when you go into the state of compassion and grace.

KC: And come back on Tuesdays and Thursdays and listen to Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio from 11 am to 1 pm. [laughs]

Music/fade out.