Tuesday 10 / 14 / 08

No UFOs appeared on October 14th, but many other prophecies have come true. For the first time ever, we reveal some of our own that we hid on the Internet — until now!



I started working on this post on Monday, October 13th, the day BEFORE the latest in an ongoing chain of date-specific channeled prophecies comes and goes without incident. It’s now 4:44 am, ironically, as I publish it. For those who were really looking forward to this happening, I’m sorry to say that the news is not going to change today. There will be no mass UFO sighting.

I’ve taken some time away from Part Five of my 2012 Politics series to address this particular issue, in response to all the emails I would otherwise get asking me why nothing happened. 

In the decade I’ve been online, I’ve probably never had as much of an issue on my hands as I’ve had with the October 14th emails. A typical day’s load has included five to ten October 14th emails, per day, for at least the last month now.

The last time a specific date attracted this much attention was May 15, 2003, when many Internet channelers rose to support Nancy Lieder’s initial prophecy that “Planet X” would swing past the Earth and cause a pole shift, destroying the majority of all life here in the process. Many people wrote me and were absolutely convinced this was going to happen, and got very upset that I did not support the prophecy and / or was not doing more to tell the world.

Tonight’s post is partly my celebration of the fact that once the 14th has passed, such emails will almost completely stop coming in, except for those asking me why the big event failed to materialize. If you sent me such an email, I have directed you to this link so I can give you a fuller explanation of this issue without having to repeat myself.

It has been draining to answer so many letters asking me exactly the same thing, even though I’ve now given my opinion in at least two different audio blogs as well as Part IV of my crop circle piece. I am very relieved that this situation is finally about to end, and I am sincerely sorry for all those people who will feel let down or disappointed when nothing happens.

The October 14th prophecy upset does not in any way discredit the seriousness or the validity of the UFO phenomenon. The sad fact is that the vast majority of people studying UFOs are unaware of the laws by which the ETs govern themselves — laws that make it impossible for such an event to occur at this stage in our planetary game.

These laws are written into the primordial essence of the Universe itself, and therefore cannot be contravened. As you awaken to your true identity as the One Infinite Creator, you discover that free will is the most important principle that governs our Universe. It is a principle that the entire Universe is set up to insure will not be violated beyond the level to which it is invited.



Such a mass visitation, at this stage in our planetary game, would be an absolute tragedy — an irreversibly vast insult to the free will of the overwhelming majority of people on Earth who would see it as a horrific and terrifying event, based on their Hollywood movie conditioning. It would also be a disaster for the person who brought the prophecy through, on several different levels, with many unintended consequences.

One major problem is that if the purported UFO appeared and revealed itself in some way as a positive influence, and was welcomed by even a small percentage of humanity, then the “Federation of Light” responsible for this visitation would have effectively anointed the Earth with a new Messiah.

The person who generated this prophecy would be instantly elevated to Godlike status, ushering in the most important and influential spiritual event on Earth since the Hegira of Mohammed at the “Wailing Wall”, or even the Ascension of Jesus in Jerusalem.

However, in either of these cases humanity did not see a wide-scale manifestation of the spiritual forces behind these great teachers — only paranormal events associated with the individuals themselves.



Allegedly the most significant historical incident of such a massive human-ET contact, leading to a physical manifestation, was 11,000 years ago. According to the Law of One series, at this time the ET group known as Ra built the Great Pyramid in Egypt. 

The Edgar Cayce Readings covered this event as well — and these readings clearly established that channeling is real, and in the ideal circumstances it can be replicated over and over again. There are over 14,000 documented Cayce Readings, demonstrating an above-90-percent accuracy rating, including many shocking examples of prophecy proving that Cayce’s source was able to peer through time and see the truth. 

The Cayce Readings said Edgar’s most important past life was as the “priest” Ra-Ta, who allegedly led survivors from the sinking continent of Atlantis into Egypt, and ultimately helped construct the Great Pyramid.

Although the archeological evidence for such an advanced ancient civilization is now irrefutable on many, many different levels, and Cayce’s prophecies continue to gain credibility as books, documentaries and films are made about him, most people would still laugh out loud at the idea of “Atlantis” being real. This is simply due to a lack of information, and / or the lack of a sufficiently open mind.

They would be even less receptive to the idea of a channel such as Edgar Cayce assigning himself a pivotal spiritual role in the immediate aftermath of this great cataclysm, as this appears to be very self-serving. 



In 1981, the true successor to the Cayce Readings appeared in the Law of One series. The channel, Carla Rueckert, was aware of Edgar Cayce but did not know about his readings describing himself as “the priest” Ra-Ta who helped relocate Atlantean survivors to Egypt and build the Great Pyramid.

Nonetheless, the source speaking in the Law of One series was named Ra, and in the very first session they explained that they made a significant contact with “one who heard and could understand the Law of One.” Future sessions described a history with no major discrepancies from the Cayce scenario — a contact 11,000 years ago that led to the construction of the Great Pyramid — but went into a lot more detail.

Skeptics could easily argue that Carla knew the Cayce story and wove it into her readings, but I find that very unlikely, as I lived in her home for two years and can honestly say that she did not understand at least 20-30 percent of what was said in the first three books of the Law of One series — never mind 80-90 percent of the fourth book on archetypes — and had very little knowledge of the Edgar Cayce Readings.  

In fact, the Law of One series is so complex in scope that we still don’t understand all of it. Nonetheless, you can learn a great deal by carefully working through it and taking notes along the way, as I started doing in 1996. 



Here’s a fascinating piece of this puzzle that I have completely refused to point out until now, for reasons that should quickly become obvious. It involves my comprehensive exposure of the most powerful occult group on Earth, who call themselves “Moriah”, the Family, “The Order of Ancient Philosophers” and / or “The Illuminati.”

They believe themselves to be the keepers of fantastic secrets — including the idea of there being “radiant mind energy” that underlies and forms all physical reality, and which can be controlled with intense focus. They call their secret traditions “The Mysteries,” and trace their knowledge all the way back to Atlantis.

I tracked the story of a woman named Svali ever since I found her on the Internet in the year 2000. Having written a huge volume of detailed, explosive material on the Illuminati — much of which is very difficult to read due to how it challenges you mentally, emotionally and spiritually — she still remains the single most believable and credible one-woman disclosure team to reveal the Illuminati as the real deal.



I wrote a comprehensive five-part article series — essentially a small book — on the Illuminati under the pseudonym “Art Aqua” in July 2003. I titled it “The Changing of the Guard“, symbolizing the impending economic collapse and exposure of the New World Order / Illuminati agenda to the mass public. 

It was published on a separate website — www.greatdreams.com — as I did not want to associate myself with this material at the time. I took on some of the sarcastic tones typical of conspiracy writers on the Internet and had some fun by writing it without having to adhere to anyone’s preconceptions about what I should or should not sound like. 

Although I disguised my identity in this series — believing it was too dangerous to identify myself with at the time — I shared my perspective about how I felt things were going. Seen in context of the very recent past, this was highly prophetic. 

The article opens with a humorous and very true event, where on July 4, 2003, the Republicans planned a major unveiling of a new “National Constitution Center” in Pennsylvania. This included a giant roll-down mural where the faces of key Republican leaders and Supreme Court judges were directly pasted in over the original Founding Fathers!

Right as the mural was supposed to roll open, the music blaring, the confetti firing off and the fighter jets cris-crossing overhead, the mural malfunctioned. Unbelievably, it came crashing down on the assembled political parties on stage, and a major patriotic photo-op was lost:



I admittedly enjoyed writing about this, being so frustrated at the Bush Administration, and immediately saw this as a powerful gesture of ‘synchronicity’ showing where this country’s future was going — namely that their attempts to take over this country would come crashing down on them before long.

The event itself happened as I was already putting my article together, further adding to the synchronistic power of that moment in time. And for all the YouTube video-makers out there, the following link has a writeup about it complete with — you guessed it — two videos of the now oddly-prophetic event itself:



So, in the wake of this powerful affirmation in our physical reality, I wrote my article. I incorporated a great deal of data from dreams and visions I had been having since 1996, coupled with “informed speculation.” Not everything I wrote should be seen as a prophecy for that same reason. 



Here’s an excerpt — and remember, again, that this was July 2003, well before most people had any idea that what we’re now seeing was coming to pass:

The Changing of the Guard – Part One: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks

Behind the heavily controlled surface appearance of the corporate news media lies a much deeper series of truths, which are becoming increasingly mainstream through the Internet and alternative press.

Taken together, the available information that we will share in this five-part article series suggests that the American Empire as we now know it will collapse, financially and politically, and sooner than we may have been preparing ourselves for.

The indicators that we will share in this series make this all but a certainty.

The most probable outcome is that due to the already-present status of near-financial collapse in most states, individual state governments will unite into somewhere between five to twelve different centrally-governed “balkanized” regions, perhaps even issuing their own currencies in some cases. 

Only minimal federal government oversight [will] coordinate the activities of each area, such as in protecting nuclear installations, et cetera, more akin to the original intent of the Constitutional Republic.

[DW: This was one probable future I saw in the late 1990s and I am not sure if it will still play out this way. The USA may end up staying as a single country with an Obama win. If McCain wins, the above scenario will probably take place.] 

Large-scale changes in work and employment may result from a continuing diminution of available fossil fuel supplies, which could eventually become almost solely relegated to power generation, police, fire, military, emergency services and food / water transportation, hence the need for more localized social organization.

[DW: I no longer believe that most people will lose automotive transportation. This was written before I fully understood “complex adaptive systems” and how our society will naturally self-organize and adapt to each crisis that comes our way.] 

Bicycles and solar calculators will be highly valued possessions, due to significant reductions in energy supplies.

Many large corporations will end up collapsing as the markets return to their true net valuations, leaving empty shells in empty lots and a great resurgence of the “Mom and Pop” businesses with their solar calculators on hand for ringing up customers on brownout / blackout days.

A smaller business building with good windows will be worth its weight in gold.

[DW: Again, power brownouts will probably be small-scale problems, not widespread, but I had very strong indications on the value of solar calculators. That doesn’t mean I think you should go buy a bunch of them — that’s not the point.] 

SUVs will be known tongue-in-cheek as “Shelters for Unemployed Vagrants,” since they will be far too expensive to drive but roomy enough to shack in…

The info-managed Humvee publicity from Gulf War I caused America to fall in love with a social phenomenon practically guaranteed to break the back of most consumers should gas inevitably, perhaps deliberately rise above three dollars a gallon – not to mention padding the pockets of oilmen along the way.

Once you have finished Part Five, it will not be difficult to infer how the media was used to prominently showcase SUVs as a sign of American independence, freedom, patriotism, bravado and might, followed by a truly legendary marketing blitzkrieg that still continues to this day.

If such vehicles did not exist, then it would have been some other design that justified such a Dark Ages level of fuel efficiency…

One can easily see the potential problems this scenario will create.

In response to overwhelming social pressure, government will be forced to pass general amnesty laws forbidding banks from foreclosing on houses, so as not to create a homeless population surrounded by locked-up structures that could otherwise give shelter.

[DW: Both McCain and Obama have now discussed plans to save the housing market, fulfilling my five-year-old prophecy as Art Aqua.]

However, the more reckless debtors will have lost almost everything before the changes get to this point, if they are not careful.

Compressed urban areas may become inhospitable, causing mass migrations. Individual townships will be responsible for care and maintenance of their water, sewer, childcare and agriculture as a community – no work, no sanitation.

[DW: I had a dream where this was happening, but again we may have moved out of this timeline into another that is not so intense.] 

Those of the former Soviet Union have already experienced similar changes, and they were able to work through the changes and still do well. The end of the current American power structure is not “the end of the world,” just a change – and as we shall see, a very necessary one at that.

There may not be enough of us to make any difference in the events of the outer world, but by mentally preparing ourselves for the very real future we are heading into, which will include some definite economic turbulence and the need to be frugal and have assets stored in gold, silver and other precious metals, not in banks or financial markets, we can be a source of calm and education for others once the troubled times really arrive.

We must hold on to the belief that these corrupt influences in society are being cleansed through shining the truth on the darkness, but it will take time and effort for this to happen.

Current power structures will need to collapse and be heavily re-organized by conscientious, aware members of society, with a widespread public disclosure of what exactly had been going on all along.

The remainder of this Part One focuses on information related to a hidden worldwide power group known variously as the Illuminati, the Craft, the Family, the Brotherhood of Death, the Circle or “Moriah,” which very much exists. Part Two contains data gathered from a defector of this cult, as well as a personal account of direct evidence this author collected.

Part Three has more of Svali‘s words describing what daily life as an Illuminatus is like, and is followed with a summary of how the cult message is being presented to humanity through big-budget Hollywood movies.

Part Four is a summary of some of the most pertinent Sherman Skolnick articles that show us where we are and where we are going, in regard to the “behind the scenes” politics now playing out on the world stage.

We will have a special focus on the long-term brewing scandal of massive amounts of counterfeit US money now in circulation, which could certainly collapse this economy “better and faster than bombs.” The counterfeit is already here, and thus the deadline to have done something about it has long since passed.

Perhaps even more ominously, the estimated 30-40-trillion dollar JP Morgan derivatives pyramid teeters constantly on the brink of collapse, and could utterly wipe out the entire financial base of the so-called Illuminati practically overnight.



Unfortunately, the power of the information was just not enough for it to catch on at the time, and it never got any publicity. I couldn’t get any public figures in this field to link to it even when I directly asked them to, such is the competitive nature of the alternative media. Only my allies at greatdreams.com — who published my initial writings in 1998 — were willing to use this material.

In hindsight it is a valuable archive, although I would have cut some parts for brevity if I were to have written it now, and cleaned up the tone. Either way, I am now ready to stand up and claim its authorship. A quick search on archive.org can prove when it was published, and all the links still work:








The main Illuminati witness I referred to in The Changing of the Guard was Svali. By December 2005, I found Svali had started her own website with a discussion forum called Lion and Lamb Ministries, which has since been taken offline. (It was www.lionlambministries.org.)

I saw a discussion taking place called “Media” in her forum (here is what it looked like at the time — unfortunately none of these links work) where she said she was ready to do a radio show. Greg Szymanski was directly mentioned as a good choice. I knew this was my chance to act as a producer and fulfill her desires. 

I contacted Greg Szymanski, who was doing popular radio shows about the Illuminati, on January 12th, 2006. He wrote back within two hours, indicating his interest. The show actually happened on January 17th. 

For the sake of documentation, here’s the original entry from 10:24 am on January 12th, 2006 in my journal, where I wrote about contacting him, and copied the initial letter:

I was inspired to email Greg Szymanski about Svali, if for no other reason than that I really am getting bored reading what‘s out there on Rense and would like to see more of the big alternative journalists start covering deeper levels of the story. So here it is, cut and pasted from what I wrote on his website form:

Dear Greg,

I know you are swamped with mail so I will keep this very short. There is a woman out there who claims to be a high-level defector from an organized group that is practicing mk-Ulrta and associated techniques on their own members. I have been aware of her for five years now and she is VERY solid. Absolutely zero “fluff factor.”

It is extremely rare that she speaks or grants interviews, but there has been a discussion in her forum where she has said she would offer you an interview. I would jump at the chance — and I am just not sure if you have been notified.

I am the same guy who turned on Dr. Henry Makow to this woman’s work, and how it all fits together into the big picture. He realized that this was the real thing too, and he immortalized that research in an article, as you see here. This is still probably the best “overview” of her data that anyone has written:


If you would like a quick beginning read on this woman from her own website, which I only discovered a week ago as she had essentially disappeared from the Net, I think this is the quickest way to see what is going on:


For whatever reason she did NOT host all the articles she has written on her own site… and the best of them are not available at CentrexNews.com because it no longer exists. They were, however, preserved at this website. If you read both of the above and are interested, this is where you should start next:


Her latest posts indicate that she might be willing to go more public, specifically with Greg Szymanski. If there is any way in which I can help facilitate that, it would be an honor.

I congratulate you on your continuing excellence in journalism.

– David 

This radio interview proved to be her first and last public appearance thus far, and until this group is defeated and exposed it is unlikely that we will hear any more from her. I just found out less than a week ago that she is still alive, and in seclusion, fearing further reprisals from the group. That was a great relief to hear. 

If you are ready for it, here’s the link to her interview, complete with my own cameo appearance at the end.  

Here is Project Camelot’s treatment of Svali after I alerted them to her story. 

Here is a direct link to download the MP3 audio of her groundbreaking radio appearance. 



Directly before I got on the air and asked Svali my own question — Szymanski referred to me as “David Wilcox” instead of Wilcock — a caller had asked her if this group traced their history all the way back to Atlantis, and this is how she responded: 


The Illuminati completely believe that Atlantis is real. They teach it to their children as part of the oral history. They believe that it was one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed, and one of the most advanced.

What they teach… their take on it is that Atlantis was a great race of highly intelligent people who had a highly advanced faith, and who were highly enlightened.

But what they teach the Illuminati children is that then this prophet of the enemy, who was a prophet of God, came and foretold their destruction if they didn‘t change their ways.

They were definitely Occultists. They were Luciferians on Atlantis. That was the religion. And in fact, a lot of the advances that Atlantis enjoyed was passed down to them through supernatural means… that is what I will say.

So they laughed at the prophet. In fact they killed him. And, he… I guess sometime afterward, we were taught that a few inhabitants escaped, but that tragically the great city was lost.

The Illuminati to this day mourn the loss of Atlantis, because they feel that these were… that the few survivors that left were among the great people who helped found the Free… what you would call the precursors of Illuminism.


Here again is the important core of what she said: Atlantis “was one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed, and one of the most advanced… a great race of highly intelligent people who had a highly advanced faith, and who were highly enlightened…

This prophet of the enemy, who was a prophet of God, came and foretold their destruction if they didn‘t change their ways…

A lot of the advances that Atlantis enjoyed [were] passed down to them through supernatural means (i.e. ET contact)…

So they laughed at the prophet. In fact they killed him… Sometime afterward, we were taught that a few inhabitants escaped, but that tragically the great city was lost.

The Illuminati to this day mourn the loss of Atlantis, because they feel… that the few survivors that left were among the great people who helped found the Free [Masons]… what you would call the precursors of Illuminism.”



Other than the fact that this historical account says the prophet was killed, we’ve now seen the world’s most credible and detailed Illuminati whistleblower, who I publicized as early as 2003, giving a picture-perfect retelling of the Edgar Cayce / Law of One story of Ra-Ta and Atlantis.

This now means we have three completely independent, highly detailed, highly credible sources saying almost exactly the same thing about exactly the same historical events. This can still be dismissed by skeptics, but once the UFO cover-up breaks down, people won’t be laughing anymore. 

Elsewhere Svali wrote that the Illuminati believe the Creator appears as a sphere at the highest level, and this is again a perfect retelling of the philosophy in the Law of One books.



In the Law of One series, Ra reveals their need and desire to atone for the huge mistake they made by appearing before humanity and giving us the Great Pyramid. Ra-Ta’s own pupils and proteges, in Ra’s words, “quickly distorted the message” of the Law of One, “robbing it of the compassion with which unity is informed.”

Essentially, the Great Pyramid was a chamber for healing and initiation, allowing people to achieve Ascended abilities while still on Earth, but the Egyptian priesthood quickly took it over and reserved it only for the elite.

They became convinced that ordinary people could not be given such power, as a negative entity with these abilities could be just about unstoppable.

The positive spiritual information Ra gave the Egyptians was quickly supplanted by priests — channelers — who were inadvertently contacting negative entities. These entities “masquerade as positive” while gradually working in messages of fear, doom and power over others. This is still what happens to most channelers and metaphysical scholars today, unfortunately. 

The negative entities put an elite, controlling, us-versus-them spin on the information Ra gave the Egyptians. This body of ancient, negative channeling — all based on the original material given by Ra through “supernatural means” — became the core philosophy of what Ra called the ‘negative elite’ in the Law of One series, and which most of us now call “The Illuminati.” 

In a very real sense, the ‘mojo’ that makes the Illuminati feel they have such great secrets came directly from Ra. However, they’re dealing with eleven-thousand-year-old documents that have been rewritten and watered down far past their initial prime, much like the telephone game.

Hence, they have a prophecy of a “New World Order,” or “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” They also use the metaphor of the capstone returning to the Great Pyramid, which turns it from a six-sided object, symbolizing imperfection, to a five-sided object, symbolizing Divinity. However, they completely lost touch with what the prophecy actually said.



Rather than this being an imprimatur for them to take over the world and fashion it in their “Illuminated” image, it was describing a celestial event we would all participate in — and would not in any way benefit those with a manipulative or controlling agenda. 

In the Law of One series the original Ra group came back to right the wrongs that were given to their message, completely free of the veil of secrecy. By having the original words in printed form, it is far less likely that anyone would alter their meaning.

The best overview of the Law of One series is the Law of One Study Guide, which I co-authored with Dr. Bob Childers, and can be read by clicking this link. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already looked at it. 

Nonetheless, Ra infringed strongly enough on humanity’s free will, by creating the Great Pyramid and thereby the Illuminati at the same time as an unintended consequence, that they are now bound to stay with the entire population of the Earth until every person has Ascended — whether that happens at the end of this major cycle in 2012 or others that will follow thereafter.

The consequences of one mistake are enormous. It is for this exact same reason that October 14th turned out to be a non-event, despite the large numbers of people who thought they could “create their own reality” and force the ETs to appear by making it too embarrassing for them if they did not. 

Why embarrassing? Many people worked their hopes up that this would be ‘it,’ and they will be disappointed when nothing happens.



This whole article is not easy for me to write, because in 1997 I first discovered my own similarity to Edgar Cayce, including our facial appearance (see below), the resemblance of my voice to an existing recording of Edgar Cayce speaking, the exact positions of the planets at the time of our birth [the closest astrological alignment in a 127-year period after his death], our character and personality, and our unique intuitive talents.



Furthermore, as I show at the beginning of the “2012 Enigma” video, several of my closest friends and family members have astonishing facial and character similarities to the members of Cayce’s inner circle:

– my father to Cayce’s father,

– my close female college friend Angelica to Cayce’s wife,

– my brother to Cayce’s first major supporter Dr. Wesley Ketchum,

– my best high-school friend Jude to Cayce’s financial supporter Edwin Blumenthal, and

– my college friend Chris to Cayce’s main financial backer and client Morton Blumenthal.


There is also a close face match between the guy I lived with when my readings started, named Eric, and Cayce’s best friend David Kahn — but Eric does not want his full name or face publicized in conjunction with this account. Interestingly, Eric was friends with Angelica well before I was, as they were both music majors, and it was only because of him that I made contact with her after graduating from college. 



I’ve known about my connection with Edgar Cayce for 11 years as of this coming month. What do you call a phenomenon like this? I call it a “vibrational similarity” rather than the misleading, easily misinterpreted word “reincarnation.”

I say this because I do not believe the idea of one person dying and being reborn is strictly correct. Major historical figures can form templates or ‘archetypes’ of consciousness that many others will later find themselves born to align with.

I am aware of at least one other person who had undeniable similarities to Edgar Cayce, including remarkable psychic gifts, acquaintance with the same core team members of the Law of One series who I associated with, and the exact second-best astrology match to my own — March 8, 1956 — but he died under very suspicious circumstances in 2001. This is just a cursory glance at a very fascinating story that must unfortunately remain largely private, due to the free will of the others involved.

For a skeptic to say I have no connection to Cayce is simply ridiculous — I gave 500 ‘dream readings’ between 1998 and 2005 to clients, ranging from 80 to 150 dollars for a two-hour consultation, and had a 99.9 percent satisfaction rating. It was common to have the client either be in tears or nearly speechless after I came out of the session.

In the vast majority of cases I had a dream about the client that same morning that had remarkably accurate insights into that person’s life and issues. Like Cayce, I didn’t know anything about these people at the time the data came in, but it was often quite amazing to see how specific the dreams would be.

Cayce was repeatedly asked to document his dreams by his Source, but never was able to keep it up except for a brief stint in the 1920s. So, you could say that I was able to progress in ways that Cayce was unwilling or unable to. The best online source to hear this story is my original interview with Project Camelot.



With this kind of history I have been through all manner of people’s projections — some hate and loathe me with a truly astonishing passion, whereas many others see me as somehow ‘other’ than they are, and try to put me on a pedestal. This has steadily increased during the 10 years I have been a public figure on the Internet.

In the early days I learned that the people who complimented me the most heavily were also the most potentially disruptive, as they often would feel as if I owed them for all the unsolicited praise they had given me. If I did not adhere to their vision of what a spiritual figure should be — if I revealed my inherent human flaws and weaknesses, which we all possess — then they could suddenly turn quite nasty. 

If we include the sessions I did that were not for clients — either personal or ‘global’ readings — I have brought through over 1200 deep-trance readings in the last 12 years. I have never ceased to be amazed by the synchronicities and accurate prophecies that have come through, as I have widely described elsewhere on this site.

In fact, what we’re seeing right now with the global financial markets is the fulfillment of the last major prophecy I was given prior to 2012 itself. The early days of my online presence, back when the site was called ascension2000.com, were filled with many prophecies describing what’s happening to us right now — and I will be dusting them off, including MP3s of the original audio, in the coming weeks and months.

Even in the early days, circa 1996-97, I was aware that these were “world-class” results I was getting — but nothing could have prepared me for finding out, a full year after I started living in this amazing parallel reality of having a daily contact with Higher Intelligence, that I had this connection to Cayce.

I realized this meant I had a responsibility to publicize my material. By nature I was an introvert, and I certainly did not want to say I had been someone else. I have been through many, many changes as a person to be able to handle the level of publicity I now have, and it has challenged me in every possible way.

Had it moved any faster I could easily have been damaged by the level of adjustment that would be required. This can often be seen in the case histories of actors and recording artists who are essentially regular people with some genuine talent, who suddenly find themselves thrown into a life that they could not possibly have prepared for in advance. 

This is part of the reason why no one person is ever going to receive a prophecy about such an important event, such that if the event were to happen, all the credit would go to them.

It’s taken me ten years to handle this much exposure, but everything I’ve been through so far is barely one tenth of one percent of the onslaught that would occur if you successfully predicted the appearance of a 2000-mile-wide UFO hovering in the Southern Hemisphere for three days in October 2008.

The bottom line is that if such an event were indeed planned — and my understanding is that nothing like this is scheduled to happen anytime soon — the event would never be tethered to any one person’s prophecies. To do otherwise would be to destroy that person. 

Any person, no matter how strong they think they might be, can be broken under sufficient stress. That’s why we need to be protected from things happening before they are ready. Someone who has never experienced that level of exposure before would be utterly unprepared for what happens when they suddenly appear to be the new Messiah. It’s not pretty… at all.

Many people have thrown that label at me and I throw it right back. This is a mass, collective evolution we’re going through, and many people have amazing things to contribute. To have one person make a game-changing prophecy like this would not only be unfair, it would be a travesty. 



I watched “Blossom Goodchild” in her video describing her prophecy and have no doubt that she is a wonderful lady with a great personality and a lot to offer. I can also say that 10 years of ever-increasing publicity as a spiritual teacher shows me that she obviously hasn’t thought through what would actually happen to her if this prophecy came true.

As one example, she would be in extreme risk of assassination from millions of religious fundamentalists who would see this ship as a manifestation of Satan, and therefore see her as the long-awaited Antichrist. However, it would be the “believers” that would bother her even more. She couldn’t appear in public without literally being torn apart by people grabbing at her clothes as she tries to press through. 

Ra-Ta was elevated to the status of a god among his people. Although he was only the liaison for Ra, people came to see him as the embodiment of Ra in human form. The Illuminati tradition is still affected by this historic misunderstanding, since they adopted much of the distorted Egyptian mystery-school teachings.

This unique status led to great conspiracies plotted against Ra-Ta, according to the Cayce Readings. Long before we’d ever heard of the Clinton scandal, the Cayce Readings described how Ra-Ta was set up to sleep with another woman, the gorgeous temple dancer Isris, by his opponents. Once he went through with it, they attacked him, Swift Boat style, for going against his own spiritual principles. 

These long-lost cousins of the Republican Party were able to get Ra-Ta banished from Egypt. He eventually returned, and was invited back to his former position because ignorance and lawlessness had returned to the people.

Ra-Ta increasingly traveled ‘abroad’ — not just on Earth — and when he came back from these trips he found that his temples had been turned into ‘sexual playgrounds’. He himself eventually succumbed to the forces of ego, pride and vanity, and enjoyed a variety of different female partners.

According to both the Cayce Readings and the Law of One series, this indiscretion caused Ra-Ta to become karmically entrapped on Earth and stay here until the end of the cycle. Further mistakes caused him to endure a series of lifetimes “without the distortions towards power”.

So, being the head of the “ground crew” in the midst of a major UFO contact with humanity is not all it’s cracked up to be. You can easily accrue karma, get stuck for 11,000 years, and end up inadvertently fathering a nasty cult like the Illuminati. Been there, done that.

So let’s be glad the ETs are smart enough not to show up on call like this and further disrupt our free will, and the stability of future timelines. 

My own work to expose the Illuminati is part of the atonement I do for having this vibrational similarity to the key historical figure that inadvertently created the problem in the first place. By revealing myself as the anonymous author of The Changing of the Guard, I now feel I’ve done my part. 



Getting back to October 14th, most of these emails were exceedingly short. A vast majority have come in on my Myspace account, which I openly admit I am less likely to answer than email.

Almost all of these emails had “October 14th” in the title, written with the same sense of devotion and love that Christians say “Jesus,” and not much else. I had compassion for these folks, as many of them had only recently started learning about UFOs, and now their wildest wish was coming true — a completely game-changing mass sighthing that would blow out the UFO cover-up, and the Illuminati, in one fell swoop.

Most of them were so swept up in the mythology that all they said was, “What do you think is going to happen on October 14th?” I am proud to say I did not resort to boilerplate responses and wrote something unique each time I decided to answer one of these letters. Notice the use of the word ‘decided,’ as I definitely cannot answer all my email.

Here is one random example taken out of a wide variety there are to choose from. This is one of a variety of letters indicating that “many” Internet channelers have staked their credibility on this prophecy. In fact, another email said “almost every channeler out there is supporting this prophecy”:

Hello Mr. Wicock,  
I’m sure you are a very busy guy and I appreciate your reading this.

Do you know anything about October the 14th, 2008?  I have come across rumours on the internet of open contact by extraterrestrial beings, in the form of a large ufo manifesting in our skies for three days, taking place on this date.

The reason I am asking you about this is that it seems this message was channelled by many, and was hoping you could shed some light on this potentially momentous leap forward in consciousness.


Several of these emails pointed out that the “light ship” was expected to be two thousand miles wide, and would hover in the Southern Hemisphere for three days, effectively eliminating any doubt of the UFO presence to humanity for the first time.

A further insight into the “cosmic joke” aspect of this prophecy was that the word “Alabama” was associated with this prophecy, without further comment — “We give you the word Alabama” — even though Alabama is obviously in the Northern Hemisphere.

The word “Alabama” refers to a particular tribe of American Indians from Muskogee descent whose proper name is Albaamaha, and their language is also called Albaamaha. The American state of Alabama was obviously named after this tribe. 

There is, of course, a connection between American Indian spirituality and the UFO presence, but I am not aware of any unique UFO contact story related to the Albaamaha tribe. Hence, several writers saw this as a rather embarrassing gaffe on behalf of the channel.

[Update: Some people have been trying to claim that a geometric pattern over the North Pole on Google Earth is actually a UFO, and therefore rescue the October 14th prophecy this way. This pattern is simply an imaging artifact based on how the satellites carve up the Earth into regions, and photograph them at different times. Since regions like the North Pole change less frequently, they may tend to have older imaging. The apparent lines of this formation are just caused by the differences in cloud patterns.]



All that being said, the simple fact is that a very real ‘quickening’ is happening to all life on Earth as we approach a major celestial event in 2012. This is a major theme in the Law of One series. So even as October 14th is a bust, let’s not lose sight of the big picture.

The Cayce Readings also predicted an event like this without focusing in on a specific date, per se. I have spoken with multiple black-ops witnesses who have personal knowledge of the vast data suggesting that something very real, and very profound, will happen in this time period.

This celestial event will change life on Earth as we know it far more dramatically than most people could ever imagine — and it also creates profound, ever-increasing effects on an individual and a collective level as we get closer to the primary moment.

This event is not something we speculate about with no evidence. There is a very clear and consistent stream of data suggesting that our Solar System is moving into a new region of the galaxy that has a higher energetic charge. As I wrote in Part One of the 2012 Politics article, the most obvious physical evidence is that the entire Solar System is going through climate change similar to what we see on Earth.



Many civilizations of non-terrestrial humans have gathered here to guide and assist us through this change. Very similar to the “Prime Directive” in Star Trek, these people follow a strict code of non-intervention in our affairs in any overt form, such as the proverbial “Landing on the White House Lawn.” 

Once or twice a year, someone claims to channel a message that motherships are going to fill our skies and formally announce themselves. This one just happened to be a lot more popular than most of them ever get, thanks in large part to the videos that were created, infusing this prophecy with all the Hollywood glitz, glam and ‘story’ that we’re used to seeing in the movies.

Until we, as a planet, wish to be contacted — by a unanimous  consensus — it simply will not happen. UFO fans would be thrilled, but many, many others would have their free will completely invaded.

There are, however, two caveats worth mentioning.

First, if a nuclear war of any sufficient level of destructiveness were about to begin, it would be stopped. The prevention of the event would necessitate such a mass sighting. At that point our collective free will, shaped by our political leaders, would have steered us into an annihilation that, in this case, will not be permitted.

Secondly, the event at the end of 2012 will require intervention to properly guide and nurture the process. This will involve a massive, worldwide arrival of UFOs, as many people have foreseen. Again, laugh if you will, but there is a compelling stack of evidence that must be addressed if you wish to credibly pick apart this concept.



So, no ‘definitive’ sighting will occur unless we have either a unified world consensus, an attempted destruction of our planet by our ‘leaders’, or the primary 2012 moment itself.

That being said, the ETs have not cut off communication with us either. The crop formations are, in fact, the primary physical means by which messages are being conveyed. It is up to us to decipher them and figure out what we are being told, as I am doing in the 2012 Politics article series

Incredible messages are being given, and they are allowed to occur because people can still choose to deny that anything is happening. The definitive history of crop circles I just published in Part IV of this series should allay many people’s suspicions that these formations are all manmade, if they bother to read it.

Then again, with the crop circle phenomenon you still have the option — the free will — to blow the whole thing off. That’s how the positive side really works. The Law of One series actually referred to it, humorously enough, as “Truth Without Proof.” 

The ETs prefer to help us create the changes we need from within our own society. The New World Order is crumbling, and these crop-circle messages are pointing the finger so that we need not fear this influence in its final, waning days.

We do not need to be ‘rescued’ — the changes themselves ensure the negative elite agenda is going to fall apart. For that reason I am awed and delighted to see prophecies I’ve received since 1996 finally coming true on the world stage.



Here are some additional words from my article series The Changing of the Guard  in July 2003 that are all the more apropos for today. Be on the lookout for Part Five of our 2012 Politics article series coming soon!

From Part One:

The more you learn about the problems they are besieged with, the more you realize that these guys must hardly have a single pair of clean underwear left in the drawer, based on how many things they have to be scared about.

The Changing of the Guard – Part One: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks

Once gold really breaks through, we will know that big changes are very close at hand. Such a spectacular-sounding amount of money – 40 TRILLION dollars – is significantly larger than the entire American economy itself, but none of it is “real” – it is all based on a gigantic, empty shell game where numbers chase each other around in computers, logging endless virtual “gains” backed by nothing.

Tremendous wealth in the hands of the few is soon to be a memory, though personal motivation and desire, or lack thereof, will always determine one‘s quality of life.

Without a full knowledge of the positive aspects of what we are now moving through, reading this information can create needless feelings of despair, almost suicidal in their intensity, which is actually a representation of being woefully uninformed about the nature of these changes.

Now is the time to get sober and sit with the truth for what it is, allowing for the possibility that what we thought we knew was just a few trickling drops from an ocean of hidden information.

Many people are now beginning to learn about the occult negative aspects without having any faith in a higher principle that may be actively working to counterbalance it, and it is really nothing more than a free-will decision to accept one body of credible negative evidence while discarding the faith and optimism that speaks to the human heart, perhaps through the similarity of current events to Biblical prophecy and the positive world transformation that is said to occur thereafter. 


From Part Five:

The Changing of the Guard: Part V: The Oracle

Most of all, if you are in any position to affect these outcomes so as to defeat the Illuminati, now is the time to step forth. The accelerating speed of hidden events in these memos suggests that events are coming to a head, sooner rather than later.

All sorts of unexpected “twists” could happen in the near future. It is important, again, to recognize that there is simply too much infighting between various Illuminati factions for them to ever succeed in their religious aspirations for world control.

All of the sources that we have shared in this article series provide a compelling picture to show that this is no fairy tale – what is going on is entirely real.

To our knowledge there has been no other single source that presents such a comprehensive insider‘s portrait of what is going on, which is why we wrote this. The more that awareness is spread, without undue panic and paranoia, the more the people will regain their strength and not allow themselves to be intimidated by these secret groups.

Despite the evil Illuminati agendas, government does not occur without the consent of the governed. Again, their biggest problem is that there are simply not enough true-blue sympathizers to actually enact their plans. And of those who do remain loyal, there are opposition groups actively taking each other down.

It is time for a collective awakening, and this begins on the personal level. Hopefully this information has helped you gain a clearer perspective. We are confident that events will work out in favor of a positive, loving, more evolved future for humanity, and public awareness is the first step.


The bottom line is that everything is going to be fine. These restructurings will not be as bad as most people fear. We do not need a massive eruption of UFOs in our skies to turn out planet to the positive — in fact it is far, far better that we do it ourselves.