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By David Wilcock



The morning after I watched the third and final Presidential debate, I was quite relieved to get a dream telling me that it was all over. Even with all the dirty tricks that stole the last two elections in place, the overwhelming likelihood is for a substantial defeat of the Neocons. I was told that a factor of 17 may be involved, or something close to it.

Unfortunately, it was unclear whether it meant 17 percent more states flipping that way, 17 percent of the popular vote (more unlikely but possible once you get rid of fake polls, like this joke from the Associated Press that assumed 44 percent of all voters would be Evangelical Christians) or 17 electoral votes.

Of course, such number-specific prophecies should not be taken very seriously, as things can easily change between now and then. Nonetheless, that’s where the future was oriented as of late last week, and even the manipulated Zogby polls were showing a double-digit lead as of Monday.

By no means should you sit home and fail to vote on the 4th if you live in the US. We still need to create this future!

Granted, there is always a remote possibility of a timeline in which McCain and his Neocon cronies can still steal the election, but they are exceedingly small. The vote-tampering process requires a more-or-less evenly divided electorate. That is no longer what we have here.

Plus, even if they did win, there is such incredible opposition that they could not actually take power. We would have a very interesting — (*ahem*) — situation on our hands, as I have spoken about before.

This video is one filmmaker’s documentation of the sweeping social revolution occurring as traditional conservative Republicans are finally waking up and realizing they need to vote in favor of what’s best for their country, not for race or religion:



Here is another humorous example of one man’s journey to filter out the propaganda from the mainstream media so as not to completely feel like he’s losing his mind. I have had a vastly more balanced reaction to these catalysts than he does here, knowing all will be well either way, but this excerpt shows the effect that this election is having on many people:

The one concession I’ve made to maintain some form of sanity is that I’ve taken to censoring my news, just like the old Soviet Union. The citizenry (me) only gets to read and listen to what I deem appropriate for its health and well-being.

Sure, there are times when the system breaks down. Michele Bachmann got through my radar this week, right before bedtime. That’s not supposed to happen. That was a lapse in security, and I’ve had to make some adjustments. The debates were particularly challenging for me to monitor.

First I tried running in and out of the room so I would only hear my guy. This worked until I knocked over a tray of hors d’oeuvres. “Sit down or get out!” my host demanded. “Okay,” I said, and took a seat, but I was more fidgety than a ten-year-old at temple.

I just couldn’t watch without saying anything, and my running commentary, which mostly consisted of “Shut up, you prick!” or “You’re a f-king liar!!!” or “Go to hell, you c-ksucker!” was way too distracting for the attendees, and finally I was asked to leave…

So if I do watch, I’ll do it alone. I can’t subject other people to me in my current condition. I just don’t like what I’ve turned into — and frankly I wasn’t that crazy about me even before the turn.

This election is having the same effect on me as marijuana. All of my worst qualities have been exacerbated. I’m paranoid, obsessive, nervous, and totally mental. It’s one long, intense, bad trip. I need to come down. Soon. 


No matter what, this election has aroused a great deal of hatred and fear, and my guidance helped me realize that I don’t want to contribute any further to it myself. In the same dream that told me the election was essentially over, I was spending time in person with John and Cindy McCain — and we got along very well.



In the truest sense there’s only one of us here — and one of the things I talk about in this two-part audio series is all the people who have written me virulently hateful letters about Obama.

People reading the alternative / conspiracy media like to think they’re on the cutting edge, but hate is hate, and the main reason why we’re here is to learn to love and accept others as they are — regardless of their race, color, creed, religion or sexual orientation. Politics is a key area that keeps dividing us into artificial categories that inhibit our ability to forgive and accept each other.

For this same reason, now that it’s highly likely Obama’s going to be President, I am not going to respond to the emails attacking him anymore. I’ve had a very reliable and accurate connection with my Higher Self for 16 years, with daily dream recall, and have yet to have a single negative dream about Obama. Not one. If I did I would absolutely tell you about it without hesitation.

This candidacy, though far from perfect, is a designer-made solution to a problem that otherwise would have gotten much worse. No one could have gotten elected in this environment without bringing in team members who already have experience in government, along with all the spite that the conspiracy community brings along with them.



The alternative / conspiracy media is filled to the bursting-point with Neocon-authored propaganda. They are a lot smarter than most of us give them credit for. Up until about 6 weeks ago, well over 80 percent of all anti-Obama articles in the alternative media were written by no more than three different authors, and their words just drip with seething hatred.

I watch in awe and amazement at how many smart people have bought into it, not seeing how obvious it is that the Republican side would work the alternative media angle very  heavily, given the continuing slippage of their control over the mainstream media. 

Remember … if you actively hate ANYONE, regardless of where they’re coming from, you’re not seeing the big picture. Either candidate would have brought changes to our society — and it becomes a question of which changes will be more spiritually beneficial for this world in the remaining four-year sprint to 2012.

The positive dreams I’ve had about Obama have been quite extraordinary, showing that he plays a very key role in defeating the NWO and Illuminati. The negative elite are absolutely terrified of this happening, and their own media has completely revolted against them — fake AP polls notwithstanding.

Again, as I have said before, my dreams also indicated the possibility that I would be involved with this new administration in some way. It could be that our film CONVERGENCE will make that leap if it gets popular enough, given the immense importance of the subject material. 

If the UFO cover-up breaks, that’s another means by which I may have a much greater influence than at present. I don’t dwell on it — suffice it to say each new step towards the defeat of the negative elite, and disclosure of the truth, is a true victory for all of us. 



It’s time to say something else that really needs to be verbalized as well. Our thoughts make reality, and that will never be clearer to the world than after they have seen CONVERGENCE. I want to pre-empt the message of our film a bit by saying that the real battle we suffer through on this planet is of the frequency of our consciousness.

We are all ‘voters’ every day, whether we know it or not. We vote with our own attitude and emotions for how everyone else in the world is going to feel, act and behave. Our thoughts have far more power than we realize. 

Think about the Earth as if it were a giant room we are all living in together. If someone cranks up the heat to an uncomfortable level, we’re all going to get grouchy and irritable, and if it goes even higher, it could truly turn into a massive burst of chaos.

Everyone’s attitude is strongly affected by the “temperature” of the consciousness field that our minds are all a part of, whether we know it or not. When the field heats up, we get “hot” and “see red,” and when it cools down, we “chill out” and “stay cool.”



Fear, anger, stress, et cetera is an experience that sends out a higher-temperature ‘danger signal’ into the consciousness field. This alarm is automatically picked up in bacteria, plants, animals and other humans as a measurable electrical spike in their galvanic skin response, whether they consciously know it or not.

Animals typically do sense it, whereas we have learned how to tune it out by “vetoing” these subtle signals that arise in our minds.

It takes a real ‘hit’ of our vital energy to create that alarm signal. We give up valuable energy by creating that signal, which is strong enough to be received by all living things in our environment. They in turn are influenced by it, and this can be measured with the conductivity of the skin, breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, et cetera — not to mention the attitude and level of violent, antisocial behavior.

All of this has been proven scientifically, and if you already have The Science of Peace then you know exactly what I’m talking about. We really need to start taking this seriously and using the ‘technology’ we have to turn things around.




“Mass hysteria” follows the same principles. The more of us move into stress and fear, the more of our vital energy is released to send out the “alarm signal.” We are influenced just like being in that blazing-hot room, and only the most cool-headed of us avoid having a ‘meltdown’ from it.

Those who are of negative orientation have learned how to re-absorb this exact same ‘alarm signal’ energy we send out when we go into fear.

That is the primary agenda of the negative path — to feed on fear. That means that if you are putting out information that scares people, information that “may appear positive while warning of dangers ahead” (Law of One series), then you are contributing to the problem.

The greatest benefit of ET-human communication we’ve ever received is the realization that we live in a highly structured reality. The exact nature of the ‘game’ is that things will never swing more negatively than positively — we will always have equal opportunity to choose which side we will observe and focus on.

We are very much protected — and that is why the average person, brought up on a diet of archetypal movies showing the “happy endings” we all instinctively know to occur, is actually MORE aligned with the truth than those who heavily indulge in paranoia-inducing media telling us huge disasters are right around the corner.

Either side can become our waking reality — the side of death, decay, anger and fear or the side of love, peace, life and vitality. Turn your head to the left, so to speak, and you’ll see death everywhere. Turn your head to the right and you’ll marvel at the abundance you already have and the wonderment of the future that is coming. 



A humorous expose’ of the negative elite’s fear agenda appeared in The Onion, showing that the common people are really starting to understand what this is all about. This is, of course, satire — totally fabricated — but I find this type of humor refreshing in the same way as seeing a John Stewart or Steven Colbert video:

WASHINGTON—In a nationally televised address to the American people Wednesday night, President Bush called upon every man, woman, and child to spiral uncontrollably downward into complete and utter panic.

Speaking from the Oval Office, Bush assured citizens that in these times of great uncertainty, the best and only course of action is to come under the throes of a sudden, overwhelming fear marked by hysterical or irrational behavior.

“My fellow Americans, the time for running aimlessly through streets while shrieking and waving our arms above our heads is now,” Bush said. “I understand that many of you are worried about your economic future and our situation overseas, and you have every right to be. Yet there is only one thing we as a nation can do in times like these: give up all hope and devolve into a lawless, post-apocalyptic, every-man-for-himself society.”

“For those of you who have remained resolute in your belief that things will turn around eventually, I urge you to close your eyes, take shallow rapid breaths, and begin freaking out immediately,” Bush added. “At this point, anyone who isn’t scared to death needs to wake the f*ck up—because we’re screwed here.”

The president then picked up the telephone from his desk and hurled it through the Oval Office window.

During the address, Bush laid out a historic five-point plan for panic that he hopes will help the American people fall apart as quickly as possible. The plan—which many are calling Bush’s most well-thought-out proposal to date—calls for citizens to abandon their daily routines entirely, and engage in a weeklong period of bloodcurdling screaming, arm flailing, dry heaving, and gnawing on one’s fingers while rocking back and forth in alternating bouts of maniacal laughter and gentle sobbing.

Under the new bill, Americans are also advised to withdraw all their money from U.S. banks and the stock market, place it in a Maxwell House coffee tin, and bury it in a safe place in their backyard. In addition, Bush has urged the legalization of Americans trampling one another in a mad rush to compete for the nation’s dwindling resources, and proposed allocating $3 billion toward a program that would give every citizen a gun and a bottle of 140-proof whiskey.

The final part of the plan calls for the immediate release of all convicted felons and death-row inmates from the nation’s prisons.

Immediately after Congress approves his plan, the president said he will order multiple B-2 stealth bombers to fly over America’s cities at low altitude. The resulting sonic boom, Bush said, will set off all car alarms and cause all babies to cry uncontrollably, which he believes will promote a real sense of chaos throughout the nation. In addition, Bush intends to release 50 live cobras into the Senate chamber.

“I realize this is a difficult vote for members of Congress, but at this critical time in our nation’s history, it is imperative that we not sit back and pretend like everything is fine, because everything’s not fine, it’s just not,” Bush said. “Even if Congress fails to act, I still intend to do what is right and lead this country into mass hysteria by acting outside the framework of the U.S. Constitution, overriding the entire democratic process, and setting the Lincoln Memorial on fire.”…


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[Please note: In response to questions that have come in, both parts of this radio show were NOT outlined, scripted, planned in advance or edited to make the pauses shorter or eliminate words such as “um”, “like” or “you know.” This recording plays out precisely as it was delivered by David in real time.] 


After we went to press, a quick read of the day’s news reveals that even as we’re watching the “controlled demolition of the New World Order,” we’re seeing an unprecedented firestorm of conspiracy and scandal erupting around their European rivals, the Rothschilds. 

Since this is the first we’ve heard of the scandal, it’s not entirely clear what’s going on. On first blush it appears the Rothschilds were instrumental in soliciting a large (and illegal) 50,000 pound donation to help manipulate the British elections, from a Russian tycoon named Oleg Deripaska. 

Now Prime Minister Brown (a likely Rockefeller / NWO ally) has bravely turned against the Rothschilds and is ordering a full investigation into “Yachtgate” — and Nathaniel Rothschild is threatening to ‘destroy’ anyone who tries to stop him.

If this reminds you of the Bavarian government’s actions to take down the Illuminati in the 1700s, after Jacob Lanze was struck dead with a lightning bolt with incriminating documents in his jacket pocket, then you’re on the right track:

George Osborne Warned: “Stop Rubbishing” Rothschild Or You’re Finished

Nathaniel Rothschild: Solid Financier Reverted to Type?

Rothschild Threatens to “Destroy” Osbourne


The majority of the alternative / conspiracy media who have bothered to pay attention to our message have continued worshipping the negative elite by giving them this air of impenetrable menace. 

Our prophecies are coming true as you’re watching the key players in the whole problem being exposed and brought down right in front of your very eyes. 

This next article exposes the underlying conspiracy even more aggressively. This is MAINSTREAM MEDIA! The whole thing is breaking wide open, in real time, right as we speak. The article clearly shows how the Rothschilds financed Hillary Clinton AND McCain, but are NOT supporting Obama.

Now that the world financial system has reached a peak point of instability, the mainstream media is finally growing a backbone and talking openly about what anyone and everyone on the Internet already knows. 

Do you REALLY think the Rothschilds could pull off “The Revealing” at this point and take over the world’s financial systems in the wake of this degree of exposure? Especially considering that their own businesses — and bottom line — have been eaten alive by these same changes? 




You should definitely check this out. The interconnectedness of the problem, and the need for a real solution, is right out there in the open now (emphasis added):

Nat Rothschild, the financier at the centre of allegations that threaten to engulf the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, is no stranger to laws which forbid politicians from accepting donations from abroad.

Political donations from overseas are also illegal in the US, where John McCain’s campaign team is under investigation for allegedly accepting a benefit in kind from two mega-rich British citizens, namely Nat Rothschild and his father, Jacob, the Fourth Baron Rothschild.

In April, Mr McCain passed through London and spoke at a fund-raising dinner for expatriate Americans, where seats at the cheapest tables cost £500 a head. What caught the eye of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based foundation dedicated to combating corruption, was that the event was held “by kind permission of Lord Rothschild and Hon Nathaniel Rothschild” at the family home in Spencer House, St James’s, the only privately owned 17th-century palace in central London.

The US Federal Election Committee is still investigating the allegation that Mr McCain’s campaign team broke electoral law by accepting a benefit in kind from the Rothschilds. “We haven’t heard from the FEC yet, and don’t expect to until after the campaign,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said.

The Rothschild family and politics have been intertwined for generations, ever since Nathan Rothschild, who founded the English branch of the family business, financed Britain’s war against Napoleon two centuries ago. Nathan was the son of Mayer Rothschild, who founded the family business in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt during the 18th century.

Serena Rothschild, Nat Rothschild’s mother, was one of the largest individual donors to the Conservative Party last year. She gave £190,000. She has also helped fund Mr Osborne’s office.

When another member of the clan, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, married the New York businesswoman Lynn Forester, they spent the night of their wedding dinner in the White House as guests of Bill Clinton.

Lady Rothschild was a fund-raiser for the Democrats, but defected to the McCain camp after her friend Hillary Clinton was beaten to the nomination by Barack Obama.

So it is nothing new for a Rothschild to be mixing with prominent politicians – but generally they do it in a way that does not invite unnecessary publicity. What is unusual about Nat Rothschild’s sudden intervention in the affair of the oligarch and the Corfu yacht is the way he has placed himself centre stage.

His presumed motive is anger at Mr Osborne’s bad manners in passing on what Peter Mandelson had said about Gordon Brown, when Lord Mandelson, Mr Osborne, and Mr Rothschild were guests of the Russian aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska.


We should definitely “love our enemies”… and at the same time not be afraid to celebrate as we watch these aeon-defining historical changes unfolding in real time!

I’m psyched. It feels good to be right about something so important. The crop formations we’ve written about in parts 1-4 of “2012 Politics” would not have so blatantly and repeatedly given prophecy dates this year were we not in the midst of truly revolutionary — and very positive — change. More will be revealed!