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This definitive history of “crop circles” reveals the secrets and remarkable prophecy dates recently found — including what may have happened on August 16th!



By David Wilcock






Thanks to movies like M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Signs,’ everyone has heard of “crop circles.”

This is considered another ‘fringe’ subject that most people laughingly dismiss.

In Shyamalan’s movie they were presented as terrifying portents of a worldwide alien invasion:




The first time I ever saw a “crop circle” was in December 1990, on the cover of a new Led Zeppelin CD box set my father gave me for Christmas, just in time to survive my trip into college in 1991.

Even then, I never knew whether it was real or just a clever photographic trick.

I later found out that it was indeed real, and the formation itself appeared at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, on July 11th, 1990:


My next burst of information on ‘crop circles’ came when I read Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in September 1993 — exactly 15 years ago.

The back cover of my 1993 edition featured a black-and-white picture of a gigantic crop formation on the top half of the page.

It had appeared in Barbury Castle, England on August 11, 1991:




I was fascinated to discover that this formation mapped out a very advanced geometric formula.

It had been extensively diagrammed and studied by many different researchers.

As this next diagram partially illustrates, Barbury Castle 1991 gave all the angle relationships that naturally occur when you place a simple geometric solid called a “tetrahedron” inside a sphere.

(A tetrahedron looks like a pyramid, except that instead of a square on the bottom, you have another equilateral triangle):




The Barbury Castle formation is clearly in the shape of a tetrahedron.

You have a giant triangle with an interesting circular shape at each corner.

Lines are drawn from each corner of the triangle towards the center — forming a three-dimensional, pyramid-like object: 





Hoagland had already been investigating physics discoveries demonstrating that this pattern — a tetrahedron inside a sphere — seemed to be having a clear effect on the planets.

Each planet, as it rotated, had strong upwellings of energy at the points where the tips of the tetrahedron would naturally emerge, if one vertex was fixed at the north or south pole.

For example, on gas planets you would get giant cyclones right at this “tetrahedral latitude” of 19.5 degrees above or below the Equator.

This is best seen with the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, which has remained in exactly the same place ever since telescopes were first discovered. 

The Great Red Spot is big enough to fit more than one Earth inside itself: 




Neptune also has a “Great Dark Spot” at the same latitude, and Saturn has faster-rotating bands of clouds at this latitude.

On the solid planets you get giant volcanoes — the Hawaiian island chain on Earth and Olympus Mons on Mars, a volcano three times larger than Mount Everest.

Venus also has two enormous shield volcanoes at this same latitude.



This is obviously a physics more advanced than the mainstream currently accepts.

It centers on the idea that this geometry is somehow involved with energy.

Huge amounts of lava and mantle are surging up to create volcanoes on the solid planets, right where the theory predicts, and gigantic atmospheric vortexes form on the gas planets.

Something has to be causing these volcanoes and super-cyclones to form in these special geometric locations. It’s obviously something we don’t generally know or understand.

I immediately realized that if this phenomenon were studied in greater detail, it was entirely possible that this new physics could be used to generate clean energy at little to no cost.

This same hidden energy source has kept the Great Red Spot cyclone turning on Jupiter for at least 400 years, with no sign of ever slowing down.



I was astonished by the idea that a crop formation had demonstrated such advanced physics concepts.

For years I struggled to understand how these geometric energy patterns could be appearing within the planets, and what it all meant.

As I cover in the three free CONVERGENCE books on this site, and in various David’s Blog entries, I did ultimately figure out that it all had to do with harmonic vibrations appearing as three-dimensional geometric patterns.

That is another discussion.

[5/12/15: The fullest visualization of this system so far is in The Source Field Investigations and my TV show, Wisdom Teachings.]

Barbury Castle 1991 also suggested three-dimensional ‘pyramid’ geometry on one of the corners as well — but you had to draw in the lines in order to see it:  





It is far outside the scope of this article series to go through the extensive proof of paranormal activity with the crop circle phenomenon.

In no way can all this data be written off as simply the result of human tampering, nor can it be explained with theories of strange atmospheric vortexes.

One of the best collections of data is written by Geoff Stray and can be found here.

An excellent 66-page book on the history of crop circles can be read for free here.

Lastly, this article by David Pratt is also excellent, and has some of the best pictures.

For those who are not aware, ‘crop circles’ appear overnight, fully formed, in various crops.

One very substantial formation, the “Julia Set”, appeared within a 15-minute period at Stonehenge on July 7, 1996.

A professional surveying engineer said it would take him about two full days to lay out the design:




As Dr. Gil Levengood and other researchers have determined, on the ‘real’ crop formations, the stalks are bent at the growth nodes, not broken:




A similar effect can be produced by microwaving grain — however in these cases the crops often continue growing after being bent.

The problem, of course, is that microwaving would quickly burn the crops — but in the crop formations there is never any sign of burning.

Some researchers have discovered that large amounts of underground water disappear beneath the crop formations right after they form. 

This is another sign of an advanced technology being used to draw up the water and suppress the burning of the crops.



The ones that have gained the most attention have been in the English countryside, though they have also appeared throughout Europe and the Americas.

A great number — many thousands — have also been spotted in India, though they have gotten much less publicity and no good pictures seem to be online.

This introduction to David Pratt’s article is an excellent summary: 

Every year over 200 designs appear in crops around the world.

These patterns of flattened plants have been reported on every continent, in around 30 countries, but the majority have appeared in southern England.

Since the early 1990s, the original simple circles have developed into huge, intricate, geometrical patterns of stunning precision and beauty.

Most appear in wheat, barley and oil-seed rape, but they have also been reported in rye, oats, flax, maize, sugar cane, peas, potatoes, sunflowers, grass, fruit orchards, rice paddies, snow, and ice.

Over the years, crop formations have been attributed to a variety of mundane causes: drunks armed with string and boards, wild young farmers, disillusioned art students, out-of-work journalists, overapplication of fertilizer, interference from mobile phones, squabbling birds, geometrically-gifted cows, and sex-mad hedgehogs.

Although the general public, mass media and scientific establishment tend to dismiss the entire phenomenon as the work of human pranksters, there is strong evidence that an unexplained force and guiding intelligence are at work.



As incredible as this may sound, documented reports of crop formations go back to at least 815 AD.

Agobard, the Archbishop of Lyons, issued an edict prohibiting pagans from taking seeds out of crop circles for their fertility rituals.




Obviously they were a regular phenomenon for this to be mentioned so casually in the official church records.

These next three excerpts help round out the story. Even the BBC covered this story at one point (emphasis added):

When do the circles date from? One of the earliest reports was in Lyon in 815AD, and a late 16th Century woodcut depicts the devil mowing a field into patterns.

The oldest known recorded crop circle event occurred in the 9th century in France, where the Bishop of Lyon sent out a prohibition to the recently converted locals against using seeds taken from crop circles for pagan fertility rituals.

In 815 AD, Agobard, the archbishop of Lyon, wrote “Against the foolish opinion of the masses about hail and thunder ” and reported that people believed in “Tempestarii ”, which had conjured cloud ships from Magonia, a far-off place in the skies.

These resulted in fierce storms, and a ransom was demanded on behalf of the Magonians in the form of crops they had flattened.

The account was made famous by UFO researcher Jacques Vallee in his “Passport to Magonia ”, in which he underlined that the UFO phenomenon seemed to be a modern variation of an ancient theme…



There is a rich history of crop circle legends where these formations are referred to as “fairy rings” or “fairy circles.”

This Wikipedia entry has a surprisingly large amount of links and supporting data regarding these historic accounts.

It was believed the circles were formed in the aftermath of fairies and other mythical beings dancing in circles.

In some cases it seems you have a ring of mushrooms or flowers that grow in a circle, as we will see, but other legends seem consistent with what the Bishop of Lyons was referring to in 815 AD. 

You can see from the Wikipedia entry that the “fairy ring” legend is vast in scope and extends through many different cultures, over at least several hundred years — to at least the 12th century: 

The Middle English term elferingewort (“elf-ring”), meaning “a ring of daisies caused by elves’ dancing” dates to the 12th century.

Hall, Alaric (2007). Elves in Anglo-Saxon England: Matters of Belief, Health, Gender and Identity. Rochester, New York: Boydell & Brewer. ISBN 978-1-84383-294-2


An illustration of a “fairy ring” was also posted in the Wikipedia entry, found in a book on British folklore from 1880.

This is photographic evidence clearly establishing that the fairy ring legend was associated with flattened circles of crops: 




This next excerpt on fairy rings goes into greater detail about the “fairy ring” phenomenon as it relates to modern crop circles:

Indeed, circles on the ground have always had a magical connotation.

Take, for example, the fairy rings, which are linked with tales of passers-by that were lured away to the land of the fairies.

As such, these fairy rings were “doorways into other dimensions ”, which is another theory proposed about what crop circles might represent.

In German-speaking Europe, fairy rings are known as Hexenringe, or “witches rings ”, stemming from an old medieval belief that the rings represented places where witches would have their gatherings.

In English folklore, fairy rings were said to be caused by elves, fairies or pixies dancing in a circle, wearing down the grass beneath their feet. These mythical creatures, of course, are often associated with mysterious balls of light.



You may remember that our BBC article mentioned a woodcut of “the Devil mowing a field into patterns,” but it didn’t go into detail.

This is a fascinating chapter in the history of crop circles, documented as happening in 1678.

In short, a farmer was trying to hire someone to harvest his crops, and the laborer wanted to charge more than the farmer could afford.

The farmer angrily chased off the laborer, saying something like “I’d rather have the Devil cut my crops down than pay your price!”

That night a very bright light appeared over the crops — “as if it had been all aflame” — which the farmer clearly noticed, and the next day a crop circle had appeared — “so neatly mow’d… that no Mortal Man was able to do the like”.

The farmer attributed this phenomenon to the so-called “Mowing Devil.”

Here is an actual image of the woodcut, complete with a picture of what the crop circle looked like, along with an illustration of the alleged devil.

After the image we have a transcript of what it actually says: 




THE MOWING-DEVIL: OR, STRANGE NEWS OUT OF HARTFORD-SHIRE. Being a True Relation of a Farmer, who Bargaining with a Poor Mower, about the Cutting down Three Half Acres of Oats: upon the Mower’s asking too much, the Farmer swore That the Devil should Mow it rather than He.

And so it fell out, that very Night, the Crop of Oat shew’d as if it had been all of a flame: but next Morning appear’d so neatly mow’d by the Devil or some Infernal Spirit, that no Mortal Man was able to do the like.

Also, How the said Oats ly now in the Field, and the Owner has not Power to fetch them away. Licensed, August 22nd, 1678.


You can see this was taken at least semi-seriously at the time.

This was before the rise of scientific materialism, where people would automatically write the farmer off as insane or misinformed. 



During this same time period, very clear, documented evidence of “crop circle” formations can be found in the records of Professor Robert Plot (December 13, 1640 — April 30, 1696).

Plot was an English naturalist, the  first Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and the first keeper of the Ashmolean Museum.




As it says here, he was also known to look for natural curiosities in several English counties. 

He actually discovered a fossilized femur of a Megalosaurus dinosaur, which he considered to be the scrotum of a “giant.”

This may very well be the first documented homo-erotic paleontological discovery: 




Plot found various crop circle formations and had a rather fanciful theory of how they formed.

He believed the wind was creating geometrically-perfect vortexes that then affected the crops on the ground.

In these next two illustrations he tried to draw how he thought this was happening:





Dr. Plot also found anomalies in the soil where these formations occurred.

The exact same observations would be recorded over 300 years later by Dr. Gil Levengood. 

He is perhaps the most thorough modern researcher providing proof that some formations are definitely not manmade by any conventional means:

Plot examined multiple such formations and states that the soils “under all of them were much looser and dryer than ordinary, and the parts interspersed with a white hoar… much like that in mouldy bread, of a musty rancid smell, but to the tast[e] insipid.” –A Natural History of Staffordshire (1686)



Another clear report of crop-circle activity can be found in the prestigious scientific journal Nature from 1880:

J. Rand Capron, a spectroscopist who lived in the country at Guildown near Guildford, Surrey, in the south of England, [found crop circles in 1880]. The reference is Nature, volume 22, pp 290-291, 29 July 1880.

“Visiting a neighbour’s farm on Wednesday evening (21st), we found a field of  standing wheat considerably knocked about, not as an entirety, but in patches forming, as viewed from a distance, circular spots.

Examined more closely, these all presented much the same character, viz., a few standing stalks as a centre, some prostrate stalks with their heads arranged pretty evenly in a direction forming a circle round the centre, and outside these a circular wall of  stalks which had not suffered…”


Capron tried to explain this as the result of vortexes in the atmosphere creating perfect circles in the crops — just like Professor Robert Plot did two centuries earlier.

Some people still believe this concept, albeit with a few extra flourishes to explain some of the other mysteries.

As you are about to read in the next set of excerpts, we have independent, unique eyewitness reports from the 20th century where people actually watched crop circles forming in real time.

Nothing was there except for light, sound and / or swirling wind.

More recent reports also have indicated balls of light and high-pitched noises during the night.



Here we have the first of two testimonies confirming historical crop circle activity in the 20th century, where people actually saw it happen right in front of them:

An eye-witness case from South Wales was brought to the attention of researchers in 1991 following a letter to the Sunday Mirror. This was on farmland at Cilycwm, 6 km from Llandovery, Dyfed.

Mr William Cyril Williams wrote: “With reference to the corn circles mystery I actually witnessed one being made. 

I was standing in a cornfield one morning and saw a whirlwind touching the ground and forming a circle in the corn.  It was just the strength of the wind in the whirlwind that formed the circle”.

The event happened in the late 1940’s when he worked on his father’s farm, Penfedw Farm at Cilycwm.  He was then in his twenties.

The area is surrounded by hills on all sides, and circles had been seen there “frequently”. 

On this occasion, a weekday in August, at about 10.30 to 11 in the morning [or circa 0930-10 GMT] Mr Williams had gone into the wheat field on harvesting day in advance of the cutting and binding machinery, and was crossing the middle of the field when he heard the buzzing noise of a whirlwind starting up only a few metres away.

He then saw a spinning mass of air with dust in it, and, as he watched, in a matter of  “only a couple of seconds or so the wheat fell down producing a sharp-edged circle 3 to 4 metres in diameter”. 

It looked just like the other crop circles he had seen before, except that this one was completely flat-bottomed — whereas some of the earlier ones had stalks standing at their centres like a conical pyramid.

The vortex then died out rapidly, but during its brief lifetime (under 4 or 5 seconds) it remained at the same place.  



This next excerpt is of a similar eyewitness report from 1972.

Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood watched the crops get “pushed down” by an invisible force in a clockwise direction.

The only explanation to what might have caused this is a sound — and other witnesses have since documented hearing high-pitched chirping sounds:

Suddenly, I heard a noise. It seemed as if something pushed down the wheat. That night the air was completely still.

I looked around. The moon had just appeared, shining brightly.

In front of my eyes I could see a great imprint taking shape. The wheat was forced down in a clockwise direction.”

– Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood, first modern crop circles witnesses, Warminster, night of August 12, 1972



This excerpt reveals an even deeper scope to the crop circle activity throughout the 20th century:

Dr Terence Meaden published eye-witness accounts of circles forming in the United Kingdom, one of which dated from the 1930s (see Further Reading).

The witness, Katherine Skin, recalled seeing two circles form on a hot August day in 1934 in Cambridgeshire.

Their appearance was preceded by a whirlwind in which stalks, seeds and dust were visible. Inside the circle she saw that some stalks had been plaited [braided].

Another witness described an event in South Wales, dating from the 1940s, and Meaden also wrote of a double ring photographed in 1960, in Gloucestershire.

This was reported in the Evesham Journal and attracted quite a number of visitors.

Andrews and Delgado (see Further Reading) quote a farmer, Simon Brown, recalling circles on his farm at Headbourne Worthy almost every year since 1958.

Paul Fuller, in The Crop Watcher 14, lists a number of other ‘early’ circles, including reports from the Netherlands, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Turkey and the United States.

The list runs to some 78 items, mainly rings, simple circles or ellipses and multiple circles.

The events around Warminster in the 1960s and 1970s have been the subject of several books, notably those by Arthur Shuttlewood, a journalist who lived in the town.

Things seem to have begun on Christmas Day 1964, with a series of deafening noises, and various strange events continued into 1966.

The area became a hotspot for UFO sightings and it was during a ‘sky watch’ in 1972 that Shuttlewood, apparently, observed the formation of a circle in a grass field.

He described a highpitched hum and a circle being inscribed like ‘the opening of a lady’s fan’.



Up until recently, the mainstream media’s approach to crop circles — if they were covered at all — was fairly dismissive, as in this Discovery article:

Crop circles have been appearing in fields all over the world for the past 30 years. They range from simple, geometric patterns to complex and carefully made compositions.

There have been suggestions that they are made by flying saucers landing and flattening the crops, or even that they are messages left by visiting aliens.

Others think they are created by microwave beams from satellites orbiting the Earth.

Other more rational explanations are that crop circles are man-made hoaxes, attempting to convince the public of extra-terrestrial life on Earth.

Some would argue why would aliens travel all the way to our planet just to flatten a few wheat fields? Why not make contact another, more easily recognisable way?


This perspective changed notably in 2008 thanks to a formation that attracted widespread media attention by having a very interesting mathematical proof in it, as we shall see.



2008 may well be recorded as the most substantial year in the history of “crop circles”.

This was the year they hit the mainstream media with a bigger “splash” than we’ve ever seen before, thanks to a formation that encoded ‘pi’ with multiple-decimal-point accuracy.

This was widely covered by media outside the US, and in some cases even within it as well.




Even the bought-and-sold Neocon media world of Fox News jumped on the bandwagon for this one:,2933,368422,00.html

“Take the pattern and draw radial lines from the center of the central depression through each radial jump,” Reed e-mailed the Web site.

“Take the smallest angle sector and call it one (1), then compare the other 10 sectors contained angle to the smallest and pick the closest single digit for the ratio. They come out as 3.141592654.”




As any math geek knows, that’s the first 10 digits of pi, the irrational but extremely important number that’s defined as a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter.

Crop-circle enthusiasts claim that’s just more proof that the barley and wheat stalks have been stomped on by aliens who seem to have a special affinity for southern England.


If you’re looking for a more in-depth treatment of this decoding, this mainstream English website does a fine job of explaining how it works:



On July 15, 2008, we had a formation in Avebury Manor that directly, bluntly and unabashedly laid out the alignment of the planets on December 21st, 2012 — the end-date of the Mayan Calendar.




Now that the ‘Circlemakers’ had generated some PR, they wanted to maximize its value and deliver a clear message:

“The end of the Mayan Calendar is far from just another ordinary date. Something is going to happen!”




With my own work adding to the weight of data — inspired by the Law of One series — we could append this statement with, “…Something wonderful!”

This formation encoded alignments in all three major sections of the Solar System for December 21st, 2012.

First, the inner planets, as you can see here: 




Then we have the central planets and their corresponding images, as this next graphic shows:




Lastly, we also have an alignment in the outer planets, as this final graphic reveals.

The final planet appears to be a stylized version of Pluto, except that it is out of its expected orbital position.

No one is entirely sure what this ‘dislocation’ of Pluto means. 

Since Pluto represents the planet of great, revolutionary change in astrology — a true journey through the underworld — this could be a sign of the monumental importance of this time:





On July 23, 2008, the Circlemakers returned after this formation sustained some damage — and substantially changed the basic layout.

A second circle was drawn next to the first, with a variety of odd glyphs surrounding it.




The first circle now had a series of straight lines drawn through it.

This strongly suggested Gerald Hawkins’ mathematical proofs had done in the 1990s, showing the relationship between geometry and musical frequencies.

I have written about this in the CONVERGENCE book series on this website:




Even more importantly, the size of the Sun in the original 2012 diagram was now much, much larger — encompassing the orbits of Venus and Mercury: 




Sadly, the mainstream media dropped the ball — and in fact, we are the only alternative media source that covered this 2012 formation with any depth.

If that were the extent of the story, this would still be a rather involved piece… but it goes far, far beyond this initial starting point.

This was only one of two different crop formations that directly flagged the Mayan Calendar end-date this year by direct astronomical timing methods.


West Kennett, June 6th:




This formation illustrated a 40% solar eclipse that was seen in that area of England on August 1st, 2008. 

Nick Kollerstrom: “Why does this formation have a single line, that does not define any Sun-ray? This line shows us the 18-fold division of the circle here being used, it enables us to count it.

“It’s a basic Vesica pisces design, with one circle divided into 18, i.e. 20-degree sectors.

“This confirms, I suggest, its relation to the upcoming partial solar eclipse of August 1: the pattern of eclipses recurs every 18 years, 11 days and this is called the Saros Cycle.”

West Kennett, June 9th:
A new crop picture from West Kennett Longbarrow on June 9 seems to refer to a “partial solar eclipse” crop picture which appeared nearby at West Kennett on June 6.
The new one shows 49 or 50 serrations within each of two arms of a four-armed spiral.
Furthermore, it looks almost like Hackpen Hill of July 4, 1999, which showed paths of totality for a series of solar eclipses in any 18-year Saros cycle as viewed from above the North Pole.
This formation in Secklendorf, Germany, from June 23rd, gives multiple alignments – each of which could be construed as important prophecy dates we can watch for:
The deciphering of this crop formation is so complex that it is far outside the scope of this paper to go into the details. They can be found at this link for those who are interested.
After 2008, you can just put this into’s “Wayback Machine,” since Crop Circle Connector commits everything to a subscriber-only archive at the end of each year:
Though we’re not going to comb through all the details of the analysis, here’s a diagram of the formation where you can see the six different focus-points that were given of varying lunar alignments:
One of the dates is next March:
V1 = March 27, 2009, inferior conjunction with Sun, next to Earth
V2 = January 11, 2012, superior conjunction with Sun, opposite Earth
V3 = October 29, 2010, inferior conjunction with Sun, next to Earth
V4 = August 16, 2011, superior conjunction with Sun, opposite Earth
V5 = June 6, 2012, inferior conjunction with Sun, solar transit (bright central six-pointed star)
V6 = December 21, 2012, three months before superior conjunction with Sun, far right opposite Earth (end of Long Count). 


This formation from Fritzlar, Germany is another that is possibly flagging the August 1st eclipse:
The Georgia / Russia war over South Ossetia started on August 7/8, and lasted eight days… meaning the war completely ended by August 16, 2008.
In early July, well before there was any overt indication that such a war was coming, two crop circles indicated August 16, 2008 as a significant date.
Burderop, July 6, 2008:
This diagram was also given to indicate how the Burderop formation cleverly included the angle measurements of the eclipse itself:
East Kennett, July 8, 2008:
This first image gives us an overview of the East Kennett formation, showing clear signs that we’re dealing with celestial mechanics and orbital periods:
In this next image you get a close-up where you can count exactly 40 tufts within the oval shape. This is the key to deciphering this formation: 
Here is the writeup of how this formation encodes the August 16th prophecy in itself:
East Kennett of July 7-8, 2008 shows “forty days or two Mayan months” until a near-total lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008.
A new crop picture from East Kennett seems to be reminding us of that event with considerable simplicity:
Surrounding a standing circle for Earth, we can see forty small symbols in pairs (large-small-large-small) that clearly suggest 2 × 20 = 40 days until a near-total lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008.
The most remarkable feature of this new crop picture is that it chooses to use a time symbolism of “2 × 20 = 40 days” until the lunar eclipse in mid-August. Many other crop pictures over the past few weeks have shown Mayan themes, for example in Germany.
Since the Mayans kept 20 days in any month, as opposed to 30 days for most Western calendars, then one implication of this new picture might be that the crop artists follow a Mayan calendar rather than a Western one (see HERE or HERE).
Watchfield, August 1st, 2008:
To me, this was one of the most revealing formations of all.
We get another clear description of the August 16th eclipse, and this time the formation appeared directly next to windmills supplying clean, alternative energy: 
Here is the writeup from Crop Circle Connector, written shortly after this formation appeared, on how the Watchfield formation could again be flagging August 16th.
Special attention is paid to the number 14 being a method of counting the remaining days before the approximate time of the eclipse: 
While many different explanations of Watchfield Wind Farm might be possible, we still need to explain why they showed us the two numbers “18” and “14” attached to three gear-like balls, then drew that in a field next to a long series of white windmills?
The number 18 has been used repeatedly in 2008 as the number of years in any Saros eclipse cycle involving Earth, Sun and Moon.
Following that same logic, there would be approximately 14 days from August 1 until an almost total lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008.
Those windmills could be meant to symbolize “rotation” of any astronomical body about its own axis, or of our Moon about the Earth.
Cherhill, August 7, 2008:
This was not picked up on by the Crop Circle Connector community.
The jagged shape of each “blade” of this formation could easily be seen as a depiction of the orbital path between the Earth and the Moon, again redundantly flagging eclipse activity.
Why do I know this? I had just seen that same exact shape in the diagrams of the Apollo orbital paths in Richard Hoagland’s article on Von Braun, which went up that very same day — August 7th: 
Count the eight spokes in the Cherhill formation as the number of days since it appeared on August 7th, and you have August 15th — again right near this pivotal “eclipse window.”
Milk Hill, August 8, 2008 (8/8/8):
As we started exploring in Part Two, the figure-8 crop formation of 8/8/8 also seemed to flag August 16th.
It clearly showed phases of the Moon, accurately described the number 16 in terms of the number of circles arranged between teardrop-shaped lines, and the overall number ‘8’ indicated “Count eight days from today:”
Here’s the writeup and analysis on Crop Circle Connector for this formation: 
In any case, the astronomical logic shown at Milk Hill seems quite amenable to ordinary human understanding, whether it was made by friendly extra-terrestrials, or by local talented fellows with a board and rope! …
On that day, precisely 8 days after Milk Hill appeared, our planet Earth will come directly into line between the Moon and the Sun as an 81% partial lunar eclipse (see HERE)…
 Is this explanation plausible? Have any other crop pictures from 2008 described the same, upcoming lunar eclipse?
When studied carefully, it seems as if Milk Hill of August 8 may be just the latest of three pictures to give a countdown in days, from when they appeared until August 16, 2008:
East Kennett of July 8 = 2 × 20 = 40 days until August 16
Watchfield Wind Farm of August 1 = approximately 14 days until August 16
Milk Hill of August 8 = figure-8 or 8 days until a lunar eclipse on August 16
Two other pictures from 2008 could be interpreted in terms of similar countdown in days, from when they appeared until August 1, 2008 which was a solar eclipse (visible mainly in Russia or China):  
South Field of July 22-23 = 10, 9, 8 days until August 1

Martinsell Hill of July 27 = 5, 4.5, 4 days until a solar eclipse on August

In case there is any doubt as to the awesome size of this amazing formation, just look at how big the people are when photographed in the center:
Barton Le Clay, Barton Springs, Bedfordshire — August 14th: 
Just two days before the critical date of August 16th, one of the most blatant messages ever given in a crop formation appeared. Look first and tell me what you think this is: 
Take another look, and pay attention to the design elements, and what they could symbolize: 
If you still haven’t seen it yet, look at this black-and-white diagram, where it really stands out:
What we are seeing — very clearly — is a symbolic image of the Pentagon, in Washington, DC, with an inscribed pentacle inside itself.
While the pentacle is not necessarily a negative, as it just represents a form of geometry, we see five “blades” inside the pentagon that VERY clearly resemble the blades of a swastika.
This seems to be the most direct message we have ever received telling us that August 16th — at this point a mere two days away — would be a pivotal day in exposing how Nazi elements have infiltrated and ‘taken over’ the Pentagon as we know it.
Our friends at the Crop Circle Connector really didn’t see this yet, as the writeup illustrates.
They got the Pentagon clearly, but did not see the blades of the swastika. Most people are probably not accustomed to ‘going there’:
This simply remarkable formation takes one’s breath away. It has two wonderfully tapered and delicate crescents surrounding the mysterious pentagram. 

The Pentagram was very important to the Pythagoreans, who were a secret society. This symbol runs through history in many mystical ways.
It also appears in Masonic regalia, the layout of Washington DC, and is the basic design for one of the largest buildings on earth, The Pentagon. 

Etchilhampton Hill, near Devzies, Wiltshire — August 15th: 
In this next formation, from just one day before the eclipse, a religious message appears — showing there is an answer to the crises we were demonstrated from the previous day’s formation.
You will obviously see that this is a cross, but there are clear Celtic elements within it.
Furthermore, the repeated suggestion of yin-yang formations illustrate the cross-platform religious nature of this formation.
The DNA double helix is also strongly implied in this formation, and there have been many others where it was even more blatant than this.
To me, it’s not flagging any one religion but rather showing us that we are indeed seeing the rebirth of the Christ Consciousness / Higher Self as a result of these changes and upheavals:
Here’s the writeup from Crop Circle Connector:
Could this be sign of hope from above in these troubled times? 

This huge Celtic cross appeared in a field on Etchilhampton Hill in Wiltshire. The size is over eight tram lines in width and about twice as long in length.
Within the cross is spiral imagery which takes us back to ancient times. Very impressive indeed.

Broad Hinton, Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire — September 24th:
Finally, as it became clear the economy was getting worse, and everyone started panicking, we had yet another very clear symbol appear in crops.
This time the crop was corn — maize to be precise — which is a very unusual crop to see a formation like this appear in.
The researchers at Crop Circle Connector are saying this is the most complex formation ever to appear in maize: 
We clearly see what looks like four skyscrapers from the top down. Any two of them together could easily be the Twin Towers that fell at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
Here again, the formation seems to be talking about a collapse in “world trade”, but this time we’re dealing with a financial collapse rather than the damage of physical property.
The punchline, as you’ve undoubtedly already seen, is that these four skyscrapers from the top down also clearly form the image of a Christian crucifix.
Again, to me, this shows that there are powerful synchronistic forces at play insuring that even though these events appear negative to some, they are in fact a vital part of defeating the New World Order and restoring peace to our planet.
Yet another blatant symbol of synchronicity guiding our way occurred on “Black Monday” — September 29, 2008.
This was when we had the largest-ever collapse of the Dow in quite some time — a precipitous drop — on the same day that the 700-billion-dollar bailout bill, as it originally stood, failed to pass: 
Exactly how far down did it go? Why, 777 points, to be exact — a number that symbolically means “perfect divinity!” 

This remarkable, redundant August 16th prophecy fits in with the real-world events leaked regarding the South Ossetia war and the capturing of vital documents.

The New World Order may well have received its critical “death blow” by what happened that very day.

This could effectively free the planet from well over 50 years of hardship and the threat of complete planetary annihilation — so this is by no means insignificant.

Furthermore, with the degree of control that has been exerted over the press, any such change would be tantamount to a mass, worldwide awakening.

These formations also give us an exciting glimpse into the time windows of when critical changes will be happening — and all eyes are on 2012.