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In this section we explore what actually happened on August 16th — and the hard evidence that it could bring down the “New World Order.”








As I established in Part Two, a crop formation appeared on 8/8/8 that was a direct mirror of an image I finished working on for Richard C. Hoagland of The Enterprise Mission the day before.

This was the latest in a series of formations that flagged August 16th as being an important date, as we saw in Part Four.

The formation appeared in Milk Hill, England, in the shape of an infinity symbol and/or number 8.

It appeared on the numerologically-interesting date of 8/8/8, and the number 8 could also be seen as a message telling us to count eight days into the future — thus fitting in with other prophecies about August 16th. 

Furthermore, with the use of little teardrop shapes and a series of circles increasing in size, each half counted 16 phases of the Moon… again suggesting August 16th if you started counting as of August 1st:



The infinity symbol also refers to “Infinite Energy,” i.e. ‘free’ energy. Dr. Eugene Mallove was the head of MIT’s media outlet and quit when he was asked to cover up their own laboratory evidence that ‘cold fusion’ was real.

Infinite Energy Magazine became the focal-point of the entire free-energy movement. 

Richard and I had one full show with Art Bell. We were supposed to have Dr. Mallove on the show to announce an amazing new initiative.

It was 2004, an election year where we hoped Bush would lose.

Richard was going to bring Dr. Mallove to Washington after having set up meetings with various senators and congressmen to discuss the reality of infinite energy.

Shockingly, the day before we were going to bring Dr. Mallove on the air to announce this historic political initiative, he was bludgeoned to death in his backyard.

The murderer, once questioned by the police after the fact, collapsed into a fetal position on the ground and began crying like a young child.

This is consistent with reports of “Manchurian Candidate” hypontically-influenced assassins.



As I said in Part Two, Richard’s article described how the German / Nazi scientist Wehner Von Braun encountered an anomalous gravitational effect that interfered with all of NASA’s earliest rocket launches in the 1950s.

I consider this to be absolutely groundbreaking research, and one of Richard’s most substantial new contributions in years.

Von Braun’s results, if publicized, could easily have led to free-energy and gravity-shielding technologies that would have shattered our dependence on foreign oil and brought drastic economic relief and recovery to our planet.

Now more than ever, it is obvious how much we need it.

When the general public discovers that such technologies exist and have been suppressed for well over 50 years, thanks to bribes, threats and assassinations of the inventors themselves — there will be revolutionary changes in our society.

Instead of telling the truth, NASA decided to cover it up — and only through repeated “trial and error” did they figure out how to work around this, shall we say, weighty  problem.

In Richard’s book Dark Mission he establishes clear proof that NASA is actually a defense agency — not a civilian space agency — and will NOT release information considered to be classified.

You can also read about this online in a comprehensive article I co-authored with Richard last year. Here is the relevant excerpt: 


According to the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, Section 305… (i):

…The National Aeronautics and Space Administration shall be considered a Defense Agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States code ….

Section 206… (d):

No [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of National Security shall be included in any report made under this section [of the act]… ”


This same article gives extensive proof — with multiple photographs — of glass-like ruins on the Moon, along with clear evidence that NASA manipulated the photographs to destroy most of the images.

Why? Sorry. Can’t tell you. It’s classified. 


“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

~ William Colby, CIA Director from Sept. 1973 to Jan. 1976 under Presidents Nixon and Ford.
Colby was replaced by future President George H.W. Bush on January 30, 1976.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

~ William Casey, CIA Director from 1981 to 1987.
(Quote from internal staff meeting notes 1981)


In one case we show pictures from two different camera angles that reveal the same glass-like ruins in the distance.

The likelihood that this is caused by “glint on the lens” is very, very low considering they are two different camera angles.

The original frame numbers are given at the bottom left of each image: 




In case anyone tries to say this is actually the same shot, we have an answer.

When you turn the contrast down in the shot on the right, you can see the leg of the lunar landing module, whereas in the other shot it’s obviously not there:




In another example, Russian researchers found a NASA photo that looked pretty normal until you cranked up the contrast in Photoshop.

Then you can clearly see that something behind the astronaut was apparently airbrushed out of the final photo with black paint:




Anyway, there are many other images where these came from, but this is all an aside — except that it establishes more evidence that there is some very, very weird stuff out there that NASA isn’t telling us.

Are we really that surprised?

By comparison to these Moon images, the idea of NASA covering up gravitational anomalies in their earliest rocket launches seems much more approachable. 

NASA enjoyed the benefits of Project Paperclip, where a large number of ex-Nazi scientists were transferred over to the US after World War II.

This same influence is provably responsible for the troubles we are facing now with the US government and economic system.

The positive side to all this is we may finally be seeing the day where this threat is greatly diminished, if not eliminated. 



Richard had designed an initial graphic for this Von Braun article and when I saw it, I felt it could be a lot better with my Photoshop skills at the helm.

I felt this was too important for me to ignore.

While I was working on my upgrade to the original graphic, a distinct thought came into my mind:

“I wonder if I could choose a particular image, focus on it, publicize it to the world and then have it appear as a crop formation the next day?”

At the time, even though this idea came strongly into my mind, I didn’t think much further about it.

I wasn’t about to actually try something like this and risk public humiliation in the process, in case the ‘Circlemakers’ decided not to show.

Events like this have occurred at least two or three other times I am aware of in the last fifteen years with other groups.

Again, here is the graphic I finished the night of August 6th/7th and was published on Enterprise Mission later that day on August 7, 2008 — with the infinity symbol brightened for emphasis:




And of course, here again is the 8/8/8 formation that appeared the very next morning after the article went online:




Any number of posts from Richard’s subscription-based discussion forum could prove that this article was posted on August 7, 2008.

Nonetheless, I will supply some additional documentation to establish that I did finish and publish this work when I said I did. 



By the night of August 6th/7th I was finished with the Photoshop graphic edits for Hoagland’s piece.

Here is a screen capture of that section of the My Pictures folder on my computer.

You can clearly see the date and time that I finished editing the Photoshop file, entitled VB-Secret_Plain.psd.

Underneath that first file are the three other images I used to build up the various parts of the final graphic.

You can also see the filenames of some crop formations I had already started studying for their intriguing prophecy of an important event coming up on August 16th: 




Notice the “Montauk Monster” graphic at the bottom from August 1st.

I had been planning on writing about this until I discovered it was just an intriguingly mangled raccoon corpse, with the nose and upper teeth torn off and all the hair having fallen out from extensive epidermal saturation in the ocean.

The image at the bottom of this screen-shot from “My Pictures” was the proof I found — and here is a reduced-size version of that same graphic:




The article went up later that day — August 7th — and I then had to leave for my flight to the American Society of Dowsers conference on August 8th.

I had to rush in order to make sure my contribution to the article was finished before I left — and I did succeed.

Here is the AAA travel itinerary I received from Arvid Johnson, director of the American Society of Dowsers, confirming the dates of my trip on the 8th.

I blacked out certain identifying information for my own privacy and the sake of the people who booked it, but here it is:




We widely advertised the conference and it was attended by over 500 people and videotaped.

There was no way I could have taken the time to do Photoshop edits to a graphic once I was on an all-day flight like this. 

I was caught in the rush of having to prepare for an imminent keynote address at a major conference the very next day. 



Joseph P. Farrell, who has written more than one information-packed book about the secret technologies of the Third Reich, saw this graphic as soon as it went up on Thursday, August 7th.

We have at least one external witness who could testify that it appeared before Friday’s 8/8/8 formation.

Incidentally, Farrell loved the subtext I put in the image — namely how these failed rocket launches were a major “black eye” and embarrassment for NASA.

The comical image of the Man on the Moon with a rocket in his eye made this point with a humorous flourish.

The infinity symbol represented, to me, the trajectory that rockets have to take in order to get to and from the Moon.

I didn’t see any deeper subtext than that at the time.



I do have a wireless internet card I use with my laptop for flights.

In those brief lay-over periods at each stop on the way to Vermont, I discovered that war had broken out between Georgia and Russia. 

This occurred at the same time that the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were taking place in Beijing, China.

You will notice that the media has completely dropped any reportage on this story.

There’s a reason for that, as we will see. Initially they were saying Russia attacked Georgia first — when in fact the opposite was true.

Georgia’s premier mounted a completely unprovoked, hostile attack against South Ossetia, a breakaway republic that had declared its loyalty to Russia. 

Almost immediately it became clear that the US was involved in Georgia’s initial attack. Here’s a Pravda article from the very next day after the war started: 



The US administration urged for an immediate cease-fire in the conflict between Russia and Georgia over the unrecognized republic of South Ossetia.

In the meantime, Russian officials believe it was the USA that orchestrated the current conflict.

The chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security, Vladimir Vasilyev, believes that the current conflict in South Ossetia is very reminiscent of the wars in Iraq and Kosovo.

“The things that were happening in Kosovo, the things that were happening in Iraq — we are now following the same path.

The further the situation unfolds, the more the world will understand that Georgia would never be able to do all this without America.

South Ossetian defense officials used to make statements about imminent aggression from Georgia, but the latter [Georgia] denied everything, whereas the US Department of State released no comments on the matter.

In essence, they [the US] have prepared the force, which destroyed everything in South Ossetia, attacking civilians and hospitals.

They are responsible for this. The world community will learn about it, ” the official said.


We were already expecting major international incidents to try to provoke World War III and guarantee that Americans would want to vote Republican — for the alpha-male candidate with an established war-fighting background.

Here I was in the middle of a conference when all this was going on, and I couldn’t focus on it.



I definitely felt like this war had something to do with the prophecies of the 16th.

I did get the sense that it would be over very soon, given the strength of Russia’s response and the complete surprise displayed by Georgia and the US — but there was no way to know how the prophecy would play itself out.

I had more ‘polish’ to do for my presentation at the Dowsers conference — I dug up some incredible new information and was racing to incorporate all of it into the Power Point presentation.

Then, as soon as I finished up with the conference, I had to turn around and head out to Texas to start work on my new album.

Little did I realize that the war would end precisely on August 16th, 2008 — the exact date that was flagged by all the crop formations!

On a personal level, the 16th was also the day Larry and I finished our first vocal song, “Love is Everything,” in the studio.



The “Voice of the White House” on TBRNews.org has proven — repeatedly — to be a reliable source from directly within the White House itself.

I have seen many examples of predictive accuracy over the years, and occasionally have written about them on this site.

I consider this source to be absolutely priceless, though his verbiage and attitude at times can be disappointing and strongly opposed to my philosophical and ethical perspective of treating all others with respect and kindness.

I did notice that the war ended around August 16th — it turned out it was exactly the 16th — but again I was in the studio and couldn’t really focus on it very much.

The first major clue from Voice of the White House of how this whole story fit together came out five days after the 16th, dated August 21st — and posted online as of the 22nd.

Notice that this source is talking about a plot for Israel to take “COMPLETE CONTROL” of the United States Government.

This is definitely disturbing, because other reports have repeatedly indicated that Israel wishes to annihilate Iran, and any other potential enemies, regardless of the consequences. 

Please note that this source is not anti-Semitic and I am definitely not either. The Holocaust was an unimaginably tragic loss of life.

That being said, a horrific tragedy like this does not excuse any country to commit atrocities, foment wars and attempt to seize control of other countries in response.

At this point no one had any idea that McCain would choose Sarah Palin — hardly anyone outside of Alaska even knew her name.

Later updates revealed that everything said here was true — McCain did indeed plan to go with Lieberman (probably by strong coercion, threats of blackmail and even death) — and was shot down by his own party.

As other sources such as Sidney Blumenthal later revealed, the Palin pick was a last-minute, knee-jerk “maverick” reaction by McCain, against the better wisdom of all others involved — and it is already clear that it has backfired horribly. 

Another element that should jump out at you — with emphasis I added — is that Israeli factions already have total control over certain aspects of the US media.

It was very likely those same elements that shouted World War III was upon us as soon as the conflict started:



Washington, D.C., August 21, 2008: “Such heart-warming news! High level Republican associates here are talking about the latest ploy on the part of the State of Israel to gain complete control of the United States government.

Their idea is to offer the diseased McCain unlimited support from their papers and television stations in return for his putting Joe Lieberman on the ticket as vice president.

As McCain is known to be seriously ill and will soon be unable to function, the plan will be for him to retire “for reasons of health. ”

And then Joe Lieberman, loud and persistent Israeli supporter, will step into the Oval Office — and America will have her first (unelected) Jewish president. And a firmly dedicated Zionist at that!

Many GOP people say putting Lieberman on the ticket will ruin any chance McCain has at the White House. Why? His obvious mental confusion?

No, the American public is becoming seriously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.

If McCain attempts to support a universal draft (as he is dead set on doing) and has a rabid Zionist as a running mate, his fall will be great — and he will drag the shattered remnants of the Republican Party with him. Thank God! ”



The Voice of the White House source releases new updates twice a week. The true importance of August 16th as a prophecy date started to clear up when the next update emerged.

Bush was expecting a strike against Iran before he left office, and Russia’s unexpectedly strong response had now made that much more difficult, if not impossible.

Though it wasn’t spelled out in so many words yet, we know that Georgia is very near Iran.

The US media was screaming with warnings that Georgia’s initial attack on South Ossetia could trigger World War III and draw in many other countries.

In the midst of the confusion from such an event, Israel could have launched airstrikes against Iran from Georgia.

Then the deed would have been done — and they would deal with the consequences afterwards.

This is precisely the type of geo-political disaster that I believe higher forces are deliberately stopping from happening — hence the importance of the crop formations flagging the date of August 16th.

I do believe there is an organized, intelligent presence helping this planet, and the crop formations are one form by which ‘they’ communicate with us without violating our free will in the process.

No matter how amazingly complex they become, most people continue to doubt that they are anything more than manmade hoaxes. Fair enough.

Even if you can only believe that human beings on Earth made the crop circles, you cannot deny that they knew something very important was going to happen on August 16th.

This was the exact day the war ended — and the US and Israel suffered a “terrible defeat” and literally had to run scared.

Again, I have bolded certain portions for emphasis: 



Washington, D.C., August 24, 2008: “What amounts to a terrible geo-political defeat for the United States, as the direct result of the Russian/Georgian conflict, has caused much sturm und drang [“storm and stress“] here.

Cheney, who had no idea that Putin would react so quickly or that the Georgian army would totally collapse, is having a fit.

Bush, who expected some kind of a blow to Tehran before he left office, is having one of his sulks.

The propaganda organs are gearing up to try to smear Putin and disguise the fact that at the first sign of real trouble, our beloved CIA, the entire U.S. military machine in Georgia and almost all of our diplomats ran like Olympic track stars, leaving the crazy Georgian president to rage at his “betrayal. ”

It is known (because the Russians made it known through diplomatic and very private channels,) that their troops had orders not to fire at the Americans — but if the same Americans fired first at the Russian troops, fire would at once be returned.

The same orders applied to units of the Russian Black Sea Fleet off the coast of Georgia…



We also found out that the TBRNews website was hacked — probably because of this very problem that developed after the 16th and how much the Voice of the White House source could expose it.

This next interesting update you are about to read was posted at the top of the latest Voice of the White House post, indicating that classified documents had indeed been seized out of Georgia. We added emphasis where appropriate: 


Notice to our Readers: Because of a computer problem, our earlier Archives are not accessible until the problem is fixed.

For the many new readers of the ‘Conversations with the Crow’, we can supply the entire previous file up to date simply by sending us an email, requesting the information.

Also, although we generally do not accept advertising or ask for money to run the free site, we are now trying to get a full translation of a mass of documents in Hebrew and Russian that our Brian Harring has received from one of his contacts.

This is all material dealing specifically with the Russian/Georgian war and much of it shows the role played by Israel in it.

Competent translators are not cheap, so if any of our readers find our reportage of this matter to be interesting — and we would like to announce that nearly 350,000 have looked at our site in the past week — we would be happy to receive any donation possible.

Checks should be made out to “Morris Productions, Inc”. at 3015 East New York St., Ste. A2-190, Aurora, IL, 60504. Ed.


Thus, Russia’s quick action stopped a military operation which, if it had remained undeterred, could have had very serious geopolitical consequences — even leading to Martial Law and other unpalatable scenarios.

Our prophetic data has consistently reassured us that these doom-and-gloom scenarios, while known and discussed by insiders, will simply never come to pass… and that’s the thrust of this article, if you can hang in there and read the whole piece.



It’s rare for the “Voice of the White House” to cover the same story more than two or three times in a row unless it is very important.

And yet, the next update on August 29th stayed with exactly the same theme.

Even better, it was in this installment that the deeper truth emerged — namely that this conflict was supposed to create a diversion that would allow an attack against Iran to occur:



Washington, D.C. August 29, 2008: “Much wailing and rending of garments over at the Israeli Embassy over the Georgian debacle recently.

It was planned that their airforce people would attack Iran during the confusion caused by the artillery bombardment in South Ossetia but the swift and totally unanticipated Russian response took everyone by surprise.

Putin’s people captured all kinds of highly sensitive documents, and the Bush people are terrified about what might turn up.

Israel is furious — and at more than loss of equipment and documents.

They had been pushing the feeble-minded McCain into putting the detestable Joe Lieberman onto the ticket as VP, because it is obvious that McCain would never finish his first term — and Israel would have one of her strongest supporters in the Oval Office.

McCain had promised a US attack on Iran, but this is not to be, given the disaster in Georgia — so the garments are rent and the ashes cast, while the Israelis look for someone else to pull their chestnuts out of a fire of their own making. ”



Get that? “All kinds of highly sensitive documents” have been captured. Again, this is a good thing for everyone who wishes to live their lives in peace and prosperity.



With the likely assistance of the Voice of the White House source and other sources, Brian Harring posted this next piece directly after the update above.

Now we get into specific details of exactly who was there, which can be researched and confirmed after the fact.

You can skip ahead through this section if you’re not interested. Again, certain areas have been bolded for emphasis: 


The Truth About Georgia

August 28, 2008

by Brian Harring

[email protected]

As one of the great turning points in American history recedes from the confusion of the battlefield, many truths are beginning to slowly emerge…but never in the controlled American media.

In the first place, no matter how the Administration or its creatures like John McCain try to conceal it, America has received terrible damage — not only to its image, but to its global reputation.

Bush and Cheney had done their best to belittle and goad Russia‘s Vladimir Putin.

And when he reacted, they fled the field in terror — leaving behind many tons of valuable military equipment, trucks full of highly secret papers, a number of dead American soldiers, an outraged and howling Israel and the shattered remains of their Cacausian puppet state — which was set up not only to antagonize Putin, but to give their Israeli [allies] a convenient base from which to launch brutal attacks on Iran.

As Russia and China have made it very clear that any attacks on Iran would cause serious problems, Israel decided that instead of pushing an ever-eager-to-please Bush into doing their dirty work for them (as he obediently did with Iraq), they would do it themselves — and in such a way as to be certain to draw the United States into any possible imbroglio that might result.

Note that Georgia, firmly in the pocket of the United States, would have never launched a massive artillery and armor attack against South Ossetia without active United States complicity and assistance.

The Israelis were also deeply involved in this.

One of their IDF intelligence units conducted aerial observations over suspected areas of possible Russian retaliatory buildups on their side of the border by using their own drone spy planes, and passed any information gained from these flights not to the Georgians but to their friends, the Americans.

In Georgia at the time of the attack, there were over two thousand troops engaged in intensive training of the Georgian army.

Added to this number there were approximately 1,000 soldiers from the Vicenza, Italy-based Southern European Task Force (Airborne) and the Kaiserslautern-based 21st Theater Sustainment Command, along with Marine reservists with the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines out of Ohio, and the state of Georgia‘s Army National Guard‘s 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry.

This was under the command of the U.S. Special Operations Command, a division of EUCOM.

And this controlled GSSOP (Georgia Sustainment and Stability Operations Program), which has trained over 5,000 Georgian troops, some for eventual service in Iraq.

As a condition for Georgian service in Iraq, there were promises of getting Georgia NATO membership in the year 2009.

The U.S. trainers — usually a team of 70 Americans taking a 600-man Georgian infantry battalion through a 17 week training program — concentrated on combat subjects. Other training programs instructed support and staff troops.

The decision to invade South Ossetia did not originate in Tiblisi but in Washington.

Bush agreed that if Georgia could be pushed into attacking an area known to be of special interest to Moscow, a probable Russian reaction could be blown up in the American press out of all proportion to its actuality.

This could quickly be used by a faltering McCain‘s presidential campaign.

As McCain is well-known to be very pro-Israel, Tel Aviv also supported a Georgian offensive and did everything it could to promote it, realizing that in the chaos following, they could launch their sneak attacks on Iran.

Artillery specialists from the 48th Infantry Brigade’s 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry were heavily involved in the Georgian artillery buildup — and at least four of the casualties of the Russian counter-attack were black American soldiers.

The Israelis, who had close ties with Georgia and whose Defense Minister was an Israeli citizen, as usual played both sides.

[They] contacted the Russians and tipped them off about the pending attack, in return for what they hoped would be Russian aid in an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Russians generally detest and certainly distrust Jews, having had decades of very painful experience with them under Stalin — so they took the Israeli information and put it to good use. Of course, they had no intention of becoming involved in any anti-Iranian activity.

This entire third-grade farce exploded in Washington‘s face. The U.S. military fled the country, leaving the trusting Georgians to be dealt with massive Russian armor attacks.

The Israelis ran away almost as fast, but left their drones and much valuable spy equipment behind as they hastened back to the security of Israel.

The betrayed and tricked Georgians were left behind, as were the tons of American taxpayer-funded equipment.

Now, our press rants about the evil Putin and forgets what it knows about the idiotic connivances and badly failed plots.

McCain did indeed wave his arms around and shout defiance at Putin, and given his deteriorating mental condition, probably forgot all about it ten minutes later.

As well as the huge material losses, the United States has received a terrible body blow to its perceived integrity and strength. In the end, Vladimir Putin will benefit from the debacle far more than the doddering McCain ever could.



August 29th proved to be quite a day.

This unprecedented military defeat had produced a cache of documents that may well guarantee that this menacing faction of the global elite will be exposed and stopped.

The very same day that this definitive, damning report went online, McCain attempted to explode the momentum of the Democratic National Convention by announcing Sarah Palin as his VP nominee.

It was obvious that he wanted to grab the voters who wanted Hillary — but given that he had consistently attacked Obama on lack of experience, it did not seem like a brilliant move at all. In fact, it seemed quite desperate.

We already documented the Voice of the White House source describing McCain’s heavy pressure to pick Lieberman on August 21st.

This New York Times article emerged on August 31st — ten days later — and said exactly the same thing.



This article also gives an initial glimpse into the spontaneous, even reckless decision McCain made — against the wisdom of his own party — by picking Palin.

Again, certain passages have been bolded for emphasis: 



For weeks, advisers close to the campaign said, Mr. McCain had wanted to name as his running mate his good friend Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrat turned independent.

But by the end of last weekend, the outrage from Christian conservatives over the possibility that Mr. McCain would fill out the Republican ticket with Mr. Lieberman, a supporter of abortion rights, had become too intense to be ignored…

Mr. McCain was comfortable with two others on his short list, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

But neither was the transformative, attention-grabbing choice Mr. McCain felt he needed, top campaign advisers said, to help him pivot from his image as the custodian of the status quo to a change agent like his Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama.

Not least, Mr. Obama‘s decision to pass over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate opened the possibility for Republicans to put a woman on the ticket and pick off some of Mrs. Clinton‘s supporters…

The selection was the culmination of a five-month process, described by Mr. McCain‘s inner circle and outside advisers in interviews this past weekend, and offers a glimpse into how Mr. McCain might make high-stakes decisions as president.

At the very least, the process reflects Mr. McCain‘s history of making fast, instinctive and sometimes risky decisions.

“I make them as quickly as I can, quicker than the other fellow, if I can, ” Mr. McCain wrote, with his top adviser Mark Salter, in his 2002 book, “Worth the Fighting For. ”

“Often my haste is a mistake, but I live with the consequences without complaint. ”…



This was as far as I had gotten in the original draft — and with how overwhelmingly busy I was at the time, I got swept up in other things and never posted it.

Nonetheless, the 2008 formations are now extremely interesting in light of what has occurred in the following years — including a dramatic series of Divine Interventions defeating the Old World Order.

Things become clearer in the fullness of time — and this was definitely one of those examples.

As of today’s date, we may yet find out that the documents seized on August 16, 2008 were of pivotal importance in the defeat of the Old World Order.

The Circlemakers definitely seem to have predicted that all of this would be coming to a head in the year 2012 — and now it very much appears they were right.