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In this FREE CD-length audio blog, David introduces nine-time Grammy winner Larry Seyer and they discuss current events, politics, the Law of One, A Course in Miracles and more! 



Many of you have asked what’s been going on since we’ve had an unusual lapse in posting new content to this site. We’re not sick, or dead, or upset — actually things have been great, and this is a peak moment in our history!

For starters, we had the Dowsers International conference in Vermont — which was a phenomenal success.



They had a huge turnout as a direct result of attaching David to the ticket as their keynote speaker — packing an Olympic pool-sized auditorium to standing-room-only capacity — and as an added bonus, David’s father came to see him speak for the first time and was highly impressed.

This was a very healing event for all involved and the conferees were very respectful of David’s time, energy and space, so he did not feel overwhelmed.




It is very common for people try to download their life story at breakneck speed — which is simply not feasible at such events — or push their products and services with the cards, books, pamphlets, CD/DVDs and product samples.

Often a good quarter of the space in David’s suitcase is filled with audience promotional materials after an event, forcing us to plan empty space in advance. The people of Vermont were happy to simply smile, say a few words, and be acknowledged in kind — which was wonderful. 

The new information David shared was so shocking and world-changing in its importance — and he touches on some of it in this new audio blog — that Saturday night’s keynote address reverberated through the entire audience to the point where it was excitedly being discussed in almost every conversation you overheard.

The chatter was universally positive… many people had no idea what to expect and were literally stunned by what they heard. David went way out of his way to prepare a Dowser-specific talk for the event, and we were honored when several key players in the association told us we had created the most noteworthy event in the history of dowsing for the last 20 years!

This was, quite literally, the “Unified Field Theory of Dowsing,” applying David’s prodigious knowledge of the Russian science of ‘torsion fields’ to the question of how dowsing works. This included an explanation of why Betz’ classic Munich study — funded with 400,000 German marks by the government there — was a complete failure in terms of the dowsers’ accuracy, whereas others performed in natural environs were phenomenal successes. 

In the course of a blast of new research for this conference, David discovered a variety of new data points that lend dramatic new strength to the 2012 case — so there were multiple benefits from doing this.

Our post-conference event, scheduled for that Tuesday, broke all records in the history of the Dowsers Association by attracting almost 100 people when usually they’re very grateful to have 20. We don’t have any pictures of this yet but here’s a shot from the Conscious Life Expo: 




We did manage to capture good video of both talks and have license to release either of them, which we will undoubtedly do in the not-too-distant future.



There was a lot of stress getting ready for the Dowsers conference because David had to break down his bedroom to be repainted and get everything out. He also had to ship his music studio computers to Larry for a new and complete overhaul, as one part of what they would be working on together.

They carved out two weeks to work on Wanderer Awakening, David’s first full-length vocal music album. This is represents a unique sequel to David and Larry’s initial project, The Science of Peace, which continues to dazzle our listeners. You can find out more and hear sample MP3s by clicking on this next image:




Since the Science of Peace series is still David and Larry’s definitive statement about consciousness science and the coming changes in our physical reality — building an entire soundtrack around David’s breakthrough material — it was time to take a different approach.

Most of you reading this website, watching the videos and listening to our audio blogs feel very different from the others around you, and in many cases there is an important reason for that.

A “Wanderer” is a soul at a higher level of vibration who is attracted to the ‘call of sorrow’ from humanity on Earth and volunteers to incarnate among us, hoping to help out. The primary service is simply a vibrational one, holding a higher frequency of ‘energy’ (what the Russians call torsion fields) here on Earth.

Of course, Wanderers often get involved in other forms of service that are more directly physical. Many of the great inventors, musicians, composers and artists have been Wanderers, and that creative spark they share is a direct result of having a strong subconscious remembrance of where they came from, and an ability to tap into that potential when they enter into the creative flow.

At the same time, the life of a Wanderer is often quite miserable. They, more than anyone else, are keenly aware of the problems we face on Earth, and often feel completely powerless to do anything about it. We have consistently worked to educate everyone about how valuable and precious every soul really is, and how much power we really do have to create positive changes in this world.  



We’ve always felt the story of the Wanderer to be of central importance to everything we do, and the vast majority of our audience ARE Wanderers, in various stages of awakening.

It was time to honor our brothers and sisters with a project dedicated to their journey — almost like “Wanderer: The Musical.” David took his hard-earned knowledge of screenwriting and built an entire storyline for a concept album, which would be 14 songs representing 14 key story-points of the Wanderer’s journey, from apparent beginning to apparent ending.

Once David and Larry got together and started talking, the idea evolved into a combination of a conventional 14-song album with what they did in the Science of Peace series — voice-overs behind custom-built musical soundtracks that tell an amazing story.

Thus, each song is introduced with a vignette that describes that part of the story. David delivered all 14 spoken sections the day after he arrived in Larry’s studio — in one take, with no errors — and this was also filmed from two different camera angles while in progress for potential future use. 

Wanderer Awakening will also be released at conventional prices as just a series of songs, but that will only represent about half of the total volume of material to listen to in the complete set.



The exciting part is that Larry brings phenomenal production value to the project, with the ability to play dazzling guitar, bass, keyboard and drum parts. David has always been a great singer and also is an academically-trained jazz percussionist, which amps up the production value even more.

The recording engineer is the person who actually gets an album to sound like whatever the listener actually hears, which often means he or she acts as the producer as well. Over 500 signed recording artists — including many selling millions of records — have Larry to thank for how their songs sound. That also means we can hit the same level of production value as many of the chart-topping hits released in the last four decades.

Everyone’s taste is different, but what we are doing is crossing through a wide variety of different styles and genres and creating great-sounding material each time. Every song is being treated as a precious gift — a separate and unique whole — so there are no ‘throwaways’ padding out an album with two or three obvious ‘hits’ included, as has become the norm. 

We do not have demos to play for you just yet, but we are working at a phenomenal speed and are making songs that feature what we love most about music — so this is a very exciting process. From the intuitive side we’re getting that this project will be quite influential and well-regarded.

In this latest audio blog, David introduces Larry for the first time while they took a break from songwriting in the studio. They discuss a wide range of subjects, and what you are about to hear is the first of a two-part series. Since many people are burning these audio blogs to CD, we structured the length of our talks around that fact, making it easy to adopt into this format. 

We do not know when we will finish Wanderer Awakening, but if all goes well we will release it well before Christmas — possibly in October. We feel an urgent need to get it out there as soon as possible and you will be able to enjoy the results! 



This audio blog is far more than just David and Larry talking about Wanderer Awakening. We go through a wide variety of subjects, including an update about the Georgia-Russia conflict and the insider predictions of chaotic changes in the US economy and political spectrum prior to the election.

The highly innovative free music service Pandora is also discussed. We have since discovered, sadly enough, that it is only available to people in the US at this time. International IP addresses are blocked by the website until they get foreign rights issues sorted out.  

We also go into a detailed discussion about the connection points between A Course in Miracles, Larry’s core material, with the Law of One series.

Though there are certain fine points of contradiction between the Course and the Law of One series — such as the original, unedited Course teachings saying sexual energy transfers should only be used for procreation (this material was deleted from the published version) — the Course is an unusually ‘clear’ set of channeled materials and is a great way to round out and intensify a study of the Law of One series.

The Course doesn’t go into 2012, Ascension or ETs — there clearly were limits to what the channel would have allowed to come through — but it’s clear that this material is far less ‘distorted’ than most others of its kind and thus represents a valuable resource. It focuses on the same concepts that Ra kept consistently stressing in the Law of One series.

Larry has studied the Course for 20 years and teaches it on his website, and as a result the discussion between him and David is very interesting to say the least.

Download the first of two CD-length MP3 files, direct from Electric Larryland Studios, here: 




Since David did NOT cover anything more about the CONVERGENCE film project in either section of our latest broadcast, we will do so now.

Catherine Ann Jones — author of The Way of Story ( and screenwriter for “Touched by an Angel” — has now completed her rewrite of David’s latest version of CONVERGENCE, making this Version Nine so far!

The feedback we’re getting is that what was already a great script is now even better — better characters, better pacing, better scene continuity and a much better ending. So, we are thrilled with what we already have and eager to jump into the next level!

We are also happy to report that a total of just over 2000 dollars have been raised, thus far, to help Billy Blake — co-producer of CONVERGENCE — recover from the catastrophic loss of the house he was renting, and most of his assets. This devastating event constituted a direct attack against our film, for multiple reasons.

As you may recall, we had our first official telephone consultation with Catherine as a prospective co-writer for our script on July 3rd, and that same night Billy awoke in a bed surrounded in flames, with his house burning down.

The fire started in the house next door, which was almost completely incinerated. It had been listed on the market and unoccupied for over a year, and local firemen described the cause of the fire as “highly suspect.” 

There are very real forces that are trying to stop us from making this film, and that is to be expected when we are involved in something of such enormous potential influence.  

Again, we do not believe this was caused by any people or agencies in the 3D-physical sense — though we understand how some people think that — but this incident conforms precisely to the concept of “negative greeting” as outlined in the Law of One series. In this case, it’s objective would be to cause fear, and / or intimidate us from continuing to pursue this film project.

We are not stopping. In fact, Billy has been so heartwarmed by your kind letters and generous outpourings of support that he called us in tears the day he went to the mailbox and saw it overflowing with your generosity.

What we are showing him, as a community, is totally separate from the hard, bitter, contentious world of Hollywood that his family has grown up and been directly involved in for three generations. His grandfather got started when it was all still silent movies, and his “collective wisdom” has been invaluable in this process.

Even as some things in this world seem to get worse, others are very obviously getting better. Like how the Amish get together for a barn-raising, we can pull together in the face of a massive negative greeting like this and actually become stronger, not weaker, by working as a team. We thank you for helping us recover from this tragedy by any gift you may send Billy’s way.

Billy has been able to buy clothes, put gas in his car, and start obtaining the basic essentials to live with, thanks to our community support!

Some of you wrote in and told us it would be a lot easier to help out if we created a direct PayPal link to help Billy, so in response to that request, here we are:


Pay Now

Press the above button to pay.
If you can not see the payment button, please click here .

In other news, investors are lining up nicely to finance our main production budget — quite a fascinating story in and of itself — and it appears we will be moving into production before the end of the year.

Of course, nothing is ever certain, but we now have several different directions we can go to see this film get made. Everything hinges on getting the script exactly where we want it, and when David gets away from the studio we will have a better sense of what Catherine has done and whether any further ‘polish’ is necessary.



We just got word that David will again be a featured speaker at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles this coming February. [DELETED: He will also be speaking at the Bay Area UFO Expo during the last weekend of September. You can find out more at]

[UPDATE 8/26: Although David was invited to speak at the Bay Area UFO Expo, he was too busy to pursue it, and is not currently listed on the website as a speaker. Their schedule is already booked solid for the entire weekend.

We have therefore decided to cancel this event in order to free up more time to finish Wanderer Awakening and our free video projects, which is a welcome schedule change at this point given how busy we have been. Our sincere apologies to anyone who was planning on seeing David there. We are considering doing our own event somewhere on the West Coast in the relatively near future.]

Although the window is now closing very fast, staterooms are still available to join David on a marvelous cruise for three full days of lecture material while enjoying a tropical vacation getaway with over 50 new friends and supporters of Divine Cosmos!




Our prices are extremely competitive. You pay standard discount rates to the cruise line — we will be on the “Sapphire Princess” ship from Princess Cruise Lines — and a modest honorarium separately to David for his speaker fees, and that’s it.

For those of you who have already contacted Kevin and booked your reservation, the speaker fees are now due. You can click here to go directly to this page and ensure your seat at this historic event! We apologize in advance for the fact that these fees are collected by PayPal only. If that is a problem you can mail a check to the address on our contact page.

You can call Kevin Fitzgerald at 951-805-1820, or email him at [email protected], for more information! We ship out on Saturday, November 8th and will have you back to the Los Angeles port, safe and sound, on the 15th. Don’t miss out on this chance, as once CONVERGENCE gets rolling we may not be able to do this again!

We hope you enjoy the audio blog and will be back with its sequel next week!