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Hear Part Two of David and Larry’s ground-breaking talk — and catch up on our view of current events! 



David here. I just got back from the first leg of my work on the Wanderer Awakening studio album at Larry’s studio in Austin, Texas. We now have eight songs that are mostly completed and I will be returning very soon to continue work on this important project.

In case you didn’t read the previous article, a Wanderer is a soul of ‘extraterrestrial’ or ‘angelic’ origin who volunteers to incarnate as a human on Earth and forget who they are. This is a loving mission, which is done to help the others here by sharing your unique perspective.

Simply existing in a physical body on Earth is a “vibrational ministry”, which is vastly more effective when you can steadily maintain a positive attitude.

Our upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE presents a compelling storyline that teaches us the hard science of how this energetic effect — the “vibrational” healing of others through healing of self — actually works, and it should have quite an impact.

I am doing some final polish and tweaks on the script rewrite we received from Catherine Ann Jones — author of The Way of Story and the “Touched by an Angel” TV series, among others — before we hand it off to the potential large investors.

We are most of the way there, and just now need to increase the stakes of the world crisis that occurs in the film and the threat factor of the villain, since “conflict is everything” in filmic screenwriting.

Catherine’s perspective has made the film much smoother and the characters even more identifiable, and I am honored by the fact that most of the core structure I created for the film was preserved in the rewrite — as she told us I had created a “well-structured screenplay.”

Since Catherine’s book The Way of Story is required reading for NYU film students, this was an honor, and helped me feel as if all the hard work has paid off nicely.

In the case of the Wanderer Awakening studio album, I took the basic ‘structure’ that films are written from and applied it to a 14-song outline of the story of the Wanderer, which is who you probably are if you find yourself strongly drawn to the type of material on this website. Each song also has a voice-over introduction with background music.

It’s quite a compelling tale for someone to volunteer to be here — in the equivalent of a living hell compared to where they came from — and in most cases have only the faintest glimmer of remembrance for who they are and why they are here.

Working on a studio album at the same time I’m doing a major motion picture has been quite an experience. We are thrilled with the results so far and it is a pleasure to redefine myself this way. Studio singing is hard work and I’ve been forced to get a lot more conscious of the precision of my pitch and various other idiosyncrasies while singing, which in turn has made me a lot better at it.

Most of my vocal work has been in singing other people’s music, where all these fine-tuned decisions had already been made. It’s quite different to define your own sound without any prior reference point to what you “should” sound like in your performance.



You are about to hear the second half of an audio blog we recorded roughly a week and a half ago. It stands on its own without hearing the first half, (click here for the first half) and gets into much deeper philosophical territory. It will probably have far more repeat listening value as a result.

Plus, it again is a perfect CD-length MP3 so you can download it and burn it to disc if you’re not cool enough to have an MP3 player yet.

(Seriously… you can fit every CD you’ve ever owned on an Ipod and easily hook it into your car stereo. “Computer illiterate” people have no trouble using them either. End unsolicited Apple commercial…)

In this talk we compare and contrast the perspectives of the Course in Miracles and the Law of One series, which are the “core teachings” Larry and I live by, respectively. Through talking it out as two fellow scholars and friends, we discover there are far more similarities than differences.

In this second half we cut to the root of what both sources of teaching say is the most important principle of all — grasping true Oneness by understanding that this entire ‘physical’ universe we now see — and even the ‘densities’ themselves, including 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D — are all illusions — and “there’s only one of us here.”



There’s only one of us here? Say what?

Many people instinctively cringe at this Law of One exercise when they hear it: “Gaze in the mirror. See the face of the Creator.”

Why? Well, we’re not “supposed to be” truly One with the Creator. The conventional “Judeo-Christian Paradigm” says that you were already condemned the moment you were born for an atrocity committed by the first woman ever in Earth’s history.

She cut a deal with the Devil and used her womanly powers to seduce Adam to the dark side. Now, among other punishments including eternal hellfire for nonbelievers, men have to work their asses off and women have to have agonizingly painful childbirths.

God was double-dealing enough, in this view, to lay out a big temptation: “DO NOT TRY OUT THIS DELICIOUS, SUCCULENT AND AMAZINGLY TASTY FRUIT RIGHT OVER HERE OR I’LL BE REALLY PISSED”… and then allegedly condemned EVERYONE ALIVE to suffer for this set-up thereafter, for all eternity!

Wow, that sucks. Especially since God would be outside linear time and could easily have seen exactly what was going to happen all along.

As I said in some of the earliest David’s Blog entries, a loving Creator would not hang out a huge temptation right in front of you and then punish you with shame, guilt and eternal hellfire for your ‘mistake.’ An infinitely powerful Creator could very easily surround the temptation with a glass sphere, put it high up on a mountain or do any number of things to protect you from your own naivete. 

The story only goes downhill from there. When you bring in the mainstream Christian paradigm (which, incidentally, has very little to do with the actual teachings of the man Jehoshuah) you find out God only created one ‘true’ son — meaning that you’re not even worth being called God’s child by comparison.

Even better, God is so loving and Divine that he then had his son killed off — even though he was completely innocent — to “pay a blood ransom” for the ‘original sin’… committed by the First Woman!

And let’s not forget that God set up the First Woman with an obviously irresistible ‘sucker trap’ in the first place!

God the Father thus creates ‘Man,’ who isn’t worthy of being called his child. Then God outdoes himself by creating one truly Divine child — the first and only time he creates a fellow being in His likeness — only to exterminate him to pay back the ransom created by the First Woman, who blissfully walked into God’s original bear-trap unaware.

Now that God has created and killed his one and only son, he’s forcing you to go along with the plan. If you do not accept His ‘only son’ with unquestioning obedience, as your Lord and savior, don’t expect God to ever give you the time of day again.

Why? God says the First Woman screwed you over all those years ago — an ‘original sin’ you’re still held as guilty for — even though he set her up.

And what if you don’t accept God’s deal? Ah, my friend, don’t worry, as his friend Satan is keeping the fires of hell nice and hot for you and all other unbelievers who Dare to Question.

Soup’s on, and You’re It.



Most of us reading this website are not inculcated within the Fundamentalist Christian ‘system.’ Nonetheless, we still have what I call the “Subconscious Judeo-Christian Bias” affecting how we think.

This is why I do not overly focus on Christian lexicon in how I discuss spiritual concepts… there are many distortions to the core teachings of Jehoshuah, which remain highly positive and clearly contradict the Fundamentalist perspective again and again, right from within the ‘canonized’ scriptures themselves.

As one of many points, Jehoshuah said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Just love. That’s it. There was no caveat that said “…providing she is not a Muslim, not gay, never had an abortion and doesn’t want your country to pull its troops out of another land it illegally invaded.”



Thanks to the Subconscious Judeo-Christian Bias, to look at yourself and say “I am the Creator” would appear to be an exercise in blatant, unrestrained arrogance and egotism.

To say this to yourself, in full honesty and truth, would appear at first blush to be Messianic and insane. That’s part of why this is only the first portion of the Law of One philosophy’s outline of spiritual disciplines we can practice. 

The exercise goes on to include seeing the face of the Creator in everyone else, in your environment, in the entire Universe… and in the sacred geometry the Universe is constructed from.

So, in short, realizing that you are this Awareness is not egotism unless you think you’re somehow different, better or higher than everyone else. Jehoshuah knew this, and hence he said “As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things” in John 14:12.

One really good single-sentence summary of this spiritual perspective is “I am above no one and below no one.”

In one sense, this entire Universe is a dream you are having, so as to “create yourself” and grow from your initial starting-point to a far more developed Unity.

These concepts are stepping-stones to help you follow along with our discussion in this audio blog, which may go over some people’s heads if they haven’t spent time thinking about these things before.  

We are starting with this link you can download and hear, but don’t stop there — our discussion follows with new prophecy updates into the highly intriguing developments surrounding American politics at this time. These issues are central to the 2012 discussion, as the next four years will be very different depending on who wins this election.





The vast majority of the world’s population is now well aware that there are strongly negative and duplicitous forces at work in the highest levels of our world governments. With this knowledge generally comes a great deal of cynicism and negativity.

The more you find out, the more upsetting and depressing it can seem — and you also run the risk of becoming addicted to learning more and more about it.

This addiction ends up turning you into a daily consumer of “alternative conspiracy media,” which is generally written with sarcasm, outrage, desperate pessimism and severely dehumanizing and unforgiving attitudes towards anyone seen as “the opposition.” The tone of these articles can radically change how your mind works — and thus your attitude — over time.

There is a constant drumbeat of ‘news’ that doom and disaster is right around the corner. Horrible earth changes, complete economic and social collapse, total martial law, FEMA concentration camps standing at the ready, et cetera.

These things never happen, though they’ve been predicted ever since the books have been written, but each new development further convinces people that it’s right around the corner.

I get a handful of letters a week from people who are really pissed off that I’m not joining the chorus portending our imminent doom and destruction.

Well… er… sorry to inform you that you’re actually not doomed. If you want to end your life you certainly can do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it because suicide necessitates immediate reincarnation and forgiveness of the ultimate act of self-harm.



Some even go so far as to say that the people organizing the political games behind the scenes are not human — they are actually shape-shifting reptilians who have a paranormal ability to appear human most of the time to the naked eye. Of course, the fable goes that if you watch them carefully enough they’ll occasionally slip.

Some people have even accused me of being a ‘reptilian’ as well. They notice how the glint on my eyes changed when they welled up with tears in my Project Camelot interview, and see this as proof that my vertical-slit pupils temporarily appeared. 

Others grabbed a single frame of a position my fingers briefly fell into during my 2012 Enigma talk as “proof positive” that I was giving the Devil symbol — and thus sending out coded messages to “those with eyes to see”. 

If I’m evil, i.e. service-to-self, then by Law of One definitions I’m doing a piss-poor job, as my message is all about love, serving others and creating a positive future for all humanity. Nor am I creating a sense of doom and fear over alleged difficulties lying ahead.

My accusers must content themselves with the fact that I flunked out on all the basics and have a whale of a lot of “summer school” to slush through at Hogwarts if I’m ever going to amount to a hill of beans for the negative agenda.

I’d also have to stop exposing the designs of the negative elite and start acting like everything here was perfectly ‘normal.’

Oh well.


Despite the ridiculous nature of the “reptilian shapeshifter” claims, I do believe that the higher-developed Illuminati types on this planet have direct telepathic linkages to negative spiritual beings.

However, the most credible Illuminati defector ever to go public, Svali — who I personally interacted with by email and on Greg Szymanksi’s radio program — emphatically stated that the members of the “Illuminati” are very much as human as the rest of us.

Even more amazingly, most of them don’t like the game one bit and would get out if they could. Their only real incentive for advancement is that the farther you go up, the less you have to hurt people, and the less anyone has the authority to hurt you.

There was a mass public revolt against the Masonic Order beginning in 1826, after the assassination of William Morgan, who blew the whistle on the first three degrees of Masonry.

I do not in any way feel all of Masonry should be condemned, but this was clearly a prototype event showing that we can reach critical “phase shifts” as a society where even the most entrenched and secretive power structures can utterly collapse.

I have an in-progress article I’m working on about all this that should be out fairly soon. American Masonry was almost completely wiped out by this event — especially in the North — and it took the Civil War to regrow the membership numbers by offering soldiers enhanced protection from fellow members in battle, through techniques such as the Grand Hailing Signal of Distress.



Thus, I know the “conspiracy addiction” well, because I awakened to what was going on much earlier than most people. I was fully aware of there being a New World Order and / or Illuminati by the spring of 1992.

Even then, I had a great deal of specific information about it that is as ‘hot’ as any breaking news you might see on the Internet today. Between 1996 and 2004, I spent the bulk of my time online reading a huge variety of conspiracy articles and educating myself as to the grand scope of the problems we face. 

My mother said that as a baby I would always wake up and start crying in my crib whenever news about the Watergate scandal came on TV — and this was not just a few times, but quite a regular occurrence.

I had a pivotal dream when I was still in high school — circa 1990 — that really changed my perspective on a lot of things, and paved the way for me to awaken to this situation much earlier than most people ever would. I’ve only rarely shared this one, but it is important in context… so here we go. 



I found myself in a marvelous resort that was packed with people who were drinking, doing drugs and partying. At first blush this seemed completely amazing to me, all the more so because I was chemically dependent at the time and had never been to such a crowded party as this before where everyone was high.

I did become intoxicated at this party… in fact someone handed me psychedelic mushrooms and I took them, which was rare for me because I knew how bad a ‘trip’ could become.

Soon after I took the mushrooms, I realized there were very dark and shadowy Grim Reaper-type energy beings moving among the crowd, wearing black hooded robes. One of them was the person who had given me the mushrooms, who at first looked like anyone else.

I was astonished that no one else seemed to have any idea that these beings were there. They didn’t even have faces — they just looked like blue energy in a human shape. I was very messed up from the drugs — almost immediately — and was utterly terrified, but wanted to explore further. I tried not to telegraph that I could see them in their true form.



I eventually found a room where a variety of people were meditating around what appeared to be a metallic sphere in the ground, about six inches wide and mounted on a stand like a crystal ball.  It was like brushed metal or aluminum, not glossy. It was clearly a super-advanced technology as it seemed to be giving off a field that affected people’s minds.

The people seemed totally entranced and under control of the sphere. More of these hooded beings walked the periphery, watching them and apparently monitoring the progress.

The beings had more mushrooms in hand and seemed to be encouraging me to take more of them, sit down and join the people meditating around the sphere. They apparently did not realize that I could see their true forms. I was already messed up enough from the mushrooms that I did not want to take any more — I was afraid I would totally lose myself in the experience.

Somehow I knew that the robed beings controlled the sphere, and this small group of people plugged into the sphere were in turn controlling and influencing everyone else in the party. There was nothing unusual about the people who were seated around the sphere — only that they were hidden from the crowds and were using a clearly advanced technology.



I left the area and was now terrified. All I wanted to do was escape. This was when I started to realize there was no easy way out. No matter where I looked, I could not find a door.

I eventually tried to escape through a garage, but by actually getting outside the hotel into the woodsy surrounding mountains, I triggered a massive and disturbing attack.

A huge dry lake bed suddenly filled up with milky-white liquid, which very quickly differentiated into egg sacs. I watched in horror as robotic war machines started hatching out of these eggs in huge numbers — and they were all heading right for me!

The only thing left for me to do was rush back into the garage and try to find shelter somewhere. This caused me to drive even deeper into the complex — into all these areas that were considered classified.



It became like a video game at this point. I worked my way down, deeper and deeper into this complex, one level at a time. There were well over 70 levels I worked through. I had stupendous abilities to defend myself as intriguing as any video game — using thoughtforms of light as a weapon — and was able to dispatch the opposition as it arose.

By this point I was starting to realize I was working my way through an extraterrestrial technology embedded in the Earth — like a giant ship. It had caused the people on the surface, living in this giant party house, to be totally mind-controlled.

I eventually fought my way to the center of the entire ‘hive,’ so to speak. I came up to an enormous black door, which seemed impassable when I first arrived. Nonetheless, by summoning an even greater surge of energy, I blasted the door down in a hail of blazing white light.

I fully expected to see some crazy alien creature when I got in there. No matter what, I knew I was about to come face to face with the head of the whole operation, and that this would be my greatest challenge yet. However, I was unafraid. I would deal with whatever happened.



Much to my surprise, once the door came down I walked into a very ordinary-looking political office! It could have been the office of the President or any other high-ranking political figure.

Rather than a robed being or scary alien creature, I instead saw an ordinary-looking businessman — impeccably dressed in a three-piece suit — sitting behind a Presidential-type desk!

At this point there were no more games. He clearly let me know he was running the whole show and offered me to join him. He complimented me, saying very few people ever made it this far. I quite naturally refused, and in classic movie fashion he told me that if I turned him down I would die.



When I got to this point, the solution to the dream was quite unique. I somehow knew I had to turn within and “create myself” to solve the problem.

I bent down and curled up into a fetal position on the floor.

I imagined myself growing larger and larger in size and ‘vibration,’ for lack of a better term. To my surprise I suddenly saw myself as having multiple energy bodies, each one larger than the one before.

By pouring my intention into these bodies, they became substantially larger. Before long the outermost body had easily grown to a size that was larger than the entire Earth.

Then I discovered I was able to transfer my awareness into this largest body, though my physical form still existed as well. 



I now found myself on what appeared to be the main deck of a highly advanced spacecraft, though I didn’t believe in UFOs at the time. There was a gigantic split-screen display in front of me and the Earth was now spinning on this screen.

You could interface with the screen with thought, and also manipulate the screen with your hands and get results. The screen somehow tapped you into a super-reservoir of energy that allowed you to do very substantial things.  

I saw the entire underground base I had just been through as being simply a little wedge-shaped plug that had been bored into the earth. This plug, in fact, was a UFO that had crashed to Earth and buried itself into the ground.

I was able to move every person out of this base and relocate them to safe places on the Earth. All I had to do was intend this to happen and it was done. Outside the influence of the base and the drugs they had been given, they would quickly wake up to what had happened to them. 

I then plucked this base out of the Earth with my bare hands as if I had removed a simple thorn from the Earth. In fact, I knew this was only a miniscule operation compared to the power I now had access to.

I then sent the entire ship back to the home planet where it came from. I did not destroy or harm them — I simply stopped them from controlling the Earth. I also created a shield to prevent them from being able to return.



Not surprisingly, this dream had quite an impact on me. Among other things, it was a strong indictment of my chemically-dependent lifestyle. The most incredible aspect of the dream, for me, was seeing this ordinary politician in his suit who was responsible for this whole thing that was very ‘alien’ in every sense. 

It took a long time to sort out the details, but what we now know is that there are two main factions running the world… the original European Rothschild faction, i.e. the “Illuminati” or “Moriah,” and now the newer American/Israeli Rockefeller faction, i.e. the “New World Order”.