Saturday 8 / 2 / 08

UFOs are going mainstream thanks to Edgar Mitchell’s recent disclosure. A new crop formation points to Dec. 23, 2012. And much, much more!



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In this installment we focus on the recent announcement by NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell that UFOs really do exist.



We also focus on an enigmatic crop formation that appeared in England, accurately depicting the alignment of the planets on December 23, 2012 — two days after the Mayan Calendar end-date.




Strangely, the Circlemakers returned about a week later, and widened the diameter of the “sun” in the formation so as to encompass the orbits of both Mercury and Venus as well — and no one is talking about it!




These topics will be covered in much more detail — with links and additional pictures — in an article due in just a few days.

The simple fact of the matter is that disclosure is happening now. Some people won’t believe a thing until it goes mainstream. Well, guess what… this is exactly what’s happening!




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