Monday 4/28/08

WARNING! Do not read this article if you just want to stay home and grumble about how no one but you is “into this stuff”… 



As you may well be aware, our website was completely offline the entire weekend. I (David) had to leave for the conference I just finished up — the New Living Expo — on Friday morning, and we were down for the count since Thursday night.

This also meant no one could send us emails and our wonderful discussion forum was completely inoperable. It was definitely a Near-Death Experience. Ironic that I’d speak on a panel with Dr. Raymond Moody, the father of the Near-Death Experience, this same weekend!



In the midst of a very dead site, I had a very alive weekend. I have to tell you what an incredible experience we all just had at this Expo!



It was nice for me because I wasn’t the only speaker, so I got to slip anonymously amongst the crowds and experience some of the local color without having a big group gathering around me to ask questions.

That’s fun for a while, but like anything you can get tired and need a break at times. Imagine trying to get to the bathroom while five people realize that this is their big chance as you’re on your way… 

Anyway, the first event I had was Friday night and it was in the “big room.” We actually filled this room almost to capacity by the end, and that was no small feat — a substantial number of you came to hear what I had to say, and I thank you all for coming. It was great — and all the ‘right people’ noticed what a huge draw we’re getting!

I then had two panels on Saturday — the UFO panel at 1PM and then the 2012 panel at 7PM.



The UFO panel was hosted by my good friend Robert Perala. He and I are going to be speaking together in Costa Mesa this coming Saturday — an easy drive south of Los Angeles — and I just love the guy.

Robert is connected to the “Galactic Timekeepers of the Pleiades,” wrote The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect, and has appeared on Fox, Showtime, CNN and Coast to Coast AM. Check my previous “See David LIVE in 2008!” post for where to go for this unique, one-time-only upcoming event where Robert and I will both share the stage. Suffice it to say that I’ll have the time to really go into detail, and since it’s a smaller gathering, it’s also more intimate.

The UFO panel started with Catriona MacGregor showing some intriguing photographs of “orbs” that went well beyond the ones that might pass for dust on the lens — it was fascinating. Then we had Jelaila Starr, who offered her own perspective on 2012.

Not everything in our respective mythologies lines up point for point, but as with anyone we focus on the 85 percent or so we can agree on — the deeper work of spiritual evolution and the positive nature of the changes we’re moving through at this time. It was nice to meet her in person and we connected on a heart level. She told me she was delighted to see scientific validation for the things she’s been getting from Spirit in my talk.

Then I ran through a blitzkrieg 15-minute Power Point presentation I cooked up the hours before, and managed to make an incredible 2012 case in the time I had allotted. It sent shockwaves throughout the entire Expo, I am told.

Of course, this involved speaking at a fast speed, but that’s one of the things I’m really good at, and it came across very well. Then Sean David Morton ended it out with a rundown of all the different ET groups people claim to be in contact with, and his sense of humor and passion was readily apparent.



The 2012 panel was up next, and it was a real joy to be a part of. Dr. Norm Shealy, a neurosurgeon and author of 315 different publications, was there to offer his own remarkable perspective on 2012 and the idea of creating our own reality as we head into this shift. His latest discovery involves the ability of DNA telomeres to rejuvenate themselves… exactly the type of science we’re turning people on to in our upcoming film. 

Dr. Raymond Moody, who has appeared three times on Oprah as well as on hundreds of other local and national television programs, gave his perspective as the father of the near-death experience, and it was an honor to share the same panel with him.

You could tell Dr. Moody didn’t want to go way out on the limb with the rest of us, having a more reserved sense of what might be, and that’s cool — what he had to offer was still of great value and by no means do we need to agree on everything. His perspective on “Life after Life” has helped us all understand how much more than a physical body we really are.

Dannion Brinkley is a man I consider a true friend of mine, and he always brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. I just love the guy and he has a great sense of humor and a perspective we can all benefit from. I just got to see him and hug him tonight as he passed me by in the restaurant, and he again said very positive things and looks forward to the film coming out.

Sean David Morton’s boisterous, crowd-pleasing sense of humor kicked into full gear as the moderator, and he kept the energy really high, really positive and really FUN. We always have a good time with each other and I look forward to future events where we will share our perspectives.



Last but not least, I found out this morning that the site was back up, thank God, just a few hours before I did my own private event here at the Holiday Inn. If this WAS in any way a product of conspiracy, it involved a whole bevy of servers being shut down, affecting many websites on Ipower’s network.

More than likely it was simply the result of them updating the software on all their servers simultaneously, and then making big mistakes that caused a huge system-wide collapse. It’s way too narcissistic to think that all this was done just for little ol’ Divine Cosmos. One way or the other we will stay online. 

We had an amazing turnout for my big event today — almost 100 people, filling a double-sized hotel conference space. I ended up running through my entire series of Law of One slides. This is only the second time I’ve ever done this in public and it really helps round out the 2012 case into the big-picture perspective.

We did a group healing meditation and chanting session at the end and the energy was remarkably positive. I was so thrilled to have everyone come together, meeting each other and exchanging hugs — this is the good stuff!

I stuck around for an hour after I finished the talk for meet-and-greets and everyone came away satisfied. Everyone’s energy was at such a high level after our meditation that I never felt imposed upon or in need of a break.



While I was making my rounds here at the Expo, I bumped into Debora Gusti, the main organizer of the Harmony Festival, three different times. This did not seem to be an accident. I had agreed to do her event at the Conscious Life Expo while not really knowing anything about it, but now that I know the deal I’m actually very excited about it.




To put it in simple terms, the Harmony Festival is like Burning Man meets Whole Life Expo meets Woodstock. Take the best of spiritual lectures, the best of community gathering a’ la Burning Man, and the best of a music festival, mix it all together with nudity, funky clothes and mind expansion, and now you’re on your way. Getting naked is not required… only that you go and have a great time.

You’ve got Bob Marley’s son Damian as the headlining music act, bringing the greatest reggae you can ask for to remind us “Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be All Right,” George Clinton and P-Funk bringing some booty-shaking deliciousness, Mickey Hart Band featuring Steve Kimock and George Porter for all the Grateful Dead fans…

We’ll also hear from Angelique Kidjo, Paula Cole, Arrested Development, Jefferson Starship, Lila Downs and more, including blues artist Charlie Musselwhite, who my father thinks is one of the very best around. Dad just won this year’s Keepin’ The Blues Alive award for blues journalism, so he’s in a position to know!




As for invited speakers, there will be Danny Glover, Shiva Rea, Allyson and Alex Grey, Kaven Danaher, The World Council of Elders, Daniel Pinchbeck and of course yours truly. Tickets are on sale for a limited time — until some time in mid-May, I am told — at $99 for the all-weekend pass, or $30 for any given day or night if you only want to go part of the time.

You can camp out on the land for the whole weekend at $30, which is in addition to the cost of the half-day or full-weekend tickets.

We’ve now worked out that I’m actually going to address the biggest crowds, right on the main music stage, in between the top acts on Saturday. Then I’m going to have a special come-one-come-all event at the Goddess Grove on Sunday, and a paid event on Monday. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I will update you with more information as soon as I know.

This is going to be happening June 6-8th at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, and this is a big one — the 30-year anniversary from when it all got started in the 70s. You still have time to plan it all out and make it, and if you’re in high school or college you can hit it off as part of your much-needed summer vacation, and do yourself a favor!

It has evolved way past the original point of a bunch of people sitting on blankets in a field listening to music — it’s truly colossal in scope and a wonderful opportunity to connect with new people from the heart.

Now that I am aware of what I’m going into here, and the sheer scope of the whole thing, I’m very, very excited to be given this opportunity! Never before will I have spoken at a Woodstock-type event like this, fitting in between big musical acts. It’s a thrill, and I hope it’s just the beginning!



Of course, there’s still time to sign up for the Exopolitics Conference, May 16-18th, and I already wrote it up in detail in a previous post, so you can check back on that.




We’re going to swim with the dolphins in an idyllic tropical paradise, and I’ll deliver a keynote speech at the big banquet dinner of the weekend.

Dinner banquet and Wilcock keynote speech, $75:


Post-conference workshop, Preparing for 2012, $55 advance, $65 door:




I am totally looking forward to that conference and it’s coming up soon — I have to scramble to finish my screenplay in the meantime, and I’m hoping to get this total new rewrite finished by this coming weekend. I’m going to really have to focus to get this done.



Lastly, my grandmother Marjorie Wilcock passed away two weeks ago yesterday, and I went back to New York last week for the funeral and to reconnect with family. I did not publicize her funeral because I wanted it to stay a private family event. Lots of people from my father’s blues community came out to see him through this, and it was a great opportunity for our family to connect.

I don’t cry at funerals because I see the endless nature of the soul and of life. This was the first grandparent to ever have an open casket, and that was definitely an experience. They actually did a really good job with her and at the same time there’s something really strange about seeing a dead body dressed up to look essentially like it’s just asleep. I put some of this into the script and it might get tossed out in rewrites, but it definitely had an effect on me.

Dr. Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley and others I was with this weekend have made the point again and again that we are so much more than just a physical body. We are ageless and timeless. We are the Light, we are the Love, we are the One Infinite Creator having a temporary human experience.

I hope to see you — temporarily — at one of these upcoming events!

If you can’t make it just yet, the next best thing is to order your copy of our Science of Peace series, where you can hear more of the amazing consciousness-raising information that’s getting everyone so excited, with a fantastic music soundtrack to back it up.




Three full CD-length MP3s are here, right now, waiting for you to download them at a cost many say is well below what we could be charging!

All the best… and you are hereby invited to the I-told-ya-so party after 2012. If you don’t want to wait that long, these and others still to come will tide you over…


Much love,

– David