Tuesday 5/6/08

Just a few personal notes to share with you from our last conference, honoring what we all shared in a quasi-poetic verbal homily of synchro-majesty…


First, the urgent text I originally wrote here late Friday night, realizing the time had slipped by and I had lost a couple of days in my intense focus: 


Honestly, this week went by so fast I hardly noticed the time passing — and all of a sudden it’s Friday, the conference is tomorrow, and I still hadn’t updated the site about the location change, which I only heard about earlier this week. Thankfully I prepared all the lecture material in advance!

I am making great progress on the script, but all else tends to fall apart when I get this focused. So, I will be there, and I assume every pre-registered attendee has been notified by email of the change.

This predominantly affects people who were planning on showing up at the door. We will also tell the former hotel where we have moved to in case anyone accidentally shows up at the wrong spot.

Here is the new information. This is where today’s conference will now be held:

We will be in the Bougainvillea Room – near the pool.

The Atrium Hotel

18700 MacArthur Blvd. across from John Wayne Airport

Irvine, CA  92612



Take 405 Fwy South

Take MacArthur Blvd. Exit

Turn Left onto MacArthur Blvd.

(Go past airport – on Right)

Turn Left into Atrium Hotel


10AM – 6PM

$89 at the door for walk-ins and Wanderers


We apologize for the confusion and hope to see you there!



As far as I can tell, everyone booked in advance, which was 10 dollars less, and we had a solid turnout for a smaller event in a non-central location like Irvine, filling the room nicely.

I dragged myself out of bed at 7AM that Saturday and went through the motions, skipping my usual grapefruit breakfast to go straight to something more filling, as I had an hour-and-a-half drive ahead.

The morning was glowing and the tunes from my Ipod resonated through the car, a corpuscle of light flying to its destination. Even the frenetic ballet of the 405 didn’t get me down as I sped along in the fast lane, never one to be content with a Sunday drive — and besides, this was Saturday.

The GPS masterfully led me right to the door of the hotel without any thought, again reminding me why a space-case like me benefits so much from trustworthy guidance of disembodied voices. I still play the dance of free will, making sure each maneuver is executed in the perfection with which it is given.

The time was narrow — 9:47 am — and I made a quick hello as I rushed past two conferees I recognized from the previous event, charging the gate, not knowing yet where I was going, saddled with my projector in one bag and laptop in the other. 

They beckoned me to slow down, smell the flowers and walk with them a minute and I relented… after all, they knew the path and I was all in the clock, wanting an effortless 10AM start-time.

I, for one, didn’t need to stop at the door or show ID — and everyone was relaxed enough that we could settle for eye contact and a few words while I set about my work filling the stockings with care.

The room pulsed as I entered… everyone knowing “there he is” but staying cool, glad to know that negative greeting would not throw off my arrival this day. I share my love, smile at other-selves, knowing I have something to offer that can lift everyone’s spirits. 

I know I certainly do not need to do conferences, as I didn’t for all of ’06 and ’07. No one is forcing me. Those who think this is all about an ego hit or profiting don’t get it — many expenses must be accounted for, and that’s fine. For those who want it, I make myself available as my time and energy permits, knowing this gift will benefit and uplift the lives of others.

The energy is still somewhat bittersweet, as I would so love to share my time, my energy and my love with each and every soul seeking it. Can we redefine our apparent separate identities into a Oneness for a time, creating harmonic resonance to benefit the All-There-Is?

Somehow, we have to merge together, the individual wills collecting into a focal point of knowledge, taking that which is known and merging it with the indefinable purity of the moment as it streams forth from the awakened mind. 



Privately, Robert confided that since it was a long morning, he had to hook ’em with comedy… and sure enough, the whole first 45 minutes of his talk were a masterful display of spiritual stand-up.

There in the back were two folks who’ve been at every one of my recent presentations, this being the sixth… and my policy is that if even one person has seen a talk before, I have to change around the Power Point elements so as not to repeat myself. 

I had warned Robert of this, and as he continued on I melded with the energies of the group and my Higher Self to completely re-format my talk. I ended up with exactly 500 slides, culled from six different presentations going back five years in time, after my original outline of 124. It would prove to be a beta-test of the most comprehensive presentation and drawing-together of various lecture elements I’d ever done.

So familiar I am with the components of the Ascension case, they just fly together like a vast jigsaw puzzle in my mind — tweaking an argument, sometimes linear, sometimes circular, the science, the prophecy, the personal, the transcendent — knowing I will thread it all together with unscripted verse that comes out sounding well-practiced.  

I finished up in time to hear the end of Robert’s talk, and it was nice — he provided an excellent platform to tune up the vibrations, get people thinking in cosmic terms, and expand the notions of what is possible.



Then we broke for lunch — and admittedly the duality dance of this world was in evidence. Though I could have gone somewhere else, I did not, even as this particular hotel offered one choice — the buffet. No menu, no other options.

The entree choices were either pork or pasta with chicken, nothing else… you had mashed potatoes, peas and carrots and a moderately acceptable salad bar, and that was all she wrote.

Some people defected, while others hung in there and accepted. I made do with pasta, salad and veggies, and was rewarded with a major irritation over my left shoulder blade the next day. I politely engaged in conversation but by now my mind was abuzz — I had composed a new symphony and was now working out the arrangements in my mind.



Back in the room, it was time to rock and roll. I can get so caught up in all the work I am trying to do BEFORE this ‘quantum leap’ actually happens that I forget the majesty of the process itself… and the astonishing promises of what is yet to be.

In this world of illusion, with sorrow and pain as the tools offered for mastery, it’s all too easy to fall into that sense of separation. A quiet calm often rests with me, like the patience of a funeral director watching the misery of those around him while also knowing he’s doing his job and there ultimately is no death, only life everlasting. 

In these moments I have a chance to awaken the slumbering self within, to wipe away those tears of inconsistency, and revive the promise of a million forgotten prophecies and hundreds more that can still be found… a world to come, much more than what we now know.

It is a world of unity, a world of bliss, a world of souls coming together in perfect unity. All thoughts shared, all hearts opened, all minds interconnected. It is a world unthinkable to those in the trenches of the physical world, battling it out with the apparent polarity dance, not yet realizing that the white flag of surrender to Divine Will can collapse the inner struggle to reveal true Unity.

The science is but a blueprint… a treasure map leading the way to an awareness of the infinite potential within our own beings.

We have never been lost, never been abandoned, never been isolated. We have secrets to our being so vast that our rational minds cannot even comprehend them. Our future has glories so great that our hearts would collapse in longing if we could really know how beautiful it will be… so we are kept happy and functional by honoring the promise, rather than truly knowing the moment of its arrival.

All as One, moving together, souls dancing in eternal jubilation… etching a moment in space and time, forever redefining path, destiny and knowledge. Never again can the spoiled promises of the material world hold quite so much sway. Never again can the loss of the abandoned child within drown out the love of the awakened adult. This moment, this peace, this blessing is ours to share… and we revel in it.


I guess you could say I like my job.


– David