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Could the DNA molecule actually be a super-advanced, super-powerful computer? Here’s a big clue to whet your appetite for Part Two of “Your DNA is Changing!”



Could the DNA molecule actually be a miraculous ‘computer chip’ of sorts?

Is DNA a hyper-advanced technology, put right in front of our faces by a vast super-intelligence?

Has it been sitting there this whole time, just waiting for us to decode it — and develop unimaginably wonderful new technologies?



Could DNA be a ‘machine’ that is far more complex and difficult to reverse-engineer than silicon chips had been? 

(Huh? “Reverse engineer” silicon chips? Yes. According to multiple “whistleblower” testimonies, such as Col. Philip Corso, computer chips were first found in crashed UFOs, and were then ‘reverse engineered’.)

Wait a minute now. DNA is way too small to be a computer chip. The “base pairs” of the DNA molecule are built of single atoms!

Computer chips are certainly tiny, with millions of transistors printed on a single piece of silicon, but individual atoms are much, much, much smaller.  



Everybody loves gadgets. If the DNA molecule DID function as a super-advanced computer chip, then it would use simple, everyday principles of physics to work.

There would be nothing mysterious or impossible about it.

Ultimately it would be just a little machine, waiting to be analyzed and understood.

If that were the case, then we also should be able to discover the principles of this ‘computer’ and reverse-engineer it… so we can build gadgets and gizmos!

The earliest gadgets would obviously be much, much simpler than the DNA molecule… using only the most basic aspects of the ‘technology.’ Nonetheless they would work on similar principles.



The DNA molecule is built up from single atoms that arrange into a double helix.

The ultimate “proof of concept” for our seemingly radical idea would be for scientists to design a computer circuit — out of nothing more than single atoms!

Now think of a catchy name for it. How about a “quantum computer?”





You’re going to hear a lot more about this in Part Two of “Your DNA is Changing!” — and we may even steal some of this introduction you are now reading to put it together, so no whining, please.

Here’s a diagram of one of the earliest ‘quantum computer’ prototypes:




Here’s an actual photograph — taken by a scanning-electron microscope — of a working quantum computer, built from nothing more than two nano-scale ‘puddles’ of atoms, which they call ‘qubits’. This was the state-of-the-art as of April 2004:





Nope! No joke. This is the real deal.

Silicon computer chips are small, but nowhere near as small as atom-sized ‘qubits’.

Imagine a computer that is a billion times faster than anything we have now. All password-protection systems we now have would become totally obsolete:

“These computers will obsolete the silicon chip much as the transistor did the vacuum tube.” 

National security departments would be all over this thing. Naturally they would want to stuff it down as much as possible from the media. That means you wouldn’t hear anything about it, even while the progress is exploding by leaps and bounds.

Hmm… kind of like what’s already happening!

This is not a fiction story. This is ‘Quantum Computing’!



If you would like to read up on quantum computing, this first link is a great introduction — relatively beginner-oriented. Here we’ve shared just an excerpt of it.

Don’t lose us here. If your eyes start glazing over on the techie terms, skip ahead. It’s too important for you to drop out at this point… especially once you see where we’re going:

Not only can these kinds of computers run 1,000,000,000 times faster than current silicon-based computers, but they can theoretically run with no energy consumption.

These computers will obsolete the silicon chip much as the transistor did the vacuum tube.

Consequently, silicon chip and computer manufacturers, the U.S. government, and Japan are allocating huge funds for quantum computer research…

Quantum computers are reversible, therefore there is theoretically no net energy consumption. Quantum reversibility means that quantum computers drive themselves forward in infinitesimal (reversible) steps, much the same way that molecules of perfume would diffuse from a perfume bottle.

Quantum computer programs are not “run”, but are said to “evolve,” as they process the program‘s inputs to outputs…


[Hm… sound familiar?] 

The speed of quantum computers also jeopardizes the [computer password] encryption schemes that rely on impracticably-long times to decrypt by brute force methods.

[Password] Encryption schemes that may take millions of years to guess and check are now vulnerable to quantum computers that may reach a solution within one year.

Many governments, included ours, use such encryption schemes for national security. They are very interested in any technology that puts that at risk. As a result, the Office of Naval Research, the CIA, and DARPA, are sinking huge funds into quantum computer research.

DARPA is funding $5 million for a Quantum Information and Computing Institute, and the CIA is funding an unknown amount for factoring of large integers, a fundamental part of encryption technology… (emphasis added)



Yes. The above quote proves that quantum computers can… and will… wipe out all existing security systems!

This could quickly become a very expensive problem — and a super-hacker’s paradise. 

As you can see, this is a very hot topic, circulating freely in the geek circuit (pun intended), and it just hasn’t broken through into the mainstream yet.

No one wants to have every single password system ever built to suddenly be completely dead in the water. You thought your password was so good no one could crack it in a million years. Guess what… now you’ve got one year or less before they nail you.

And remember… your own DNA may already be vastly more complex than these little quantum computers!



If you’ve seen a film like “What the Bleep Do We Know?!,” or read up on the areas where science meets metaphysics, then you’ve probably heard of how weird quantum physics really is.

Subatomic energy packets can act like particles AND like waves… at the same time!

If you dig into the archive of David’s Blog and our free online book “Divine Cosmos,” you’ll start finding our answer to this apparent paradox. You may not really understand it now, but if you keep reading it will gradually sink in.



The bottom line is we live in two parallel realities. One is what we would call “three dimensional” and the other we would call “hyper-dimensional”. 

These two realities are constantly exchanging energy with each other. In fact, without the energy itself (which the ancients called ‘aether’), space and time would not exist.

Space and time are defined by this energy. Without this energy, there is nothing to measure. No space, no time.

Now if that isn’t crazy enough, we have to deal with the fact that space and time are both three-dimensional… in their own frame of reference.

This is the “Holy Grail” of unified-field physics. Early pioneers who saw glimpses of it included Rudolf Steiner and Walter Russell. It was first put into a comprehensive, working theory, satisfying all problems and paradoxes of quantum physics, by Dewey Larson. 

Larson called this Reciprocal System Theory, and it was endorsed as predominantly accurate by the Law of One series, which we refer to repeatedly throughout this Divine Cosmos site as an incredibly vast resource.

You travel into this parallel reality every time you have a dream. You go there when you die. People who see ghosts are seeing a bleed-through from this parallel reality.

Science doesn’t want to tackle these concepts because they have no model for it. This is the model that we feel will become ‘common knowledge’ once everyone gets up to speed.

At some point all of this will go into a book where we explain everything in one Grand Theory, but for now you have to acquaint yourself with other articles on this site to really understand everything.

You can search for discussions of “time-space” under “Start Here” and then “Search” at the top of this page in order to learn more.

Eric Julien, in “The Science of Extraterrestrials,” independently re-discovered the principles of Dewey Larson’s system of physics, and gave some new insights into how it applies to UFOs. We’re working through the book now and it is very technical and difficult to get through, unfortunately. The link we gave is a summary that is easier to grasp. 




A particle in our reality looks like a ‘wave’ in the parallel reality.

A wave in our reality looks like a ‘particle’ in the parallel reality.

Both are true.

A particle has to flip inside-out to transition over into the parallel reality.

When a particle flips over there, it spreads out in ‘time’ as we know it.

Some of it exists in the past. Some in the present. Some in the future.

It no longer has a fixed position.

It becomes “non-local.”

You can still measure it by its energy signature.

It has become a wave.

Yet, over there on the ‘other side,’ it has become a particle. 

When our little energy packet flips back over to our side, it condenses back into ‘space’ as we know it. Now it again becomes a particle. 

The fact that these flip-overs can occur, do occur, and can happen very easily, is one of the great treasures hidden behind the Secrecy Curtain built for the apparent protection of “national security.”

The data is out there, but a proper explanation never follows.

Nor do we know that the technology already exists in the black-ops world for this to be applied to things like teleportation and faster-than-light travel.  



Dr. Buckminster Fuller created the theoretical foundation that paved the way for scientists to combine 60 different carbon atoms together, forming what looks like a soccer ball. This is called Carbon-60 or a “Fullerene:”




For those interested in the history, the Wikipedia entry seems accurate.

In Part Two of “Your DNA is Changing!”, we will reveal documented scientific proof of one of the weirdest discoveries you could ever imagine.

A group of scientists set up an experiment where they would shoot a ‘fullerene’ against a tiny wall like a bullet.

Then they put tiny vertical slits on either side of the spot on the wall where the ‘bullet’ would hit.

What do you think happened when they fired the fullerene at that spot on the wall?

The fullerene strikes the wall, and is then measured as shooting through BOTH SLITS at the same time… as a WAVE!

It gets even better. As soon as the wave passes through both slits, the fullerene then RECONSTRUCTS itself back into its original shape!

This has now been done with carbon-60 AND carbon-70 fullerenes, or ‘buckyballs’. The more carbon atoms you add, the larger the ‘ball’ gets.



When the fullerene hits the ‘wall’, it gets knocked inside-out, flips over into the parallel reality and becomes a ‘wave’ long enough to pass through the two slits.

As soon as it recovers from the shock of the impact with the wall, it flips back over into being a ‘particle.’

If you would like to find out more, use the search function on our Divine Cosmos site, under “Start Here,” and look for “microclusters.”

The best reference is in our free online book “Divine Cosmos” under “Articles and Books”. [And no, we didn’t write Part Two yet. Sorry. Life got in the way! The data is spread out throughout this site, like a wave. We have not yet condensed it down into a single “particle” for our space-time needs.]

Here is a diagram of two forms of ‘microcluster’ from the book we discovered on the subject: Microcluster Physics by Sugano and Koizumi:




The original version of this diagram we were using was from a photograph, not a scan. We tried buying the book once before and never got it in the mail. Recently we bought it again, and this time we got it.

Now we can show you the picture we’d always wanted you to see before. Here is an image of a REAL microcluster of gold, under a scanning-electron microscope, moving through different geometric shapes:




The unique quantum-mechanical properties of ‘microclusters’ are barely understood. In the microcluster, ALL the ‘electrons’ appear to break out of their individual atoms to orbit the center of the entire cluster — not their own nuclei in their own individual atoms!

Embarrassing for the mainstream? Yes.

True? Yes.  

As we have written before, microclusters demolish mainstream quantum physics theories. Atoms cannot be made of electrons orbiting a nucleus. 

Instead, what we now call ‘electrons’ simply represent the flow of hyper-dimensional energy coming in, from the ‘parallel reality’ we spoke of, to CREATE the atom — moment by moment.

Electrons look like particles to us because on the hyper-dimensional side, they are flowing in as a wave. 



There is already evidence from David Hudson that simply heating microcluster iridium to 800 degrees Celsius can produce a similar “flip-over” effect, where the clusters turn “inside out.”

When this happens, the microcluster iridium becomes invisible and loses all its weight on Hudson’s scale!

Cool the space back down where the microclusters had been, and the mass RETURNS!

Temperature is just vibration. Microclusters are so harmonic that simply heating them above a certain point creates enough pressure for them to turn inside-out and transition into the parallel reality.

Cool, huh? This is the basis of many very magnificent discoveries that have been held back from us, making Star Trek technologies entirely doable.



The fullerene is built of 60 atoms arranged geometrically. DNA is also built of single atoms arranged geometrically. 

Could DNA be able to exchange energy with a parallel reality like the fullerene?

Check out the size comparison between a fullerene and a DNA molecule, and see for yourself:




‘Wow’ is right! 

If we can “flip over” a fullerene, DNA isn’t a much larger stretch!  



Now let’s get back to our quantum computers. 

They use this same principle — wave-particle duality.

These flip-flops between ‘particle’ and ‘wave’ can be manipulated to create the ‘on’ and ‘off’ signals we would use in digital computers.

In fact, one quantum computer design actually uses ‘doped’ fullerenes on top of a matrix of atoms! [No, it has nothing to do with getting them stoned.] Check it out: 




DNA is small enough, and geometric enough, to do the job, as we just saw.

Now that you have learned some new information, you have a better background to understand this next link, which ties in with the picture of a quantum computer you saw that was state-of-the-art for 2004, at the beginning of this article:

Quantum-dot switches made up of pairs of tiny puddles of forty to sixty paired electrons show promise as the building blocks for quantum computers. Each dot is only 200 nanometers wide. The two puddles are placed inside a semiconductor; each puddle is given a final, unpaired electron which gives the quantum dot a net spin of up or down. Finally, the two dot system is tuned so that the two unpaired electrons become “entangled” – that is, they begin to interact with each other.

“Entanglement is a key property that would help give a quantum computer its power,” says lead researcher Albert M. Chang, adjunct professor of physics in Purdue’s School of Science. “Because each system exists in this mixed, down-up configuration, it may allow us to create switches that are both on and off at the same time. That’s something current computer switches can’t do.

The hope for quantum computing is that, since a quantum computer’s bits could be in two quantum states at once – both on and off – it might be possible to explore many different solutions simultaneously. “These computers would have massive parallelism built right in, allowing for the solution of many tough problems,” Chang said.

“But for us physicists, the possibilities of quantum computers extend beyond any single application. There also exists the potential to explore why there seem to be two kinds of reality in the universe – one of which, in everyday language, is said to stop when you cross the border ‘into the interior of the atom.'”

It is hoped that this method of producing qubits – quantum bits – will scale into large systems, a key advantage over previous methods. The speed at which Chang’s qubit works is too slow for a marketable device; speed improvements are next.

Remember… this technology already exists.

Though some scientists declared it ‘impossible,’ a computer has now been built out of sixteen different ‘qubits’ — sixteen different atoms flip-flopping back and forth as a quantum computer.

Here’s an image of what that fantastic circuit actually looks like:





We will explore much more of how the DNA molecule could act like a quantum computer in Part Two of “Your DNA is Changing!”, coming soon.

We may just do a re-write on this piece and expand it in size and scope.

If you are writing about DNA, consciousness, 2012, et cetera, please give us proper credit when ‘quantum computing’ starts showing up in your articles.

We’ve recently been alerted to the fact that several authors — including those apparently ‘channeling’ the information — spontaneously decide to write about the same things we write about, soon after we publish.

It is far more honorable to give credit where credit is due.

We’ve just cracked the lid off of a discussion that will fundamentally re-make the whole DNA / 2012 debate. If your readers see that you are stealing data, they might lose faith in your credibility — as they saw it here first.   

This is a message to a very small minority of our readership. For everyone else, all you need to know is the discoveries soon to follow will quite literally blow your doors off!



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