Tuesday 11/13/07 

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington headed up a UFO Disclosure conference at the National Press Club recently. Larry King was brave enough to do an entire hour on this breakthrough event! 



Here is a link to the original press release for this new UFO Disclosure conference:


Here is the most substantial online coverage of the conference thus far:




We found a Google Video link where you can watch the entire show in one sitting.

You will see the video at the bottom of this page, after reading — and watching — our brief lead-in.

If this copy of the Larry King video should disappear, fear not… there are many other copies circulating online already. Just do a search on “Larry King UFO” and you’re there.

Certainly, videos get deleted because of copyright infringement. This happens all the time. 

However, not everything can be explained away with this excuse. Take our our own Project Camelot video, for example. 

We did not infringe on any copyrights or include anyone else’s material. The video was gaining incredible popularity — with over 45,000 views — until it was maliciously deleted from Google Video without explanation.



Originally we lost the first of four sections — and this was but one casualty, as fully 19 of the 31 total videos on Project Camelot were killed… simultaneously.

This is reminiscent of NASA firing Ken Johnston right before Hoagland’s own National Press Club conference. The damage done by such actions vastly exceeds any short-term benefit, as it proves, even to the skeptics, that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

There are VERY cool developments going on with Project Camelot that we are not yet authorized to discuss. Suffice it to say that Google will regret having done this.



Remember: if even ONE of the sightings — documented in every culture of Earth’s written history, going back to the dawn of civilization as we now know it — is real, then we are not alone.




Sooner or later, everyone is going to figure this out.

We applaud Larry King for making a bold leap forward in the ‘public acclimation’ process. Some people are simply too lazy to take the time to study this phenomenon, and they go by what they have been spoon-fed in the media. 

Up until now.  

It was a brilliant stroke of PR genius for Gov. Symington’s crew to bring up the ultimate government ‘excuse’ for military action — i.e. 9/11 — for why these sightings need to be taken seriously.

If it bleeds, it leads.



As you may know, the Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer, had a major event at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001. The video of this event was the largest-ever-watched in the history of the National Press Club’s online streaming service.

We attended the May 10th Closed Executive Summary Briefing for VIPs and Members of Congress in 2001. This was not open to the public and was not filmed, as far as we know. It also was a lot more interesting and comprehensive than the one in the NPC.

Bear in mind that the VIPs, journalists, members of Congress and their aides were unilaterally giving standing ovations in this event when people made inspiring comments. There was NO sign of skepticism, sarcasm or distrust.

However, despite such a landmark event taking place in the National Press Club, it was only ever covered one time in the national media — in this little 2-minute news clip from CNN:




By comparison, an entire hour-long program, on perhaps the most visible talk show in the world, is HUGE. The UFO phenomenon is finally starting to be taken seriously… and it’s about time.

We do feel that the work we are doing is right on the cutting edge of understanding this phenomenon to the fullest extent possible.

Apparently others are agreeing with us. Take ‘Metaphysia’ as one major example — an upcoming documentary film poised for theatrical release this coming Spring or Summer at the latest.

David was interviewed for this film in a one-day shoot on the Santa Monica Pier last year, and the producers have decided to use David’s image as the main — and only — face you see on their homepage at the time of this writing:




You can watch a trailer for this film on their site. David appears about five times in the trailer, but only his last comment regarding how “the entire solar system is changing” gets into any detail about the new data and perspectives we are now bringing in.

We were told by the producers at the time of filming that our perspective really tied everything else together for them. They were blown away with the scope and power of the information, which went way beyond what they had expected. 

Furthermore, as you will see in the trailer, they interviewed Wynn Free, co-author of “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, as well.

This further underlines and supports our message and its historical validity, and makes it far more likely that the whole film builds up to our conclusions regarding 2012 and the UFO phenomena as the big punch-line.

And if the film is a hit, then so are we.  





Of course, if you’ve been following our work, you probably want to know exactly  when the Metaphysia film is coming out!

We asked… and our most current information, directly from the producers, is that they are deeply involved in the editing and post-production phase. They estimate that it will be finished within another 4-6 months, roughly speaking.

So don’t bother them… they’ve got work to do! Hurry up, guys!  

They have NOT yet honored a particular distribution contract, so there are still business opportunities available.

We humbly recommend their marketing budget should be a minimum of 1M, applied primarily to online resources, in order to insure that this film really has a chance. You have to circulate money to make money, of course.  

Bear in mind that Metaphysia is NOT a part of our CONVERGENCE film project… it is an entirely separate entity. As is standard for all such documentaries, we signed off on any and all profits from the film… so there is no direct financial interest in our mentioning this.

Given that top people in metaphysics were interviewed, including stars from both Bleep and Secret, it was a great honor to be given page-one billing on the Metaphysia website.

Now that this Larry King show on UFOs has broken through, we can expect that films like Metaphysia may catch on more than ever before… and that would be a blessing for everyone involved.

Metaphysia features interviews with JZ Knight, the engine behind Bleep, and Michael Beckwith, who has arguably become the most famous speaker featured in ‘The Secret’.

Both Bleep and The Secret have been featured on Larry King, and Beckwith has a brief video clip of his Larry King appearance on the main page for his Agape church here in Los Angeles.

We have already had multiple industry insiders watch our Project Camelot videos and say, “Why is this guy not on every major talk show already?” 




Every major point David contributed in the Metaphysia interview is available — and more — in the Project Camelot video, which is free online. Or, it WAS free, until Google had an ‘accident’. 

Inquiries to Google about what really happened went nowhere — they attributed it to a random error they could not explain. This was not the first time this had been done to the Project Camelot collection.

The immediate damage this attack did was to nullify every link that has been made to the video all across the web. People say “you’ve got to see this!” and then it’s just a black screen… so they look no further and move on to something else.

45,000 hits were destroyed… and the more hits you get, the more likely it is to become a popular ‘viral video.’

Then, AFTER this initial attack, we discovered that Part Four — where David goes into the most important spiritual components to the UFO question and 2012 — had also been deleted from Google Video… in an entirely separate incident.



We have since re-uploaded the videos again under a separate account, not affiliated with Project Camelot.

Once we get the time, we are going to link to this video very clearly and obviously on the homepage.

In order to get our Part Four video published — the most spiritual of the four — the Camelot team had to create an entirely new Google account.

Every time they tried to publish our video with their existing account, they failed. This apparently was a problem unique to our own video!

Now today, it appears the original Part Four works again! Very, very odd… so we left it as it was in the link to the video on our site. 

We encourage you to download the originals off of www.projectcamelot.org and post your own copies. This way, it can continue to get ‘viral’, and will not be so easily attacked.

We have already loaded YouTube with the entire seminar in a long series of 9-minute clips, to further help nurture its growth.  



Remember — Google probably wouldn’t have done this unless they had  to.

Or, it may be that Google didn’t do it themselves, but rather it was done to  them — either by an inside agent or by some sort of electronic ‘back door’ into their system.

That could explain Google’s technicians being genuinely baffled, attributing it to some random, inexplicable electronic glitch.

That might also explain the bizarre, unprecedented anomaly that made it impossible for Kerry Cassidy to re-upload our video on her existing Project Camelot account.



Here’s the thing. If someone would go to this much trouble to attack us, it definitely means we’re doing something right!

That’s “Negative Greeting 101.” The more resistance you get, the more you’re on the right track.

The bottom line is that the entire UFO cover-up is breaking down.

We had a pivotal role in getting Hoagland’s conference at the National Press Club written up online, as our previous David’s Blog post discussed. Now we get a breakthrough UFO conference less than two weeks later, again at the National Press Club!

The lack of print coverage is not a surprise, but this Larry King episode very certainly was. Nothing of this sort ever happened with the original Disclosure Project in 2001, so this gives us a real sense of hope!

We cannot stress enough how significant this is. Everyone who has been given “permission” to laugh about UFOs by the media will now have to hesitate a bit before going into this classic fear-suppressing sarcastic response.

It’s time to ask the big questions. It’s time to search. It’s time to think outside the box. If the Bush Administration hasn’t convinced you that the government is capable of telling big lies, then you’re probably too far gone to be reached.

This Larry King episode is just the beginning. A movement like this needs support to progress forward. David lives directly in Los Angeles and will make himself available for any and all such interviews, within reason. David can cover all facets of the UFO phenomenon with expert precision and specific references.



Check it out… and enjoy. In the meantime, here is a link to a transcript of the entire broadcast:


And now, let’s get the show on the road!




Yeah. You noticed it too, didn’t you? Within mere hours of our linking to that full-length version of the show, it was ‘sanitized’ from Google, with a friendly reminder to “try again later.”


We’re afraid you’re on your own with this one, for now, until we find a link to a one-stop video that was NOT compromised.

In the meantime, by clicking on the next link, you can get the most up-to-date view of where the copies of this video exist. Most of them are broken up into the same six pieces, as dictated by the commercial breaks.

Also, there’s another episode floating around from July 13th of this year that covered the same subject, so be aware that you’re looking at two different series: 



We did find this one link that goes to the first part of the new show. It may or may not survive, but here it is:


OK… we finally found this LiveVideo excerpt, which is only five minutes shy of the original length, and has not yet been attacked and pulled down:

Lastly, here is a link to CNN’s own 18-minute edited-down ‘best of’ version of the show, with by far the most excellent video quality: