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[Updated 7/2/07] 

“Ghost Hunters” is Sci Fi Network’s most popular non-fiction program. “Beyond Reality” is their radio show — and we’ll be there Saturday night, 9PM EST! Listen live — FREE!






Ever since we’ve done Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, your emails have been coming in much faster than we can answer — and you’re asking for more!  Nothing beats the energy, live phone calls and unpredictability of live broadcast radio — and we do love tap-dancing! 

Now, by a complete synchronicity, Beth, the producer of “Beyond Reality,” did an Internet search for guests to do a show on reincarnation, airing this Saturday — and before long she ‘stumbled over’ our book, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, which does at least start out discussing the David Wilcock / Edgar Cayce connection.



[It goes into a synthesis of most of the major areas we cover on this website — 2012, Ascension, the Cayce Readings, the Law of One / Ra Material, the Great Pyramid, Atlantis, consciousness science, DNA, et cetera, as well as featuring some of our most inspiring psychic readings.] 

Beth did not know we had just done Coast — nor did she know that we’re working on a Hollywood feature film, CONVERGENCE: The Movie, which will give scientific support to ALL forms of paranormal investigation!  



Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson co-host “Ghost Hunters,” the highest-viewed nonfiction TV program on Sci-Fi Network. Their slogan on the radio show website reads, “Where the Paranormal has a Sense of Humor.” 




Their radio show “Beyond Reality” runs on Rhode Island’s 630 WPRO radio station — and their live streaming feed is free, and thereby reaches a worldwide audience. We will be on in the second hour, this Saturday, at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific.


You can visit WPRO’s website here:


You can visit Beyond Reality’s website here:  


Their MySpace page is here:



Jason and Grant are plumbers ( ! ) who live in Rhode Island, started the Atlantic Paranormal Society and managed to get a hit TV show on the Sci-Fi Network, which is no small feat in and of itself.

They use various forms of scientific testing to try to validate the existence of ghosts, and plunge into energetically clogged-up areas where denizens of the dark reside, laying in the pipelines for them to drain on out — restoring the free flow of life. Cosmic plumbing takes a lot of exorcise, you know, but thankfully they’ve both been dealt a flush hand… 

On their last show a toy dragon powered up three times on its own and a faucet turned on without anyone being there to move the spigot — at least not in the normal, 3D sense.

However, the drama lies in the fact that they apparently do NOT believe in reincarnation. Perhaps they think when we die we become ghosts, we eventually cross over and that’s the end of it — no second chances.

We have been told that they are polite if they’re in a skeptical mood, so this shouldn’t turn into a knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling hissy fit. Even if it did, we no longer suffer a fragile ego and can make good on our promise to scientifically back up our assertions whenever possible.



No matter which way the wind blows, our case is unique in the annals of reincarnation research. First of all, you need a stunning facial similarity, and numerous reincarnation researchers, portrait artists, forensics experts and the like have told us our face-match is about as good as it gets: 





Character similarities are another key element, and of course there are many in this case — including the fact that we both have given ‘psychic readings’ that displayed shocking accuracy and nearly omniscient intelligence under the proper circumstances — including an ability to accurately foresee future events before they occur.

The best cases also feature evidence of group reincarnation, where those close to the central figure, such as wives, also return. In our case, Cayce’s family and closest friends have returned, all with striking face matches and character similarities.

Name-dropping from the Cayce circle, we have:

  • the same father (a face-match as good as our own, which now awaits an appropriate comparison photo — same eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, ears and mustache):



  • Dr. Wesley Harrington Ketchum as our brother, who lost some weight this time around:



  • Edwin Blumenthal as our best high school friend Jude Goldman:



  • David Kahn as our best college friend Eric R (who does not wish the stunning photo comparison to be revealed),
  • Gertrude Cayce as our best female college friend Angelica:


  • and Morton Blumenthal as Chris R:



There may yet be others we simply have not identified thus far.



Most importantly, what sets our case apart from all the others in the literature is an astonishing similarity in the ‘natal’ astrology — the position of the planets in the Solar System at the exact moment of birth.

Wilcock’s birth planets almost perfectly match Cayce’s birth planets. This exceedingly rare alignment came along on March 8, 1973 — David’s birthday. Such a precise alignment will not come again until 2072. [Cayce died in January 1945.]

That means David was born at the single most perfect moment in 127 years after Cayce’s death to line up with Cayce’s birth planets.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all sitting on top of each other in the two charts — a match made in heaven, if you’ll excuse the lame pun. 

Even more outrageously, both men are born in the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac as well — exactly 96 years apart. [This Chinese Zodiac match does NOT happen in the 2072 alignment]:




No other reincarnation case to date has displayed this astonishing astrological correlation. It gives strong circumstantial evidence that the facial features are a projection of the soul, since the faces are so similar, and the ‘astrology’ of birth does factor in — a soul will make special arrangements to be born at a time that creates beneficial influences for the personality.

It would appear that Cayce had unfinished business, since the inner planets — those that denote character and waking personality — are practically identical, at odds that are difficult to even calculate, but are at least in the billions to one against chance — particularly since Cayce and Wilcock’s Moon are both in precisely the same degree, which alone is a 1 in 360 chance.



The real ‘mojo’ to the Cayce / Wilcock connection is the Cayce Readings’ own statements that this reincarnation would occur, and that the new personality would have far more in common with Cayce’s Atlantean incarnation as the priest Ra-Ta — allegedly the chief designer and human/ET liaison for the Great Pyramid and ‘Hall of Records.’




David’s work, as seen in various places of this website, is reviving the lost science of Atlantis that will be recovered once the “Hall of Records” is opened — and that’s where the most fascinating ‘story’ truly resides.

As David goes on, more and more Atlantean memories are resurfacing — and thus the story only continues gaining in interest and momentum. The best collection of Atlantean science, repackaged for the present day, is our new MP3 series, “The Science of Peace.”




The Science of Peace features three CD-length lectures with a musical soundtrack co-authored by David and nine-time Grammy award winning musician and composer Larry Seyer.

Designed for study groups as well as private listening, it is available now for instant download on our screaming-fast dedicated server. Load it into your Ipod and unlock the ultimate secrets of your own mind! 




We are quite busy with our article on the honeybee collapse, and business with the film [which has some wonderful breakthrough developments], but tune in live this Saturday — 9PM Eastern time, 6PM Pacific (the second hour of the program) and make up your own mind!