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In this final section, we round out the 2012 model and take your phone calls — which delved deeply into the real soul of spiritual growth on this planet!  


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

David Wilcock, June 19, 2007 — Part III


G: We‘re going to take our phone calls right now, with our guest David Wilcock. David, I also want you to explain the ripples in that expanding effect that we didn‘t finish, when we come back on Coast to Coast AM.



G: Hey David, let‘s finish up on that rippling effect story you were telling us, and then we‘ll go take the calls.

D: Sure. From an esoteric perspective, this gets back to the idea of galactic chakras: the idea that the galaxy is a sentient organism, much more evolved and much more intelligent than a human being.

Ultimately, when we penetrate this science, it is very important that people understand we‘re dealing with an energy field, which I call the Source Field. The Russians call it torsion fields.

This Source Field is the source of matter, the source of biological life, the source of consciousness – and in fact, one of the things I deal with in Science of Peace is that our conscious mind is not just our own thoughts. Other people‘s thoughts influence our conscious mind, and we interpret those feelings as if they were first person – as if we created them.

One of the real keys to being psychic is to realize that you‘re getting psychic information constantly, but you have an in-built bias to make it appear that it‘s your own thoughts.

How this relates to the galaxy, I believe, is that we‘re dealing with a sentient organism that programs life to evolve on its planets in set cycles of time, such as 62 million years or 26 million years.

We‘re at the end of the 62-million-year cycle. We‘re at exactly the halfway point of the 26-million year cycle. It appears that 2012 is the final point where we cross a discrete boundary, like the boundary of oil and water in a jar of salad dressing.

We cross this boundary in 2012. It actually upgrades physical matter on the planet, causing Bermuda Triangle, interdimensional warp phenomena. This includes the warping of the human body, which is what the Christians would think of as rapture or Ascension.

Many, many other ancient prophecies talk about this and say it creates a Golden Age. It also has triggered DNA evolution in the past. DNA is like a passive antenna for this consciousness energy.

In fact, you can take ordinary molecules – there‘s a guy on the Orgone site named Professor Ignacio Pacheco…

G: Orgone, William Reich‘s old idea.

D: Right. Exactly.

G: Yeah.

D: And this Dr. Pacheco took ordinary beach sand. He heated it to the point of white-hot luminescence, which killed anything alive by conventional standards. He did this inside a sterilized test tube.

The sterilized test tube was never opened. It had distilled water in it and just this beach sand. Then by just letting it cool down, this froth would grow on the surface. When you analyze that froth under a microscope, it has all these critters growing in it.

So it turns out that life – the field itself, the source field, has all the codes of DNA in it. This is what I go into through three CDs worth of lectures on that Science of Peace series. It is literally a living consciousness.

So what we‘re seeing in the Russian experiments, with Dr. Peter Gariaev, is that he took a salamander embryo, shined a laser beam through it – not a burning laser – and redirected it into a frog embryo.

The DNA completely re-tooled itself from being a frog into a salamander.

This little guy could grow into full adulthood, breed with regular salamanders, and their babies were salamanders. There was no evidence of it coming from a frog.

So I looked into the DNA molecule and discovered something called ‘retrotransposons,‘ where you have these little particles that can break off from one area and go to another area, and literally rewrite the code.

In fact there was one scientist, Dr. Frances Hitching, who took the fruit fly Drosophila and consistently took out the genes for its eyes to be made. And yet, every fifth generation or so, the eyes would come back!

So, when people say “Which came first, the chicken or the egg, ” the answer is that they are both implicit in the Source Field.

You have to remember now that this explains why there are no shellfish between the clam and the bony fish. There‘s no fish with a skeleton that is half in and half out. Life is spontaneously evolving into new templates that are a combination of the intelligence of the galaxy, the intelligence of the Sun and the intelligence of the planet.

So we have to evolve our thinking into realizing that we are not the only sentient game in town.

When we are seeing interplanetary climate change in the Solar System, it is similar to the laser beam that zaps the salamander before it gets redirected to the frog.

We are the ones that are the frogs now, being transformed into the salamanders.

That‘s what the Great Pyramid was for.

The open tomb in the Pyramid harnessed the Earth‘s energy, and focalized and enhanced it. When you sit in there at the right time of the year, with the right geometric alignments and so forth, it could actually create a state where you would either die or move into this Ascended condition.

2012, again, represents something like the Bermuda Triangle effect, except it happens over the whole Earth. So my guidance, for what it‘s worth, has told me that everybody will actually warp into time-space, into this parallel reality we have, before these pole shifts and cataclysms occur.

Now that‘s what I have been led to believe. However, I think like in the movie The Matrix… you remember that scene where Morpheus says, “You think it‘s 1999, but it‘s actually the year 2199? ”

G: Yeah. Yeah.

D: “And we created a computer simulation of your world at the peak of your civilization? ”

What I think is going to happen – and this is very, very speculative, and I understand that – is that when we all flip over into this realm, people who are not ready to just move right on to a higher level will immediately recreate the Earth from memory.

They will not even realize that anything has changed, except that once you have gone over into this vortex area – which, by the way, if the Earth‘s frequency were to crank back down, you could reconstitute your physical body, just like people do when they come out of the Bermuda Triangle sometimes, or these stargates – when you‘re over there, you can start to have all these Ascended abilities, just by trying.

If you think hard enough about levitation, you will levitate. If you think about healing, you will heal. If you think about other people‘s thoughts, you will hear them.

So we are moving into a very interesting area. I think a lot of these shows like Ghost Whisperer and Medium, in which you are seeing people who appear to have crossed over but don‘t realize it, and they have to figure it out – these shows are sending messages to us.

Once this happens [to us], we want to figure it out. We want to know that something has happened.

So this is a very exciting time. It‘s not a time to be afraid. All the prophecies, which come from very credible sources, seem to suggest that this is actually a marvelous quantum evolution.

Some of the sources I consult, like the Law of One series from the early 1980s, make it very clear – they don‘t consider the Earth Changes a big deal, basically because we won‘t be here when they happen.

The way the physics works is that our frequency shifts before the cataclysms actually start.

So what we‘re seeing right now, with the exposure of government corruption and the Earth Changes we‘re already seeing, is about as bad as it‘s going to get. We‘re in the physics now.

Richard wanted to remind me to tell you guys this is not a cosmic switch that flips in 2012. We are deeply enmeshed in this physics now.

That‘s why it‘s so important that we do a series of shows on Coast, and bring in the hardest-hitting scholars. I‘m so grateful, George, that you want to do that, because we need this message to get out to more people.

We need to understand you‘re not sitting here and waiting in the backyard with a beer and a bong for 2012. Something‘s happening right now…

G: [Laughs]

D: And if you‘re not [laughs] participating in your own spiritual evolution, you‘re going to get rocked.

G: All right, to the calls we go, David. Are you ready?

D: Yep.

G: Here we go, because they‘re waitin‘ for ya. Let‘s go East of the Rockies, you‘re on the air. Hi there.

Mary: Hi. Is this George?

G: Yes it is.

Mary: Oh my God, this is Mary from a Chicago suburb, north suburb. The reason I called, I love you guys. I‘ve been listening for at least 10 years. I‘m so nervous, I‘m sorry. I‘m on the air now?

G: You sure are.

D: I can hear you just fine, Mary, so why don‘t you ask a question?

Mary: Okay, yes. My question is, up here where I live, near the Wisconsin-Illinois border, about 65 miles north of Chicago, there‘s been this lit-up triangle. Since January I‘ve been watching this thing.

I just would like to know if anybody knows what it is. Either you guys, or the listeners, or maybe I missed it on Coast, if somebody explained what it is.

It‘s a large white lit-up triangle in the sky, in the north sky. North from us.

D: Are you saying it appears as if this is the diameter of the moon in size?

Mary: It‘s a little bit smaller than the moon.

D: Okay.

Mary: But it‘s pretty large. It lights up the sky like the moon does.

D: And you‘re saying it‘s always in the same place, or does it move around?

Mary: It‘s usually in the same place. For the past six months, it‘s been in the northern sky.

G: Hm!

D: Well first of all, it‘s important to remember that you‘re not crazy.

Mary: Okay. [Laughs]

D: If even one UFO sighting is real, then there is something going on.

Mary: It‘s not moving, though. I mean, it just stays in the same place. Just recently, it‘s moved from the North. I didn‘t see it move, but it‘s not in the northern sky anymore. It‘s over the Eastern sky now.

D: How bright is it? What is the level of brightness?

Mary: It‘s about as bright as a crescent moon.

D: Okay. And you‘re saying it‘s all white.

Mary: All white. It‘s a triangle.

D: Well, it‘s possible that you‘re seeing some kind of manifestation of the Earth‘s grid, which is geometric in form. There were a number of people that reported seeing cities floating in the sky, early in the 20th century. That goes back to the Fortean anomalies, from Charles Fort.

So it could be possible that you‘re seeing some sort of Grid bleed-through. As we get closer to 2012, these hyper-spatial realities are going to be intersecting more and more with our conventional reality.

So I would encourage you, if you see it again, to meditate and be with it. There is energy that comes from these geometric phenomena that will accelerate consciousness.

You will probably feel a nice tingling sensation up your spine, which is kundalini. You may feel almost as if you are levitating. If you start getting those sensations when you see something like that, just tune in and get really still inside yourself. Try to ask a question.

Whatever thoughts float into your mind will generally be the answer. You just have to figure out what it is.

G: Okay. Thanks for the call. First time caller line, your turn. Hi!

Dave: Yeah, hi. This is Dave. Is this George and Dave?

G: Dave. How are you?

Dave: Well, I love your show. Great show tonight. You‘ve covered a lot of areas.

Let‘s see. My question pretty much goes back to the existentialism you were talking about. If people can‘t feel it right now, then they‘re really in trouble, I think.

It seems like, to me, the climate change is coming, and it‘s not going to be as drastic as they think. As far as the movement towards a higher consciousness, I feel it every day. I become more attuned to things.

I guess here‘s my question. All my life I‘ve had this feeling I should be doing much more than I‘m doing. I‘m a factory worker but I‘m an excellent artist; I can draw anything I look at.

Do you think like some past life regression or something, going back to that, would help?

D: You raise a very interesting point, Dave. There is an increasing tension that people are feeling between the work that must be done to maintain a physical body and the work that nourishes the spiritual body.

A lot of people are feeling disconnected from the spiritual body by what they have to do to support the physical body.

Dave: Right.

D: I just wanted to point this out. I had jobs for years that paid five or six bucks an hour while I was working on all this material.

Dave: Right.

D: Essentially, one of the real core spiritual principles that we‘re dealing with is initiation. And in one sense, if you can bring in a sacramental attitude to the mundane life, that has such enormous power in terms of the experiences you will start having.

Even if you are working in a factory, or wherever you are, you will start having people meet you out of the blue and say things to you that precisely recall what you were just thinking in your own mind.

Dave: Yes.

D: You‘ll have more and more of these synchronicities. So I would encourage you to pursue your artwork, and pursue your creative outlets.

We all are suffering from this feeling that God, or the Creator, has abandoned us. I ultimately believe the way we reconnect is by becoming the Creator. And that‘s done by creativity.

Dave: I think you misread me on that.

D: Okay. Go ahead.

Dave: I feel like I‘ve become more attuned with myself. I‘ve seen a lot of strange things in my life. I‘m 35 years old. I have seen a UFO. I have seen spirits. Call me crazy, whatever.

G: You‘re not going to get that on this program!

Dave: [Laughs]

D: Where is the misunderstanding? I‘m trying to, okay.

Dave: It seemed that you thought I had a negative attitude towards my life, which I don‘t.

D: Okay. It‘s important, Dave, to remember…

Dave: I just thought maybe you would know exercises that could help me to open up the mind more.

G: Tune him up, David! That‘s what he wants. He wants to be a little more enlightened. He feels like he‘s opened, and he wants to tap into it a little bit more.

D: Okay. Some very important exercises.

First of all, I would recommend that you maintain an even keel of frequency in your mind as much as possible. That means stress is the killer. Stress will take you away from the ability to have coherent consciousness.

These torsion fields we‘re talking about require steadiness. When you go through stress, it takes three days for all those hormones to clear from your body. During that time, you‘re a lot less intuitive.

So I recommend to people, when they start getting triggered by stress, step away from the source of the stress for five minutes. Breathe and relax if possible. That‘s step one.

Step two, to really connect with your Higher Self, remember that every morning you are being given a huge treasure chest with gold doubloons in it. That is from the deep sea of your subconscious mind in dreams.

A lot of people say, “Well, I never remember a dream. ” The point is that if you wake up in the morning before the alarm goes off – you can set your alarm a little later than is necessary, just so you have the time – don‘t move when you wake up.

Stay perfectly still in bed. Let yourself wake up slowly.

Most people nowadays are in the habit of just slamming themselves awake. All of the cool things that led to my being able to do readings came as a result of waking up slowly in the morning, observing my mind and just paying attention to it.

If you wake up in the morning and you can remember a dream, try to remember as much of it as you can and then write it down. Dreams are a symbolic communication from your Higher Self. They will always be the most important thing you need to know.

The key is deciphering it. You may need to gather that data for a length of time before you‘ll start making sense out of it. But, at the same time that you can remember new details in the dream, when you are waking up and really groggy, you can start paying attention to all these little snapshots of data that are showing up in your mind.

You can start to notice that you don‘t have to exert any effort to think about them. They just float up out of nowhere.

A lot of people just discard that as imagination, but that is precisely what remote viewers are tapping into when they are doing remote viewing. It‘s what I tap into when I am doing a reading.

The more you go in and listen to it, write it down and document what it is saying, no matter how crazy it sounds – because a lot of it will sound schizophrenic in the beginning – just write it down, [and it will gradually become clearer and more coherent].

You want to be your own best skeptic. You do not want to assume that everything you say is true, or that it is all coming from the right place.

You want to gather that data. That‘s where, sooner or later, if you really want to practice this, and you really want to run with the ball, you can open up a direct communication with your Higher Self.

A lot of the protocols of how to make sure it doesn‘t go to the negative side are actually in George‘s book, Worker in the Light, which again I say is a great book, because he actually gives those protocols.

[The most important protocol is to be in a state of uplifting gratitude while seeking the information – never angry, sad or depressed. Do not analyze or attempt to understand any of the data, just write it down. Try not to have any emotional reaction to what you are getting.

Also make sure your physical body is not in any distress – not thirsty, hungry, in physical pain or needing to go to the bathroom. Just concentrate on the deepest meditation you can get, and try to record the data as clearly as possible without analysis.]

G: All right, David. We are approaching the halfway mark of this hour. We‘re going to be back in a moment. We‘re going to take your phone calls when we continue with the remaining questions for David Wilcock. His website, It is linked up right now at

So we‘ll be back in a moment, and we‘ll wrap things up by taking your final calls.



Yes, on our next Coast to Coast program, Richard C. Hoagland will be here. He‘s assembled a group of people. We‘re going to be talking about the next space program. So some real science with Richard C, right here on Coast to Coast AM.



G: Okay, back to the phones with David Wilcock. Let‘s go to our Wild Card line. Hello there!

Michele: Hi! This is Michele. Hello, David?

D: Hi Michele! How are you doing?

Michele: I‘m doing good. A lot of beautiful things you‘re saying. Lots of positivity coming out.

D: I appreciate that.

Michele: I appreciate what you‘re doing. I‘ve visited your website a few times and just the other night I was reading where you were talking about 2012, all the things you‘re talking about tonight.

I ran across one sentence where you finished it by saying, “I have to stop and mention that I just saw 11:11 on the clock! ”

G: [Laughs]

Michele: And I‘ve seen that. I‘ve seen it for many years. It‘s been of huge Divine help to me and my whole family. I just wanted to hear what you had to say about it. [Laughs]

D: Well, thank you! That‘s a great pitch that I can hit out of the park. And it doesn‘t require a whole lot of words, because we have a lot of calls, I guess.

The idea here is that synchronicity can come to people in a variety of ways. I‘ve heard of some people who get it by finding pennies on the ground and picking them up. It happens in very synchronous moments.

You can get it off the odometer of your car, if you‘re driving and you look and all the digits are lined up. You can get it off license plates. You can get it off watching a sports game and seeing how much time remains in the game.

You can get it off a clock. It can be 11:11, 12:12, 5:55, 4:44, 3:33, 1:11, 2:22.

Now the idea here is not that you‘re acting foolishly and saying “Oh wow, look at the clock, it‘s 11:11. ” The idea is that you‘re sitting and doing something.  You‘re not thinking about what time it is.

Then you suddenly look at the clock out of nowhere, after not looking at it for a long time. And one of these synchronistic number times shows up.

Now the idea of what happens is this: it‘s your Higher Self, telling you “Pay attention to whatever you were just thinking, because it‘s very important to your spiritual evolution. ”

So, in reference to Dave‘s call earlier, in methods you can use to attain guidance, paying attention to synchronicity begins by being open to the fact that you could receive a message this way. Just opening to the possibility that synchronicity could happen.

Once you say, “Okay. I‘ll look out for it, and if it happens I‘ll at least consider it, ” look out – because it‘s going to get started.

In the Science of Peace, I give the whole science behind that.

G: Okay, David. Thank you. Let‘s move on to our West of the Rockies line. West of the Rockies, you‘re on Coast to Coast. Hello there, good morning!

Karen: Good morning! This is Karen in Ashland, Oregon. The longer I‘m on hold, the more questions I want to ask. I wanted to ask just two questions about what David was saying.

He was talking about stress, and how it breaks up the spiritual coherence. The observation I have is that life today seems more stressful. So how can we actually be moving toward this great age of enlightenment in 2012 when we seem unable to maintain our equilibrium?

It seems sort of contradictory to me that we can make spiritual progress and stress breaks that up – or maybe spiritual progress is just a concept that we don‘t really have any need for if we‘re moving toward this anyway.

My second question was what you said about reincarnating as many souls. I‘d never heard that theory of reincarnation. I‘d always heard one soul reincarnates again into another soul. Could you explain your understanding of that, how that happens?

Are there more Ra-Ta souls here now, and for what reasons?

D: Okay. We‘ll tackle the second question first, and then loop it back into the first one.

The second question, you mentioned the name Ra-Ta. There is a difference between Ra and Ra-Ta.

According to this Law of One material, which I believe is highly credible for a variety of reasons I don‘t have time for, Ra came from the planet Venus, which evolved into what is called a ‘social memory complex.‘ This is not like the Borg, because it is harmonious and positive, but it is a group mind.

So, there are all these people like us in that mind, who used to be separate but now are One.

In the cosmic game there are three cycles of 25,000 years, roughly, for planets to evolve and go through these Ascension processes. A lot of people who didn‘t make it at the end of these cycles, didn‘t graduate into unconditional love, got recycled and put all on one planet.

That‘s actually what we have on the Earth. The high-level positive ETs were responsible for that.

This is all, again, very speculative material, and I can‘t back this up scientifically, but apparently 25,000 years ago they realized they had made a huge error by putting all these people together.

The only way they could atone for it was by reincarnating in their own form as humans, and forgetting who they were.

I believe a lot of the people in this audience are actually ET souls, angelic souls.

Now this ties back into your question from the beginning about the stress, and how could stress be considered spiritual – how could it be considered evolutionary in nature.

Let me point out that the nature of stress itself is something that bothers you because it hasn‘t been cleared.

So the real spiritual work we‘re being brought to at this time is different than the idea you might get from books, where you just chant a mantra and everything is going to be fine, or write a check to yourself for a million dollars and suddenly you have this boundless prosperity.

It‘s more complicated than that. What you really end up doing here is moving through experience without the experience sticking to you.

So if an experience causes you to feel anger, then there is a reason why you‘re getting triggered. You can eventually get to a point where the same thing happens, and it doesn‘t bother you anymore.

A lot of us have a very fragile ego. Of course, nobody wants to admit to that. Somebody offends us, somebody upsets us, and it‘s like American Idol – you can‘t imagine being on stage in front of America and being insulted about your singing.

So the idea is that eventually you get to a point where these things repeat enough times that they don‘t bother you anymore. You move through them. Then they don‘t need to repeat anymore.

It‘s an initiation. Initiation involves trial. We are at the end of the cycle. The idea here is that the more you can live in a state of unconditional love, meditative balance and equilibrium, you won‘t experience the stress.

The stress is showing you the points that still need to be worked on that haven‘t actually been healed yet. So that‘s the short answer. [Laughs]

G: [Laughing] Oh, okay! Let‘s go east of the Rockies. Your turn. Hi there. Hello?

Good morning!

G: Yes, go ahead, please.

Janis: Am I speaking to David Wilcock?

G: David‘s on there with you, sir. Go ahead.

D: What‘s your name?

Janis: This is Janis from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

D: Very good.

Janis: Much of everything you‘ve said absolutely agrees with my own research and my own development.

I‘m curious about the development of your own research. Mine started with visionary dreams, and our resulting assertions seem to be, if not similar, almost identical.

I want to ask you an enigmatic question. Have you ever had the overriding sense that you need to seek out six others who are similar, or the same?

D: I can‘t say that in particular I have had that exact number. However, mentorship is an important stage of evolution in terms of Galactic Mind, and the archetypes that were set up that we all go through.

There are only 22 basic experiences you will ever have in a human lifetime. You get to choose how and when you go through them, but you have to process and move through all of them.

Mentorship is one of the key archetypes where, in meeting with people of like minds, you can find mirrors of yourself.

See, in the Law of One philosophy, there is no such thing as a separate self. We are addicted to the idea of separation. This dimensional shift is bringing these folks together; hence these synchronicities where we meet people.

So, if you‘re being guided to meet others who seem to be on a similar path, I would recommend finding resources that are available where you can find like-minded people. We have a conference area on my website. There are other areas where you can find things like that.

Send people email, get talking. If something clicks, then conferences are a great way to find people. You have everybody there for the same purpose, or similar purposes.

In fact, who knows? I have had several cases where people have gotten together at my conferences and had wonderful relationships with each other – romantic relationships that have formed from meeting each other at those conferences.

So, the sky‘s the limit. Once you start reaching out to others and not just having it as a solitary path, amazing things can happen.

G: Very good. Thanks, Janis. Let‘s go to our First Time Caller Line. You‘re on with David Wilcock. Go ahead.

MJ: Hello! George and Dave, how do you do?

G: Very good.

MJ: Very good. This is MJ, and I‘m calling from Columbus Ohio. I‘m not just a first-time caller, but I‘ve only been listening for about two weeks. So I‘m really, really new to the program.

G: Okay, well welcome aboard, MJ!

MJ: Thanks. Thanks. In those two weeks, shockingly I haven‘t heard any thoroughness of mention, not even any alluding to ancient Africa, and ancient African people‘s knowledge of the UFOs and the extraterrestrial life.

G: Oh! You‘ve missed a couple major shows. Of course, you‘ve only been listening for what you said was two weeks? Oh, my gosh! We had one with the Dogon tribe…

MJ: [crosstalk] Of course! That‘s it!

G: …maybe about six months ago, a whole program on that. All I can say, because that‘s not David‘s expertise, is just keep listening to the program. You‘re going to get a mixture on this show, and that‘s what makes Coast to Coast what it is.

D: I did read “The Sirius Mystery ” by Robert Temple, which describes the Dogon, and the fact that…

G: [crosstalk] He was the guest!

D: Yeah! So yeah, there‘s a lot of data there. It‘s just hard to cover everything.

In fact, I had someone at a conference who was explaining that voodoo was originally a positive spiritual faith that then became used for them to protect themselves in the slavery period. It has now gotten a bad reputation.

The more negative uses of it were an evolution toward the negative direction of something that started out as a very powerful form of ritual magic in Africa.

G: David, we just did a major show on voodoo as well. That was back in Los Angeles. So MJ, my advice is keep listening. Two-week listener, you‘ll get a whole mix of things.

Plus, we‘ll have to do another show, folks, because I get a lot of emails on this – on the book of Urantia. David, did you ever look into that incredible book?

D: The Urantia Book is kind of like a cosmic encyclopedia. There‘s definitely a lot of things you could go into about that. So yeah. It‘s another one of these fascinating topics I would encourage everyone to just keep exploring, and seeing what‘s out there.

We should keep having these 2012 shows and bringing in as many different talents as we can. We really want to educate ourselves about this. This is going to happen. This is not a joke. There is so much data, and it‘s correlating all together.

I am absolutely convinced that we‘re heading into something very, very amazing.

G: Well, I think you‘re right. Next up, let‘s go to our Wild Card line. It‘s your turn. Go ahead.

Jeff: Hi, David and George.

G: Hey!

Jeff: My name‘s Jeff. I need some help getting my mind straight.

I‘m going through a divorce that I don‘t want. I can‘t seem to focus. All I… everything that comes to me is negative. I don‘t want to live like that. That‘s not my… that‘s not the way I live. But I can‘t seem to, to stay focused. And I just wondered… how could I block out the negativity, and bring in the positive?

D: Well, that‘s a really good question. I‘ve been through three major relationships in my life, each of which ended in a separation and great depression and unhappiness.

Jeff: [flat] That‘s where I am right now.

D: Yeah.

G: You know what? They say it takes at least a month for every year of the relationship.

Jeff: [somber] This is over 13 years.

G: Yeah. So it‘s going to take you at least a year to get over this.

Jeff: [fatalistic] I don‘t know if I have that much time.

G: Oh, you‘ve got to. You‘ve…

Jeff: [crushed] I can‘t stay like that for a year, you know?

G: You have to dig down, because one day you‘re going to wake up in the morning, and David will attest to this, you‘re going to wake up in the morning and go, “Why did I stress myself out over this? ”

D: [crosstalk] Well Jeff, I can tell you something…

Jeff: I got less of, you know, all the bills and all the animals. I‘ve had two spinal surgeries in the last two years. I can‘t work right now, so I sit home all day alone, just dwelling.

G: Well, that‘s the problem! First of all, Jeff, you‘re dwelling on this stuff.

Jeff: Yeah. That‘s what I do!

D: Okay. There‘s one thing I want to point out that might not otherwise be mentioned. Part of the problem can become a chemical problem.

I noticed that when I was going through these periods, I would be stress eating. It‘s really important that you get some kind of superfood, even if you don‘t think it‘s going to do anything. Some kind of super blue-green algae, chlorella or something like that.

G: No sugar, right, David?

D: Right, exactly. But take this superfood every day, like even two or three times a day. It‘s loaded with B vitamins and all these things.

What happens is emotions are created by chemicals in the brain. If you don‘t have the chemicals for happiness, which can happen in extreme stress, then you can‘t feel happiness, because your brain doesn‘t have the chemical anymore.

So you can rebuild…

Jeff: [crosstalk] What do you mean by superfood?

D: Okay. You go to the health food store. You find some kind of powder that‘s green, and you mix it in whatever drink you want to have it in.

G: You know what? Water is the best thing.

D: Right. Exactly. And that, I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but you combine that with also taking something like tryptophan, it‘s called. Another form of it is your B vitamins.

The most important thing of all is actually called essential fatty acids – EFAs, Omega 3, 6 and 9, specifically, and more important than that, even, is the superfood.

All I can tell you is that as far as emotional grieving, I recommend journaling. I recommend not trying to run away from the pain, because that‘s what we end up doing.

We indulge in addictive behavior where we‘re basically watching TV or trying to not face it. I recommend going into it, writing about it, experiencing it, letting yourself have it move through you.

What you‘re actually running away from, ultimately, is a projection of yourself. We bring these people into our lives as exaggerated representations of parts of ourselves that we still need to heal.

When we eventually get enough processing behind us, we realize that we were actually on a timeline where we were going to have to grow out of that relationship. Eventually we can see that it was beneficial.

But, as George was saying, man, it takes work. You have to just commit to yourself, and realize that life is worth living.

If you actually did commit suicide – I‘m not saying you‘re suicidal at all, but some people might be – that causes an immediate reincarnation, and you have to go through the same thing all over again.

So, it doesn‘t solve anything. What you can do to solve it, though, is to get your nutrition up. Get some exercise. Get out in the sunlight.

In fact, the rods and cones in the eye are connected to the endocrine system. If you don‘t get full-spectrum light at least 15 minutes a day, which means sunlight without sunglasses, then your endocrine system gets all screwed up, and you can‘t re-absorb those stress hormones.

So, it‘s a complex procedure, but the short and sweet version is: journal about your pain, write it down, try to stay in a meditative state, try to feel for the love and light, try to look for the good whenever you can.

Do things to distract yourself, if need be, that are non-chemical in nature. Take the superfoods, and really just try to be at peace with yourself, and rediscover yourself if at all possible.

G: And get away from any negativity. As difficult as it is right now.

D: Absolutely.

G: But the day will come. The day will come, Jeff. You‘ll wake up in the morning and go, “Whoa! I can‘t believe I went through all that! ” You know?

D: It‘s layers. You peel up the layers, and you keep going through the pain. And then you think you‘ve got it, and then something triggers you and you get hit again. And you have to move through it again.

You know what? After a while, if you keep doing that work, you might get triggered again, but there‘s this part of ourselves [that is making irreversible growth, and eventually we realize that it just doesn‘t hurt as much, or last as long, anymore.]…

G: [interrupting, suddenly realizes out of time] And then it works. David, we‘ve got to run.

D: Okay.

G: Thank you for being on the program. David Wilcock, for Dan Galanti, Wayne Roberts, Steve Carr, Tom Danheiser, Lisa Lyon, Lex Lonehood, Shawn Ladouceur, Ross Mitchell, Alan Corbeth, Stephanie Smith, Ian Punnett and Art Bell, I‘m George Noory.

Somewhere out there on Coast to Coast AM, somewhere on our next edition, we shall see you. Until then, be safe, everyone.