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Our second hour on Coast took a step into the Twilight Zone, with a discussion of parallel realities, Montauk and 2012. Read it here! 


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

David Wilcock, June 19, 2007 — Part II


G: And yes. Our special guest tonight is David Wilcock. We‘re going to be back with him more as we talk about how all of this ties into 2012. Then I‘ll put up phone lines and you can chat with him too. We‘ll be back in a moment on Coast to Coast AM.


G: Back with David. David, let‘s move on a little bit here and tie this into global warming, which you also believe might be happening again throughout the solar system. How does this all tie in?

D: Essentially, my model is validated by a variety of top-secret reports which seem to go back to even the 1950s and 40s. There is strong evidence our governments have been aware that we are moving into a domain of energy in the galaxy that has a higher energetic charge.

This movement would have certain noticeable effects on every planet throughout the Solar System, which we are now seeing. We are seeing huge increases in the brightness of planets and moons, the magnetic field strength, the amount of storm activity – even the rotation speed of Saturn is changing.

We put together over 100 different references on this in the paper I wrote with Richard Hoagland called “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow. ” You can basically ask me, if you want to, any planet, and I‘ll give you a list of specific details for that planet in terms of how it is changing.

G: [Surprised] Really?

D: Yeah.

G: Okay. Does that also have a bearing, or does that also tell us exactly why it‘s happening here?

D: I certainly would not propose that we ignore our carbon emissions. However, there‘s no SUVs on these planets. There‘s no industrial pollution.

G: [Laughs]

D: And yet, they‘re changing just like our planets.

G: Yeah. If anything, maybe even faster.

D: That‘s true. Pluto is moving away from the Sun, but it‘s actually experiencing global warming even though it‘s supposedly moving into a colder region of space. It‘s like that on every planet.

Neptune has gotten 40 percent brighter, in the near-infrared range of the spectrum, just between 1996 and 2002 – in a six-year period. 40-percent brightness increase!

G: More and more scientists [agree with you] – and I‘m seeing this now. As you know, I believe global warming is really caused by earth cycles.

D: Right.

G: And it‘s been here. It‘s going to be here. More and more scientists seem to be jumping on that bandwagon. They‘re changing their mind. But I don‘t know why they‘re changing their minds. They took the posture that it was all manmade, now they‘re slowly coming around. How come?

D: It just has to do with the sheer weight of evidence. The Great Global Warming Swindle, that UK documentary that probably everyone has seen on this show, makes a very compelling case for long-term cycles – which I believe are called Milankovitch cycles. They basically drive warming on the Earth.

So this is nothing new. The climate is constantly in a state of fluctuation. When you start seeing it throughout the whole solar system – we‘ve seen Abdussamatov, this guy who is written up in National Geographic, comparing global warming on the Earth to Mars. There have been a few other guys trying to link this stuff together.

It would appear – and this gets into what Richard will be talking about, in part, tomorrow night about NASA – that NASA is distinctly aware of what is going on, and there has been a moratorium on discussing it.

I would be inclined to say it‘s not so much that they‘re discovering it, as it is what they‘re being allowed to talk about.

Robert Hansen recently came forward and explained that the White House was censoring hundreds of press releases of the science of global warming.

G: Mm hm!

D: And, they are specifically trying to eliminate references suggesting that something is happening, so that it always stays sort of vague.

G: Hm.

D: Also, in the honeybee collapse article Richard and I put together, the first part of it, we cited the scientist from NASA who was working on the gas around the solar system on the outside. He explained that NASA had a persistent, pernicious bias against him doing this research.

Now ‘pernicious‘, if you look it up, means “deadly, evil and insidious. ” So why would some guy – doing this obscure research about how thick the clouds of energy are around the solar system on the outside – be getting death threats from NASA if he publishes this research which may be showing that the gas is getting thicker?

In fact, there is research that shows that now.

G: You would think that they‘d welcome his work!

D: No kidding. But in fact, it appears that if you start getting into the black-ops whistleblower testimony, which is another area we could do whole shows on – I‘ve had the privilege of meeting multiple witnesses, some of whom have said NASA has been well aware of this for a long time – they basically know that it‘s happening in 2012. It‘s a final crossing point.

G: Devastating, in 2012?

D: That‘s what they think. Yes. That‘s what they think.

It‘s very interesting. If you went to the movies a few months ago, there was a film that came out called The Last Mimzy.

G: I did not see the Last Mimzy.

D: Oh. Well, a lot of people have tried to discredit Dan Burisch, a witness I have had extensive conversation with, on the phone, on email, et cetera. And yet, the Last Mimzy is a precise parroting of almost everything he has said.

Now, one could argue they were just drawing off of his story for Hollywood script ideas, which is certainly possible.

G: Sure.

D: But you start seeing the same data surfacing over and over again.

And by the way, I actually did get a message on the email from Burisch tonight, and he said he would be willing to do the show again.

G: Let‘s do it!

D: Very good.

G: Would you also tell him his mother is looking for him?

D: Yeah. We… [laughs] That‘s a long story.

G: I know, but it is his mother.

D: I know.

G: [Disappointed] Yeah…

D: Dan is a very interesting guy. I have a lot of respect for him. It was through him that I discovered that all this work I‘m putting together, in terms of the physics, was actually well known on the inside.

G: For people who don‘t know who we‘re talking about, he worked in bio-science in the Area 51 section of Nevada.

D: Correct.

G: He is no longer there. Is that correct?

D: That is correct. However, he is still an adjunct member of Majestic.

G: Is he in hiding?

D: No.

G: Well, how come his mother can‘t find him, then?

D: Um… [pause]

G: Well, you don‘t want to get into it.

D: That‘s something you might want to ask him when you get him on the show.

G: [Conciliatory] All right.

D: He just wanted to say that he feels like he… this is tough to say, but he wants to be treated with respect. I guess he was emotionally triggered the last time he was on. I think we can come to an agreement.

I think it‘s important that everybody hear his perspective, because it actually is positive.

On the surface, a lot of people have taken the Burisch story and ran with it in a doomy direction. He actually doesn‘t say that.

Now in his perspective, the [entities involved in the] Roswell crash were time travelers from our future, after a micro-genetic evolution. This is exactly the model I‘ve been building up to here with these galactic energy zones.

So maybe we should talk about that. We don‘t want to stray too far from the 2012 model. I think, George, it‘s a brilliant idea you‘ve had to start orienting a focus, a sequence – which Jay Weidner also was suggesting this last week – a sequence of shows about 2012, because this is only five and a half years away!

G: I know it is! It‘s coming up fast, David. And if it has the kind of potential calamity that we‘re all beginning to think…

Here we are having astronomers and meteorologists, astro-meteorologists, beginning to say, “Look, we think the sun is going to have a major change around 2011, 2012. ” I mean, that‘s pretty darn strange, David!

D: This is the Solar Maximum. I remember when Jay Weidner was on your show, he was explaining how even Solar Minimum has broken the records so far beyond anything that was expected. In 2003 there was a solar flare that was at X40, which they didn‘t even have a scale for. They‘ve actually had to rebuild satellites, because the satellites weren‘t even built to handle the amount of solar energy that‘s coming out.

Then when you start reading ancient scriptures from the Hindu Vedas, where they talk about something called the “Somvarta fire at the end of an Age ”, what are they talking about?

G: Well, I‘ll tell you how much I‘ve changed, David. When I first came into this program, I said, “I believe… ” You know, I‘ve got this little intuitive gut myself, though I wasn‘t Edgar Cayce. I may have been something else. Maybe Edgar‘s pool boy or something.

D: [Laughs]

G: I came into this saying, “I believe 2012 will be an age of enlightenment ”, that nothing was going to happen of any calamity, and that it was going to be a good period for the world.

As I have evolved in this program, I don‘t think that way any more. It‘s not that I‘m enlightened or spiritual or anything like that. I think the Mayans weren‘t that New Agey, that esoteric. They were real science. I think something is going to happen, and I think it is based around the Sun and the Solar System.

D: I would just encourage someone to suggest that:

The Bachelor‘s degree is Armageddon. The Ph.D. is Ascension.

You have to do a lot more research to get to the Ph.D., and be able to prove it scientifically, than to get your bachelor‘s degree.

I don‘t mean that in any way to sound insulting, and if it does, I apologize. I do not believe that we are dealing with an Armageddon scenario.

G: I hope you‘re right!

D: You‘ve got to understand. My work created ripples in the black-ops community. They‘re saying, “How does this kid figure all this stuff out? How does he know what he knows? ” I‘ve had a number of high-ranking people come to me and say, “We don‘t know how you figured this out. ”

No one has paid me or taken me into any kind of secret oath or anything like that. In fact I was invited into a quasi-Illuminati sister group at one point and I turned it down.

G: Why didn‘t you go just to infiltrate?

D: It‘s not a milieu you want to be messing with, considering the hypnotic drugs they have and the ritual stuff that goes on. I would not want to… [Laughs]

I know at the higher levels they look down on what they call “the slicers and dicers, ” and they sit through those rituals the same way somebody might sit through Catholic Mass. They‘re not really into it.

G: And you could get drawn into that. You‘ve got that kind of personality.

D: I have been through so much initiation in my life. I watched my girlfriend get hit by a car and shoot 30 feet through the air.

G: Oh my God, David!

D: It was a week after we had just gotten back from Dr. Greer‘s Disclosure Project conference, during which, on the way to the conference, I lost the brakes on my car and almost had a head-on collision in DC rush-hour traffic.

I‘ve had attempts on my life. I watched her body in the hospital as it was being wheeled into the ER for emergency surgery. So I‘ve seen everything.

G: Is she okay? Did she make it?

D: Yeah. In fact, she ended up doing better in the end than in the beginning.

The point is that during that time, I was able to read and start researching about the Illuminati in terms of the real nitty-gritty of the rituals that they‘ve done. There is a certain point at which you become conditioned to reading about some of these heinous acts of torture on other human beings.

It‘s not that I would ever want to participate in them. At the same time, there‘s really nothing you could show me or tell me that would shock me anymore.

G: I had a chance to talk with Ron Paul, who‘s running for the presidency on the Republican side. He wants to get the nomination. He may be one of the few candidates who has an undertone of belief that the Illuminati exists, that the Illuminati is out to manipulate this planet and will do whatever it has to do.

Though we didn‘t talk specifically about that, I think he believes that.

D: I would certainly agree, insofar as there has been an ongoing tradition of people on the inside who know about this. The one augmentation I would give is that there are actually two major groups – and many splinter groups, but two major groups that are decidedly opposed to each other but begrudgingly work together.

The Illuminati is primarily a European, Luciferian-based group. They have these ancient mystery traditions and were persecuted by Christians. Therefore, they said, “Whoever the Christians threw out of heaven must be the good guy, because we know we had the right stuff going before they ever came along. ” So they adopted a Luciferian philosophy.

The elements of the Neo-Con side, which you could consider the New World Order or Majestic, are very anti-Illuminati, actually – and there is a war going on. It is a war behind the scenes, in which, for example, they do not want to allow a one-world government to happen.

The Illuminati side wants this anti-Christ world leader to emerge. The Majestic makes sure there will never be a one-world government, specifically to avoid that prophecy from happening.

G: Hm.

D: That‘s another long discussion, and a big side-tangent from what we‘re trying to talk about.

G: So you don‘t believe in the big calamity of 2012. I think it‘s possible.

D: Oh, I‘m not saying there‘s not going to be a physical calamity. I absolutely think there will be.

G: All right, what are you saying, then?

D: When you see a ship coming out of the Bermuda Triangle and there‘s nobody on the ship, but there‘s still eggs frying on the stovetop…

G: [Laughs]

D: …and there‘s no evidence of people on the ship…

G: Yeah, but it‘s still weird. It‘s still strange. You know something happened.

D: Absolutely.

G: You‘re saying the ship didn‘t get destroyed.

D: I‘m saying that biological life, as opposed to rough physical matter, has an interdimensional quality that is not well appreciated. All of these Russian studies of DNA are giving us glimpses of it.

When you accelerate the molecular vibration – the actual speed of the atomic action – past light speed, which can be done, you reach something they call ‘crescendo‘ in black-ops, which I only learned recently.

Once you hit ‘crescendo,‘ you phase over into a parallel universe, which is where ghosts exist. It‘s where you go when you dream. It‘s where you go when you die. There are people over there. You can live over there. It‘s a whole parallel universe that co-exists with our own.

It‘s sort of like pushing a beach ball down below the surface of a pool of water. The beach ball appears to not exist from our vantage point, which is above the surface of the water. If you look under the water, it‘s there.

One of the interesting experiments that shows this is from David Hudson, who is into the ORMES elements, or monatomic elements. He took monatomic iridium and heated it up to 800 degrees Celsius – whereupon this substance, a special version of iridium, would disappear from physical, visible sight.

The weight would disappear from the scale it was on, but only when you kept the area it was in hot – above 800 degrees Celsius.

When you cooled the area back down, the monatomic iridium re-appeared – and regained its mass!

G: That‘s weird.

D: What that means is that when you get to monatomic elements, you are dealing with a geometric structure – a harmonic structure in the way the elements are constructed. That harmonic geometry allows for something as simple as temperature, which is just a vibration, to actually cause it to move past light speed very easily, once you get above a critical temperature.

When you move it above light speed, it displaces, like the beach ball going under the surface of the water. It displaces into a higher dimension.

To us it seems to disappear, but over there it appears. That‘s why when you see these Earth Lights, like in Hessdalen, Norway, they keep winking in and out of visible existence. If you look at them in infrared, they are there the whole time – they just keep becoming visible and invisible.

Similarly, there is a lot of anecdotal black-ops data [on this]. It is not credible in the sense of science yet, but it all points towards stargate phenomena, in which the body can warp into these other planes of existence and return undamaged.

G: Why can‘t we travel that way, then?

D: It‘s not that we can‘t – it‘s that it‘s not being openly used.

The Philadelphia Experiment was an accident that was based on, initially, a discovery made from very high-intensity arc welding of the hulls of battleships in Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

They discovered, by filming this phenomenon, that the tools that were showing up missing after they did these enormous arc-welds were going through this black hole that would appear in the room.

Then they studied this more and were able to create a containment field around a ship, which initially was only for radar invisibility.

G: What? Now are you saying that as they were repairing ships with the welding and the arcing, somehow this created some kind of hole or portal?

D: That‘s correct. [It was new ship construction, not repair – welding huge sheets of steel together. The electromagnetic intensity was so high that it caused space-time to accelerate past light speed and create a doorway into time-space.]

G: And the equipment they had would somehow fall into it or disappear?

D: That‘s right. Tools would disappear, and they didn‘t know where they went. At first they didn‘t think anything was going on, but when they actually filmed tools physically dematerializing, and these black holes showing up in the room, that‘s when they said, “Wow, we‘ve got something very strange going on here. ”

G: What about the welding? The military type who was working on the ship?

D: They did lose some personnel. Especially once the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted.

This gets into a whole other interesting area of stargates, where the technology has been used to create jump-gates that have open [traversable] wormholes [that remain stable from one place to another, and can be used at any time]…

G: All right. I‘ve gotta talk with you about stargates, when we come back. That is AMAZING.

David Wilcock, our guest. Next hour, we‘re going to open up the phone lines. Plus, we‘re going to talk to David about his new movie. He‘s moved to Los Angeles – he‘s a neighbor of ours – about Convergence. We‘ll be back.



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G: OK, David, let‘s run with this incredible story you‘ve been talking about. Now stargates and portals. Explain please.

D: This gets into time travel as well. I actually had extensive contact with someone who claims to have worked on the Montauk project. This is not Swerdlow or Bielek or Preston Nichols or anyone who has come forward. This guy chooses to go by the pseudonym Daniel, and he has NOT come forward – except to me.

G: How did you find him, if you can tell us?

D: The short, quick version, because we don‘t have a lot of time, is that I got stranded in Albany, visiting my mother one winter, in the Albany airport.

G: That happens. In Albany! [Laughs]

D: I had to take a little shuttle bus to a hotel. I was hungry. I was planning on eating when I got to her house, and I ended up going to a Denny‘s.

I had brought this Montauk Project book with me, basically almost as a joke. I bought it years ago and thought it was all completely ridiculous.

I‘m reading it in the Denny‘s, and this guy walks by who actually looked like a biker. He had a big burly beard, a leather jacket on, dingy denim pants. [Laughs]

This dude says, “So you‘re interested in that, huh? ” And I said, “Well, not really. ” Then he said, “Well, I worked at Montauk. ” And I just laughed!

G: To yourself. [Laughs]

D: Well, no!

G: [Laughs] Really! All right.

D: I was trained in Martial Arts, so [I wasn‘t scared of him]…

G: Oh, okay. All right. [Laughs]

D: I laughed! It was just a very natural, spontaneous reaction. And he kept on going with it. I started asking him questions.

The next thing I knew, after about 20 minutes of interrogation, I realized that something really happened to this guy. He‘s not lying.

I‘ve since been able to have multiple, long interactions with him. He described that there was a seat that came out of one of these ships. To make a long, long story short, they hooked it up to a very, very high-intensity power supply.

You had to do something called “zeroing out ” the chair. There were 22, something like that, wavelengths coming from somebody‘s mind. When they are meditating [in the chair], they try to get to a place they call ‘quiet point,‘ where you have no mental activity. Then they would flatten out all these sine-wave graphs that would be the description of your mind.

[Normally the graphs are very active during regular mind activity, but a very good meditator can bring them all to a stop. Some will be flat, some will be steep sine-wave curves, others in between – and they would tune the chair so each graph was a flat line. Then they could turn the power on.]

Once they flatten them out, and they zero out the chair, as it‘s called, then whatever you think would manifest in the room – supposedly. Now this includes materialization of objects as physical things.

G: Mm hm.

D: It also included scary mind-control stuff. More importantly, when you thought about a particular place, portals would appear in the room that you could actually send people through. In many cases they didn‘t make it, but in a lot of cases they would – and you could go to another place.

It was only later in the project that they discovered they were actually able to go through time as well as space.

This sounds completely outlandish. However, what we‘re coming to understand is that this parallel reality I was speaking of before the break is a domain where space and time are completely inverted.

In other words, here, we have what appears to be, according to Einstein, one dimension of time, which basically just moves forward like a river – and three dimensions of space.

That one dimension of time is the only one we can see. Time is actually three-dimensional. There is a system of physics from Dewey Larson called Reciprocal System, where if you actually attack time as being three-dimensional – which gets into Richard‘s hyperdimensional physics…

G: Right…

D: Then you can solve all the problems of quantum physics very easily.

The deal is this. If you transition yourself over to time-space, and you walk ten feet in time-space and then you re-enter here, without going back to the point that you started from, you will have traveled in time when you come back over to this side of the fence.

In the ancient legends of the fairy circles, when you enter a fairy ring, on the other side you see these little people like gnomes, fairies, dwarves and so forth…

G: Mm hm.

D: …it is very important that you exit the fairy circle the same way you went in the first time, or else you will actually travel in time.

That‘s in a lot of these old medieval grimoires.

So it appears, from what he was telling me, that when you hyper-accelerate someone‘s vibration to this higher dimension, they can move over there – and what is a physical movement in space over there is a movement in time over here.

When you crank yourself back down into our time, into our side of the fence, in these two domains – space-time and time-space – you‘ve actually traveled in time.

Apparently, they found a 20-year sine wave that came out from the printouts of the chair. The chair had hundreds and hundreds of different graphs that could be printed out.

This 20-year wave is apparently related to the harmonics of the Earth‘s vibration. They were able to precisely calculate where in time somebody was by how far along this sine wave went.

G: That‘s incredible!

D: Yeah! And this is not stuff I‘ve ever heard from any other Montauk witnesses.

What they found was that on exactly December 21, 2012, all the hundreds of wavelengths that the chair would crank out went flatline – for five or six seconds.

Now all these dudes at the top levels of the program were salivating to try to get that data. During the exact moment that people were traveling through what looked like a wormhole, like you see in Contact at the end of the movie, or in Stargate SG-1, for example…

G: Mm hm.

D: During that time, it‘s like you get thumped, really really hard, by energy. You hit a wall of energy, basically. They call it the ‘bump‘. They also called it the “Full Out. ”

When you hit this wall, you experience cosmic consciousness. You feel as if you know everything. You are in complete spiritual ecstasy. You could be the size of the galaxy. You could be the size of an atom. Everything you would ever want to know is there.

It‘s complete euphoria. You have no sense of time passing. Then also, Daniel‘s research concluded that anything you see after 2012 is completely based on the prejudices of the person running the chair, and the prejudices of the person who is seeing the experience.

G: Really?

D: In other words, it seems to be a wrinkle in time, where you have to pass through this point where all the graphs would go flatline.

They could never get that data, but that‘s what they wanted. They wanted to play it back through the chair without someone in it, and then go through it themselves. If they could get it to a point where it was systematic [and automatic, without the need for a human operator, they would be happy].

A lot of these guys didn‘t want to go through the [vortex created by the] chair themselves. They didn‘t want to lose their lives. They were really, seriously wanting to know what was happening when people would hit this bump in 2012.

That also ties in with Burisch‘s material, where it appears from his information that there is this surge of energy from the center of the galaxy and the Sun that bombards us with what he calls “micro-wormholes ” [some time around 2012].

[Micro-wormholes] actually have a stimulating effect on DNA. I have a whole huge amount of science on that. We can talk about the product I have at the end of the show, [the Science of Peace,] where I talk about that.

All of the black-ops stuff I‘m hearing, which seems the most credible, keeps saying the same thing [about 2012, matter and energy]. The physical vibration of matter as we know it is ultimately geometric. We could do a whole show on that with Richard Hoagland and me about the geometry of the quantum field, quantum physics.

Geometry can change shape by increasing its frequency. It can change from one form to another.

Physical matter can do that. That‘s why these objects are disappearing, like in the Philadelphia Experiment with the arc-welding, as I said; with the monatomic iridium when you raise it above 800 degrees Celsius; and with the Bermuda Triangle, where you have whole fleets of planes that just disappear. There is no flotsam, no wreckage, no oil on the surface of the ocean. They are just gone.

G: Do they ever come back?

D: Sometimes they do. There was one guy who went through the Bermuda Triangle and said he went into a green mist. He lost all his navigational instruments and felt very strange. In his case he actually managed to come out alive.

Other people have seen strange vortexes of clouds that they flew through. There is actually a case of a Korean Airlines jet – a 747 – that lost radar contact for 10 minutes.

They‘re sitting there in the cockpit of the plane, listening to the control tower, and they had no perception that time had elapsed. One minute they‘re talking to the control tower and everything‘s fine, then all of a sudden everybody in the control tower is screaming, “What‘s wrong with you, what‘s wrong, are you OK, are you OK? ”

They said, “What are you talking about? We were just talking to you a minute ago. ” They said, “No, you‘ve been dead air for 10 minutes. [They also were not visible on the radar – they had vanished.]

Then when they landed, every single clock and timepiece on the entire plane was 10 minutes off.

G: That‘s weird.

D: So they just stepped out of time as we know it for 10 minutes. [They moved through a stable vortex into time-space, and traveled through it just far enough that when they came out, they had moved 10 minutes into the future. This might have only been a few feet of movement in time-space. The important part was that they did not exit time-space the same way they went in, thus accounting for the time difference.]

When they came back, their clocks had not advanced, but our time had. [Every timepiece on the plane, after it landed, was found to be 10 minutes too slow.]

So this is one of the really strange new physics things that we‘ve had to learn. Time is locally variable.

You can have these Russian devices, called torsion field generators, in which you can actually change the flow of time. You can take an ordinary watch or timepiece, and have its measurement of time change when you zap it with this field.

G: What if something goes wrong, David? Could you destroy this space-time continuum? Could you send someone hurling into space, never to be seen again?

D: That was one of the concerns back during the Oppenheimer years with the atomic bomb testing – specifically because in an atomic explosion there is a warp field, in the hyperdimensional sense, that is created. They were wondering if it would have a spontaneous dimensional collapsing effect.

Now let‘s gate back [for a moment] into my heritage as Edgar Cayce reincarnated, allegedly, and the work that I have done with higher forms of consciousness in terms of direct communication with them.

Some of my clients have even had entities appear in the room – robed beings that are luminous – during the time they were having a reading from me. I certainly would not say that if they hadn‘t said to my face that this was true.

I believe very strongly that we are moving through a very protected game. In other words, this is not a situation where random apocalypse could happen to us. There are forces out there that are protecting us from disaster.

That goes back to Greer‘s Disclosure Project in 2001. I was there for the Closed Executive Summary Briefing for members of Congress and VIPs, on May 10, 2001.

G: That was at the National Press Club, that one?

D: No, this was the day after that. It was a closed briefing.

That‘s where Sgt. Clifford Stone actually broke down crying, which was much more intense than the [speech] he gave to the National Press Club, which you can actually watch on YouTube.

I met him that day and spoke to him personally. You can tell this guy has really seen UFO entities up close.

One of the important things that came out of that experience for me was all these testimonies about nuclear missiles being completely disarmed by UFOs.

Now the military has to achieve complete confidence that anything that could be a threat has been dealt with as a possible threat. So therefore, if a UFO hovers over a missile installation and powers down the whole installation, they have to see it as a hostile action.

Given the fact that these guys seem to be a lot older than we are and a lot more ethical than we are, I would be inclined to say that they are actually protecting us.

I have thousands of pages of free material on my website,, [which explains the vast spiritual context of the UFO phenomenon.]

G: Well, they‘re protecting us, David, but I also believe there must be something in the Universe that can be disrupted if there‘s an atomic hit like that.

D: Oh yeah! No question. It creates all sorts of problems – not just for our plane of existence but for these other planes in time-space. That‘s why, supposedly, the nuclear Armageddon would not be permitted; it would disrupt other forms of life whose free will would not be aligned with our own.

So it really does seem, when you get into the cosmic picture of things, that we‘re in a very carefully crafted game, whose purpose is soul evolution. We‘re here on Earth now where we have negative things we can look at, and we have positive things we can look at.

We can see death in one hand, we can see life in the other hand. These cosmic beings are designed to balance the spectrum, so that the death side never gets more overpowering than the life side.

G: David, go ahead. Finish up and then take a few minutes to tell me about what you‘re doing with the film.

D: Great. It does start to sound like an evangelical message. I understand that. I‘m not trying to say that I‘m a fundamentalist or anything like that, but I do believe that a lot of the principles of the Christian religion are right on, in terms of the science.

[Dr. Glen Rein proved] you can take a DNA molecule [in a tube] and have someone hold it in their hands and think of a certain emotion, like hatred, and the DNA will shrink up and become like a braid of hair.

If that same person thinks a thought of love, the DNA unwinds and extends in length. When it unwinds, it can become accessible by your body for healing. So this is the equation of cancer and anger.

G: I‘m a huge believer in that. A HUGE believer in that.

D: So this all gets back to the idea that DNA is an antenna for consciousness.

The film I‘m doing, CONVERGENCE: The Movie, is designed to be a Da Vinci Code-style mystery thriller, with a regular plot – not a talking-head documentary. We‘re going to have that [documentary version] on the DVD as a special feature [as well].

It probably won‘t be out until the end of next year. We‘re still at this point considering financing from various sources. We‘ve actually turned down some sources already, because they weren‘t in alignment with what we want to do.

G: You didn‘t like the deal?

D: Well, it‘s a complicated story, and I…

G: Come on, David, I know Hollywood, now. You turn down a deal, it‘s because you don‘t like the offer. They wanted too much of your film, right?

D: Well, that‘s part of it.

G: [Laughs]

D: And frankly, one of these guys was from the Illuminati. I can‘t really [laughs] give away more than that, except to say that he said there‘s “trillions and trillions of dollars ” available…

G: But they wanted to control what you‘re saying!

D: Well, yeah. They make it sound really good. “Well, all you have to do, we‘ll just move some money around in the bank for you, and then you can get this. It‘s no big deal. ”

Of course, on the back side of it there‘s a pitchfork. They have to get their cut.

G: The pitchfork! [Laughs]

D: Anyway, what initially started the film was I had been on Coast. This is my seventh appearance. A guy contacted me who was a nine-time Grammy award-winning musician.

G: All right.

D: He said, “I want to do some music with you. ” I said, “Well, that‘s fantastic! ”

I went to his place in January 2005, and delivered three CDs worth of lectures on this material about consciousness science, the consciousness field, DNA, soul evolution, 2012, what we can do to prepare for it. We put an entirely original music soundtrack behind that, [ranging from sweet acoustic guitar, to funk, to deep-trance ambient, to acid jazz, to New Age meditative and all points in between.]

That‘s called the Science of Peace, and it‘s available on my website, It‘s a download link. Once you order it, you get the email [with the link in it]. You have three days to download it. I would not recommend trying to download it tonight, because it‘s going to get really jammed.

Any time in the next three days is fine. If you can‘t download it, just send us an email, and we‘ll give you another download link.

Anyway, that in turn became the film. I did more research for the film [after finishing the series].

Then it got bottlenecked for two years. I couldn‘t release the Science of Peace series, even though it was a wonderful thing with all this great music. The lawyers were saying it was too similar to the film‘s content.

Thankfully, we‘ve been through five rewrites of our script to get to this point, where we have a wonderful screenplay now. As a result of that, [our film] has now changed enough that the material on Science of Peace – which gets into the real practical things we can do to help the planet and help raise our own consciousness – can be released now. And I‘m really happy about that.

G: And you believe in the project so much you moved to Los Angeles, right?

D: Yeah! I gave a lecture on Valentine‘s Day evening, at the Science of Mind church in LA. There was a guy there, in a crowd of about 13 people, whose mouth was hanging open the whole time I was lecturing. It was all about the science of consciousness.

If callers want to know more about this consciousness science in the next hour, we can go into that. The point is that he comes up to me at the end and says, “I‘m a Hollywood producer. I‘ve worked with Burt Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton, Dennis Quaid, yadda yadda yadda, and I would love to do a film with you. ”

He met me at the Hilton Hotel the next morning, where I was staying for a conference. One of the first things I said in the meeting is “Good God, I‘m going to have to move to LA, aren‘t I? ”

G: And you did. David, we‘ll be back in a moment. We‘ll open up the phone lines now. I know we‘ve thrown a lot at you, but we‘ll take your questions next on Coast to Coast AM. I‘m George Noory.