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David Wilcock, June 19, 2007


G: …David Wilcock. Tonight we‘ll talk about 2012, some incredible things he‘s been working on. And also, did you know there are some who say he is the reincarnated Edgar Cayce – the late, great American prophet?

David Wilcock is next on Coast to Coast AM.


G: David Wilcock is a professional lecturer. I‘ve met him on many conferences. A filmmaker, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. He‘s got an upcoming Hollywood film called CONVERGENCE, unveiling the proof that all life here on Earth is united in a field of consciousness which affects our ‘normal‘ minds in very strange and fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international best-seller “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, ” which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David‘s most inspiring psychic readings and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change and how it directly impacts our own DNA.

David Wilcock, our special guest tonight on Coast to Coast. Hey David, welcome back!

D: How are you doing, George?

G: I‘m doing fine! I‘m doing fine. Any conferences in store for you in the not-too-distant future?

D: Well, unfortunately I had to cancel one that was going to be coming up in August because we‘re going into high gear with our film, negotiating the last stages of financing, et cetera. I have been invited to address the UN in December, and that should be interesting.

G: Oh really! What‘s the subject?

D: Well, it could amount to nothing more than a closet in the building.

G: [Laughs]

D: There‘s a lot of NGOs – Non Governmental Organizations – there, and they‘ve had a lot of non-mainstream people that you might have had here on Coast speak there. So I don‘t think it‘s at the level of what Hoagland did back in the early 90s, but I‘d like to add that to my resume.

G: Absolutely. When we talked a couple years ago and I was looking at the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, ” and the side-by-side photo comparisons, which are very close – it‘s not the same until you meet YOU in person.



You didn‘t know this, but when I met you up there near San Jose / San Francisco, I had a picture of Edgar Cayce with me.

D: [Laughs]

G: You look very, very close to what he looked like.

D: I remember one of the times you saw me, I was wearing my disguise. For several years I wore a beard, specifically to obscure the resemblance, which is very noticeable around the mouth. I even had an orthodontist – I had nine grand worth of work done on my teeth, and he said that the orthodontic similarity between Edgar Cayce and me is so astonishing that if you investigate the teeth, he could actually tell from the shape of the mouth that they would be the same.

G: Let‘s talk for about 10 minutes or so about these Edgar Cayce similarities. You are psychic as well, right?

D: I began formally researching ESP when I was seven years old, with a book by Harold Sherman called “How to Make ESP Work For You. ” It was triggered by having had an out-of-body experience when I was five, where I appeared to be taken somewhere. It only got so far as my going down the stairwell, and I became very frightened, thinking I was dying. I then returned with sort of a rubber-band snapping feeling to my body.

Afterwards, I felt as if I had failed by having fear, and if I hadn‘t been afraid I could have gone somewhere that would potentially be very interesting. I had many dreams in which I was on board some sort of spacecraft. There was a figure – and once the Star Wars movies came out, he became Obi-Wan Kenobi.

G: [Laughs]

D: In Star Wars, he ends up basically dematerializing his body right before Darth Vader is about to hit him with a light saber. Now I didn‘t put all this together when I was a kid, but later on it seemed to be a representation of some higher aspect of myself that was giving me instruction.

By the time two years had gone by, I hadn‘t gotten another chance to have an out of body experience – but I really wanted to meet this guy in person, whoever he was. I became convinced I had to go farther. I explained the whole thing to my mother and it was a wonderful blessing that she happened to be into metaphysics, and had all these books under the cellar staircase. She said “Read whatever you want! ”

So here, most kids my age are reading books like Clifford the Big Red Dog, with gigantic font sizes, [laughs], and in order to satisfy my curiosity, I had to read this book that had tiny, tiny words and no pictures. I got into it, though.

I‘ve gotta say, George, I‘ve read your “Worker in the Light ” book with William Birnes, who you had on in the first hour. I really want to commend you on that, because it‘s so rare that when people write about accessing higher consciousness, they include the fact that it‘s dangerous!

G: Yes. Absolutely. You know, there‘s always that caveat, and I wanted to make sure that everybody knew it‘s not all fun and games, David.

At what point did you realize you might have been the reincarnated Edgar Cayce, or did somebody else tell you that?

D: Well, that jumps a long way ahead in the storyline. To answer your question and cut to the chase, I had been… wow! There‘s a lot of intervening material.

G: All right, let‘s go back a little bit, then.

D: Okay. To really put it in gear, when I was in junior high I worked with a Ouija board, just like you did.

G: [Groans] Augh! [Laughs]




D: Suffice it to say that a friend of mine actually taped a crucifix on it, and it damaged the Ouija board because he didn‘t like what was happening. We were getting entities that were not entirely positive in nature.

The first time I ever had a Ouija experience was with my babysitter Rachel. She just tilted her head back and closed her eyes, and her mouth was hanging open. She wasn‘t even looking at it. I‘m watching it moving around, and my hands didn‘t seem to be doing the moving. And yet it was answering these questions that I didn‘t know, that I was asking. And then the answers turned out to be correct.

That was way back when I was in like seventh or eighth grade, I guess.

So I was reading about palm reading, I was reading about Tarot cards. My mom had a Tarot card deck which she then stopped using, because somebody got the Tower of Destruction card and then they had a car crash a couple days later. She was like, “That‘s enough, I‘m done! ” [Laughs]

G: I‘ve sometimes wondered, David, if people will remember that, or their subconscious will manifest the event based on the fear factor of what they just went through.

D: That‘s a real problem. Self-fulfilling prophecy…

G: [Emphatic] Yes.

D: …like the placebo effect. And you have a lot of [psychic] readers out there who will tell people they have to take certain evasive actions to avoid some disaster happening. Once you tell them that, they begin obsessing on their safety, and begin scrutinizing things they wouldn‘t otherwise scrutinize. In fact, they can inadvertently create something that wouldn‘t have happened otherwise.

When I started doing Tarot card readings, if I saw a card like The Tower of Destruction, Death or any of the higher-level Sword cards, where you see a body with all the swords puncturing it, or something like that, I would always make sure to try not to give people an emphatic message of doom. Rather, I make it clear that certain choices you‘re making right now may lead to outcomes that are not desirable for you.

G: OK, but while you‘re dabbling, you still don‘t know you‘re Edgar Cayce at that point.

D: Oh, heck no.

G: Right? Okay.

D: I had written a few fiction stories in high school. I was kind of a gifted kid. Both of these stories dealt with people who were extraterrestrials trapped in human bodies – the idea that the soul is extraterrestrial and not from the normal stock of human background.

It was all fictional to me, but at the same time I started practicing lucid dreaming, which is another thing you mention in “Worker in the Light ”, and you did a great job of it.

G: Mm hm.

D: I used a technique by Dr. Stephen LaBerge called MILD, or Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming. You sit there and say, “Next time I‘m dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that I‘m dreaming. ” And you repeat that phrase, over and over, while remembering the dream you just woke up from, and then visualizing a different ending where you become lucid.




The trick to lucid dreaming, as LaBerge explains it, is that if you look at something in a dream, look away and look back, it will change slightly. Dreams are not a fixed environment – they are fluid. [This is what tips you off that you are in a dream and not in ordinary waking reality.]

So sure enough, I started capturing them. LaBerge is saying everything in a lucid dream is a projection of your mind. So when I found myself, again, on the main deck of spaceships with these robed beings talking to me, who looked like human beings, I just assumed it was all a psychological projection. I didn‘t think anything more of it.

Then when I was a sophomore in college, I stopped using all intoxicating substances. I‘ve been sober for fifteen years. About six months after I got my life cleaned up, and I started to document my dreams every morning – taking lucid dreaming to the next step and really making a solid library – I had a friend of mine come all the way down from Albany to New Paltz, where I went to school. His face was white as a ghost.

He told me, in no uncertain terms, that aliens were real, that they had crashed in Roswell and other events since then – which again ties back with what you said in the first hour.

G: Absolutely.

D: [He found this out from his college professor, who said he worked at NASA for 11 years, through the 1970s. The professor said it was “common knowledge ” in the higher echelons that UFOs had landed, and we had reverse-engineered the technology.]

My friend said there were three types of beings in the craft. The tallest one was basically indistinguishable from a human. There was a middle-sized one that looks like your typical Grey, and then there was a short one that looked like a Grey on the surface, but it was only a helmet. You could remove the helmet and underneath was what he called a ‘monstrosity.‘




This probably relates back to what Swerdlow was talking about with you last week. Although I‘m not sure I would agree with everything he said, there do appear to be reptilian ET species.

He also explained a propulsion system in which a particle of radiation is shot out from the back of the disc, whatever direction it‘s going, at 3/4s the speed of light. Then a trillionth of a second later, another particle shoots out and bounces off of the first one like a billiard ball, then goes back and hits the edge of the ship.

It‘s similar to a laser beam, where you have a permanent mirror and then a partially permeable mirror. A light beam bounces between those two mirrors until it gets intense enough that it punctures through the mirror that‘s only partially visible, and then it becomes a laser.

G: Mm hm.

D: In the same way, you have these two fields of energy – one of which is 3/4s light speed, one of which is light speed, and they‘re bouncing off of each other like pool balls. That‘s what happens to push the ship forward.

I said, “You know, that would really work. ” If you could set it up that way, you could get a ship to move to light speed.

It‘s the same principle as a radiometer. As a kid, I went to the Schenectady Museum and Planetarium, and bought this little toy that‘s a glass globe with these four little fins hanging on a needle inside, and they move freely. There‘s a white side on the faces of each of these little fins, which are square in shape, and then the other side is black.




On the black side, they attract little atoms of gas that are inside the globe. The gas bangs against them because of the temperature difference. [Black absorbs more heat than white – thereby attracting more gas molecules. It‘s almost a complete vacuum inside, so there is very little resistance to the fins moving.] All these little atoms of gas hit the black side and the fins start moving forward.

So, through nothing more than the atoms hitting these little fins, the thing starts spinning around – and it goes very fast when you put it in the sun.




G: You must have been a boy genius, David.

D: Yeah, I was kind of a science geek.

G: [Laughs]

D: I ended up building a lie-detector test in my sixth grade year and gave it to the principal. She didn‘t get any reaction from it because she had powder on her hands. It was really funny.

G: [Laughs]

D: She was there in front of all these district heads of the school, and I said, “Well, ma‘am, you must be dead. ” [Laughs]

G: Did you have one of those plastic things in your pocket with pens and pencils? [Laughs]

D: [Laughs] I wasn‘t quite that much of a geek, because I did desire to have somewhat of a social life.

I had subscribed to an astronomy magazine and saw pictures of the Face on Mars when it first came out in 1976, and I was dazzled by it. I said, “That‘s a face! ”




G: Yeah. I said the same thing when I first saw that.

D: You look at it, and it‘s got eyes, it‘s got a nose, it‘s got lips, it‘s got a mesa with a headdress around it. I said to myself, “This is not just a mountain. ”

G: Well, Hoagland said the same thing too, David, and look how far he‘s taken this investigation – and he‘s got more to come.

D: He‘s the next step in the puzzle. After I found out about this UFO data, of which there is other elements…

G: And still at this point, you don‘t think you‘re Edgar Cayce, right?

D: Oh, heck no. One other thing about Roswell. The contact told me we had reverse-engineered a lot of technologies from it, and this included fiber optics, LED lights, laser beams, infrared night vision, Kevlar bullet-proof vests, Velcro, Teflon and computer chips, among other things.

It fascinated me to realize that we went from vacuum-tube transistors, where you had to have a whole room to build a teensy little pocket calculator-sized computer, and in a very short period of time we now have 12 to 15 million transistors on a single integrated circuit inside your computer.




You could say that human innovation had a lot to do with the perfecting of it. And this goes back to William Birnes‘ book, “The Day After Roswell ”, where he interviewed Col. Philip Corso.

G: Mm hm.

D: And Corso said the same thing! He got this little bag of stuff from the Roswell crash, and there were these little quarter-sized disks in it. They looked at them under a microscope and saw all these little lines on them, and they were actually computer chips. Then they farm them out to corporations like Monsanto and say, “Hey, we‘ve got foreign technology. ” [Laughs]

G: [Laughs] Yeah. REALLY foreign technology!

D: Yeah! [Laughs]

So there‘s so much people don‘t know. That‘s what I started to realize.

Then, the same guy who told me about the UFOs ended up seeing Richard Hoagland‘s UN Briefing video. He came back and told me all this stuff.

I said, “I‘ve gotta get this guy‘s book. This is totally incredible. He‘s saying there‘s pyramids and a face on Mars. He‘s saying the outline of this city is related to some kind of physics which manifests as these geometric objects showing up in planets, which then determine the position of volcanoes, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, sunspots, et cetera. ”

I said, “This is just crazy. ”

G: Ah, but it‘s a fascinating crazy, though, David.

D: Oh, yeah! I mean crazy in a good way!

But I was terrified of agents – black-ops people – following me. [Laughs]

I remember I ordered Hoagland‘s book Monuments of Mars, and never dreamed I‘d actually be working with him someday. I ordered it at Ariel Booksellers in downtown New Paltz.




I remember that when I went and got the book, I was so terrified that somebody would be following me on the way home…

G: [Laughs]

D: …from the bookstore…

G: [Laughs] While you held it under your arm…

D: …that I kept it in the bag. They handed me the bag, and it was like I had this bottle of whiskey or something that I didn‘t want anybody to see in public. [Laughs]

Then I got home, hovered under a light and read the whole thing in a matter of days – which is not easy if you‘ve ever seen Monuments. It‘s a huge book.

G: Yes it is. And I got the video a long time ago. I saw Richard on one of those late-night programs, and up he pops. He still has that same bolo, by the way. I think he wears it to all the conferences.




D: Well, it‘s a piece of history, you know? [Laughs]

G: [Rushing] Let‘s move ahead. I‘ve only got a few minutes before the break. I want to find out how you realized you were Edgar Cayce.

D: Let‘s fast forward to that. What ensued was three years of very intense UFO research. I ended up digesting over 300 books in three years [from 1993 to 1996]. I basically had a photographic recall of the contents of these books. I went through all kinds of different subjects – Atlantis, UFOs, et cetera.

At the end of those three years, my dreams were suggesting that the phenomenon behind the UFOs wanted to have a direct communication with me. This evolved into a telepathic communication using something I called the dream voice, where I woke up in the morning and documented all the background chatter in my mind. I used many of the remote viewing protocols I learned about in 1996 from the Art Bell show, and from some of the guests he had on.

I started having an open contact, which developed on November 10, 1996. It immediately started doing things like predicting the future, teaching me about spirituality, how I needed to grow and let go of my fear.

About a year after that, it had guided me to move to Virginia Beach. I ostensibly thought this was because it was a safety land. At that time I was thinking 1998 was going to have major pole-shift type stuff happening.

The Cayce Readings had said Atlantis would rise off the coast of Virginia Beach in 1998. So I wanted to be there and see it. Also because it was supposed to be a safety land, I wanted to move down there.

As soon as I got there, everybody started saying, “My God! You look just like Edgar Cayce! ” This included the director of the [Edgar Cayce association‘s] Venture Inward magazine, the photographic editor of the Venture Inward magazine, the head of the Heritage Store, which is the number one seller of Cayce products worldwide…




G: Did YOU see the similarities?

D: [Deep breath] Yeah. When somebody first showed me the picture, I said, “Well, that‘s my face. ” I‘d never seen a picture of Edgar when he was younger. I had to do a double-take and figure out, “Okay, well who is this a picture of? Obviously I‘ve never seen this particular picture taken of me, and I also wouldn‘t wear historic clothing like that. ”

So it really freaked me out. I finally had built up such a trust with my Higher Self by this point that when I asked the question, I really didn‘t even want the answer.

When the answer came back that in fact it was yes, and that I was Edgar Cayce reincarnated, it opened up Pandora‘s Box – specifically because Cayce had allegedly been an Atlantean priest known as Ra-Ta who his own readings had predicted would return in 1998 as ‘A‘ liberator of the world…

G: [Laughs]

D: …not THE liberator.

G: Stay with us, David. We‘ll come right back at this point. I‘m George Noory. David Wilcock is our guest. His website is



G: We‘ve got a special guest tonight, David Wilcock. We‘ll be back with David in just a moment, on Coast to Coast AM.



G: So David, if Edgar Cayce happened to have been an Atlantean priest, what does that make you?

D: The Cayce Readings specifically said that Edgar would not return, but that his incarnation as Ra-Ta would return. This implied that in that incarnation, he would have a lot more of his Atlantean memories.

Now bear in mind that Ra-Ta designed the Hall of Records. He‘s the guy who knew all the information that went into the Hall. He‘s the guy who was arguably the chief person liaising between an extraterrestrial group [Ra] and humanity, to design and build the Great Pyramid. So this is kind of a heavyweight guy.




The Cayce Readings also portrayed a very interesting human side to him, by saying he had Clintonesque Monica Lewinsky-type problems with women. He actually failed out on an opportunity to Ascend in the Great Pyramid, which is what it was originally built for, and was then bound to a series of human reincarnations without his power.

G: [Fascinated] Hm!

D: This was in order to atone for the fact that he essentially was the father of what we now call the Illuminati.

Toward the end of his life, the teachings got corrupted. It was actually through a very humiliating series of experiences that I realized it wasn‘t other priests after him who started that problem – it was him.

It was basically his initial loss of diligence, in terms of monogamy, that opened the door for people to start being really flexible with the spiritual teachings he brought through. The priesthood eventually took over and created an elite system, and began contacting negative entities, by their orientation – which they didn‘t realize were negative.

So there are these thousands and thousands of years old messages that they got, which they wrote down on ancient scrolls, which came from the service-to-self side.

So in effect, I‘m actually here as a form of karmic atonement. Apparently, if you look at the Cayce stuff – and again this is REALLY way out on the fringe, and I understand that – if you look at the Cayce story, we screwed up.

The pyramid shouldn‘t have been built, because it ended up being used only for the elite. It was able to create what they considered to be Godlike conditions among men, who take on telekinesis, levitation, the ability to kill huge numbers of people just by pointing your finger at them, et cetera. Very frightening stuff.

G: Yeah. Very frightening indeed. But you‘re the atonement. Is it working?

D: I don‘t know? What do you think? [Laughs]

G: I don‘t know. I‘ll have to follow you around to a few more conferences before I can tell you that!

D: It‘s important to mention that what you‘re dealing with in a group like Ra – the group originally in contact with Ra-Ta, Edgar‘s earlier lifetime – is a soul that is the equivalent of an entire planet worth of people. They have all been compressed into one consciousness.




That soul cannot express itself as one human being. That‘s why it‘s really important that the Cayce prophecy said “A liberator, ” not “THE liberator. ”

I‘ve had a lot of people – it just comes with the job – lay Messianic-type stuff on me. I have really almost completely distanced myself from this Cayce stuff. I haven‘t even called you guys to do a show about it in two and a half years.

G: No. As a matter of fact, you pushed that aside.

D: Yep.

G: I‘m going to only ask you one or two more questions on this, David, and we‘ll get into tonight‘s topic. Do you do health readings, or anything like that?

D: I was active as a counselor, doing intuitive readings, for seven years, from 1998 to 2005. During that time I processed 500 clients, and I had about a 99.8 percent satisfaction rate.

In fact, there was one case when a woman stormed out of my apartment. Back in the very early days, I did them in person. She stormed out of my apartment after demanding a refund. I was really shocked, because she said the reading was of no value.

Then about seven minutes later, she came at the door again. She obviously had been crying. She said, “What you said to me in that reading cut so deep, and was so truthful, that I got really triggered. ”

G: And angry. Yeah.

D: “I didn‘t know what to do. I couldn‘t put the keys into the ignition on my car, because I couldn‘t actually see the ignition since I was crying so much.”




“That‘s when I realized you were right, and I had to come back and give you your money back. ” [Laughs]

G: [Laughs]

D: I‘ve had really interesting things happen with the readings. Prophecies that came true, including the fact that Gore would lose the 2000 election. That was documented online before it happened.

The problem, though, is that these prophecies come through in kind of a Nostradamus fashion. You don‘t really necessarily understand what they‘re going to say to you until after they happen.

The one thing that was VERY consistent was that there was going to be some type of event in our future – a pinnacle of consciousness evolution. We were heading into it in our lifetime. I got so much data on this, so many dreams that talked about it.

Then I concluded, “If this is really for real, I‘m not going to content myself with trying to go out there and say, “Well yeah, I‘m a psychic, and here‘s the proof that my source is sometimes accurate, and this is what it‘s saying. ” ”

I said, “If this is really going to happen, if the whole world is going to go through some type of very noticeable, very profound energetic shift, ” which is what I was being told, “then let‘s just throw away the intuitive data entirely. Let‘s go completely back to nuts-and-bolts scientific stuff that can be proven. ”

Now that being said, I think a lot of us in this [UFO / metaphysics / new science] community have battered women syndrome. We‘re going to have to sit down and realize, “Daddy doesn‘t love me. ”

This means the scientific community is not going to accept this stuff beyond a certain point. And if we‘re trying to convince them, we‘re probably wasting a lot of our effort.

I feel that this venue – Coast to Coast – is the summit of where this material is being disseminated in public.

G: Well, indeed it is. And I will be asking you now, then, David. Are you still doing prophecies of the future? Do you see anything out there for us?

D: Yes. There are prophecies I had that have not yet come true.

I have seen the collapse of the United States federal government, and the US turning into a set of balkanized nation-states.

I don‘t know for certain if that‘s still going to happen. I don‘t think it‘s going to involve as much economic turmoil for the average person as you might think. The case history for that is the Soviet Union, which broke up, but the actual quality of life for the average citizen did not change that much.

I do believe that what we‘re now seeing with ‘9/11 Truth‘ is reaching a critical mass, and will not simply be stopped. I believe that the civilian outrage is going to reach a point where you are actually going to see the unthinkable happen.

I believe that some of the news organizations are starting to hedge their bets, so they won‘t lose all their corporate sponsorship once that truth is firmly established as a public reality. This includes ABC News coming out with stuff about Operation Northwoods, which is a real dicey issue.

G: Oh yeah. And we‘ve talked about that.



Okay, now, of course a subject dear to all our hearts. And that has to do with 2012. You‘ve done a lot of work there. In your opinion, what do you think is going to happen around December 21, 2012?

D: I believe it is loosely correlated with what the prophecies say – that it becomes a golden age for humanity. First – and this is more on an existential level than a scientific level – I believe that we‘re actually going to go through a dimensional shift. This will lead to Ascended abilities such as telekinesis, levitation, instantaneous healing, the ability to fast-forward and rewind linear time like a videotape – things like that.

I believe that all these potentials lie dormant within human consciousness now, and certain people who begin activating them will be able to use them prior to this happening. And it‘s already starting.

In terms of scientific criteria, there are two key aspects to 2012 we can discuss tonight. The first one, which I gave you some supporting material on before the show, is biological evolution.

We now can extremely, firmly establish that the Darwinian model of evolution is fraudulent. This is specifically because you have these long-term cycles in which all life on Earth spontaneously shifts from one type of organism to another.

Let me give you one of the simpler examples of this, that people don‘t really sit and think about.

G: All right.

D: You have all these shellfish with exoskeletons. This means that there is a clam, and there is a soft meaty part inside and a clamshell on the outside. Now how did they get, by slow, random mutation, from shellfish to bony fish, where the skeleton is on the inside and the flesh is on the outside? [Laughs]

G: [Laughs] Yeah.

D: Show me one transitional fossil that is a fish with half the skeleton and half the flesh on the surface. You don‘t see any.

And in fact, all of these Darwinian models, like the horse evolution, where the Eohippus and the various versions of the horse supposedly evolved into the modern horse, have been disproven.




The missing link that supposedly got out of the water and then became a land animal – that hasn‘t really been found. There are no transitional fossils between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, where suddenly the brain size suddenly doubles in capacity. It just goes on and on.

What‘s even more interesting is that these cycles occur in even intervals of time. This goes back to two University of Chicago paleontologists named David Raup and John Sepkoski, who discovered a 26-million-year cycle in evolution.

It turns out that we are at the exact halfway point of that cycle right now. It‘s been precisely 13 million years since the last time that all life on Earth spontaneously upgraded in a very short period of time.

More recently, there is another scientist, Dr. Robert Rohde from UC Berkeley, and he discovered another evolution cycle that goes all the way back to the Precambrian era, when life was first formed on Earth.




G: That was close to the asteroid period, when we got hit with the big one in the Yucatan?

D: [The Precambrian era goes back nearly 600 million years.] The K/T boundary, or the Cretaceous boundary, as it‘s called, is the one that happened 65 million years ago. This is hypothesized to be caused by an asteroid impact.

However, I would propose something entirely different than that as the actual causation. It appears that the Earth is a living free energy system, which is continually expanding in size from the inside.

Now in conventional physics, you can‘t let that happen. In conventional physics, they say there was a Big Bang, and everything was created all at once in the beginning. Nothing has been created since then.

That‘s a very huge logical leap to make. They‘re basically saying “NOTHING exploded. ” ‘Nothing‘ exploded.

Well, that‘s cool. Nothing exploded and became everything. And then nothing has been created ever since nothing exploded.


What if the Universe is in a continuous state of creation in some areas, and in other areas it may be absorbing back into black holes, or into the aether, or whatever you want to call it?

And therefore, if you shrink the Earth down to 55 percent of its current size, by removing the oceans – the whole Pacific basin is only a few hundred million years old, whereas the crust is much older – the crust perfectly fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.




So what appears to happen is that when there is a sudden influx of energy, the Earth spontaneously increases in its physical size, sort of in a sudden moment. In fact, some of these craters that appear to be meteor impacts are actually uprisings from the interior of the earth.

G: Because of the sudden change.

D: Right. Because there‘s a surge of magma and so forth that comes out from inside.

G: How devastating is that for any life that might be on the planet at the time?

D: Well, it certainly is not a fun event if you‘re in a biological lifeform at that time. It‘s what they would call an ELE, or Extinction Level Event.

However, it‘s important to note that there have been other periods of evolution in which there are no signs of cataclysm, but the species on Earth still have this spontaneous evolution. Yet there is no evidence of there having been a disaster.

Robert Rohde‘s evolution cycle is approximately 62 million years in length.

G: And what‘s the significance of that? So what?

D: That goes back to a model I‘ve composed, which Richard Hoagland and I have been discussing. He has other theories, but this is my theory.

You look back at the work of Dr. Halton Arp, who studied microwave radiation emissions from stars. That is called “redshift ” in the conventional model, and it is used to determine how far away something is.

So, let‘s say you have two microwave ovens. You‘re running one of them on HIGH and one of them on MEDIUM. Let‘s say, for the sake of argument, that those are two different strengths of microwave energy.

What that means in terms of astrophysics is the microwave running higher would be farther away, and the microwave running lower would be nearer to you. That‘s how they measure it.

So, the entire known Universe has been cataloged by comparing these different frequencies of microwave radiation, and then saying that‘s the distance of the object.

Dr. Halton Arp is the cataloger of many of the galaxies we now call the Arp galaxies. He was a really pioneering astronomer. He realized the model was flawed, because all these galaxies have a distribution that looks like a cone, pointing away from the Earth in every direction. [Normally we would expect galaxy clusters to be roughly spherical or disc-shaped, not looking like extended cones everywhere we point a telescope in the night sky].

This would imply we are in the center of the Universe, and the whole Universe looks the way it does because it‘s all oriented around us.




Well, that sounds a lot like the Flat Earth theory all over again. So it really looks like, in fact, redshift has very little to do with distance. The astronomy community has been fighting him for 30 years about this, hence the title of the book was “Seeing Red, ” which is kind of funny.

As a result, there have been other people who have come forward and studied this, and found even more interesting anomalies. This gets into Dr. William Tifft.

Now stick with me, because this is going somewhere really important; I‘m not just rambling.

G: All right.

D: It might sound like it, but it‘s very important.

G: I‘ve been to some of your conferences, David.

D: [Laughs]

G: [Laughs]

D: Dr. William Tifft studied these redshift microwave emissions, as they are called, and noticed something very interesting. They only occur in certain numerical values, such as 36 kilometers per second or 72 kilometers per second, with nothing in between.




Think about the numbers. If Richard was here, he‘d be saying, “The numbers! The physics! ”

G: Well, he‘s listening to you, because he‘s sending me messages while you talk.

D: [Laughs] “Don‘t let him talk about Edgar Cayce! My God! ” Right? [Laughs]

G: I haven‘t got that one yet, but I‘ve had a few others.

D: It‘s a fascinating thing that Richard was willing to work with me at all, because he certainly didn‘t want this aspect – the Cayce thing – to be promoted. It‘s not that he doesn‘t believe it, but it‘s a testament to how strong he feels my data is that he‘s willing to partner up with me like that. And I thank him for that.

We‘ve actually been – I‘ve been passing him information in one capacity or another since 1996.

G: Okay, but channel in on this. I want to get your reasoning for this.

D: So Dr. William Tifft had what he called “quantized redshift. ” This means that it only occurs in certain quantities, and there‘s nothing in between. It‘s like discrete steps.

Now it gets REALLY cool when we bring in another guy by the name of Dr. Harold Aspden, a free energy researcher – his website is [URL corrected for transcript]. He has a whole huge set of tutorials on his website which explain basic physics. It starts with Maxwell‘s equations for electromagnetic energy, and then builds on that to include, ultimately, the idea that there are planes of existence within the aether, as he called it.

He postulates that there is this energy field beneath physical matter, which gives rise to physical matter. In other words, it‘s creating all the atoms and molecules we see every moment.

And in fact, when he crunched the numbers, he found there are different densities of this aether – different strengths of it.

When he converted those numbers into kilometers per second, they were identical to what we actually see in the galaxies [in the work of Dr. William Tifft].

So what that means is that these galaxies are giving off values of light – microwave light, in this case, which is higher than visible light – and the light is telling us there are different planes of existence in these galaxies.

Now Tifft went a step further – the guy who actually discovered the quantized redshift. He noticed that every galaxy has ripples [of these microwave energy levels] coming away from the center. They look like the ripples on the surface of a pond when you drop a stone into it.




Those ripples appear, based on my research, to be expanding away from the center of the galaxy.

G: Are they ongoing?

D: Yeah!

G: All right.

D: Eventually, when enough of them expand away from the center, it will ultimately push all the stars to the outside edge, and that‘s when you get a ring galaxy. That‘s the last thing it does before it actually implodes upon itself.




G: It‘s like when you‘re a kid, and you drop a little tiny floating boat in the lake, and those ripples just keep pushing it away, farther and farther and farther.

D: Exactly. Now imagine you have a phonograph, a record album, with a little needle on it. Some of our listeners are probably old enough to know that, but we won‘t name any names.

Let‘s say that as this record album is going around, there are also clouds, if you will, that are expanding away from the center.

Now the solar system is sort of like the needle in the groove of the record. We‘re not really going to move around that much. We‘re basically going to stay in a track, like a racehorse going around in a racetrack.

G: All right. You heard the music there, David. We‘ll be back in a moment at the top of the hour with David Wilcock, on Coast to Coast AM.

[Break – End of Hour 2.]