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URGENT! You asked for it… and now we’ve got it! Read an overview of the defining moment of everything we’ve been working towards over the years, where we finally go public on our 2012 case!

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Tonight, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, we will reveal groundbreaking new material about global warming, the honeybee collapse, consciousness and the year 2012 before millions of listeners… for the very first time. The show is Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Our website is Divine Cosmos —

2012 is NOT about doom, disaster or cataclysm. The prophecies appear to be about real changes affecting us in body, mind and spirit. In this coming Tuesday’s program, we will reveal new breakthroughs in science and metaphysics we have never publicly shared before — even though many have been asking for it for years.

You will learn scientific proof that consciousness is not a dead, isolated spark of electrical activity in our nervous system, but rather part of an energetic field throughout the entire Universe. Russian scientists have known about this, and studied it under strict laboratory conditions, ever since at least the 1950s — but it was kept top-secret until after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Tonight, we will tell you exactly what the Russians found, and why they felt they had to keep it so secret for ‘national security’ purposes. 

Mainstream Western scientists are only beginning to understand that they missed out on one of the most basic energy fields of the Universe — a field that can be scientifically measured, and also has direct effects on how we think and feel, each moment of the day. 

We can now prove that a “global brain” is forming on Earth where our thoughts are increasingly affecting the behaviors of others around us — as groundbreaking films like “Bleep” and “The Secret” have suggested.



Movies like Bleep and Secret have just barely cracked the door open to an ancient vault piled high with treasure — a living knowledge about how our entire Universe really works. Those who learn of this knowledge can begin using it to do a lot more than just make money and live happier lives — they can soon begin experiencing the abilities of great masters throughout human history. 

For thousands of years we have been able to live on Earth in complete ignorance of this knowledge, though a variety of secret societies passed it down in bits and pieces. Again, this goes far, far beyond the “Law of Attraction” — we are talking about a completely new way to understand planets, moons, stars, galaxies, consciousness, DNA, evolution and life itself. 

Rather than seeing this as an energy field that is generated by the mind, and then passed around to the minds of others, we have to re-orient ourselves into thinking of it as a living, intelligent field throughout the entire Cosmos — a field that has its own consciousness, and its own unique properties. Many people’s idea of “God” is a preliminary step towards understanding that this Field really does exist — a field that has already been measured and studied in laboratories.



Not only does this field create all the physical matter we now see around us, it is the very root from which life itself springs, already built to order. It is the chicken AND the egg.

The DNA molecule is a visible, measurable, ‘solid’ form of the waves that constantly ripple through this energy field — throughout the entire Universe. These waves, loaded with information, surround you right now as you read these words — just like radio, satellite TV and cell-phone signals. 

When water runs down the side of a mountain, it captures all the loose rocks and rolls them into the bottom of a stream. Similarly, the waves in the Field gather up whatever atoms and molecules they find in a given area — on any planet in the Universe where the right conditions exist, such as liquid water — and immediately push and nudge those little pieces into forming DNA molecules.

The structure of DNA is obviously a lot more complicated than the rocks at the bottom of a stream, but the principle is the same. We can prove scientifically that the Field is doing this. These subtle pressures have been measured and studied in a laboratory.

Little living critters have already been generated spontaneously, in an utterly sterilized environment, from nothing more than distilled water, simple molecules and a little zap of electricity to excite the waves in the Field. All this growth occurs in perfectly sealed environments that had been super-heated to white-hot levels, where no living thing could possibly have survived — at least not within any conventional scientific models.



The waves in this field not only create DNA by gathering molecules together — they can also re-arrange a DNA molecule.

Russian scientists have already proven that plants, animals and amphibians can be completely re-arranged into other species — particularly if you catch them in embryonic form. This has nothing to do with cloning or gene splicing. All they do is zap the DNA in the embryo with a beam of light. The light beam carries the ‘wave’ of another organism in it.

In one example we will present, a frog embryo was completely re-arranged, with nothing more than a beam of light, into a salamander. The salamander grew to full adulthood and showed no signs of ever having started as a frog. When it had babies they were salamanders, not frogs. Our little friend never got sick or died prematurely like normal clones would. 

How could a solid, real DNA molecule shift around enough to create the codes to build an entirely different body? We are certainly not used to thinking of our DNA as being filled with many little free agents who can play “Musical Chairs” and move around as the ‘music’ — the wave of life — changes. 

Here’s the key: DNA is not a fixed, hard structure. There are indeed many small ‘pieces’ that can break off from one part of a DNA molecule and move around to another part. Scientists call these little pieces ‘retrotransposons.’ When they move around, the code changes. 

If you ‘energize’ a creature like a salamander with a beam of light (or other forms of energy), and then re-direct the beam into the embryo of a frog, the ‘wave’ will re-arrange the frog’s DNA to create a salamander.

The little ‘retrotransposons’ in the frog’s DNA move themselves around to fit the new wave from the salamander. This is similar to how rocks will gather in a new area if the stream of water shifts on its way down the mountainside. 

This mechanism drives life to evolve on Earth spontaneously, in very short periods of time. All the clues to explain this process already exist in the fossil record and in groundbreaking Russian laboratory experiments with DNA.

Darwin was wrong. Evolution is not random. Evolution is part of an Intelligent Design, and we have not seen the end of the story on Earth yet by any means.



In this groundbreaking broadcast, we will lay out comprehensive evidence that each galaxy is naturally divided up into regions with different levels of energy “charge”, and our entire Solar System is now moving into a more energetic area. We can visibly measure this change by what is already happening througout the entire Solar System. 

Multiple ‘whistleblowers’ have said the Soviet and American governments knew about this since at least the 1950s, and decided not to share it with the public in order to avoid panic.

Just like the frog embryo is zapped by the laser beam that has the ‘salamander’ code in it, each planet and moon in our Solar System is now being zapped with a higher intensity of energy that is creating measurable changes in temperature, brightness, magnetic field strength, storms and even the speed of rotation in the case of Saturn.

All the evidence to prove this already exists in NASA studies — it just has never been put together under one roof until now. It explains, for example, why Pluto is getting hotter and hotter even as it drifts farther and farther away from the Sun. We have gathered well over 100 different mainstream scientific references to make the case.

‘Global Warming’ on Earth certainly is being made worse by our widespread industrial pollution — but there are greater energetic causes at work that are creating “global warming” on the Earth AND on all the other planets, where no SUVs exist.

This same instreaming energy is also affecting — and changing — our DNA, as it has in many other periods of Earth’s history. This can be measured in the fossil record. This new energetic influence is awakening dormant brain potentials and abilities we would never have dreamed of — including the “Law of Attraction”.

Real scientific evidence shows that all of this is building up to a stunning conclusion in the year 2012 — as the Mayan Calendar and other sources predicted.



For many years now we have been quietly, carefully building this new model. We have leaked bits and pieces of it on this website,, over the years. Now we will give a full public disclosure of scientific evidence that our level of consciousness, and even the quality and structure of our DNA, are already being ‘energetically’ changed for positive purposes — and the best is yet to come.

We will argue that December 2012 is the focal point for this change in DNA and consciousness — which may very well lead to a spontaneous increase in our ESP abilities, making the ‘miracles’ of high masters, yogis and lamas as common as breathing.

The terrifying problems we have on Earth now can be seen as part of a giant ‘initiation,’ by the very forces of Nature themselves, to prepare us for this sudden, unexpected evolution.

Older forms of life suddenly disappear from the fossil record in certain moments of Earth’s history, many of which occur in even cycles of time that span millions of years in length.

The reason why the older lifeforms suddenly cease to exist is not some horrific worldwide death — it is that all their DNA has been changed. Embryos in the mothers’ wombs are the most sensitive to the new ‘waves’ that come in. The mothers then give birth to children that have rapidly evolved into the new, ‘upgraded’ design. Within as little as two or three generations the transition is complete. 

All of this is the product of intelligent energy in the Galaxy that has created the ‘blueprint’ for life as we know it, and is consistently seeking to promote growth and evolution. This is not strictly biological in nature either — it is also a spiritual evolution into a greater level of love, wisdom and sentience.  

Many New Agers talk about ‘energy’ but only have a vague idea of what they are speaking of. Ancient traditions refer to concepts like “prana,” “chi,” “ki,” the “Holy Spirit,” et cetera — but again, science has been divorced from these concepts ever since its creation during the Renaissance.

Until now.



A typical episode of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (originally the Art Bell Show) can reach up to 20 million people — including 2-3 million live listeners across the US on a wide variety of AM radio stations. There simply is no larger audience out there for this type of progressive new content, where science and spirituality meet. Anyone in the US can listen for free on AM radio.

George has taken the ball from Art and run with it, creating a supportive, intelligent environment for the truth to get out. George’s show may expand into a regular television program on the Sci Fi network as well, if the suits find that enough people have gotten excited about it.

We have been impressed by the high caliber of guests George, Art and Ian are now interviewing on the show — with increasingly greater levels of credibility and scientific research.

Each guest offers a different piece of the great puzzle that we will be putting together Tuesday night. They usually do not see how it all fits together, but that’s why we’ve started this 2012 series — to reinvent the wheel about 2012, and turn this ship around from the negative direction that most people’s thoughts and musings on the subject have taken. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of scholars who have tried to fit all these puzzle pieces together, almost without exception, have looked at things like earthquakes, global warming, the honeybee collapse, wars, political conspiracy shenanigans and the like and conclude that we are doomed. They believe the world is working up to some sort of apocalypse or Armageddon.

Many of them invoke Biblical and other ancient prophecies that foretell disasters, but do not see that we are already  experiencing the worst of those “wars and rumors of wars” and Earth Changes now. Look no further than today’s headlines for the “worst case scenario”. 

Nor do they understand that no great teachers would dare  utter prophecies of disaster unless they could be avoided — and therefore serve as a warning and global wake-up call for humanity.

Nor do most scholars have the audacity, or the level of scientific background, to study the grossly misunderstood “Rapture” prophecies and see if there could be a grain of truth in them. Could the “Rapture” be a symbolic or metaphorical statement about a very real event that is already happening  to many people on Earth — regardless of race, color, religion or creed?

Given that everything else in the Book of Revelation is deeply symbolic, what real-world event might these mysterious symbols be predicting?



Could a variety of gifted prophets, both in ancient and more modern times, be tapping into a living, omnipresent source of intelligent energy — throughout the entire Universe — and become aware that an event is coming in our future? 

Could their prophecies have given the best information possible for their time, given their lack of scientific vocabulary and the revealing of the information in dream and visionary states, where the subconscious mind speaks in the language of symbolism?  

We will give full disclosure of our scientific model for all these things. You are already being affected by these changes now, and if we are correct, there are some wonderful, outstanding and unprecedented surprises awaiting you in the very near future. They are already happening now if you’re paying attention. If you are NOT paying attention, they may be hurting you more than helping you, and that is a very important point. 

Tonight, we will also tell you the best ways to prepare yourself to move through these changing times as smoothly and successfully as possible, bringing in a life of increasing abundance, peace, happiness and love.  



Since this case rests on groundbreaking new scientific discoveries, not idle speculation, tonight’s show is suitable even for skeptics who don’t believe in anything other than the hard physical matter that surrounds them — simple cause and effect. Skeptical arguments do not hold up under the new scientific information.

The whole model exists and is already complete. It is quite a jump for mainstream scientists to accept, but it answers many hundreds, if not thousands of problems in a wide variety of scientific models. When you find something new that explains everything wrong with the current models, you’re probably on the right track. 

Here is where we need your help. We only have five years to go, and each day is an opportunity to change our lives in ways we could have never imagined. We want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

If you are reading this on our Divine Cosmos website, the quickest solution is to click on the little envelope icon with the green arrow at the top right of the article, and pop in the addresses of everyone you know who might be interested. Better yet is to copy and paste the text with your own introduction and send it manually to your associates. If you have received this as an email from a friend, please forward it to others before Tuesday night, June 19, 2007.

With your help, we can get many more people involved in this landmark event — the final revealing of a grand unified model of science and spirit that explains many things that everyone is thinking about. More importantly, it gives us hope.  

Then, once you’ve heard the show, email the hosts and producers — [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]  and [email protected] — and let them know how you feel about what you heard. 

If the interest is there, we have the opportunity to allow the Coast program to grow into a community focal-point where we can continue to learn and educate ourselves about the real story behind 2012, with a variety of different speakers who are shedding light on these mysteries, and giving us new hope for the future. In order for them to grab the ball and run with it, they need to hear from you — so please take the time to let them know.  

Lastly, we give you the little write-ups we prepared for the show itself, so you have a short and sweet synopsis of what we’re doing:  



 2012… Just another year? Or could it be a literal dimensional shift, bringing us “Ascended ” abilities that seem more science fiction than fact? Learn breakthrough science of a “radiant mind energy ” that permeates the Cosmos, and is now charging up our entire Solar System. Not only is it causing interplanetary climate change, it is also accelerating our consciousness – and potentially creating spontaneous DNA evolution.

Noted metaphysical scholar and filmmaker David Wilcock guides you through the amazing twists and turns of his own journey to 2012 – seamlessly blending science and spirit, Heaven and Earth, to make a case that is as profound and life-changing as it is unshakable.



David Wilcock ( is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our “normal ” minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? ”, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David‘s most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change… and how it directly impacts our DNA. His website is



We thank you for sharing this with as many people as you can! Thanks to the Internet, even though these words are being written on Thursday, we have all weekend for you to get the word out to everyone you know. It’s time for our understanding of the future to take a bold leap forward and for long-hidden secrets of the Universe to come out in the open. 

What we gain in return is a freedom from fear and a trust in a Great Design that we are all now experiencing in our own lives each and every day.

It’s a beautiful future — if we care enough to learn the truth! 



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