[Tuesday 4/17/07]

Read a few words on the atrocities of yesterday, prayers for the victims, and a positive vision of how to proceed… 



First of all, having had a close friend horribly wounded and almost killed, when struck by a car as a pedestrian, I can empathize with the wounded, and the families of the deceased, in a way most people never could — nor would I want them to.

You never think it will happen to you, but if/when it does, it changes your life forever. Nonetheless, you have to pick up the pieces and move on. You can’t dwell in the past… you still have to live your life. 

My prayers go out to the victims, their families and all those who are traumatized or terrorized by this event. Never forget how much you are loved and protected. We do not live in a world in which you are alone and abandoned by any type of Higher Power. Quite the opposite. Atrocities do happen, but that does not negate the fact that there is incredible protection and support around you from higher forces. 

I also hope we can grow as a people enough to not tolerate a government trying to use this event — whether truly accidental or part of an orchestrated plan — as leverage to further their ambitions to kill and maim many more innocents overseas.

Unfortunately, that has been the way things are done. Therefore I am choosing to shed light on how the “if it bleeds, it leads” obsession in mainstream media works to our detriment, while exposing the underpinnings of what is involved and how you can free yourself from this form of ‘mind control’ in your own life, and focus on the positive.



If you’re not ready yet to move beyond the shock and grief stage and into an analytical stage, getting the Big Picture on these events, then you may want to read the uplifting “Hyperdimensional Nebulae” article I wrote yesterday… which gives never-before-seen new PROOF of how higher forces are at work shaping every MOLECULE of the physical world — and its life — around us as we know it. 

It seems no accident that as these atrocities were occurring, I was guided to write this new piece — and worked from 5:30 am to 7 pm, essentially straight through, before I finally pulled back and found out what happened by a call from my father.

When great negative events occur, similarly positive events are triggered — in many of those who serve the planet as I do — all at once. It’s a very real form of balance, so that if you WANT to focus on the positive, there will always be something new and breathtaking to look at, balancing the negative.  

Now, for those who ARE ready to explore what might be behind this event, how it could be used for political purposes, and how you can help stop this manipulation from occurring by educating and empowering yourself, let’s proceed.  



My source has often said that in your left hand you have Death. In your right hand, you have Life. Both are totally real. Either one can be focused on… and the more you look at either one, the more they will seem to be everywhere… and the only reality that exists.

Which one do YOU choose to focus on? Right now? And in general?

Either way, you can PROVE you are right. If you focus on death, you will see it everywhere. You can make yourself very miserable. If you focus on life, you can be inspired by birds, butterflies, blue sky, clouds, rain, thunder, trees, your friends, family and co-workers, whatever. 


You always have a CHOICE.


In the old-world media, you were TOLD how to think, and what to focus on. The bloodiest, most horribly defeating footage from an atrocity would play again and again. Somehow, repeating the same images eight million times in a row — like the 9/11 disaster — was seen to be productive and worthwhile.

Since many people are living lonely lives, with failed romances and the like, such violent, blood-thirsty media coverage pulls them out of their own lives and into a projection. Now they have stepped out of their personal lives and are seeing themselves — their pain and discomfort and loneliness — reflected in the world. This also inspires them to think that if their leaders can change the world, then maybe they’ll feel better inside as well. 

This whole setup was described in a Genesis song called “Domino,” off the Invisible Touch album. If you can get past the dated-sounding keyboards and percussion, the construction of the song is quite good, going through several levels and textures — and the message very relevant if you came here to get some perspective:



[In the glow of the night]

The grey of evening fills the room,
There’s no need to look outside,
To see or feel the rain.
Then I reach across to touch her,
But I know that she’s not there.
Rain keeps running down the window pane.
Time is running out for me.

Can’t you see what you are doing to me?
Can’t you see what you have done?
As I try to pass another long and sleepless night,
A hundred crazy voices call my name.
As I try to pass them by,
I almost can believe that she is here,
Here in the glow of the night.

Do you know what you have done?
Do you know what you’ve begun?
Do you see we shall never be together again?
All of my life.

Lonely people, empty rooms,
Pointless violence, silent tombs.
Could it be that we shall be together again?

Sheets of double glazing help to keep outside the night,
Only foreign city sirens can cut through.
Nylon sheets and blankets help to minimize the cold.
But they can’t keep out the chilling sounds.
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me?
Here in the glow of the night.

Do you know what you have done?
Do you know what you’ve begun?
Do you see we shall never be together again?
All of my life.

Lonely people, empty rooms,
Pointless violence, silent tombs.
Could it be that we shall be together again?
Could it be that we shall be together again?

In silence and darkness
We held each other near that night
We prayed it would last forever.

[The last domino]

Blood on the windows
Millions of ordinary people are there;
They gaze at the scenery
They act as if it is perfectly clear.
Take a look at the mountains,
Take a look at the beautiful river of blood.

The liquid surrounds me
I fight to rise from this river of hell;
I stare round about me
Children are swimming and playing with boats.
Their features are changing,
Their bodies dissolve, and I am alone.

Now see what you’ve gone and done.
Now see what you’ve gone and done.

Well now you never did see such a terrible thing
As was seen last night on TV.
Maybe if we’re lucky, they will show it again
Such a terrible thing to see – oh!
But there’s nothing you can do when you’re next in line
You’ve got to go, domino.

Now I’m one with the living and I’m feeling just fine;
I know just what I gotta do.
Play the game of happiness and never let on
That it only lives on in a song – oh!
Well there’s nothing you can do when you’re next in line
You’ve got to go, domino.

Do you know what you have done?
Do you know what you’ve begun?

In silence and darkness
Hold each other near tonight
For will it last forever?
Will it last forever – forever…

There’s nothing you can do when you’re the next in line
You’ve got to go domino.

Do you know, do you know, do you know what you have done
Do you see what you’ve begun?
‘Cos theres nothing, nothing, nothing
There’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can do
Do you see, do you see what you have done?



As a planet, we have become obsessed with death — with the death URGE. People take drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat unhealthy food to excess,  over-spend, cheat on their partner, et cetera, and then close out everything they’re doing with powerful denial. The shadow is rigorously ignored until something dreadful happens.

As I reveal in The Science of Peace series, this is one of the main, underlying causes of Earth Changes — a collective projection of individual disharmony. 

Then, once an event shocks us out of our denial, there is an opening of the heart, and a corresponding lifestyle change:

  • If you’re a drug user and then you almost get arrested, you might lighten up or quit completely, as I did with marijuana use 14 years ago.
  • If you are a drinker and you almost hit someone, you might decide to never drink and drive again, and cut back on your usage.
  • If you are a smoker and someone you know dies of lung cancer, you may reconsider what you are doing.
  • If you eat a lot of unhealthy food and are then told by a doctor you might have a heart attack if you don’t change, then you probably will. 
  • If you are cheating and get caught, you may reconsider what you were doing and decide to act more honorably towards others.

As we become more healed in ourselves, we may be able to heed the advice in the Genesis song more than before… and accept that we all will die at some point, but that doesn’t mean we need to constantly live in fear of it. Abraham Lincoln’s quote is applicable here: 

“I would rather die once at the hands of an assassin than die every day in fear of assassination.” 

I would encourage you NOT to watch TV — at all — during this time in particular, as the underlying message is like this: 

“You are in danger. Next time it might be you. The wolf is circling. Don’t let it happen. Go to your alpha male for strength… he’s the only one powerful enough to protect you now. He may have to hurt a lot of people in the tribe that did this to us in order to protect us, but now we’re at war and that’s what it’s going to take.”  



I wrote recently in “The Revealing” series that the New World Order, as it has been called, is going into “endgame” maneuvers. A sea change has occurred in the last 2-3 years within the top levels of the power structure… something I can and will back up with witness testimony in my 2012 book… and there is now a common knowledge that whatever they seek to do, they need to do it before 2012, as this is a very pivotal moment in human history. 

Most of them do consider it cataclysmic… but I do not, and I strongly encourage you to read more about what I do think — what my source and the Law of One series actually said — before indulging in fear of some great disaster. That is actually the single WORST thing you could do. Read yesterday’s Hyperdimensional Nebulae article, and find out a lot more about what is REALLY going on here.  

Anyway, the top ‘insiders’ now consider a major, irreversible coming event — any time between approximately last December of 2006 and some time in 2017 — to be an unavoidable fact. The greatest probability window is still in 2012, but they are also aware that the timelines are flexible… and it COULD come a lot earlier. This has added a substantial level of urgency to the plans unfolding right now… and helps further explain why ‘endgame’ maneuvers are now being conducted.  

As soon as I saw this atrocity had occurred yesterday, I realized that the next major step in the ‘plan’ was unfolding. I had expected there would be some type of major event, but it’s hard to know where or when or what… only that it would hopefully (for their sake) serve as a huge distraction from scandals, wipe away scrutiny of their actions, and get the public looking to protect and strengthen their positions in government rather than throw them out.  

If you don’t think this event — whether staged or accidental — will be ‘spun’, then I recommend you stop reading, as this discussion will only upset and frustrate you otherwise.  



Though I don’t want to rewrite a whole article all over again, the tip-off was the sudden, spontaneous emergence of a documentary suggesting Jesus was a father, and therefore could have a bloodline. Furthermore, dust found in ‘his tomb’ could be used to DNA-test and tie it back in with a living bloodline on Earth. And wouldn’t it be a surprise if the people already in power were part of this bloodline?

That is exactly what they believe is true, and exactly what they ultimately want you to think — based on multiple sources of evidence I’d been quietly putting together over the years before releasing “The Revealing.” The Da Vinci Code book and movie was another level of this plan… set it out in fiction so that when people realize that it’s actually TRUE, and the people in power ALREADY ARE part of the bloodline, then we’re supposed to suddenly be relieved and awed.

They hope to be received as the only “true descendants of God” on Earth… since many people say ‘Jesus is God’ and then exclude or diminish themselves in the process. This is NOT what Jesus taught, as you know if you’ve read my material, or others like it. 

The very next day after Cameron’s surprise conference, complete with the evidence in a major New York City library, insiders seemed to know that ‘endgame maneuvers’ had begun. The economy suddenly had the worst collapse since 9/11. Yet I am the only news source on the entire Internet that seems to have picked up this connection… and realized that the ‘endgame plan’ was underway.

What does this mean? What ‘endgame plan?’

The ultimate plan of the group is called “The Revealing”. They want everyone to know who they are, know what they are doing, and adore, respect and worship them for it — ultimately seeing it as all being necessary, and therefore okay, for their own evolution as a planet to have occurred. Yet the Order feels that even greater manipulations are required to get people under their total control.

Free speech and thinking, such as we see on the Internet, is considered a major deterrent — but as I’ve so often said, no amount of wishful thinking, negative propaganda or whatever will stop the Internet from persisting. Too many businesses depend on it, and there are too many intertwining technologies that all work together to keep it going.

The Internet is a ‘complex adaptive system,’ and is growing and evolving much like a very primitive lifeform. (One of the anti-Internet propaganda fantasies is to imagine that it becomes an artificial intelligence that then takes over the world, as in “Skynet” in Terminator III.) 



This ‘endgame’ formula includes a stage-managed attempt to collapse the world economy, but the American economy in particular. Therefore I was not at all surprised to see the greatest single fall in the stock market since 9/11 the day after Cameron’s announcement. Those on the ‘inside’ were now aware that plans were being put in motion… and they could have strongly adverse effects on the markets.

Enormous profits were taken out BEFORE the next stage of the plan kicked in, because no one could be sure how soon that would happen — so on one level it was basic greed in action. Cameron’s announcement meant that the final pieces were being put into place — in the ultimate hopes of convincing people their leaders were, in fact, Gods, and if they didn’t go along with it willingly, then they’d come to accept it on their knees.  

There is the very real hope of driving the world into a state of chaos, panic and fear, so that people will look to their newly Christened world leaders (quite literally) for support… and then the insider group can formally acknowledge their presence, and stifle those who don’t choose to go along with it. For this same reason, a careful and very powerful hatred of Fundamentalist Christians has been created in American and worldwide media.

Conspiracy theorists are another population that movies like “A Beautiful Mind” are heavily trying to marginalize, and get everyone else to be VERY afraid of.  This is part of why Rosie’s testimony — which Prison Planet just revealed she is planning to continue in coming weeks — seems to have partially triggered the next wave of ‘endgame’ maneuvers.



It is hoped that in a (stage-managed) disaster, the rest of the population will see marginalized populations like Fundamentalist Christians, Conspiracy Theorists, Radical Right-Wingers, Bleeding Heart Liberals and Non-White Folk as so brainwashed, so hopeless, and so dangerous — once these more dangerous events start taking place — that they would be best kept in isolation… prison camps, essentially.

This is a bizarre fantasy along the lines of what an insider told me the ultimate goal of the Rodney King riots were. They actually believed they could get African-Americans so riled up and violent, all around the country, that the public would support rounding up inner-city blacks and sending them to internment camps! 

This same contact told me — well BEFORE Katrina — that every major city had gigantic, enclosed sports arenas that were intended to serve as temporary holding areas in such events… so that if the public were sufficiently scared, and had sufficiently dehumanized these people, there would be support for transitioning them out of these arenas into longer-term arrangements.

Sure enough, in New Orleans everyone was told to “go to the Superdome” and many fell for it. They would have been a lot better off if they had NOT gone there, as we all now know. Therefore it is very unlikely that this plan will ever work again… it was a one-shot deal. 

I am NOT pointing these things out to make you fearful… just the opposite. I want you to see that these plans are so ridiculous, so counter to the goodness and decency that most people try to live their lives by, that they can never work. Sure, we may not agree with right-wingers, Fundamentalists or “Freedom Fighters”, but does that mean we will support putting them in concentration camps? Hell no. 

There simply will never be enough people who are willing to hold the guns and police these atrocities, nor will there ever be enough public support to allow them to happen. The memories of Nazi Germany are far too fresh for such a concept to EVER succeed again, beyond a minimal level like we now see with Abu Ghraib and Guatanamo… and even there, we are seeing widespread indignation and calls to shut the whole thing down. 

People who write about ‘prison camps’ being built all around the country, and who ‘sound the alarm’ that ‘you’re next’ if you don’t ‘fight the New World Order’, are really not getting the fact that this group is pathetically bankrupt… and their political support base is eroding by the day. Their own members are totally disgusted with it and there would be a “mass exodus” out of the group if they thought it were possible. 

I have already SEEN that they will have a COMPLETE downfall and loss of power — and that good will prevail — in many prophetic dreams over the years. Given how incredibly accurate my dreams have been, for such a long time, I seriously doubt that this is “only a metaphor.”  



I wrote about the positive side in that same ‘Revealing’ article series. There may well be some disruption and economic downturn, in the US or otherwise, as a result of stage-managed events taking place… but the idea of a “global economic collapse” is a complete fantasy, perpetuated by those who would like to BELIEVE they can control the world this much, but actually cannot. 

The key to the mystery is in understanding “complex adaptive systems.” The economy is one such system. Stress the system to a point of peak instability and it spontaneously re-arranges into a higher level of order — it EVOLVES. We now know, from very advanced super-computer research, that the outcome CANNOT be scripted or predicted beforehand.



Similarly, the last time I went into Barnes and Noble there was a huge stack of Cameron’s books on the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” all marked 20% off for deep discount. An even larger stack of “The Secret” books for 20% off were arrayed all behind the cash registers. This did make me smile, I must admit. People are waking up from the ‘dream’ of materialism, self-indulgence and looking outside oneself for happiness and completion.

Cameron’s announcement has been laughed into obscurity. The scholars in the documentary are now back-pedaling from what they had said. The whole event was nowhere near as powerful as the “Illuminati” expected it would be.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:  

Several prominent scholars who were interviewed in a bitterly contested documentary that suggests that Jesus and his family members were buried in a nondescript ancient Jerusalem burial cave have now revised their conclusions, including the statistician who claimed that the odds were 600:1 in favor of the tomb being the family burial cave of Jesus of Nazareth, a new study on the fallout from the popular documentary shows.

The dramatic clarifications, compiled by epigrapher Stephen Pfann of the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem in a paper titled “Cracks in the Foundation: How the Lost Tomb of Jesus story is losing its scholarly support,” come two months after the screening of The Lost Tomb of Christ that attracted widespread public interest, despite the concomitant scholarly ridicule.


People just aren’t interested enough in this to pursue it. The books are not selling. The whole thing has been forgotten and we’ve moved on. Da Vinci Code was one thing, because it was a FANTASY… but when it comes to something as entrenched as Christianity, most people really don’t WANT to have their beliefs changed. Nor should anyone expect they can force or coerce them to. 



The whole idea of an ‘endgame plan’ for the New World Order might sound crazy to you, but in order to understand this mentality you really do need to read or listen to some of the material from those on the inside.

There are some very negative and secretive groups on this planet that have sought as much power as possible. This doesn’t mean you are in danger, and learning and accepting the truth of these groups doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to have something bad happen to you.

In fact, you are much SAFER when you are no longer in denial, and can keep a clear perspective about the events going on around you, rather than behaving as you’ve been told to behave… blind panic and terror, and thus more than happy when cool-thinking “leaders” step in to save the day… with some type of ‘solution’ that actually decreases your freedom and increases their control.

It’s classic… and it’s called Problem-Reaction-Solution. 

Let’s say you’re a service-to-self oriented world leader. You know what your ultimate goal is. Say your goal is to go after a particular enemy, build up your military power and renew public support. Good.

PROBLEM: Now you create a problem. Obviously you don’t want it to be traceable to you. Just the opposite. No one would ever have the stomach to believe you could be capable of doing it anyway. They assume most people are just like they are, and they know they tell small lies, but never could pull off such a big lie — it would be far too difficult and draining. So they assume no one else could ever pull it off either — you and your peeps included.  

REACTION: Once the problem happens, your public will have a reaction. Shock, terror, fear, sadness. Now they want a national healing… they want revenge… and they want protection. This is a great opportunity — so you have to channel all that energy and convincingly focus all of it towards your adversary, whoever that person, group, nation or race may be.

SOLUTION: Now that you have your public hopping mad at your adversary, and also terrified of them at the same time, you offer them a solution. You go after the enemy, build up your military power and renew public support. Your original goal — to go after a particular enemy, build up your military power and renew public support — now happens as if by magic! You win… again! 

Obviously, part of the “game” is that you don’t do something like this until it’s the proper moment, so you get the maximum benefit from it. 



In the case of this Virginia Tech atrocity there are many classic fingerprints.  Lots of people have seen “Manchurian Candidate”, “Conspiracy Theory” and many other such movies — including “Zoolander”, which lampooned ‘mind control’ from a humorous perspective. In my “Revealing” series I discussed and linked to resources from Svali, the New World Order insider whistleblower who specialized in “programming” people to advanced degrees. 

The fact that we again have a ‘lone gunman,’ who acted with a complete lack of emotion, but somehow had enough premeditation to lock everyone inside the building to insure a high body count — and then apparently thought nothing of killing himself after the magic number of 33 victims had been reached, even though he had more ammo and more potential victims — all of this is a classic sign of an ‘inside job’.

33 is the most sacred number to the insiders — and if you’ve ever read James Shelby Downard’s material, such as “King Kill 33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy” , then you know that this group believes they gain ‘magical power’ by taking people’s lives or traumatizing them in a ritualistic fashion.

The ‘ritual fingerprints’ on the event also serves to let other insiders know that it is, in fact, an ‘inside job,’ and to react accordingly. 



Getting back to Virginia Tech (I keep wanting to write “Teach” instead of Tech), further take into account that this event only happened AFTER the insiders had been paid their allowance… through the income tax.

Think about it. Everyone who was going to pay their income taxes either already had, or was already going to send it in by the deadline, which is today — Tuesday, April 17th.  Many people may not even have realized they had until the 17th this year, as “April 15th” is burned into everyone’s mind.

Had this atrocity occurred BEFORE April 16th, then perhaps more people would be unlikely to file, for whatever reason. Fear, panic, disgust, et cetera. If they want to create a social collapse, (which I don’t think will happen,) better not create it until after payday.

The fact that the atrocities DID occur directly during tax time is another hidden message… “Don’t think you can avoid paying us, don’t think you can get away with resisting… or we’ll come after you like we did those students at Virginia Tech.”

Of course, no one is ever going to say this publicly — that’s very unlikely — but it’s all about the subconscious message that is sent. You create the events at certain moments for greatest impact. The London subway bombings, for example — the worst atrocity in England since World War II — happened less than a week after the Live8 event was the largest concert in human history, getting everyone to organize against the world leaders.

The bombing was the ‘response’ — and sure enough, it utterly erased all the momentum that Live8 had just created. 



On a more esoteric note, the name of the college may well have been chosen as part of the message. The subconscious easily adds a letter to ‘Tech,’ as my fingers kept doing quite spontaneously in this article every time I tried to type the word: “Virginia Teach”. 

What might this mean?

“Teach” the public about the “Virgin”… about Mary Magdalene… and about her ‘bloodline’, as in the Da Vinci Code. All a very central part of “The Revealing” plan.

That could be a stretch, but with these guys and the 33 victims widely reported yesterday… right out of the title of Downard’s infamous book… you never know. Every part of it, if it was indeed an ‘inside job’, will be exploited for as much hidden symbolism as possible.  



I don’t want to belabor the point here. I would encourage you NOT to get all wrapped up in reading umpteen hundred different articles about this, from the mainstream and the ‘conspiracy’ side of things. Undoubtedly the whole sorry affair will quickly unravel within a matter of weeks. Undoubtedly it will have far less political usefulness than was hoped. Undoubtedly we will see the Powers that Be only further lose their grip.

We are awakening, as a planet, to the shadow in ourselves and the shadow in our governments. All of this is scripted. Some of us may lose our physical incarnations along the way, but we are not lost — we transition into another level, and may reincarnate or stay in the astral and await the 2012 event from that side of things.

Either way, when ‘it’ happens, it will transform us. Everyone is going to experience this… whether they know it or not. I’ve now taken a major step forward in revealing the evidence I’ve gathered in my latest Hyperdimensional Nebulae article.

You can accept the knowledge that is being offered to you, and learn to live a life free from fear. I personally am not shaken by these types of events, which is why I didn’t cover others like them in the past. However, out of compassion for those who may be traumatized, and not understand what is happening, I decided to offer my perspective.


May peace and love be the continuing elements of your life and focus. 

In your right hand is Life. The more you focus on it, the more you’ll find it… everywhere you look.

Eventually that’s all you will see in the world, as your own consciousness will have transformed it.

Would you like to know how this works… and why?

Read what I was guided to write — in complete ecstatic joy and peace — as all this was going on in the world, unbeknownst to me through the whole process. 

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