Friday 4 / 13 / 07 

For those with eyes to see, the mass consciousness is finally learning to love — which ultimately gives us a smoother transition into ‘4D’.



If we want to grow as a planet, and learn the most basic lessons of loving each other, we have to begin by refusing to tolerate the presentation of ‘hate speech’ in our media… and I am delighted to see some very substantial movements in that direction.

The unofficial subtitle title of this article is “The Fall of Schadenfreude”… but then tossing around big words like that is, in itself, a form of schadenfreude against anyone who doesn’t understand what it means. From

“What a fearful thing is it that any language should have a word expressive of the pleasure which men feel at the calamities of others; for the existence of the word bears testimony to the existence of the thing. And yet in more than one such a word is found. … In the Greek epikhairekakia, in the German schadenfreude…”

It’s as old as time itself… the rush we get from schadenfreude — the “malicious joy at the misfortune of others”. The word literally translates as “Damage-Joy”:

[German : Schaden, damage (from Middle High German schade, from Old High German scado) + Freude, joy (from Middle High German vreude, from Old High German frewida, from frō, happy).]

As you can read at, a majority of world languages have a word like this, and many of them have some variation of a very similar expression: “There is no greater joy than schadenfreude.”  The Asian languages have an interesting twist… associating it with joyful smells and tastes:

“In Korean, the phrase 고소하다, go so ha da, literally translated means “to smell sesame oil”, because in Korea the smell of sesame oil is regarded as very pleasant, this phrase also is used when one is pleased about a particular event. It is especially used when one is pleased about an event involving the misfortune of another.

In Chinese, the phrase 幸灾乐祸 is an old idiom that directly translates to “enjoying (other’s) calamity (and) laughing at (other’s) misfortune”.

In Japanese, the phrase 他人の不幸は蜜の味, tanin no fukou wa mitsu no aji, translates literally as “others’ misfortunes are the taste of honey”. 


Considering how common the comparisons are today between the neo-conservative American empire and World War II Germany, the following quote from shouldn’t be that surprising:  

“In his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer described Adolf Hitler‘s sense of humor as almost entirely based upon schadenfreude. Some examples were mean-spirited jokes played on ministers such as Joachim von Ribbentrop, many initiated by Hitler or his friends.”


Whether you like the smell of sesame oil or not, “Damage-Joy” is a long-standing condition in the human psyche that has woven itself through nearly all major languages and customs the world over.  And now that we’re heading into 2012, the energies of unconditional love are saying “Open Sesame” to the heart, and “Damage-Joy” just doesn’t smell as sweet anymore. 



There’s something rotten not just in the state of Denmark, but throughout the whole world in this modern age. If you have already read my series “Endgame of the New World Order: The Revealing, ” this should come as little surprise.

Schadenfreude is not happening in our media by accident; it is being carefully encouraged and promoted by a hidden group with a worldwide spiritual agenda — desiring to steer humanity towards what I would call the negative or service-to-self path. 

The FAIR website (standing for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) blows the whistle on how narrowly the power of the world’s media giants has become consolidated within the hands of the so-called “Illuminati Corporations”… and bear in mind this article was written nearly a decade ago, so it’s almost certainly gotten worse since this time:

The Global Media Giants
We are the world

By Robert McChesney

A specter now haunts the world: a global commercial media system dominated by a small number of superpowerful, mostly U.S.-based transnational media corporations. It is a system that works to advance the cause of the global market and promote commercial values, while denigrating journalism and culture not conducive to the immediate bottom line or long-run corporate interests.

It is a disaster for anything but the most superficial notion of democracy–a democracy where, to paraphrase John Jay’s maxim, those who own the world ought to govern it.

The global commercial system is a very recent development. Until the 1980s, media systems were generally national in scope. While there have been imports of books, films, music and TV shows for decades, the basic broadcasting systems and newspaper industries were domestically owned and regulated.

Beginning in the 1980s, pressure from the IMF, World Bank and U.S. government to deregulate and privatize media and communication systems coincided with new satellite and digital technologies, resulting in the rise of transnational media giants.

How quickly has the global media system emerged? The two largest media firms in the world, Time Warner and Disney, generated around 15 percent of their income outside of the United States in 1990. By 1997, that figure was in the 30 percent-35 percent range. Both firms expect to do a majority of their business abroad at some point in the next decade.

The global media system is now dominated by a first tier of nine giant firms. The five largest are Time Warner (1997 sales: $24 billion), Disney ($22 billion), Bertelsmann ($15 billion), Viacom ($13 billion), and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation ($11 billion).


Besides needing global scope to compete, the rules of thumb for global media giants are twofold: First, get bigger so you dominate markets and your competition can’t buy you out. Firms like Disney and Time Warner have almost tripled in size this decade.

Second, have interests in numerous media industries, such as film production, book publishing, music, TV channels and networks, retail stores, amusement parks, magazines, newspapers and the like. The profit whole for the global media giant can be vastly greater than the sum of the media parts.

A film, for example, should also generate a soundtrack, a book, and merchandise, and possibly spin-off TV shows, CD-ROMs, video games and amusement park rides. Firms that do not have conglomerated media holdings simply cannot compete in this market.

The first tier is rounded out by TCI, the largest U.S. cable company that also has U.S. and global media holdings in scores of ventures too numerous to mention. The other three first-tier global media firms are all part of much larger industrial corporate powerhouses: General Electric (1997 sales: $80 billion), owner of NBC; Sony (1997 sales: $48 billion), owner of Columbia & TriStar Pictures and major recording interests; and Seagram (1997 sales: $14 billion), owner of Universal film and music interests.

The media holdings of these last four firms do between $6 billion and $9 billion in business per year. While they are not as diverse as the media holdings of the first five global media giants, these four firms have global distribution and production in the areas where they compete. And firms like Sony and GE have the resources to make deals get a lot bigger very quickly if they so desire.

Behind these firms is a second tier of some three or four dozen media firms that do between $1 billion and $8 billion per year in media-related business. These firms tend to have national or regional strongholds or to specialize in global niche markets.

About one-half of them come from North America, including the likes of CBS, the New York Times Co., Hearst, Comcast and Gannett. Most of the rest come from Europe, with a handful based in East Asia and Latin America.


In short, the overwhelming majority (in revenue terms) of the world’s film production, TV show production, cable channel ownership, cable and satellite system ownership, book publishing, magazine publishing and music production is provided by these 50 or so firms, and the first nine firms thoroughly dominate many of these sectors. By any standard of democracy, such a concentration of media power is troubling, if not unacceptable.


This was 1997. Six years later, the problem had gotten even worse — 75 percent of all prime-time television viewing was in the hands of the top five corporations: 

Media Concentration & Democracy in the Marketplace of Ideas

Five companies – Viacom (owner of CBS), Disney (ABC), News Corporation (Fox), General Electric (NBC) and AOL Time Warner – control about 75 percent share of production of prime-time viewing. Research conducted by the Project for Excellence in Journalism finds that larger companies and network-owned TV stations produce lower-quality news shows than do smaller media companies.

These five corporations are now on the verge of controlling the same number of television households as the big three broadcast networks did forty years ago. In the past, when three or four broadcast networks controlled so many households, the Commission protected the public’s interest in competition and diversity of viewpoints by requiring independent production of programming.

No such policy protects the American public today. Tom Wolzien, a Wall Street analyst terms this “programming oligopoly” and shows that it exists both in the distribution and production of programming. For example, NBC owns outright or holds a significant financial interest in one hundred percent of the new series on its schedule. The other networks are not far behind.

Rather than compete fairly in the marketplace of ideas, the networks leveraged their control of the publicly-owned airwaves to take over television program production, driving small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, many of whom were women and minorities, out of business.

The biased coverage of the war against Iraq by the mainstream media, particularly by Fox, demonstrates the pitfalls of media concentration. Interestingly, Michael Powell makes the connection between the war and his agenda. He says that bigger media companies are needed more than ever because only they can cover the war the way the Iraq war was covered.


[Click the logo for a big chart]

The Big Five

* Viacom – 2002 revenues $24.6 billion. Owns 39 broadcast television stations and 185 radio stations. Cable networks include MTV, Nickelodeon and BET. Other businesses include CBS, UPN, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster and an 80.4 percent equity interest in Blockbuster Video.

* News Corporation – 2002 total revenues $17 billion. Owns (80.6 percent) the Fox Entertainment Group, which includes 20th Century Fox, Fox Television Stations, and Fox Cable (includes sports and movie channels, National Geographic Channel). Fox Television owns 60 television stations and has 188 affiliates. News Corporation is the world’s largest publisher of English-language newspapers, including the New York Post. Also owns HarperCollins Publishers.

* AOL Time Warner – 2002 revenues $40.9 billion. Businesses owned include America Online, CNN, Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Networks (includes TBS Superstation) and HBO. The Warner Music Group’s major record labels include Elektra and Atlantic. The publishing business conducted primarily through Time Inc. includes Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Money. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice are conducting investigations into accounting and disclosure practices of the company.

* General Electric – 2002 revenues $31.7 billion. NBC provides network television services to more than 220 affiliated stations, produces television programs, operates 28 television-broadcasting stations, operates four cable/satellite networks around the world, and has investment and programming activities in the Internet, multimedia and cable television. Also owns Telemundo, one of the two largest hispanic broadcasting networks.

* Walt Disney – 2002 total revenues $25.3 billion. Operates the ABC Television Network, which has 226 primary affiliated stations. ABC Radio Networks provide programming to more than 4,600 affiliated radio stations. Radio Disney is carried on 51 stations, including 32 that are owned by the company. ABC Radio Networks also produce the ESPN Radio format, which is carried on more than 700 stations, including 215 full-time (four of which are owned by the company), making it the largest radio sports network in the United States. Disney also owns 10 television stations, 44 standard AM radio stations, and 18 FM radio stations.



The FOX corporation will unquestionably go down in history as the most shameless propaganda arm of the New World Order in these times — as this latest art from David Dees of lampoons.

There are only five major media corporations running most of the show in America, and through a great deal of the rest of the world, as we’ve just seen… but FOX sank to despicable new lows when they planned a major profit-seeking campaign around the O.J. Simpson murders. 

Early in the process of writing our book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, my co-author very much wanted to catch the attention of Judith Regan and get her to follow the story — because it was well known that her ReganBooks imprint, a division of the publishing mega-giant HarperCollins, which in turn is a division of Rupert Murdoch’s Orwellian-titled “News Corporation”, which most people just call FOX, was the biggest game in town.

Having been acquitted of these crimes in the first trial but then found guilty in the second, OJ seemed to have a guilty conscience and was ready to tearfully confess… so he proceeded to spell out exactly what happened in diabolical detail. FOX was ready to profit handsomely from every step of this process. Hundreds of thousands of books were printed, a major television broadcast was ready to roll, and undoubtedly FOX expected that movies and other big-media deals would follow.


Yet, in a miraculous turn of events, the public outcry against this most odious form of schadenfreude — the complete commercialization of a sadistic murder by a major media figure — was so overwhelming that FOX was forced to recall and destroy every copy of every book they published, cancel the television special and fire the formerly-invincible Judith Regan.

Furthermore, it was revealed that OJ was paid a very large sum of money for his confession (not surprisingly,) and was ultimately forced to return all this money to the family of the victim. 



Schadenfreude is so pervasive in our culture that it’s very difficult to just put a list of examples together, but another person who obviously profited handsomely from this is Joe Francis. His “Girls Gone Wild” videos (which I have never seen personally) were typically the result of Francis and cohorts pulling a fancy-looking tour bus into an area like Santa Monica down by the oceanfront — I witnessed this spectacle myself while on a walk last fall — and convincing young women to get on the bus, listen to loud music, consume alcohol and possibly other drugs, and take their clothes off.

Naturally the most outrageous girls did a variety of erotic behaviors, and the best of these were edited together into the highly profitable videos Francis was selling. The problem was that some of them faked their ID and were not really the minimum age of 18… but unlike getting ‘carded’ at the door to a bar, this carried a steeper penalty. 


Francis turned himself in this week to a Florida jail for charges related to the use and exploitation of minors in his video, and then almost as if by magic, his whole world collapsed. Suddenly he was being sued for a staggering 20 million dollars of tax evasion, and he managed to smuggle in contraband — including seven one-hundred dollar bills and some apparently illegal drugs in pill form. 

In a moment of weakness and lack of intuition, he tried to bribe one of the prison guards with a hundred-dollar bill for a bottle of water — apparently they weren’t letting him have enough and he was dehydrated — and rather than take the bribe, even when Francis upped the ante to 500, the guard reported his behavior and instigated a searsch of his cell, which produced the remainder of the contraband. Bringing cash OR drugs into prison is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. 

In the days and weeks ahead, we can expect many new updates about how the Law of Karma will be balancing this situation, as it did with OJ Simpson trying to profit off the murder of his wife. Already Francis was reduced to tears in the courtroom as the charges against him quickly multiplied, saying “I didn’t do anything” to his parents as he was escorted out in chains. 



I have no idea when the word ‘whore’ was shortened down to ‘ho’ in Black Urban Vernacular or ‘Ebonics,’ but the word was in common use throughout hip-hop music while I still in high school.

Some of my friends turned me on to KRS-One in college… specifically his Boogie Down Productions album “Sex and Violence”, which included the comically-titled song “You’re Holdin’ My Dick Like a Throttle“.



Bear in mind that I went to a state school in New York, and we had LOTS of students from “the city”, including the hardest parts of Harlem… and for anyone who listened to ‘real’ hip-hop music, as opposed to the corporate product that sold far more copies among Caucasian teenagers like “Vanilla Ice”, this song by KRS-One was the hottest thing going.

It had a very tight syncopated groove that is unlike what you typically hear in rap music — much more like something out of a jazz fusion song — and even though it was very simple, it still sounded much better to me, musically, than most of what passes for rap music now. Here’s a preview of the audio, with some of the lyrics I feature below in it. 

KRS directly attacked the corporate media music machine right near the beginning… including the trend of rappers becoming Muslim to be ‘cool’: 

Like I said I’m not a Muslim but to Allah I’m obedient
Some MC’s on the mic become Muslims when it’s CONVENIENT
And I’ve seen it!
Real Muslims praise Allah, and they mean it

Others are dreamin’ it with ‘Sex Me’ and ‘Do Me’ and
I’d rather listen to the Brand Nubians
You know it’s funny everybody wants money
And material things from cars and chicken wings

When they sing, they sing for the cash
They fail to realize, respect will outlast cash
You get respect by bein’ creative
and yes a native to your audience, so you know reality

In other words, if you ain’t a gangsta why play you a gangsta?
If you ain’t a hoe, why sell sex?
If you believe in Allah, how is it you can only work when there’s a check?
All of this is incorrect

First should always come respect
The charts are not equal to the respect of the people
Their respect doesn’t weeble or wobble
They know the difference from an artist and a lip-syncin’ model

Right on stage, you’ll get a bottle

There was a lot of humor in this song… the line that comes right after this, “I’m the freshest thing on the mike, don’t mess with me… I’m fresher than your grandmother’s fried chicken recipe” was almost sure to get a laugh… partcularly when you were “blunted”, as the saying goes.

[I’ll be sober 15 years in September, thank you!] 

And here’s the part of that same song that pertains to Don Imus’ quote:

“So every year I appear somewhere,

With nappy hair, my dear, to make one thing clear:

Whether on welfare or millionaire,

Don’t step to this here or you outta here!”  

The lyrics page I found online misquoted the line “with nappy hair” as “that you hear”, and there are a few other mistakes as well… but I had a friend from Harlem play this song in front of me and act out the whole thing.

When he came to that ‘nappy hair’ line he’d pull his hand over his “fresh-cut baldy”, as the rap artist “Guru” called it in the song “I’m-a Bust Your $#!+” (on the other ‘real’ rap album that got so popular in 1992, “Daily Operation”), and we’d both laugh about it.

Seeing this entire KRS-One rap flawlessly delivered, and comically acted out in real-time, was really when I ‘got’ rap music and why people enjoyed it so much… though I’d always wished there was a way that artists like KRS and Guru could get out their message without having to resort to the profanity that was so typical in that music… but it’s a part of the hip-hop culture.

There is no question that both of them have certain song lyrics that, if singled out, are just as rough, cynical and filled with sadistic violence, sexism and schadenfreude as any worst-case-scenario example of “gangsta rap”… but both of them have a variety of songs in their repertoire that do NOT have such elements at all. 

The corporate machine never promoted their material to any substantial degree because in their own way they were blowing the whistle to what was going on. KRS-One was considered the all-time leader of what he came to call “Edu-tainment”… embedding messages in his music, as in the song Who Protects Us from You?, which is notably free of profanity or carnal references: 

 (Fy-ah! Come down fas’…)

You were put here to protect us

But who protects us from you?


Every time you say “That’s illegal”

Doesn’t mean that that’s true (Uh-huh)

Your authority’s never questioned

No-one questions you

If I hit you I’ll be killed

But you hit me? I can sue (Order! Order!)


Lookin’ through my history book

I’ve watched you as you grew

Killin’ blacks and callin’ it the law (Bo! Bo! Bo!)

And worshipping Jesus too


There was a time when a black man

Couldn’t be down wit’ your crew (Can I have a job please?)

Now you want all the help you can get

Scared? Well ain’t that true (You goddamn right)

You were put here to protect us

But who protects us from you?


Or should I say, who are you protecting?

The rich? the poor? Who?

It seems that when you walk the ghetto

You walk wit’ your own point of view (Look at that gold chain)

You judge a man by the car he drives

Or if his hat match his shoe (Yo, you lookin’ kinda fresh)


Well, back in the days of Sherlock Holmes

A man was judged by a clue

Now he’s judged by if he’s Spanish, Black, Italian or Jew

So do not kick my door down and tie me up

While my wife cooks the stew (You’re under arrest!)

Cos you were put here to protect us

But who protects us from you?


For a complete, organized list of his lyrics, you can go to The next song, “You Must Learn,” on the same 1989 album, “Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip-Hop,” was often quoted by KRS fans I knew… and actually had a dissertation on accomplishments of African-Americans that are overlooked in the mainstream educational system.

Here’s the video of a re-mixed, upgraded version of “You Must Learn” if you’re interested, though it’s rather long at over 5 minutes, and the volume is a lot louder than most other YouTube videos. Bear in mind that without multiple listenings and/or a carefully-trained ear, it is very difficult to understand all the words… which is why if you really want to “get it”, read or even print out the lyrics from here first, and then follow along: 

Here’s a copy of a key section of lyrics to the original version, which was already a legendary classic when I was in college:

I believe that if you’re teaching history

Filled with straight up facts no mystery

Teach the student what needs to be taught

‘Cause Black and White kids both take shorts

When one doesn’t know about the other ones’ culture

Ignorance swoops down like a vulture


‘Cause you don’t know that you ain’t just a janitor

No one told you about Benjamin Banneker

A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac

Can’t you see where KRS is coming at

With Eli Whitney, Haile Selassie

Granville Woods made the walkie-talkie


Lewis Latimer improved on Edison

Charles Drew did a lot for medicine

Garrett Morgan made the traffic lights

Harriet Tubman freed the slaves at night

Madame CJ Walker made a straightenin’ comb

But you won’t know this is you weren’t shown


The point I’m gettin’ at it might be harsh

‘Cause we’re just walkin’ around brainwashed

So what I’m sayin’ is not to diss a man

we need the 89 school system

One that caters to a Black return

because You must learn 


A new version of “You Must Learn” came out recently as a video… with all new lyrics updated to our time. If you’re not a hip-hop fan then I probably would not recommend you watch it, but if you have an interest in it, this is an example of “REAL hip hop” where you don’t have profanity, violence and sexism:

So, as you can see, if you’ve never studied hip-hop music before, or think it’s all about “bitches and ho’s”, it’s actually not that simple. Rappers like KRS used their music to spread messages to many listeners that went well beyond shameless self-gratification.

In fact, I have to give KRS-One a lot of credit for why I ‘quit television’ that same year I entered college… and a lot of it came from ruminating on the highly controversial messages in one cut, “Poisonous Products” — which upset a lot of listeners due to its direct attack on the mainstream Christian religion:

The poisonous product (is) pimped out to poor people

Penetrates pieces of their thinking equal

It comes in peaceful, thru the “TELL-LIE-VISION”.

Distorts your vision,

Narrow lies you’ve been livin’ thru transmission.

You wanna be a better Christitan

You wake up sunday mornin’ to watch “TELL-LIE-VISION”?

Mission – Christians be sayin’, “Accept Jesus in your life”;

Christianity was founded 400 years after Christ!

What do you accept in your life?

Christianty, or the teachings of Christ?

Make up your mind, they’re not the same thing

In 1992 the blind leads the blind

Right into the ground — they can’t show you where God is,

Because they haven’t found!

First — put down your Bible and release your sins;

The Bible is dead; God is alive

Within. Metaphysically speaking, I’ll be clear

You wanna see god? Take a look in the mirror!


I thought I’d put this out there before everyone else figures it out and emails me to let me know. In each reincarnation case, there is a mandatory amount of “starting over” and re-learning similar lessons from the past life. Sometimes, in the case of a reincarnating public figure, they will choose a very hard life, in the hopes of eventually being ‘initiated’ enough to fulfill their chosen mission with great efficiency.

When you watch the two KRS-One videos above, it’s not hard to tell that there is some real degree of connection between the two. Whether it is reincarnation or just that KRS-One looks up to MLK for inspiration, the fact is that there are interesting similarities.

Consider the face, for example.The noses often have the largest facial discrepancy in reincarnation cases — that seems to be a feature of the face that is more subject to birth heredity — but the eyes are always a giveaway. Then, if you ALSO get a strong character match, you really have something. It’s also interesting that both men are known by a three-capital-letter name, in this case.


One obvious point of opposition to such an idea is that KRS was born on August 20, 1965, two years before MLK was assassinated. To those trapped in linear-time constraints, this might not seem possible for a reincarnation case, but in my many discussions with long-time reincarnation expert Joe Myers, he said such ‘overlap’ cases are actually fairly common.

Rarely does a soul not know, on a higher level, when it’s time is up, and in the case of such an active soul as MLK, it is logical that plans would already be put in place for the next incarnation.

Think if you were the Higher Self of MLK, intending to reincarnate and try to have a more lasting impact on the culture. You would see that if you get too popular, you get assassinated.

Furthermore, if you are already an expert with spoken language, wouldn’t it be a great idea to channel that talent into an emerging new form of music that would allow your message to ‘sneak out’ into the public eye, disguised in music — so it could have an influence without being openly recognized?

As you can see from the Wikipedia entry on KRS-One, he has taken a far more spiritual turn in recent years, and apologized for the violent nature of his earlier works — including the album I listened to in college, and lines about his genitals such as the “Throttle” song.

In both the videos I linked to above, he refers back to MLK… particularly the second one, saying that hip-hop like he’s now doing is the only logical, international continuation of MLK’s mission.

In fact, KRS released a gospel-rap album called “Spiritual Minded” in 2002 to help take the ‘edge’ off his earlier album title, “Criminal Minded”. Even though he had repudiated Christianity in the past, such as in the quote I shared above, he came back around to it in Spiritual Minded, which surprised many of his listeners. In surveying the lyrics from his newer albums, I must say I’m impressed.

I certainly cannot PROVE that KRS is a reincarnation of MLK, and I’ve also made the point before that history-making people create a ‘template’ in the collective mind of humanity that can iterate into MULTIPLE, PARALLEL reincarnations in the future.

At the very least, I feel that KRS is part of the same “soul group”… and we still may not have seen what happens when he truly reaches the apex of his soul’s purpose.


And you do have to admit that the face match is pretty darn good!

I should also point out that KRS does not come across as any sort of self-elected Messiah or spiritual leader in his lyrics. From his “Sex and Violence” album, I clearly remember hearing the line, “I’m not your prophet, Messiah, minister or savior… chill with that ill behavior.” That is the mark of a spiritually mature soul.


Anyway, my freshman-year college exposure to hip-hop music was an experience I could draw on years later to understand how a euphemism like “nappy-headed ho” could become quite commonplace in the young African-American community… to the point that Don Imus, who apparently was working with African-American kids regularly, heard it often enough that he thought he could get away with saying it on the air.



In a matter of days, Imus was fired from his job at MSNBC and from his radio show on CBS. This is equally as substantial a media and cultural event as the unprecedented blocking of OJ’s tell-all confessional book from ever being released, after hundreds of thousands of units had been printed, followed by the highly surprising firing of Judith Regan from her once-invincible corporate position. 



Rosie O’Donnell certainly didn’t win any points with me late last year when she started lobbing insults at Donald Trump — and the schadenfreude banged back and forth on both sides with reckless abandon that seemed ‘good for publicity.’ The type of trash-talk that routinely took place on “The View” seemed to be totally emblematic of the problem with our society. 


Therefore, I was all the more shocked when Rosie openly “outed” the ‘9/11 Truth’ case right on her show — including directly naming the “four biggest media companies, one of which is this one” — ABC, being run by Disney. She also cited what has increasingly become the ultimate ‘smoking gun’ of the 9/11 Truth movement — the collapse of Building 7. 

To me, what was even more fascinating and surreal than Rosie’s outing of “9/11 Truth” was the incredibly propagandistic responses of the young blonde woman to the far right, Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

By so incessantly, specifically and intensely defending the government’s position, down to the letter, and never showing even the slightest deviation from the ‘perfect’ propaganda statements, she created a very strange, almost psychedelic foil for Rosie’s truth-sharing… and unwittingly revealed herself to be a useful mouthpiece for the “New World Order”.

Believe me… if someone had a canned recording of the theme from “Twilight Zone,” and played it during some of Elizabeth’s Stepford-Wife-level statements, the whole crowd would have exploded with laughter.

Though it’s possible that she’s just a ‘normal person’ who believes the party line, she certainly appears to be well-trained in precisely what to say… and quite possibly paid very well for it. I’ve seen many studies that reinforce the concept that physically attractive people are far more likely to be trusted than those less appealing.

Had Elizabeth been a wiser manipulator, she would have known that in order to ‘sell’ the propaganda, you have to appear at least PARTIALLY open to other points of ‘View’… but she so totally followed her marching orders to the letter that not a single person in the studio audience showed any audible support for her position, unlike Rosie who was getting cheers.

If you want to cut right to the chase, just start on the second of the two clips… and if you haven’t seen it already, prepare to be surprised by how surreal the whole thing is. Trust me… moments like this are “points of no return” that PROVE to us that the truth WILL emerge, and eventually become ‘common knowledge’:

You may have noticed at the very end of the second clip, when the red-headed woman says, “Wait a minute, Bush went to Yale, how good can THAT be,” Elizabeth totally lets her guard down and has a genuine laugh. To me, this could be another ‘tell’ that she may have been under orders to take the position she did, but in reality knew it was all a game. Or, it could have just been a funny joke that caught her off guard…

Another sign that Elizabeth might well be ‘trained’ was how she tried to force Rosie to insinuate, on-air, that the Bush Administration was the most likely suspect for 9/11. Even WITHOUT securing such a statement, there were still calls on Fox News — the Bill O’Reilly show — for Rosie to be MURDERED, by hanging, just for asking these questions!

Then, it “just so happened” that Rosie suddenly took, or was ordered to take, a two-week ‘vacation’ from the program. She is planning to bring 9/11 Truth physicists to testify that the buildings could not have collapsed from burning jet fuel when — or if — she returns to the show.

It will be very interesting to see what happens on this story… it’s bad news if they let her back on the show, and just as bad if they cancel her. I was delighted to see how quickly she grew from the mud-slinging episode with Donald Trump to becoming the most high-profile, high-exposure celebrity yet to step forward and talk about what ‘everyone’ already knows… everyone who is bothering to pay attention, that is. 



Another public offering from the FOX network is the show “American Idol.” I was vaguely aware that Taylor Hicks won last year, and of course knew all about Jennifer Hudson turning her appearance on Idol into the most successful spin-off career yet, thanks to the movie Dreamgirls, but other than that I’d never really heard much about it. 

Since I am an impartial observer, I can honestly say that the buzz around this year’s most visible contestant, Sanjaya Malakar, FAR exceeds any other ‘buzz’ that the show has ever generated. In fact, for the first time ever it got me watching YouTube clips of every contestant on the show, and making up my own mind about Sanjaya rather than listening to the hecklers who said that he was “the worst” and would “ruin the show”.


As I wrote in an earlier David’s Blog entry, Sanjaya is NOT a bad singer. The clip of his winning audition showed him doing a Stevie Wonder song quite proficiently — and all three judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, immediately put him into the show.

However, the nature of the show is often pure schadenfreude — “Damage Joy.” I can’t believe the way in which the ‘judges’ rip apart some of the talent… with total, unbridled sarcasm. One should always remember that what goes around, comes around… and the karmic backlash for insulting people so publicly… in this case a 17-year-old child… is not something I’d want to experience personally. 

Subconsciously, consonants ‘weigh’ a lot more than vowels, and the subconscious mind can easily shift vowels around. If you simply replace the A’s in Sanjaya’s name with O’s, you come up with “Son Joy” or “Sun Joy”. Either way, it’s the antidote to the “Damage Joy” of schadenfreude.

As I’ve said before, Sanjaya is clearly not as bad of a singer as most hecklers are saying. It was clear, at one time, that the producers of American Idol wanted to get him booted out by the viewers. I noticed that he was given totally ‘dry’ microphone mixes, with no effects whatsoever, whereas other contestants like Haley Scarnato (who was just voted out) were given plush effects behind their voices.

A far more obvious form of premeditated schadenfreude towards Sanjaya was in a pivotal episode where footage of a crying young girl was incessantly inter-cut with his singing footage — and in the same episode they started off by showing footage of him doing a Hawaiian hula-dance that is almost always associated with females belly-dancing in grass skirts. At the same time, all three “judges” seemed to show no mercy — particularly Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson — and the saying “There is no greater joy than Damage Joy” seemed to be alive and well. 


It’s now clear that American Idol is not just a contest about who sings the best… the name of the show itself implies that it is also a search for someone with true leadership qualities. 

Here you have a 17-year old kid, trying out different hairstyles each week in a search for acceptance, being totally torn to pieces in front of 30 million people, and yet he stays absolutely humble, smiling and remaining loving and at peace. I can’t recall another example where I’ve witnessed someone act like this in such a high-stress situation.

This is a precise fulfillment of the ‘fourth-density’ Christ archetype of “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies.” Since most Westerners think of Jesus as “the Son of God,” it seems more than accidental that someone who radiates “Son Joy” is winning out over “Damage Joy.”

There is a real scientific case that can be made for why this is happening all over the planet, as I explain in The Science of Peace.


It may seem crazy that real science is going on here, with such apparently disjointed events, but that’s what The Science of Peace is all about.

Since EVERYTHING becomes increasingly symbolic as we head towards 2012, the mass-consciousness event known as American Idol has become another battlefield where the positive, loving, meek qualities of the Christ Spirit are being supported, and the sarcastic “Damage Joy” of the negative side is being completely stymied.

All of this is happening much to the amazement of the judges themselves, with Simon Cowell going so far as to threaten that he’d quit the show if Sanjaya wins. He may end up regretting he said that….

As of this past episode, it seems clear that FOX now realizes what’s going on, and instead of bashing Sanjaya, they are promoting him. He was seated for his performance of “Besa Me Mucho,” which gave him a consistent distance from the microphone so the volume of his voice wouldn’t fade in and out as it had in previous performances. The mix was balanced with effects to make his voice sound as lush and sonorous as possible.

This was the only copy that hadn’t already been taken down for “terms of use violation,” so this might not last either. Sanjaya’s performance was soulful and romantic for all the young girls watching, and the musical arrangement was quite good.

(I may be unfairly biased, as I am good friends with one of the composer/arrangers of the background music you hear on American Idol… though he didn’t do this one, as they have several arrangers. He and I have not collaborated on any projects together at this point, but might in the future.)

The cameras compensated for Sanjaya’s lack of movement, and his eyes following the close-up pan at the end was obviously scripted, as you can see. 

In short, they’ve decided to take the momentum, run with it and make him into a star… and though they will profit from his success, this is yet another example where the covert agenda of “Damage Joy” is replaced with a much healthier form of joy… true unconditional love.

If I were in Sanjaya’s position, I would hope that I could exemplify that same degree of balance, poise, purity and humility under fire… just as the average person watching the show could aspire to in their own negative situations. 

It smells… and tastes… much better than schadenfreude.

Can you feel it?