Thursday 4/19/07See videos from some of the greatest modern musicians that can help heal and give perspective. 

I’ve had two different people write in with suicidal thoughts since the shooting. It turns out that this young man was desperately isolated and lonely, and it casts a whole different view on what happened.

Sometimes music is better than words as a response… and Peter Gabriel, along with his former bandmates Genesis, the undeniably poignant Prince song “Purple Rain”, an appropriate Eric Clapton song, Cat Stevens’ famous hit “Wild World” and Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” thrown in for good measure at the end, can help process the grief and open the heart in different ways.

[Obviously if you can’t access some of this music, such as Peter Gabriel or Genesis, then this probably won’t do it for you… but these are some of my favorite songs, and it feels like a good time to share. If one isn’t working for you, try the next one… “Don’t Give Up…”]


Peter Gabriel: Don’t Give Up

Peter Gabriel: Family Snapshot (Warning: Not bloody but provocative)

Peter Gabriel: Red Rain

Peter Gabriel: I Grieve

Peter Gabriel: Biko

Peter Gabriel: Games Without Frontiers

Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill

Peter Gabriel: Rhythm of the Heat (Warning: Graphic Cartoon Violence)

Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven

Prince: Purple Rain (Click to link back to YouTube page)

Cat Stevens: Wild World (Click to link back to YouTube page)

Jim Croce: Time in a Bottle

Genesis: No Reply At All

Genesis: Turn It On Again