Is there a “consciousness field” of “radiant mind energy” that we all share? Could this be causing the changes we are now witnessing on the Earth and throughout the solar system? Does it have any effect on DNA, including complete species transformation?


Is this ‘Mind Field’ the ultimate answer to solving financial collapse, terrorism, violent crime and all manner of Earth Changes, leading to a true Science of Peace? … Yes.


Most people on Earth are sleepwalking… living in a vast illusion.

Unwittingly, unknowingly, they participate in a worldwide agreement… to see reality a certain way.

Like a bizarre religion, facts may not have anything to do with this mass dream.

The hidden, unspoken ‘collective agreement’ about “the real world” is subconsciously worshipped as if it were the Will of God.


Science passes down the Laws… perhaps “sanitized” a bit… and we blindly invoke the power of the word “They” in describing the collective knowledge we inherit.

“THEY came out with a faster hard drive.”

“THEY say sunlight gives you skin cancer.”

“THEY say we evolved from random mutations.”

“THEY say there is no scientific evidence of intelligent life outside the Earth.”


What makes us long for a higher authority to put our trust in, and do all the thinking for us? Why do we so easily believe the things we are told as if they were true, just because the mainstream says so?

As you may have been reading in David’s Blog, we may not think about God much at all, on a conscious level — but subconsciously we all have a “God Reflex” that seeks safety, comfort, warmth and love — sometimes quite obsessively. When we have safety, comfort, warmth and love, our subconscious / animal / instinctive self says “God” loves us, and we feel great — but when we lose those ‘creature comforts’ we become despondent — even furious.

One of the things that makes us feel the safest — the most comfortable, warm and loved — is feeling that we are part of a group, part of a majority, part of the “winning” side. This is actually a holdover from our animal heritage — the desire to form a pack and look up to an ‘alpha male’ for leadership and protection.




It has become obvious that the ‘mainstream’ view of reality is not working. It is actually killing us — and inspiring us to kill each other. Resources are increasingly scarce on this planet, and it’s easy to attack people who appear to have more than you do.

Or, if you’re the one on the ‘winning side’, and someone is attacking YOU because they feel they have less, it is very easy to highlight differences in race, culture or religion to enforce the idea that they are not worthy of your respect or compassion… that their deaths can be attributed to “collateral damage.” <yawn>


Imagine if there was a scientific case that could PROVE that the harm we do to others — no matter how dehumanized we’ve made them in our own minds — actually reflects directly back into our own lives?

Imagine if there was PROOF that we are not separate and isolated from each other — that regardless of race, religion, culture or creed, by simply being alive on Earth, we are sharing each other’s thoughts… just like we share the air we breathe?

Imagine if you had rock-solid evidence that your own conscious mind — the most private, personal and secret part of you — is actually receiving other people’s thoughts all the time… and transmitting thoughts as well?



An ever-increasing number of scientists are speaking Truth to Power — going against what “THEY” say to reveal the secrets of our interconnectedness. Movies like “What the Bleep Do We Know” and “The Secret” have only scratched the surface — literally equivalent to a kindergarten class in metaphysics compared to the full scope of the case that can be made — but they have at least opened a dialogue. Nonetheless, we still have a long, long way to go, and many dazzling mysteries yet to uncover.



As you may have imagined, the “mainstream” perspective of reality is not simply a random event, nor is it a democratic process of collective agreement. The discussions you hear in the media are carefully stage-managed to insure that information never gets released that would upset the balance of power — and only those most deeply lost in the dance of “the real world” are failing to see the obvious at this time. Still, however, they may not realize just HOW different the truth really is… from the ‘mainstream’ illusion.

What the average person knows and believes is “right” and is “true,” because “They Say” it is, may be so distorted as to be almost completely useless.

Skeptics become addicted to being “right”, and worship the Collective Agreement we all subconsciously buy into — with as much fervor as a member of a fundamentalist religion trumpets their dogma. Yet, you are the one who still gets to CHOOSE whether you believe them or not, despite their seemingly unshakable confidence.

Men of confidence. Confidence men… con-men.

Rule number one of the skeptic — most people will assume you are telling them the truth if you do so with absolute, unshakable certainty that you are right. Most people would never speak in such a manner unless they absolutely KNEW they were right — so they assume the same is true for everyone.

As a result, we voluntarily accept our own chains of imprisonment to a worldview that leaves us feeling isolated, abandoned and alone — as if we were a random accident, in a world full of unpredictable dangers — requiring the System to become our Father/Mother/God/Protector, and save us from the Bad Man.



What would religionists or scientific fundamentalists do if they had PROOF that their own minds were filled with thoughts… from all over the planet… including those individuals and groups they have the most contempt for — and believe themselves completely separate from?

What if your animal side has trained you to interpret these transmissions from the ‘Mind Field’ as if you created them all inside your own head… so as to avoid a sort of mass, collective schizophrenia… at least until we can learn to actually love each other, and find our shared Oneness?

If you don’t BELIEVE in synchronicity, miracles, the Law of Attraction, the power of our interconnectedness, then how easy would it be to brush off any and all proof to the contrary as “just a coincidence?”

What if consciousness — this supposedly private phenomenon in our own minds — is actually the basic characteristic of energy throughout the entire Universe?

What if the very mind that you think with… as you read these words… is already totally plugged in to a collective Consciousness Field… which every person interacts with as if it were private and personal — as if it were only their own thoughts they were thinking?

Whose thoughts are you thinking right now?

What feelings are you feeling right now?

Where are the highest, noblest and most wonderful thoughts and feelings coming from… ultimately?

What Intelligence are you tapping into — and allowing it to BECOME your conscious mind — when you think the most loving, radiant, peaceful thoughts?

What if your thoughts of love and peace were VASTLY more powerful than thoughts of hatred and fear?

What if simply clearing up the debris in your own mind — getting all the clutter out that is caused by emotional pains, buried in your past — has an immediate, positive impact… on the supposedly ‘private’ thoughts of everyone else?


This is not a fake. This is not speculation. This is not drooling New Age ignorance.

This is The Science of Peace.



What if there was a whole science to studying this energy of the Mind Field — how it behaves, what it ‘does,’ how it can be harnessed, and how it is affecting our entire planet… nay, our solar system… at this time?

What if no matter how “right” we think we are, the Universe actually is a thinking, super-intelligent Being… trying to get us to lighten our rigid, fixed perspectives and take in new information?

How would the Universe go about teaching us something we may not want to know… something we absolutely refuse to believe… if ultimately this knowledge is far more important than anything else we will ever say, think or do in any number of human incarnations?

What if it is vital to our very survival that we realize we are creating our own reality, far more than we may ever believe? … That government corruption, war, famine, terrorism and all manner of Earth Changes are a mirror reflection… of our own internal disharmony?

What if we already HAVE the answer to create Peace… a power that everyone can call upon and use, once we understand the fundamentals… and by putting the pieces together and studying them, we can share this knowledge with others — and help turn things around?

What if the final answer to “save the world” is already known — ever since the dawn of Time — but the “Prime Directive” of the Universe is free will, so you still have to make up your own mind… you can never be force-fed information, no matter how vital it might be to your survival and ultimate spiritual growth?



Enter The Science of Peace — a cosmic download of scientific and spiritual information so far-reaching that what you have just read is only the starting point. This is a new way of living, thinking and BEING, involving mysteries we could never even have dreamed of. All of our best scientific material has been synthesized together into the ultimate merging of science and spirit — and after a two-year embargo, we finally have been legally cleared to release it!


As you may recall, I had originally been advised to “embargo” The Science of Peace because it might be too similar to our CONVERGENCE film — but as our screenwriting process has evolved, it has become clear that even though there is crossover in the two projects, we can go ahead and reveal this vitally important work.

I am very relieved to be finally offering it to the world, as we put an enormous amount of work into it… and then had to let it sit, sit, sit there, for two years, with no one able to appreciate and receive this information — so vital to our future.

In The Science of Peace I deliver three complete 65-minute lectures of my best material — the equivalent of three full documentary films, jam-packed with breakthrough new information… which builds on everything you’ve just read, and beyond.

All meat… no chit-chat or long, rambling monologues on the same small point. (Not guilty!)

Unlike many other “books on tape” or related products out there, where you might hear a little, if any, music at the beginning, this entire series is set to a dynamic, uplifting soundtrack… and it cycles through a variety of musical styles, from cosmic ambient, to guitar lullaby, to acid jazz, to meditative, to funk grooves, to gentle classical, to intense Tangerine Dream trance.



We have already had an overwhelming response, in just the first 24 hours, before I wrote any of the words you just read — and we thank you for that! Even if you have no interest in downloading something right now, no problem… this isn’t some crazy, psychologically-invasive sales pitch, it’s my life’s work — my ultimate gift to the world, I feel — and there’s a lot more to the story than what I’ve already shared.

As you may know, my science work never paid the bills. I was always guided to release this material entirely for free, and there are three complete CONVERGENCE books, free of charge, on this website — with a grand synthesis of information far ahead of its time, and far more advanced than anything else out there.

No… Science didn’t pay the bills — but UNDERSTANDING that my mind was tapped in to a Universal Consciousness Field … and using that connection to help people… did.

Until August 2005, when I began drawing income from the production of the CONVERGENCE film, my income was from “dream readings”. This is how I first became aware of the fact that our conscious mind thinks other people’s thoughts as if they were our own.

Until you learn to ask “is this mine or someone else’s,” and go into the thoughtforms with a clear-headed, rational perspective, rather than run from them, you are plagued with hidden, faceless anxieties that never truly get resolved — because you are unwittingly tapping in to the Collective Shadow of humanity.

Most people are trapped in a mind-prison that is not a whole lot different than the collective, instinctive behavior shared within the animal kingdom. Nonetheless, there IS a higher level of consciousness you can reach than what the ‘mass mind’ pumps out, even though that signal can be VERY loud in your conscious thoughts at times. And there are all sorts of seemingly scary things out there to try to get you to BUY IN to the fear, as if it were real.

Now, we have Earth Changes and corrupt governments to REVEAL that shadow to us… making it so loud and OBVIOUS that we CANNOT ignore it… so we can heal and cleanse the pain of APPARENT separation within ourselves.

Once we change the within, the ‘without’ will follow.

For many years, I did this work one person at a time. Considering the ‘demand inundation’ I have now, which ultimately caused me to shut the whole thing down, they were quite fortunate to find me before I got more popular.

Every day I had a client scheduled, (up to 4 days a week,) even though I knew nothing more about them than their name, email address and the fact that they had a session that day (and sometimes I forgot that as well!!), I would get a guided tour of their subconscious mind — in my own dream — complete with all the hidden horrors they hadn’t been facing within their own Shadow.

In short, I used this same science I’ve been discussing with you to blend with other people, BECOME those people, LIVE their lives and DISCOVER what they most needed to know to heal themselves.

I have just about completely lost all traces of fear from doing this for eight years straight. After a while, all fear starts to look the same — it is born in the shadow, born in the absence of light, born in the lack of knowledge of our true reality — of real science — of how the Universe really works.

If someone had been through a horrible experience, I re-lived it in the dream as if it were my own. The real ‘dealbreaker,’ as I have said before, was the eye surgery — complete with each and every white-knuckle stage of the process. “There’s got to be a better way for me to help the planet than this,” I said, even though I had an amazing healing experience with that client… no one had ever experienced her pain so personally before.

As time went on, I realized that I could reach everyone at the same time… by tapping into the ‘archetypal roots’ of everyone’s pain, which we all share in the “Human Energy Field.” I called these “global readings”, and published many of them freely on my website.

Right from the beginning, when all this started in November 1996, I was being told that I should put my focus into projects that helped larger groups of people, rather than focusing in on the one-on-one work. Ultimately, if you do the larger-scale work properly, it always feels personal anyway — since there really is no separate self, in the grandest scheme of things.

So, in 2004 I had multiple appearances on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory and/or Art Bell within a short time… the last of which was that August. Thanks to this media break, my request list for readings skyrocketed, (at the time I was still taking clients, unlike now) and it would take me over a year for me to try to process them. I never was able to finish the job… the psychological stress of guiding each person “through hell and back,” four or more times a week, started to get to me.



After one of my earlier appearances on Coast in 2004, Larry Seyer requested a reading. His turn finally came up some six or seven months later, in January 2005. For me it was just another night with a client, and by now the whole thing had become quite routine.

Early in our conversation, Larry told me he did want a reading, but what he really wanted was to collaborate with me on a music project. Being politely cynical after having “marriage proposals” day after day in emails and on the phone, I just kept my mouth shut… but a while later, as he was going on about his musical career, he offhandedly mentioned he had nine Grammys.

With both of us living in the South at the time, my most clever rebuttal would have been, “Nine Grammys? Sheeyit. How many Pappys you got?” – but I wasn’t that quick. Instead, my usually eloquent mind just hiccupped a bit, and I blurted out, “Wait… What?”

Yes… it turned out that eight of them were for his work as a recording engineer and one was for an inspiring guitar solo. All of them were in the country genre, which explained why I’d never heard of him before – but when we started comparing notes about our favorite types of music, they were incredibly identical. Country was what happened to pay the bills for his area, in Austin, Texas – so that was the work he had predominantly done.

Larry also had branched out, since the music industry was cranking out a lot less product now than in, say, the 1990s – and he became one of the chief sound engineers contributing to a program most people know very little about, called Gigastudio. If you’re a music geek, you SHOULD know about this program, as it has already made everything else obsolete. [See appendix for details.]


Just over a week later, I was on a flight to Austin, Texas… and throughout the rest of the month, we collaborated on a project that was originally intended to fit onto three CDs. This was just before online downloading completely blew out the CD market… [For those who invariably WILL still want the CDs, we don’t have it in that form yet, but may in the future if there is enough demand.]

I had been doing a lot of seminars — literally once a month — and was sharing information there that I still haven’t put out on this website, because I was concerned it would be widely plagiarized by a host of people who would claim it was their own “channeling” or research. I’d already been down that road before, as earlier editions of David’s Blog will tell you.

All my recent Coast appearances had made me really sharp as a speaker. There was a lot of material that I was still holding onto, and had never publicized before, and there was a wealth of other material that had been converging and synchronizing together, better and better, each time I delivered a Power Point presentation to a live audience. At the time I had no idea that it would all soon turn into a Hollywood film as well…

I ended up delivering all my best material into The Science of Peace series, over the course of three 65-minute power-packed lectures. Larry found a super-high-end mic that fit the best with my voice, and we routed it through the same studio equipment that had previously assisted acts such as Huey Lewis and the News, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, George Strait, the Dixie Chicks … and 500 other signed recording artists.



Larry gave me feedback on the content after each section — and after the first 65-minute ‘download’, he told me he really liked the material about the Maharishi Effect, and felt that should become the ‘center of gravity’ for the whole remainder of the presentation.

I took his advice, and really allowed the second and third lectures to focus much more heavily on this aspect. It was Larry’s decision, based on his emotional and spiritual response to my first lecture, that would also set the mold for the CONVERGENCE film as well — which would get launched less than a month after we finished The Science of Peace.

OK, so then what is the Maharishi Effect? The short and sweet answer is it is the proof of the power of the Mind to bring peace to the planet.


Most people are not aware that meditation can have a STRONG impact on the apparent free-will behavior of others. The above graph gives an example from multiple studies performed in the midst of an Israel-Lebanon war in 1983-84. (I guess you can’t really call it THE Israel-Lebanon war…)

Believe it or not, a group of 7000 people meditating – people who weren’t even sure if it would “do” anything — were able to reduce the amount of crime, fatalities and terrorist activities around the world.

“Sure,” the skeptic would say. “Two to five percent, something like that… a statistical fluke.”

It’s not two percent. It’s not five percent.

Not ten, or twenty, or fifty.

Not even sixty-five. Still too low.

Fully SEVENTY-TWO PERCENT of all terrorist activity STOPPED during the time these 7000 people were meditating, in one instance!

The people themselves didn’t even know if it would work — but these results were tested against the best statistical data in the world, from the RAND corporation, and all other effects — weekends, holidays, et cetera — were ruled out. There was only a billions-to-one possibility that anything OTHER than the meditation had been responsible for the effect — which was immediate and highly significant.

This means that fully three out of four people who would normally hit their wife, commit suicide, pick up a gun and shoot at people, or otherwise commit an act of violence… chose NOT to do so.

This was all thanks to the efforts of a group of people they would never see, never meet, never know… but who nonetheless were having a very strong effect.



One of the analogies you will hear in The Science of Peace is that we all share a “consciousness field” that in some ways is like a temperature. If you are in a room where the temperature gets hotter and hotter, and there’s no way out, after a while all that heat is going to make you irritable, angry, “fired up,” short-tempered and “hot”. Yet, if there is a sudden burst of cool, fresh air, and the temperature drops, you feel a wave of relief, you can “chill out”, “be cool,” kick back and relax… and everything is fine.

This analogy is not just a metaphor — and in this case, phrases like “fired up” and “chill out” may reveal our generally-hidden knowledge of the Mind Field and how it operates. Since we think with the field, we may discover that we know a lot more than we realize… once we learn to allow ourselves to meditate, quiet down the noise and MERGE with our deepest, truest identity.

In The Science of Peace I also give a wealth of scientific evidence to show how the ‘mind field’ directly affects the Earth — and actually IS the cause of the “earth changes” we’re suffering through now — not industrial emissions of “Greenhouse Gases.” The “heat” of the Mind Field does eventually translate into heat in the Earth, if we do not adequately process it in our conscious minds first.

It is NO ACCIDENT that when Israel was attacking Lebanon last year, causing worldwide fear of an apocalyptic end-times Battle of Armageddon that could have consumed the entire Middle East in war, there was an incredible heat wave.

I remember what it was like living in LA during that time. Santa Monica was supposed to be cool enough that you never needed AC, and my apartment didn’t even have it. Suddenly, when this heat wave hit, the heat was so strong it was just oppressive — just beyond belief. It was like a sledgehammer, blocking out all thought.

This went on for the entire remainder of the war — all over Europe, the Americas and elsewhere — and as soon as the war de-escalated, the heat backed off. We almost lost our entire power grid from everyone running their air conditioners — the load was something we weren’t expecting to see for another decade. Trying to find a fan to purchase in LA was like trying to find a dose of Cipro after 9/11 — not that I would have ever taken the stuff, but you get the point.

Another case in point was the Indonesian tsunami — which created an absolutely catastrophic loss of life. The seafloor suddenly rose in height by a substantial amount in a huge earthquake, and it triggered huge waves that decimated entire islands and their populations. This happened right around Christmastime — and anyone trained in suicide-prevention counseling knows that the worst time of the year for suicides, statistically speaking, is the holidays — particularly Christmas. So, this was a bad time for the consciousness field of humanity — too many people were “offline” and had allowed their attitudes to slip into worry and fear.

Or, if you’ve seen the BBC documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, which we will soon be linking to in the climate change article I’m writing with Hoagland, you’ll see something interesting… right in front of the scientists’ faces… but no one even THINKS of it. Take a close look at this snapshot I took:

The green line is the Earth’s overall temperature. There is a steady warming trend through the first half of the 20th century, up until the end of World War II — where everyone could “chill out” and relax. Temperatures immediately started going down, worldwide. Then, global temperatures CONTINUED decreasing, steadily, through the entire “Post-War Economic Boom” — even while our production of “greenhouse gases” was skyrocketing.

At the exact point that the ‘boom’ ends, thanks to the sudden gas crisis and widespread economic recession in the early 1970s, global temperatures started INCREASING… and have been going up ever since. Hence, the best scientific warming data suggests that our own state of consciousness is far more potentially “toxic” and damaging to the planet — the way we think each day, as we move through our apparently private lives — than any industrial emissions we are creating.

Also, of course, turning our lives around and focusing on the positive has far more of an impact than we could ever imagine.

Surprised? Don’t be. This is how the Universe really works! The entire Universe — all matter as we know it — is created from an energy that mainstream scientists are only beginning to understand. The consciousness properties of this energy are the weirdest stumbling blocks for most people who are “conditioned” by mainstream thought.

It’s hard to imagine that our minds could have that much power over the Earth’s temperature — unless we start allowing for the possibility that the whole Earth is conscious, and its purpose is to be a giant “virtual reality machine” for us to explore… yet most of us never really get the point, as you’ve just seen it in this graph.

When we have a positive attitude, as we did in the post-war economic boom, relatively speaking, all these rising energies flow into us — but if our attitude gets negative, that energy still has to go somewhere, and it ends up displacing into the Earth as excess heat, severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and the like.

You may think this is all silliness, but in The Science of Peace I build on this case, with additional interconnecting data that cannot easily be shot down. We realize how our consciousness is affecting not just the level of crime, fatality and terrorism, but the actual behavior of the Earth.



You, and the friends you play this for, will also learn how we are moving into a zone of higher-charged energy in the galaxy, complete with the never-before-seen scientific evidence. More importantly, I describe how this new energy is not only affecting our Solar System but even moreso our DNA. Our fossil record shows repeated instances of there being sudden upgrades of all life on Earth, in even intervals of time — such as 26 million years in one case, and 62 million years in another:

Most specialists blame these changes on “mass extinction” caused by cataclysmic activity — such as the “monster asteroid” alluded to in the above image, as if it were a proven fact — but in some of these cycles there is no evidence of a cataclysm. The DNA simply upgrades and evolves, and new creatures spontaneously emerge, followed by long periods with hardly any change whatsoever. And then, when you fast-forward another 26 or 62 million years forward, you get another major upgrade of all life on Earth… all in these even cycles of time.

I propose, based on the evidence, that these are not random happenings. The Science of Peace presents scientific evidence that DNA is a resonant antenna for the consciousness field, and when the consciousness field increases in frequency, the antenna itself changes. This naturally occurs as we move into a more organized level of ‘intelligent energy’ in the Galaxy, and there is reason to believe it is happening again, surrounding the year 2012.

I also cite more than one piece of laboratory evidence, with living creatures, showing that we can PROVE that you can completely metamorphosize a developing embryo from one species to another… by an energetic process that uses nothing but coherent light. This means that we have scientific proof that DNA can, in fact, be energetically re-arranged, and is not a static, fixed structure.

The new creatures that are created have no measurable traces of what they had been before — they can breed and reproduce with others in their species as if they had been born that way.

This means that the apparent ‘mass extinctions’ really may be nothing more than the last generation of a given species. Then, their own offspring begin changing, in a very short period of time, into the next stage of evolution. And there is every reason to believe that this is happening to us right now.



The Science of Peace also gets into pyramid power — little-known Russian studies that showed how the simple construction of a pyramid, under the proper circumstances, can have unbelievably powerful healing effects on virtually any malady you can think of, including lethal diseases and cancerous tumors. This leads us to conclude that the “consciousness field” is, in fact, the source of all health and life.

Even more incredibly, the Russians discovered that when they built these pyramids in a given area, they would reduce earthquakes, close ozone holes, deflect severe storms, purify the water and increase production from oil wells by as much as 25 percent!

The pyramid acts as a “funnel” for this fluidlike energy of the ‘mind field’, harnessing it into a given area — and there are immediate, noticeable benefits, not just for people being near the pyramids, but the earth itself.

This is really powerful stuff, as it does prove that earth changes can be directly lessened by tweaking the consciousness field. Pyramids can be seen to act like acupuncture needles in the energy body of the Earth… and they have the exact same effect.

But rather than getting hung up on the idea of building pyramids everywhere, it is important to remember that YOU are a pyramid!

You can meditate and have that effect of a blast of cool, healing air… directly feeding into the consciousness field of humanity, which we all share. The Science of Peace shows us how our conscious mind is constantly receiving influences from the Mind Field that we interpret as personal events — and only rarely see that they may come from elsewhere.

We now know, from the Russian pyramid studies, that when we move into attunement within ourselves, it will directly ease the Earth Changes as well, making this a safer planet for everyone — and doing this practice ultimately costs nothing… except your time, focus and love.

This is why we feel confident that the CONVERGENCE film will be a big success. Everyone WANTS this science to be true… NEEDS this to be true… and will be very relieved to find out that it IS true — that we are not powerless against forces that seem so much bigger and more influential than we are.

Ultimately, we learn that the Earth is, in fact, a sentient being, and that it is only mirroring back the disharmony and chaos of our own lives. It’s one thing to believe that on a spiritual level, and it is quite another thing to arm yourself with the FACTS.



The last 15 minutes or so of the third section is a meditation, specifically intended to attune you to the greater field of the Universal Mind for your own healing… and the healing of the planet.

You hear the words that help guide you through the barriers of pain that are holding you back from connecting with your Higher Self, so you can rebuild that bridge — which you never really lost — and begin reaping the benefits in your own life, while also giving valuable aid to the planet.

This goes well beyond simply using the “Law of Attraction” to bring in financial prosperity, though that is certainly one benefit of such a practice… at least until the Earth evolves to a level where we can manifest anything we need by direct conscious thought.

I do believe The Science of Peace is the most important information the higher forces want us to know at this moment in history.

That’s why I’m delighted that we can share it now, without destructively interfering with CONVERGENCE: The Movie. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is now a dramatic film, and the scientific presentation will feature interviews with various pioneers in the special-features section of the DVD.



After doing this series I met Billy Blake, and soon did even more research to round out this information about the ‘consciousness field’. That research only further shored up the foundation of the content I released in The Science of Peace, and it will be a very substantial advancement over anything else that has ever been released in a spiritual film. Without releasing details, that knowledge has also helped me clarify how I write these words for you today.

Nonetheless, you can already get the ultimate point — what I have been guided to share by the Universal Mind — in the Science of Peace series.



The series is deliberately broken up into three segments, so you can create study groups, and play it for them in three increments, at three different meetings.

I recommend taking time off between each section, as there is a ‘recap’ at the beginning of the second and third lectures that reminds you of what you’ve already learned. The ideal setting is a group of people getting together, either on three consecutive days or perhaps three consecutive weeks, and having discussions after each section — as it raises a variety of talking points, and each person will have valuable insights to add to the material.

If you try to plow through all of them in one sitting, it will probably be ‘information overload’. Though most people really appreciate it, some people may find the re-iteration at the beginning of the second and third disc a bit distracting, if they can actually hold all the information in their mind at once. We did it this way because it works the best for the greatest number of people.

Nonetheless, even if you do choose to go ‘all out’ and listen to the whole thing in one sitting, you will come away from it being far more equipped to talk about this with others… you will have the facts, and you can listen and enjoy most of this material while driving or otherwise, and memorize the key points with each new listen. Furthermore, with the soundtrack it really is a full-immersion experience — bringing the visuals out a lot more in your mind’s eye and really setting the mood for each sub-section.

You also could order a copy for a friend, and send them the email. The links have a timeline, but if they happen to expire, don’t worry… as long as we don’t see evidence of it being downloaded on our server, we can renew it for your friend.



Premium CDs, particularly of niche-market items like this, still go for 18 dollars each. You’ve probably already seen other audio collections in this “niche metaphysics” category that go for 45 dollars or more per disc… which is really just absurd. Even at a ‘normal’ price of 18 bucks per ‘disc,’ the whole series would weigh in at 54 dollars. We knocked it down to make it as affordable as we could, given the amount of studio time and post-production work that went into it — each section weighing in at 13.33, (like that?) which is less expensive than my popular “What is My Purpose” CD, once you include shipping.

Of course, some people never want to pay for anything, and that’s fine — keep coming back to the website and I will continue posting updates regularly. You can definitely see this is not just another metaphysical website that sits there and teases you, hoping you’ll part with your cash… it is an ongoing, living resource to help understand and navigate these very interesting and awakening times we’re living in.

The Science of Peace comes in the form of a single download. If you only have dial-up internet access the file is prohibitively large, and we may put together an MP3 CD in the future for such folks, so we can fit everything on one disc and have something we can mail.

What you will first pull in is a self-extracting ZIP file, so all you have to do is open it… and the three MP3s are created in whatever file you direct them to.

You can open them directly into your Itunes music folder, download them into your Ipod, et cetera… and Larry has set them up so they blend in perfectly with the others, complete with the sexy graphics:


You will also see the graphics in Windows Media Player, on an Ipod with graphic support or any other associated product — and the audio is totally high-end, industry-standard quality. (Suffice it to say we’ve both done music before… lifetimes before!)

The whole hassle that we’ve been going through with the website these last two weeks, switching from one server to another, has all been intended to make these downloads as fast and painless for you as possible… and in fact, I’m really impressed because we can beat the heck out of this ‘dedicated server’ and it’s still pumping out the data at upwards of 650K per second!

If you have broadband access, can watch YouTube videos and such things, then you can pull in the whole file in little more time than it takes to go walk out to the mailbox, open your letters, recycle the paper and come back — or read your most recent emails. A half-meg a second is just as fast as an Itunes download!



We ask that you please not put these MP3s on bit-torrent or other file-sharing services. We understand that for many, file-sharing has become a fact of life that they don’t even see as a bad thing — but in this case you’re only hurting two guys who are doing their best to get the word out. As soon as one person makes it “go viral”, we run the risk of having it become a big hit… while we have no funding to support it going to the next level. Of course, you are more than welcome to share and distribute the freebies that we’re putting up on the order page. It’s OK… pull ’em in… our server can take it!

Things are moving into high gear on the planet now, and each time you or a friend purchases this series, you are giving us invaluable assistance in helping this knowledge reach the mass public, where it is most needed. I do wish more people were talking about this, and had discovered this on their own, but so far this is it!

If we get a good response, Larry and I will be able to afford the studio time to do more products like this in the future, based on your feedback… on what you want to hear more of.

Let’s say you really, deeply, sincerely want everyone you know to listen, and they can’t all afford it. That’s cool… if you get those same friends together for a meeting, then as we said, feel free to play it for them and discuss it as a group (not to burn free copies on CDs afterwards, of course…).

Given the startling popularity of films like “The Secret,” which is basically just “Law of Attraction 101”, (with some vital missing pieces that make it an incomplete teaching), there are ever-more people who are now ready to hear something that is light-years more advanced, but builds on the same principles — namely that our minds are tapped into a shared energy field, which directly manifests whatever we choose to put our focus on. It’s a much bigger story than just wishing for a Beamer and the garage in your new mansion to go with it.



Fast-forward to the very recent past…

One of the things I really asked (OK, begged) Larry for was to create a music-only CD of the soundtrack we manifested at the time. We really did some legendary music for this series — other industry people I’ve played it for have said “This is really good $#!+, man” — and for the average person, combining all these elements will be completely life-changing.

Once you’ve listened enough times to the series, you will undoubtedly want to just hear the music by itself and continue ruminating on the concepts, or whatever else crosses your mind. The music brings in the memories of what you learned — but gives you enough freedom to take it in new directions. And even if we had never released the spoken part of The Science of Peace, the music would still stand on its own as an accessible work of art.

We have now re-mixed and re-mastered ALL the original songs from the series, and added glistening new instrumental tracks in many cases to further make them stand on their own. The guitar solos were always a highlight in the third section of the Science of Peace… you can download a free MP3 on The Science of Peace order page and hear some of Larry’s mastery — which always reminds me of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd — for yourself.

The music collection is, again, a large single-file download… this time in impeccable 320K MP3 audio… and you end up with 117 minutes of music to explore. We are really pleased with how it’s turned out, as it puts you into an immediate trance.

This collection also includes both the regular and extended versions of the orchestral / ambient piece I composed recently with Gigastudio, entitled “The Journey”. If you order the whole Science of Peace music collection, it is much less expensive, minute for minute, than buying these versions of The Journey as stand-alone downloads.


It feels great to finally be writing this up after all this time… and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks to the power of broadband, you can get started within just a few minutes, and be well on your way to understanding some of the deepest scientific and spiritual truths of this time we’re in!

Of course, we thank you for your support — even if that just means that you keep visiting and reading these updates. We appreciate your positive energy and encouragement!

OK, I’m ready to discover The Science of Peace! Hit me, baby, one more time! (Wait, wrong artist…)


The MP3 archive will still continue to be regularly updated with new readings, but since this is a complete product with music, we’re offering it separately. It is not available in the archive. Minute for minute, the archive is admittedly a far better deal… with radio appearances, lectures, readings, music, et cetera… but what makes the Science of Peace so unique is the extensive scope of what I cover, the elegance of how it is put together and the majesty of the soundtrack.



Here we go…


When you see a movie like National Treasure, you may not be aware of the fact that most, if not all the orchestral instruments you hear in the music (the score, as it’s called) are now being computer-generated. It’s true! Gigastudio is the musical equivalent of all the super-realistic CG animation effects that are appearing in movies on the visual level.

Certainly, big composers like John Williams, and the scores for your high-end multi-million-dollar movies, are still using live orchestras, but Gigastudio is the de-facto industry-standard piece of software that is being used in most low to mid-range budgeted films.

With “keyswitching” you can program a part of the keyboard that doesn’t normally play to become a switch for different sounds. If you have a violin, for example, the note range only goes about halfway down the keyboard. Normally these lower-range “dead notes” on your violin would do nothing, but now if you hit the right C you can make your violin have a slow attack, if you hit C sharp you get a faster attack, D gets you an even faster attack, et cetera.

You can program things like legato, spicato, harmonics, pizzicato, trills, octave attacks, half-step tremolo, whole-step tremolo, et cetera – every way the instrument could be played and written out in sheet music. You can even learn how to make a live performance this way so you can get all these effects in real time. In short, it’s just amazing to sit there with your keyboard, play around and hear these picture-perfect sounds coming out.


It used to be that you had to run Gigastudio on a separate computer, intended just for that purpose, but the new generation of processors are making it possible to run everything on one machine. The 500-dollar version of the program, Gigastudio Orchestra, comes complete with enough sounds to get started:

Since drums were always my main instrument growing up, I admit that it was an incredible high to find out that Larry had engineered the best digital drum sounds on the planet – extracted from the voluminous collection of Pat Mastelotto, the drummer for King Crimson — and when I heard them myself, it was just beyond belief. It is essentially impossible to differentiate between Larry’s drums and the real thing, because he’s sampled eight different zones across the entire drumhead, and each of them at a variety of different velocities:

[Larry and I went to the NAMM show last year and were trying to turn the Roland people on to this, as their highest-end digital drum systems STILL are not using more than two ‘zones’ of samples per drum — namely the rim and the center of the head. The technology exists to build a digital drum kit that would make full use of Larry’s libraries, with all eight zones, but so far no one has actually built it. Invariably it will happen, and I want to be the first guy to get one! It would be almost identical to playing real drums, but you could do it with headphones on and disturb no one — and if you make mistakes, you can fix them all in your MIDI sequencer afterwards.]