Wednesday, March 14, 2007 – 

I awoke with a dream this morning suggesting economic woes… and was not surprised to hit Drudge Report and see that the markets had already experienced the second-strongest pullback since the day after we first wrote “The Revealing”.

Ultimately this is all part of a greater spiritual ballet we are dancing through at this time… and knowing this fact can make all the difference. 

Right at the moment I am blessed with enough prosperity that I knew a dream like this was not my own – but it still caused me some concern at first. The challenge you run being an intuitive is that you pick up other people’s thoughts as if they were your own – and for years I’ve done this to an even greater degree in the dream plane, where I literally live out people’s deepest fears. 

At times in the past, I’ve noticed that if enough people start feeling the same thing at the same time – fear, for example – then I experience it in my dream directly.  In this case there was enough information that by the time I saw the Drudge headline (which admittedly had started yesterday with an alarmist note about home foreclosures), I knew why I had this dream. Here’s the data, with my analysis as we go. Bear in mind that ‘621’ is the name I’ve given the house I grew up in, for the sake of simplicity: 


  • Earlier along I remember interacting with a family
  • It seemed at times to be like 621, particularly around the kitchen
  • It also had a more urban feel, perhaps like Santa Monica in some ways
  • I do remember that it was fairly dark
  • There was some kind of holiday, something involving crafts
  • Work was being done to make sure it would be nice
  • There may have been some religious aspects to the whole thing – even like Southern Baptist but also perhaps a Jewish feeling


I am not sure which holiday was being discussed here – in the Christian sense, Easter is coming up fairly soon. I do find it interesting that we are about to head into the “Ides of March,” i.e. March 15th, which is a historically superstitious date for negative events. Based on the rest of the dream, the point seems to be establishing a template that applies to a wide variety of people – living their lives, more or less focusing on the positive. 

  • At some point a young boy came up to me when I was out in the driveway
  • It seemed that his parents were not around and he was just wandering on his own
  • He seemed to have a sense of purpose about what he was doing
  • However, I got the sense that his parents had given him an assignment of some kind and it really was too much to ask for someone his age
  • He was trying to help them with major adult issues – financial issues, I believe
  • I could see he had become lost and I wanted to help redirect him
  • Almost as soon as I did, he got back on track and his parents arrived


This is the part of the dream that suggests we should not panic or worry. From the Higher Self perspective, most people on Earth ARE functioning at a child’s level, in terms of their real maturity. Oftentimes dreams give you a ‘summary’ earlier along, which includes the resolution, and then you go back in later and get more detail. Sometimes you wake up before it is finished the next time, so the ‘summary’ part helps you understand the whole thing. 

In this case, the dream is saying that you do NOT need to buy into the fear and panic that apparently is just starting to sweep through the mass mind. Though I do not believe we are heading into a “global economic collapse,” I interpret this dream as sharing very clear prophetic statements that a recession or pullback is starting now.

Knowing this in advance, you can be more careful about how you manage your assets, and avoid spending large amounts of money on more frivolous things. Now is not the time to buy a new car if the one you have already works, or a fancier computer because you got tired of looking at the one you have now.

I do think it’s important to continue circulating your money and investing in things that nourish your spirit, as when you choke off the circulation, you are buying into the fear. I practice this myself and even with a very unstable income source for years now, I have always stayed balanced and had a life of abundance.

As more and more people are now becoming aware, if you feed the thoughtform that you “have no money” by not spending anything other than what you absolutely need on the physical level (neglecting those things that are important on a mental and spiritual level) you are actually creating a reality – and the money disappears even faster. 

The next section seems to suggest that the sudden breakthrough of public awareness regarding “Global Warming” is now permeating through to the markets, and is partly responsible for what is starting to happen:  

  • Somehow, the house I was in was tied to a bigger lecture hall
  • It was similar to where I used to have class in New Paltz
  • There was definitely a scientific aspect to what was going on, somewhat space-oriented
  • In fact, the lecture hall was very similar to where Gore’s film on global warming was recorded


Just yesterday there was a Drudge headline where Jennifer Garner, an A-list film star, was saying that she “cries” every time she thinks about global warming – and today there is a headline proclaiming that this will be “the end of civilization as we know it.” Invariably, news like this has an adverse effect on the economy. When people awaken from denial, and are forced to look at things they’ve been avoiding, it triggers a panic response that leads to sell-offs in the markets. 

This next part is interesting as it again suggests that things might seem scary but will ultimately be fine:  

  • In the next section I found myself apparently in Santa Monica again
  • I seemed to be wanting to move into this building
  • However, the building was much more of a financial office than a true apartment
  • It had the Ionic pillars out front, the high ceilings inside, all the paraphernalia
  • Someone else was moving out before I could move in – and that family was still there when I arrived
  • They were clearly the middle-America, low-income types
  • They had the family dog with them as well, and were still trying to move their stuff out
  • Now I was looking at the possibility of renting two rooms – the one they were still clearing out (which hardly looked clear at all) and another one across the hall
  • I could see it would be quite inconvenient and I might not even really be happy there at all
  • It was clearly a compromise, something I was settling for because I had less money
  • Then, it seemed that someone else – perhaps the building owner who was showing this to me – had a pet boar on a leash
  • The boar started really going after the middle-American family’s dog
  • It seemed that the dog was in great danger
  • However, I was able to pull them apart – the boar seemed to like me and calmed right down
  • This was a bit of a surprise – a good surprise – for the others as it had looked pretty bad


In this section we get the first hint that much of the economic blowback is going to be in the housing sector – since I was trying to move in to a building that was clearly a financial office. The boar seems to represent the untamed force of nature that an economic problem can be – harming people on the most basic animal level (i.e. the dog) – but again, they were easily pulled apart and the threat relieved. 

Now we get another iteration of a similar message – again putting the focus on home mortgages:  

  • Then the dream seemed to shift
  • I was again back in the area like the kitchen of 621 but with more urban overlays
  • Now instead of the kid being the one I had to help, it was a woman who was lost
  • She was specifically trying to get a lease, and wanted my help on how to fill out the form
  • It was a yellow statement, half the size of a normal piece of paper
  • We both knew that she really didn’t have any money, but still needed to do this
  • There was some writing already on the form, off to the right
  • On the left there was a blank where she had to write in “Source of funds,” and didn’t know what to write there
  • I said, “Well, your funds are going to come from the bank, right?”
  • “Yeah,” she said
  • “Then just write “Bank” in that box – and that should be good enough.”
  • She wrote in the word “bank” and then, quite without trying, it lined up with the word fragment that was already on the form – apparently in her own handwriting
  • The two together now spelled “BANKRUPTCY” for her source of funds
  • There was an imposing feeling – this was the only form she had, and it had to be right the first time
  • After this the dream ended


This last section was the only part that didn’t come to resolution like the previous sections… but it went into even more detail about the fact that this economic problem would center around home mortgages, the slump in new home sales, and foreclosures from people defaulting on their loans. 

When the crash happened after we wrote “The Revealing,” as an apparent insider response to seeing the Illuminist’s plans coming to fruition, there was scrutiny of the Drudge Report for their sensational headlines having possibly triggered the collapse. When I first started writing this article, the main headline was about the economy, with a prominent picture of a home with a “For Sale” sign on it, and the words “Foreclosures Hit All-Time High,” or something to that effect, beneath it. 

AFTER I started writing this article today, this headline was no longer front and center – it had been buried to the bottom, with a puff piece on Bush visiting Central America occupying the headline instead. This is more evidence that it is recognized as a potentially serious problem, and therefore shouldn’t be over-emphasized as it could otherwise get even worse.

Remember – the two main positive points of the dream were, first of all, that I was able to redirect the child who was lost, associated with financial concerns, and secondly, I was able to pull the vicious boar away from the family dog so that no damage occurred. The dream makes it clear that ‘global warming’ sentiments have a lot to do with the economic changes that are being foretold here. 

Forewarned is fore-armed, and these issues are not doom and gloom – they are necessary social changes that relate to humanity moving through a mass spiritual awakening at this time. When the false gods of materialism no longer satisfy, people begin turning within for answers. Those of us who DO have a broader perspective will suddenly find there are many more people willing to listen. So, the best response you can have, if this is indeed the beginning of a trend, is to continue studying and seeking within.

All the things we’re seeing in the world are not the manifestation of chaos, doom and apocalypse, though many will falsely interpret them that way. They have been predicted and scripted for thousands of years before we ever saw them start to happen. The model that has been explained to me, from the higher forces and from many other sources I’ve read, is that if you can maintain the focus of love in your life – seeking the love in each moment and ‘bothering’ to care about others – you will continue to be guided and protected.

So I encourage you to claim your Divine right of protection… stay in the Now, be clear about the changes that are happening, and lose the fear. The greater evolution that these events trigger is well worth the pain some people will feel in getting there. It is important to keep your positive focus, as that mindset makes all the difference. 

Check my Science of Peace announcement page, also releasing today, for more information!