Monday 3 / 19 / 07 –

By focusing on doom and gloom, you are actually perpetuating the problem. In this morning’s dream we explore the psyche of the “Internet Messiah” who preaches fear to gain power over others.

We explore codependency, celebrity worship and the ‘morphine response’ that is triggered when we move into fear and panic… a true addiction that is unwittingly creating most of our world’s problems, like a giant holographic ‘virtual reality machine’. 


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Anyway, I was having a conversation with Richard Hoagland the other day on the phone, and in reference to the great majority of Coast guests who speak about Armageddon and apocalypse, I told him “it is very easy to predict the end of the world — but to make a scientific case that PROVES we have the power to help ourselves, and it’s all part of a Cosmic Plan that is ultimately perfect, takes a lot more homework.”

This was the main reason why I’ve decided to “get back in the game” stronger than ever, despite the real personal tolls of publicity when you’re trying to focus on your inner work. Many people want to see me as a leader or a great teacher, and in my own life I simply continue trying to do the best I can. No one is more keenly aware of my shortcomings and my continuing personal challenges to work through than I am. 

Nonetheless, there comes a time where you declare the inner work complete enough that you’re ready to shift into doing the outer work, and focus on serving others — and that’s where I’m at now. I’ve reached enough of a balance that I can have a positive attitude about myself and what I’m doing, so I’m not being beseiged by my own self-handicapping behaviors — feeling that one post to the site every few months is sufficient. 

The three-part MP3 series I did with Larry Seyer, The Science of Peace, is my own strongest statement of having done “the homework”, and giving a unique message of hope that is validated by scientific evidence — not just “take my word for it” channeled speculation.

Channeling has its place, but without some kind of ‘proof,’ the rational mind can easily drift back into fear. That’s why it is so important to build a criteria for trust — in the logical mind, not just in the emotional body.  



This morning’s dream had more than a hint of irony — it responded directly to what I had been saying to Richard the other night. 

The first part of the dream isn’t as clear… except to show me how some of these “Internet Messiahs” might get started.  The dream is interpreted based on its overall context. By the time you get to the end, it becomes obvious what each section means. 



  • Earlier along I was on the phone with my brother and his girlfriend
  • I soon ended up visiting them in person
  • They had a typical Rosendale apartment – dark, funky, with brick walls
  • It was a community of New Age hippie types — they were not the only ones
  • I noticed they had some Tibetan-sounding music on in the background
  • It seemed as if these monks kept saying “Yum” over and over again
  • Anyway, it was loud enough on the phone that I teased him about it
  • I said he’d be better off listening to 70s disco – wearing suits with huge collars, velvet socks, et cetera
  • It didn’t occur to me at the time that this was also a major cocaine culture

Notice in the above how the typical New Age culture — chanting music, et cetera — is being used to feed the “appetite self” in many people. Hence, the monks kept chanting “Yum” — a word to describe something very tasty to the “appetite self”. This is then directly associated with pop-culture disco and cocaine use — how our modern culture has affected the view of these ancient teachings. People are seeing ancient wisdom as a distraction and an escape  — like a new kind of drug — rather than as a discipline. 



  • Then I seemed to be there in the apartment with him as we kept talking
  • I was finally able to get him to turn off the chanting because to me it was just far too repetitive and silly
  • They were cooking, but it seemed no more sophisticated than trying to boil a large pot of water
  • For some reason they couldn’t get enough heat for this to work

In this case we see there is very little in the way of real sustenance to back up the “yummy” ideas in the typical New Age setup. This does not implicate my brother — he was only intended to symbolize a culture in this case, since he does live in a town known to be an “artist community” — I also lived there for two years after graduating college.

In this case, even though their favorite monks say “yum,” the ‘food’ they are making is nothing but water… and therefore not tasty at all. Furthermore, there isn’t enough energy to bring it to the proper temperature to be usable for food in any way. This all has to do with how insufficient many people’s understanding of ancient wisdom teachings really is — particularly when they start preaching doom and apocalypse. 



  • They had a community, with others there besides themselves, and there was a young child
  • I had a special concern for the child when I realized that some drug use was going on

My brother does not use drugs, and hasn’t for a long time. This part of the dream refers not to children, but to people just getting their feet wet in metaphysics. The dream is pointing out how they are unwittingly surrounded by ‘drug users’ of a sort as they begin opening up to New Age teachings. The ‘drug users’ in this case are people who are stuck in a form of chemical dependency to fear and paranoia, as we shall see. 



  • It turned out that the main character was this young guy who sings the Amy Winehouse song “Rehab”
  • The lyrics basically say, “They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said “No, No, No”…” 
  • I knew this artist was recently criticized on Perez Hilton for not looking the audience in the eye while singing
  • It was obvious from his stage performances I had seen online that he was young and very intoxicated, hunching over
  • Now he seemed to be part of a play – some kind of local theater
  • He was wearing a long white robe

This guy becomes the focus of the rest of the dream. The cocaine abuse here doesn’t mean everyone who becomes an “Internet Messiah” is a drug addict. In my dreams, drug use refers to those times when you’re indulging in behavior that is an escape from reality. The more you go into denial about very real things in your own life, the more troubled you become. This often manifests in dreams — and sometimes in physical reality — as chemical dependency. 

More importantly, the thoughtforms of fear and panic create real chemical responses in the body — and you can become very addicted to these responses and never realize it. I’ll have more on this in just a moment.



  • The play hadn’t started yet – it was still in the set-up phase
  • At some point around here, this guy opened up to me about his cocaine addiction
  • He said he really couldn’t stop using it – apparently he’d been around it ever since he was a child
  • I explained to him it was medically proven to shrink your brain in size, but he said he really couldn’t stop
  • I tried to tell him that you were blowing your own body’s chemicals for happiness when you use any type of intoxicant
  • Without these natural chemical secretions, you are incapable of feeling the emotions — including happiness
  • Similarly, you can force your body to release a whole lot at once, and seem to be far more happy than normal for a short time
  • In the process, you burn up more of your body’s natural chemical supply of ‘happiness’ for the week
  • Thus, you can have a more stable life, and remain consistently balanced, or you can force your body to release it all at once
  • This leads to great periods of chemically-induced depression in between each use 
  • Most people respond by using even more chemicals, and eating unhealthy foods, to try to feel better
  • He never really gave me enough time to explain all of this to him
  • He was adamant about the fact that he’d been using for so long, he had no intention of quitting



In the above dream section, we’re seeing how the typical person gets so emotionally involved in their chemical of choice that the idea of quitting is never even thought of. Bear in mind that this dream is only partially talking about chemical dependency, though that is a common problem.

The deeper point is the THOUGHTFORMS people get addicted to. Like a chemical dependency, the more you indulge in toxic THOUGHTFORMS, creating worry and fear, the more stress chemicals you get your body to form — such as cortisol. It has been repeatedly proven that these chemicals require THREE DAYS to clear up after each time they are released… and during that time it will be much more difficult for you to feel good.

[The healthiest response is to take it easy, be good to yourself, eat healthy foods that help rebuild your serotonin level (particularly fresh vegetables, B vitamins and tryptophan, which you can take as a supplement or get from eating most meats, to some degree) and try to face the fear, clear it by dealing with it directly. Running away from it only perpetuates the problem.] 

If you go into another fear/worry/panic reaction AGAIN during that three-day recovery period, then the whole cycle starts all over again. You get another adrenaline rush. You get more stimulated, and your brain kicks out an opiate response — essentially a natural heroin/cocaine derivative — as a short-term balm to soothe your tortured emotions.



This is all a holdover from the animal kingdom, in which these stress reactions generally involve a life-or-death struggle where your body may have been wounded. The opiate response kicks in AFTER the fight or flight response, once you’ve gotten away from the immediate threat. Its purpose is to get you doped out so you will stop moving around, giving your body some down-time so it can heal the damage that was caused in the fight or flight reflex. 

So many people get stuck in this loop… having panic attacks, blasts of anxiety and fear, or outrage at “the government,” et cetera. Then, once they’ve been through this, their brain kicks out a reward — which is literally identical to doing drugs, only it’s generally not as intense or long-lasting of a chemical high.  

As we’re about to see, this thoughtform about “the end of the world” is a self-damaging addiction in its own right. The belief in an imminent Armageddon can be beneficial in that it gets people to focus more in the present, and enjoy the finer things in life they usually take for granted, but utlimately it is a very real form of addictive behavior. The people who become ‘high priests’ of this teaching end up spreading the addiction to many others. 

Let’s continue with the dream now…



  • Then he changed the subject and started going on about how he’d researched the Internet and discovered the “end of the world” was coming
  • Once he discovered “the facts”, he said getting the word out was “the most important” thing he could do
  • He let it slip that he’d only really done about five minutes of research with Google before finding the core information he used to assemble his case
  • I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t that simple, but he had no interest in listening to me
  • He’d already “proven” that it was coming, and now he had to get people to “prepare” so they could “save themselves” 
  • The unspoken part, of course, is that he would be leading them — but I didn’t fully get it yet

This is the core of the dream — showing how easy it has become to dig up some apocalyptic-sounding data and make a “case” that the world is going to be destroyed — whether by an asteroid, Planet X swinging by, a pole shift, et cetera. The hidden point, which this dream makes so clear, is that most of these arguments are based on a small amount of research, where the person has already made up their mind and only does enough ‘homework’ to prove they must be right. 

Then they go on to take this message of doom and attempt to fashion themselves into a leader — hoping to trick people into feeling fear, so they will look to a new ‘guru’ for guidance and support. In so doing, they enable others to start this ‘addiction’ — reading or hearing information that gives them a profound chemical stress attack, and then fortifying their position of leadership as the morphine response kicks in. 

After a while, people become ‘addicted’ to a certain personality because they know every time they tune in, they’re going to get this ‘formula’ satisfied. They will have their buttons pushed, feel outrage, anger, indignation, panic, fear and terror, and then have a custom-made cushion to fall back on when the morphine response kicks in. All the while they become more and more addicted to their Glorified Leader, who in turn profits from their addiction — which he puts himself at the center of.  



Watch what happens next: 

  • Suddenly it dawned on me that this whole play, everything they were doing, was centered around his ‘discoveries’
  • We drifted apart at this point, since I was now more interested in what they were going to do
  • The room where the play would take place was filled with construction materials – it wasn’t ready for an audience yet
  • It was clear they were gearing up for quite a production
  • Someone else told me that the door going in to the theater was built to “Pythagorean” standards
  • I assumed this meant that the ratio of the width to the height of the doorway was equal to ‘phi’
  • I kept looking at it but the proportions didn’t seem right to me
  • Another guy sitting nearby finally explained it to me
  • The width was 1.1 and the height was 1
  • I knew this was wrong – it should have been 1.618 to 1, so they were way off
  • They had some variation on it that started with an L, which seemed to be their own invention since I’d never come across the word before, and they clearly thought they were right
  • Nonetheless, I didn’t say anything

Here we are seeing, in symbolic form, that their whole grasp of the sacred — in this case sacred science — is off-base. This emphasizes how many conclusions are made in darkness — in an actual lack of real information. The doorway is an important symbol, as it represents the passage that their information is flowing through. This passage, of course, ends up acting as a filter so only the things they want to see will emerge. 



  • Everyone seemed to be waiting for a sofa to be brought through the door
  • It seemed to have great symbolic importance to the play they were going to do – including the size of the doorway
  • They finally brought it in, and I saw that it was white, but covered with mud stains
  • All of this was done with a great sense of ceremony and reverence

The mud stains are an important symbol as well. In dreams, mud represents “the carnal forces” — getting stuck in the lower chakras, with an exaggerated sexual desire and varying degrees of moral ambiguity in your basic personality. 



  • Suddenly, I realized that the white robe he’d been wearing was part of his costume as an Egyptian pharaoh
  • After we’d finished talking he’d put on his headdress
  • Almost immediately, his ‘followers’ took the dirty couches and put them together on stage
  • He sat in the chair, holding some kind of royal-looking scepter in his left hand that actually appeared to be made from a broom
  • Then a woman I hadn’t even seen before, apparently his companion, sat to his left
  • I thought I had been invited to be in this play, but the only place left to sit was at his feet
  • Furthermore, it seemed that it really wasn’t a play – once they “assumed the position”, they just sat there silently
  • Everyone just went into awe and reverence for them at this point
  • I decided I did not want to sit at his feet – the whole thing was pretty odious
  • After this, the dream ended



This was one of the clearest dreams I’ve ever had about the “Internet Messiah” phenomenon — including tracing it back to its roots, where it originates in a person who has allowed themselves to dwell in toxic thoughtforms, and possibly in some form of chemical dependency. Since they are destroying their OWN lives with these maladaptive behaviors, it is easy to generalize this into the entire world — and conclude that we are ‘doomed’. 

Their subconscious mind is well aware that they are damaging themselves, at least in their physical incarnation, if they keep on indulging in these toxic behaviors… after all, chemical dependency is a slow form of suicide. Then, rather than give up those thoughtforms, they project this whole drama out into the world, and conclude that we’re doomed. This game they play is an addiction, and they prefer the highs of these big emotional peaks and valleys to the far greater happiness of a balanced, peaceful, confident life with a positive attitude. 

In an attempt to heal themselves WITHOUT ever addressing the core issues, they then take on the role of a “savior figure” for others. However, all they’re really doing is perpetuating the problem, and putting themselves in a position of authority where they can spread fear, as a chemical addiction that is very real, and profit from it… just like bootleggers profited from selling alcohol during Prohibition. 



Now, as I explain in The Science of Peace, we have the PROOF of how intensely our own thoughtforms affect the planet. We get stuck in this insane loop of fear, and become addicted to the morphine response that kicks in when we move through a big surge of panic. This is actually leading to the creation of those very same thoughtforms that INSURE that we will continue to have Earth Changes, war, terrorism and economic problems. 

People who profit from inciting fear — even if they believe they are “resisting the Illuminati” and “fighting for truth” — are actually perpetuating the problem. Thus you see what an epidemic we have, not only in the mainstream media but in the alternative media as well.  

Let’s now take a bit of a detour and recap some material about how this “tension-resolution cycle” occurs in relationships — a different but equally toxic form of what this dream is discussing.  



In our relationships with others, particularly the romantic ones, we often end up creating drama out of nothing, threatening the safety of the whole relationship, causing a huge flare-up of stress hormones, and then having “make-up sex” once the morphine response kicks in — at least in the earlier stages. In later stages the intimacy collapses completely, thanks to the cumulative weight of hurt that has built up. 

If you are in a relationship like this, then you’ve probably played both roles. You’ve been the perpetrator and you’ve been the victim. If you are not honest enough with yourself in what you’re about to read, you’ll probably only see yourself in one of these two roles. 



As the perpetrator, you take your own fear and anxiety and project it onto your partner. In truth, you are shattered and broken inside. Your self-esteem is very fragile at best — and you bristle at the slightest sign of an insult. Since you feel very little control over your own life, and over your own ability to feel any happiness, you begin seeking to control others, so you don’t feel completely lost. 

You haven’t seen your own core issue for what it is — i.e. something triggered you into feeling abandoned, alone and threatened — so suddenly you find yourself feeling great anger and rage towards your partner for some minor little thing they ‘did’, which you take as a personal attack. Before long you explode, and you are clever enough that they end up having to apologize to you and trying to make you feel better.

This creates the “tension-resolution cycle” I have been speaking of, which concludes with your ‘reward’ — the morphine response. This is why I say that codependency is an addiction that is every bit as dangerous as any other type of drug use. You never can wait the three days for your body to fully heal from the stress hormones you created — and in order to not feel totally ‘dead’ inside, you create another drama to get more adrenaline and more morphine response. Otherwise you literally feel as if you are “dying” and the abyss is far too threatening to face. 

Since you never really deal with your core issue — this deep, dark depression that emanates from a profound lack of self-worth — your high from attacking your partner only lasts a short time. The faceless anxiety returns, and you never take enough time to go into the fear and discover its true source. So, you again attack your partner over minor things they did, which you take as personal attacks.

In your mind it is so easy to blame them, almost entirely, for how you are feeling that it is truly a marvelous breakthrough when you can realize that you have been projecting and they are really not at fault.  



As the victim, your own brooding anxiety comes in the fact that you KNOW your partner is going to keep lashing out at you. In truth, you are shattered and broken inside. You feel abandoned and alone, as if God has turned his/her back on you. Your partner becomes the projection of that issue.

Your self-esteem is very fragile at best — but in your case you insist you are a “good person” and would never attack others as your partner keeps insisting on doing. You are “taking the high road” by trying to do the right thing, trying to “heal the relationship” by doing what your partner wants, and never really standing up for yourself until AFTER you get attacked. 

You expect to earn love from your partner by doing all the things they ask, and are perpetually frustrated when they again blame you for stupid, trivial things you ‘did’ that are really not your fault. Inside you feel like a child who is constantly trying to do “good,” only to again be told that you are “bad” — and you cry and cry, wondering why Mommy/Daddy/God doesn’t ‘love’ you.

[Hint: you have to start by loving yourself, and that may lead to walking away from the other person if they can’t heal WITH you… once you start developing healthy boundaries, learn to say no, and take no as an answer, without being offended.] 

Thus, ultimately, as the Victim you feel abandoned, alone and threatened — and your partner becomes the source of your sudden panic attacks, releasing your stress hormones, followed by the morphine response. You’re just as addicted as the perpetrator — hence the two of you are dependent upon each other, hence “co-dependent” — and the vicious cycle continues. 

This is why many women do not feel attracted to a man who treats them with great kindness and respect. It is in the drama… the “what’s going to happen next, am I okay, does this person still love me”… that you find your morphine response. 

You play the game, “walk on eggshells,” try not to set off “landmines”, but the game is rigged. No matter how careful you are, you’re still going to get ‘in trouble’ for something you ‘did,’ which is really not your fault. You already know you can defend yourself, and you really have done nothing wrong, but when your partner explodes at you, it still creates a problem you have to deal with and treat as if it were real.  

Again, in the ‘victim’ role, you have a built-in source of anxiety, which you already KNOW is going to explode unpredictably. You also know you will always end up having to apologize and tell the other person they were right, even if they were not. Only once you do this will they calm down and allow you to have your morphine response. You already know the whole miserable drama will repeat again very shortly.  

The longer this has gone on, the more damage there is to work through, and it becomes increasingly likely that when you finally get the point, you will walk away from that person. It is quite rare for both people to grow at the same rate.



Spiritually speaking, the “victim” is usually closer to having an open heart than the perpetrator. Oftentimes the victim is a person who feels love deep inside, and is really struggling to love themselves. It is more likely that a reader of this article will play the ‘victim’ role than the ‘perpetrator’ role, though we all do both roles. 

The key to loving yourself, if you keep playing the victim, is to realize that you have projected yourself into your partner. You are totally attached to your partner — body, mind and spirit — and you struggle to love and forgive them regardless of what new evils they unleash upon you.

In truth, you are far better off withdrawing that projection of yourself from your partner, and realizing that YOU are the one who needs your love and forgiveness.  

If you DID love and forgive yourself, then you would ALSO be able to walk away from someone who clearly did NOT love you. Yet, you become addicted to the morphine response they create for you, day after day… and you don’t know there is any other way. You have FORGOTTEN that there is another way.



Thanks to my unique position as a public figure, I have had many people come to me and confide in me about the horrific problems they have endured in trying to get close to any number of well-known channelers, conspiracy writers or other fear-mongering “Internet Messiah” figures.

Time and again we see the same issues emerging — how fractured these ‘leaders’ are inside themselves. Yet, they get so wrapped up in what they are doing, so consumed in seeking the adulation of their followers, that there often is no way out. Eventually they fall into karmic ruin of one sort or another, their Higher Self having no other choice in terms of how they would be balanced. Their body is damaged, accidentally or through illness, or they experience career and financial ruin, fading into obscurity… or sometimes both categories of damage occur at once.  

I often tell my friends and acquaintances that I have enough “dirt” on many public figures out there to start my own tree farm — but I will never air this dirt publicly, in any detail, because each person has to sort this out for themselves. Going on the attack always makes you look worse than if you are the one being attacked, and ultimately there is no need to point these things out. We learn from these oppressors until we eventually are strong enough to walk away from them, and their messages of fear and doom. 



Knowing “dirt” on others certainly didn’t make me an image of perfection. I knew I had issues of my own to sort through, and I did NOT want anyone else’s love, attention or adoration as I did so.

The most consistent problem I saw with these “Internet Messiah” types is that their egos are constantly being nurtured and fed… so they never have to face their core issues. They continue to be deeply broken inside, and they ultimately lack respect for those who put them on a pedestal, because they know those ‘followers’ are not seeing them as they really are — as deeply broken and confused people.

This can lead them to feel superior to those who are so fond of them, and they ultimately may not even mind lying to them and creating elaborate fantasies, even though they KNOW, on some deep level, that this is what they are doing. This is the same hidden dilemma in the minds of the “Illuminati” members as well — their whole culture is built around institutionalized abuse, of a severe and horrific nature, from even before birth — and they thrive on lies and deception.  

So, in order to avoid these pitfalls in my own life, I spent years really ignoring this website. Once I finally got myself straightened out, I was able to return to this work in a balanced way, because I had addressed these deficiencies in my character to the best of my ability, and returned to a point where I felt no need to be in a victim-perpetrator type of relationship.

Most “Internet Messiah” types are heavily wrapped up in a dysfunctional relationship on the home front, which is often kept in the strictest secrecy from their followers. In these relationships, they alternate between ‘victim’ and ‘perpetrator’ roles. Whichever role they play more often is determined by a variety of factors. 

In my own case, I took the projections back, made them my own, and realized that I DID love myself enough not to hand over my sovereignty to someone else who would not respect me. This had been the pattern of every relationship I found myself in, which is why I know so much about the problem.



The material I’ve now been allowed to release, with The Science of Peace series, effectively proves that the Earth is a giant holographic virtual-reality machine. Various creative works, like the book and movie “Sphere,” have addressed this to some degree. In ‘Sphere,’ humans in the near future discover an ET artifact — a giant sphere — and soon afterwards all sorts of terrible things start happening to them. Eventually they realize that the Sphere is not evil — it is simply taking whatever they are thinking in their subconscious and transforming it into real, tangible things, which then attack them.

Everything that is wrong with the Earth today — including global warming, economic uncertainty, government conspiracy, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, heatwaves, droughts, terrorism and war… you name it… is ultimately just another projection of what we are feeling inside. This is the key to the Science of Peace. 

The ultimate reason for all this, as I explain in The Science of Peace, is that all ‘physical’ matter is formed by a hidden source of energy — some call it the ‘aether’ — which is inseperable from consciousness. Our OWN consciousness. Our thoughts become things… and there is reason to believe that our solar system is continuing to move deeper and deeper into a new zone of energy in the galaxy in which this effect becomes stronger and stronger. We have far more control over how things unfold on the Earth than we might ever believe, and it is growing more powerful every day. 

When someone goes out there and writes a book, or makes a website, sounding the alarm and telling you that you’d better store water and food, and move to a “safety land” to avoid the “Pole Shift in 2012,” or whatever else they say is coming, they are setting you up to turn them into leaders, and perpetuate the cycle of fear… by getting you addicted to the morphine response that happens after your buttons get pushed and you fear that you, and everyone else on the planet, will be wiped out, and cease to exist.

You are directly contributing to these problems by obsessing on them. If you can lose the fear, and gain the trust — that everything we’re seeing on the Earth, and all the scary-sounding prophecies, are ultimately intended for us to LEARN from, so that these disasters DO NOT need to happen — then you’re back on the right track. The focus of your consciousness is far more effective, and far more powerful, than any other means you may think you have to try to “save the world”. Guaranteed.  

Similarly, our culture obsesses on ‘celebrities,’ and alternates between extreme love and extreme hatred towards them. Either of these extremes are unhealthy; it is much better to put the focus back into your own life than to live vicariously through others. Once more, we are so focused on the outer world that we neglect the inner… and that’s where we really have to find the love, and work through the forgiveness.

Forget about whether Britney will make it through rehab and have a career again… see if there is a part in yourself that is hurting that badly, and put your energy into loving, healing and forgiving YOURSELF, not a projection that is created for you by the media. 

Save yourself, and save the world. That is the Science of Peace!