As unpleasant as this will be for many people, Western banks are provably financing terrorism and giving support to ISIS as a proxy army.

Thankfully, based on the intel we are getting from trusted insiders, this deadly nonsense and pathological lying will soon be coming to an end.

ISIS has been decapitated. It only has 34 bases left and those will soon be destroyed as well. Its oil and money supply has been cut off.

Turkey’s unprecedented attack against a Russian warplane defeating ISIS is so outrageous that it could blow this whole story wide open.



It has become clear that the Alliance is not going to make any large-scale Disclosure moves until they solve the problem of ISIS.

Think about it. If the Alliance is preparing to expose the Cabal in a worldwide fashion, it would be necessary to decapitate their terrorist army first.

Otherwise, there could be a whole cluster of Paris-style attacks as the Alliance makes its final push for freedom.

Whistleblowers have told us this is exactly what we are seeing.

The Cabal needs a working, believable “patsy” like ISIS so they can continue fooling the public into thinking someone else is responsible for these attacks.

The Alliance is hitting ISIS as hard as they can right now, knowing the risks, because it doesn’t take the Cabal very long to plan out new attacks.



The Paris attacks were far more orchestrated and coordinated than anything “ISIS” had ever done before.

The degree of organization and sophistication of these shootings is reminiscent of 9/11, which has been very thoroughly researched.

The mainstream media is now getting much more bold in linking 9/11 directly to the Bush Administration, as this Politico article revealed on November 12th.

Given their history, it is easy to hate on the CIA, but multiple insiders we have direct access to have indicated that a counter-coup has occurred there.

A majority of CIA personnel are now actively working against the Cabal. This appears to be one of their more public moves to date, supporting our intel:


11/12: Bush Admin Ignored CIA Warnings of “Spectacular” Attacks Before 9/11

“Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

The CIA’s famous Presidential Daily Brief, presented to George W. Bush on August 6, 2001, has always been Exhibit A in the case that his administration shrugged off warnings of an Al Qaeda attack.

But months earlier, starting in the spring of 2001, the CIA repeatedly and urgently began to warn the White House that an attack was coming.

By May of 2001, says Cofer Black, then chief of the CIA’s counterterrorism center, “it was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard and lots of Americans were going to die.”


“There were real plots being manifested,” Cofer’s former boss, [CIA director] George Tenet, told me in his first interview in eight years.

“The world felt like it was on the edge of eruption. In this time period of June and July, the threat continues to rise.

“Terrorists were disappearing [as if in hiding, in preparation for an attack]. Camps were closing. Threat reportings on the rise.”

The crisis came to a head on July 10. The critical meeting that took place that day was first reported by Bob Woodward in 2006.

Tenet also wrote about it in general terms in his 2007 memoir At the Center of the Storm.

But neither he nor Black has spoken about it publicly in such detail until now—or been so emphatic about how specific and pressing their warnings really were.



Once you see 9/11 as being a “false flag” attack by the Bush Administration, to ram through the Patriot Act and start two new wars, anything is possible.

The Republican Neocon faction told people what they wanted to hear, and maintained significant support numbers after 9/11, at least until Katrina.

Now, it seems like the only campaign promise they can make is, “Well, Obama really pissed you off, so c’mon guys, just give us another chance!”

This made it all the more surreal that the next Presidential election in America was looking like a staged battle between Clinton and Bush. Really?

Then Trump came along with the confidence, experience and IQ needed to campaign well, and told the conservative base exactly what they wanted to hear.

Insiders have confirmed that Trump is not a part of the Cabal’s plan. He has six bodyguards around him at all times to thwart Cabal-ordered assassinations.

And you have to love the synchronicity of his name. This “Trump card” has completely upset the game. The media is scrambling to try to make voters hate him.

The problem is that they assume their viewers are extremely ignorant. They are not. They have just been lied to for so long that it is painful to see the truth.



Things got really quiet, almost serene, while the Powers that Were wanted the public — at least the conservative half of America — to fall in love with Jeb.

It reminded me of those films of women with bruises talking about the man who had beaten them — when I was training for the suicide hotline.

As part of our training, we had to watch these stomach-churning videos where women who cannot open their eyes are saying “I still love him.”

Thankfully, the public is nowhere near as ignorant as the Cabal has tried to make them. As a collective, we do not want to return to the abuser.

It was amusing that a movie with a name very similar to Jeb — i.e. Jem and the Holograms — had “one of the worst debuts of all time” right as Jeb collapsed.



There may be a theme here. The public doesn’t want to “vote with their wallets” to watch a remake of an 80s cartoon.

And someone needs to talk to the leader of the band about proper strumming technique.

UPDATE / INSIDE JOKE: Both cartoons also use blue beams as part of their stage performance.



Conservatives, as a whole, now seem to know even more about the “New World Order” than the other political factions.

Jeb may well be a member of the greatest terrorist family of all time. If we get Disclosure, this will almost certainly become common public knowledge.

If Jeb had managed to win or steal the election, things could have taken a very sharp turn for the worse — given the history of this crime family.

As soon as it became clear that Bush couldn’t possibly win, all the headline-stealing terrorist violence started up again.

Now that may be a coincidence. Or not.

Remember — the ISIS proxy army hit the Russian airliner on October 31st, rocketing us out of a surprisingly quiet September and October.

October 31st was the very next day after Jeb lost all hope of winning the Republican nomination for President, and fired his chief operating officer.


10/23: Jeb Bush Orders Pay Cuts For Struggling Campaign
10/26: Bush Family Gathers to Rescue Jeb
10/26: Jem and the Holograms Has One Of The Worst Film Openings in Hollywood History
10/29: Insiders: Bush Bombed
10/29: Jeb Bush’s Comeback Strategy Backfires at GOP Debate
10/30: Jeb’s Team Fires Chief Operating Officer, Down to Seventh Place
10/30: Jeb Bush’s Performance “Disastrous” at Last Debate
10/31: Russian Plane Crash in Egypt Kills All 224 People Aboard
11/2: Jeb Bush Reboots His Campaign For The Fifth Time
11/4: Jeb Bush Death Spiral: 4% Approval Ratings



Victims of domestic violence get “grandiose gestures of apology” after they have been abused. This is a strategy all abusers use to reel them back in.

Maybe this time it will get better. Maybe now the violence will stop. Look at the positive. Things may finally be changing.

They get back together and something goes wrong. It becomes clear that the abuse is not going to stop. Nothing has changed. All the patterns re-appear.

Then, if they make any effort to get away from the abuser, the violence starts all over again. Millions of us are going through horrible ordeals like this.

The sad part is that in dreams I had about Jeb while he was losing, he didn’t strike me as a bad guy. I almost didn’t even want to write this section.

In fact, I got the sense that Jeb may have hoped to do things differently, while being very aware of the Cabal and what they would force upon him.

Remember: everyone is an individual with complex emotions. There are plenty of examples of people within the system attempting to run things their own way.

Nonetheless, the public spoke very clearly: Never again.



The Cabal speaks to its members, as well as to the rest of us, as if they are so powerful that it is useless to resist them.

Yet, in order to maintain this illusion, they saturate the alternative media with propaganda on an unprecedented scale.

The propaganda goes far beyond just a few fake ISIS beheading videos to create terror.

We have had countless hours of fun with the people paid by the Cabal to write hyper-critical comments on these articles.

It has been fascinating to see the psychological profiling they do. In a sense it is a blessing, as it roots out any personal weaknesses even faster.

Some of the “haters” are real, but a surprisingly high number of them are not. We have been saying this for years, and now it is no longer a secret.

This fact was proven more clearly than ever in the latest round of Snowden documents, which received far less attention from the media:


6/22: New Snowden Data Indicates Spy Services Are The Real Internet Trolls

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept provides new material from the Snowden stash.

The British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) includes a “Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group” which “provides most of GCHQ’s cyber effects and online HUMINT capability.

“It currently lies at the leading edge of cyber influence practice and expertise.” In 2011 the JTRIG had 120 people on its staff.

Here are some of its methods, used in support of British policies like for regime change in Syria [through ISIS] and Zimbabwe:


All of JTRIG’s operations are conducted using cyber technology. Staff described a range of methods/techniques that have been used to-date for conducting effects operations. These included:


Uploading YouTube videos containing “persuasive” communications (to discredit, promote distrust, dissuade, deter, delay or disrupt)

Setting up Facebook groups, forums, blogs and Twitter accounts that encourage and monitor discussion on a topic (to discredit, promote distrust, dissuade, deter, delay or disrupt)

Establishing online aliases/personalities who support the communications or messages in YouTube videos, Facebook groups, forums, blogs etc

Establishing online aliases/personalities who support other aliases


Sending spoof e-mails and text messages from a fake person or mimicking a real person (to discredit, promote distrust, dissuade, deceive, deter, delay or disrupt)

Providing spoof online resources such as magazines and books that provide inaccurate information (to disrupt, delay, deceive, discredit, promote distrust, dissuade, deter or denigrate/degrade)

Providing online access to uncensored material (to disrupt)

Sending instant messages to specific individuals giving them instructions for accessing uncensored websites


Setting up spoof trade sites (or sellers) that may take a customer’s money and/or send customers degraded or spoof products (to deny, disrupt, degrade/denigrate, delay, deceive, discredit, dissuade or deter)

Interrupting (i.e., filtering, deleting, creating or modifying) communications between real customers and traders (to deny, disrupt, delay, deceive, dissuade or deter)

Taking over control of online websites (to deny, disrupt, discredit or delay) [such as through hacking]

Denial of telephone and computer service (to deny, delay or disrupt)

Hosting targets’ online communications/websites for collecting SIGINT (to disrupt, delay, deter or deny)

Contacting host websites asking them to remove material (to deny, disrupt, delay, dissuade or deter)


It is unlikely that the British GHCQ is the only secret service using these tactics. Other government as well as private interests can be assumed to use similar means.

To “deny, disrupt, degrade/denigrate, delay, deceive, discredit, dissuade or deter” is exactly what Internet trolls are doing in the comment sections of blogs and news sites….

The more these services grow and their methods proliferate, the less possible it will become to have reasonable online discussions.



The two most common attacks you see these workers lob at everyone in the alternative media — not just me — is that they are “making money” and “have a huge ego.”

It is sad and ironic that these “skeptics” are almost always getting paid more than the people they attack. They certainly display much more inflated egos.

This is another classic example of projection, where terrorist billionaires are ordering scathing attacks of people bravely facing murder — while earning next to nothing for doing it.

According to these same “paid government trolls,” there is no real resistance, the Alliance is a fraud and the Cabal is controlling them as well.

Yet, simple logic strongly suggests this is not the case. The war is very real. There is nothing staged about it. This is a fight to the death.

I understand that some people will never stop worshipping the Cabal with fear, and will believe that they are staging the entire battle on both sides.

If you think it through, there are many clues that disprove this hypothesis — which the “paid government trolls” rigorously insist is the truth.



We know what fake Cabal wars look like. They strictly control the information flowing out from both sides. Nothing embarrassing or revealing ever emerges.

Instead, what we are seeing here is an astonishing wealth of information exposing this group and their plans — as if they are standing naked in the town square.

The Cabal is creating “manufactured consensus” on an unprecedented scale — with armies of Internet trolls who are trying to confuse and demoralize you.

Nothing good came out of the 2008 bailouts for the Cabal. Nothing good came out of Snowden for them.

A mass awakening is exactly what they don’t want.

This is a very dangerous situation for the Cabal. Secrecy is essential to their plans.

The truth is so ugly they cannot afford to have it emerge.



Look at what we already know about rape and pedophilia in Hollywood and the British government.

This is only one small part of the puzzle, and it is very, very ugly. There is plenty of information waiting to emerge that is even worse.

I am told a shocking number of top Cabal people are members of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, as one example.

This may be an accepted part of their culture, but to everyone else the news will be extremely unpleasant and horrifying.

There is a whole section of Financial Tyranny about NAMBLA to help prepare you for this type of an announcement — if it does indeed occur.



If people find out the truth in mass numbers, the Cabal knows they are done for.

Insiders confirmed they have been in a serious, escalating panic for years now.

In fact, a major part of their religious belief is that they must all go through a public exposure, criminal trial and potential execution.

They are taught to believe that they will be resurrected after an event like this, returning as gods.

Nonetheless, many of them fear such an exposure, as this idea of resurrection stretches their religious faith to the breaking point.

Even if they believe it will happen, no one wants to experience mass public humiliation and a potential death sentence to get there.



They thought they had a few more years, based on the scenario they had expected to occur, but they now see it approaching very quickly.

They are human beings, not devils, and they are completely terrified of what they will go through once this mass event starts to happen.

For years now they have been begging the Alliance to give them a safe haven where they can live as a group. They have always been denied.

Nonetheless, insiders tell me the vast majority of government executives in key countries are planning on taking off once the dam breaks.

You will hear a lone hawk cry out as tumbleweed blows through Congress — and that’s about all that will be left.

These escape plans also been completely accounted for by the Alliance, and they will have nowhere to hide.



High-level sources have confirmed the History Channel show “Hunting Hitler” is all part of the Alliance plan for full disclosure.

The first episode aired on November 5th, the second on November 10th and the third on the 11th. New episodes are airing every Tuesday night.

The premise of the show is that Hitler faked his death and was moved to Argentina to live out the rest of his life.

Genuine, high-level military personnel are featured in the show, such as 21-year CIA veteran Bob Baer — and you can watch it for free online.

I have now seen the first two episodes and I must admit it is stunning to see this subject being so frankly discussed on television.



Hunting Hitler, S1 E1

Armed with 700 pages of recently declassified FBI documents, twenty-one year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator Dr. John Cencich begin a worldwide investigation into what happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of WWII.

First stop on their hunt is a small town in Argentina with mysterious Nazi ties where an FBI report places Hitler residing three-and-a-half months after he was believed dead.


The ultimate objective of a show like this is to reveal that the Nazis did not die out after World War II as we were taught.

The information in this show sets the stage for much larger and more disturbing disclosures that will follow.

We will “put the pieces together” and realize these guys didn’t just hang out and drink coconut water in the jungle.

Hitler continued working to build the “Fourth Reich,” which infiltrated the US military-industrial complex at the highest levels — as well as other nations.

Once we get Disclosure, shows like this will receive far more attention and publicity — effectively becoming “must-see TV.”



The stakes in telling the truth, for top insiders, are very high. I want to share a story about members of Congress that came from our best sources.

Certain Congressional aides were caught leaking information that was damaging to the Cabal.

Our own elected members of Congress woke up in the middle of the night to find themselves abducted by mercenaries who looked like weightlifters.

Each of them were bound, gagged, beaten and thrown into the back of a van that drove fast, causing them to slide around and bang against the walls inside.

They were taken to an outdoor location. A large chipper-shredder machine was there, all fired up, and large enough to chew through a tree in seconds.

“Any of you pathetic f-s think you’re gonna be a f-ing hero? Go ahead and say one f-ing word. You’re gonna be next in line.”

“This is Disnelyand, motherf–er, and I’m gonna give you the ride of your life.”

The three or four aides who ratted out the Cabal were lined up and “given the option” of diving into the chipper-shredder themselves.

They refused. Each of them were shoved in head-first. They were declared “missing.” No one else wanted to “go to Disneyland” after that.



Another thing you hear from insiders is that acts of torture and murder are spoken about in a sarcastic, humorous way.

An example of this that has percolated into our culture is one-liners from Hollywood action movie stars.

When villains threatened John Wayne, his catch-phrase was “That’ll be the day” — which inspired the classic Buddy Holly song of the same name.

The Cabal threatens some people by saying they will “hang you upside down and knock the earwax out of your ears.”

Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood both made sarcastic, tough-guy jokes in the middle of life-and-death scenarios that would terrify most people.

Clint Eastwood’s all-time classic, of course, is “Go ahead. Make my day.”

By far, the greatest amount of these sorts of jokes appeared in classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like Commando.

“Please… don’t disturb my friend. He is… dead tired.”

In the real world, Cabal members who anger the group will be threatened with lines like this:

“Can you hear what I’m saying? Or would you prefer to have these fine gentlemen hang you upside down and knock the earwax out of your ears?”

There is an ongoing competition to see who can come up with the wittiest, most creative one-liners about all sorts of things.



I am leaking these details to you now so you understand that these people are not happy.

If you’ve seen some of the classic Mafia movies and TV shows, you have caught a glimpse of how awful life can be for Cabal members.

No one is free from the risk of betrayal. No one is safe. Everyone is a potential target at all times.

Worst of all, they are told that everyone else in the world is even worse. “This is nothing compared to what they would do if they got ahold of you.”

We don’t need any more atrocities. What we do need is to finally break out of this abusive relationship where we suffer domestic violence — on a global level.

It has been upsetting to long-term readers of this site, and to me, that we are hearing all of this talk of mass arrests and nothing has happened yet.

However, the evidence that there is an Alliance, and they are building up to something like this, is becoming ever-increasingly obvious.



I have had many dreams telling me one of my roles is to encourage people not to have a genocidal mindset once the truth comes out.

Many of the people in these groups are deeply wounded and would love to be free if there was any possible way for them to do it.

We do not want to act like the most violent members of their society just because we get proof that they really exist.

The initial knee-jerk reaction will be to want them to suffer as much pain and torture as possible.

Granted, if someone has committed crimes, they need to be accountable for what they have done.

This needs to happen with due process, not a kangaroo court where masses of perpetrators receive quick judgment and firing-squad executions.

People with provable criminal records can also become heroes — such as by producing testimony that helps solve the problem.



Also ask yourself this: Why wouldn’t there be an Alliance?

What if you had direct, firsthand knowledge that dozens of your closest friends had been knocked off in ways like I just described?

Why wouldn’t the majority of the world want to rise up against a violent, sadistic Cabal seeking to kill us off in mass numbers?

Why wouldn’t the majority of the world want to rise up against a violent, sadistic Cabal seeking to kill us off by the hundreds of millions?

Why wouldn’t a majority of the Pentagon be pissed off about their own lives being used as pawns on a global chessboard for billionaire bankers?

Far too many people in the Alliance have already died in their fight to restore peace and freedom on Earth. This battle is extremely serious for them.

High-level banking executives are being knocked off left and right because the Cabal cannot afford to have another Snowden.

The war is real, and for those on the front lines, the stakes are life and death.

There have been many other wars like this throughout our history. It is cyclical. The people who stand up and fight the villains are honored as heroes.



So again, when “ISIS” apparently took credit for the Paris attacks, they did it all wrong — as if someone else wrote it up and blamed it on ISIS.

The attacks showed a level of planning and logistics that was far greater than the typical “lone suicide bomber” missions, many of which have failed miserably.

Similarly, the Russian airliner clearly seems to have been downed by a missile that is beyond any capability that ISIS now has.

All of this points towards a greater military force that is creating terrorism for its own political reasons — and blaming it on a “proxy.”

So ask yourself this: Why would the Western elite want to “punish” Russia and France?

What if both Russia and France are taking bold steps to defeat the Cabal?

What if these can be demonstrated with provable evidence from the media?

In order to understand what is going on, it is necessary to reveal what the Alliance is — based on an easily-audited trail of public-domain information.



As we head into Part Two, we will explore the fascinating story of the Alliance that is working to defeat this crumbling Cabal.

All of the Cabal’s plans to create death on a massive scale are being very successfully blocked. All they are left with is terrorist attacks against smaller groups of people.

I am sure it hurts the Alliance every time one of these attacks succeeds. They have been working very hard to thwart and each and every attempt of this nature.

The Alliance includes a majority of the CIA and the Pentagon as well as Russia, China, Germany, the elected UK government and France, among many others.

A very active war is being fought over the control of the world’s financial system — and whether or not we ever get Disclosure and the technology that comes with it.



Three hours after posting the article, we had already reached nearly 15,000 views and 1800 Facebook Likes:



It was right at this point the site suddenly died. Everyone who came got an error saying the MySQL database was down.

Our webmaster got a letter from our host that included the following text. Details have been omitted so it doesn’t make it any easier for future attackers.


As a valued customer at ___, we wanted to alert you that ___ Shield has detected a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your system and that our anti-­DDoS protocols have been initiated.

As you may know, ___ Shield is a premium service using the latest in technology from ___ and ___.

Because you are a valuable customer, we are mitigating this attack using ___ Shield free of charge as a one-­time courtesy.

At this time, the attack is fully mitigated and your server is online and fully functional.

We understand how important your business is to you and, as such, we have notified your account managers to assist you in adding Shield to your account at a discounted rate to ensure you’re fully protected in the future.


Our site was NOT online when we got this letter. It immediately went down again. The Shield did not work. So we are not going to pay to use it.

It took seven hours, a significant hardware upgrade to a RAID array of SSDs and paying more monthly fees to get this site up and running again.

Yes, the article was popular, but this appears to have been a combination of high traffic and a Directed Denial of Service or DDoS attack.

And, uh… Happy Turkey Day?

Maybe I’ve gotta work on that one. Let’s just give thanks!



I just posted the above. When I went in to write it, the hit counter was at 51717, which I photographed but didn’t get that excited about.

1717 is a repeating pattern but nothing big. It is the third number over from the right:



Immediately after posting this update, the number of Facebook Likes was at exactly 7444.

That is a triple repetition of digits, consistent with the synchronicity phenomenon we have documented in so many articles here before:



One of the greatest secrets the Cabal is trying to keep from us is the awesome power of our own consciousness.

I don’t have to “work” to see these patterns. If they don’t occur in a genuine, authentic and natural way, then I won’t report them.

This phenomenon is so consistent that I wrote a whole book explaining the science behind it — The Synchronicity Key.

It also explains how the Cabal is “allowed” to occur — written into a holographic, repeating “script” of historical events, intended to inspire us to evolve spiritually.



Wow. Now I am even more impressed! I just hit “Save and Close,” which published the above, and it dumped me back to the screen where I see all the articles.

Now, right there in front of me, the hit counter had a 333 in it, jumping from 52,064 to 52333:



Seconds later I went back to the site and it was already up to 52,359. The window for this to happen was very exceptionally small, down to split-seconds of time.

The funny part about synchronicity is it does not take any special talent. It is already happening to everyone.

You simply learn to pay attention to it and understand that messages can be conveyed this way.

I was ignoring these on the site many times in the past, but then there started to be so many of them I couldn’t ignore it and started photographing them.

People ask me what this means or why I include it. I see it as a sign that there are indeed positive spiritual forces out there steering us towards a peaceful future.