Shortly after the Project Camelot trailer suddenly aired on TruTV, we discovered that National Geographic heavily featured David in a show called The Truth Behind: Atlantis Hunters. It airs tomorrow (Friday) night, 11/23… at (gulp) 4AM Eastern time.

[UPDATE, SAME NIGHT: This show was blatant, in-your-face disinformation — reducing the entire Atlantis scenario, and a wealth of provable data I gave in that interview, to two miniscule pieces of data which were then attacked and “debunked.”
The people who knowingly participate in whitewashes like this should be well advised. There will come a time where knowingly lying to the public about such critically important matters will be punishable as a criminal offense.]
Conventional reality is getting a major reality check. Disclosure is happening now. Great secrets have been held from us. I want to see the truth get out there — and have done my very best to move the ball forward.
My old college dorm buddy from New Paltz, NY left me a message a few weeks ago and congratulated me, saying he saw me on National Geographic… and said that I “did really well.”
At the time, I thought he must have been referring to one of the seven Ancient Aliens episodes I was featured in. These still air all the time, and between this and my other videos, there’s a good chance that I get recognized these days when I go out in public.
I was somewhat surprised to hear that they were now airing these Ancient Aliens episodes on other networks.

Finally he and I spoke on the phone a couple nights ago — while I was recovering from a nasty winter flu virus.
The worst hell I went through was this past weekend. This bug really flattened me out — but I’m well on my way back now after less than a week.
I asked him about “the National Geographic thing” and he said he had seen it back as early as April. It was a special on Atlantis!
This is when I got really interested. I had indeed been filmed by National Geographic for an Atlantis special over two years ago — but as far as I knew, they never used the footage.
This filming occurred in close proximity to when I had been interviewed for Ancient Aliens, but before any of those episodes actually aired.

The episode I thought I was filmed for was “Finding Atlantis,” which came out in May, 2011.
National Geographic flew me out to a seaside university building in Florida and we did a full-day shoot, where I focused in very specifically on the subject of Plato’s account of Atlantis.
In addition to rather extensive interview questions, they shot a lot of “cutaways,” including shots of me looking at the ocean, walking on the beach, et cetera.
I thought they asked a lot of great questions and I remember being satisfied with my responses, though this was only one of many subjects I could have talked about.
After the shooting, I spoke to someone else who had been filmed for the show and got the sense that I had “gotten in too late” for my footage to be used. 

I had never mentioned this shoot on this site, because until something actually airs, you really don’t know if it’s a done deal or not — so I just forgot about it.
Nonetheless, they paid to fly an entire crew over to Miami from Great Britain, and also paid my airfare and hotel to fly me out there as well.
The production team also told me, at the time, that they were “very impressed” with what I said.
Now my college buddy was telling me that I was “prominently featured” in this other National Geographic show as “the only real pro-Atlantis scholar they had,” and I was given “a lot of airtime” in the show.
My friend couldn’t remember what month it aired in. He also couldn’t remember what it was actually called.
I knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge — and I was also surprised that this was the first time I’d ever heard about it.

After we got off the phone I did some search-engine sleuthing, and within a few minutes I was able to locate the actual episode I am featured in.
“The Truth Behind” series focuses on various esoteric subjects. This particular episode is called The Truth Behind: Atlantis Hunters.
The premise is similar to the episode I was originally filmed for — a group of guys who think they’ve found Atlantis in a smaller and more conventional-type location.
This episode is going to air on Friday, November 23rd, 2012, at 4AM Eastern time. This should be a little more “doable” on the West Coast, coming in at 1AM instead.
I myself have not seen it yet. There is no way to access it online — you have to watch it when it comes on TV. I will be looking forward to it and am not sure what will happen!

I think the folks at National Geographic were having a little fun with us when they chose the original airdate for the show.
This little discovery popped up when I first loaded the video page, and before the browser recognized that I had a compatible player.
This screen only lasted about 3 seconds, but I was able to repeat the process and get a screen capture of it:

DECEMBER 21, 2011!
That’s right — the original airdate of The Truth Behind: Atlantis Hunters, or at least of the page they put online to announce it, was December 21, 2011 — exactly one year before the Mayan Calendar end-date.
I think this was probably done deliberately, given that I was heavily featured in the show and I’ve frequently discussed the Mayan Calendar end-date.
In my view, December 21, 2012 has always indicated the beginning of a wonderful new Golden Age — not a doom-and-gloom apocalypse.

This has been a debilitating virus — and in my weaker state, I wrote about something and promoted it before I’d actually seen it. I’m still not used to thinking cynically enough to have been prepared for what a mess this was.
This show, unfortunately, was the worst-case scenario of what can happen when you do an interview, sign your rights away, and have no control over the final edit. I am also very well aware now of why they never told me about this show.
I remember that they had lots of questions about the Bimini wall, and really wanted me to drill in on that subject — as well as the Greek island of Santorini, and Plato’s account of Atlantis in the Timaeus and Critias.
I had told them that neither the Bimini wall nor Santorini were very strong data points — and at that point I hadn’t finished The Source Field Investigations yet, but said when my book was done, it would speak for itself.
I gave them some truly marvelous information and kept waiting for the “final segment” where they would start using it.
Instead, they controlled the entire argument, start to finish. They handed me a list of questions, told me what they wanted me to discuss, and everything outside those very narrow guidelines was thrown in the garbage.
By “debunking” the Bimini wall and the idea of Santorini as Atlantis, the show ended in a proclamation that “Atlantis is a myth”.
This tactic may have worked in the 1980s — and that’s what this whitewash felt like — but thankfully with the Internet, you can do your own research, make your own videos and avoid ridiculous “straw man” arguments like this.

The problem here is I do not believe this is the product of open-minded research. I gave more than enough hard-hitting data in my edit that if they wanted to give a balanced view, they had plenty to work with.
I very clearly said that Atlantis was just one name for a formerly worldwide civilization. It certainly did not all sink, and there is plenty of evidence left behind. There are existing ruins all over the planet in the form of megalithic stone structures.
All 3,300 of these ancient stone structures are built on a “Global Grid” of lines that originate from the twelve “vortex points” where ships and planes disappear on Earth, as discovered by Ivan T. Sanderson in the 1960s.
Sanderson did the hard work of plotting out where ships and planes were disappearing, going back through the entire history of aviation and much of the available marine history as well.
These twelve points, curiously enough, were evenly spaced apart from each other.

These twelve points formed a geometric pattern called an “icosahedron”, and when you turn it inside out you get the “dodecahedron.” I’ve been writing about this Grid since my first free book, The Shift of the Ages, here on Divine Cosmos.
Three Russian scientists, Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov, were the first to add in the dodecahedron. This was not imagination: it  started with hard, physical research of plotting out where many thousands of ships and planes vanished or crashed.
The Russians then looked all over the world, at every structure ever made out of gigantic stones, and found that all of them — with no exceptions, some 3,300 in total — were directly built on one of the lines formed by connecting these 12 “vortex” points.
This obviously was not an accident. Everyone in the world was working by the same building plans. This alone is very clear evidence in support of a worldwide, advanced civilization.
I really don’t feel a need to keep going at this point, since I’ve written extensively on these subjects already. Most people who are interested in this subject have done enough research to pick apart such a weak argument as what this show presented.
Had I known that there was a way to see this before it aired, and had I watched it first, I probably never would have bothered to give it any publicity — here or elsewhere.
Instead, I’m only more committed to produce my own show, do it right the first time, and get out the next piece — which will be a lot more interesting. Let’s get back to what I had originally written before I saw the show!

I had something else happen that was very exciting during the time I was lying in bed all day, sleeping off this virus.
As I will report in my next update, while I was half-awake, half-asleep, I heard a very clear speaking voice tell me to read my dream / reading journal — specifically around September 13, 1997.
I was absolutely astonished by what I found. There was an extremely blatant reference made, in a reading from this time, to what I would be doing “after fifteen years”.
I got a bit nervous for a second, as this all seemed much too weird — but I quickly did the math and found out that yes, in fact, I was re-reading these passages “after fifteen years!”
September 13, 1997 plus fifteen years is September 13, 2012 — and I was reading this as of November 19, 2012, just two months after the “ideal” fifteen-year time loop.


Time-bending phenomena became a basic part of my reality when I started doing readings in 1996. I would hear words, speak them into a tape recorder, and then the words would describe whatever I was just doing when I transcribed them.
The transcription often would be a month behind, and yet every time I sat down to do this, the words would refer to something that just happened.
As the years went by, I had longer-term time-loops as well. I’d be guided to go back and read a certain area, only to find remarkably present-centered references in it.
This fifteen-year time loop is loaded with references to my present-day thoughts and environment. This has certainly happened before, and the longest time it ever happened in the past was nine years — from 1997 to 2006.
The best instance of it in that case, among many others, was that the 1997 transcript referred to sweet potatoes that had gone to sprout and formed stalks — and in fact I had that exact situation growing on the top of my refrigerator.
The most exciting part of the 15-year time loop, to me, is it has validated that we are heading into some breathtakingly positive changes as a planet.
People may not realize that the events unfolding are part of the Mayan Calendar end-date, and that’s OK — the real point is that things are predicted to start getting much, much better from here on out.

Right now we only have seven people signed up for our Hawaii Convergence, from February 15th through 17th at the lovely Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa at Keauhou Bay.
Our prior hotel, the Outrigger Keauhou Bay Beach Resort, ended up going out of business, but we had a seamless transition over to the Sheraton, which I’ve also stayed at before and is very nice. 
In fact, the last time I visited Kona and stayed at the Outrigger, I went to the Sheraton first — seemingly by accident. Nonetheless, it just “felt right” to go there! 
This is a really great way to book a nice vacation, during cold winter months, and also get the 16-hour, all-weekend Convergence experience — complete with VIP meet-and-greet time with me.
The last time I was in Hawaii, I did an elaborate snorkeling trip at a nearby coral reef — and it was totally awesome. This picture is similar to what I was seeing:
We do not charge extra for doing these events in a resort location — it’s the same price as any other city we speak in. Yet, since this is a high-traffic tourist area, flights and hotel are much less expensive than for many other resort-type trips.
I have already told my team that even if only seven people come, and we “lose our shirt” on this event financially, I will still be holding it. No cancellations! If the group stays small, it will be that much more intimate for all participants involved.
The fifteen-year time loop has me even more convinced that we will see some impressive changes as we head into the new year — and I do hope you will come out to help celebrate it with me!