Before I go into the Wilcock fulfillment of the Cayce prophecy, I felt it important to insert this chapter on the historical background of the Great Pyramid and Egyptian mythology, and to then evaluate how it interfaces with the information from Cayce and Rueckert, since the information presented is somewhat at odds with the traditional historical perspective of that period. To review, according to the combined information from the channelings of Rueckert and Cayce, Ra and Hermes built the pyramids by the “levitation of stone” 10,500 years ago.

Historically, it is believed that the Great Pyramid was built in approximately 3000 BC, by the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. The Association for Research and Enlightenment, or A.R.E, (the foundation established to perpetuate the Cayce body of data,) actually did a carbon-14 test on the pyramid to determine its age in an attempt to reconcile this discrepancy between the age as indicated by Cayce and the age according to conventional history. The result of this test seemed to validate the historical age, but as I researched this further I found an interesting article, posted June 21, 2001 on the BBC’s Internet site, which I quote below:

“A complete rewrite of the history of modern humans could be needed after a breakthrough in archaeological dating techniques.

British and American scientists have found radio carbon dating, used to give a rough guide to the age of an object, can be wrong by thousands of years.

It means humans may have been on earth for a lot longer than previously thought and accepted versions of early history could need a radical rethink.

Experts have known for years that carbon dating is inexact but until researchers from Bristol and Harvard completed their study no one knew by how much.”

So therefore, the carbon-14 test on the pyramid is in no way conclusive, and the historical date of the creation of the pyramid cannot be validated from such a study.

In the third century BC, Plato wrote about having been told that Atlanteans had invaded Egypt nine thousand years prior, or 11,000 years from today, which would be pretty close the 10,500-year date assigned by Cayce. This also fits in with the Cayce story of the exodus from Atlantis by Ra-Ta and his group, and of the occupation of Egypt. This is the only direct reference in known recorded history to the existence of Atlantis.

Also, according to an article by Robert Sheer, water marks were found on the sides of the Great Pyramid at a level 400 feet higher than the Nile river is today, and deposits of sea salt inside the Pyramid corroborate the theory that it and the Sphinx must have been built before the time of the melting of the last great Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.

According to Zecharia Sitchin in his book Stairway to Heaven, the common view that the Pyramids of Giza were actually tombs for pharaohs could not be supported. No pharaoh’s body has ever been found in the Great Pyramid. Sitchin took note of the fact that there were no hieroglyphics on the inner walls of the pyramids. He hypothesized that his was because they were built prior to the written language of the Egyptians. Conventional archeologists date the Great Pyramid by a series of painted red “quarry marks” that were found in passages above the King’s Chamber.

Yet, these “quarry marks” were all written at the only appropriate angle for the arm of a person who had broken into these very narrow “relief chambers” in the same way that Col. Howard Vyse had just done, at the time they were found. Compelling evidence suggests that Vyse deliberately hoaxed the quarry marks, attributing the building of the pyramid to the pharaoh Khufu, since workers’ morale was very low, his funding was almost completely exhausted and no substantial archeological discoveries had yet been made.

Furthermore, there were several mistakes in the way that the quarry marks were written that were identical to the mistakes in Budge’s seminal work of the time for decoding the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Vyse had a copy of Budge’s book, and thus all evidence suggests that it was a deliberate forgery, since Vyse created a message that combined hieroglyphics from different periods of Egyptian history that were separated by hundreds of years.

Sitchin believes that the pyramids were healing chambers, and according to the Rueckert material, Ra also states that the Great Pyramid was a healing chamber that was used to concentrate aetheric energy. At one point Napoleon was said to have spent a night in the Great Pyramid. When he emerged, he was reportedly “pale and dazed,” and when questioned about his experience he replied, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

The actual method of construction of the pyramids has historically been a bone of contention and controversy even among conventional Egyptologists. The technology to put together sixty-ton blocks of concrete with the precision that is found in the pyramids just doesn’t exist, even today. On March 2, 1999 Fox News presented a TV show exploring the mysteries of the Pyramid where Fadel Gad, an Egyptologist, conjectured:

“Were the Egyptians thinking of UFOs at that time? Yes! A very sophisticated, highly intelligent species that had intercepted this planet Earth and had caused the evolution and the exploration of the human consciousness.”

And David Pratt, in an article on the pyramids, stated the following:

“The Pyramid is an unrivaled feat of engineering and craftsmanship. It is aligned with the four cardinal points more accurately than any contemporary structure, including the Meridian Building at Greenwich Observatory in London. The 350-foot-long descending passage is so straight that it deviates from a central axis by less than a quarter of an inch from side to side and only one tenth of an inch up and down — comparable with the best laser-controlled drilling being done today.

The casing stones, some of which weighed over 16 tons, are so perfectly shaped and squared that the mortar-filled joint between them is just one-fiftieth of an inch — the thickness of a human nail. Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie described such phenomenal precision as “the finest opticians’ work;” work of this calibre is beyond the capabilities of modern technology. The casing stones show no tool marks and the corners are not even slightly chipped.

The granite coffer in the King’s Chamber is cut out of a solid block of hard red granite — so precisely that its external volume is exactly twice its internal volume. Engineer and master craftsman Christopher Dunn rejects the theory that it could have been cut and hollowed using bronze saws set with diamond cutting points, because when pressure was applied, the diamonds would have worked their way into the much softer copper, leaving the granite virtually unscathed.

In his opinion, the evidence shows that the Egyptians would have to have possessed ultra-modern tools, including tubular drills that could cut granite 500 times faster than modern drills. But that is not all. The Great Pyramid embodies an advanced knowledge of geometry, geodesy (the science of earth measurement), and astronomy.”

Another interesting point is that the pyramids that were built for 5th dynasty kings — supposedly just a few decades after those at Giza — were vastly inferior in terms of size, materials, and workmanship. One would have to ask why, if the Egyptians actually had the ability to build with the precision demonstrated at Giza, would there have been such a startling loss of construction skills in the pyramids built afterwards.

And then we must consider a series of geometrical proportions associated with the Great Pyramid that indicate a precision of workmanship and a knowledge of the Earth and the Solar System beyond any information should have been available to the Egyptians. For example:

The base of the Great Pyramid x 43200 equals the equatorial circumference of Earth, with better than 1% accuracy

The height x 43200 equals the polar radius accurate to 0.2% (Note: Whoever built the pyramids knew that Earth wasn’t a perfect sphere, for there were different measures for the equatorial and polar circumferences)

4320 is the number of years for Earth to move thru 2 zodiacal signs, or one sixth of the precession of the equinoxes

The three main pyramids at Giza mimic the stars of Orion’s Belt in size and arrangement, as they would have appeared in 10,450 BC

If the Nile is represented by the Milky Way, then the position of the three Pyramids in relationship to the Nile reflects exactly the position of Orion’s belt relative to the Milky Way during the time of solstice in 10,500 BC

Each of the Pyramid’s four walls, when measured as a straight line, are 9,131 inches long, for a total of 36,524 inches. The exact length of the solar year is 365.24 days

The Great Pyramid’s perimeter/height ratio is exactly 2 pi. The pi constant in mathematics was not discovered until much later

The Pyramid is located at the exact center of the Earth’s landmass. Its East-West axis lies exactly on the longest land parallel — passing through Africa, Asia, and America. The longest land meridian, through Asia, Africa, Europe, and Antarctica, also passes right through the Pyramid

The sides of the Pyramid are very slightly and evenly bowed in, or concave. This effect was discovered around 1940 by a pilot taking aerial photos. Today’s laser instruments show that all of these perfectly cut and intentionally bowed blocks precisely duplicatethe curvature of the earth.

I quoted from Zecharia Sitchin’s book “The Stairway to Heaven” earlier in this chapter. In this book, Sitchin makes a very scholarly evaluation of a great deal of evidence concerning Biblical and early Egyptian periods and comes to the conclusion based on this evidence that the Egyptian Gods were not mythical beings, but actually extraterrestrials with extraordinary powers. The bottom line is that there are a great many reasons for why the normal historical viewpoint regarding the construction of the pyramids makes less sense than the story presented by Ra in the Rueckert channelings.

The Cayce Readings indicated that Ra and his female companion Isis were later mythologized into gods by future generations of Egyptians. In my cursory study of Egyptian history for this chapter I found that Ra the Sun God was described by Michael C. Carlos of the Museum of Emory University thusly:

“All Ra had to do was think of a thing and it existed… Of course the people needed a leader, so Ra took human form, and ruled Egypt under the name of Pharaoh. His kingship was long and prosperous, and lasted thousands of years.”

And other historical references to Ra:

“Then Ra took on the shape of a man and became the first Pharaoh, ruling over the whole country for thousands and thousands of years, and giving such harvests that forever afterwards the Egyptians spoke of the good things which happened in the time of Ra.

But the time was drawing near when he must leave the earth to reign forever in the heavens, letting the younger gods rule in his place. For dwelling in the form of a man, of a Pharaoh of Egypt, Ra was losing his wisdom; yet he continued to reign, and no one could take his power from him.”

“…He shone upon the earth from primeval time [in the form of] the Disk, the prince of light and radiance. He giveth light and radiance. He giveth light unto all peoples. He saileth over heaven and never resteth, and on the morrow his vigour is stablished as before; having become old [to-day], he becometh young again to-morrow. He mastereth the bounds of eternity, he goeth roundabout heaven, and entereth into the Tuat to illumine the two lands which he hath created. A sun god, he was said to command the chariot that rode across the sky during the day. A king, he was the patron of the pharaoh. Ra is the most central god of the Egyptian pantheon…

“…Ra’s position in the pantheon is unusual. He is the only god, apart from Osiris, who is definitely said to be not on the earth. Ra, it is said, is an aging god, still powerful, but too old to deal with his children any longer, so he has gone exclusively to the sky to watch over the world…”

“The film is obviously suggesting that this is essentially what happened in ancient Egypt: that Ra and the other gods were extraterrestrials who made a profound impression on the pre-dynastic Egyptians, who then memorialized a catalogue of religious rituals based on these early experiences. These rituals then eventually became solemn and sacred ceremonies carried out by the priests and pharaohs for thousands of years afterwards. According to at least one researcher, this scenario is uncannily close to the truth!”

And in conclusion we repeat the words of Ra as channeled by Rueckert:

We decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples were much unlike us in physical appearance. Thus we did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Our visit was relativelyshort. This was when we built the pyramids. When we chose this mission among your peoples, we would have been perceived as light had we arrived on earth in our natural form.

“We now feel a great responsibility of helping remove certain distortions that have been given to the law of One. We, as social memory complex or group soul, made contact with a race on your planet which you call Egyptians. We spoke to one who heard and understood (Ra Ta) and was in a position to decree the law of One. However the priests and the peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the compassion with which unity is informed.”

And in the next chapter we will learn how Ra is still in communication with mankind through the form of the one who once was Ra-Ta and has reincarnated as none other than David Wilcock…