“Is it not fitting, then, that these (a reference to Ra Ta and his followers) must return? As this priest may develop himself to be in that position, to be in that capacity as a liberator of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come, for he must enter again in that period, or in 1998.” (from the Cayce readings)

So let’s finally move out of Egypt and into the 20th century. David Wilcock was born on March 8, 1973 in Schenectady, New York. He grew up in a somewhat liberal family with openness to psychic phenomena from the time he was a young boy, compared to Cayce who had a rather narrow fundamentalist Christian upbringing.

Wilcock’s childhood was filled with various paranormal phenomena, and he begun reading full-length paperback books about ESP and Hypnosis when he was only seven years old (see Figure 5.1) and performing mind-reading psychic demonstrations for his classmates.

Figure 5.1 — Books that David Wilcock read between ages 7 and 8.

Curiously, Wilcock was inspired to put an American Lung Association Christmas fund drive sticker from 1981 in Harold Sherman’s book “How to Make ESP Work For You” (Figure 5.1), thus documenting that he was reading the book by age 8 (Figure 5.2). Both his choice of reading materials, i.e. ESP and hypnosis, and the fact that he put special, time-stamped attention on the chapter of the ESP book related to healing ability, seems to show evidence of subconscious past life memories as Edgar Cayce seeping to the fore.

Figure 5.2 — 1981 American Lung Assn. sticker that Wilcock put in “Healing Power” chapter of “ESP” book at age 8.

By Junior High, Wilcock was giving accurate Tarot card readings, by his junior year of high school he was occasionally able to consciously control his dream experiences, and he also wrote some metaphysically inspired fiction during this time.

After a breakthrough in 1993, when an ex-NASA scientist revealed to him (through a friend) that UFOs were indeed real and that humanity had secretly reverse-engineered the technology, he began an all-consuming interest in studying UFOlogy and metaphysics, with as much of his free time as he could generate. He also honed his musical abilities as a percussionist and composer during this time with a minor in jazz studies.

Shortly after his college graduation in 1995, he came across the book “From Elsewhere” by Dr. Scott Mandelker, which discussed the topic of ET souls or “Wanderers.” Much of the material in this book regarding the characteristics of Wanderers matched David’s personality traits perfectly, and thus he was intrigued that Mandelker placed such emphasis on an obscure series of channelings from a woman named Carla Rueckert called “The Ra Material” or “The Law of One”, which were channeled from 1981-1985, and which we’ve already referred to quite extensively in Chapter Two.

By January of 1996 he owned all of the Law of One books that were available at the time, and began intensively studying the data, finding that he had quite an affinity with it. In fact, he refers to it on his web site as the “penultimate source of UFO wisdom”.

Four years of daily dream recording and analysis, followed by an intensive study of the Law of One material, provided the final gateway that attuned his mind for direct ET contact in November 1996 at age 20. He certainly had never expected to receive anything like this, since his interests were more in scientific research than in channeling, and the Law of One series was the first channeled work that he had really taken seriously.

He describes his information-gathering method as somewhat akin to lucid dreaming, where he is being spoken to in a dreamlike state by entities outside of physical view, but remains conscious enough to speak while this is taking place. Unlike Cayce, Wilcock didn’t have to fall into a deep sleep to bring his information forward. His channeled source offered quite a bit of premonition-type material, alerting him to the reality of Ascension and of changes that would be occurring in the future. Occasionally he would make very accurate predictions concerning his personal affairs, world events and politics.

As we have already stated, Wilcock had been channeling on a daily basis for an entire year before being told that he was Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation in November 1997. This alone had rocked him to his core, and in many senses he very much had wished that it wasn’t true, since he was very science-minded and he knew that it would expose him to extreme ridicule. Yet, since he held the Ra Material in such high esteem, nearly 14 additional months would pass before he would be directly informed of any connection between his work and that of Ra.

Had he been given such information any earlier than this, he may have felt slightly overwhelmed, since he was already aware of the Ra-Ta story and of the fact that Ra had apparently worked with him during the Egyptian / Atlantean period. Hence, on Jan 3, 1999, he was given the following information from his source, and you can almost hear his cry of disbelief as it comes through:

Ra: The planet Venus was made as our starting point, designed to open and unfurl an opportunity wherein the source body of a new race could be had. The identity Ra is our identity. We are that social memory complex that you have been striving for. We have desired to speak through this instrument with a maximal desire of increased accuracy and contact for some period of time. We now feel that it is okay for you to be knowledgeable about the nature of the source. It is not similar to the likes of Elvis Presley, where a superstar has died and cannot return. As you are aware, we stated that we would be in the fifth dimension, eagerly awaiting any further attempts at service that we might make.

D: If this is indeed Ra, why then is it so difficult for me to be able to go deep enough to get your unfiltered guidance? Why is it that I have to do this consciously, when it seemed so impossible for Carla to have done that?

Ra: The curvature of space and time is not yet something that you understand, and yet we were capable of grossly manipulating its distortions so as to produce a whole new affair. This new affair centered around the notion of immaculate seniority, creating a feeling within that is vibrationally compatible with those realms of energy that are inherently all around you. Periodically speaking, we find that we have the opportunity for an entity to come along who is able to engender such a maximal desire to serve, and it is at this time that we are then able to produce the greatest results.

It was believed at the time of said readings [namely the Ra Material in 1981] that this situation would be the only ideal circumstance through which contact could be made, but we have found that to be an error. This also has proven to be a venue wherein we are able to continue allowing ourselves to have the messages without needing the elaborate process of deep unconscious trance work. Of course, as you are aware, our messages are filtered somewhat, and thus the end product is not always the same as what you see in said Ra Material.

However, do not doubt yourself in knowing that you have indeed produced much comparable material with us, and that it also is a representation of the blending of foci between our own level and your own. It is through this melding of dimensions that we have been able to take off some more of the scholarly edge that we possessed in the Ra Material and instead turn it into a more completed form in the here and now.”

It is also interesting to note that this announcement was within two weeks of the anniversary date for when Ra began speaking through Carla Rueckert, on Jan. 15, 1981. Furthermore, the time interval between these two dates is 18 years, and in physicist Ray Tomes’ research on the cycles of time, this is a number that often separates events that are harmonically related to each other.

Now that we know that Ra was working directly with Wilcock behind the scenes, we need to back up in the timeline a bit. Wilcock was living in upstate New York when he was asked by his channeled source to move to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1997. Virginia Beach happens to be where Edgar Cayce lived for most of his life, and is also the location of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) headquarters, dedicated to the preservation and distribution of Cayce’s material.

Wilcock initially assumed that this request was given because Edgar Cayce already marked Virginia Beach as a safe area in the event of world cataclysms. After some degree of “friendly coercion” from his readings, Wilcock decided to make the move. I’m now going to insert an unpublished section of the interview I did with Wilcock for the Spirit of Ma’at magazine:

David Wilcock: “Now right before I had done that, within less than two weeks before I moved, this friend of mine called me up on the phone and said, “You’ve got to come over to my house. You’ve got to see something.”

I didn’t want to go, but he said, “You really need to come over and see this right now.” So it turns out that he was a member of the ARE. I had attended a couple of “Search for God” study groups at his house, which are based on Edgar Cayce’s channeled material in his later years. So I walk inside, and he brings me to a table, whereupon he slaps down this magazine with a white piece of paper on top of it.

A square was cut out in the middle of the paper, and inside the square is an image of a person’s face. As he slapped this magazine down on the table, he said, “Who is this?” I looked at it and said to myself, “Oh, my God! That’s my face,” but I obviously knew it couldn’t be my own face for two reasons.

First of all, it was on a magazine cover, and I had never been published, and second of all it was rendered in this sort of artistic style where it was partly a photograph and partly done over with colored pencil.

Inside my mind I said, “Obviously, that’s not me.” I then continued by saying to myself, “Okay, well, he’s obviously an ARE member. This is typical of the type of artwork that you would see on the cover of the ARE’s Venture Inward magazine. Therefore, this must be a picture of Edgar Cayce when he was young.” So I finally responded, “Well, that’s Edgar Cayce,” and he replied, “Well, yeah, but who else is it and who else does it look like?” And after a long pause, I said, “Wow, that’s pretty weird.”

So it was when I came to Virginia Beach that people who were working in the ARE in various capacities would come up to me and be astonished at my physical resemblance to Edgar Cayce, which is quite stunning, as anyone can see in the photograph. So this type of event started to happen more and more.

Without going into all the details, let me just say that it eventually built up to a crescendo where I said to my readings, “You’ve got to tell me. Is this true or not? What’s going on?” I had to ask two or three times before I really got the answer. When I did get the answer, they said, “Well, we’re willing to tell you, but you have to understand that with this answer comes great responsibility.”

It’s funny, because when you actually read that reading where they are telling me, there is sort of an argument going back and forth between us where I’m saying, “Man, if this is true, then I’m in for some real rough times. Nobody is going to accept this. Nobody is going to believe this.”

I had always disliked hearing about people who had claimed to be someone famous in their past lives, and then tried to use that to give themselves some sort of credibility to others in the metaphysical community. I was already aware that Cayce had been through some very grandiose past lives, including the Atlantean high priest Ra-Ta, and that Ra-Ta was predicted to return in 1998. Never in a million years could I have imagined that I would be that person. On the one hand it was rather exciting, but on the other hand it felt like a death sentence.

However, they basically told me that if I didn’t let people know about this, and if I didn’t start publicizing my private channeling work and try to get it out into the world, such as by the Internet, then I was basically committing the equivalent of a felony in the spiritual realms. So all of a sudden I felt like I had all this responsibility thrust on me, and I can’t really say that I enjoyed it. What had always been my own novel little secret had suddenly taken on Earth-shaking importance.

Now I wasn’t just David Wilcock, I was a reincarnated historical figure whose previous work was known and revered by millions of people worldwide. Though I was indeed quite psychic and would receive all sorts of information that I was not aware of until after I transcribed my cassettes, Edgar Cayce was widely considered to be “the most accurate psychic of all time” outside of Nostradamus, and those were some very big shoes to fill indeed.

This created the possibility that my own work, character, purpose and destiny would be perpetually judged against Cayce’s, instead of being accepted on its own merits. I felt that I could already see the scornful faces and hear the howls of protest as I followed up on my instructions to publicize this information.

If we are to evaluate whether David Wilcock is indeed the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, we must consider whether the preponderance of evidence would lead a reasonable person to that conclusion. I discovered Wilcock’s website in the latter part of 2000, and my first thought was that it was absolutely impossible that he could be Cayce’s reincarnation.

Cayce was one of the great influences in my life, and it just seemed absurd that he could be back, and that I had now discovered him. Yet, I was intrigued by the extraordinary similarities between the side-by-side pictures comparing Wilcock’s portrait to one of Cayce as a young man. I read a couple of Wilcock’s channelings and perceived that great wisdom was contained therein. So, you could say I was hooked. I began a serious study of Wilcock’s site, and soon scheduled myself for a reading.

In studying Wilcock’s site, the first thing I noticed was that it was rather disorganized. (At the time of this writing, it has started getting better.) And when Wilcock posted the transcription of one of his readings, it would often be interspersed with dream data from a lower level of his consciousness. I found all of this hard to read and confusing because, from paragraph to paragraph, there would be great jumps of consciousness as he vacillated back and forth from his own personal dream to the channeled information. Nevertheless, I continued my study, adopting a neutral attitude and having the faith that truth would eventually surface if it was indeed there to be found.

I bought some Cayce books and read them vociferously, particularly the information about Cayce’s own past lives. If Wilcock was in fact Cayce, then I would expect to find many correspondences between Cayce’s psychic abilities, personality quirks, and reoccurrence of past-life relationships in the present life of Wilcock. The rest of the first part of this book will be reporting what I actually found and let you, the reader, make your own assessments.

Cayce gave quite an extensive history of his own past lives in his readings. In studying those lives (W.H. Church, Many Happy Returns) I found, to my surprise, that they have not been consistently on a spiral upward to higher consciousness, contrary to what one might expect. For example, in one life he might exhibit a high degree of spiritual awareness and service, while in a later life he might be a wastrel and womanizer. According to the Cayce Readings, as we have already reviewed in chapter 3, Cayce was the high priest Ra-Ta in Egypt, with many psychic and healing powers.

Much later, in eighteenth and nineteenth-century America, Cayce reincarnated two different times as a man named John Bainbridge, who was a gambler, rambler and womanizer. His desire for escapist behavior was so strong that once he drowned the first time, he felt compelled to return and do it all again, even taking the same name. However, at the end of his second incarnation he gave the last of his food to a starving child, thus saving the child while sacrificing his own life. According to the Cayce Readings, such a selfless act of love alleviated a great deal of the karma that he had accumulated as Bainbridge.

And finally, he incarnated as Cayce, the premier psychic/mystic in the history of the Western World. In each lifetime Cayce seemed to have a different role to fulfill or different karma to work out. But even in the John Bainbridge life, he used his amazing psychic ability to beat his gambling partners. Apparently he was able to know what cards the other players at the table were holding. Cayce even gave a demonstration of this same mind reading ability with playing cards to his son Hugh Lynn Cayce. Even more impressively, Bainbridge could teleport the pea from one shell to another in case someone beat him at his own shell game, but Cayce did not demonstrate this ability.

In his readings, Cayce did predict that he would return in 1998, which is the excerpt that opened this chapter. Many Cayce devotees have interpreted this to mean that Cayce would be reborn in 1998. However, Cayce didn’t say that he would be reborn: he said that Ra-Ta would return. Wilcock was told in his own trance reading at the end of November 1997 that he was an incarnation of Cayce. And 1998 was the year in which Wilcock introduced himself (but was not taken seriously,) to the ARE (the organization founded by Cayce to perpetuate the information in his readings.)

So with this in mind, we shouldn’t expect Wilcock to be a carbon copy of Cayce. He’s in a different period of time, and is fulfilling a different mission. But in the greater perspective, his present mission is completely congruent with the mission of Cayce, albeit with a different form of expression. His soul had already proven that psychic ability was real, and by his high degree of accuracy it also made the compelling suggestion that the Earth was gearing up for a massive energetic transformation beginning in 1998.

However, the fruits of this work were shot down by the scientific mainstream, who would monotonously chant that such phenomena are “impossible” because they would “violate the laws of physics.” It is no surprise, then, that Cayce would return in a form that would allow him to completely rewrite these physics laws, using known scientific data that was published by Ph.D.-level researchers, to create a Unified model of the cosmos that validated all of his work as Cayce. Remember that Cayce didn’t even come close to finishing high school due to his responsibilities to take care of the family farm, whereas Wilcock incarnated with a Ph.D. physicist grandfather and a highly intellectually driven family.

Interestingly enough, after four years of being aware of this connection, Wilcock has still not been overly concerned with convincing anyone that he is the return of Cayce. Instead, he has been very busy with creating a body of work that stands on its own in the face of scientific scrutiny. His website has gotten over 200,000 unique hits at the time of this writing. He’s written five online books.

And without mentioning his famous predecessor, he’s had several speaking engagements, most notably including more than one appearance on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio program, with an estimated two to four million listeners on the nights that he had appeared. He is also the Research Director for a national seminar tour with Dr. Scott Mandelker called “The Time of Global Shift,” which gives a vivid multimedia presentation that outlines the energetic changes happening to our planet and Solar System at the present time, and shows how they relate to ancient prophecies and the UFO phenomenon.

So, let us now give a quick overview of what David Wilcock is doing that causes so much interest in his work. First of all he is psychic. He claims to be in communication with an entity from another dimension that identifies itself as Ra. Wilcock receives Ra’s communications when he is in a semi-conscious trance, which he then records and transcribes. This has been occurring since 1996, and many of these “Ra” readings are posted on Wilcock’s web site.

One of the roles that Ra has assumed with Wilcock is that of a teacher and inspirer. Many of the earlier posted readings deal with Ra’s assisting and supporting Wilcock in transcending what you might call his lower-self patterns, such as his early college history with drug use and a preoccupation with sex. Some of those transcriptions read like a wise father counseling his son.

You must remember that these readings began when Wilcock was barely out of adolescence. We all are familiar with Cayce as an older and wiser being. It might seem incongruous to imagine the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce battling the inner demons of drugs and sex, but you’ll see how the pieces fit together as we progress, keeping in mind that the decadent previous lifetime of Cayce — John Bainbridge — was fairly recent.

Another very significant point of data is seen when we compare the positions of the planets at the time of Cayce’s birth to the positions of the planets at the time of Wilcock’s birth. Wilcock has still not found any astrologer who has ever produced a more compelling case for reincarnation based on astrological connections. Both Cayce and Wilcock were born in the Year of the Ox of the Chinese Zodiac, which alone can only occur once every 12 years.

Furthermore, the positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars at the time of Wilcock’s birth are literally almost identical to their positions at the time of Cayce’s birth. All of the outer planets have some unique and very tight angular relationship to each other, such as 30, 60 or 90 degrees. Astrologer Brian Mc Naughton has independently concluded that there could not possibly have been a more favorable period for Cayce to reincarnate in a 127-year period than at the exact date of Wilcock’s birth, March 8, 1973. Once we factor in the similarities in facial appearance with the astrology, the probabilities of all this being pure chance are… well, astronomical.

Wilcock also does readings for others via his source. He will do up to a maximum of about four readings per week if he has the energy, but unlike Cayce, Wilcock’s readings do not dwell on health issues or past lives; they mainly address issues of how the being can better connect with their soul, and fulfill their life purpose. As a recipient of one of these readings, I can attest to the high degree of wisdom that was imparted, and if Ra’s intrinsic understanding of my own fundamental life issues.

In studying Cayce’s own readings concerning his future lives, I came across the following two predictions:

Cayce: “He saw himself back in Virginia Beach.” (From a Cayce reading given in Church’s book, regarding his own future incarnation.)

Wilcock would end up being very strongly asked by his readings to move to Virginia Beach before he was consciously aware of the Cayce connection. This move was prophesied in the readings almost from the very first day, and Wilcock was only just beginning to suspect a possible connection when he arrived in Virginia Beach. His readings predicted the exact name of the street (Great Neck) he would be living on back in July of that year, and the move wasn’t made until October.

They also gave him the German phrase “Scarstahldig” that same July, which turned out to mean “A group of German steel helmets.” (Wilcock has never studied German.) Amazingly, the other tenant living with the woman who Wilcock first moved in with in Virginia Beach was a collector of German steel helmets! Furthermore, this man had not even heard about the property yet when the reading was done in July. Just two months after Wilcock met this man, the man found out that his entire helmet collection had been stolen out of its place in storage.

Cayce: “Surrounded by many of those who had been with him at that earlier time…(Again, from Cayce’s reading regarding his future incarnation.)

Cayce predicted that when he would return in 1998, he would be surrounded by many of his earlier associations. Wilcock believes that he has validated this, as he recognized many relationships within his circle as being repeats of previous associates. Oftentimes, his readings had dropped strong hints of these connections before he ever realized what he was being told. In some cases he was able to compare photographs of those in his present life with past life relationships, and he found shocking facial similarities, as seen in Figures 5.3 and 5.4.

Chris R and Jude G are the two oldest and closest friends of David’s that he still is in contact with, so these were not just random choices. (As we covered in a previous chapter, Dr. Walter Semkiw has recently completed a study that suggests that there is a facial similarity between one’s present appearance and one’s appearance in the past life.) Wilcock believes that he has identified the reoccurrence of such Cayce comrades as Morton and Edwin Blumenthal, David Kahn, Dr. Wesley Harrington, and Leslie Cayce (Edgar’s father.)

Figure 5.3 — Morton Blumenthal / Christopher R.

Figure 5.4 — Edwin Blumenthal / Jude G.

Summary of Important Points:

  1. The pieces start to come together. A higher dimensional being — Ra — is dedicated to the service of the Earth. Ra made their first appearance 75,000 years ago, and worked (speculation) with Edgar Cayce’s prior incarnation Ra-Ta in Egypt 10,500 years ago. There are indications that Ra was the channel that made it possible for Cayce to retrieve such awesome information in his dreams. Ra was received and channeled by Carla Rueckert from 1981-1985 where a lot of parallel and correlative data was brought forward to the Cayce readings.
  2. A young man, named David Wilcock, who looks almost exactly like a young Edgar Cayce, is demonstrating psychic and precognitive powers and is informed psychically that his source is Ra and that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.
  3. Wilcock fulfils Cayce’s prophecy of the return of Ra-Ta in 1998. He also fulfils the other conditions of living in Virginia Beach and of having his old Cayce associates return to his sphere in this present lifetime.