A Quick Introduction to “The Shift of the Ages”

By David Wilcock



This short piece is designed to give the basics behind “The Shift of the Ages,” a body of metaphysical research that many people feel has profound, incredible implications for all of us here on Earth.

It all begins with my initial foray into the bizarre world of UFOs and exotic physics, which came about in 1993 when I had obtained direct information that came from a college professor who was an ex-NASA insider.

My informant spoke directly with this professor, who asserted that the United States had secured crashed alien discs and was reverse-engineering their technologies. During this same time period, I started documenting my dreams on a daily basis.

Within the next three years, I gradually developed my way into a direct, trance-based verbal connection with the Intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon that I named the “Dream Voice.”

As with any good system of trance-based psychic information gathering, I have had repetitive, ongoing future prophecies and confirmations that the data that I receive is highly unfiltered by the conscious mind. I have tried as much as possible to preserve quality by removing any of my conscious thought from the process as it goes along.

The resulting sentences themselves are often quite unusual in their structure and wording, using a great deal of metaphorical and / or cryptic language similar to the “readings” of Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce. I have also documented accurate sentences and sentence fragments that came through in foreign languages that I have never studied consciously.

The products of this work include a 3000-page corpus of direct messages for humanity that these intelligences would seek to have us understand, which is continually being posted on my website.

Perhaps most importantly, I have also used this technique to help guide the processes of my scientific research. I have compiled the results of all of this information together into a 300-page “magnum opus” called “Convergence: 1999 and Beyond.” It is currently published freely at this same website, www.ascension2000.com.

Briefly, “Convergence” comes as a result of understanding that our solar system operates in 25,920-year cycles, and that at the end of each cycle is a frequency or energetic shift. These shifts affect the energetic structure of the Earth, or the Global Grid, by forcing it to realign.

And hence, you have the “pole shift” phenomenon that is often referred to in metaphysical circles. As indicated from the Mayan Calendar and many other sources, we are now into the end phase of this entire 25,920-year cycle of human civilization, and we can expect a fantastic and highly exciting transformation of ourselves and our planet in the very near future as a result.

We have also “rediscovered” the underlying physics of these multidimensional systems in the universe. Most importantly, we come to understand that the “dimensions” are actually frequencies of light, sound and geometry, and that they are organized into an octave structure.

So, each dimension has a “color” in the visible light spectrum, a “sound” in the musical octave and a geometry. The geometries in question are all sphere-based, harmonic structures, commonly known as the Platonic solids — the simplest three-dimensional shapes in the Universe. For each of the Platonic solids, all sides, faces and angle ratios are identical, and they will all fit perfectly inside of a sphere.

In the book we have shown how we could then think of these unified geometric frequencies as being called “Consciousness Units.” In other words, we can visualize a symmetrical “point” or sphere of Light that expands equally in all directions.

What is actually expanding outward is what the physicists refer to as “superstrings,” and we now know from consciousness research that these strings travel in spiraling motions – or, as the physicists put it, the strings “vibrate.”

As the “strings” of Light continue to expand and vibrate in a spiraling motion from a unified center point, they will retain the shape of a spherical field, since they are all moving at a simultaneous speed – the true “unit velocity” or speed of Light.

However, certain “force points” or nodes will form where there will be greater strengths of energy concentration, due to the strings overlapping each other at set harmonic periods.

The straight lines of force that are formed as these “nodes” pull on each other then assemble into each of the sphere-based Platonic Solids as you progress through the frequencies. Physicist Buckminster Fuller demonstrated this same vibratory principle through numerous experiments of his.

And so, the structure of the “consciousness units” could be thought of as an expanding and contracting sphere of Light that ratchets through different geometric “frequencies” along the way. The speed of this ratcheting motion is unbelievably fast, at least to us in the third dimension: it occurs at the true speed of Light, which is actually much faster than what we can measure in third-dimensional space-time.

We then must visualize the fact that even though each “unit” is constantly pulsating throughout the entire octave of frequencies, any entity living in a certain focus or a certain dimension will only be aware of their own particular frequency.

In other words, we in the third dimension have the color yellow, tone of “G” or 360 cycles per second and the geometry of the octahedron, or two Egyptian pyramids connected at their bottoms.

Although the CUs making up our physical reality continue to pulsate throughout the entire octave, we will perceive only those moments when the CUs are in the third “Yellow G Octahedron” position. We simply do not vibrate fast enough (normally speaking) to detect the other dimensional frequencies existing all around us! It is similar to a fluorescent light bulb, which is “off” as much as it is on, but it pulsates so quickly that we only perceive visible light.

Once we have visualized the pulsating, spherical nature of the CU, the next step is to realize that the CUs are not bound by our normal considerations and prejudices concerning space, since they exist outside of space-time as we now know it. What this means to us is that they can be of any size imaginable: from the sub-sub-atomic to the size of a planet, solar system or galaxy.

Indeed, any formation of consciousness that has crystallized into matter will be ruled by the harmonic principles of the CU. This also includes the human body with its seven main “Chakras” or energy centers, each corresponding to a color, sound and geometry in the octave.

So therefore, when we see a spherical planet, what we are actually seeing is an organizing structure for these CUs. (RC Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission has identified the energetic presence of the tetrahedron on most of the planets throughout our Solar System, through such “vortices” as the Great Red Spot of Jupiter and the Great Dark Spot of Neptune, but all five of the Platonic Solids must be considered equally.)

As the CU naturally expresses all of the Platonic geometries within itself, so too will a planet display lines of force that correspond directly to the positioning of these Platonic Solids – starting from the first level, it would be:

1. Sphere

2. Icosahedron

3. Octahedron

4. Star Tetrahedron

5. Cube

6. Dodecahedron

7. Icosahedron

8. Sphere


This hierarchical system of “vibrations” does indeed express itself very well on Earth, through what we know as the Global Grid. “The Shift of the Ages” goes into the incredible proof that this Grid actually exists, and that the Ancients were quite adept at harnessing its multidimensional energies through building pyramidal structures upon its lines and intersection points.

The book also shows incontrovertible evidence of how this Grid shapes the structure of continental landmasses, island chains, oceanic rifts and many other areas.

Some of the discoveries of “Grid Circles” are highly startling, as once you have seen how their outlines are traced on the surface of the globe, it is impossible to ever view a map of the Earth in the same way again. The discovery of these “Grid Circles” is essentially brand new, never before seen in print.

Furthermore, “The Shift of the Ages” covers the work of Bruce Cathie, who discovered the fundamentals of this grid solely through the tracking and analysis of the flight paths of multitudinous UFO sightings. Apparently our extraterrestrial brothers use these “grid lines” for navigating on Earth, since the lines are directly visible to them in higher dimensions.

From this extensive Grid research, Cathie has rediscovered many aspects of hyperdimensional physics that are highly interesting to the world’s secret governments, but almost completely unknown in the public sector. Cathie’s discoveries include stunning new information about the harmonic principles behind all matter, including the octave-based organization of the atom – again demonstrating the properties of the CU.

We now know that the CU is the underlying structure behind all physical matter that will continue to become more and more widely understood as physicists study what are now being referred to as “supersymmetric particles.” And as we already stated, we now have extensive evidence that a solar system and a galaxy are other arrangements for a CU as well.

This is why the spacing between the planets in our Solar System corresponds precisely to the “diatonic ratios” found in the musical octave, as well as why the Galaxy is a set of spiraling arms emanating from an energetic, multidimensional center point or “black hole.” The harmonic principles and properties of the CU govern the structure and organization of these dynamic astronomical entities.

That brings us back to the question of the cycles that we had originally discussed. The work of John Major Jenkins in “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012” conclusively determines that the Earth’s “precessional wobble” of circa 26,000 years is actually timed by the Earth’s relative position to the center of the Galaxy. Jenkins connects this to the Maya, showing how they had elaborate rituals and symbolic “proofs” for this connection.

As we all know, the Maya associated this Cycle with the changing of ages and “root races” of humankind. Jenkins shows us that at these precise “turning points” in the precession, the Earth’s positioning with the center of the galaxy is in exact alignment.

Obviously, this indicates that the alignment itself is of fundamental importance: that the Earth and Solar System’s position relative to the Galactic Center has a penultimate effect upon the hyperdimensional physics of its systems. When we conjoin with the Galactic Center, a flood of energy is received — energy that fundamentally changes the vibratory rate of all bodies of matter in its vicinity.

And therefore, we not only find this 26,000-year cycle in the slow wobbling of the Earth’s axis, we can also find this cycle in the Sun.

The psychic readings of “America’s Greatest Psychic” Edgar Cayce made mention of a Solar Cycle that governed the passage of ages, and that was reaching its completion in the time period surrounding the turn of our millennium. [1602-3.] And now, science appears to have verified exactly what Cayce had stated over 65 years ago.

A researcher by the name of Maurice Cotterell has discovered a series of “sunspot cycles” that are much longer in duration than the commonly cited 11-year cycle. Cotterell suggests that one particularly important sunspot cycle determines the exact periods between the magnetic polar shifts within the Sun itself.

And remarkably, just as Cayce predicted, we can indeed find a precise 26,000-year Solar Cycle by simply adding seven of these “sunspot shift cycles” together! The same is true with the length of the Mayan Calendar when expanded by a factor of five. So, we can now observe this cycle in the Galaxy, in the Sun and in the wobbling motions of the Earth. But how does it all relate?

What the research has borne out is the idea that the consciousness units are not static, but continually in motion: moving from one frequency of vibration to another. A psychic source identifying itself as Ra tells us that the larger the size of the CU in our own space-time, the slower it pulsates through the frequencies.

And therefore, the “clock” of our galaxy moves in roughly 26,000-year increments for all planets whose occupants live in 3D. Higher-dimensional forms can visit us, but right now our Mother Earth is vibrating at a speed that allows her to be a host to those in the third dimension.

So, what all this really means is that the CU of the Solar System and Earth, relative to its position in the Galaxy, is about to move from the third-level frequency of vibration to the fourth. The same harmonic mathematical principles of the CU can be demonstrated in the 25,920-year value for this Cycle.

When our cycle finishes its progress, there is indeed a sudden energy shift in the Global Grid, coupled with a frequency change in the planetary vibrations. Once this frequency shift has happened on the Earth as a whole, it will not continue to be viable for third-dimensional life as we now know it for very much longer. The vibrations of many human beings will raise spontaneously as well. But what exactly does this mean?

What these Intelligences tell us is that we each have a “personal vibration” whose rate or speed is determined by our own relative level of spiritual growth. Therefore, those who have reached the “green-ray” understandings of the fourth dimension in their own consciousness will spontaneously shift into this frequency level, to later repopulate the newly transformed Earth.

The immediate effects of this transformation will cause the entity to have a spontaneous disappearance from the others still in the third dimension. (A similar frequency-induced human disappearance occurred in the Philadelphia Experiment.)

So, this was the main reason for the appearance of Jesus in the earth planes. He intended to demonstrate the understandings necessary for an entity to be compatible with the fourth-dimensional vibrations, through phrases such as “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The understanding that he brought was for us to love and help others, plain and simple. To complete our training, he talked of the “Rapture” or Ascension that would happen at the end of the Cycle, and demonstrated this Ascension himself in order to show a “graduation” from Earth in this matter.

That is why he gave us the phrase, “As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things, for I go unto my Father.” [John 14:12.] Of course, the original meanings of these teachings have now been almost completely lost or altered.

So this is part of the “big picture” reality of what is going on now, and why there is so much interest in Earth at this time from external, higher-frequency civilizations.

“The Shift of the Ages” probes deeply into the physics behind the timing of this epic, transformational event, and gives us all the clues as to why it might occur much sooner than the full-blown Mayan Calendar end-date of 2012.

Many others have read the book and are highly intrigued and even awed by the possibility that such an event could truly occur within our lifetimes!