Incredible New Crop Circle

Shows 3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry, as Described in Convergence

By David Wilcock




What we see in the above diagram is completely incredible. For what appears to be the first time, we have an image depicting an “unwrapped” octahedron in a “Crop circle” of truly epic size, now more appropriately called a “crop formation.”

If any of us decide to trace out this pattern on paper, cut it out and fold the edges as shown, we will indeed have a scale model of an octahedron. The numbered triangles in the crop circle diagram all fit together as shown on the three-dimensional model to the right.

(David recognized this right away from having built these models himself out of two-dimensional thin cardboard cutouts. The very first “main” fold is between triangles 2 and 6, and then the other sides will wrap around this and assemble into the octahedron as shown.)

This exciting new formation, quite gigantic at over 250 feet in width, lends dramatic support to the idea that the Circlemakers are attempting to show us these “hyperdimensional geometries” at work. This is indeed the next step in an ongoing demonstration of the geometry of “hyperdimensional physics” as described in The Shift of the Ages and other sources including Richard Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission website and Monuments of Mars text.



We have all watched the crop circle phenomenon develop over time, and seen how the formations have continued to become more and more incredible each year. The first major “breakthrough” formation that departed from the original patterns was Barbury Castle 1991, which was as follows:




If we look at the bottom right of this figure, we can see that it illustrates the top half of an octahedron or pyramid shape, defined with a circular spiral. It is believed by this author and others that the Barbury formation was a key “Rosetta Stone” to the understanding of the geometric nature of the dimensions in the universe.

The bottom left circle would be the first dimension, symbolizing a point in the middle of a void. The top circle would represent this point going into motion, spreading out in a spiraling, geometric fashion from its center. This is the second dimension, the first time that motion happens in an otherwise static medium, forming a flat surface.

Lastly, the bottom right, or the third shape, represents the first time that this spiraling energy takes on its shape as a three-dimensional entity. If we look at the picture below, we can indeed see how this spiral completely describes the shape of a pyramid, or the top half of an octahedron.




This diagram is very important for another reason, in that it attempts to show us how the shapes themselves are formulated from spiraling energetic sources. By showing the interplay of the curved and straight line, we see how the “underlying” structure of the formation emerges from an originating energy line that travels in a spiraling motion — the true “superstrings” of Light that form all things in the universe.



Then, of course, the fourth geometric shape in the center of the Barbury Castle pictogram is that of the tetrahedron or fourth-dimensional energy. This shows how the next level of geometry in the “octave” is satisfied.

Richard Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission team have gone to great lengths to show how this main central object is meant to indicate a circumscribed tetrahedron, or a tetrahedron within a sphere. The three large circles in the pictogram actually map out the necessary angles to prove that a tetrahedron in a sphere is precisely what “they” are trying to show us.

(This material is covered in much greater detail in Chapter Eight of The Shift of the Ages as well as on the Enterprise Mission website,

More recently, we also have seen the “triple Julia set,” an amazing crop circle that attempts to show a similar geometric / spiraling expansion occurring for the fourth-dimensional shape of the tetrahedron. The next picture illustrates exactly how this appears.




Remember that all the straight lines were added later: what was originally present in the crops was simply the spiral-shaped circular formations as given. Just as we did with the bottom right of the Barbury Castle formation, this crop circle required us to add the straight lines in ourselves later on.

As described in Convergence, we can visualize the central circle in the above diagram as representing the spherical, energetic center of the tetrahedron, and each of the spiral arms radiating outwards from this central sphere shape.

(You need to imagine a fourth spiral for the back corner of the tetrahedron, not printed in the crop diagram in order to keep it simpler and more aesthetically pleasing.)

We are also reminded of the work of Stan Tenen, who has shown the world that a fundamental connection can be made between the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and a tetrahedron.

Specifically, if you put a spiral inside of the tetrahedron, the Hebrew alphabet comes from the varieties of reflections that can be cast from this arrangement onto a flat surface. This is yet another layer of validation to show us that “someone” already knew all about this system of physics long ago.

And so, although we have seen this geometry expressed for the tetrahedron and possibly other higher-level shapes before, we have not yet seen it three-dimensionally described for the octahedron – until now!



Wilcock’s main contribution to the understanding of this particular area of “hyperdimensional physics” is his correlation of the musical / color octave with the geometric octave outlined in the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures, tying this into a cosmology of the higher dimensions.

The reason why this is so important to us is that this octave represents the fundamental structure and organizing principle of the higher dimensions. Wilcock and others have learned that when working in advanced-level psychic trance states, one can visually “see” one of these shapes and know instantly what dimensional frequency they are working within at any time.

For a practicing intuitive counselor / deep trance psychic who knows the pros and cons of each dimensional level, knowing the meaning of the geometry that you are seeing can be very helpful.

Again, we remind the reader that the pulsating, spherical “consciousness unit” unifies together all of the dimensional frequencies in the Creation. We do indeed catch a glimpse of the hidden, pulsating geometric organization to our octave system by studying these units, and the crop circles lead the way.

And so, in order to show the full, interrelated progression of the “consciousness unit,” we will reprint the “shape table” of dimensions from Convergence, with their colors, sound frequencies and geometric counterparts.

(Remember that the numbers in the second column represent the vibrations in cycles per second for each note in the octave.)









































Table 1. Comparison of notes, colors and geometries of The Octave.


After seeing the geometric shapes written out as indicated in the far right table, we can then visualize the geometric progression of the “Consciousness Unit” as follows, moving from left to right:




When studying this diagram, we can indeed visualize a sphere that pulsates throughout these differing geometric “frequencies” before returning to a sphere again at the eighth dimensional level.

Each shape in the diagram will grow very naturally out of the one directly before it, and each shape fits perfectly within a sphere.

These are the “Platonic solids,” or the simplest three-dimensional geometric structures in the universe. They also happen to be fundamentally constructed by the expanding, pulsating nature of superstrings, the building blocks of all dimensional frequencies.

We are also reminded from Convergence that these geometric forms can occupy a spherical shape of any conceivable size, from an atom to a planetary sphere and beyond.

And it is precisely for this reason that we have so many different information sources that converge to describe our “Global Grid” on Earth as being precisely a function of these shapes.

This grid shapes all the land on Earth as if one had stretched heavy wires over a balloon. See the last few chapters of Convergence for an in-depth examination of this Grid.

(If you think you don’t have the time to read the book, please consult Quick Introduction to “Shift of the Ages” for more of an ‘opening sketch’ on how all these concepts interrelate.

And after reading it, please understand that you need to read the book before passing judgment on the validity of this material, pro or con. It really does take 300 pages just to give the bare outlines of the many different sources of information that come together to form these conclusions.)


In The Shift of the Ages, we show that there is a fundamental connection between the harmonic mathematics of these Platonic geometries and the “frequency numbers” that underlie the sound and light values in the octave.

The mathematical “key” ties the colors, sounds and geometries together as all being fundamentally connected to the Speed of Light. Just as we always “knew” from the Bible and other spiritual sources, the fundamental building block of the “Consciousness Units” that make up all the Creation is Light.



The presence of this “unwrapped” octahedron crop formation is highly exciting, as it is the first time that we have seen a three-dimensional depiction of this member of the Octave.

Based on the continually increasing volume of psychic and scientific data that points towards the reality of Ascension, this formation might very well be intended to show us that the space-time fabric of current reality is about to change.

The octahedron is not three-dimensional but rather laid out flat, and at each node point is a hexagon, which suggests that further triangles could also be drawn or added into the design.

Furthermore, if we look at the “shape table” above, we will see that both the fourth-dimensional and fifth-dimensional geometries will make this hexagonal shape if we draw a line around their far edges.

This point alone is highly significant, as it suggests the “unfolding” of our own frequency to pave the way for the fourth and fifth-level energies.



Each year in the recent past, we have seen certain very substantial crop formations that show up in more than one place, each design showing a more in-depth form of the one preceding it. We have seen this with “Julia Set” spirals as well as the more recent “Snowflake” formations.

And so, in the classic crop circle format of one design building upon the other, we may well see higher-level “unwrapped” Platonic Solids emerge this season as well. Clearly the size alone of this monster is highly stunning — well over 260 feet wide!

So, since we know that the octahedron is the shape of our own dimension, “something” appears to be happening to its design in this latest formation.

We can see that in the future, based on the available evidence set forth in Convergence, there may very well be an energetic / frequency shift of the space-time fabric of the third dimension.

This is the Ascension that is referred to in the Bible, ushering in the “thousand years of Peace.” It will fulfill many prophecies, including the encoded geometric logic that is being conveyed in these formations.

There have been other recent crop circle formations, now visible on the Crop Circle Connector website at, which have obviously called special attention to the upcoming solar eclipse on August 11th.

These formations depict an eclipse very clearly, showing a progression between two circles, one “light” and one “dark,” that eventually reach conjunction and form a corona, one single circle. This corona will be reached directly over the area where the crop circles are formed at exactly 11:11 a.m. GMT on Aug. 11.

Many people, including this author, have been seeing 11:11 and other “harmonic” figures on the clock on an almost daily basis. Wilcock’s readings refer to this as a “Wanderer Activation” – see the book of his life story on this website for details.

Many books have been written about the Aug. 11 date and its symbolic connections, and we do cover some of this in Convergence. It certainly appears that the date itself is a profound milestone of change for all life on Earth; the sheer astrology alone is so intense that we can expect massive transformational events.

We have speculated in Convergence that this date might possibly be the first vortex for Ascension, although we will say that the latest Wilcock Readings appear to contradict the idea that the Ascension vortex will come quite this quickly. We will have more on this soon enough.

(The latest readings posted on this website appear to indicate that the moment of Ascension has more to do with the exact timing of an earth movement itself and less to do with a precise astrological conjunction.

Our group consciousness ultimately determines when the energies will be “strong enough” to allow Ascension to occur. And after Aug. 11, any day is “fair game” for this to take place, and we need to be ready within ourselves.)


Therefore, with this gigantic new formation, we have even more of a reason to be excited about the epic events soon to unfold in our immediate future.



Please help the Crop Circle Connector website with your visit, as they are the best place to see the newest formations. Entire articles could be written about many of the formations now coming in, and how they relate to the “Consciousness Units” we have spoken of.

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