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  • Thanksgiving can be super intense... remember to keep smiling and don't drink too much so you can defend yourself if things go sideways. Highest statistics of depression and the like on this and Xmas, actually. We love you and wish you peace and tranquility!
  • NEW one-hour video where we discuss and expand on The Cosmic Secret with Third Phase of the Moon! Lots of good production value and the first long-form YT video I've done since February -- don't miss it!!! https://t.co/6QLlHVNLVk https://t.co/1BwYV7hc90
  • The Cosmic Secret is now up to #22 out of ALL movies on Apple iTunes, the top streaming platform! This is even better than hitting #1 in the Documentary category. Thanks for making this dream a reality! Disclosure is happening! https://t.co/byRNdRIhXb https://t.co/NuELCHzZe6
  • "Salvatore Pais," who supposedly patented AG, free energy and room-temperature superconductors for the Navy, translates as "The Savior of Our Nation!" See update!! https://t.co/byRNdRIhXb
  • INCREDIBLE... Cosmic Secret hit #1 within 21 MINUTES of becoming available in the US! Read the update here! https://t.co/ICXlX24nKn https://t.co/uIkKtQZP1z

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