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  • Please check out the CORRECTED FINAL VERSION of Wednesday's show. Fixing the audio sync -- the sound and the mouth movements being unified -- is actually very difficult, as the drift changes at random moments that must be found. Anyway, here it is! https://t.co/uNG0zsNdd1
  • WOW! I obviously had no idea how long we had been running the video for when we finally stopped. We ran for exactly 3:33:32 minutes! ONE SECOND OFF from a perfect 3:33:33!!!! WHAT? and HOW? Numerical synchronicity was discussed in the show! That's the Universe for ya! https://t.co/3t2EXc8fdJ
  • THIS IS IT! Join me in two hours for another fact-filled, LIVE presentation on current events! That's 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern. This time I will definitely try to keep it to no more than 2.5 hours! https://t.co/fDkai4wR2l
  • Regarding my previous messages, here is what we all want to avoid: "Since it didn't happen the way I expected, on the day I expected, it must all be FAAAKE!" This is definitely going to happen, folks. I have no doubt. And there is exceptional brilliance in the strategy.

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