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  • VERY glad that peace has prevailed for now. I definitely could not have finished Book Two, Volume Two of Michael Prophecies until seeing what today would bring. My hope is to finish it before any other s___t happens! https://t.co/67V2zuAgsy
  • Just to keep everyone in the loop, I am scrambling to keep the latest Michael Prophecies book (B2V2) up to the minute in terms of accuracy. If all goes well I may finish it today, and that would be ideal. Either way, it's coming very soon! https://t.co/67V2zuAgsy
  • I agree with Gen. Flynn. DO NOT make a run on your bank! Pete briefed me in 2009 that legitimate deposits will all be returned after perps brought to justice. The main thing is to keep paper copies of statements. 'Run' behavior [Problem] triggers very bad [Solution].
  • We have a few thousand pre-paid customers anxiously awaiting Michael Prophecies, Book Two, Volume Two. Prophecies in the book are playing out today. I knew I'd need time to integrate Monday's news. This will be VERY amazing for you to read. https://t.co/Tem4pL4Ul6

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