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  • Happy Independence Day! Both sides of my family fought in the Revolutionary War, and we have DAR membership on both sides. My great-grand-uncle, John Paul Jones, founded the US Navy -- and I hope we can jump-start the Space Force!
  • We have nothing but terrible air and smoke here in the Colorado mountains. I am restoring Week One of The Disclosure to a MUCH higher level than the original. Should be done and uploaded today, then right into the final tweaks on Michael Prophecies! Hang in there.
  • Straight from the top: Pay attention at 0:20:00 0:35:00 1:18:00 1:29:00 1:38:00 1:48:00 https://t.co/aLvc2khCFR
  • The chipmunks just crossed the Maginot Line. They've breached the perimeter. They cloym roit up the walls, mate! And worse! This terrifying fingerprint of horror was left behind to send me an unforgettable message. https://t.co/6QaHTn66U8

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