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Access Your Higher Self (Video)


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Available for purchase on this website only, you will enjoy over three hours with David Wilcock – a recorded Online Video Conference AND the professional re-recorded version of this essential material.

David will teach you each level of this increasingly fascinating process:

  • Understanding the hidden messages of disagreements, accidents and disasters;
  • Identifying and decoding the meaning of synchronicity;
  • Programming and ‘encoding’ synchronicity to become a daily tool;
  • Proper use of divination tools, such as cards, to gain stunningly accurate insights;
  • Dietary guidelines that optimize your body’s ability to bring in information;
  • Critical philosophical teachings that increase your connection to the Higher Self;
  • Deciphering the language of the Higher Self ‘ symbolism and metaphor;
  • Remote viewing protocols to bypass the conscious mind and access information;
  • The most effective exercise, breathing and meditation techniques;
  • Increasing your recall and documentation of dreams each morning;
  • Cracking the code of dreams through multiple, live examples from the audience;
  • Capturing and recording visions and verbal messages from your Higher Self;
  • Developing and using your own psychic talents to help others;
  • Bypassing ego ‘contamination’ when accessing information for yourself;
  • ‘Inducing lucid dreams and OBEs‘ and maintaining them once you get one;
  • Mindfulness ‘ creating ‘personality transparency’ with your Higher Self.

Your purchase price grants you unlimited access to this essential material for learning to contact your higher self. In addition, you will receive access to the original video recording of the event that took place on November 27th, 2010. (an additional 3 hours of video)

This is a top-notch professionally recorded video which features David along with powerpoint slides and supporting graphics. The video was shot using the same crew as used for the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.

The price for this 3 hour video is only 77 US dollars making it significantly less expensive than attending a live event, which often includes travel and lodging expenses. Purchased products are non-refundable due to the lower price.

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